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5 Network Scams That Hackers Use Social Networking for Cyber Attacks | Enterprise Networking…
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It’s Time to Talk More About Crypto Scams

It’s Time to Talk More About Crypto Scams

BTS fans are the target of a massive crypto scam on Twitter. For a little more than two weeks, cryptocurrency-related posts started appearing on timelines of BTS fans, also known as ARMY.
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This is not a laughing matter for some

This is not a laughing matter for some

The world is full of people who want to make an easy buck, they’re prepared to put hours and hours of their time searching to find the most vulnerable is society and then they try to take their hard earned money off them.

As I mentioned in the title this isn’t a laughing matter for some, but for the majority of people it is.

The majority of people upon receive a text message telling them that…


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Decks cleared for Nirav Modi’s extradition via - India Updates News

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How to protect yourself from common job search scams

How to protect yourself from common job search scams

A new FlexJobs survey reveals 14 of the most common–and successful–job-search scams. Here’s how to identify them and not become a victim.

Image: iStock/Melpomenem

Many remote workers, notably those who made the transition last year at the start of the pandemic, are at a higher risk of becoming a potential target of scammers. A year ago, there was a scramble for companies to quickly send…


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Now that temperatures are rising, Texans will start getting a handle on the crisis and start thinking about repairs to their homes and other buildings.  How this plays out, how all natural disasters play out - there will be so many opportunities for people to get screwed over, so here are some tips based on my experience.  


All the burst pipes will have led to electrical shorts in the wiring, water damage to the drywall and wood framing of the houses (and lots of those walls will be load-bearing), flooding in the basements when it melts, among other things.

Wood can actually endure moisture pretty well, but the drywall, especially in areas that are hot year-round like Texas, is lined with paper on both sides.  Add moisture, now you have mold.  If the drywall is not replaced and the wood studs and basements allowed to dry, mold will grow in your house.  The drywall has to go.  Contractors* are already ordering shipments of drywall for Texas.


*Contractors will scam you.  Some houses will be considered a total loss, which means the insurance companies will pay out money equivalent to the house being rebuilt.  Whether you’re doing a whole house, or just a repair/remodel, those homeowners will have to find their own contractors.  Get a contract.  If the contractor you like doesn’t want to provide you a signed contract for their work, don’t use them.

Pop-up contractors will be flooding the area.  These are contractors who have never worked in your city before, or even in the state of Texas.  They are coming for the work, and they will leave once they see the money drying up.  These makes it especially hard to come after them if they do a bad job.  Check into the companies - if they have a website, and it states on there their history of work in the area, with examples, they’re a much better bet than the guy who conveniently came around door to door and offered to fix your roof for cash.

A lot of contractors are good, and it will seem counterintuitive when they try to explain to you that a thing can’t be done, but sometimes it really just can’t be done.  What does this mean?

People will naturally want their homes to be better than before in case this happens again.  But insulation and winterizing is not a straight line.  There is not just a “more” method you can do to achieve a perfect thermal barrier.  You will try to research how homes are built in extremely cold areas and ask contractors to do that, but it just does not apply to Texas, even after what’s happened.  Texas will still be a predominantly warm/hot climate, with humidity from the gulf.  The houses need to be built for that.  Hot climate = cool interiors = wall types built to protect against condensation from the outside.  If you don’t do this, again, mold happens.  


Permits!  You will almost certainly need construction permits from your city, county, the state, or a combination of the three.  Unless your contractor says in the contract that they’re pulling the permit for you, you’re responsible for it, or you’ll face fines from the building departments, and if you refuse to get the permit, you could face legal action.  You don’t want that.  Get the permits.  The cities know that lots of construction is coming, they will help you make the process go as fast as possible.  It will still take 3 times longer than you think it should.


Insurance rates will rise due to this event.  The state is already set up to help you in the case of price gouging, but insurance rarely gets addressed.  

Insurance companies will be setting the pace, because they will have different rates based on when and how houses were built, which they already do.  Insurance rates will go up across the board in Texas, but you’ll probably be able to apply for a discount if you can show your house has “x” insulation or treatment that they will arbitrarily ask for.

