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#saw this again i love it

An actual phone sex number “accidentally” ending up in one of the new Pinky and The Brain episodes is like, such peak 90’s cartoon energy.

Edit 1; the number of people who don’t know this happened is astounding cause it’s SO FUNNY but I get it (I only found out cause I was scrolling through the tag here on tumblr and eventually found someone talk about it)it’s not getting the press it deserves, so here’s a screenshot from twitter of what it originally looked like

Edit 2; “Planet Domination” is the name of his sex line

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Trucy: hey, um, Polly?

Apollo: yeah? Is something wrong?

Trucy, lip wobbling: not wrong, exactly, but can I- can I get your help with something?

Apollo: oh my god, Trucy, are you okay?

Trucy: I’m fine, I’m fine, but, um… *bursts into tears*

Apollo: wait! It’s fine, Trucy, you’re fine, I’ll do whatever I need to help!

Trucy: just- just tell me, is my- is my…

Apollo: yes?

Trucy:… Is my fake crying realistic?



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#for a long time i failed to conceive a dream. or to just imagine one. life was pretty pointless (still kinda is) without a very specific, #dream to have. or a goal to achieve, #i mean. we all have objectives. we need to finish an assignment or to graduate or to get a job and shit. but they're not dreams at all, #they're stuff to deal with so we can go after your dreams or just to make your existence continue you know? that's why they're expendable, #it's okay if you don't start college or if you don't finish that exam or that sort of stuff. there's more on the way, #the thing is. i didn't have a dream that felt mine at all, #or something that wasn't a consequence of an objective like... getting a good job related to my major or getting a bigger place to live so i, #can adopt more cats etc etc. but today I realized i do have a dream. and it's both easy and hard to achieve (as most dreams are), #i wanna get good at drawing. but not like to feel Completely Satisfied with what i already do/my style bc that's an endless journey!, #my dream is to make someone feel what i feel every time i look at a meaningful piece of art about love and life and kindness and family and, #loneliness and unrequited love and... that sort of stuff that can't leave my mind even hours after i saw it for the first time, #i wanna make art that people can actually feel and get something more from what i made. i wanna make someone's day happier through my art, #i want someone to tell me how much they love my art and how it impacted on their lives and how they love what it was and how it was made, #i want my art to actually express something. the thing is.... i don't think I'm doing it noe, #i try my best and i try hard and i spend so much time on my own making stuff i don't share because when i do people don't seem to like it, #and it makes me hate what i do. which is an extension of myself. so i hate myself more. and i find myself worthless again. and i think, #that's the core of my problem? i don't feel exceptional but everyone i've met is exceptional somehow and i can describe how exceptional and, #amazing they are to me but i know i'm not an exceptional person for them, #and that's okay. i mean i got used to it. i like ghosting people and not having very close people and i hate compliments and gifts always, #make me feel uncomfortable and in debt in a bad way. so when someone is nice to me i simply leave. but sometimes i can't make myself leave, #them. and i guess that's okay. i guess I'm getting better at opening up. but the thing is... i love them so much and i don't think they love, #me as much as i do. because otherwise I'd feel like sharing how bad i want to be praised for expressing stuff through my art to them instead, #of writing this in my tags because i know no one will read this. i made sure no one ever gets to read what i write or think by isolating, #myself. and that's why i want my art to be something that expresses what i can't. because it's the only thing i allow to be seen from me., #anyway, #shush celeste, #i thought abt posting this in my vent blog but i believe this is long enough for someone to care
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Okay, can we take a moment to appreciate MochiJun’s writing for a second?

In just ONE chapter (maybe even half of that), Mikhail’s character got so much more depth.

Like, have you seen any other author do that????

I’ve always liked the way she built on the characters, but literally what ? Having this amount of influence on people’s perceptions should be illegal. I can only speak for myself, but she took all of my expectations and did a complete 180°. I suspected we would get child Mikhail at some point, but his personality was so much different than what I thought he would be like. I expected him to be more whiny and helpless I guess. But he’s really not???

Thanks for coming to my TED talk.

