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𝐦𝐨𝐨𝐝 𝐨𝐟 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐡𝐨𝐮𝐫 ▸ 𝐬𝐚𝐭𝐨𝐬𝐮𝐠𝐮
𝐫𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐠/𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬 ▸ nsfw, princess title used, three some, mentions of squirting, double stuffed, breeding, dacryphilia, pussy drunk!satosugu, cockdrunk!reader, praise
Sandwich between their bodies, Suguru has his hand around your throat as he thrusts into you from behind. His warm fat cock rubbing against Satoru who holds onto your hips keeping you still as he fucks himself into your pussy from underneath you.
It’s because of the view of both of his lovers that Satoru’s adores this position the most. He could feel your throbbing pussy alongside Suguru’s hard fat cock and Satoru is high on the feeling. He whines,
“I love seeing her pretty face she makes when you hit the back of her pussy. And every time she clenches around you, you look so handsome Sug’. The two of you are going to make me cum quickly. Fuck her harder I want to hear her say it’s too much.”
Suguru loosens the grip on your throat but still holds you up so you can hide your face in Satoru’s neck. After you catch you breath you groan, “I want it harder, your princess needs it badly please. It’s not enough. Need more, please fucking shit if you two don’t fill me up I’m going to cry.”
Suguru is smirking as he looks at Satoru who is staring up at you star struck with his bottom lip caught in by his lips. Suguru thrusts harder keeping his pace the same as he slaps your ass and tells you, “But your already crying from how good we made you feel when you squirted on both of our dick. My balls are still dripping wet from how much spilled out of our pretty princes pussy.”
Satoru grabs your nipples, softly playing with them sending tingles down to your clit as he softly rubs them before he pulls only to let go. And softly rub them again, he moans, “I think she needs our cum. Fuck I’m not going to last much longer anyway your pussy and your cock feels too fucking good. Fuck my cum deep in her pussy and mix it up with your’s. We need to make sure our pretty princess is filled up and dripping.”
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
Satoru Gojo
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Tumblr media
➞ synopsis: his favorite student is graduating already, therefore, nothing can stop him.
tws: mdni, age gap (+21) , teacher x student, office sex, choking, dacryphilia, unprotected sex, jealous, biting, orgasm denial, submission, dom, height difference, sound restraint, college au.
pairing: gojo satoru x female reader
a/n: thank you so much for 1000 followers! I’m beyond grateful for everything and all the support, here’s a special one-shot for you <3
Tumblr media
Gojo, your college teacher which never really felt like a true professor, he was quite older than you and yet his looks said otherwise, you admired him, knowing him for just a little more than three years, he’d always pester you with jokes and give you tons of assignments.
Some things definitely changed as time went by and you could feel an odd air between the two of you, he’d ask more of you, laugh more near you, annoy you more, assist you intensely, surely something he did not do with the others.
He surely had an arrogant personality, which did bother you from time to time, but it was his charm to be that goofy man dressed in such an attractive way, grasping the looks from whoever felt like giving him some proud attention, except for those surviving beside him (you included), since all were used to it.
There was suddenly a day, in the week of your graduation, that you were called in to his office, lightly shaking in nervousness, wondering what could it be.
“Close it.” His voice echoed after you had knocked and entered the room, seeing him leaning on the wood table with arms crossed.
“You called, Mr. Gojo?”
“Yes dear,” that damn nickname made you gulp hard. “you can come near, you know I don’t bite.” Staring at you with his permanently worn round black sunglasses, black long sleeve shirt that could drive anyone insane, doing as he ordered, noticing even more your height difference.
“Is there something I can do f—
“You’re graduating soon,” you kept shut, reminding yourself that his words were never to be interrupted. “I can’t seem to grasp that thought on my mind.”
“What do you mean, sir?” He stared at you, sighing after hearing that specific last word come out of your mouth.
“I don’t want you to graduate, or else I’ll be lonely.” That was unexpected, you were wordless.
“It’ll be sad to leave too, sensei.” His chest had risen once again, taking a deep breath.
“You like teasing me, don’tcha?” Your cheeks flushed, you knew he was flirty but not this much.
“Sorry, I don’t understand a thing, plus… are you insinuating that I’ll be repeating a year?”
“That does sound nice, doesn’t it? I could see you every day for another year.” Once more, you flushed.
“Is it appropriate for you to be saying such things, sensei?”
“No one’s listening.” His tone changed, it was shivering, you certainly were closer than you had acknowledged. In the silence, he threw his head back, letting you admire his well-defined neck and jaw, hearing as well a groan. “You sure are tempting.”
“Gosh, you know how to drive me insane, Y/N.” Once again he interrupted, staring right back at you with such intensity. “I wanna touch you.”
“Sensei, are you alright? You’re joking, right?” You saw him lean closer to you, feeling his breath on your cheeks.
“Not in the slightest, let me touch you.” You didn’t respond, your lips parting slightly, breathing heavily and leaving low groans of confusion. “Answer me.”
“Okay.” You murmured, so embarrassed you could cry, having his large fingers intervene with the strands of your hair, feeling them with the tips of those fingers, running through the root to ends.
“Your smell, your hair… your eyes.” He emphasized lowly, his voice enchanting you. Faces close by inches, the space only getting smaller until he then finally attached those soft velvety lips against yours in a sweet manner, pulling away with a peck noise, taking you by surprise, as you covered your mouth with your forearm unconsciously.
“Sensei, I… shouldn’t allow myself to get this close to you.”
“If I give you permission then that won’t be a problem, will it?” You hummed in disagreement, not knowing what else could you say to this man, seeing him take off those glasses and rest them on the table. “Good, then sit here.” Before you could process the situation, you were found sat on top of his lap, on the leathery chair he was always found at.
He could feel your heartbeat, not the one on your chest, he could feel your embarrassment, your fear, your arousal, your needy thoughts.
“Sensei.” You whispered unconsciously, not knowing what else you could say, having your legs bent to fit on the seat, to wrap around his legs and waist perfectly, having your smooth thighs held by his palms.
You were lucky, lucky to have been wearing a skirt that day, yet you were miserable, miserable to be wearing nothing but a white underwear underneath it, meaning your undeniable wetness had drawn a circle on the fabric of his pants.
His face was inches apart and you could feel his intense gaze over you, his hands roaming every single curve and squeezing soft parts of your skin until reaching your lower waist, your hips, holding them still, pressing downwards, feeling his bulge growing and perfectly shaping under you, making you imagine how red your cheeks must have been, which was unusual, no man has ever made you feel this way, but you knew Gojo wasn’t just an ordinary man.
His lips then pressed against your warm neck, leaving long pecks just to give an unexpected bite, a moaned gasp leaving your lips, your hips accidentally moving forward, back arching slightly and gripping onto his black sleeves.
“Dirty girl.” He murmured again.
“S-Sensei, people are going to see my, my neck.”
“Don’care.” Gojo mumbled, taking your skin into his mouth, your head slight up, eyes squinted and lips quivering in order to attempt quietness.
You were growing impatient, having to deal with him marking territory, playing with you, taking his time with you and you couldn’t do anything but let him have his way, even though you enjoyed it immensely.
“U’re mine, get it, darling?” The man’s left hand cupped the side of your neck, hypnotizing you with those well-chosen words. All you could do was hum back. “Good.”
You felt his hand sneak under you, lead by an unzipping noise, all while he had your neck as a biting toy.
“Wanna feel your pussy so bad.” He knew how to mess with your heart.
“S-Sensei, you’re being s-so inappropriate.” You shyly muttered.
“Want me to stop, honey? I doubt that’s the case, I know how much you like to hear me say that.” He was indeed correct, you loved it, the attention, the passion and he loved hearing you call him that way.
Your hips leisurely and unnoticeable moved in a back and forth movement, having your clit ache for friction yet nothing happened. His hand held now the back of your head, pulling it slightly back, allowing more kisses on the flesh, his other unoccupied hand fondled your ass, gripping with will.
“I can’t wait any longer, can I fuck you already?” Gojo shamelessly asked, having to stare at you with a distressed expression, humming was all you could do, there was nothing in your mind that could make you think of what to reply.
It was quick, you could finally feel his cock spring out of those boxers and touch your sensitive nub, it wasn’t fair that he was exactly like you had imagined, if not a bit bigger, your entire body getting to a reddish tone.
“Want me to fill you up real good?” He bit his lip, smirking, teasing you, it was over your limit, he was shameless, worthless, he was a whore, and you loved it, so much, it made you think of yourself as a perverted person.
“That’s not…”
“Stop looking for excuses,” You gripped onto the fabric over his chest. “as much as I want to hear your pretty voice, I’ll have to ask you to keep it down, can you do that for me, sweetheart?” His hands had easily pulled your shirt up, letting your torso exposed to him as you nodded carefully and hesitant. “Hold this with your mouth for me.” The white fabric of your own clothing was in between your teeth, just like he ordered, letting his hands grope onto your perfect amount of chubbiness by the sides of your pelvis.
He aligned himself with you, as your panties were to the side, he had to be careful, or else he’d slide inside of you with just a simple move, because of how wet you were.
Finally, it was devastating, in such a good way, it was as if you were being destroyed by such amazing feeling, it was consuming you, possessing you entirely already, having your head and back thrown back, he wasn’t even halfway in, thrusting the tip so harshly and the rest of the length leisurely, provoking, punishing, making you miserable while he chuckled lowly, watching you get desperate.