At the same time, they’ll offer additional coverage plans for events like this, even though they’re extremely rare.  insurance companies will make money no matter what and try to get out of helping you at every turn.  It will take a ton of energy, but you cannot give them peace, or they will vanish without ever paying out.  Pop-up insurance companies will also be a thing.

Insurance is regulated by the states in almost all cases, so keeping the insurance companies honest has to be a state level solution right now.  


Building Codes are adopted at the state level.  Insurance companies are very aware of what codes have been adopted and use that information to determine what rates to apply to a location.  Encouraging your local cities and states to adopt newer codes with more current energy guidelines will lower your insurance rates.  Check with your local jurisdiction about which codes they’re already using, so you know what to build your new work to.

Construction for energy and insulation is based on your climate zone.  The codes are free online, but hard to understand if you’re not used to reading that kind of writing.  Good contractors and good architects/engineers can help you, and sometimes will give recommendations for free.  


None of this should be considered legal advice, and I am not an expert.

Links will be in a reblog.

Good luck.

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Has anyone seen anything like this before?

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Update: Hushpuppi Arraign Of Laundering Money For North Korean Hackers

Update: Hushpuppi Arraign Of Laundering Money For North Korean Hackers

New updates have surfaced in the fraud case against an Instagram celebrity, Ramon Abbas, famously known as Hushpuppi. 
Hushpuppi was charged by the US Attorney’s Office in Los Angeles last July, conspiring to launch hundreds of millions of dollars from “Business email compromise” (BEC) frauds and other scams.
Now, another report emerged on Wednesday as the Department of Justice (DOJ) claimed that…


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These fake sugar daddies have sent the 3rd scam message. Are they really just gonna send that to every post that has any kind of picture with #me in the tags?

I’m tempted to just do a test where I post a pic of a middle finger or something and put myself in the tags to see if they do it for that, too lol

Maybe I should start reporting these scams instead of just blocking them?

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From Norton: 7 Risky Behaviors You Should Stop Right Now! Fabulous Advice!

From Norton: 7 Risky Behaviors You Should Stop Right Now! Fabulous Advice!

7 Risky Behaviors You Should Stop Right Now!

It’s easy for busy people to put off dealing with online privacy and device security. But some of your unwitting online behaviors might be putting you and your family’s connections and data at risk.

Here are seven risky online habits to put away today, along with tips on better ones that can help keep you and your family safer when online.



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I got rid of the sugar daddy scam replies on my recent picrew posts!

Now that I’ve got those off, I’m gonna remind you guys;

If someone leaves a reply saying that they wanna be your sugar daddy or something and you’ll get a bunch of money as an allowance, block them.

I just got 2 from the same guy, so if you just ignore them and don’t block them, they might spam you.

Don’t let yourself think that it’s a genuine offer. That account probably doesn’t want to just trade pics for money, they might just mess with your money and might use the pics you send for bad things.

I don’t think anyone who comes across my blog would fall for that, but I’m just reminding everyone, just in case.

Don’t fall for it! It’s a really obvious scam, too!

Protect your money, protect your photos, don’t trust ‘sugar daddies’ that try to reach out to you on random posts.

If you really want that, I heard that there’s actual sites for that, so just see if you can find one of those instead of a random dude on tumblr. It’s not guaranteed safety, but there’s a bigger chance that it’s more safe 😒

I’ve literally been watching videos of people screw with scam callers and fake computer service companies that scam you with pop ups all day and now I get a scam offer on here for the first time in months.


The first time I got a scam in my replies in months.

What a day to get a scam offer, right? The day I least expect it.

If anyone sees those sugar daddy scam offers, please don’t fall for it. Even if you go to their profile and they’re like 'I want a honest sugar baby’ or whatever, they’re 99.99% guaranteed to be a scam.

Don’t do it.


Block them.

Block them immediately. They might spam you with those offers.

They don’t even put them in the right places 😒

Those recent ones where on picrews.

'Checked out your profile’?

