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farm-witches-fic-recs a day ago
Hi to you all-knowing witches! What are the best fics you can recommend about David meeting people from Patrick's life? Like meet the rest of the family or friends thing? Thank you so much for all the things you folks do and I hope you each have great days ahead 馃
Hi anon and thank you so much for the lovely wishes. We hope you have great days ahead as well!
Hopefully some of these fics will contribute to those good days:
All The Time You Need - @maxbegone
Another Barbecue - WineAndCatGal74
Christmas With The Brewers - @resilientrose
A Crowded House - houdini74 (@mostlyinthemorning)
Drowning In My Thirst - @wordswordswords7
Home - @trueillusion82
Married Without Children - MoreHuman
Negotiation of Terms - @grapehyasynth
Lumiere - fairmanor
Point of Origin - @blackandwhiteandrose
The Wife - chelztoddbrooke Winning the Game - @ladyflowdi
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mallpretzles 2 months ago
Tumblr media
omg yes
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scmediafest a month ago
Tumblr media
Happy Monday! We鈥檙e dropping some groovy fics today, if we do say so ourselves. We鈥檝e got magic, music, love letters, reluctant superheroes, and more! This bunch definitely strikes all the right chords.聽
If you鈥檙e following along with the daily releases and want to track your progress,聽 you can find the latest updates in this Google Sheet!
The Enchantment Umbrage
[David/Patrick - E - 25,361]
The prompt: David Rose has always believed in fairy tales. So it鈥檚 no wonder then that he鈥檚 spent his career crafting them on the long-running reality dating show Ever After. When the show casts disgraced tech wunderkind Patrick Brewer as its star.
Patrick doesn鈥檛 believe in true love, and only agreed to the show as a last-ditch effort to rehabilitate his image. But they begin to open up to each other, and Patrick realizes he has better chemistry with David than with any of his female co-stars. But even reality TV has a script, and in order to find to happily ever after, they鈥檒l have to reconsider whose love story gets told.
From the book blurb for The Charm Offensive by Alison Cochran, which just has a wonderful David and Patrick vibe to it.
you never shined so brightly
[David/Patrick - T - 23,226]
Large, broad hands with silver-ringed fingers stroke at the keys in a blur. Patrick鈥檚 eyes trace up the hunched over curve of his spine, clad in a black suit that blends in with the dark ambiance of the room. The man鈥檚 lips are parted slightly as he plays, full body leaning into each chord progression.
Patrick鈥檚 heart crescendos in his chest at the same time as the melody.
A La La Land AU in which Patrick is the aspiring actor and David is the struggling musician.
Stab: The Elmsboro Murders
[David/Patrick - M - 7,487]
Someone in Elmsboro is terrorizing teens. Finally, the story that journalist David Rose can use to get his big break. If only deputy sheriff Patrick Brewer would answer his questions instead of blocking him at every turn and distracting him with those big, dumb, earnest eyes of his.
always and forever, twyla sands
[Alexis/Twyla - NR - 4,896]
Twyla hasn鈥檛 spoken to Alexis Rose in years. Not since she kissed her during a game of spin the bottle in seventh grade, effectively ruining their friendship.
Since then it鈥檚 been passive aggressive comments in the hallway over her blouses and disdainful glances in between classes.
Well, except for now.
Because right now, Alexis is standing in front of her, with a confused wide-eyed expression that reminds Twyla of her seventh grade crush on her former best friend. And in her hands is an envelope 鈥
A soft pink envelope covered in Hello Kitty stickers with Alexis鈥檚 name written on it in glitter gel pen.
Oh god.
Twyla鈥檚 gonna faint.
Or To All the Boys I've Loved Before the Twylexis Remix
canned heat in my heels tonight
[Alexis/Twyla - T - 4,130]
@Karen666: I've been watching #DWTS for decades. It has always been family-friendly entertainment. And just like the Biden Administration has ruined everything else, now they and the liberal media have ruined #DWTS!!
