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ranonymousboo · a day ago
expect more than one reblog cause am going in the squiggly path of my brain when it comes to endermen biology
SO SO this is what a typical common endermen looks like (ear/horn shape varies on its gene pool ofc
Tumblr media
pretty basic, a kind lil soul
AND this is its skeleton!!
Tumblr media
it’s ribs bones are very hollow, which is why it’s fairly easy to kill them if they get trapped (not to mention their ribs only protect its lungs and the organs that create particles n shit)
Tumblr media
it’s jaw is made of 6 parts to allow opening it as wide as it needs/trapping live prey in it while it eats. this is the front half!!
Tumblr media
(highlighted for viewing convenience) the typical jaw that humans also have is behind the front jaw!! all parts are completely moveable and can shift independently when it needs too
an enderman’s mouth is used for eating (ofc), holding things, and disposing pearl residue and whatever the organs can’t break down (so they puke shit up instead of shitting)
(I’ll get into the next bio shit like organs, pearl function etc in a reblog)
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lumberjackloving · 2 days ago
It's not that you're too lazy to do it; the concept of laziness doesn't really exist. It's that you're not motivated to do it, and that sounds like clean to me. The fact that you have no motivation to harm yourself is a good thing, and i'm proud of you for making it this far.
i completely love this answer, wow. i've never thought of it like that. i've never considered it as a lack of motivation, ive always thought of it like, somehow a personal moral failing despite it keeping me clean, if that makes any sense? so thank you. seriously, thanks. i cannot overstate how much this helped. im like, literally crying. this helped so, so much. thank you
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catilinas · a day ago
i have no idea what you’re talking about 80% of the time, i read your posts like ‘oh what’s the british harp person on about now’ and you’re like ‘WHALE BOOK GREEK GHOST ICE BOAT CANNIBALISM’ and i’m like ‘still insane i see; good for them’ sometimes you speak latin like this really is your own little bouncy castle and im sitting outside of it with my shoes off
ive been hoarding this in my inbox bcs it makes me smile so much like. this is all true but to see it all in one place is hilarious. what's the most ridiculous way of translating bouncy castle into latin. turris circumsaltandi causa? idk. you might want to make sure you have socks on before entering :-)
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quillsink · 10 hours ago
The thing about the soft homosexuals is that it really shows how far we've come, since in the original version of Falsettos which came out in 1992, although for the time period it was already revolutionary to have two explicitly gay main characters, they still couldn't really touch, to the point they weren't even allowed to kiss. So it really is important to me to look at the 2016 revival knowing the original, to see the difference because it's strong, anyways, here's more of that beautiful revolutionary intimacy of Marvin and Whizzer:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
No but I love this actually. Even after censorship and decades and everything they were revolutionary and they finally got to show affection onstage. And it’s there and that’s beautiful.
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icefire149 · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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thenightwemetnatural · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
seeing a take that i personally hate on my dash
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catboystigmata-archive · 5 months ago
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death2america · a year ago
Tumblr media
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grox · 5 months ago
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froody · a year ago
I own a book that should not exist.
I collect old books. Mostly turn of the century stuff published between 1870 and 1920. My parents did too. They emassed a collection of books somewhere in the thousands. They got them out of abandoned houses, at auctions, as gifts and at every antique store on the east coast. My dad cleaned out his house after the divorce and I got some of the books. I planned to keep the good ones and hopefully sell some of the ones I didn’t have room for. For the past several days I have been researching the different titles and publishing dates to see how much they’re worth, usually it’s somewhere between $15-$50 so I’m not getting rich off it any time soon. I encountered this book:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Beautiful, right? Screams late Victorian period opulence. Definitely keeping it. I check for an owner’s name or little note on the title page, I love books that were Christmas gifts long ago. Instead I find this:
Tumblr media
A gift for a student as an award for her academic success. From either 1875 or 1895. Very fucking cool. I search for the Chatsworth Institute of Baltimore Maryland in hopes that I am holding a significant piece of history in my hands. No such Institute has ever existed in Baltimore, none. Not historically, not currently. There is a Chatsworth school in Maryland but it’s a contemporary public school. I cannot find record of this school anywhere online, there is nothing left behind, it must have been a formal school to afford to give awards. There should be some trace of it. It’s like this book came from an alternate universe.
