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Tumblr media
Thanks to the recent scandal, Tifa managed to secure a seat in the Italian Senate.
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Tumblr media
Mandy Rice-Davies, former showgirl and central figure in sex scandal that brought down the Conservative government, 1963
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Yes, Mr. President || Epilogue
Tumblr media
art by @multiverse-mxdness
I can't believe this is it!!! I will save the mushy stuff for the end :')
story summary: Scandal! AU– your mentor, David Rossi, has recruited you to make Senator Aaron Hotchner the next President of the United States. Once described as a political nun, the Senator helps you see that maybe you can mix business and pleasure.
Read previous chapters of this fic here!
contains: food and alcohol consumption, additional cw in tags to prevent spoilers
wordcount: 1.4k
Five years later….
“Who would have thought, huh? Rossi really is a kingmaker,” Penelope remarks over her dessert cocktail as you sit across from her at dinner. 
“Reid always had the potential to be a good candidate,” you say. “He’s smart, he’s compassionate. He just needed polish. Between you and Rossi, I’m not surprised at all,” you say. 
It was the night before President-Elect Spencer Reid’s inauguration. You and Aaron had naturally driven up to DC from Vermont for the occasion, and couldn’t help but meet up with old friends while in town. 
“That’s right, my baby made a man the President,” Derek beams, leaning in to kiss Penelope’s cheek. She blushes, and you all laugh. After Aaron had left the White House, you had set her up with a job at the firm— they needed the extra set of hands with you on a consult-only capacity. She and Derek had been inseparable ever since. It was love at first sight— you like to think you knew a thing or two about that.
“You’ve been busy, too, Derek,” you point out. “How is my first baby? You hardly ever call about her,” you pout facetiously. 
“You have babies of your own to take care of. Real ones,” he points out. 
“You’re retired!” JJ exclaims. 
“I’m semi-retired, and still happy to consult on anything that comes across your desk,” you tell them. “Besides, my babies are far from babies anymore. Jack will start high school in the fall and Joshua is nearly three,” you remind them. 
Aaron squeezes your thigh protectively from under the table, and you let your head loll sideways onto his shoulder. 
“How is Jack?” JJ asks. “Is he coming tomorrow?” 
“No, he stayed back with Haley,” Aaron answers. “They’re going to take a trip and see some of her family. It’s been a while since Jack saw his cousins.”
“He’s getting to that age where he doesn’t even want to be driven to the mall by his parents, let alone sit through a global political ceremony with us,” you laugh. “It’s bittersweet, watching him grow up. But it does mean that you can call me with work questions!” You pivot. 
“You trained us well,” Emily says. “We try not to call unless we really need you, but if you’re itching to get back in the game, I’ve got a couple of consults sitting on my desk right now that I wouldn’t mind your eyes on.” 
“After this trip!” Aaron jumps in before the offer can go further. “Don’t even think about bringing her to the office right now. I may never get her back,” he teases, and the table all laughs. 
“Don’t be silly,” you tell him. “I could never go back to city air. God, has it always smelled here?” 
“Like desperation and smokescreens? Yeah, cupcake, it has,” Derek quips in turn.
“You all need to take a break,” Aaron counsels. “We haven’t had any of you at the farm since the wedding, and that was nearly two years ago, now.” 
“Rossi and I have a pretty good excuse!” Penelope defends. “And, really, we got us all back together,” she says with a smug grin. 
“Speaking of getting the gang back together—” JJ cuts in. “Will and I are engaged! We’ll send out Save the Dates, of course, but the wedding will be next summer,” she announces. “I was hoping the three of you would all be my bridesmaids?” She asks, looking at you, Emily and Penelope. 
“Of course!” You answer for the group. 
“Naturally! Tell me everything. And tell Will to drop hints with this one,” Penelope teases, gesturing towards Derek. 
JJ shares the details as your waiter passes around another round of cocktails and you wrap both of your arms around one of Aaron’s, nestling into him further. He turns his head, presses a kiss to the crown of your head. “How are you feeling?” He asks, and you feel his lips brushing against you more than you really hear him over the crowded restaurant. “It was a long day, and a longer one is coming tomorrow,” he warns you. 