@BootyfulBecca: @DancingABC @LilBitAlexis @TwirlingTwyla WHAT'S THE TEAM HASHTAG OMG??
@DancingABC: @BootyfulBecca #LilBitTwylexis is what you're looking for!
The internet has a lot to say about Alexis Rose and Twyla Sands, the first same-sex dance couple on Dancing With The Stars.
The Kiss That Kills
[David/Patrick - T - 4,074]
When Patrick asks out his long term crush, his best friend David is there to listen to him talk through the details and, when certain doubts emerge, offer some help of his own. Patrick's reaction to David's assistance leads to some surprising revelations.
Written for the SC Media Fest and inspired by the movie Some Kind of Wonderful.
got a knack for burning bridges down
[Alexis/Stevie - T - 3,794]
Stevie Budd is a private investigator and reluctant superhero. Alexis Rose is her childhood best friend and newly powered. They have their issues, but find themselves working a case together.
Inspired by Marvel's Jessica Jones series
[David/Patrick - NR - 3,141]
Patrick had just about finished packing his desk; the movers were coming in a few days to bring the contents of the apartment to the cottage. He picked up the rogue books on the bottom shelf of his nightstand then went over to David鈥檚 side to do the same, adding the small stack of personal journals David had to his pile. As he turned to the box sitting on his desk, the top journal slipped, weathered spine opening on impact. Placing the remaining tomes in the box, he reached over to retrieve it when he recognized the poem on a taped piece of paper. His fingers grazed the page, heartstrings pulling.
Into your heart I'll beat again
[David/Patrick - M - 1,695]
Patrick is inspired to add a song to their wedding reception playlist without David's approval.
Patrick wants to tell David all about how it makes him feel.
[Podfic] You Can Still Be Free
[David/Patrick - E - 03h:03m:31:s]
There were certainly prescient hints about David鈥檚 obligation to follow all commands given to him. For one, his own irritability over wanting to say no sometimes but seemingly being unable to do so.
A modern-day AU in which David is cursed to follow any command he鈥檚 given, and the stark, rippling consequences of such a burden. Inspired by Ella Enchanted.
CREATORS: If your works were released today, please don't forget to update your posting date!
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blackandwhiteandrose a month ago
Tumblr media
Three points of view. Two relationships. One person in common.
Sometimes things have to fall apart in order to fall into place.
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frenchpuppycormier 6 months ago
Lena, later at home with Kara: You destroyed another anti-kryptonite suit?! That material isn鈥檛 easy to come by, y鈥檏now.
Kara: Technically it was my fault this time, but I swear I had no other choice!
Lena: You鈥檙e killing me, babe.
Kara: But you still love me, right?
Lena rolling her eyes fondly: Always.
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missgeevious a month ago
Happy Birthday @blackandwhiteandrose! 鉁煉涒湪馃巶馃帀馃
Tumblr media
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bebecas 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Chapter 1 // Read on ao3
Fic Summary: After defeating Chuck and rescuing Cas from the Empty, Dean swears he's done with hunting for good. But when he finds it hard to confront certain past events, he decides one more case might be exactly what he needs to get his mind off things. So how is it he ended up in a wacky little town in Canada, forced to confront everything he's been trying to avoid?
Chapter Notes: Though this is a crossover, it does skew more towards the Supernatural universe. This first chapter is mostly background, with only minor illusions to Schitt's Creek. Don't worry, though. Schitt's shenanigans will eventually ensue.
They say write the fics you want to see in the world, so here we are. This has been many months in the making, and it鈥檚 still a work in progress, but I am so excited to see where this goes.聽
I am also posting this for the first week of my Follower Celebration聽for the prompt 鈥渃hanges.鈥
Tag list under the cut (I included people who I know dabble in both fandoms, but please let me know if you want to be added or removed!)