He surely had to keep composure, but little did you know that he was as miserable as you were, dirty thoughts all over his mind, wondering what he’d be doing with you next, how he’d make you come undone to him, how he’d make you his forever, he’s been longing for this for so long.
“Your little cunt is just so tight, and yet you’re so wet.” Your knuckles turned white, having his abundant girth finally enter you all the way in, letting out a relieved breath but he didn’t give you much time to adjust, thrusting inside you harshly, only once, resulting in your entire body moving along his, those strong hips of his lifting you from the chair so effortlessly, like you were a feather, a doll, his doll.
“S-Sensei, sensei.” You whispered those sweet words to him again and again, feeding his ego, such melody to his ears.
Pounding into you so eagerly, your cheeks slightly filled with air, trying your best to keep quiet, back arching tensely, you seemed like a bunny hopping repeatedly on his cock, you weren’t doing anything, he did it all for you, letting you enjoy as much as you could.
His manspreading position was such a turn on, his lower back sliding down the chair with you on that lap, trying to sit straight, Gojo’s back was not then touching the leather behind him, looking for more support.
Low whimpering slipping out of your lips, moaning so purely and dirty at the same time, his cock filling you up so good it fit almost perfectly, it rammed inside actually, but he’d make his way into you, shaping you into perfection, into his.
“So cute,” He praised, wondering how your cheeks could warm even more. “so fucking cute, so pretty, fuck.”
Your walls suffocated him at each thrust, making it harder for the man to breath, trying so hard to look calm, groaning low whining from time to time.
You looked close to devastation.
“Can’t believe I wasn’t the only one to, to see you like this.” Your eyes staring back at his blue ones, slightly furrowed eyebrows was what you could see on his face, as well as parted lips, soft and glistening lips. So suddenly you had felt his large hand wrap around your neck, choking you not softly yet not harshly, warming you up while he slowed down his thrusts. “Wonder how many guys fucked you already, such a pretty girl, I fucking hate it.”
His voice lowered, intimidating, arousing, deadly.
“How I wish I could have fucked your little virgin pussy. I’ll fuck you so hard it’ll, it’ll feel like your first time.” Again, unexpectedly his hand grabbed your slightly chubby cheeks. “I’ll ruin you, baby.” It was terrifyingly thrilling, even though those words should make you feel scared, you loved it, you felt safe, you wanted more.
“N-No, sensei, sensei.” Yet you denied to yourself, having the man kiss your neck and shoulders like before, with even more hunger, biting the area near your clavicles. Tears forming on your eyes from being so close to the edge, one of his thumbs making it even more challenging to hold it all in by circling your sensitive and aching clit so gently. He chuckled at your struggle.
“Gonna cum already?”
“N-no, no, not a-at all.” You whined, closing your mouth shut, wrapping your arms around his shoulders, holding onto his shirt with eyes shut.
“So I can be harsher with you then?” Such a brusque thrust, such a pretty humming whiny moan came out of you, it melted his heart. “Fuck.”
Your toes curled, your legs shivered and tried squishing together, your heart beat fastened quickly, your head buried on his neck, your crying.
“What about now? Wanna, wanna cum, sweetheart?”
“Hm, hmy-yeah, yeah.” You finally became fully submissive to him, knowing you were drunk out of pleasure, not thinking straight, his thrusts became sloppy for a bit. “G-Gojo.” You moaned out unconsciously, having his heart skip a beat and a lovely pound find your sweet spot which led you to immediately go crazy.
It was pure pleasure. It was lustful. It was dirty. It was sacred.
Your entire body squirmed and legs shook, you hugged his large figure, whining muffling and failing as seconds went by.
“Fuck, fuck darling.” Were the last words you heard before you blacked out for a long second, noticing such comforting warmth filling you up real good, as if it never ended.
You effortlessly sat straight, staring at him again, seeing such a beautiful man that had hearts in his eyes. Both breathing heavily, lungs collapsing.
He lifted your trembling waist, longing for the presence of his cock inside you as cum literally emptied out of you, mixing with your own love juices, dripping from your destroyed cunt to your legs and dirtying his chair and pants but it was worth it, after all he couldn’t look away.
“You look so good with my cum dripping out of you.”
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missmeinyourbones · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media
MADE WITH LOVE (dad!gojo satoru x reader)
tags: dad!gojo, reader referred to as “mama” a few times, maybe the same universe as this lil drabble i wrote, not proofread bc i woke myself up with this idea and needed it down on paper asap (wc: 1.1k+)
Tumblr media
Mornings are never smooth in the Gojo household. With a rapidly-growing toddler for a daughter, who has almost the exact same charming personality as her (toddler-like) father, it was rare for you to spend a morning in bed before the sun comes up. The two of them were always up to something, and whether that something was good or bad was often unknown. 
A tiny little hushed mama causes your eyes to blearily blink open. Your hand gently rubs them of sleep a few times, adjusting to the light peaking through the curtains from outside. 
It’s light out, you mentally note, meaning it can’t be any earlier than 7:00am, at least. She usually wakes you and Satoru up within the hour anyways, but as you reach behind you to grab your husband, you’re met with a handful of empty sheets.
With a furrowed brow and confused expression, your eyes fall onto the tiny figure gently poking your forearm—your daughter stands before you, face mischievously contorted into a smirk as she waits for you to address her presence. 
While the grin adorning her face is identical to her father’s, she looks just like you—from the hairs on her stubborn head to the tips of her little toes. You gently smile to yourself as you think of all the times Satoru would complain of her not getting any of his good looks, though their personalities are all the same. 
With a quick glance over of her status—she doesn’t appear to be hurt and she’s not crying, she actually seems rather pleased with herself—you let your eyes peacefully close once more. 
“S’anyone bleeding?” you mumble, voice still laced with sleep.
“No,” she states matter-of-factly, shaking her head. 
“Is the house on fire?”
“No,” a fit of giggles follows this response. 
“Then gimme a few more minutes,” your head returns to the pillow and your daughter grumpily sighs as she watches you further snuggle into the comforter. 
Eventually, the quick little patter of footsteps leaves your room, allowing you to rest again—that is, until you hear your husband’s booming voice coming from the kitchen. 
You can practically see him behind your closed lids—sitting wide-legged at the kitchen table, coffee mug in hand as he keeps up with your daughters quick-paced conversation style with ease. You assume she left your bedroom to run out to him, reporting back that you were still in bed. You faintly hear Satoru egg her on with an excited, “You have to get mama up! Say it’s an emergency, or something.” 
You snort out a chuckle, because the fact that you can practically hear the grin in his voice, and based on your daughter’s response of giggles, you know he’s a liar—the both of them are. 
Not even seconds later, the sound of tiny bare feet against your hardwood floors picks up speed, getting closer to where you lay. 
“Mama,” your daughter returns, this time more confident in her story as she no longer whispers, “It’s an emergency!”
“Then get your father.”
“Daddy says it’s an emergency,” she retaliates, and between the two of them, you know that you returning to sleep is about as realistic as seeing pigs fly. 
With a sigh and a defeated okay okay, you let your feet hit the floor as you sit up on the side of your bed. Your daughter, practically bouncing out of her little skin, is grabbing your hand and attempting to quickly usher you into the kitchen. 
Once you’re standing up and walking down the hallway, she darts down ahead of you and disappears around the corner leading the kitchen. As you follow her, you’re surprised to see the tiny table for three set with dishes and silverware, covered with a messily-made breakfast. A stack of pancakes—some charred to a crisp while others appear to be slightly undercooked—sits in the center plate. A few side dishes with bacon, fried potatoes, and cut up melon are scattered across the cluttered table. 
You finally lay eyes on your husband for the first time this morning, as he walks over to you with you daughter perched on his hips and two hot coffee mugs in either hand. You hold your tongue from telling him to be careful with the drinks around her. He knows.
“What’s all this?” you softly inquire as Gojo sets the mugs down, using his spare hand to pull a chair out for you, gesturing you to sit down and relish their good-hearted surprise. 
“Just a lil somethin’ for the best mama ever,” he quips with a quick peck to your lips, “Sorry for waking you up, it was gonna get cold.”
Before you can answer him, your daughter is jumping out of his arms, grabbing the carton of milk from the fridge, and proudly shoving it into your hands for you to pour into your coffee. 
“Thank you, my baby,” you coo as you accept her offering, placing a kiss on her chubby cheek. 
Seeing your reaction, Satoru is not far behind his little girl, wearing a flirty grin and presenting his own cheek for you to kiss. 
“And thank you, my other baby,” you entertain him, peppering his pale face a few times, before meeting his lips for a sweet kiss. 
Eventually, the two of them join you at the table, and your little family sits down for your favorite time of the day. Satoru cuts your daughters pancakes for her, before letting her pour on a far too large amount of syrup onto them. You pass around pieces of melon, laughing at the odd variety of shapes and sizes they've been cut into. While the food itself is no five-star meal, you wouldn’t have it any other way—as it was made with love from your two favorite instigators.
“Mama?” your daughter pipes up, wiping her face with a napkin as she grins mischievously. 
“Yes, baby?” you appease her, taking a sip of your coffee and letting it’s warmth hug you further into the coziness of the scene engulfing you. 
“Daddy says I’m gonna be a big sister soon.”
You shoot Satoru a glare as he shrugs his shoulders and raises his hands in defeat.
