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animepopheart · 2 days ago
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★ 【keki】 「 五条悟まとめ 」 ☆ ✔ republished w/permission ⊳ ⊳ follow me on twitter
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jujuhigh · a day ago
Nanami thinks a kid should just be a kid because he wishes the world would stop sending kids on dangerous missions as expandable fodder
Gojo on the other hand has never had someone tell him he was just a kid, he was always expected to be a god, to have no reinforcement and to perform the unimaginable. So of course he thinks setting a goal of everyone able to beat a special grade (Jogo) seems like a perfectly reasonable goal, after all, he's never been told kids don't need to perform miracles
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acupof-tf · 2 days ago
Brand Ambassador
Your boyfriend thinks that having sex in a store's changing room is a challenge worth taking but do you think that's a good idea?
[CW // Gojo Satoru x fem!reader, smut au, exhibitionism, daddy kink, plug, cum dump]
Tumblr media
Champagne in hand, both you and Satoru sat down in the middle of Gucci’s newly opened store in Shinjuku. This wasn’t the first time you went with him to his many social gathering gigs, but it still feels weird to be participating in these kinds of social parties where you need to be elegant and look pretty. You wore a dark blue Gucci two-piece set with a black brallette underneath, you were tired with your dresses and you could move better with the pantsuit. It was 9 PM, Satoru was chatting with a director? Manager? You don’t really know, but he looked like a big shot. You were left alone with my thoughts and your second glass of champagne. I have to move, this is so boring.
You stood up and walked around the store. It was one of the biggest stores in Shinjuku, that’s why Satoru had to make an appearance because he was Gucci’s brand ambassador of the year. He enjoyed the attention and you enjoyed the free food and booze, it was a win-win situation basically. You arrived at the end of the store where they displayed the women’s apparel, a dress caught your eye immediately. It was from their Fall collection, a golden satin dress with spaghetti straps and a long slit from the thigh down, it had a very subtle Gucci logo embroidered into the hip part of it. It’s exactly your size even though it’s the only one on the rack. Just as you were reaching to grab it, a store clerk beat you to it and reached for it first. He faced you with the dress in hand, he was tall with a polite face.
“Hello Miss, do you perhaps want to try this on?” His voice was deep and professional, hinting that he’s been doing this for a long time.
“Ah, I was actually just looking around. But if it’s allowed then I would love to.” You blushed out of embarrassment, realizing a mere stranger could read your face like an open book.
“It’s absolutely alright Miss, seeing as this dress seemed to call for you. I personally think you would look exquisite in it.” He said with a smile. It was a polite gesture, you assume that he was saying this from a world of experience rather than mindless flirting.
“Okay then… Yeah, I would like to try this on. Can you guide me to the dressing room?”
“It will be my pleasure, Miss. Right this way.”
You followed him to another corner of the store past a dark velvet curtain veil, where it reveals a circular room with mirrors attached to one side. It was the most fancy changing room you have ever set foot on with lots of space to sit, change, and even sleep. There was a large velvet sofa and a footstool to match it. A rack for hanging clothes and a box of accessories for customers to try on with their outfits. They even provide various footwear so customers can mix and match the look as they please. It was more of a walking closet than a changing room but your wandering thoughts were interrupted by the clerk as he was about to leave.
“You may use the room as long as you like, Miss. I will be right outside, if you need anything please ring the bell beside the door.”
“Yes, thank you so much… um-”
“You can call me Nanami, Miss.” He gave his polite smile again, bowed his head and went out the door.
Now, left alone in the big ass room, you sighed and started to strip down. After putting it on your body, you savour how the material hugged your body just right. The satin feels cold against your skin. The neckline was low enough to show off the top of your breasts while hugging it nicely forming a beautiful silhouette. The dress did the same to your hips and waist, giving off a regal yet sexy look. You caught yourself in the mirror and saw how surreal you looked at that moment. But it was short-lived as you saw the tag hanging out on the side, you felt dejected at how many zeros were present. How does a dress worth this much?! Well you can’t really complain when the dress is of high quality and brand. You weren’t ready to say goodbye to the dress yet, so you grabbed your phone and took some pictures to show off to Satoru later.
“I wish I could bring you home pretty dress… I really want Satoru to see me in this.”
“Then why don’t we just bring it home?”