@harvestforcas @supersapphical @eliaandarahew @zoekeinwitz @xofemeraldstars @emeraldcas @buckystiel @becauseofthebowties @alivedean @theedorksinlove @scaredyjack @saileen-away @achillestiel @zeeimpalaangel @myaimistrue @bowtiesandneckerchiefs @starrynightdeancas聽@donestiel鈥
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petalwritesx 4 days ago
Tumblr media
Signature Move
Part two of Landing It Pairing: Patrick Brewer/David Rose Rated M; TAGGED for聽Alternate Universe - Olympics, Friends to Lovers, Misunderstandings, Epistolary, POV David Rose, David Rose Loves Patrick Brewer, Patrick Brewer is a Button, Alexis Rose is a Total Girlboss, Sexual Tension, Resolved Sexual Tension, Sexual Content, Angst with a Happy Ending
鈥淚 know you don鈥檛 want Sebastian to win 鈥 and I鈥檓 not just talking about the competition.鈥 David can only scowl because she鈥檚 right. 鈥淵ou don鈥檛 want people to see you the way he does, David? Then you gotta let them see you. At least a little bit.鈥
Following the events of The Outside Edge, David, Patrick and Stevie are still doing damage control. Enter Alexis: David's publicist (and, y'know, his sister), tasked with cleaning up her brother's reputation. The problem? Well, there are a few, actually... like the walking headache that is Sebastien Raine, an entirely new routine, whatever is going on with David and Patrick, and... oh, David's incredible talent for self-sabotage. But it's fine. Everything's fine.
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ostropest 8 days ago
Friends, please help me find a sc fic 馃ズ
I think it was a single parent fic? Lena had a daughter and then met Kara?
But the only thing that I really remember is a scene where they were introducing the older kid to their newborn daughter and were like "This is your sister Elizabeth" and the kid was struggling to say the name and was like "Lilly-beth?" and that's when Lena and Kara decided to call the younger child Lilly.
So this is literally all I have...
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farm-witches-fic-recs a month ago
Hello witches!
Loved that long AU list you posted, but do you have some suggestions for good mid range AU / canon adjacent fics? Like the 10-20K sweet spot? Thank you for all you wonderous, witchie work!
Like this list, our denim is also "mid-range".
All your compliments and your cutting remarks are captured here in my quotation marks - @sweatersinthesummer
The Art of Customer Service - Woodsarelovely
back to the drawing board - mycleverusername
Here Comes the Honesty - @kiranerys42
How Sweet It Is - @this-is-not-nothing
In a Moment of Weakness, In a Moment of Strength - @goodiecornbread
it鈥檚 just for snow - railmedaddy (@rmd-writes)
lights like you (glow all year long) - @lilythesilly, @petalwritesx
Love Keeps The Cold Out - @thesleepyskipper
pivotal moment, perpetual bliss - @dinnfameron
Roses and Tide - fairmanor
someday you'll carry me up a mountain, too - Elswherefumbling
Sustineo - @rockinhamburger聽
These Sporting Events My Boyfriend Insists on Taking Me To - @doublel27
transformative works - spelling__bee (@emotional-synth-music)
why don't we full on pretend - thetomkatwholived (@swiftlythebest)
you're so golden - @samwhambam
you're the star at the top of my tree - @schittposting
your body told me in a dream - @ships-to-sail
your body's poetry (speak to me) - singsongsung (@anniemurphys)
Your Guide to Winter Trail Etiquette - @middyblue
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mallpretzles 13 days ago
Tumblr media
Interesting. Maybe that鈥檚 one reason why I love it so much.
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sc-passions-and-pastimes 9 months ago
Tumblr media
LAST DAY!!! We鈥檙e excited to present some great works on our tenth and final day of the fest! And of course, we have to take this opportunity to thank everyone who participated in any capacity for the first SC Passions & Pastimes Fest! We could not be more thrilled with the overwhelming positive response we received to the fest overall, and it鈥檚 all thanks to YOU! Keep an eye here on our tumblr over the next few days as we release fest stats and creator reveals!
Everything Takes Time
[Patrick Brewer/David Rose, Clint Brewer & Patrick Brewer, Clint Brewer & David Rose - E - 11,773]
鈥淪o,鈥 David echoes, not looking up from the paper, thoroughly engrossed in an article titled聽What Kenzo Left Behind. Patrick knows enough now to recognize 鈥淜enzo鈥 as the name of a fashion designer; five years practice removing designer clothing is finally rubbing off on him.
