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I was supposed to erase the part of the braid that overlapped her leg but i forgot so here we are.

stress relief OC doodle. I, like, never draw Savannah so I thought I owed this to her. lol

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She closed her eyes and hummed. She could smell the storm coming in. Feel the lightning light up the distant sky. She could hear her feet tap against the cobblestone walkways in a steady rhythm with her heart. She could feel the weight of the summer air press against her as she perspired a prayer for a breeze. 

She knew the way. It just took one step after another. The sun felt good on her skin and her eyes opened when she heard the moss shift in the trees. 

Instantly she was back into her body like a rip chord went off. She slumped from her pose on the floor and huffed in annoyance. So close. So very far away. 

She slapped her hands upon the wood floor of the tiny apartment as she stood up and went to the window to see the freak ice storm that roared outside. The day was dark from clouds but the ice and snow twinkled anyway.

She glared at the weather as if it was openly mocking her before she kicked the wall below the window and went back to her spot on the floor. She took a deep breath. 

“Again, honey,” she muttered, “Try again.I can do this.”

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Bueno, bueno, no se enojen y me manden mil mensajes, queridos. Veremos que pase, espero que Alexander no se calme nunca y Savannah deje un poco de ser tan fría, que para eso tenemos la pista.


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CREO que Savannah le hizo algo feo cuando eran adolescentes y Rene sufrió mucho. Y ahora están sacando los trapitos al sol, pero son más maduros. Espero que puedan solucionarlo que no hay nada mejor que hablar como adultos que dicen ser.


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Even though I was pissed at the waitress for personal bad service, I tipped her 30 bucks because she was having to serve the whole restaurant (23 people) all by herself. She just proceeded to apologise and started to vent towards me what a stressful day this was. I had to give her my best smile and assure her that everything is going to be alright. I had to leave quick before I got too uncomfortable acting all fatherly (that’s the closest description I have of myself) and stuff.

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Here’s something angsty and romantic ft Savannah and Reed <3

“If something happens to me, I want you to know that this, what you and I have, it’s worth all the hiding and fear and grief. And if I were offered a new version of the world, where there was no colonization and Earth belonged to us, I’d choose this life if it’s the one you’re in.
“I don’t want to die,” she says. “I don’t want to leave you. And if I do, I’m sorry.”
Reed cradles her face. He wipes a falling tear with his thumb.
“I love you,” she croaks. “If I don’t come back, just know that. And know that Lance was wrong when he said we were never alive. Because this life was good enough, Reed. Having the chance to love you, in the short time we have, made it the best life I could ever ask for.”

for every “🌹” I’ll send something out of context from one of my OC things

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