There’s only art of my sona and picrews of me, the few pics that actually have me have my face scribbled out. What are you seeing that makes you go 'I would pay her and allowance of $900 if she sends me pics regularly’? Nothing. Your seeing nothing.

You’re sending the offers to any post that has a picture and has #me in the tags.

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Scammers: *Getting messed with and getting their files deleted while someone hacks them and sends warnings to the people they call by replacing their fake messages with messages that warn the callers that it’s a scam and to not tell the scammers that the person changed their outgoing message into the warning*

Basically: *Seeing scammers suffer for everything they’ve taken from people and all of the threats they made to the victims. Yes, some scammers will get things such as photos of the victim’s children from the victim’s computer and make threats*

Me: *Enjoying seeing the scammers suffer*


Come on. How am I supposed to not enjoy scammers getting something like their files deleted or the money that they stole getting drained because of messed up calls?

If the people they scammed can’t get their money or safety back (because they will sell the information of the people who fell for the scam), then the scammers shouldn’t be able to use it either.

I just wanna keep watching them get messed with because of the things they do

It kind of feels like that happy feeling you get from watching a villain (or your least favorite character/character you hate) get taken down in a movie or show


Or maybe the fact that I’m getting any amount of enjoyment from the suffering of anyone (from any level of suffering) means that I should hurry up with trying to get a therapy session set up to finally find out what’s wrong with me?

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I just made a fake name for if I ever decide to have fun with scam callers.

First, middle and last name.

Also, a fake location and fake zip code.

I haven’t thought of a fake address, but I won’t even agree to giving them a fake home address.

Bruh, I literally thought of my last name while looking at a bag of chips 😅

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Gotta love a stupid phone scam.

“I’m with USPS and I’m calling because of bounced packages.”


First off, I seriously doubt folks at USPS use the term “bounced” for undeliverable packages. E-mails bounce, physical objects typically are undeliverable, returned to sender, etc.

Secondly, I get and send so few packages I know with absolute certainty none have gone missing. I’m also sure nothing is on the way right now. 

Thirdly, I do NOT do phone calls except as a last resort, and with the USPS it would take a while to get there.  If I had mail trouble I’d pop into the post office to talk to the post master or clerk, who would say “Hi Stephanie” when I walk in the door, not call some unknown person at an unknown phone number!

I guess they are counting on someone that has packages that haven’t arrived or  who gets/sends enough they don’t keep track of them all and is just a wee bit prone to panic reacting to “something is wrong” suggestions.

Sometimes I wonder if they make scams so dumb so they can rationalize preying on folks gullibility, when really it should make them feel worse for only snaring the most vulnerable.

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Okay, so… I used to get Adobe CC through My Institution at a deep discount, but this year they’ve cancelled their contract and I’m fucked/forced to reckon with just how dependent I have become on one terrible company >:|

After trawling reddit ‘til my eyes glazed over, I realized I am no longer even l33t-adjacent and now I’m scared to try any type of crack where I’d have to go in and fuck around with the registry (tho a standalone crack of an older version would be fine; idk where to find this [pls hmu if you have any leads, please, i am not a cop, just an old-ass millennial pathetically trying to stick it to the Man])

ANYway, what would y’all recommend for Adobe alternatives?

Here is what I need to be able to do:

Photoshop/Camera Raw: just basic photo editing, but I need to have real adjustment layers (so, not TheGIMP) and I need to be able to edit RAW images

Lightroom: i have, easily, at least 25,000 image files and i want to be able to bulk edit their metadata. i was all geared up to start this massive organizational project in january when i learned i was about to lose access to LR, o the agony of a task derailed by forces beyond my control!!!

Acrobat: create and edit PDFs, must be able to combine PDFs for my mom

Thank you and I apologize for my extremely uncool over-35 adult ignorance :v

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Lockdown Love Scams Reach a Record High

Lockdown Love Scams Reach a Record High

The number of people being targeted by fake relationship-seekers has spiked during the COVID-19 pandemic with cybercriminals raking in a record $304 million in 2020.
Click here for image source link and to read full Article
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