鈥淪o I ordered 40,000 bees yesterday.鈥
David鈥檚 entire upper body straightens at once, mouth set in a firm line echoing the sudden stiffness of his spine, brow impossibly flat. Admittedly, Patrick broke the news in this manner precisely to experience this full and honest reaction.
鈥淗oneybees. I ordered two packages.鈥
David blinks.
all the man that i need
[Patrick Brewer/David Rose - E - 8,505]
David's first task as aesthetics manager of the paper is finding them a space that is not Ray's spare bedroom, which David survived one day of and threatened to quit if the operation couldn't be moved. So he leases the space from the old general store, carefully curating a minimalist sand-and-stone aesthetic, with a workspace for each writer and a gathering space near the front.
Not long after the move is the worst day of David's life, and that's including the day their home was raided by Canada Revenue. It's the day he meets Patrick Brewer.
Love Like Deuce's River
[Patrick Brewer/David Rose - T - 7,066]
David is obsessed with a show called Deuce鈥檚 River (*looks at the camera*) and falls into fanfic of the show鈥檚 queer couple, Devon and Peter (*looks at camera again*). Fic is the only thing helping him through his family鈥檚 exile to Schitt鈥檚 Creek. Specifically, the fic by one person who writes about Devon and Peter in a way that captures David鈥檚 heart like nothing else has.
Patrick stumbles across Deuce鈥檚 River and has never connected with a show so much before. He finds himself immersed in the fandom and begins writing fic because he always loved his creative writing classes. Through that, he learns that maybe there鈥檚 a reason he connects so much to the couple, and to Peter鈥檚 journey, particularly. As he comes to terms with knowing he needs a change in his life, the comments and support from his favorite fic reader give him the strength to be bold. Especially when he decides to end his relationship and move to a little town he's never visited before.
Yukon Strike My Heart Ablaze
[Patrick Brewer/David Rose - T - 6,020]
Alexis convinces David to take a break from setting up Rose Apothecary by going to Canada's Wonderland. David meets Patrick Brewer in a ride queue.
long way round
[Patrick Brewer/David Rose - T - 3,804]
鈥淒id you, uh鈥 walk here?鈥
David nods. 鈥淢m-hm.鈥
鈥淐an I give you a ride home?鈥 Patrick asks, almost shyly. David feels just as silly, like a fucking schoolboy with a crush, glancing away from Patrick鈥檚 wide-open gaze and mumbling that he'd like that, very much.
鈥淕reat.鈥 Patrick flashes a chipper smile. 鈥淚 brought a spare helmet.鈥
Or: as David's birthday dinner draws to a close, Patrick has a little surprise up his sleeve.
[Clint Brewer & David Rose, Patrick Brewer/David Rose - G - 3,238]
A basic stitch, knit two together (k2tog) is exactly what it sounds like: taking two separate stitches and, with a single string, knitting them together.
Cluckin' Around
[Patrick Brewer/David Rose - T - 2,045]
David had said 鈥渘o鈥 more than once. In fact, he had said 鈥渘o鈥 more than once, in more than one way.
鈥淎bsolutely not, Patrick,鈥 and 鈥淵ou鈥檙e kidding right? No,鈥 or Patrick鈥檚 favorite, which was just David鈥檚 face crumpling into a look of bewilderment that knitted his eyebrows together so fiercely he couldn鈥檛 see where one ended and the other began. This usually included him waving his hands around chaotically to punctuate his opinion.
Patrick wanted chickens, and he is going to try anything in his power to convince David that this is a good idea.
Don鈥檛 forget to keep tabs on the works you check out with our spreadsheet. You鈥檒l earn badges along the way!
NOTE TO CREATORS: If your work is part of today鈥檚 reveals, please update the posting date of the work to today鈥檚 date so it shows up fresh in the AO3 feed.