He remains quiet as he smirks, taking a moment to admire the filled-to-capacity table as he sits with his girls. He watches your daughter excitedly talk about her hypothetical sibling, going into great detail about how she’ll be the best big sister ever—even offering to help out with changing stinky diapers and sharing her many toys.
As you tell her that you plan to hold her to that if the day ever comes, she’s excusing herself from the table and darting to her playroom to show you her newest drawing. You raise your eyebrows at Satoru from across the table, but once again, you’re met with his sly grin and shrugging shoulders. 
He grabs your hand from across the tiny table, pressing a few kisses to your knuckles before standing up to go follow your daughter. As his lips are gently pressed around your knuckles, he feigns a gesture of faux innocence. 
“Kids and their crazy stories, huh?”
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izukuisbaby · a day ago
Can I request gojo trying to help y/n while shes sick? Like shes actually so helpless and vulnerable it makes his heart drop seeing her pant for air, taking tylenols for her headache, seeing how sweaty she is. And worst of all she can't get up without feeling extremely nauseous :(
A/N : thanks for your request anon I fell even more in love with our favorite daddy gojo��
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Tumblr media
"Y/N I'M HOOOOME" you hear your boyfriend, Satoru, yell from afar. You felt so drained. Whichever virus you caught probably wanted to kill you because you were having a mix of the worst symptoms of all existing diseases. As you felt the stomp of Gojo's footsteps getting closer to your shared bedroom, you went into the umpteenth coughing fit of the day, the pain in your throat amplifying. "Awww you're sick, mf I told you to bring a jacket" Satoru says in a teasing tone, at the sight of your figure curled up under the duvet, barely able to focus on the show displayed on your flat screen. He noticed your unusual silence and dull gaze, one that is normally as bright as the stars.
"You look like a tiny little munchkin I wanna kiss you EVERYWHERE !!!" He proceeds to spread kisses all over your face to cheer you up, causing you to giggle. "I'll take care of you princess okay, I'm the strongest after all what can't I do, right?" he says pulling down his glasses to wink at you while smirking. "Come on pretty, let's go to the kitchen I'll make you some food" He motioned for you to stand up. Pushing the blanket away, you sat up and felt a horrendous headache hit you all of a sudden. Although, it quickly faded and you managed to stand up. After just a mere second on your feet, the headache came back but this time an awful nausea overwhelmed you as well. Hearing you grown, Gojo picked you up bridal style. "Shh baby, I'll sit you down on the couch okay. Don't you dare move once I put you there." he says caressing your cheek and kissing your forehead.
"Here you go, princess" he says as he layed your body down on the couch. He then gently wrapped you in a blanket and gave you your favorite plushie to cuddle. "You have to eat something, what would you like ?", you noticed how soft and calming his voice sounded, you wondered if he was making an effort to not talk too loud in order to not worsen your headache. You mumble a "ramen, please", he smiled at you, switched the TV on and handed you the remote before leaving to the kitchen.
A few minutes later, he came back with your favorite ramen and some coke : "I read somewhere on Google that coke helps with nauseas". Truth is, his mom gave him some when he was sick and it used to make him feel better. He hated seeing you in pain and not being able to help. He always feels the strong desire to protect you and he could not help but experience guilt as he saw your tired figure, barely able to move, on the couch. "Here is your ramen princess" he saw you move out of the blanket and instantly panicked "NO NO Y/N PLEASE DON'T MOVE YOU'LL BE COLD, I'll feed you", you felt him gently maneuver your body so that he could position himself behind you. Your back pressed against his chest, he brought the spoon close to your mouth until you finish the plate. "You look tired love. Rest a little I'm not going anywhere I promise" he kissed your forehead again and caresses your head to soothe you to sleep. The warmth of his embrace and the tenderness of his pats were quick to make you fall asleep.
Tumblr media
© izukuisbaby. do not copy, modify, translate, repost or take my ideas/concept without giving credits but comments, feedback, reblogs and asks are very much welcome !
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chrisrobert-evans · 2 days ago
Doctors Treat (S.G.)
Tumblr media
Pairing: OBGYNDoctor!SatoruGojo x Black!reader
WC: 1.4k
CW: Smut 18+ (Fingering, oral fem receiving, dirty talk, medical situations, inappropriate use of doctor power ig lol, slight degrading) 
A/N: This is my mind after seeing fan art of doctor Gojo. I can't find the original TikTok so rip but it was really good. 
Your foot tapped against the white tile dirtied by working shoes. You'd been dreading this day ever since your last appointment a year ago. Like any other woman, you hated going to the OBGYN. Nothing about it was appealing. Yet here you were mindlessly scrolling through your phone as you waited for the nurse to call you back. 
You happened to look up when a tall man walked up to the receptions desk. He sported a lab coat and some navy blue scrubs. His white hair matched his lab coat and his blue eyes added more hue to him. 
He said something about lunch and then walked past you. 
"Damn, hope I get him as my doctor." You looked him up and down before going back to your phone. 
"You just might." Your eyes snapped back up to see the man wink before opening and closing the medical door. 
Your eyes widened as you realized you had said it out loud. A minute later the nurse called your name and you got up. 
The nurse led you back to the last room down the long hallway of rooms. She did the normal stuff like checking blood pressure. 
"Here's the robe, let me know if you need anything else, the doctor will be in soon." 
"Thank you."
With that the nurse shut the door and you stripped out of your clothes. You sat them on the chair and put the robe on and tied it in the front. Then you sat down on the fresh paper they paced over the navy blue bed. 
You laid back and stared at the ceiling all while the ticking clock continued to make noise. Then the door opened. You shot up and fixed yourself to look presentable. 
The man who walked through was the man you'd seen in the waiting room. You never did quite understand men OBGYN doctors, you usually tried to only get women, but this one was an exception. 
"Good afternoon, Ms. Y/l/n," 
"Hi," You whispered shyly. 
That earned a chuckle from the white haired man. "Nervous?"
You pursed your lips and shook your head. "Nah I'm good." You lied. This man was the most gorgeous man you'd ever seen and he was about to examine your pussy, and not in the good way.
"Good, I'm Dr. Gojo, but you can call me Satoru or whichever you feel comfortable with."
"Dr. Satoru." 
"Fine by me." He chuckled again and took his seat on the little rolling stool. "Alright, so it says here you're taking birth control, and still using condoms?"
"Good girl," He flipped the sheet over to see other background information. 
You clenched around nothing. Those two words sent your mind into a frenzy. He was just so hot you couldn't help but be physically attracted to him. 
"Y/n, are you with me?" When you woke from your thoughts his eyes were staring straight through your soul. "I asked if there had been any eating or dieting changes?" He pulled away and grabbed a pair of blue gloves. 
You shook your head. "Sorry I was lost in my own mind." 
"It's alright, my patients tend to tune me out." He stood up. 
"I'd never." You replied back. You watched as he pulled the gloves over his clean hands. They covered his veiny hand with his long fingers. 
Satoru smiled. "I'm sure you wouldn't. Is it alright to continue onto the breast exam?"
So polite. You thought to yourself. You laid back and assumed the usual position to check breast. 
Your heart started to beat rapidly. You completely forgot that he had to actually see you naked to do his job. The robe that was closed was now being opened by long slender fingers. 
"This alright?" He asked as he began. 
You nodded, watching him work. His hands felt so good on your warm skin. You took the moment to really analyze him. He had this boyish look to him. He was young, probably only been a real doctor for a couple of years. He was good though. 
His hands worked over your chest, not being too rough, but just right. He asked if anything hurt and took note of areas that seemed to feel different. 
After he was finished he put the robe back into place and went to type in his notes in the computer. He took that pair of gloves off and put another set on. 
"Usually I have my assistant in here taking notes for me, but she needed her lunch." 
"Oh I don't mind." You said, thinking he was apologizing for taking a while. 
He guided your legs to the stirrups. "Now for the bleh part," He grabbed the vaginal speculum. "I'll try and make you as comfortable as I can." He squirted some lube onto the tool and spread it around. 
A wave of embarrassment hit you when you realized you were soaking wet from him touching you. He moved the robe out of the way again and chuckled.
You closed your eyes and ignored his laugh. You braced yourself for the swab test. You'd become numb to the feeling of the vaginal speculum inside you after having it done more than twice. 
He put the swab in a plastic bag and sat it on the tray to be taken out for testing. 
He swapped gloves again, but this time he washed his hands and dried them and didn't put another pair on. 
"We're almost done." 
You sighed with relief. You didn't think you could handle more alone time with him. You might die of embarrassment. 
"I do have one last question for you." You sat up on your arms to look at him. He was staring straight at your wet pussy. He licked his lips. "Do you always get wet for your doctors?"
You gasped and closed your legs. "I'm sorry." You hid your face in your hands. 
Satoru placed his hands on your knees and spread your legs again. "Don't get shy on me now, show me how slutty this pussy gets for her doctor." His bare thumb rubbed circles over your clit. 
"I've never had this happen to me before! I swear!" 
"Shh, I didn't say you were in trouble." He sank two of his long fingers into your opening. His mocked how your jaw went slack and you let out a high pitched moan. "Aww does that feel good?" He started a slow pace.
"Please! Please! feels s'good." You bucked your hips up into his hands. 
