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littlemousejelly · a month ago
Now I can’t unsee Kara as the duke. It’s a delicious head canon.
i KNOWWWWW right? kara (annoyed that everyone expects her to get married) making a fake relationship pact with lena (who is deemed flawless by the queen, yet is not visited by any suitors) where the only rule is that they don't actually fall in love with each other, but you Know they're gonna fall in love with each other? delectable
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i-am-robie · a month ago
The robie cinematic universe is the most cutest name for a series I have ever seen. I legit broke out into a grin when I looked over my bookmarks and saw your fics had been added to it. I’m also in anticipation for your next addition.
bruh that’s so sweet :) it felt silly when I did it but also like, silly is pretty much my brand
And god I really wanna find another movie to adapt but I’ve been struggling! Most of my faves have been done so well already by the fandom that I’d never want to issue a repeat, you know? But inspiration strikes in the strangest of waves so I’ll just keep chewing.
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kendrene · 8 months ago
Hunter green pulled at my heart strings for so many different reasons but namely, the tender way Lena guided Kara through her trauma. Sometimes people need to be cared for but they won’t allow it and it takes a strong person to knock down the barriers we put up to heal ourselves. The way Lena did it was so kind and warm and allowed Kara to find a safe space again. Your fics as always are pure art and this was one of the best bdsm fics I have ever read. Thanks!
I’m not done with that universe, so there’s going to be more chapters in a while. I like the way that fic allows me to explore dynamics that are seldom read about in fandom when it comes to BDSM. There’s so many things that just give the wrong idea of the practice, I barely ever read stories that deal with those themes at all. I’m happy you’ve enjoyed that story, and I hope you will continue to enjoy my works.
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oreoambitions · 3 months ago
I knew when I saw your update that I was going to have my heart broken (affectionately) but then I started reading and said wait, maybe, just maybe...dammit.
But it’s like a drug and I can’t give up the devastating beauty of it all. ❤️
Saaaaaz! I’m so glad you like the story and so sorry we aren’t quite at the finish line yet haha but I promised a happy ending and I swear we’re getting there. There IS a road map. <3
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littlemousejelly · a month ago
I used to identify as a lesbian, but as I've grown to the 28 yo woman I am today, I think I'm just into anyone who isn't a straight cis man. Including trans butch lesbians!!!
Tumblr media
oh you really do love to see it! i Love this journey for you!
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i-am-robie · 5 months ago
‘Guess whose back...back again...Robie’s back, tell a friend’ thats an Eminem reference im not sure if you’ll get it but I just want you to know my mind broke out in song when I got the email notification.
please please understand that I laughed outloud at this
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winged-mammal · 9 months ago
I missed your writing so much recently that I had begun reading “freud can go take his cigar and go fuck himself” again. So I am so fucking stoked for your new story!! Thanks for the sin, ill drop a comment on the fic when i finish it!
Always happy to provide sin!
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trashyeggroll · a year ago
You made my day with your “all the good that you had” update! **reading now**
ahhhh!! thank you 🥺 sorry it’s kinda short but hope you like it!!
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