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blackandwhiteandrose 10 days ago
Point of Origin
(Part 3 of Patrick Begins)
Patrick shifts toward David, already feeling the weight of his gaze. He is certain that his husband has a list of things he鈥檚 dying to say. 鈥淕o ahead.鈥
David leans in to kiss his temple. 鈥淏een thinking about some stuff?鈥
Patrick chuckles. 鈥淭hat obvious, huh?鈥
鈥淗oney,鈥 he begins, then pauses, thinking. 鈥淚 know you. I can tell when you鈥檙e happy, which I think you are. But I would also recognize that look of, 鈥極h, damn, how did I not see that?鈥 anywhere. Recontextualizing your teenage years, maybe?鈥
He can鈥檛 even be embarrassed at the prickle of tears behind his eyes, overwhelmed with the love he has for David and the way he sees and understands him so well. 鈥淵eah. I don鈥檛 know if I鈥檒l ever not feel kind of鈥 not stupid, but just, amazed? How did I never even consider it? I told him earlier, though, things worked out exactly the way they should, because I鈥檓 with you. So maybe it really doesn鈥檛 matter.鈥
David鈥檚 eyes are impossibly soft as he smiles. 鈥淵ou know there鈥檚 no timeline,鈥 he says, then turns teasing. 鈥淏ut also, all of those stories are certainly something.鈥
鈥淵eah, I see that now,鈥 Patrick mumbles.
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obsessedwithdavrick 5 days ago
Tumblr media
My addition to this sublime series that charts David and Patrick's relationship, told through the lens of the vendors and their store. Gorgeous Header by @mallpretzles
Newly engaged David and Patrick, head out to meet a new potential vendors from a winery halfway to Thornbridge. The winery brings up memories of his past life of privilege, and stories of hilarious excess. These stories remind David of everything he used to have and lost, and how he would never give up what that gave him the opportunity to find.
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hippolotamus 2 months ago
Tumblr media
I'm a bit behind but by now we鈥檝e all seen Noah鈥檚 interview for 饾槢饾槱饾槮 饾様饾槳饾槸饾樁饾樀饾槮饾槾 right? 鈥ight?! He mentioned that if he were to play a different SC character it might be fun to play Roland. And, well, that made me think of this fun piece 饾槓饾槯 饾樅饾槹饾樁鈥欚潣仇潣 饾槶饾槹饾槹饾槵饾槳饾槸饾槰 饾槯饾槹饾槼 饾槩饾槸 饾槩饾槾饾槾 饾樀饾槹 饾槵饾槳饾槾饾槾 by @grapehyasynth 馃挋馃鈥夆 鈥夆 饾悁饾惍饾惌饾悺饾惃饾惈 饾悞饾惍饾惁饾惁饾悮饾惈饾惒: 鈥淥h, 饾槜饾槩饾樀饾槼饾槳饾槫饾槵,鈥 he repeats. 鈥淵ou were talking to my dad earlier. You鈥檙e the, um, the town curator, or the conductor-鈥濃夆 鈥夆 鈥淭he mayor,鈥 Patrick corrects gently, still grinning.鈥夆 鈥夆 鈥淭he mayor,鈥 David echoes. 鈥淟ike Bloomberg.鈥濃夆 鈥夆 鈥淵es,鈥 Patrick says, and the way he tucks his hands into his pockets and grins even wider, he鈥檚 clearly peacocking, poor thing. 鈥淵eah. Exactly like Bloomberg.鈥濃夆 ____鈥夆 OR, everything's the same, except Patrick is already in town - and he's the mayor.鈥夆 鈥夆 A series of vignettes, some of which became fics unto themselves.鈥夆 鈥夆 饾悜饾悮饾惌饾悽饾惂饾悹: T 饾悥饾惃饾惈饾悵饾惉: 35842鈥夆 I had this one sitting in my MFL for a while based on a rec by the wise and wonderful Farm Witches聽@farm-witches-fic-recs. It鈥檚 a delightful, fun, light read where everything is basically the same except Patrick is the mayor. He was voted in as a joke because the townies thought he would be too young to qualify anyway (spoiler alert: he wasn鈥檛). He still lives with Ray. And he still flusters David. Oh, and Ronnie still has it out for him (Mayor McThumb, anyone?)鈥夆
This fic follows along the first three seasons, inserting Patrick into various scenarios he wasn鈥檛 present for canonically but makes all the better (think games night and the turkey shoot). If the world is feeling heavy and you need a bit of canon divergent humor this is absolutely the fic for you. 馃枻馃挋鈥夆
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stereopticons 11 days ago
fanworks creators self rec! when you get this, reply with your favourite five fanworks you鈥檝e made, then pass on to at least five other creators 馃挆
Aw, thanks!! I'm super indecisive, so this is very hard and these are in no particular order.