The voice startled you so much that you dropped your phone while turning to him. He let out a chuckle seeing your surprised face slowly changing to annoyance. Satoru looked at you from top to bottom, ravishing in your beauty, mind racing with the thought of you in his arms with that dress on. He took a seat on the sofa, eyes never leaving your body. He had a white Gucci suit with a black shirt underneath paired with stylish sunglasses to protect his beautiful eyes. The combination was a good monochrome contrast on his body, his suit matching with his stark white-silver hair. You started to squirm under his gaze, his eyes were always so beautiful and eerie like it could see through you, stripping you from the thin material of the dress. He backed up on the sofa and gestured for you to come to him.
“What are you doing looking all pretty back here, hm?”
“I just tried on this dress, isn’t it pretty?” You gave him a little twirl to show off, the ends of the dress going up showing more of your legs than you intended.
“Yeah, it is. Come sit here, I want to see that pretty dress closer.” He tapped his thighs, signalling you to sit on his lap.
You sat down, straddling his waist, looking at him nervously. He was smiling but you knew better than to trust that smile. It was a smile filled with malice, indicating that he was pissed about something. Surely it wasn’t because of you? Was it wrong to try on a pretty dress while your boyfriend was talking important business with someone important? You were in the middle of contemplating whether to ask what was wrong when he asked you a question.
“Who were you talking to before coming in here?”
Ah. Now it’s plain obvious what this is about. Satoru was protective and possessive (to some extent), but he is never out of line. Him asking this was not a surprise, he’s just a little jealous. It’s cute, you think. Every time he gets like this it’s either you calm him down with a couple of kisses, or you tease him until he fucks you dry on the spot. Both are beneficial in its own right, but you thought of where you were right now and it was not a place where you would want to be caught having sex in. So, you picked the easy way out and started to pepper him with kisses while explaining that he was a store clerk and that he helped guide her to this changing room.
“Don’t worry Satoru, he was just a polite store clerk, that’s all.” You kissed him on his nose, on his cheek. “He was just being professional with a customer.” You kissed all over his face, all but his mouth.
His smile was still there, he’s still pissed.
“How about we go home early, hm? I’ll get out of this fast and then when we get home we can watch that new series on Netflix.” You try to change the subject and move out of his lap but his hands were on your hip in an instant, locking you in that position.
“Why are you in such a hurry? I still want to look at you in this dress.” He squeezed your ass while peppering kisses from your neck to your chest. You knew where this was going and you didn’t want him to stop but remembering where both of you were, you tried to muster all of your self control and push him back.
“No- nope, we are not doing it here and this dress is too expensive to have wrinkles. We can continue this at home, Satoru.” You tried to get off of him again but his hands were firm. He took a look at the tag and actually laughed.
“Baby, the price on this dress is nothing compared to how you look in it.”
You looked surprised, he took that opening and pulled you into a deep kiss. His tongue had no mercy in your mouth. Your hips unconsciously grind down on his lap and were surprised with how big he had become in the short amount of time you guys were inside of that room. You pulled back to catch some air, a string of saliva connecting your mouths.
“How are you this big already? ...let’s continue this at home, Satoru.”
“Why not do it here? Are you scared someone might come in and find us?”
His eyebrows were wiggling. Nothing good happens when he wiggles his eyebrows.
“Of course I don’t want people, important people, to catch their brand ambassador hooking up in the store’s changing room!”
“But I want to ruin you in that dress.”
“I-” Well that was not what you expected. “No. Bad Satoru.”
“Oh, then you don’t want me to pin you against that mirror over there, fucking you from behind?” He began to pepper kisses across your chest, making his way up your neck. “You don’t want me to play with your nipples over this thin dress, making you a moaning mess?” He licked a stripe up your neck and stopped beside your ear. “And you also don’t want me to cum inside you, filling you up so good while you try so hard to not scream my name?” He was merciless. Satoru continued to pepper sloppy kisses all over your face, all but your mouth, just like what you did earlier. He did all of this without his hands touching any part of your body. It was driving you crazy. You want him to do all of what he said, you want him to ruin you right there with the dress. And you’re actually really turned on by the fact that you could get found out, it was a new type of thrill, you kind of liked that. Yet, you still need to think about Satoru’s reputation, you couldn’t risk it because he’s in his prime right now.
