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#sawamura daichi

Our next future piece was done by Lin! Kuroo may be a bit of a blockhead sometimes but he definitely has a sense of style! 🕺  Give him a suit and he can definitely pull it off. 😳

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Day 3 of me randomly talking about haikyuu :)

The reason why I started watching Haikyuu was because I saw a YouTube video of Daichi’s “death” so I was like: an anime about volleyball and someone still dies?? Haha y e s

Needless to say, he didn’t die, which is a relief and it’s also nice to be in on the inside joke, but like… I spent 1.5 seasons preparing myself for heartbreak sooo…

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I told my self I’d stop obsessing over DaiSuga but that was a fucking lie.

DaiSuga makes me feel like I’m in heaven UwU

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daichi and yui have their own ways of showing love to sugawara. daichi will clean the living room and kiss suga morning as well sneaking sticky notes on his stuff. yui will drag him to places randomly while playfully insulting him as they hold hands lmao. she also gifs him small gifs and will verbally say her love often. combined, daichi and yui, they will tackle sugawara in their bed and cuddle as they listen to him playfully bicker and talk about his day. they cook dinner and there will be “we love you!” spelled out on the rice with green beans and peas. idk they love their man lmao

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yui being sick and having to stay home,, sugawara stays home with her and forces daichi to go to work. suga cleans her up and tucked her in bed, but she grabs suga’s hand before he leaves and asks him to stay with her. sugawara joins her in the bed and holds her close. he tells her soft and kind things as she suffers through her illness. yui falls asleep to safety and love. sugawara stays with her still and checks his phone to see multiple texts from daichi who is concerned and asking what he should get and such. he smiles as his phone softy, fondness blooming in his chest, and he reassures daichi that they’re okay and “no, you don’t need to get soup or advil - we already have that”. daichi comes home with it anyways and pesters mainly yui for a bit until croaks starts him to just get in the damn bed. they all cuddle and the boys help yui recover and taking shifts of staying home. yui gets better and thanks them by taking them all out on a nice date. (later on, sugawara gets sick followed by daichi. yui scolds them with no bite)

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sleepy haikyuu hcs

 ↳ feat. Daichi, Suga, & Asahi

   *   *   *

A/N: Sleepy boys are my kryptonite. (Actually, I think sleep in general is….) I had sudden motivation for this whilst staring at my ceiling at 1AM. Enjoy~ hehe :> 

Also, there’s def gonna be a part 2 to this so if y’all have any suggestions lmk!! ♡  - Eve

Summary: Just a bunch of sleepy bois and things they do when they’re tired/sleeping

Warnings: mentions of bare-chested men skfjhkh that’s all

Streaming: Afterglow - Ed Sheeran


   *   *   *


  • okay so first of all he has a set sleep schedule, and he really prefers to stick to it
  • “go to bed at this time, wake up at this time, then go for a run and eat and shower afterwards”
  • but once in a while, he’ll forfeit and go to bed a few hours later than normal, or sleep in a little extra
  • when this happens it throws off his whole mentality; he’ll just be tired the whole rest of the day
  • even if he technically got the same number of hours of sleep, it screws him up bc the times were different and his body’s just like,, ‘dude wut. this ain’t normal, how do we fix this? oh I know, we must need MORE sleep!! :D ’
  • so then he’s a little out of it for the rest of the day skfjgsk but I digress,,
  • sleepy Daichi would include many stifled yawns, pressing his fist to his lips and clenching his jaw
  • when he does yawn, he’ll cover his mouth with his hand and duck his head a little, blinking a couple times afterward
  • if he’s out and about, running errands or at practice or school, he’ll basically carry on like normal and probably no one will even notice he’s tired, aside from the yawning and slow blinking
  • if he’s home though, he’ll just kinda lounge around. if there’s no reason for him to get out of bed then he’ll just lie there for a while, hugging his pillow and dozing on and off
  • but eventually he knows he has to eat so he’ll get up and trudge into the kitchen in his t-shirt and sweatpants
  • btw he sleeps like a log
  • doesn’t snore much, if he does it’s kinda just low, noisy breathing
  • doesn’t move around much in his sleep either
  • 96% of the time he wakes up in the same position he fell asleep in
  • normally he’ll just wake up in the morning, on his own. he still sets an alarm tho just in case he doesn’t, but he usually wakes up a couple minutes before it goes off 
  • the only other things that will wake him up are loud sudden noises, sudden light changes (i.e. flipping the bedroom light on when it’s still dark), and shaking his shoulder really hard, and kissing his cheeks and forehead til he starts stirring a little, then if you kiss his lips he’ll kiss you back

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suga-san, why do stars disappear at daytime?
oh, i'm sure daichi can answer that for us.
daichi-san, why do stars disappear at daytime?
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Over the years, societies have tried to work towards the pursuit of happiness. Between technology, entertainment, education, and many other failed avenues that have for the most part left beings feeling less than happy there has been only one consistent source of livelihood and success: women. Through hard work and dedication The Administration has finally perfected the technique of matching you with your ideal life for your personality, aspirations, and desires. With your compliance, our experts, and the guarantee of true happiness nothing can go wrong by putting your trust in us.