“M’okay,” you tell him. “I’m not ready for tonight to be over yet.”
“We can visit more often, you know,” he reminds you.
You shake your head a little. “It’s not quite the same. We live in the best version of this universe, and part of that is how rare and special nights like this are,” you explain. “I can probably stay awake for another twenty minutes.”
 Eighteen minutes later, Aaron clears his throat, and you smile. “Well, we should all get going,” Aaron says. “Big day tomorrow, but we’ll see you all at one of the balls, I’m sure.” 
“I’m still not sure if this cold is good for the baby,” Aaron says, smoothing a protective hand over your stomach as he bundles you up in a coat, hat, and scarf before you both head out to the motorcade that will be bringing you to the Capitol steps for the Inaugural Ceremonies. A Secret Service agent that you haven’t met before opens the car door, and Aaron takes your hand, helping you into the secure vehicle and making sure you’re buckled. You’re not showing at all, only ten weeks along, but the absence of a visual doesn’t mean he feels the need to worry any less. 
“It will remain a perfectly toasty 98.6 degrees where the baby is,” you remind him as you pull on your gloves. “Besides, it’s no colder here than it is in Vermont.” 
“Sure, and in Vermont, when we hold 90 minute ceremonies in the middle of January, we hold them inside,” he grumbles, and you take his hand in your own, giving it a reassuring squeeze. Whether it’s a national security briefing or a protective streak a mile wide, you’ve learned over the years that you can’t stop Aaron from worrying. 
 You look out the window as you drive through the city, taking in the beauty of the monuments that you used to pass without a second glance.Things are so different, but they’re also so, so good. 
“I’ve been thinking about something you said last night,” Aaron says, squeezing your hand.
“What’s that?” You ask. 
“‘We live in the best version of this universe,’” he explains. “What did you mean by that?” 
“I just mean there are a million different times our story could have changed,” you tell him. “I could have left the White House after your first State of the Union and never spoken to you again. Hell, you could have lost that first election, and maybe we never would have stopped. You could have divorced Haley and then resented me for the rest of your life—”
“I wouldn’t—” he starts, but you put out a hand and stop him in his tracks— he doesn’t need to defend himself for loving her anymore— you’re both past that, now. 
“Or you could have won, and I could have left, and we could have run away together the first time you offered it to me after Reverend Drake died, and then you never would have brokered the East Sudanese peace deal. The version that played out for us is the best one that exists, including its sacrifices,” you insist. “That’s what I meant. And it’s why I pick you and Vermont every time.” 
“I love you,” Aaron says, leaning in to press a kiss to your lips.
   The motorcade slows to a stop and the two of you climb out of the car, lining up with the other dignitaries. 
“Are you sure you’re not too cold?” He asks as you take your seats. 
“We’re going to be fine, Aaron,” you assure him.
“So, what do you think about all of this?” He asks. It’s your first inauguration “on the other side—” the two of you had gone public shortly after Aaron’s term had ended. 
“It’s nice,” you tell him as the two of you take your seats. “It’s not quite touching the Constitution, but it’s nice.”
He smiles at the memory. “People are saying this Reid kid might be the greatest President this nation has ever seen,” he whispers to you, and you smile, shaking your head goodnaturedly. 
“I don’t think so. But I’m biased.” 
tagging: @arsonhotchner @shyhotch @call-me-mrsreid @dadbodhotch11 @the-modernmary @angelfxllcm @rousethemouse @skyler666 @mintphoenix @gspenc @ashhotchner @wheelsupkels @infinite-tides
wowwwwwww I honestly can't believe this fic is over what a fucking mammoth. Just wanna send a huge thank you to everyone who loved this fic as much as I did, especially those of you who have been here since day 1 and stuck with it during Hotch's asshole era. This fic was honestly very difficult to write some days (weeks, months) and I couldn't have found the will to finish it without y'all.