You were too busy thinking and enjoying his kisses when Satoru suddenly pulled you close and carried you to the mirror. He took four long strides to get there. You could see your discarded clothes on the side. He put you down and positioned himself in front of the mirror with his back on it. You were confused because you thought he was getting you there to let you change back into your clothes, but you couldn’t believe what he was about to do.
He went down on his knees, grabbed you by the hips and opened up the dress by the slit on the side, exposing your already wet panties underneath. He licked his lips before pulling down your panties and got closer to your wet lips.
“Satoru- no, someone’s gonna come in. Please let’s just go home.”
“Well, that’s only if you’re loud. Right, baby?” He smirked before biting the side of your thigh. He was intentionally avoiding your pussy, kissing and biting our thighs for a while. You were trying so hard not to let out any moans. You keep imagining someone knocking or opening the door and finding you moaning to the mirror. The thought was so obscene that what you thought was a sigh turned out to be a moan you let out and that was what Satoru was waiting for.
When he heard you he instantly latched on to your pussy, lapping his tongue against your clit and lips sucking up everything he had been avoiding up until now. You always loved it when he eats you out, his tongue was big enough to engulf your entrance. And when it comes to you, it was merciless. It’s not as fulfilling as his dick but he makes up for it when he sucks out your clit until it's a throbbing mess. You were trying, really trying, to not let out any more moans or noises and it was making you frustrated because you knew that was exactly what Satoru wanted from you, that’s why he was going so hard. You put a hand over your mouth for good measure because you don’t trust yourself enough with only biting your lips.
Satoru apparently had enough of you pussy seeing as he couldn’t get anymore moans out of you at this point. So he detached himself and went up straight to your mouth. You could taste yourself from his lips, it was making you dizzy. Feeling safe in the kiss, you moaned and bit into his lower lip, wanting more. There was no turning back now.
“Getting bold, huh.” He said as you tried to open his pants as fast as you could. You thought that if you were to do it here, then it better be quick.
“I want you. Let’s do it quickly.”
“What’s the rush, babe?” He whispered in your ear as he let you open him up.
Oh. He was big and thick, just like the rest of his body. It was nice to have him in your palm, you slowly stroke him up and down to get him into it. Your pussy was dripping wet even though he practically sucked you dry just now.
“You want me inside you?”
You nodded.
“I need words, baby.”
“Yes. Please.”
“Hmm, I don’t know though. It doesn’t feel like you’re desperate enough. What do you want me to do, baby? Say it clearly.”
So not fair. He knew you were desperate. You were always desperate for him. Always begging for him to fuck you harder, faster, more, more, more. But you can’t do that here, not without attracting unwanted attention from outside. You need to be careful because you’re loud. And that was what Satoru wanted. He wanted to hear you scream his name and beg for him to cum inside you, regardless if anyone heard them. He wanted to wreck you between his arms, begging him to let you cum.
“I- Daddy, please put it in.” Your legs were shaking and your pussy twitching.
“Please Daddy, I want your cum to fill me in.”
You were leaning on the mirror for support. Legs spread out ready to take him in. It was such a gorgeous sight to see your eyes filled with lust, pussy dripping just for him. He turned you around so you face the mirror. The slit on your dress had gained a new purpose as it made exposing your pussy easier for Satoru. He spanked you once, then twice. The impact startled you and you let out a moan so loud that even Satoru was worried.
“Y/n, I know you know that I like it when you’re loud but I think you gotta turn down a notch, hm? If you can’t even handle the spanking, I don’t think you deserve my dick, baby.”
“N- no. No, please Satoru. I’ll be good. I’ll be so good for you so please just- Baby please fill me up, I need your dick so bad.”
He gave your reflection a big grin, his dick was twitching out of pleasure. He loved it when you beg because it gave him control. His pre-cum was oozing out of his tip and he lathered it over his form. Satoru gave you one last spank and went straight into your gaping hole. You both savoured the pleasure but it didn’t last for long because Satoru began to thrust hard and fast. He had always admired how tight your pussy was, even though it had already endured so much in the past year dating him. It always felt like the first time having sex with you, and he liked that a lot.
Your moans were beginning to get out of control, quite literally. Your head was hazy with pleasure and you couldn’t think straight anymore. You were so close to climaxing but you held it in, knowing that cumming first would not be the best choice. Satoru was ruthless, he’s so big and thick, I want his cum-
He stopped thrusting. Why did he stop? You couldn’t be bothered to ask questions so you just grind back at him trying to coax him back to moving his hips. That earned a slap on your left cheek and him leaning down near your ear.