Beginning from adolescence you will take an array of tests.

The first, determining your interests and finding you right school to ensure you succeed. This first test begins to build your profile. As you advance in school the profile becomes more solidified.

The second, placing you in your career. This placement benefits not only your long term satisfaction and happiness but also ensures societal advances. This completes your profile build. Once you’ve been placed there is no going back, but only room for advancement in your field. You can requests new placements every 7 years.

The third is our most popular, is optional, and can be taken every five years after your career placement. This test is solely for your pleasure. While some people find enjoyment in lusterous endeavors others prefer a traditional family life. This test will give you the option of choosing between the two and pairing you with the partner that fits your needs and profile best.

We hope your journey is a lively and happy one!

Part 1: Affection

  • Ushijima Wakatoshi

Part 2: Salacity

  • Sawamura Daichi

Part 3: Unrequited

  • Oikawa Tooru

Disclaimers: This is loosely based off the book The Handmaid’s Tale and the book series Matched. This will be angsty and smutty. I’ll add warnings to each fic individually. All fics will be linked here.

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Thank you! I sure will! It’s definitely cute 🥺🥰

Daichi + “Can I kiss you?” + Fluff

Daichi Sawamura x fem!reader

Warnings: none? Dad Daichi tho 🥺


“Mommy!” your little girl stumbled around the house trying to find you. 

With the little one running around with the upmost saddened look, she quickly found your husband. “Daddy!” she cried out as she ran up to him and hugged his leg.

Daichi was making a sandwich for his little girl’s lunch when he heard her come in and felt her on his leg. “Hey sweetie, what’s wrong? Why all the yelling?” he asks a bit concerned as he reaches down and picks up his little girl.

“I miss mommy.” she frowns to her father, making his own expression soften as he smiles. “Well then we should go find her then huh?” he asks in curious tone.

“Mmhm!” his little girl nodded quickly and then looked over his shoulder before yelling out for you again. 

A soft chuckle left Daichi’s lips, “Easy love, that’s right in daddy’s ear.” he smiled and leaned in to kiss her cheek gently as she apologized. But soon the two of them were off to find you. 

After looking in almost every room of the house and then finally the laundry room, they find you. You look up to see the two of them in the doorway. Your husband has a smile on his face but your daughter is still worried. 

“Ah, here she is sweetie.” he spoke softly and walked into the laundry room to pass her off to you. “Someone missed you. She was running around calling out for you, mom.” 

Your initial reaction was to let out a soft laugh but your arms wrapped around your daughter and you held her close. “I didn’t go far honey, I never do. You know that.” 

Your daughter pulled away to look at you and take your face in her hands. “I know mommy, but I missed you. I wanna give you a kiss, mommy!” You just smile and nod your head before letting your daughter kiss your cheek a bit dramatically, making you chuckle.

Seeing this interaction makes Daichi’s chest fill with warmth. There was nothing he loved to see more than the two of you like this. “Hey, can I kiss you too?” He spoke up as he got closer and wrapped his arm around your waist. 

Of course you lean up to kiss him, but your daughter had a different answer, “No daddy she’s all mine! Mwah!” she gasped out and kissed your cheek once more.

Daichi just shook his head and looked defeated, but still had a happy smile on his face. Then, when your daughter hugged you and rested her head on your shoulder, Daichi leaned and kissed you lovingly. 

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yaho, darlings 💗💗💗 i want to say a huge Thank You!! to all 300+ of you who saw my tiny blog and decided to follow me. i’m glad that you all enjoy my stories and drabbles 🥰🥰🥰 Thank you for all the likes, reblogs, and interactions!

i am planning to do an event for hitting 300+ but it won’t happen until a little later. but i promise i will be doing an event! 😋😋

Again, thank you all so much!! i especially want to give big thanks to @tsumtsumland @ceo-of-daichi @mrs-kuroojinguji @karasimpno @bluntkingkuroo @daichis-kitty @vs-redemption thank you all for the support!! LUV U!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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Ill Timing


Sawamura Daichi knew that when you got ill, you often got lazy and unwanting to do anything you needed to do. Which he thought was completely normal especially when you have a fever. However, the minute he got through the doors and saw you doing dishes, when you had text him 30 minutes prior saying you felt ill was unlike you.

‘Baby you should be resting, you’re ill!’ He protested as he unplugged the sink. ‘But these dishes aren’t going to do themselves Dai?!’ You bite back, he knew you didn’t mean to snap at him, but it somehow stung more than he would like to admit. Giving you a stern look he scooped you up in his arms and carried you to the bedroom.

‘You need to rest and therefore you are going to rest… I will do the dishes.’ He said softly as he placed you in bed, pressing a light and loving kiss to your temple. The strong grip you had on his forearm stopping him from leaving, a pleading look in your eyes. ‘We can do them later… please stay…’ You whisper, your cheeks heating up as he smiled down at you.

