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#satoru gojo

attack on titan - sasha idk i feel like she’d dig this shit so much like it’d be a stress reliever to watch with you but she hates the ending with a passion

haikyuu - tadashi loves you so will watch anything with you in generally a sweetie pie favourite episode where they went to the water park thing

jujutsu kaisen - satoru another one who just happens to watch it because he thinks it’s so cute and when you’re watching it with you he acts like tamaki so much

my hero academia - any of the girls i feel like you’d all just end up binge watching it in a night and then in the morning be found out by aizawa whose just like wtf as he sees some weird blonde boy flirting with some dude 😭🤚🏽

send me an anime you watch and i’ll tell you which character would watch it with you

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attack on titan

eren - would love seeing all the curses loves megumi because he feels he has a link to him but when he reads the manga understands geto which makes everybody think wtf is wrong with him

levi - hates satoru so much loves nanami those are my only comments, everybody finds it weird how he stays and watches it even though every few seconds he makes a comment

hange - they love watching the curses i don’t know why they just love it especially sukuna and his mouths, moblit has to force her to sleep

jujutsu kaisen

satoru - massive af crush on levi thinks he’s so bad ass and thinks they’re similar by being the greatest in their field

itadori - watches it because he thinks titans are cool that’s it he saw titans and thinks i want to fight them then one day him and satoru go and see how tall a titan would be compared to themselves and regret saying they’d want to fight one

nobara - thinks erens titan is sexy and loves loves loves when they kill titans so much

send me an anime you watch and i’ll tell you which character would watch it with you

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Green Tea Cake | Gojo Satoru


SYNOPSIS: AU where beast-people exist. He feeds you green tea cake.

READER: beast!female

WORDS: 701

WRITTEN: 03/02/2021

NOTES: Thank you for requesting!


“Y/N, say hi.”

You peered out from Satoru’s side. You were hiding behind him, hands clinging onto his jacket.


“Isn’t she the cutest?” Satoru cooed.

The baker stood there with a lazy expression on her face, completely used to her regular showing off his beast.

“The total’s $48.55,” she said as she handed him a bag of the sweets he ordered.

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someone asked ouran high school so i’ll do that one with theres 😘 and hi gracie how you been my lovely 🥰

attack on titan - jean he has a link with usui i don’t know why he just does he loves the idea of a maid cafe definitely buys you a maid outfit which you throw in his face afterwards

haikyuu - ushijima listen i know he’s a softie inside i just know he is and i feel like if it’s an anime he sees that you like he’d watch it so he watches it with you and then becomes a commentator on how usui physically cannot jump off a building and survive

jujutsu kaisen - satoru he makes you watch it with him that’s all i’m saying

my hero academia - denki i feel like you both just stumbled upon one another watching it and it became a thing to watch the rest of the episodes together and it was probably a factor in both of you dating

send me an anime you watch and i’ll tell you which character would watch it with you

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that was a whole fucking ride bruh are you like okay now though and was he at least attractive to have a crush on not dusty boy deserves you and your lil husky bby, at least you got a bed

attack on titan - armin i cant explain this but it’s him like he’d be the one to fall on an employee because of what his dog did

haikyuu - bokuto and it’s only because he has big titties and i know his ass would be the type to have fans so he gets roped into happily buying an expensive dog bed

jujutsu kaisen - satoru this is again someone i cant explain but just feel he’d be the type to let the sales clerk sell the item and then walk away afterwards but this time he falls and embarrassment forces him into buying it

my hero academia - izuku he literally breaks his fingers do i need to explain myself

send me an embarassing moment and i’ll tell you which aot, mha, haikyuu or jjk character would be the one to do it (closed)

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warning: contains unhealthy and possessive relationship as well as an age gap. also this takes place before Shibuya, and Yuuta is still on his trip.

“Gojou-sensei, could we stop there on the way back?” you asked your teacher, pointing at a bakery as you walked past together. 

You looked up expectantly at him, knowing he wasn’t one to generally pass up an opportunity for sweets. He paused for a moment, bringing his pointer finger to his lips to fake a pensive expression.

“If you’re good today, and do everything Gojou-sensei tells you, I don’t see why not.” he said with a cheerful smile on his face.

You and Panda cheered with joy, while Maki rolled her eyes at her classmates antics. Toge trailed behind the group, a gentle smile tugging at his lips. 

“Of course I’ll be good, I always am!” you said enthusiastically to your teacher. 

It was no secret the strongest sorcerer had a soft spot for all of his students, but you in particular were special to him in a way he himself couldn’t quite describe. Not because you were the strongest, or the smartest, but because you were you.  Every gentle giggle and sweet expression you made were committed to memory and locked away in his heart. Maybe it was the way you would bravely run into danger to protect some misfortunate civilian from harms way. Or perhaps it was the gentle touch that could heal any and all wounds with the incredibly strong reverse technique you had inherited from your mother. Maybe it was the way you would sit in his lap if he asked, telling you it helped Gojou-sensei de-stress, running his hands through your hair as you did your school work.

The way your trusted him so wholly, when his intentions were clearly impure, was intoxicating. The way you seemed to misunderstand all of his actions as those of a friendly and protective teacher was intoxicating. Maybe more than anything else, the way you seemed to see right through him and know him so entirely, like only one other person had been able to do, intoxicated him to the point of madness.

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So… Geto was only 15 in the Star Plasma vessel incident…

This is… Heartbraking…

He went all through those at an age like that? And he was only 16 when he was punished with execution…

Gojo was 100% right. He should’ve taken down those superiors. Pushing children to the edge of their limits and when they lose their minds ordering to execute them…

I used to think that Geto’s actions couldn’t be excused in any way but… Now I think the opposite.

Same for the others. Sending teens to missions they cant handle, Haibara’s death, the special grade the first years encountered and Yuuji’s death, sending Geto and Gojo to protect a girl who has a big bounty on her head and resulting both of them to be traumatized, and Yuuta too…And now Shibuya…

I just hope that when Gojo gets out of that box he puts an end to all this.

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I’m so ready to see more of this Satoru on friday

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Geto: I know you’re deflecting by making jokes about how hot you are.

Gojo: It’s not a joke.

Gojo: *sniffles*

Gojo: I’m a legit snack.

25 notes

love how akutami sensei hates gojo satoru, but still made that white haired bastard one of the prettiest characters to exist.

28 notes

that’s why gojo is wearing a mask or sunglasses ! 😂✨ …

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