Satoru let out a short laugh and pressed a kiss to your clit. "I said my assistants were at lunch, not out of the building love." He began to lick around your pussy while his fingers pumped in and out of you with a fast pace. 
You bit down on your hand to keep the moans at bay. "Oh fuck!" You shuddered as he curled his fingers. His fingers pounded at your g-spot and sent you hurdling off towards the edge. 
Gojo sat up from his seat and hovered over you. "Noisy girl, you're gonna get us caught." He smirked before pressing his lips to yours. You tasted yourself on his soft lips. "I bet you'd like that, want to show how much of a slut you are for your doctor?" 
You whimpered out a plea for him to let you cum.
"Yeah you can cum." He rubbed your clit while pounding his fingers into you. 
Your eyes rolled to the back of your head. He muffled your scream by kissing you. When he pulled away he had this playful glint in his eyes. 
He pulled his fingers out and admired them. He took them in his mouth while making eye contact with you. He let out a moan and went to his computer. With one hand he typed the rest of his notes while you came down. 
Your chest heaved and you panted. 
"We're all done Y/n, I'm gonna get your results of your lab put in, but other than that you're perfectly healthy." He washed his hands off in the sink. "I'm going to leave so you can put your clothes back on." 
You nodded and sat up. Your mind still foggy after the intense high you just experienced. 
Satoru grabbed his laptop, but stopped before he left the room. "I drive a blue Audi by the way and I'm going to lunch. I'll be eating in my car."
Your eyes widened at what he was insinuating. "Thank you, Dr. Satoru." 
He winked before opening and shutting the door. You hurried and put on your clothes. 
You'd definitely be finding that car.
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dilfsfordinner · a day ago
a/n- this is very vanilla but i didn’t want to write a feral gojo, that’s reserved for toji
warnings- unprotected sex, praise, creampie, mild cnc, cockwarming, fem bodied reader, slight size kink
minors dni (run to wattpad or sum)
The heavy downfall of a morning storm hammered against the windows of your bedroom, somewhat muffling the moans coming from your mouth. “So noisy,” Gojo grinned against your neck, his face nuzzled against the soft skin of your collarbone.
Purple bruises littered yours and his skin, trailing down to more interesting areas where the previous night’s activities occurred. Still sore from his ruthless behavior, Gojo was determined to make it up to you, presumably by waking you up with his cock stuffed in your cunt. Getting up early wasn’t exactly what you had in mind, but if it meant you got to spend hours pressed up against Satoru, then you were content.
Gojo’s cock slipped through your folds, rubbing up and down your slit, his shaft coated by your arousal. His swollen tip caught your clit a few times, sparking a need that pooled inside of you. Yes it felt good, but you needed more. Pushing at his chest, you began to writhe and whine for him to stop teasing. “C’mon y/n, use your words,” Gojo purred in your ear, stopping his strokes just to nudge his tip at your entrance.
“Need more… want you inside me,” you muttered, bucking your hips up to chase the friction he wasn’t giving you. As if predicting your response, a wolffish grin spread across his face while his hands gripped your thighs and hoisted them against your chest. His actions caught you off guard, a yelp ripping from your throat when his cock drove into you with a sickening squelch.
A hiss left his mouth at the feeling of your tight hole squeezing him, “So wet for me,” he sighed, his hips rolling to meet your pelvis. You never got used to his size, no matter how wet and prepped you were, your walls burned with irritation. Gojo’s eyes softened at the sight of your scrunched face, his hand slipping down to rub your clit. Almost immediately pleasure consumed you, like liquid fire spreading throughout your core.
Big hands came to rest on your waist, his long fingers touching at the base of your spine. He looked like a god like this, sweat trickling down his torso, trailing along his v- line and the soft line of hair at his navel. His eyes were glued to your cunt, mesmerized by the way he was splitting you open and how your walls sucked him in like a vice.
“Satoru-” you cried, chest heaving to catch a breath. His gaze shot to your chest, mouth coming to latch onto your peaked nipple. His tongue swirled around each bud, nipping at them. His mouth quirked up into a smirk with the sounds that left your mouth, inflating his ego. He continued his ministrations on each breast, making sure they got equal treatment until he was satisfied and released one with a wet pop.
Eyes flitting across your body, Gojo grinned at your wrecked state; your hair a disheveled mess agains the pillows, your chest now gleaming with his saliva, and your pussy which was dripping on his thighs and onto the sheets. “toru-” you whimpered, wrapping your arms around his neck. You wove your hands through his soft hair, cupping the back of his head to pull him closer. His eyes met yours, blue irises darkened to a dangerous extent, pupils blown wide with lust.
He sucked in a harsh breath when you clenched around him, a tell tale sign of your approaching climax. “You feel so good, darling,” Gojo murmured, his forehead coming to rest against yours. Your pants spurred him on, his lips connecting with yours in a messy kiss. He continued his kisses along your jaw, suckling the soft skin of your neck until he met your collarbone, which was already decorated with love bites.
His gaze slid to your cunt once more, his fingers following suit. They found their place at your clit, rubbing slow, languid circles which left you gasping for more. The band in your core was so close to snapping, you just needed something to tip you off the edge. As if he knew, Gojo tilted your pelvis so that your ass was resting on his knees, his cock now hitting a certain spot inside of you that felt so impossibly deep.
Wet sounds of skin slapping skin filled your ears, the newfound sensation had you craving his touch, any way to get as close to him as possible. Your arms squeezed him around his waist to his back where your nails left long, red lines. It didn’t hurt though, it drove him insane. His hips smacked your pelvis and the tip of his cock kissed your cervix with every hard movement.
“Gojo, I-” you couldn’t breathe, couldn’t focus when your heart was beating so fast. His hands held your legs up for you, wrapping them around his waist to get closer to your body. His hand cupped your cheek, tilting your face to look at him. Heat bloomed along your cheeks and chest, spreading to your legs and tingling your nerves. “Let go for me, sweetheart,” Gojo whispered, his fingers pressing down on your clit, hard.
You threw your head back against the pillow, eyes snapping shut and jaw falling slack while your legs shook and squeezed him. His jaw clenched with restraint when your cunt gushed around him, pulsing and pulling him into your warmth. Gojo’s thrusts never slowed though, determined to come after you.
Pleasure coursed through your body while Gojo rammed into your cunt, primal instincts seeming to consume his thoughts. Harsh pants left his mouth, soon cut off by a low groan when you ran your nails down his spine. His thrusts turned sloppy, and he stuffed his face into the side of your neck to muffle the string of moans that released from his mouth.
With one final thrust, Gojo was spilling into you, his hot cum filling you up to the brim. His whole body was shaking, abs clenching in euphoria. Waves of pleasure washed over the both of you, you cunt sucking him dry to preserve every last drop. His body fell lax against yours and you stroked his back, your hand a warm anchor for his mind.
After a while of coming back down from your highs, Gojo moved to pull out of you, but a small hand pulling his arm told him to stop. His eyes flitted to yours, yours that were half-lidded and hazy with exhaustion. “stay..” you said quietly, watching as he smiled at you knowingly. He nodded slowly and repositioned himself on top of you. His cock had gone soft now, your combined juices plugged by his body. Knowing that he was still inside of you provided and odd sense of comfort, one which couldn’t be found if Satoru didn’t supply it.
Gojo’s head came to rest against your chest, his nose nuzzling your tits, a lazy smile spreading across his face in satisfaction. “I love you, y/n,” he mumbled into your skin, his arms wrapping around you to secure himself. You couldn’t help but smile down at him, your hands raking through his white locks and massaging his scalp. “I love you, Satoru…” you whispered, leaning down to leave a kiss to his temple, your own arms enveloping him in a warm embrace.
The storm that had been raging outside had calmed now, only rain remained, coming down in a light thrum against the roof. The sound alone lulled your lover to sleep, until you too were pulled under, and your breaths synchronized in a deep rhythm that rivaled the soft patter of rain above.
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blackseil · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
he's booked out the entire aisle.
pinterest study!
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monsaemonsta · a day ago
Gojo: Y/N tell me I’m pretty.
Y/N: You’re pretty fucking annoying is what you are.
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the-lady-writes-what · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media
Content: fingering, public/classroom sex, hickies, body worship (specifically breasts), cowgirl, almost getting caught
Gojo x Female Reader
🔞NSFW Content Below the Cut! 18+Only! Minors DNI!🔞
Your nails dug into Satoru’s shoulders and left crescent-shaped imprints in his flesh. His lips and tongue made love to your chest, kissing, licking, and nibbling the available flesh. Your business shirt was popped open, buttons scattered across the floor in Satoru’s mad desire to see you in that blue and black lacy number you teased him with earlier. Your knees ached from the position you were in. You straddled his hips as he sat in a large leather desk chair, leaning back. His long fingers were buried in your cunt. The matching panties that went with your bra stuck out of his pocket. 
A souvenir, he told you as if he was going on a long vacation or business trip and needed something to remember you by. 
Satoru pumped his fingers fast to make you drip all over the front of his pants and the leather chair. The wet squelching sound of his fingers pounding your cunt filled the room. Try as you might to bite down on your bottom lip to stifle any noise, you couldn’t help but whimper. His fingers didn’t compare to his cock, but you took what you could get in the moment. Satoru suckled on each nipple to make them perky and hard. Most of all, it was pretty clear that the pervert liked to see your skin glisten with his spit. 
