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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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#say no

people get taken advantage of because they do not know how to say no.

people get taken advantage of because they do not know how to tell someone “please stop doing that i dont like it”

cuz they have been programmed by their parents not to say no. “dont say no to me”

“ill make you sorry for telling me no”

i get it, ive been there.

just start telling them no and dont feel bad for saying it.

abusers take advantage of your ability not to say no- and when you start having a backbone they get mad

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Heres a before and after of my resent post on my simstagram

That post was about body positivity and how women should have the right to say no and that i believe that men should not treat women as a sexual object but as powerful and intelligent people that have the right to work a normal job and to not only be in the kitchen making food for her kids and husband! Not to go around cleaning up every mess her family makes just because she’s a women. Just because she isnt big and strong doesnt mean she cant fight! A women has the right to be heard! To say NO! To have the option of what she should do with her life! What it takes to be a women is not only self love but the wil to say NO when in a though situation - A message from the Admin :))

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Day 34 social distancing. Setting boundaries.

4/19/2020 1034

Classes started back up on the 6th. I won’t be having any clinical rotations this term and I’m so sad. I feel like I’m not getting that practice that’s needed. I don’t feel prepared.

I still live at home helping my mother and grandmother. I had been having such a hard time getting things done in a timely manner because I’ve been constantly needed. With that being said I started to make boundaries, but I wasn’t respecting them. I would block off a section of my day to not be bothered but when I would get bothered I’d stray away from my work. I didn’t say NO. Now I’m struggling in my classes it feels like. **Set boundaries for yourself. Respect them. Otherwise no one else will. **

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Bluh bein sick with the flu stinks big time 😖

Food either tastes like nothing or it tastes too much and both make me very nauseous 😓 and the last thing I want is to start that issue again

Tea is nice tho! I had some cold care tea earlier with honey in it ^^

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