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#satsuki kiryuin
kaban-bang · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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dragonkings444 · 10 days ago
9S Ask. The group is currently double timing it to their next destination, and the only one lagging behind...
Jaune: “Guys, wait up! Short legs are not meant for running...!” *Trips on his own leg before face planting into the snow.* “...wah, oof!”
...was Jaune, and this was mainly due to his legs being shorter than everyone else’s. How do Satsuki, Ryuko, Yang, and Vernal help Jaune with his little problem?
Yang: Give him a piggyback ride
Rogue Knight
Vernal: Doesn’t do anything to help, too amused by it to help
Iron Arc
Satsuki: Ordered Ira to give a piggyback ride
Scissor Knight
Ryuko: Offer to her motorcycle to him or laugh at him
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dragonkings444 · 10 days ago
9S Jaune is currently working on making breakfast for everyone. The only problem is that one of the ingredients is on a high up shelf, and one that he can’t reach. How do Vernal, Blake, Ryuko and Satsuki try to help him?
Jaune: *Is desperately trying to reach for the chocolate chips so that he can add them into the pancake and waffle batters, he plans on making both, but can’t seem to reach it.* “Ahh, curse you... stubby legs!”
All of them would either give him a footstool or lift him up with their superhuman strength.
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bradlie1 · 10 days ago
Tumblr media
by tetsu
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darksouldream · 11 days ago
Tumblr media
鬼龍院皐月 | ゆしょ
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diess-phaser · 12 days ago
Tumblr media
Finally got around to watching KLK and was pleasantly surprised by how good it was??
No reposts pls.
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dragonkings444 · 13 days ago
Continuation to the 9S ask. A battle is currently going on and Jaune looks a little worse for wear. He says he’s fine, even though he has several dozen cuts, bruises and a few fractured ribs, but he looks ready to keep fighting. How do Satsuki, Ryuko, Yang and Pyrrha react to this?
Jaune: “It’s really not as bad as it seems, you’re just over exaggerating it.” *Some blood leaks from his mouth as he says this.*
Iron Arc & Scissor Knight & Dragonslayer & Arkos
Tumblr media
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dragonkings444 · 14 days ago
How do Vernal, Pyrrha, Satsuki, and Ryuko react to 9S Jaune?
Jaune: “Hi there, I’m your personal support unit, designation 9S. Everybody calls me Jaune, though. My task is to support you, both on and off the battlefield. This is my companion, Pod 153. He helps me with hacking into enemy systems that are either trying to stop us or so we can gain intel.” *Is a whole head shorter then them, and has a personality that just screams innocent friend.*
Rogue Knight & Arkos & Iron Arc & Scissor Knight
Tumblr media
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basilistic · 14 days ago
Tumblr media
currently watching KLK with my girlfriend bc its their fav anime
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dragonkings444 · 15 days ago
How does Team RWBY react to Satsuki?
Ruby would be intimidated by her sheer overwhelming presence and dominating charisma
Weiss would be also intimidated by her presence and would call her ‘mistress’ by instinctive mistake
Blake would wonder how did Jaune date a fearsome and imposing woman like Satsuki and wonder who’s the Dom/Sub of the relationship.(Jaune is the Dom of the relationship with Satsuki the Sub of the relationship).
Yang would also be aroused by her overwhelming presence and dominating charisma and teased the hell out of Jaune of being the subby bottom of the relationship and asked if she can join in the sexy fun with him.
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lueduar · 15 days ago
Satsuki 17!
Tumblr media
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dragonkings444 · 17 days ago
2nd. Jaune with 4 Kill La Kill girls
Scissors Knight & Iron Arc
Ryuko: Got a minute to spare with me?
Jaune: Do you a minute to get your butt whoop?
Ryuko: Oh you so on!
Satsuki: Are you worthy of standing in my presence?
Jaune: Are we going to do this every time we go out on our date?
Drumming Up the Arc & The Grand Arc
Jaune: Hey Nonon. How are you doing today?
Nonon: BAKA!!! >///<
Jaune:...I take that as a good...
Nui: I am glad you came to me. You’re truly a good man of great gentlemanly chivalry.
Jaune: (Tied and gagged up) muffled noise of distress
Nui: 😁💕
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saucytango · 19 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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incorrect-kill-la-kill · 19 days ago
Ryuko: when you wear a kamui you're its internal organs
Satsuki: what the fuck
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