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#say no to saying no

Hi sorry i wasnt active bc i was busy speedrunning Mass Effect Andromeda, fucking up my already awful sleep schedule and y̶͓̖̒͝e̷͉̰͑̔̋̓å̴̮̘̀̄̀̇̐̊͜ŕ̴̡̢̛͕̗͚̤̫͍͋̄̽̃̔͝ņ̸̪̟̔̉̋͗͂̏̓̀ĩ̷̼͖̼̝́͝ͅň̵̠͔̥̔̌̿̂̓͌͛g̵͇̎̏̓ for a romance ill never have irl…why cant i find someone as clingy and emotional as jaal???? WHY ..idk if i am him or want to b with him…literally in my 23 years for the first time i have 0 feelings about anyone and..Im 𝓮𝓶𝓹𝓽𝔂

that and space travelling


i definitely love the game in this playthrough..mostly bc i didnt do much side its been all far..Ill do the other stuff too…but this felt more..Real. Why would someone go around collecting rocks when the galaxy is under a big threat of alien can go and buy your own flowers while im busy chasing the space h*itler no?

I LOVE Vetra and Sid SO MUCH…and Jaal’s mum..what a sweetheart <3

Also I saved the salarian pathfinder but kinda regretting it bc i also love Kesh and she was upset w me :/ I just thought the whole ark was at stake bc im stupit…but its only a few salarians……i think ill go back and save the krogans..also my Ryder was pretty close and obediant to Tann so far this time….This will balance things out a little

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Sometimes it’s the little things that annoy me, and by little things I mean the fact that Sarah is called the Kook Princess and Kiara is called the Pouge Queen when really Kook Queen & Pouge Princess both just sound so much more satisfying.

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my ONLY complaints so far in moonlight lovers are:

  • the story is really short and feels rushed
  • the ap system makes it difficult to progress through the story if you don’t/can’t log in every day
  • the mc. i originally liked that she was more headstrong, but now she comes off as really stubborn, selfish, and ignorant… and those types just aren’t my cup of tea
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hi love ! losing muse is something that sometimes can’t be avoided, how much it may suck– it’s important to discover and track back as to why you’re exactly losing muse. is there a lack of interactions? are you not feeling the fc anymore? did something happen ic that brought your muse down?

it could be anything– from personal experiences i’ve usually lost muse only if i have a second muse that lacks proper plots/connections. things that helped me give my muse a boost, and perhaps a popular choice, is to revamp them. revamping a muse is basically changing up some things if not the entire muse; the fc, the background/past, dropping/adding plots, the personality. if you’re close with a few other muns, maybe discuss and ask them their opinions and thoughts on what you should too, but remember that you know your muse best. is there something you absolutely don’t want to change, then don’t, and look at the other options that you can possibly revamp/change.

what helps me out a lot, is writing about the muse. this can be writing out scenarios for yourself, but writing with your fellow muns and their muses is a big recommendation as well; it helps you figure out how your muse reacts to things, happenings and conversations that they usually cannot predict. writing with others happens in the DMs usually, and depends on the mun if they want to paragraph (paragraph: typically longer, more proper written out messages) or hc (headcanon: you discuss ooc with the other mun what happens between your muses)

another, last resort kind of thing some of our muns have been doing, is dropping a muse and coming back with a new one. it’s a little harder considering you have to start all over again, but if you’ve been a member of the rp for a while, you’ve seen how welcoming our members can be and take up on newcomers well. a fresh start can be scary, but definitely not something crazy to consider.

i hope this helped you out, even if it’s just a little! please don’t hesitate to come to our inbox again or message the main on twitter/tumblr off anon, so we can help you out more properly. also i’m really sorry for making this lengthy, but let it be worth it– we’re always here to hear you and help you out !

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