“Stop being a brat and listen to me, do you want me to fuck you?”
“Y- yes…”
“How bad do you want it?”
“So- so bad, Daddy. Please.”
“Will you be a good girl for me and shut up when I fuck you hard? Do you want people to come in here and see how much of a slut you are for me?”
“Yes, yes. Daddy I’ll be good. I promise I’ll be quiet. Please please please I’m so close.”
“Hmm.. I don’t think I believe your words, y/n.” He looked around the room for a second and reached out to his side to take something from the ground.
“I think this will do the trick. Open wide, baby.” He reached your mouth and shoved a crumpled cloth inside it to shut you up. It was your discarded panties. At this point you had tears in your eyes and had to bite down on your panties to keep quiet. You looked back in the mirror, it was such a sinful sight and it went straight to your throbbing pussy, turning you on even more.
“Good girl.”
He pushed his dick back into your pussy, hard. But he didn’t thrust as quickly as he had the first time. He took it slow this time, excruciatingly so. You were impatient, so try to chase and match his pace. Satoru didn’t care and just continued to go slow, but then he slammed his whole dick inside. He pulled out slowly until only his head was inside your hole and slammed back in with so much force it made you see stars. Tears were running down your cheeks by now, incoherent moans and sobs can be heard from your gagged lips. He reached out and took a fistful of your hair, pulling you back into him so that you could see how both of you are connected down there and how wrecked you look in front of Satoru.
“Look at you. This is what you get for being impatient, baby.” He thrust in hard. “You promised to be a good girl for me.” And again. “You still want to be a brat?” And again.
You shook your head as best as you could communicating with him through the glass, making sure he knew you understood him.
“Alright then. I’ll make you cum so hard, baby. I’m gonna fill you in so good, so full. I’ll make it so that you’ll only crave for my dick from now on.”
As if I haven’t already.
And with that he was back thrusting in and out of your pussy hard and fast. Even faster than the first time that night. He was trying to match your high, because he knew you were so close from all the things he did. He pulled your hair and thrust even deeper. You could hear his balls slapping against your pussy, the sound so lewd in your ears yet it made your clit throb like crazy. He starts to grunt louder than usual and that’s a sign that he was close to his climax. He pushed his hips in you once, twice…
“Fucking cum with me y/n.” He growled.
Both of you came and he rode out the climax slowly. Your pussy throbbing trying to milk every last drop of his cum. He was still big inside of you, no signs of it going limp. He pulled out and
He was still horny.
“Satoru I- I can’t anymore…” You pulled out your panty and your voice was so hoarse from all the suppressed moans and crying. You sat on the floor, legs spread out with your pussy leaking out his cum. He stayed true to his word, he filled you in to the brim.
Satoru was rummaging through his pockets and produced a small thing. You couldn’t really see what it was because of the tears in your eyes. He went down reaching out to your pussy, which now you assume was him trying to clean you up. Oh to think that he would be a gentleman after all of that.
“Wha- ?!”
Gojo Satoru, the man who just fucked you out of your mind in a Gucci store changing room, had just put a pussy plug in your hole.
“So that none of it will go to waste.” He kissed you tenderly and helped you up. The dress was, surprisingly, still looks great.
Satoru helped get your things and carried you bridal style out of the room. Nanami was still waiting by the door, confused on why you were carried out like that.
“Sir, is everything alright?”
“Yes, everything is perfect but we’re going to call it a night. My girlfriend suddenly feels tired and wants to rest.” He was about to go when he remembered something.
“Oh, and I’ll be taking the dress home, she’s beyond stunning in it. I assume Mister Store Manager won’t mind.”
“Yes, Sir. I will have it arranged. Have a good night.” He bowed and quickly called for the driver.
Satoru kissed your temple, endeared of your already sleeping face.
“Rest well, love. We’ve got the whole night to ruin that beautiful new dress.”
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moyaci · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I don't allow reposting or using my fanart for whatever reasons. Please refrain from inquiries about them.