the lie between your teeth聽because I put so much work into it, and I鈥檓 happy with how it turned out. It鈥檚 also the longest fic I鈥檝e ever written! It鈥檚 almost as long as my dissertation lmao. I鈥檓 proud of it.聽
home where my love lies waiting聽was really refreshing to write because it鈥檚 just so soft. love a good tender forehead kiss.
if i鈥檓 not beyond repair聽was cathartic to write and I really like how it turned out. I was concerned that people wouldn鈥檛 want to read it because of the angst and also the medical content but the response to has been amazing (I still would include it on this list even if it hadn鈥檛 because I still like it but it certainly helped!)
what a way to make a livin鈥櫬爓as so much fun to write and is my first au that isn鈥檛 just canon divergent, so I got to do a little bit of world building, which was really fun. Not super happy with the way the post it note skin looks but that鈥檚 ao3鈥瞫 fault, not mine 馃槀
and lastly, I think twist yourself around me. The only crossover I鈥檝e ever written and it was completely self-indulgent. I kept thinking about how similar Rebecca and David were pre-canon and what it would鈥檝e been like if they鈥檇 run into each other in NY, so I wrote it. And I think it鈥檚 so cool that @hullomoon and friends made a podfic! One of these days, I鈥檒l actually finish part two!
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petalwritesx 5 months ago
Tumblr media
It鈥檚 my favorite time of year! I missed out on this incredible fest when I first joined the fandom last January, but you bet I was thrilled to join @scfrozenover this year. After all, I鈥檓 a winter bitch stuck in the tropics. So, I wrote over 30K in winter fic. Surprise! As my pal Taylor Swift would say,聽鈥榯is the damn season.
Huge, huge shoutout to the mods for organizing this fest (and for also being patient with me when I needed a second extension for one of them). Love ya鈥檒l! Happy Holidays.聽鉀勨潉锔
Day 3:
Yule Shoot Your Eye Out
[Stevie & David, David/Patrick, Stevie/Ruth - T - 1,563]
Stevie and David, much like the snow, thaw over time.
Day 5:
and we鈥檇 swear to remember it (all too well)
[David/Patrick, Stevie & David, Alexis/Ted - E - 9,650]
鈥淐ome with me,鈥 he鈥檇 said, hands tracing along Patrick鈥檚 shoulders. 鈥淲e can go to New York together. My family has money now 鈥 we can do whatever we want, go wherever we want.鈥 He鈥檇 moved his hands to cup his face, thumbs gently brushing against his cheeks. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e too good for this town.鈥
Patrick had recoiled at David鈥檚 words like they鈥檇 been some kind of heavy accusation, rather than a compliment. And that鈥檇 been it: the beginning of the end. Though David never would鈥檝e guessed that鈥檚 where the conversation had been headed at the time. If David had known, he would鈥檝e slammed on the brakes before they鈥檇 careened off the track. He would鈥檝e pulled the lever to change course. He would鈥檝e done anything, if he鈥檇 known then what he does now.
When David returns to his hometown for the holidays, he reminisces about his first love and where things went wrong. He doesn鈥檛 expect to, y'know, hook up with that ex, be mistaken as 鈥榖ack together鈥 by that ex鈥檚 mother, and end up faking a relationship for Christmas Eve. That wasn鈥檛 really the plan, but 'tis the season, amirite?