“Come on,” Satoru teased. “I know you can do it. Cum for me. Cum on my fingers. You can do it, can’t you, sweetheart?”
You wished you could look into his eyes. Satoru was still wearing his signature blindfold, hiding his beautiful blue eyes from you. You pouted when he refused to let you see them. He had his fingers trying to reach your G-spot, but looking him in the eyes was too much. 
“If you cum for me by the count of five, I'll let you take off my blindfold,” said Satoru, as if reading your mind. 
You bucked against his fingers faster. Your fingers trailed to your clit and rubbed it until your cunt clenched down on Satoru’s fingers. Your head fell back and your eyes rolled into your skull as your orgasm washed over you. Satoru filled his mouth by sucking on your tits, rolling his tongue around your nipples and sucking hard. He pulled away long enough to start the countdown. 
“One...” Lick. “Two...three...”
You didn’t even make it to four before you cunt clenched around his finger. You bit your lip to stifle the moan threatening to announce to anyone walking past your activities with Gojo-Sensei. You shuddered as you climaxed, digging your nails into his shoulder. 
“Atta girl,” Satoru whispered against your skin. “Good girl, good girl.”
Trembling, your hands reached behind your head where the knot was tied. You pulled the cloth from your eyes just to find Satoru staring at you with wicked intent. You’d barely come down from your orgasmic high when you hear the tell-tale sound of a zipper pushed down. Satoru stood up, ditched his shirt, and lowered his pants. His hard cock sprung out with a bead of pre-cum at the tip. Satoru grabbed you by the waist and tightened your legs around his back. You thought he was going to lay you down on the desk, but instead laid out on the floor beneath you. 
“Ride me.” Satoru stare up with those big, icy blue eyes of his. 
You stroked his cock as you hovered over his crotch. His thick, hard cock prodded your slippery hole until you sank down on him with your knees scraping the floor. Satoru grabbed your hips and bent his knees to help you, but you knew better. He just wanted a better angle to thrust up into you. You discarded your bra that had its cups pulled down for Satoru to kiss and lick and enjoy your breasts for himself. Your hands trailed up his torso as you impaled yourself on his cock over and over. 
“How’s this for a ride?” You snickered, bucking into his hips harder and faster. 
“You’re so beautiful.” His large hands reached behind to grope your ass. 
You pressed your hands against his chest for balance as you bounced on his cock. You bit your lower lip to keep from moaning aloud and alert someone to your activities with Satoru Gojo in a classroom of all places. He might not have cared, but you did. Nobody needed to know that despite your act of hating them man that you loved his cock burying itself deep in your cunt. You pressed your eyes closed so Satoru would not see how your eyes rolled into your skull with every slam and grind of your hips while riding his dick. The fact that his large hands leaving bruises in your flesh didn’t help matters, especially when they were in places only you and him would see. 
However, footsteps slowed your roll. You froze with Satoru’s cock half-way inside of you when the footsteps grew louder. 
“Shit!” You growled under your breath. 
You started to pull off him completely, only for Satoru to slam you back down on him, impaling you on him by force. 
“What the fuck are you--”
Satoru clamped a hand over your mouth and shifted his body. His knees hit your back and he lifted his hips. Satoru continued holding his hand over your mouth, stifling any noise from you, while thrusting upwards. You couldn’t help but shudder every time his cock reached inside or when his free hand played with your clit. 
The footsteps grew louder until they were next to the door. You made a careful glance around your shoulder to see a silhouette in the door briefly before it slipped away without pausing. Satoru’s thrusting turned rough after the footsteps disappeared altogether. 
“That was a close one. To think someone almost lucked out on hearing your pretty moans,” said Satoru, laughing. 
You pushed his hand away from your mouth. You ground your hips harder against his, but you were no match for the speed and strength Satoru was fucking you. Even when he was beneath you, the bastard still somehow found a way to best you. His hands returned to squeezing and groping, leaving behind fingerprint-shaped bruises on your hips and the globes of your ass. You weren’t even sure he was breaking a sweat fucking you from underneath. He wore that smug look on his face like he was the grand prize. Your nails clawed down his ripped stomach in retaliation. 
“Now, now, sweetheart. Careful with the merchandise.” Satoru cooed. 
“F-Fuck you...”
“Well, if you insist.” 
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wito-chan-bla-bla · a day ago
Somewhere in the bushes.
Miwa: "Is this sure to work, (Y/N)-san?"
(Y/N): "Don't worry, I'm a professional!"
Meanwhile, on the other side of the bushes.
Gojo: *Looks at a box propped up with a stick with a thread, to which a trail of sweets leads*
Gojo: "Hmm, I don't see any problem"
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daddy-suguru · 19 hours ago
𝐢𝐧𝐜𝐮𝐛𝐮𝐬 𝐤𝐢𝐧𝐠! 𝐒𝐚𝐭𝐨𝐫𝐮 ✘ 𝐡𝐢𝐬 𝐬𝐞𝐧𝐬𝐢𝐭𝐢𝐯𝐞 𝐡𝐨𝐫𝐧𝐬 & 𝐝𝐨𝐮𝐛𝐥𝐞 𝐜𝐨𝐜𝐤𝐬
𝐫𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐠/𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬 ▸ nsfw, incubus king!satoru, his horns are sensitive, double cocks - one human one not, Satoru’s cum is a drug and he cums a lot, breeding - but he can’t knock you up unless he is in heat, hints at cock sucking
Lightly grabbing the base of Satoru’s horn and pulling his head back as he whines. His eyes widen as a tingle runs down his spine and into his cocks as both of them jerk inside of you. And his hips shutter as you let go of two of horns four horns and run your fingers up to the tip. His eyes go wide as he whimpers,
“Can’t remember the last time sometimes touch my horns, feels good. Don’t stop.” It’s softness of your touch, the adoration in his eyes when he meets your stare and the way you clench down both his cocks.
“Baby your horns are so pretty, want to drape jewels between them, and then cover your lower face in my cum while I tease the base of your horns.” Dropping your hand down to the bottom horns that twist back instead of up, you trace the base where his horns meet his scalp.
The knot at the base of Satoru’s top, inhuman cock is swelling quickly. And the ridges on the sides of his length is rubbing against that sweet spot with every quickl harsh thrust, that you can hear sounding throughout the room. As the slapping of skin mixes with the squelching wetness of your pussy. And you pull him down to you by his horns, pressing your lips to his.
Satoru’s hips stop as his cum spurts out of both heads. The moment his thick cum touches inside of your pussy your body is flushed with heat, as your thoughts melt away and all there is, is Satoru softly, slowly pushing his cum back inside of you as he waits for his knot to go down since he busted.
Your pussy starts to tingle as your toes curl and your grasp around his horns tighten as you whimper against his lips. And just Satoru moving pulling away from you, the soft silky skin of his cocks rubbing against your gummy pussy feels like your cumming. Until he pulls out completely and more of his cum is dripping onto your pussy.
You can’t help break the kiss and cry, “More, I need more please more. Don’t stop touching me, I need your hands please don’t leave me all needy. My body is burning, make it stop.” Satoru sits next to you and holds both of his cocks up, squeezing them together. As his thick, pretty and slightly pink cock presses against his other one which has more of a blue green tint at it’a slopping tip.
There is still more thick white cum trickling from Satoru’s cock, down the length of him. Sometimes when he came it would take a while for his fat balls to get out all of his thick cum. He tells you, “Clean me up and then you can ride me till your legs give out while you play with my horns. Come on baby bunny play with your big bad monster, his throbbing cocks, and blood stained horns.”
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lulubaii · a day ago
Tumblr media
It’s hard to say who is having the gay panic here…
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maycolors · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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arievir · a day ago
Chapter 1 - The white envelope
Tumblr media
Masterlist TNBT
…When Gojo was 5 years old…
“Mama, Gojo wan pay with Gedo” A kid Gojo who had large blue round eyes, red apple chubby cheeks, and white fluffy hair begged his mom.
“Then, eat all the carrots and we can go” His mom told him.
“Bud I don wann” A kid Gojo objected.
“You don’t want? Hmm, then maybe you should be at home for a week?” His mama giggled secretly.  
“nahhh nooon” Gojo was scared that he couldn't play with his friend. He ate all the carrots until his cheeks swelled with vegetables.  
When he finished with his food, his mom took him to the playground. He met his best friend who had short black hair with similar pink chubby cheeks. He ran to play with Geto.
“Gedo, take dis yahhhhhhhhhh” Gojo slowly punched Geto's cheek.
“Geto won’t gip dup, Godooooooo arghhhhhhh” Geto used his plump hand to block Gojo’s fake punch.
They both played until the evening. Geto got picked up by his mom while Gojo was waving to his friend. Gojo flopped down on the ground and played with sand to wait for his mama. He was playing until he heard a girl cry. He used his chubby hands to push him to stand up and jogged to find a girl behind the tree.
“Ha hey, why are yu cryning?” Gojo asked a girl with black shoulder-length hair.
“My ice ceam fell donw on the floo” Utahime explained.
Gojo looked down to the ground. He quickly ran to the closest ice cream shop and asked them to give him a new one. He told them his mom would come and pay later because he didn’t have money. Nevertheless, they gave ice cream to him for free.
Gojo believed people were kind to him because he was cute. Back then, he just didn’t know how powerful his clan was. No one wouldn’t know who this boy was.
Gojo came back with ice cream in his hand and gave it to Utahime. That was when they confronted each other for the first time and the love story between them happened.