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lulubaii · a day ago
If we collectively share the idea that Suguru and Satoru were in love, we can take it for canon. That is how democracy works
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mortifyinglymediocre · 7 hours ago
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without lighting
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hellomisst · 2 days ago
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THIS FRIENDSHIP! I LOVE SEEING WHOLESOME RELATIONSHIPS LIKE THIS!!! They’re both the strongest and they have each other’s backs. They can come off as competitive, but in the end, they will show that they care and they will even kill for each other. Their confidence in each other is also one of the BEST things because they aren’t even worried in the least as long as they have one another.
I just wish they can be best friends again 😭 Or at least, that their relationship can rest in peace already 😭😭😭
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ry-omen · a day ago
y’all know how gojo swapped to the black blindfolds after vol 0 instead of the bandages? what if they’re made out of geto’s yukata
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maripr · 14 hours ago
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Tumblr media
Ozpin, Gojo and Qifrey ft. Alignment charts
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hexpea · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Ch. 20 - To The End of Infinity
AN: Inspired by Infinity - James Young
"What're we gonna do?" You whispered, still in shock. Gojo had his arms still wrapped around you in an attempt to give comfort.
"Well," Gojo sighed, coming around to your front - maintaining physical contact as his hands rotated to be around your upper arms, "it's your body. You're able to decide." You looked at him still with confusion, like a little, lost puppy. "As in...if you'd like to not have it...I can pay for it."
"I-is that what you want?" You asked him, eyes scanning all over his face to test if you could read his expression. Gojo hesitated, flattening his lips. He was busy searching his own mind for how to navigate the situation.
"I don't think so," he said normally and in a non-panicked tone. Meanwhile, your mind felt like scrambled eggs. Your body was nearly shivering and your heart was palpitating its way out of your chest.
"Y-..." you started, nearly interrupting him, still nervous but now also interested to hear him out.
"But it's not my say and I'm okay with that," he continued before stopping and looking at you expectantly for your answer.
You were frozen, your brain just couldn't calculate anything at that moment. That was, at least until you realized what Gojo had to gain. Gojo released your arms and just stood straight before you, you, of course, having to look up at him.
"You just want me to go through with it so you can get the elders off your back," you probed, narrowing your vision in his direction.
"That's, like, five percent of it, Y/N," he admitted cautiously, "the other ninety-five percent is me loving you." It slipped out...and your jaw dropped slowly. "Sorry. That wasn't supposed to come out like that," his face blushed quite red against his pale skin and white hair as another awkward silence passed. "But, hell, if I'm honest, it's five percent the elders and one hundred percent loving you if I'm being honest. A whopping one hundred and five percent, Y/N," the repetitive sound of your name on his lips kept your heart going. You felt as though you were about to cry right then and there, you held your lips tight to keep the tears back.
"Gojo, you can't love me," you said quietly.
"Like hell I can't," he threw his hands in his pockets, "I've been with...many women," he hesitantly stated, "and none of them, none, have made me feel the way that you do." Your eyes darted carefully in place, shaking from the tension as you stared him down - your heart pounding out of your chest.
"That doesn't mean that you l-..." your harsh words were stopped by Gojo's lips. He had leaned down to meet your gaze, arms yet again holding yours at the elbows. His lips had parted yours, allowing his tongue to enter - delicately grazing over yours, the rough tastebuds meshing together. You then accepted his kiss, your hands coming up against his back. It helped you press your body closer to his, breasts pressed against his hardened chest.
He pulled away slightly, "no one has made me ache the way that you do. Physically. Emotionally. You do it all for me, Y/N. Just as I said that one day at Nanami's." You felt your body trembling to his words. One of his hands came up and pushed hair behind your ear. When his hand stopped at your ear, you gently grabbed his wrist and looked toward him lovingly. "I love you," he said, eyes wide with seriousness - gaze meeting yours just to show how important this was for him. "I love you for infinity," he said again with a smile, rolling his eyes to the ceiling playfully. A smile then grew on your face as you began to process his words.
"I love you, too," you finally stated. It felt so freeing to say it, as if you had your own curse that sat atop your shoulders. Gojo gave you a sweet smile in return before pressing his lips to your forehead.
With his lips still pressed to your skin, your hands traveled up to cup his face. When he pulled back you tippy toed up to meet his lips. He returned the favor, lacing his arms so that he, too, could cup your face.  Your hands then slowly started to trail down to his collar bone, fingertips gently running down his thin V-neck - feeling each hardened ab until you met the waistband of his basketball shorts. You gripped the elastic band and began pulling down.