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one of the many things i’m thinking about in regards to obsidian is how much their relationship the first time around clearly meant so much to them

marceline lets slip out a bit more than she probably intended to in “wake up” with “almost thought that you and i were meant to be.” of course this song was her lashing out, but just that that’s how serious they were, how in love–that she thought they’d be together forever. (and she was right, of course, just not yet!)

and that one snippet of the moment that’s clearly from earlier the same day that they’d gone to the glass kingdom, of bonnie getting her science ready and marcy goofing off, and bonnie genuinely laughing and both of them having a good time and enjoying each other’s company and clearly getting along well. the same day!!

we know there are more factors that led to their breakup, like in varmints how bonnie pushed marceline away because of the candy kingdom getting bigger, so it makes sense that marcy’s song would focus so much on how she doesn’t care about the candy kingdom. but. damn. they were at least some kind of happy right up until the end

like, the thing about their relationship is that it must have been so good until it went bad. because neither of them got over it! they missed each other enough that bonnie kept marcy’s shirt for who knows how many probably hundreds of years, and it was still the most important thing in the world to her. and when it was likely their first real time interacting after their breakup, marceline sang how she wanted to make up (among other things, of course, you know that)

and they grew as people and were able to come back together again and that’s amazing, and their breakup then seems like it was pretty much inevitable and if it hadn’t happened they might not be together now. but i love how much this solidified how very much in love they were the first time around–they never really stopped, and it just grew and changed, i think–like the reason they hurt each other this badly and the reason they missed each other so much is because when their relationship was good it was clearly SO GOOD

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luna’s training and preparation as oracle consisted of many things to ensure perfection upon the young princess, including the ability to mask her emotions. it is expected of the oracle to remain compassionate, however, never to pity those who suffer. to ensure this, it is expected for the oracle to remain neutral ( yet kind ) in the wake of suffering. this was an especially difficult thing for luna to learn, as she was often so in tune with her emotions as a child. in her youth, luna was unafraid to smile greatly and even cry; however, throughout the years such expressions become rare, half in part to the fact that luna has lost so much and her heart weighs heavy. smiling now is difficult and crying even harder – as luna often feels not only should she not show such expressions in case others see her as WEAK or out of control (lol gotta love some misogny right?) but also due to the fact that she feels she does not have the time to face such emotions when there are more pressing matters at hand. this feeling mixed with her training perfects the mask that luna wears, displayed as a very small and placid smile – it is an approachable, kind, and serene expression she finds befitting for her role as oracle and in performing her duties without distractions. 

i do plan to write a separate headcanon about lunafreya’s extreme sense of duty and how that affect her current life and childhood, but i want to touch on this subject as it is extremely important to luna ignoring her emotions as well. as mentioned before, luna often deems her feelings unimportant in comparison to her duty, especially with heavy emotions such as love, grief, heartbreak, and anger. these sentiments are often placed aside for luna, as if she intends to come back to it at another time (such is not the case, most of the time). big emotions such as these, although displaced, are not unseen – big emotions which are harder to conceal still show up in many ways upon her features. anger, for example, is proven by her lack of a smile, which is extremely rare considering that it is her trained stoic expression; and often times, her emotions can be seen in her eyes which, despite her years of training, often betray her. for example, when feeling angry her eyes turn a more grey-blue shade and harden – in her grief, her eyes will often tear, however, her tears may not fall. it is a very important thing to study her eyes, however, often ignored by those who meet her in passing.

tldr;     luna wears a mask perfected throughout her years of training and often masks her emotions with her ever present smile – peaceful and kind in nature; however, it is possible to see past her smile by studying her eyes. 

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You have no idea how happy this makes me. You’re in for a RIDE and I can’t wait for you to get caught up and enjoy the live terror that is tumblr after an episode airs

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FANON HAS NO HOLD OVER ME | not accepting

@champions-folly asked:  ✉️

Idk how accurate my view of this fanon is, or how widespread it is, but sometimes I feel like my opinions about Solas’ relationships as Fen’Harel and  within the Inquisition differ greatly from a lot of people’s. I feel like people center the Inquisitor, especially a romanced Inquisitor, too much. Like, there’s no question that the Inquisitor is important to him and will have a large role in shaping the person who he is in Dragon Age 4 and (hopefully) beyond.

But they’re not the only person in his life. Certainly not the only person he’s ever considered a friend.

And if you think I’m going to talk about Mythal, I’m not, actually. Although she is important, I think she’s like the one other friend people allow him to have, and even then oftentimes only the Inquisitor is allowed to be the good influence in his life. I think there’s some merit to the idea that Solas and Mythal’s relationship was not always a positive one, but I just said I’m not going to talk about her, so I’m moving on ksjdf.

I feel like people overlook Wisdom sometimes, this spirit who Solas mourns so deeply that I think he was considering some very dark things after its death. Or if not, then he was certainly considering abandoning the Inquisition, which speaks leagues about how important Wisdom was to him. Cole also explicitly refers to Felassan as “his friend” when talking about Solas executing him. He didn’t call him an agent or a stranger, but a friend. We see in the murals in Trespasser which describe scenes where “a man in wolfskin standing with a group of freed slaves, clasping one’s arm in friendship” and while Solas says these mosaics give him more credit than he’s due, I also think there’s some truth in them.