That said, I will be taking a break from writing formally. I've posted two updates (whether they be chapters or one shots) a week for over a year, and as I wrapped up YMP I found myself really not enjoying content creation anymore because of the pressure to create and lack of engagement. I want to be clear that I'm not done writing! Just that, at least for a little while, I won't be on a regular posting schedule and my requests will remain closed. That said, my askbox is always open to come talk Hotch!! Pls don't be a stranger just because I'm not writing.
Thank you, thank you, thank you. Hope you are as satisfied with their ending as I am. Love u, talk soon.
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pov: you're everyone since march 13th 2020
Tumblr media
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my purpose [1]
pairing: beefy!bucky x black sub!reader, mistress!reader, rich ceo!bucky, [scandal show plot]
warnings: porn w plot?, smut, eating out, some derogatory words, explicit, cheating, submissive Bucky?, pet names [bunny, pretty girl], daddy kink, curse words, awful wife, hot Bucky, cock worship, body worship, talks of serving someone, blowjob
Part [2]
Tumblr media
[this gif is hot🥹]
YOU were on the couch eating popcorn while watching on of your favorite film collection. The scream movies when you heard your phone go off. Sighing you picked it up.
I’ll be there in 5. Want you in that sexy lingerie I bought for you and your collar.
you squealed becoming quite excited when his message popped up. You turned off the tv and put the food away. Walked into your bedroom and changed into your red lacy lingerie. Walked to your drawer and placed the pretty little colar around your neck.
You walked back to your couch and sat on it until you heard the door open. He walked in with his all black suit that practically wanted to make you cum in your panties every time you saw him in it. He set his phone by the coffee table and made eye contact with you. A dark look in his eye.
he kissed you and his fingers moved down to your thong. “I knew I did the right thing when I bought you this.” He grunted, rubbing your clit with his fat thumb.
“mhm daddy more” you whined, holding onto his biceps
he groaned when he heard his name come out of your lips like that. Sounded like the voice of an angel and almost made him cum in his boxers. He’s been so hard all day, thinking about you, how you cry when you take it like a good girl, your whines and cute moans haven’t left his mind since he saw you last.
he went on his knees and removed your thong. He sucked on your bud like he hasn’t ate in days, slurping up your juices as of collecting it and not letting any drip go to waste. You grind on his face and run your fingers through his hair
“fuck” you mewl out “right there daddy”
your orgasm is fast approaching since he’s never let his face go between your legs. Your heart rate, increasing and sweat building up on your body.
“oh god, I’m gonna fucking cum, fuck, fuck” you scream out in pleasure, throwing your head back. Your orgasm so intense your legs shake.
After coming back down to earth, he lifts his body up and sits on your couch, sliding off his slacks to reveal his fat hard cock with pre cum oozing out at the tip.
“you know what to do кролик” he says keeping eye contact with you. (bunny)
you get on your knees in front of him as he opened his legs for you. You start to suck on his tip, immediately sucking his yummy pre cum. Moaning as the familiar taste hit your tongue. You sit up once more and take all of him in your mouth, down your throat. His groans motivate you to suck faster and take him deeper if you can.
“fuck” he groans, looking down at you as you work your magic. God this was a sight for sore eyes. He wants to stay in this position forever with you. Your mascara running down your cheeks “so close кролик. daddy’s so fucking close”
His hips buck up towards your face as his orgasm comes. You look at him to notice his expression. His hair stuck to his forehead as sweat collects on it, and you notice he clutches your couch in pleasure. You hum and feel his load shooting down your throat. You swallow it and slump back down to your normal position. The mixture of spit, cum, and mascara running down your cheeks and onto your chin.
“come here gorgeous” he says and pulls you onto his lap, using his shirt he wipes your face off. He pulls your shirt off you and takes a nipple into your mouth. shit by this point your probably dripping. You start to rub your pussy on his slacks as you become needy at the feeling of your wet nipple.
“rubbing your sweet little pussy on daddy’s thigh huh?” He smirks and you moan when he slaps your thigh “here кролик let me help you”
he lifts your body up, moving your pussy above his cock. He aligns his cock with your entrance, moaning when he stretches you out. The piece of the puzzle finally being found.