"Come on," Gojo said in a whisper, pulling himself from you so he could position himself properly. He then suddenly scooped you up and began carrying you further into the condo, toward the bedroom.  You smiled cheekily with your arms snaked around his neck, ready for it all.
When he finally approached the bedroom, he tossed you onto the mattress albeit gently considering the new circumstances. He crawled his long body over you, hands on either side of your head as his lips hungrily pressed to yours.
"I've missed you," he mumbled in between kisses, "so much." You giggled each time your lips parted, hands playfully tangling into his hair.
You then gripped, tugging lightly in an attempt to get his attention to push things further. It caused his demeanor to change, a slight growl escaping his lips as his hand drifted to the waistband of his basketball shorts. Considering the material, it was easy for him to slip them down his thighs without removing himself from your lips, lifting one leg at a time to untangle them from around his ankles. He did part from you for just a moment to remove his shirt but quickly returned, the sloppiness of the kiss increasing just as your need for each other.  As you continued molding together, Gojo's hand slowly slipped up your shirt, cupping one of your breasts through your bra. You arched your back which allowed him to slip past and unclasp the metal brackets behind you.  You sat up and stretched your arms upward as both of Gojo's hands trailed up your waist in order to remove your shirt, tossing it in the growing pile of laundry. As your arms came down and your lips joined once more in a frenzy, you tossed your bra to the side after looping your arms through the straps.  With your chest fully free, Gojo's hand returned to the one breast - massaging and rubbing gently, a thumb meeting your overly sensitive nipple. You gave a small squeak at the sudden touch which caused Gojo's thumb to go a bit faster. Each little flick of the nerve sent signals to your sex which was quivering faster by the second with desire. As fast breaths escaped your lips, Gojo's own lips began to move down your neck. His soft, wet and warm lips left behind a cool film of spit as he met your collar bone. Your body then fell back on the mattress from its sitting up position. Your back began to arch in pleasure and aching desire as his tongue met your nipple. His hand had now moved to the opposite breast to give it attention as he was preoccupied with the other. His tongue danced in swirls, lips pursing around your nipple here and there - giving little nips and tugs when his own want prompted him to do so. Your little whimpers fueled him.  Your hands ran down your stomach, feeling your flesh as it was being pleasured. You reached the button of your jeans, undoing them and hooking your thumbs into the fabric (including that of your panties) to peel it away - still being pleasured by the careful attention Gojo gave to your chest. Based on your positioning, you were only able to get your jeans halfway down your thighs. He noticed your struggle and pulled away for another moment to rip your jeans from your body, the legs going inside out as he tossed them aside. Your body was now fully displayed for him. He took another moment to take it all in, slightly biting his lower lip as his eyes trailed over each curve of your soft flesh.
"Gojo..." you said in a hush, trying to get him to snap of out his trance so your body could finally be quenched of the need that coursed through your veins. His eyes flickered to yours from behind his lenses which he then promptly tossed away. He took another step toward the dimmer switch, turning the lights down so he wouldn't strain his already sensitive vision.
When he returned, he fell to his knees - locking eye contact with you as he dragged your body to the end of the bed. A smirk grew on his lips as he slowly lifted your hips to his face, slouching a bit to get your knees over his shoulders.  Your breathing hitched after a loud gasp as Gojo's warm tongue hit your densely wet folds. His tongue immediately entered your hole, arms wrapping under your legs and around your waist - one of them beginning to thumb at your clit in small, tight circles. His tongue slithered in all directions, just narrowly missing the spot where you needed it most. It only lit the flame inside of you brighter. Your hands tried to stretch down to grab his shoulders. You desperately wanted to sink your nails into his flesh as a way to state your impatience.  He then adjusted, seeing your need as he kept eye contact. One of his arms returned to his side, curling under your body as his tongue moved to your clit. His lanky index and middle fingers then entered you as he pushed your hood up with his tongue to reveal the hidden pearl beneath it. His lips then pursed around it, coming back with a pop as his the tip of his tongue then began to flick at a painfully fast pace - quickly overstimulating you with the combination of his fingers. Those digits were curling upward inside of you, hitting that rough patch that sent fireworks shooting through all of your nerves. You swore you could feel it in your belly button as his fingers moved in a wave-like pattern.  The speed was almost too much to bear. You felt as though you might just climax right then and there after only a few minutes. Your body was quaking, thighs attempting to shut around his neck as his hot breath submerged your clit. He took the pearl in-between his lips once more and began humming - moaning really, taking his own pleasure from the sight of your own. The vibration of his voice met the flesh of his lips, intensifying the feeling around your sensitive button.