Day 6:
Making Spirits Bright
[David/Patrick, Patrick & Rachel - M - 6,137]
鈥淥kay, here鈥檚 the thing,鈥 she explains. 鈥淭he only thing that determines your future is your actions, which means nothing is set in stone. Not yet.鈥 She gestures to the scene in front of them."If you wake up, go back to your life, and don鈥檛 change anything you鈥檙e doing, this is your future. This is where you鈥檙e headed. But that doesn鈥檛 mean it鈥檚 the only future available to you.鈥
Patrick Brewer has resigned himself to a life he doesn鈥檛 actually want, but on Christmas Eve, a ghost visits his dreams to show him what the past says about his present鈥 and an even better future.
Yep 鈥 it鈥檚 basically 'A Christmas Carol鈥 for Patrick.
Day 8:
lights like you (glow all year long)聽w/ @lilythesilly
[David/Patrick, Stevie/Ruth - E - 18,840]
Shakespeare said, 鈥淛ourneys end in lovers meeting,鈥 which is an extraordinary thought. To think that we all spend our lives on a quest to be loved, and we can rest like the hero victorious once we find it 鈥 well, it鈥檚 a nice idea, isn鈥檛 it? It may even be true鈥 for some people.
For people like David Rose and Ruth Clancy, however, love has always been a little bit complicated鈥 It hasn鈥檛 been freely given or simply found; it鈥檚 something that鈥檚 always been earned or bought.
See, because Shakespeare also said that 鈥渓ove is blind,鈥 鈥 and, with that, they can agree.
They鈥檝e certainly never felt like it looked at them twice.
OR: After discovering that his parents have secretly funded (ahem, bribed) his way to success, David Rose turns to one of his favorite romantic comedies for comfort鈥 and advice. He ends up swapping homes with a similarly career-minded Canadian named Ruth for a much-needed solo vacation. While Ruth navigates bustling New York City, David settles in a cozy small-town cottage in Nowhere, Ontario. As it turns out, they may have been looking for happiness in all the wrong places all along.
with mischief in sight, we鈥檙e all merry and bright聽w/ @anniemurphys, @nerdframed, @sarahlevys, & @turningtimeinthetardis
[Alexis/Twyla, Stevie/Ruth - T - 7,510]
It鈥檚 easier for Stevie to avoid sharing details about her dating life with Mr. Rose at first, but the endless questions about why she鈥檚 single have worn her down enough that by the time December rolls around, she chooses to ask for a favour from her oldest friend.
鈥楧ating鈥 Twyla is a tiny white lie鈥 It鈥檚 small, well-calculated. A tiny white lie. One that only has to hold up for a few hours during David and Patrick鈥檚 holiday party.
What harm could it do?
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sarahlevys 3 months ago
Stevie/Ruth (Ruthie) History: We've Reached 100 Works!
While the Ruthie fandom might be small, we're here to stay鈥攁nd we just hit 100 works on AO3!
The first Ruthie work, oh the wonders of confidence and a suit by @hullomoon, was published on March 24, 2020, and the one hundredth, it just takes some time by @ratchet, was published on February 17, 2022! As a reminder, we hit 50 works when @lilythesilly published when the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie on August 22, 2021.
That's 516 days between works #1 and #50, but only 179 days between works #51 and #100!
Tumblr media
Ruthie Creators
In total, 53 unique creators have published 100 works, 23.26% more than the 43 creators who'd been associated with the first 50 works鈥攁 gain of 10 new creators!
Ruthie Engagement
As of February 20, 2022, there have been:
42,055 hits (avg. 420.55)
367,346 words (avg. 3,673.46)
4,603 kudos (avg. 46.03)
3,061 comments (avg. 30.61)
When we filter out fics with D/P, which is a quick and dirty way of taking out the fics in which Stevie/Ruth is a background ship, we yield the following stats, which may be closer to what people who create pure Stevie/Ruth works are familiar with:
12,414 hits (avg. 203.51)
180,373 words (avg. 2,956.93)
1,443 kudos (avg. 23.66)
1,551 comments (avg. 25.43)
As always, WLW, rare and gen works need your kudos and comments. Please show your creators and works some love if you enjoyed what you read or listened to!