How could he leave you when you looked at him like he was your everything, like he was the only thing you needed to get better. With that he crawled into bed next to you, pulling you against his side. As you let out a satisfied sigh and shuffled to get comfy, Daichi couldn’t think of anywhere he would rather be.


A/N ~ Random drabble that I wrote when i was Ill this morning. All I wanted was for Daichi to hold me close and nurse me back to health🥺💛

Drabble/Thirst Taglist ~ @daichis-kitty @bigbiblebitty @honeybunny-sawamura @mrs-kuroojinguji @karasimpno @lxvelylevi @daichidaichidaichi @kisskissfailmylife @princessselfships

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Originally posted by shiemi-li


“sometimes i wish i could just turn it off, turn it all off.”

you would say, for the hundredth time that week, the palm of your hands buried deep into the pile of snow before you. it was cold, definitely, the burnt from the sudden change in temperature should have bitten your delicate skin but all you could feel was the anger coursing through your veins. the redness of your palm barely scrapped the level of pain you had felt every single waking day.

“you’re going to hurt yourself if you keep this up y/n.”

his voice, as strict as ever, but always with a hint of gentleness when it’s for you. he gripped onto both your wrist that was submerged in the pile of fluff, bringing you up on your feet with ease before squeezing a heat pack between your numbing hands.

daichi had always been this nice to you. always. was it because he saw you as his younger sister? was it because he felt an obligation to watch over you? or was it because you’re just a clumsy friend in his eyes?

“i’m not hurting myself when you’re here.”

“i’m not always going to be here, y/n.”

he sighed, rubbing your frosted numb fingers together with his large warm ones. the heat pack he had brought out was doing real little as compared to his own temperature.

‘why not?’ you thought, those words felt bitter on the tip of your tongue—almost as if it had evaporated along with the puff of moist air that slipped from your lips.

“sometimes i wish…”

nothing seemed to be able to form aside from those words you couldn’t bring yourself to say. words buried so deep in your heart, it felt like you were bearing your heart open if you do string them into reality; and somehow you did.

“…you would see more of me.”


“you’re really cruel, you know that?”

your once distant hues were now staring right into his hesitant ones. you could almost see the guilt swirling in those pupils you thought would only look your way.

“i love you daichi.”

“i’ve loved you ever since the day we met!”

“i know—”

“no! you don’t know—you don’t, because all you ever want to know is if i’m doing anything stupid. or if i’m hurting myself. that’s all you see in me. someone that constantly needed you.”

he loved you too. truly, but never in the way you wanted him to.

daichi wasn’t dense, nor was he ignorant of the love you have for him. maybe he was cruel for leading you on, but he couldn’t bring himself to end it. you were just as important to him.

“when will you ever love me?”

“i do love you,”

his words had you blinking a few tears back as your angered grip on his hand loosened.

“just not the same way you do for me.”

a deep sigh of frustration left his lips. perhaps today might just be the day he end it after all. it wouldn’t do any good to continue this play of pretend.

“what does that even mean? love is love, is it not? why are you denying—”

“because i was the one that constantly needed you.”

his eyes that was once filled with so much worry and care for you, for the first time, seemed unfamiliar in your glossy hues.

needed. if he said that to you a few days ago, perhaps your aching heart might have fluttered. perhaps your warm cheeks might be an obvious sign that you had fallen for him all over again.

but you knew deep down, this…this familiar feeling that was overflowing your senses.

“but you don’t want me.”


“i know.”

you whispered, having had enough.

“i know so…please let go.”

daichi wondered if this was the end he wanted you to have.

“please let me go—”

if he hadn’t been selfish, maybe you wouldn’t be like this now.

“—so then i can let you go.”

was there no other way but an end?

“i’m sorry for being selfish y/n.”

with one last squeeze and a gaze that held remorse, he wrapped his scarf around your trembling figure before turning to leave.

“please take care of yourself.”

even the last few moments were of him looking out for you; take care, how ironic—when you had always been this way in hopes he will one day truly be with you.

with his scent lingering subtly under your nose, you weren’t sure if the abandoned heat pack or the numbness in your heart was colder in this harsh winter.


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a/n: this was a really old piece that i re-visited after experiencing the same sentiment when i first wrote it. hope it make sense and thank you so much for reading.

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HI JADE BABIE🥺💛 I am doing okay… I was really ill this morning, I think i stress ate a bit too much yesterday😭 But i’m feeling a bit better now! How are you babie?

Also yes I have added you to my Gen☺️☺️ And yeeee you are already on my thirst one!! Hopefully be able to get another drabble out soon💛👀

And AHHH OMG I wasn’t expecting him to be there🥺🥺😏 I have so many feelings🥺💛 Like I just…🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 Okay yeah HERE TAKE SOME MORE OF HIM


Look at him i just have zero words for him?!? Hello why are you so cute???🥺💛 Like can he just cuddle me and then make me scream his name already thanks! God i am so deep…😭🥺🤤

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