"Haa~...Gojo...p-please!" You begged, gripping the sheets next to you since his body was too far away for you to reach. "God...please...just fuck me already!" Gojo then came up, staring at you intensely.
"I'm not stopping until I taste your cum on my tongue," he said lowly, long strands of his hair clinging to his slightly damp forehead. He had been putting a lot of work and focus into making you squirm.
He left you for a moment, walking to his closet and pulling out a baseball cap. He ran the fingers on his clean hand through his hair as you watched him carefully. The slightly damp strands stuck up a little bit but with the hair now away from his forehead he slipped the hat on backwards as a way to keep it from going back in his face. You questioned why you were so turned on by Gojo in a baseball cap, looking at you lustfully as he returned to his place just as he was before stopping. You didn't have time to think about it for long before he returned to his place. Your body shocked alive as his tongue once again hit your clit, fingers diving into your quaking center. Your hands flew to your head and ran through your hair. You felt your fingernails sharp against your scalp as you continued to cry and moan under his touch. His voice appeared once more but instead of hums it was deep, guttural growls as if he were claiming you as his prey. You were weakening by the second, especially once you looked down and saw his face connected to you. He was eating you hungrily as if he hadn't eaten for three whole days, face covered in glistening wetness - a combination of both spit and your wetness.  You finally came undone, busting around him - your walls fluttering at max speed around his fingers. His mouth connected completely to your sex, lips covering your folds as his fingers were removed. He gave a few more flicks of the tongue as he sucked desperately against the wetness that was pouring from you.  He pushed his lips together to ensure he took in all of you, licking his lips and wiping his mouth with his wrist. As you watched him, breathing heavily and coming down from your most recent high, he slipped his underwear off - kicking them to the side before grabbing your legs under your knees.  He pulled you to the edge once more, dick twitching with need, and hiked your legs around his hips. He used one hand to then line himself up with you, using his index and thumb just below his tip. He teased you by running it up and down your slick folds, quickly turning you one once again. He then dipped his tip in, causing you to whimper in frustration - your voice in a near cry as you pouted in his direction like a child.
"You needy little thing," he smirked, then slowly pressing himself into you - inch by inch.
While you were thankful to be filled, his slow pace only cause your body to tense around him - aching for more. He moved himself out, just as slow as he went in. Each time you swore you could feel the detail of his length - each vein, the crevice between his tip and shaft.
"Gojo..." you whined once more, chest rising and falling quickly - your ribcage tight against your lungs as your body remained tense.
"Hmph," he gave a single laugh at your uncomfortable expression, your hands reaching out for him.
He allowed himself to press into you once more as he body came forward, lips pillowing against yours. You cupped his face in your hands as his own held your hips in place - bottoming out as his abdomen pressed against your skin. You felt his tip right against your cervix, no more room to go. It was as if the two of you were a perfect fit, as if you were made for him.  As he pulled out, lips still attached, he thrusted forward again - this time with more force. You squealed from underneath his lips, hand rushing to his back and piercing his flesh. This attention only caused him to thrust heavily into you again - slowly picking up the pace as he continued. His deep groans escaped through your kiss, the sound causing you to melt beneath him. Your mind raced as he continued to let the moans spill into your mouth. You whimpered through your own moans, nails dragging down his back in response to the additional stimuli.
"You like that, Y/N?" He asked between your lips. "You're the one doing this to me..." he continued through another moan, slowing his thrust for just a moment - pushing himself deeper into you as a small pain grew inside of you from how his dick pressed against your cervix. "Fuck..." he droned, pressing his forehead to yours as he grinded himself into you. You took the liberty of his closeness to rip the hat off his head and run your fingers through his white locks. Your fingers stuck in some of the dampened tangles, fingers returning to his cheeks as your tongue entered his mouth - a slight taste of yourself remaining.
