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taytei · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
it’s 4/4 content at last in @sircantus​ sbi fic “Change Fate by Being Aggressively Kind” and i’m a soft ball of goo because of it
dont talk to me i know i forgot Phil’s wings i CANT BELIEVE I FORGOT
there i fixed it
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mrnotfound · a day ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
sbi crumbs in mcc 17
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salmons-of-lmanburg · 2 days ago
The fun thing about sbi fanart is that half the group seems to come from a completely different source material.
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stellocchia · 2 days ago
Okay but, superhero AU where the names are a bit more accurate to what sbi would end up choosing for themselves:
Like, give Techno some pretentious ass greek name like Perseus or Heracles or something like that. He's a hero, he's gonna choose a name that fits the role.
Also let Phil be a weeb, like God intended. Man should be called something like Shinigami and act all cool about it when in truth he came up with it when he was 15 and had a Death Note phase.
Wilbur is the King of cursed sh*t, so he's either gonna go for something like "The Whore" or "Fishfucker" or something like that. Just something that would make the life drain from every reporter's face any time they have to cover a story about him.
Also, Tommy would definitely either go for Nutpig or Wife Haver. Imagine him being Wilbur's sidekick or something and having actual news reporters on live television reading out their names...
"The Fishfucker and his sidekick Nutpig have stopped the villain Random Villain #3 today and god what am I doing with my life...?"
All of these work perfectly well if you want them to be villains too, only maybe Techno would choose something more appropriate for the role. Like fricking Hades, the God of the Underworld, because he's sending everyone there or something. Let the Pig Boy be fancy, he deserves it.
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dsmpdaily · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
some whiteboard w friends :]
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multi-fandoms-posts · 17 hours ago
I'm not saying God! AU with human Bench Trio and God! Rest of SBI, but that is Exactly what I'm saying.
Human Tommy, who caught the attention of the Siren (Wilbur).
Wilbur started showing up often, visiting Tommy, and he gets attached.
TOMMY, flipping off the statues of Wilbur everytime he saw them and being a little shit: Fuck you.
WILBUR, up where Gods come from: Yeah, that's the one I want. Totally little brother material.
But Wilbur can feel there's something... different about this kid. He felt it with two other mortals as well, and Tommy smells strongly of them.
Tommy's parents are neglective (borderline abusive) so he's always fucking around on the streets. Wilbur didn't even know he HAD parents, until Tommy mentioned them one day.
Wilbur had to refrain himself from smiting them then and there.
Tubbo, on the other hand, caught the attention of Phil. Out of frustration, he prayed for guidance with a new invention that wasn't going quite right.
TUBBO, basically sobbing: If there's anything fucking out there, Angel Of Death, please help me with this invention, I am BEGGING you.
PHIL: Aww, poor kid. I'll help him, just this once :).
It was more than once. Phil could also feel there was something off about Tubbo, same thing he felt with the blonde kid Wilbur's always talking to and another kid that Tubbo smells strongly of.
Tubbo's parents couldn't give less of a fuck what he does or doesn't do, along as it doesn't bother them. They barely even remember to feed him, so his friends and Phil are his main source of livelihood. Something that makes Phil foam at the mouth.
Phil gets attached, and Tubbo gains a new God father figure/friend!
Ranboo just popped out of fucking nowhere one day, beat a guy at a spar by accident, and gained the favor of the Blood God.
RANBOO, who acted on impulse to save a kid from getting hit: Um, Mr. Blood God sir? Are you okay?
TECHNO, attached already to this awkward two-toned teenager: I like you.
Techno finally understood what Wilbur and Phil were talking about, with the special bond thing. He liked Clingy Duo, but he just felt a connection to Ranboo.
Techno straight up murders his parents after finding out they literally only let him in the house to sleep (on a good day).
Turns out the three of them were bound by fate to the Bench Trio.
Clingy Duo have been friends since childhood, while Tommy dragged Ranboo in one day and proclaimed him a friend.
None of them know the other is favored by a God, until Tommy accidentally spills the beans.
TOMMY, whining: Wil is so annoying, did you know he eats sand? Fucking loser.
TUBBO: Tommy. Who is "Wil".
TOMMY, realizing he fucked up: Shit.
RANBOO: Wait, do you mean Wil as in Wilbur? As in Siren? Because Techno mentioned something about him eating sand, I thought it was a joke.
TUBBO: Wait. Techno as in Technoblade? As in the Blood God? Phil's youngest son?
TOMMY: Phil? Phil as in the Angel Of Death? As in Wil's dad? You talk to him, Tubbo?
TUBBO, nodding: And Ranboo talks to Technoblade.
