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@pumpkinpadparadscha replied to your post “does anyone have any tips on learning sign language or what tumblr…”

memrise has some good lessons- the ones with the handprint logos

lifeprint too is good

bill vicars also does youtube but the videos are as long as an actual class so not good all at once if you have trouble with long periods of focus

thank you for all the resources!! I’ll definitely check these out when I have time !

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Thank you so much anon! That means so much to me! 💗💕💗💕💗💕

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I keep seeing 717

My metaphysical is a spritual that takes a minute to reanslate

It’s never to late

But when I know I saw heavens gate

Cause like Bob marley said

Itll be war until every African country is free

And so far what I see is the unlocking of a key component

I’m in my feelings but getting better at lancing them out

Dont lead with emotion

Logic is the key to unlock the chain of the brains that imprison yiu

What’s holding me back is that in scared no one will believe you

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Thank you! You really shouldn’t be embarrassed, as both I only feel you and it echoes through are written in a higher level than my other fics–simply because I find the prose and the language add to the magical element of the story! 

Well, I’ll put this under a read more just in case anyone wants to avoid seeing this and because I reckon it’ll be really long lmao

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(Y/N’s POV)

The captain, apparently his name was John, had me tied up. He pushed me down onto the deck by my shoulders. I fell on my knees and grunted, trying to break free of the ropes. I wondered when Peter would finally show up, if at all. The captain moved so that I could see him. 

“Now, what were you doing on my ship?” he questioned. I merely glared at him. He motioned to someone on his crew, who then held a sword to my throat.

(Peter’s POV)

I saw the pirate put his sword to Y/N’s throat, and stood up to stop him. 

“Pan, don’t, you don’t have a plan,” Felix whispered. I looked at him.

“I do have a plan,” I replied. “I’m going to take their lives.” 


I marched out into the open, putting one foot on the first step of the ship and crossing my arms. “I wouldn’t do that if I were you, Laddie,” I said to the pirate holding the sword. I stepped up onto the ship. “She’s mine.”

(Y/N’s POV)

I was so relieved to see Peter standing there.

“Well, finder’s keepers,” the captain stated. Peter’s voice lowered to a growl.

“I wasn’t asking, Pirate. She’s mine, and I’m taking her back.” 

Suddenly, Pan lifted his hand up and dozens of arrows flew at the ship’s crew, killing some and wounding others. The captain collapsed as an arrow flew through his heart. Peter quickly untied me and helped me stand.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

I nodded. “I’m fine, thank you.”

He pulled me into a hug. “Thank goodness you’re okay.”

I smiled as I returned the embrace.

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Had a dream about my cousin last night

My parents and I were back in colorado, we were moving back into the house and my mom and I arrived there first. We saw the back yard but the sky was like a marigold. Dark red, with hues of yellow scattered across the sky. The house was the same as it looked back then, but I was the age I am now.

When my dad finally got there, he had two cars, an old Chevy Malibu and a 1970s Green Sea green Mustang, it was convertible but the top had been crushed in.

Or, so both my parents though, they wanted to fix on it. Build it up again, everything else was fine with the car, except the top. They were going to replace the top, but as they were taking it apart, I say all the loose screw scatter everywhere. I went about gathering them all, one by one, putting the two pieces to every one together if they needed to be. My mom didn’t think it was worth it, my dad th ou ugh I was wasting my time

But a voice told me, all the little pieces is what keeps it together. You can have a shelf without any screws. Ignore them, you’ll be hapoier

As that went in my head, the song popped into my head

“Its the re remix to edition, I feel like the New Edition.”

So I’ll take the advice, I need that

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We all need justice for humanity! Continue to pray for the healing of The U.S.A.
#pray #healing #love #compassion #humanity #everylifematter #heal #sincronicity #zen #atlanta #stayhome #save #life #alllivesmatter #translivesmatter #blacklivesmatters #livesmatter

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Hello, lovely, welcome back! If you ever feel too shy to come message me, just know that if we’re mutuals and we don’t talk, there’s definitely a 100% chance I’ve looked through your blog and wanted to. I wish I did know who to thank for being such a kind person, and I’m happy to hear my tag ramblings provide some amusement for you—I happen to think I’m relatively funny so it’s nice to know someone else does lol. Obviously, if you wish to remain anonymous, that’s completely up to you, but just know that there is literally no way you could ever come into my IMs, tell me this was you, and I wouldn’t want to be your friend.

A quick sidenote: Believe me, when it comes to my writing, it is…you have absolutely no idea what it means to me to know someone likes what I put out there. It’s a product of years of insecurity and second-guessing and perfectionism and nine months spent staring at 24 drafts and over 50 messages in my inbox because of the anxiety I get and reading hundreds of different books to figure out what I consider to be my own style, but that can never, in any way, negate the efforts of another person’s writing or their own specific style. It’s unique to every person and that’s something everyone in the rpc should be proud of no matter what.

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