Ruthie Podfics
There have been 18 podfics from 20 creators, recording a total of 9 hours and 27 minutes!
Tumblr media
The ship distribution breaks out into the below:
10 podfics that feature Ruthie
2 podfics that features Ruthie as part of a throuple or moreple
6 podfics that features Ruthie along with other ships
Ruthie Works Across Ratings
This ship still tends to skew more G and T鈥攚hich is definitely not a bad or good thing! Just an observation. 馃 These works also see more comments and kudos than E or M, which is different than what I've previously observed for Twylexis (where E and M works get more engagement).
Tumblr media
Popular Ruthie Tropes & Features
These are the most common tags featured in the 100 works:
pov stevie budd
alternate universe - different first meeting
established relationship
canon compliant
queer themes / queer feelings
found family
Frankly, I'm surprised 'business' only showed up 5 times!
Ruthie Word Clouds By Rating
Here's the cloud for G:
Tumblr media
And for T:
Tumblr media
For M:
Tumblr media
And for E:
Tumblr media
Check out my other posts on Ruthie History for more. Hope to see you soon in the ship tag on AO3!
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schittscreekficrec 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Hello, frans! We hope you are well and having the loveliest of Pi Days!聽Here are some of our faves we鈥檝e read recently. Our ask box is also open if there鈥檚 anything you鈥檙e craving!
liv鈥檚 rec: i will be here聽by trueillusion @trueillusion82鈥 [david/patrick, T, one shot]
julie鈥檚 rec: exposed brick聽by swat117 [david/patrick, M, one shot]
ali鈥檚 rec: Fracture by littlebebecrows [david/patrick, M, one shot]
meg鈥檚 rec: your mother keeps a spreadsheet by upbeat [david/patrick, G, one shot]
cam鈥檚 rec:聽Denim Distraction by iola17 @beaiola [david/patrick, E, one shot]
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farm-witches-fic-recs 10 days ago
Tumblr media
Happy Friday the 13th! Did you know that the unlucky nature of the number "13" originated with a Norse myth about 12 gods having a dinner party in Valhalla? Loki (who was not invited - rude) showed up as the 13th guest, got up to some mischief, killed somebody, and here we are. Naturally, the coven gravitates to days like this, much like we hope you gravitate towards these bewitching fics. May they ward off any bad luck for the more superstitious of you out there, and to keep the good juju flowing, leave the creators some love.
+ _ + _ + _ + _ +
Fall Off A Bridge Please - @hagface鈥 鈥淲e love trolling Patrick, especially when Patrick is actually a troll. A riddle-telling troll that guards the bridge that David needs to cross every day on his way to work.鈥
Form 2242-B: Application for a Magical Protection Certificate - houdini74 (@mostlyinthemorning鈥) 鈥淚t鈥檚 no secret that Patrick loves paperwork. If only someone had told him Rose Apothecary needed a Magical Protection Certificate.鈥澛
I鈥檇 rather see her lovely step - another_hero 鈥淎 gorgeously poetic and lyrical second-person POV of Heather and Tennessee (with background goats!). This love story serves up layer upon layer of magic.鈥
The Rumors are Terrible and Cruel - @nontoxic-writes鈥 鈥淭his sweet AU based on the movie 鈥淧enelope鈥 gives us the best kind of love-conquers-all vibes.鈥
Take my Heart, Make it Strong - Erandri 鈥淔ifteen year old David accidentally insults a witch and has to face the consequences (or find his true love) as he approaches his 35th birthday.鈥
You Warm Me Up - (@lisamc-21鈥) 鈥淐ursed because his mother crossed a witch, David Rose is freezing all the time. As fate would have it, Patrick Brewer is hot 聽(to look at and to touch).鈥
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