TOMMY, blinking: So we all have Godly friends then?
RANBOO, hesitantly: I mean, Techno's more like an older brother figure?
TUBBO: Phil's more like a cool dad.
TOMMY, muttering: And I guess Wilbur is like my older brother as well.
Tommy immediately demands to summon them, so they can explain themselves.
Ranboo, the only one with tact, makes them do proper sacrifices, just in case they were angry.
Tubbo points out that none of them ever used proper sacrifices before and it worked out fine for them, but Ranboo is adamant.
The only thing they have to sacrifice is some apples and bread, the only food they have left. They do the incantation, and Wilbur is the first to show up.
WILBUR, with a shit eating grin: Tommy- Tommy did you do a sacrifice for me Tommy?
TOMMY, red: Shut the fuck up dickhead. I just thought it'd catch your attention because you've been all busy and shit.
WILBUR, cooing: Awww, Tommy you didn't have to Tommy, you know I'll always make time for you.
Before Tommy could commit war crimes, Phil appeared from Tubbo's summoning.
PHIL: Hey, mate! You need something-? And hello Wilbur.
WILBUR, in a sing-song tone: You can't yell at me Phil~! You've been interacting with mortals too~
PHIL, sighing: I know, Wil.
Techno comes last, panicked bc why woULD RANBOO SUMMON HIM OMAGOD HE'S DYING-
Spoiler alert, he wasn't.
The Bench Trio had to navigate a world full of deities, as well as figuring out their own powers in the process.
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arsagentillivet · 2 days ago
Heloo! How are you? I was wondering if you could do a Phil x GN!DragonHybrid!Reader. Its been years since the boys moved out and one day Phil finds a kid badly injured in the forest and takes them home. Reader doesn't trust him bc they where abondend and hurt by humans, but they trust him, eventually. Just some nice fluff, maybe Techno or one of the others show up and are like, 'great, another sbling. Anyways, ignore me if you want, have a great day/night/whatever! Stay safe and drink some water
Taking Flight
Phil X GN! Dragon Hybrid! Reader
TW: Allude to child abuse
The day had finally come that Phil’s youngest son moved out, Tommy at only age sixteen leaving to go join one of his older brothers on their endeavor to create something bigger for themselves. The household had been quiet since that day. Sure, Techno would visit, but those were few and far between.
Not to say the silence wasn’t wanted, it was a rather large change in tempo for the Minecraft household, but it was also strange. Phil was used to being woken up early in the mornings due to Tommy’s bickering, and staying up late helping Techno and Wilbur figure out their lives. They all knew they could return if they wanted, the door would never be closed to them, but they also wanted their own lives, and Phil didn’t want to stop them from doing so.
Was it selfish? Surely not, there was nothing selfish about not wanting to be alone. But there had to be a different way around it, he wasn’t going to keep his children locked under his roof all because he felt lonely.
“Take a walk mate, just don’t hurt your back.” Chat spoke, landing on the open window seal.
Phil sighed, a hand pressed against his temple. Though, he couldn’t be that annoyed at the crow. He’d never be truly alone, Chat would always be there, even if he was a bit annoying.
“I ain’t that old ya’ damned bird, but maybe a walk is a good idea.”
Go out, get some fresh air, be lost in his thoughts for a bit. Sounded like a solid plan to him. Grabbing his hat off the coat rack, he walked out the door. His house was secluded enough that he wasn’t worried about locking it, he’d never seen anyone other than his sons in the area, he doubted anyone else knew anyone lived this far out in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by large spruce trees and the tundra that laid out beyond those.
Chat wasn’t far behind, catching up to Phil before sitting on his shoulder, chirping away about the latest news of the forest (which wasn’t anything exciting). Until he mentioned something about a child.
“Hold up mate, what was that?” Phil had stopped walking, turning his head to face his companion.
“Yeah, all the other’s are placing bets on when they’ll die. A weird looking hybrid child like you out near the lake.”
A child. . . and not just a normal child, but a hybrid if the bird was to be believed.
“Why didn’t you say anything about that sooner!”
Despite avoiding using his wings, which had previously been healing from an overexerting flight, the man took off into the air, narrowly avoiding trees due to the immense wing span.
He knew where he was going, during summers he’d take the boys out to the lake almost every other day, he knew the path like the back of his hand. It wasn’t long before he could see the clearing of trees, a frozen lake sat in the middle. He glanced around, rather wildly, as he searched for a child. There was no way Chat was lying, right?
The bird was known to cause mischief, however this would be taking it too far, and even Chat knew that much. So when Phil finally saw what looked like wings on the far side of the lake he was both relieved and worried.