We see in Inquisition that Solas is someone who forges bonds with people despite his current circumstances working against him. He outright uses the word “friend” in banters with Cassandra and Iron Bull, he pals around with Varric and I’ve spoken before that I think Solas and Cole are in many ways closer to one another than people give them credit for. The two basically have a secret language no one else can understand.

So I guess I just don’t vibe with the idea that he got out of a rebellion with zero friendships with the people he fought beside. I’m not saying there wasn’t any distance created by his title, but I’d compare it to the distance I often see with some of the faithful members of the Inquisition and the Inquisitor. And I definitely don’t vibe with Solas who only cares about the Inquisitor and no one else, a big part of the reason he’s doing what he’s doing now is because he cares about other people. In fact if he cared less he’d probably still be with them.

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I think she’s put enough distance between herself and what happened that she’s not *technically* bitter, or at least not because other people are able to get closure but she didn’t

Because even though she prefers to keep to herself, I don’t think she would have been too proud to think that she can just shoulder all of this shit on her own and not seek professional help at some point, because she would. And not because she’s given up, because as you mentioned in an earlier post/tags, she’d still keep her eyes and ears open long after the case has gone cold in the hopes that she can pick up something, see if she can at least figure out what happened even if she can’t find her actual son

But in the midst of that, she’d also try and get some fucking therapy, or maybe she already was getting some, but then had to add the whole missing son debacle on top of what she was already getting help with

So she would have realized that she has some major issues bc of the way her parents raised her, and because of how much responsibility they shoved onto her and expected from her, and how she basically had to step up and take care of Derrick when she felt their parents fell short, and would want to take care of that so she doesn’t accidentally project anything onto her son by accident or end up doing what her parents did

But then her son goes missing, and suddenly she has to also deal with that. And as you said, there’s clearly foul play involved, and it becomes more apparent the longer he’s gone and the more she looks at the situation. And maybe they do find proof of foul play, but there’s never enough to actually find him, or even find out what happened. And god knows the guy she was seeing at the time wasn’t exactly an emotionally in touch person, so even though they both legitimately cared about their son and wanted to find him, their ways of handling it and dealing with the situation more or less caused them to split up. And since she’s already getting help with the childhood stuff, she figures she may as well get through the new stuff as well

As for the bitterness… she knows that it wasn’t Derrick’s fault that Kellogg abducted his kid, and it wasn’t Butch’s fault either. They both did what they could to physically fight him off, and they have the benefit of having at least a lead, if nothing else. If she’s bitter at anyone, she’s bitter at the system that decided to give up on her after only offering a half-assed search attempt. And maybe she might have been a little bitter at the original Nick Valentine when he eventually had to focus on other things, but at least he actually cared enough to help as much as he did

She doesn’t really think there’s any point in being bitter at people for getting something that she couldn’t, not if they had no say in what happened. She helps them out because she doesn’t want them to have to go through what she did. If she were bitter at anyone for getting something she wasn’t able to, then she just wouldn’t help them, simple as that

#ask, #rockshortage, #fallout, #darryl murphey, #and i mean even though she still got help for everything, #it can still affect her, #bc it didnt go away. she just learned how to deal with it, #this is going to make you sad but, #i mentioned earlier when we were talking about how comfortable hector would be with showing skin, #that if she saw his scarring then she'd ask about it, #and if they were drinking then she'd want to show off some of her own Battle Scars, #but i was thinking that at some point hector would eventually see the scarring on her stomach, #and i think thar her son would be the one thing she doesnt really talk about. like how butch doesnt talk about blair, #so hector sees that and is like????? you have kids???????, #and if they've been drinking then she'd probably talk about her son, #but at first it would be a ''lol yea my son i loved my son'' bc she's a little sauced and hasnt had a breakdown over it in years, #and at first thinks she's fine and doesnt feel bad when she mentions it, #but then as she keeps going it starts really getting to her again, #n she's like ''man im sorry about this'' bc why???? is she???? getting emotional???? she thought she was over it????, #and then suddenly hector has a very buzzed and definitely crying darryl on his hands and has no fucking idea how to handle it bc wtf????, #sure he's probably cried in front of her at that point. maybe they're even together by then. but he thought she was basically invincible, #and now this???????, #uh oh
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One of my favourite Christmas film tropes is the random old man who appears at the beginning of the film, usually as a charity collector. His only purpose is to say something foreshadowing before disappearing until the end, where he is either slyly smiling in the background or confirmed to be Father Christmas.

Bonus points if he’s a “fake” mall Santa.

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