“holy shit daddy” you exclaimed
He chuckles “haven’t moved yet inside you bunny and you’re already cock drunk for me”
He starts to thrust his hips upwards and you hold onto his shoulders as you lose your balance. The sounds of your sloppy wet pussy lingered in the air as he started fucking into you like a mad man. Some tears betraying you and spills onto your cheeks as the pleasure just felt so good. Bucky was so good bringing the heaven to you, even if your actions would land you in hell. He grabbed your hips harshly and laid you down on the couch, thrusting into you so beautifully and violently that the couch was moving side to side. He brought his hand down to your neck and choked you. You being too fucked out to even notice your movements, you quickly wrapped your hand around his wrists and bit your lip.
“Yes daddy right there-ahhh” you drooled, letting it fall down your chin. In any other situation, you would be embarrassed but you don’t care as your orgasm was fast approaching.
Just as close as you were to cuming he took it all away. You whined when he slipped out of you and grabbed your collar and turned you around. Your back against his tattooed chest.
“hold on pretty girl, you’ll cum soon enough” he chuckled, slipping his cock right into your pussy. He started thrusting fast and you let out a scream that could be heard from a mile away.
“oh….oh my god…fuuuck” you said longating the word
His hand was clutching your collar as his other was holding onto your hip. His lips were brushing against your neck as he was groaning into your ear and praising about how tight you are and how good you fucking feel.
“d-daddy” you mewl out “need your cum- need it inside me. Please mark me daddy please please”
“Yeah?” he groaned and let go off your collar causing you to fall on the couch on all fours, arching your back “you want daddies cum huh? Make you into a little cum dump and only serve daddy forever huh?” His thrusts became erratic.
“yes yes yes” you sobbed rolling your eyes and let out a squeal as your orgasm finally approached you, your hands gripped the sofa as your legs were shaking. This orgasm took your breathe away.
you finally slumped down and laid your body on the couch trying to catch your breathe you felt his cum shooting into you, painting your pink walls white before he laid his head on top of you.
“good job bunny” he kissed your shoulder and slid out of you. He smirked as he saw his cum leaking out of you, wishing he could plug you up and get you pregnant. He zipped up his pants and helped you up, rubbing your back. He ran you a bath and picked you up, placing you into the bath as your legs were wobbly.
“come in….with me” you pleaded, your doe eyes looked up to his blue ones. He gave in and started stripping and joined you into the hot soapy water. His hands embraced you. The moment was very sappy and special despite it being wrong. But whenever you were with him the guilt washed away into passion. You loved him and he loved you more than his wife, Hayley who he believes is only with him for the money and title. He wants you there beside him but he couldn’t. His image would be destroyed on being a family wrecker. But it’s worth it if it’s you, he just doesn’t know how you would react.
“you should go back to Hayley, she’s probably waiting for you at home” you said sitting on your bed after your bath
“I’d rather stay with you” he said kneeling down, rubbing lotion on your legs
“go home bucky” you shook your head, he stopped his movements and looked up at you. His lips merely inches away from yours
“after y/n” he said sternly “she doesn’t need me right now. I’m here with you and I’ll leave when I want to.”
Your breathe hitched in your throat and you gave a small smile “okay”
He pecked your lips and went on his knees once more to finish rubbing lotion over your body. Lord this man was going to be the death of you.
a/n: thanks for reading the first chapter folks. Second is coming out soon. Sry if it might take a while, I’m going to be busy since I’m a senior in hs. MY REQUESTS ARE OPEN!!!
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Tumblr media
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Please can Seb write a scandalbook about all his years in F1 and the dirtiest story’s about his time at Ferrari? Like Harry&Meghan did about the Buckingham Palace?
I‘m sure everybody would love this book and it will become a Topseller.
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Tumblr media
Former showgirl Mandy Rice-Davies following her court appearance as a witness in the Profumo affair, 1967 | Tom Blau
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Tumblr media
@candyheartedchy's ship dynamic meme was too good to not pass up, so i drew my most beloved ships and their dynamics, some i havent drawn in a good while! and yes you will all also witness my extensive collection of fonts sdfhskdhfs
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Tumblr media
 art by @multiverse-mxdness
story summary: Scandal! AU– your mentor, David Rossi, has recruited you to make Senator Aaron Hotchner the next President of the United States. Once described as a political nun, the Senator helps you see that maybe you can mix business and pleasure.