The lake itself was safe to walk across, the water being frozen deep enough to give enough support. Though, it wasn’t any less slippery, and he had almost fallen a couple times as he walked across towards the child.
“Aye, kid-” He couldn’t say much more before they had whipped around to face him, and he got his first good look at them.
A small child, they couldn’t have been older than six, with scaly wings tipped with claws. Their clothes looked ragged, and they were covered in bruises and scratches. Their eyes, the pupils slit like, narrowed in on him, wings spreading out in what he recognized to be an offensive position. Make themself seem bigger, it was something commonly done, a tactic he used when he himself was younger and had yet learned to fight.
“I’m not gonna’ hurt ya’,” He kneeled, his robe becoming damp from the snow underneath.
He stayed in that position for several minutes, hand held out to the youngling. They needed help, and he’d do what was needed to help them, even if that meant staying kneeled in snow for hours on end until they trusted him enough to move closer.
“Can I at least get your name?”
The child hesitated, “(y/n).”
“(Y/n). You’re hurt, can you please let me help ya’? I got a nice, warm fire goin’ back home, and some food.”
He wasn’t able to react in time as he felt a cold spike run across his wings and back, a weight now on his front. (Y/n) had flown straight into him, hands clenching the fabric of his robe and sobs racked their body.
Now facing the grey sky, he held the child in a protective embrace. Whoever did this was going to pay, he promised that.
Weeks had gone by since Phil’s first encounter with (y/n). The child was slow to make themselves at home, often asking permission to do the simplest of things. He was quick to notice how differently he acted than when his own boys were their age. (Y/n) had talked very little about what happened to him before Phil found him, and as much as he wanted to know, he couldn’t push the kid too far.
What mattered was that they were doing better, their bruises and cuts healed well, and he was able to find some old clothes up in the attic to fit them (of course, he had to make some adjustments to them, those clothes were made more for human(ish) boys, not a hybrid with wings). And today was the first of something new for them. Flying lessons.
Phil was quick to notice that (y/n) had trouble using their wings, and though his own weren’t the same, there were some general things that applied to them both that he could teach.
“Are ya’ ready for practice?” He asked, moving into the kitchen where (y/n) sat, finishing the last of his breakfast.
They nodded, too busy finishing off their food to verbally answer, but they were excited. Rushing their plate to the small barrel they used as a sink, they wiped their hand across their mouth in a poor attempt to clean themselves up before rushing past Phil and towards the door.
Though, they didn’t quite make it to the door, as it opened on its own, leading the child to run straight into the stranger on the other side, and “umph” from both parties and they backed away and looked up.
“Ah, Techno, I didn’t realize you were visitin’.”
“Yes, well, I thought a visit was a bit overdue,” he looked down at the child, who still stared at him in. . . awe?
“Who’s. . . who’s the kid?”
“(Y/n), I took them in a while ago.”
At the mention of their name, (y/n) looked back at Phil, moving to stand by his side.
“Well, it looks like you were off somewhere, I’ll uh, come back later.”
“Actually-” Phil cut him off before he could leave, taking a step forward and holding out his hand, setting it down on the other’s shoulder, “we could use your help if you’re willin’.”
“You’re doing good (y/n), and remember, Tech and I are here to catch you.”
Both winged hybrids were in the air, the piglin hybrid on the ground underneath as a safeguard. Though they were only up about 10 feet, it was enough that they could get hurt should they fall, and with Phil’s fleeting age he was worried he wouldn’t be quick enough to catch them.
Though Techno still wasn’t sure what to make of the situation, he couldn’t deny seeing how excited Phil was to take care of another child, much less one he could relate too more. It was something that always nagged at the back of his mind, the three brothers didn’t resemble him much, with only one of them actually being related to him by blood. Him and Tommy having been taken in much like the child he was standing under now. They both seemed happy, and Phil wasn’t alone anymore. That’s what mattered to him, that the man he looked up to for so many years was living the best life he could.
“Tech!” The shout shook him from his thoughts just in time to catch (y/n), who looked rather confused than they were concerned about what had just happened.
“Wind upset their balance.” Phil said, landing beside the duo.
“Mh. You okay?” He asked, setting (y/n) down.
“Yeah! Hey, you’re really strong, if I try again will you catch me again?” They asked rather eagerly.
Of course, Techno wasn’t good with kids to begin with, so to have one so openly excited around him, about him, threw him off even more, “Uh. . . yeah, sure. . .”
He glanced over at the other male, a silent plea for assistance, but what he got was something else.
“Just make sure to not hit him too hard with your wings (y/n).”