After a few more thrusts, he then pulled from you again. This time taking the time to reposition you. He scooped you up from your lower back and gently flipped you onto your hands and knees. One of his hands pressed down on your back and pushed forward, lightly lowering your face and chest to the mattress with your ass in the air.  He positioned once more, this time slamming into you. You cried out as his dick pierced your ending, his hands gripping your waist without mercy and using that as a means to slap his skin against yours.  Over and over again he hit that spot, your face squished against the soft fabric. Your knuckles stretched over your bones as you tightly gripped the sheets. It almost felt as if he were going to penetrate all the way through you with his force. As he continued his quickened pace, his head fell back - the moans erupting from his own center increasing in volume. He made it very clear how deprived he was over the past few weeks. Both of your sounds mixed in the air with the wet sounds of slapping skin, the two of you drenched in sweat. He then decided to switch positions once more, flopping his back onto the mattress and taking your body with him - forcing you atop his lap.  He still used his hands to grind into you, thumbs pressed into the plush of your thighs as you hovered above him. This time it was your turn for your head to fall back, soft cries emitting from deep within your throat as your breasts bobbed with his movements. You quickly grabbed them, running your hands all around your soft mounds, squeezing ever once in a while. You tried your best to match his thrusts but it only threw off the pace so you remained hovering above as he pounded into you.  His back arched off the mattress as his pace reached its max speed in that position. You somehow felt as though he had swelled inside of you, his climax nearing with each thrust. Your head fell to his, foreheads meeting as your lips connected for the umpteenth time that night. With each press into you, as deep as he could go, you felt your insides begin to grow in the intense feeling - a painfully pleasurable burn that grew as if a meteor was at the center of your stomach.   Just as he released himself into you, your walls clenched around him. The pulsations you shared matched in tempo as his grip weakened around your legs.  He was breathing heavily, a drunkenly satisfied look strewn on his face as he put a hand to his forehead to clear the sweaty strands of hair from his face once more. He then began laughing, you furrowed your brow at him in response - his cock still deep inside of you, beginning to soften.
"What's so funny?!" You nearly shouted, slapping a hand violently to his abdomen as it shook with his laughter.
"Nothing," he giggled, "nothing, Y/N..."
"You better tell me right now!" You pointed an angry finger at him.
"It's really nothing, Y/ make me so happy," he chuckled as tears from his laughter fell from the corners of his eyes. He wiped them away with a single finger, smile wider than you had ever seen it. His words quickly shut you up and you softened your look.
"Did you really mean it?" You asked, still perched atop him.
Gojo didn't even need a hint as to what you meant. "Of course...I love you, Y/N...I mean it." You felt your face heat up. "And whatever you want to do..." he looked toward your lower abdomen, grazing over it gently with a flattened palm, the gentle touch nearly tickling your skin, "I'll support you."
AN: Fin! Title and story inspired by The Last of the Real Ones - Fall Out Boy; pls...the lyrics fit with Y/N and Gojo so well... D:
I had so much fun writing this one, sad to see it end. Roll credits, y'all... :')
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animepopheart · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
★ 【keki】 「 五条悟まとめ 」 ☆ ⊳ gojo // jujutsu kaisen ✔ republished w/permission ⊳ ⊳ follow me on twitter
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jujuhigh · 11 hours ago
I am obsessed with someone tagging the first years and Gojo as "trio + himbo" because Gojo is so freaking smart but also deliberately chooses not to use his brain cell, he doesn't even carry them with him, he purposefully ignores all opportunities to use his brain cell unless he is in a fight. So here is a man who is actually really smart, but decided he likes the himbo energy and decided that was gonna be his aesthetic, and if that means being as silly as possible at all times, he was gonna just embrace it with his whole soul
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saeraas · a day ago
one thing I learned about is that Gojo is more than likely based more off of a bodhisattva and in Mahayana Buddhism, it is when it refers to someone who has reached enlightenment but delays nirvana in order to save or lead other beings from their suffering, out of compassion. So Gojo's quote vs Toji is when he reached enlightenment, his meeting with Geto when he defected is what made him decide to delay nirvana, and him choosing to teach is him saving others (his students) from suffering
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lulubaii · a day ago
I love the fanarts where Suguru is the one who gives the first step in the relationship. Because I have always thought Suguru seemed more aware of his feeling, while Satoru only realized when Suguru left. As we share the same sensation, we can take it for canon (?
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
had a collection of drawings of these 3 snuggling and had to make a comic out of it
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