This fic contains conduct not suitable for minors. If you are under the legal age of consent in your country, please skip chapters marked on this list with an asterik (*). If you would like a safe for work adaptation, please DM me.
This fic updates on Tuesdays and Saturdays at roughly 5pm EST  is complete.
Chapter One: The Job
Chapter Two: One Minute
Chapter Three: Inappropriate*
BONUS CHAPTER: Inappropriate (Aaron’s POV)
Chapter Four: Numbers
Chapter Five: Michael
Chapter Six: Amendment*
Chapter Seven: Standstill
Chapter Eight: Election Night
Chapter Nine: The Firm
Chapter Ten: Forty Eight
Chapter Eleven: Pressure
Chapter Twelve: Inauguration Day*
Chapter Thirteen: 100 Days In*
Chapter Fourteen: Camp David
Chapter Fifteen: Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner
Chapter Sixteen: Circles
Chapter Seventeen: The State of the Union
Chapter Eighteen: After
Chapter Nineteen: It’s Handled
Chapter Twenty: Sweet Baby
Chapter Twenty One: Moving On
Chapter Twenty Two: Treading Water
Chapter Twenty Three: Worth Our While*
Chapter Twenty Four: Saved
Chapter Twenty Five: Spin
Chapter Twenty Six: 23 People
Chapter Twenty Seven: Arrangements
Chapter Twenty Eight: Still a Chance
Chapter Twenty Nine: The Funeral
Chapter Thirty: Catching Up
Chapter Thirty One: The Offer
Chapter Thirty Two: Bullshit
Chapter Thirty Three: Aegis
Chapter Thirty Four: At the Pleasure of the President
Chapter Thirty Five: A Change of Clothes
Chapter Thirty Six: The Confession
Chapter Thirty Seven: The Complication
Chapter Thirty Eight: Back to Work
Chapter Thirty Nine: Doux Bebe
Chapter Forty: Camp David, Part II
Chapter Forty One: Open Up*
Chapter Forty Two: The Thing
Chapter Forty Three: Interference
Chapter Forty Four: A Woman Scorned
Chapter Forty Five: The Clock
Chapter Forty Six: A Zoo
Chapter Forty Seven: For Old Time’s Sake
Chapter Forty Eight: To Second Chances
Chapter Forty Nine: Out of Options
Chapter Fifty: Subcommittees
Chapter Fifty One: The Jugular
Chapter Fifty Two: Marlboros
Chapter Fifty Three: Chris Lawrence
Chapter Fifty Four: The True Story 
Chapter Fifty Five: Affirmations 
Chapter Fifty Six: Ironic
Chapter Fifty Seven: The White House Correspondents’ Dinner
Chapter Fifty Eight: Paper
Chapter Fifty Nine: AWOL 
Chapter Sixty: Epilogue 
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Tumblr media
Watergate evidence: secret Chapstick microphones! .U.S. v. Liddy Exbt 133: Bell & Howell Model H-10C Microphones in Chap Sticks, NARA ID 304967.
Tumblr media
Watergate evidence: U.S. v. Liddy Exhibit 1: View of the Watergate 6/1972. NARA ID 304965.
#OTD 1972: WATERGATE BREAK-IN Watergate records now online! By Miriam Kleiman, Public Affairs
"I hereby resign the Office of President of the United States." --Richard M. Nixon, August 9, 1974 #OTD (OK, night) 1972, 5 burglars broke into the DNC offices at DC's Watergate office complex. The subsequent 2-year investigation exposed a trail of abuses that led to the highest levels of the Nixon administration and ultimately to the President himself. Nixon resigned from office under threat of impeachment on August 9, 1974.