Since then, Gojo Satoru’s priority mission was to make her happy. He was secretly in love with her. She was the most beautiful person he had ever met. His love for Iori Utahime grew more and more every day. Though he understood it was his one-sided love.
…When Gojo was in high school…
That was when his love began stronger. It was in spring on the high school orientation day. He walked into school lazily with Geto, his best friend.
Utahime was under the big pink sakura tree. The breeze blew lightly, her raven hair swayed along with the wind. She slowly tucked her hair behind her ear using her slender fingers.
He believed his breath was taken for a moment while looking at her. It was like everything around him stopped but her. She was the only thing that was still moving in his ocean eyes.
He smiled shyly before walking to talk to her. “Hey!! Do you kno-”
“No” Utahime told him.
“What! I-I haven't asked you yet. Aren’t you happy we’re in the same school AGAIN?” Gojo pouted.
“What a nightmare. Hey Shoko!” Utahime waved to her female friend and began to walk to Shoko.
“No saying ‘Hi’ for me too?” Geto asked.  
“I hate both of you, so NO” Utahime huffed.
“But I don’t hate you,” Gojo said after stopping her and lowering himself to meet her chocolate brown eyes.
Utahime tried to composure herself, but her cheeks didn’t cooperate with her. “U-um, G-Go away”
Gojo chuckled and shook his head lightly. He watched as his friends wandered ahead of him. He arched his elbow to hold his bag across his shoulder. Then, he ran to walk next to Utahime and got in the building together.
During his high school years, he would say it was the most enjoyable time in his life. He was the roommate of Geto when Utahime lived with Shoko. Occasionally, he made an excuse to go see Utahime at her place.
“Oiii, my room runs out of face wash. I need to use yours” Gojo yelled when he entered their place.
“Gojo!!! Not my own bathroom!!!! A-And I don’t have men's face wash!!!” Utahime shouted to him but it was too late.
Utahime sat on the sofa. “Why does he need to use my bathroom where there are 2 bathrooms and 2 bedrooms here?”
“I think he likes you, Hime” Shoko said.
“If he likes me, he should have told me. Just saw him go on a date with our classmate yesterday” Utahime said.
“And I think you like him a lot too” Shoko told Utahime.
“NO! I don't. W-why would I like someone who doesn’t like me?!” Utahime hurriedly opposed.
“Ask him” Shoko said.
“Ask me what?!” Gojo popped his head out from Utahime’s bedroom and began getting close to where Utahime sat.
“N-Nothing” Utahime replied.
“Ohh. Okay. Hey Utahime, yesterday I went shopping, and I bought something for you” Gojo shoved his hand into his jean’s pocket before smiling and throwing a red panty on Utahime’s face.
“I saw you only have black and white panties, so it’s a gift” Gojo said with a big smile.
“GO-JO” Utahime’s cheeks were blushing both from anger and embarrassment. After that, it was a mess when she threw everything she could grab at him.
Sometimes, all four of them went to have dinner together and Gojo always sat next to Utahime. It was natural for Gojo and Utahime to do everything together.
…When Gojo was in university…
Gojo clan was famous for owning the biggest media company in the country. Undoubtedly, people knew him not only as of the only heir but also as one of the smartest people who had a pretty high IQ of around 200. He got offers from universities, but chose to do examinations with the same process as everyone else and had the highest scores on tests.
Once they got into university, they still studied in the same university, just in different faculties.
Gojo was a hot guy as well as Geto. Gojo was playful and positive, always friendly flirting with women. Geto was reserved and sweet, always calm cold to women.
Gojo had many women who craved to be called his but Gojo always held those women more like a one-time thing. If a woman said yes to one quick session with him, then he would be okay. If they said no or wanted a commitment from him, he would ask them to find a better person because his heart was already taken.
It hurt him a lot when he discovered Utahime date men. He really really wanted to snatch her away and punched those stupid faces who dared to look at her, but he wouldn't do something that made her unhappy. He wanted to be selfish, deep down he realized it was his fault that he couldn’t make her trust him.
Many women might have warmed his bed, but they meant nothing. He did it while waiting for his crush. He wished Utahime to explore the world, to find what she liked, to have some freedom. No matter how long he would need to wait, he would wait until he was sure she was happy without him.
“Utahime, what are you gonna do today?” Gojo asked while driving her back to her place.
“Reading” she replied.
“Wanna go on a date with me?” Gojo asked.
“Because don't want to be one of the women who wait for you on your bed, or in your bathroom, or maybe in the trunk of this car too” Utahime answered.
“Say you love me back and I’ll only have you. I don’t need anyone. I only need you” Gojo announced.
“Stop playing, Gojo. You’ve been asking me this since Naoya asked me on a date. You know, I won't date him, so no need to protect me” she explained.
“It’s not about that idiot. Don’t you believe me that I can have only you?” Gojo asked after parked the car in front of her apartment.
Utahime signed “I believe you and I know if you find someone you truly love, you would do anything for that person”
Gojo smiled and nodded before his smile was gone after hearing the word ‘BUT’.
“BUT I know you just want to tease me too. You told me you liked me when we were in middle school and a second later you asked me what the color of my panty was”
“Well, t-that w-was when we were in middle school! I have grown up now!” Gojo fought.
“Right…right, in high school, you told me you liked me a lot. A second later, you told me you saw my bra in my bathroom and it looked like an old lady bra. You even suggested that I needed to change my styles” Utahime had an annoying look while digging her memory.
“Utahime, t-that was in high school!!!” Gojo yelled in protest and crossed his arms over his broad chest.
“Ohh last week, you told me you are in love with me, I was better than any woman you came across with because I didn't have a g-string panty” Utahime smiled at him but Gojo felt like she wanted to kill him.
She got out of his car and went back to her room. Once she was in her private bedroom, she sat down on the floor. She placed her forehead on her knees.
Unfortunately, Gojo never knew Utahime had the same feeling for him. She was hopelessly in love with him. More years had passed, more love grew in her heart. She witnessed how he flirted with women or how he played with them.
Days went by, and she learned those women were nothing, but her jealousy was never gone. Yet, Gojo had proved it, no matter what happened he would always be by her side. He always came for her. Still, she disliked how he was always so touchy with other women that much.
Every day with Gojo was happy. She wished she could say yes to him every time he asked her out if he was serious about asking it.
She wanted the world to know she was his girlfriend. Nonetheless, what if the relationship didn’t work?, what if she broke up with him and lost him forever?, what if he didn’t love her as much as she loved him? what if she's not enough for him?
For Gojo, he was never fearful of anything. If it didn’t work, he would make it work. Still, the most fearful would make Utahime feel unhappy. He couldn’t stop himself from being scared to lose her.
That was why he ended up teasing her after trying so hard to confess his love. That was why he rather wanted to be an option for her, he wanted her to decide who would be good enough to walk with her, though if that person wasn’t him, he could accept it, probably…
He sank more into his driver's seat and covered his face with his palm. “Hime, you don’t know how much I love you”
After they graduated from the university, Gojo, Geto, and Shoko worked as professors at the university while Utahime worked in a different branch.
Even Gojo and Utahime worked in different universities. Gojo always drove to her place to spend time on the weekends with her.
Gojo and Utahime liked to go hiking together. He didn’t like or dislike it, but he would do it because she liked it. Even though he had to wake up at 4am and pick her up at 6 am, he would do it.
Even though he wanted to go home to take a rest, if she wanted to continue, he would do it.
Even though he had a lot of work to complete and may not be able to sleep at night, he would still choose to be with her.
“Gojo, you don’t need to come with me. I can go with other friends” Utahime told him.
“I want to spend time with you,” Gojo said softly.
Utahime looked up to meet his stunning eyes. It was so close, so close for her to tell him. She loved him a lot until Gojo’s phone rang.
“Hey Rin, I’m busy. I’ll call you back” Gojo hung up.
“Rin? My co-worker? Is she your girlfriend?” Utahime asked with slight anger.
“I never have a girlfriend. That spot is saved for you. And I don’t like Rin” Gojo responded.
Utahime closed her eyes. She cursed herself to have these complicated feelings. She was at her limit now. She felt like she was at a dead end. She didn’t know what to do, or where to go. She never knew what she was going to decide would change everyone's lives forever.  
At her workplace, it was still an ordinary morning for Utahime, but it was a busy morning for everyone. She noticed a lot of her co-workers were busy doing make-up.
“Rin, what happened?”
“Ohh, we got a new professor. He’s so handsome” her co-worker told her while smirking.
Utahime knew Rin liked Gojo a lot. She was irritated to hear that Rin approached Gojo though Rin told her once that she thought Gojo and Utahime looked good together. Maybe it was a lie.
Utahime slowly turned to where the head of school was walking along with a handsome man. For the first time in her life, she couldn’t take her eyes off someone since her eyes were always focused on Gojo.
He was so tall and muscular though his gray plaid suit tried to hide his body. His hair looked neat with the styling gel, but she could tell without the gel, his hair might be soft. His hair color was blond and shining like the sun in the morning.
Utahime bit her pink bottom lip without realizing it. She was nervous, she remembered it now. She met him before in one of her classes at the university.
She was recalling her past situation with him and wasn’t aware Nanami got close to her.
“Iori?” Nanami called her name.
“Nanami” Utahime smiled shyly.
“Good to see you again” Nanami said while sitting next to her.