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knight-arts · a day ago
Tumblr media
Day (technically) 4 of crossposting stuff from my old art account.
It’s the early hours of the morning rn. Post mcc. And just.
Sot was painful.
(Oh fuck I thought I posted this already oh no)
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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i-was-born-a-mistake · 2 days ago
Techno: Guys, since this looks like the end, I just wanted you to know... You are really not the two people I intended to die with. Wilbur: Ditto. Tommy: Actually, I'd always planned on the three of us being buried together in a joint tomb. Techno: Wilbur: Tommy: Techno: If we make it through this, you and I are having a serious talk.
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ranvwoop · 2 days ago
sometimes a family is you, your bestie, your son, his son, your son's brother, your son's brother's best friend of dubious relation that you found in a box on the side of a road, the goddess of death, and the neighbour kid
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second-worst-thing · a day ago
SBI As Axolotls
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Them <3
(Tommy has a bandanna not a hat the camera angle makes me look like a fool)
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thanotaphobia · 2 days ago
rated: M for violence and other tough subjects (check tags!)
The story does not truly start here.
No fairytales ever do– no, stories like these often begin in simpler places. Simpler stories, ones that belong to the people and not the kings. Stories that are told around campfires, told around the butter churn and whispered around hearths. Stories told to children as they’re tucked into bed, gentle warm hands soothing their brows and speaking with low tones as they relay the stories of grandeur and magic. Fairytales are often piled upon– one magic spell becomes two. A mother changes the prince’s name to her own dear son. Tommy was once told stories like these.
(or, the high-fantasy royalty AU starring Tommyinnit as one child king, the Empire as his opponent, and so many politics.)
Tumblr media
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tooknoken · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Technoblade and his Turtles, Philza and his..... Bees
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cupfulofoloak · 2 days ago
its enough to make a mentally unstable teenager cry
Tumblr media
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bellfort3 · a day ago
SBI Fanfics of the Week (week 41)
can I have this? by Drhair76
labors of love by Drhair76
sweetheart, you are sadly mistaken by Drhair76
Guitar Strings and Keyrings are What it Takes to Build a Home by Anonymous
i can't lose hope (what's left of my heart's still made of gold) by belladonna_belladonna
and i'm nothing by RadioSilencer
If you loved me by Drhair76
When it's strange to take a walk downstairs by justsummr
Brothers in every world by Rmbz
extend by qar
wider than a smile by wednesdayevening
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multi-fandoms-posts · 12 hours ago
Superhero AU where SBI are choatic neutral heroes (how close they lean to villain depends on their mood), and Tommy is this little kid (5-9) with this slightly OP healing power and crazy acrobatic skills that has been "brainwashed", into being a villain, but is too small to be a Real Threat. He insists he's a villain, and not even Jschlatt (the biggest businessman criminal) has the heart to tell him otherwise.
Every villain native to their city has adopted him as their new little sibling/child, and he's thrilled bc he thinks it's because he's a Threat but they're really just fond of him. He hasn't been brainwashed, he just likes thinking he's a Big Man and helping the villains. The villains use him in their plots to make him feel included because the heroes let him get away with whatever. He's somehow never hurt, or used in the Actual big heists. The heroes just assume.
Tommy still gets sad when he thinks he's hurt people, or when he causes Actual Damage, so like 99.999% of the heroes native to their city only put him as an S-tier villian to make him happy. They let him get away with petty crimes, and are basically his plot armor. He's their little menace (affectionate) and they wouldn't trade him for the world.
Any new villains/jerk heroes that try to hurt him are toast in like five minutes. He has no Official home, but has stayed several nights in the houses of every hero and villain you can think of. Rumors have it the Angel Of Death is planning to adopt him.
Tommy, however, thinks he's so so so cool that everyone loves him. The heroes are always trying to turn him to the "good side" and away from his friend Quackity. Sure Dream is mean at times and a very very invested hero, and tries to make him a hero, but he doesn't hurt him or yell at him or take his things. Except his vlog gun. He wants that back. And The Blade, one of the poggest men ever got him a cow! And gave him a cape, and even though he's a hero, he's okay :DDD even better than Philza Minecraft!
SBI move to the city expecting a villain mastermind that manipulates people to talk of him so fondly. They're met with this adorable six year old running around playing villian but ending up being a hero, with basically the entire city as his safety net.
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freakinhorse123 · a day ago
When describing the vikkstar incident everyone seems to miss out the part where Tommy is like “I miss my friends” looking at the sbi and defending techno’s honour with his entire being for the whole event.
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fancontent · a day ago
Tumblr media
Does this count as 3/4 content??
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