Let’s go to the title page:
Tumblr media
Beautifully illustrated by a W Cunston or W Gunston. Neither name being up anyone. The name of the author of this book is nowhere to be seen. The publisher is London based and mostly published childrens books (including the words of Beatrice Potter) and that is the only concrete fact I can get. Googling “Eilon Manor” and “The Four Sisters” brings up very little. I sift and I find a book called Eilon Manor published in 1863. Like Baptista, it’s an incredibly boring piece of literature for Victorian young women. The author is listed as D. Richard, no first name, no gender, no location. D. Richard does not seem to exist either.
I cannot find any other copies of Baptista a Quiet Story. I cannot find D. Richard or W. Gunston. I cannot find a publishing date on this book. It is truly as though it slipped out from another parallel dimension.
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relaxxattack · 7 months ago
dsmp tumblr masterpost
today i found myself keeping a huge camp of mcyt twitter refugees on my blog, since a ton of them have come to tumblr to get away from the drama. i’m always willing to answer questions you may have, but think of this post as an FAQ!  (click to see if this post got added to/updated)
VERY important etiquette 
quick rundown
how to interact with tags (hashtags)
how to avoid drama
how dsmpblr deals with drama
tags to use 
making yourself a place on tumblr!
how to curate your experience (!!!)
how to send asks to blogs
what info should be on your blog
detailed tumblr guide
dsmp specific fun :D
dsmp blogs to follow 
more dsmp blogs to follow
dsmpblr’s inside jokes & history
tumblr site extras! (google extensions)
xkit (makes tumblr cooler)
shinigami eyes (shows you what users are terfs)
i recommend you read all of these links, but the general gist is: don’t be an asshole or start drama! reblog posts! and dsmpblr is mainly focused on art and character analysis, so don’t be shocked when they start posting cited essays at 10am. that’s showbiz baby :] 
feel free to send me an ask if there’s something not covered here. or just follow me for my art and analysis posts! <3 (i like bench trio) 
welcome to dsmpblr :D
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doghokage · 8 months ago
hey y’all should take this quiz I made a where you pick a bunch of hot celebs and I’ll tell you if I’d block you or not
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beabigshot · 3 months ago
concept: a catboy maid themed gas station opens up on the edge of a big city. in need of a little extra cash on the side a weary college student is hired for the job and they gets the last remaining position. to their surprise, the staff working there aren’t humans cosplaying as cats but actual magical humanoid-cat hybrids using the gas station’s cat-themed facade to cover up their status as test subjects on the run from the government testing facility they escaped from. the series is called whisker business
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virgomoon · a year ago
video essays i love and think about a lot (mainly in relation to pop culture):
aaliyah, britney & the apathy of lifetime “biopics”
baby phat enterprise:  how kimora lee simmons pioneered 2000's fashion
whiplash vs. black swan — the anatomy of the obsessed artist
born sexy yesterday
parasite — the power of symbols
hilary duff, lizzie mcguire, and the teen idol pigonhole
why this font is everywhere
it's time to talk about the r@cism in dan schneider's shows
a legally blonde fashion analysis
ghost singing: jennifer lopez’s stolen vocals and songs
the late capitalism of kpop
jennifer’s body and the horror of bad marketing
let’s get sad: a last of us video essay
video vixens got paid like rappers
how midsommar brainwashes you
beyonce’s voice is changing (part one, part two, part three)
explained: smoking and the voice
here’s what we missed on glee
how one netflix movie broke the entire internet
naughty dog’s game design is outdated
jeffree star faked everything about... well, everything
how we failed megan fox
mariah carey’s voice
token black girl: how tyra banks vs. naomi campbell was orchestrated by the industry
colorism in your favorite black sitcoms
that 80s show and the limits of nostalgia
‘us’ and the american dream: what it means
unraveling the madness of kanye west
life is strange: the worst best friend
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partyanimalskorea · a month ago
Tumblr media
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