“Me too. D-do you remember me?” Utahime murmured softly.
“Of course, you sat next to the window and tied your hair with the big red bow. Hmm, also you secretly ate cookies” Nanami chuckled and placed his elbow on the table and positioned his face on his hand while looking at her.
Her cheeks were hot. She was shocked how he could remember those small details when she tried so hard to recall that day. She couldn't remember much about that day except Nanami was very kind and different from other men she met.
Since Nanami worked at the same university with her, she got to spend time with him more often. She had lunch with him every day, and had coffee with him when they had no class. However, she never got to spend time with him on the weekends.
“Nanami, what are you doing this Saturday?” Utahime asked.
“Nothing special” Nanami replied while reviewing the paper.
“Iori, do you need anything?”
“I’m about to go home, so take care, Utahime” Nanami gathered his stuff and walked to the door.
“Nanami, d-do you like hiking?” Utahime asked.
“Not much. Do you?” Nanami looked at her.
“Yes!! Do you want to go on the weekend together?” Utahime questioned.
“I can’t but will find time” he responded.
Utahime opened her mouth in an attempt to ask him something until she heard the familiar voice of a male friend.
Both Utahime and Nanami saw Gojo walking with Rin to where they were.
Gojo stared at Nanami. The white-haired man had a strange feeling when he saw the blond man.
At the same time Nanami looked straight at those ocean eyes. He had an annoying feeling forming in his chest.
“You must be Nanami who the girls are talking about” Gojo spoke.
“I’m Nanami but not sure why the girls are talking about me” Nanami said.
“Gojo, I-” Utahime got cut off by Rin.
“Hime, the head of school wants to talk to you. You should go.” Rin smiled at Utahime.
Utahime was hesitant to leave Nanami here alone. However, it appeared Nanami could read her mind.
“Utahime, I’ll be fine. I’ll see you later” Nanami assured her.
After that, Utahime walked away, Rin approached Nanami.
“Gojo is Hime’s boyfriend” Rin muttered.
“Are you her boyfriend?” Nanami asked.
“Yes,” Gojo responded harshly.
“Then, Rin, I don't think it’s appropriate to be close to your co-worker’s boyfriend. You should respect Utahime and her privacy. Utahime is a nice person. She deserves good people and manners. If you both don't mind, please excuse me” Nanami wandered to his office.
Gojo observed Rin’s expression. She deserved it. The way she talked behind Utahime made Gojo angry, so he broke Rin’s heart and that was why Rin fled to a new guy.  However, the method Nanami used is good for him too.
“You hear that right? So don’t keep calling me as I told you not to do a while ago” Gojo looked down at Rin’s shocked expression and left.
The week later Utahime tried to ask him out again.
“Kento, any plans this weekend?”
“Nothing particular” Nanami leaned forward.
“W-what? Why are you looking at me?” Utahime leaned back.
Nanami smiled “Nothing, let's go to class. You don't want students waiting for you, right?”
Utahime looked at how Nanami stood up and pushed his chair in place before standing behind her to wait for her and began walking together.
It always felt so good to be with Nanami. He was kind, smart, and gentle. He was a person she hoped to be with, but deep down she knew there was always a spot for Gojo in her heart.
While they were walking, Utahime asked him a question. “Wanna hang out on the weekend?”
“I thought you always spend time with your boyfriend” After he replied, he was stopped walking by Utahime who grabbed his muscular arm.
“Who told you that?” Utahime asked.  
“Rin and your boyfriend” Nanami responded.
“Nanami, I don’t have A boyfriend!” Utahime shouted.
Nanami raised his hands in defeat before touching her head. “Okay, no need to be mad”
Utahime hurriedly told him. “They were joking. I don’t have a boyfriend. Anyway, wanna hang-”
“Be your boyfriend?” Nanami looked straight in her eyes.
Utahime was shocked and avoided looking at his almond eyes. “N-no! Just hang out to get to know each other a-and maybe if it works, I-I don’t mind”
Nanami chuckled. “Let’s just see each other for now. This weekend, hmm, I don’t think I can meet you. It's my sister's graduation, so I have to be there for her”
“You have a sister?”
“Not related by blood, she lost her family when she was young. I thought of her as a sister and I've been taking care of her too. Well, she was like 8 years apart from us. Still young but a good girl” Nanami smiled warmly.
“C-can I go with you?” Utahime observed how Nanami seemed uneasy with her request.
“If you don't want me to go, it’s okay. Just thought it would be good if your sister saw many people since she umm lost her family” Utahime explained.
“I- also think it’s a good idea. But my sister is a quiet person. She doesn't talk a lot with new people. I don’t want you to think she’s weird. She experienced a lot in her life. I care about her and it’ll hurt me if someone hurts her” Nanami looked straight.
“I won't. Don’t you forget I’m a professor who teaches many kids!” Utahime laughed.
“Right, and a favorite professor among us” Nanami smiled.
“Shokoooooooooooooo, what should I wear???”
“ohhh noooo, what should I get for his sister too? What kind of flowers? A doll? I don't know what she likes” Utahime whined.
“Hime, you’re not his girlfriend, and just be there to congratulate his sister,” Shoko said annoyingly.
“B-but we’re seeing each other!” Utahime protested.
“So?!” Shoko raised her voice.
“I like Nanami!!!” Utahime shouted.
“What did you say?” Gojo opened the door of her apartment with a gloomy face.
“Gojo… How come you can open it?” Shoko asked.
“I know the password of course!” Gojo responded.
“More like I know it” Geto walked in following his white hair friend.
“How come did you know?” Utahime questioned.
“You were drunk and told me last time” Geto smirked.
When everyone was shocked by Geto’s response, Gojo walked straight to Utahime, then carried her on his shoulder and walked out of the apartment.
After Geto and Shoko watched, they both left the door. Geto broke the silence first.
“Gojo should tell her”
“I think they both should come clean and you should too” Shoko said.
Geto said nothing, but sat on the couch. He had been Gojo’s best friend for a long time. He knew how much Utahime meant for Gojo. Geto had also looked out for Utahime for a while, as much as he liked her, he could tell Utahime loved Gojo.
He just wanted to see two people who he loved the most stop being idiots and ended up with each other. However, he understood that sometimes human’s feelings and ideas could be unreasonable to find out.  
At the same time, Gojo carried Utahime to a park close to her apartment. He gently dropped her on a bench. Then, he crouched down on one knee to look at her eyes.
“Why, Nanami?” the white-haired man asked.
“Just want to try. It might be possible” Utahime replied.
“Then, why can't you try with me? why can’t it be me?” his icy blue eyes locked on her.  
“I- Gojo, we’re just seeing each other. I-I just think if it’s Nanami, I may be happy” Utahime averted his eyes.
Gojo’s eyes were still stable, but his heart was ripped to pieces. Right, he would wait until she chose, his priority was to protect her happiness. Slowly, his mouth formed into a wide smile.
“I respect your decision. Just remember this, I’m still here. Lets’ go, they’re waiting for us” Gojo stood up and began walking ahead.
Utahime looked at his back. It was too complicated. She still loved him. She had loved him since she was young, it wouldn’t be too easy to stop loving someone whenever she wished. Nevertheless, the new rose that just bloomed was too seductive, too fresh to try.
“Thanks for bringing us dinner, Geto!” Shoko shouted.
“Excuse you!!!!!!! I was the one who paid for it” Gojo frowned.
“You did for Hime anyways” Shoko murmured.
“What? What did you say? I don't hear it” Gojo gave her a fierce glare.
“The reason I murmured was that I didn’t want you to hear, idiot” Shoko clarified.
Geto and Utahime laughed at how Shoko and Gojo were about to start a fight.
“I HATE YOU!” Gojo yelled before running to hug Utahime.
Utahime was stunned at how his smell surrounded her. It earned her heart pound too fast. Shortly, she recalled how Kento misunderstood her relationship with Gojo. Utahime used all her power to push away Gojo’s body far from her.
“Stop hugging me. I don’t want anyone to get the wrong idea that you’re my boyfriend” Utahime yelled.
“Like I care” Gojo stuck his tongue out.
“By anyone, I think you mean ‘Nanami’ right?” Geto spoke from his place.
Unexpectedly, the atmosphere was heavy. Gojo was silent. Utahime could only look at her hand. Shoko and Geto felt sorry, but they could do nothing more than watch how the situation would unfold.
Gojo acknowledged that he was making Utahime have a difficult time because he couldn’t accept her situation. How could he do it? This was the first time he saw she was actually serious about having a relationship with men.
Not just any man, but more a good man like Nanami. Yes, he heard about Nanami from girls who worked with Nanami and Utahime. Besides, he experienced how Nanami talked with Rin. He saw with his own eyes at how Nanami was kind, smart, and handsome.
“Hime, let’s go somewhere on the weekend. We haven't hung out together for a while, you know! when I ask you out, you always say ‘this weekend I have papers to grade’, Just Give Me time!!!” Gojo scowled.
“Umm, can’t do this weekend too. I-I have to go to the graduation ceremony with Nanami” Utahime clarified.
“Why do you have to go with him? For who?” Geto was curious.
“For Nanami’s sister. Not his real real sister, but seems like Nanami has known her since she was young, right? that was what you told me, wasn't it?” Shoko eyed at Utahime.
“Yeah…” Utahime replied shortly.
“Where will it be?” Gojo asked.
“At the university you both work” Utahime looked between Gojo and Geto.
Both men didn’t say anything, just nodded. Yet, no one knew except Gojo that he just thought of a special plan for Utahime and Nanami.
“Have fun then! Geto, let’s go, these ladies need time to relax” Gojo dragged Geto from the sofa and left the apartment.
Utahime watched as Gojo pulled Geto out from her apartment.
“Shoko, I don't feel good…Gojo said nothing” Utahime chewed her soft lip.
“Don't think too much. Let’s go sleep” Shoko touched Utahime's head and walked into a guest bedroom.
Sakura was blossoming everywhere. People carried gifts and greeted each other. Parents came to celebrate with their children. You stood under one of the white sakura trees. The surroundings were full of happiness, but you felt bitter.  
You were glancing at the sakura above your head while waiting for Nanami. He was a special person for you besides Yuki and Toge.
You heard someone calling your name, so you looked to see a man with black hair. He was tall and pale. He wasn’t so handsome, but he was so cute with his personality, voice, and those eye bags.
“Y/N!!!” Yuta shouted.
You grinned at him and waved your hand.
“Are you waiting for Nanami?” Yuta asked.
You nodded and peeked at his hands that were hidden behind his back.
Yuta bent his body forward and beamed at you before giving a bouquet of white, blue, purple, and pink hydrangeas. “For you, y/n. Thanks for being with me and thanks for accepting me”
You slowly took his bouquet from his hand. Then, you looked into your traditional Japanese purse until you found a handmade bracelet that you customized specifically for Yuta. It was a silver chain with a blue moon double dangle and a glittering silver star.
“It’s so pretty! Is this a gift for my graduation?” Yuta asked and offered his wrist to you.
You nodded and deliberately wrapped the bracelet around his wrist. You watched how he looked between his wrist and you. Suddenly, both of you heard his phone ring. He checked the message to see who it was.
“I have to meet my relatives and parents, sorry y/n, can I see you later?”
You nodded and gave him a soft smile.
Yuta turned back and was about to run, but he stopped and turned to you again. “You’re so beautiful with the kimono”
Your eyes were wider. Your cheeks were rosy. You stared as Yuta hurried to find his family. You met Yuta when you first got to university. He was a friend of Toge and he came to your house a lot to hang out with Toge. To you, Yuta was someone you could talk to without feeling like a freak.
“Y/n” a woman's voice that you remembered, your aunty.
“Yuki!” you ran to hug her.
“Baby, where is Toge? I was late because I thought he would be with you!! I will put him in jail when I see him” Yuki sulked.
You giggled quietly. “I told him to meet his friends because I’m waiting for …”
“Nanami?” Yuki cut you off as she understood deeply how important Nanami was to you.
“Baby, Yuta is a nice guy too, just so you know. Anyway, gotta find that boy and bring him here, so we all can take a photo for our family!” Yuki winked at you before running away. You only shook your head.
“Congratulations, angel”
You immediately looked to where the voice came from. Only one person who would call you that was your admirer, Nanami.
You were about to say his name, gladly you saw it first, you saw he came with a woman with long black hair.
You bent yourself to greet them. There was no smile on your face, just a natural expression you had when you meet strangers. Though inside, you were disappointed that he brought someone you didn’t know with him.
“Y/n, this is my co-worker, Utahime. Utahime, this is y/n, my sister I told you about” Nanami introduced both of you.
‘Sister’ you thought. Yes, that was you could be for him. You reminded yourself.
“Y/n, it’s nice to meet you. Here it is” Utahime gave you a bouquet of red and white roses.
You took it and bent to her.
“Nanami and I spent a lot of time choosing it! Nanami’s excited to be here” Utahime told you.
You nodded.
“Ohh, u-umm I’m sorry that I’m here without asking for your permission. I-I just heard a lot about you so I wanted to congrat you. I hope you don’t mind” Utahime explained.
You nodded lightly and bent yourself in appreciation for Utahime.
“Y/n, where are Yuki and Toge? Why do they let you be here alone?” Nanami asked.
You pointed to where Yuki ran to find Toge.
“Okay, let’s go find them, come with us please Utahime” Nanami placed his hand on your back and walked next to you while Utahime was on the other side of him.  
Utahime glimpsed at you. She never expected this when Nanami said you didn’t talk much to a stranger. This wasn’t just didn't talk much, but you didn’t even talk AT ALL.
You all were walking to find Yuki and Toge until…
All three of you looked at where the man's voice was. It was your first time meeting this tall and well built person. His hair was white and looked fluffy like snow. His eyes were so radiant and blue like the sky on a clear day. Your eyes were caught at the sunflower on his hand that was slowly coming in front of you.
“For you, little one” Gojo smiled shiningly at you.
You slowly took the flower from his hand and looked up to see the sky-blue eyes.
You and Gojo locked eyes with each other and only God knew how long.
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gojoscvmtruck · 2 days ago
Love reading Gojo x reader fics where the reader is playing hard to get as if I wouldn’t fold the moment he shows interest in me🫣
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alkhale · 2 days ago
I love the implications that mirai is the one who behaves more cat-like even though in chapter 7, he thought of gojo as a cat. Like napping at any possible hour, going through things that catch their eyes and fix their attention on it—sort of like a cat liking a simple old cardbox than the bed that costs $$$ which were bought specifically for them and is ignored, their aloofness reminds me of a cat which have some things dangled frantically right in front of its face but it is just flickling its tail, closing their eyes and its just….loafing
ON THAT NOTE, i cant wait until mirai realize later on about gojo something that goes like “thats no house cat…..how can i thought of him as a house cat….HES A DAMNED WILD/ BIG CAT (a snow leopard as an example)….ohhhhhh i fucked up” maybe when he progressively become more possessive or territorial of mirai HAH
though gojo would still act like a cute little housecat following mirai at their heels, rubbing and meowing for mirai’s attention. and in their, ahem, private moments, mirai’s in for a rough time i guess 😚
Tbh I love how much you guys pick up on the nuances of their actions and bring it more to life in these asks, it makes me so happy istg
Poor Mirai indeed, I’m also really looking forward to their dynamics once we find ourselves dealing with a (1) bigger Gojou Satoru
Mirai’s a wry old shepherd and doesn’t realize Gojou’s the wolf in sheep’s clothing that grew fond of the shepherd 😂
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Just thinking about a Kakashi and Gojo cross over fic. Here’s a Drabble, let me know if you want a full fic.
You’re a previous student and then partner of Kakashi’s, but you’ve moved onto learning Jujustu Sorcery with Satoru Gojo as your new sensei.
Kakashi is in the area and stops by to say hello while you’re sparing with Gojo. He leans on the doorframe and silently watches Gojo dodge every one of your attacks effortlessly, Satoru notices him but you don’t.
Gojo knocks you onto your ass and you finally realise you have an audience when Kakashi laughs a “I didn’t train you this badly, did I?”
You immediately embrace Kakashi and ask him how he’s been in the few years it’s been since you last saw him - but Gojo doesn’t like your attention not being on him.
Gojo observes Kakashi and a feeling of jealously goes through him.
He convinces Kakashi to spar with you instead so he can size up how much of a threat the Ninja is in comparison to him. Only to be slightly humoured when Kakashi pulls out his smutty novel and seemingly gives you little to no effort.
“You’re still reading that old thing?” You sigh with a hint of humour as you throw attacks his way, most he counters or dodges, “I’m a sucker for the classics” Kakashi shrugs and fakes a yawn.
Eventually one of your hits lands on his wrist and knocks the book out of his hand and slides across the floor towards Gojo - who’s slowly getting more and more jealous by the familiarity the two of you share.
It’s not fair of you be so blatantly flirtatious with someone who is a guest in his school. He starts to wonder if the two of you were always this close.
Gojo can’t help but act on his envy, “if you want to verbally fuck in front of me, you might as well actually do it and give me something to watch”.
Satoru Gojo always gets his way.
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i was wondering who will ddr go to in 'the culling' arc? will she stay with maki and wait for her outside the zenin clan estate as maki kill those mfs? go with yuta to another colony? accompany inumaki or drop by to check on megumi, panda and itadori?
spoilers for anime watchers only at the undercut!
originally I had her following Gojo, and because Uraume had gotten strict instructions to make sure not to touch Y/N (because Sukuna's got a soft spot for her), so they had made sure that she was pretty well hidden - but Uraume didn't stop Kenjaku from sealing Gojo away. Along the way, when she was looking for the others, she probably witnessed Nanami being blown into pieces as well.
She went into shock as well, having seen the two people that she hold in such high regard being taken away from her before her eyes. So when the others had finally got to her, she was probably very shattered and in need of some comfort. Knowing this, Yuta (who was the first person to arrive at her side) had quietly told her to go with Toge to check upon him. Because out of all of the students, Y/N was the one who was the most neutral of them - her family still hold a lot of power, so the elders of the college can't say anything if she returned.
Plus, having Y/N there and her being on their side gives the others good insider information to the others; so having her at Jujutsu Tech definitely had their advantages. Yuta also thought that having her care for Toge would be the better option, knowing how fragile her mental and emotional state is. So he dropped her off there and reassured her that he will come back to her no matter what before he and the others left to do what they needed to do.
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Gojo: You can either go big or go home.
Yaga: I’m begging you for once in your life go home
Gojo: I’m gonna go big
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