Watergate evidence now online! Of course the National Archives holds Watergate records - the lock picks, screwdrivers and plastic gloves, the tapes, the Watergate #214 room key, Chap Stick microphones, Barker’s address book, the security log, and literally millions of pages of the Watergate Special Prosecution Force, and many of these records are now online for the first time! U.S. v. Liddy Trial Records and Government Exhibits. See the National Archives News story: Watergate Trial Records Digitized Ahead of Scandal’s 50th Anniversary.
Tumblr media
Watergate evidence: U.S. v. Liddy Exbt 57: Lock Picks. NARA ID 245243580. 50th Anniversary event: Watergate: Blueprint for a Scandal John Dean joined us (6/1/22) for a special screening of Episode One of Watergate: Blueprint for Scandal in partnership with CNN Original Series. See the post-screening discussion between Dean and CNN anchor Jim Acosta. Press release here.
Tumblr media
Watergate evidence: Watergate Security Officer's Log Showing Entry for June 17, 1972, Records of the Watergate Special Prosecution Force, NARA ID 304970.
Tumblr media
Watergate evidence: Exhibits 70-72 Photos of tape recorder and typewriter. Records of the Watergate Special Prosecution Force, NARA ID 7582822.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
6.14 | Head Games
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absentia-if · a month ago
Interactive Fiction Crossover Questions
Each Author included below created their own questions. (If any Author would like to be included in the list just let me know.)
For an easier time— with some of the questions— it’d probably be easier to specify which RO Cast (or character) you’re asking about.
Who do you ship your characters with from other IFs?
Which IF RO Cast would you want to bail you out of trouble? Which do you think would cause you even more?
Which IF RO Cast would you want your Cast to go on a Vegas vacation with? Who would get lost in the casino? Would The Hangover happen?
Which RO Cast do you connect with the most?
What would your Cast save a different RO Cast as in their phones?
Which District— i.e. Hunger Games— would your cast be a part of? Which would other Cast’s?
F.M.K (Fuck. Marry. Kill.) with other RO Casts.
Which IF ROs would make the best group to survive a zombie apocalypse?
If in Marvel Cinematic Universe, which ROs would form a group like Avengers, or X-Men, or Brotherhood of Mutants? Which RO Cast could you see in such group together?
Who would your characters be best friends with out of different RO Casts? Would it be a strong bond, one out of necessity, or something else?
What’s one thing that would attract your character to a different RO? Their eyes? Personality? Smile? Something else?
Which RO Cast would you want to help you plan a Halloween Party?
If you had to rob a bank which RO Cast— or specific character— would you want to have help you? What would their roles be?
Which RO Cast would you want to take to Karaoke Night? Would your characters be impressed?
Which RO Cast— or specific characters from different casts— would you call if you needed an alibi?
How would your cast connect with the Absentia Cast? Who would they be the closest to?
Who do you think would cause Agent Cassidy the most grief? Would it be intentional or by accident?
Would your cast want to live in Aurora? Why or why not?
If your cast could choose one person, in the Absentia Cast, to be stranded on a deserted island with; who would it be?
Would your characters want Oliver/Eliza as their parents?
How would your cast interact with the various pets of Absentia? Would they gravitate more towards Athena? Fiji? Alpha?
Would your cast help in the investigation of trying to figure out who the Kidnapper is? Why or why not?
Would your characters enjoy the Northern Lights Festival held within Aurora? Where food, music, and games are plentiful.
Would they be on the Kidnapper’s side?
Who would be the best at breaking down M’s walls?
If you could be any character within Absentia who would you like to be? Does your choice differ from that of your characters?
Sinners and Saints:
Who do you think would test Captain Hayes’ patience the most? Why?
What supernatural being from SaS would your cast be? A vampire, a werewolf, a werejaguar, a psychic, a witch, a demon, an angel, a ghost, a werebear, a phoenix, a damned soul…?
Who would feel right at home in Deadwood, and who’d want nothing more than to escape?
How would your cast feel about Sage? Would they like them, be attracted to them, hate them, be scared of them?
How would your cast react to seeing such a creature as “Krek”?
Who from your cast would go with Sasha on a wild party in Wanda’s bar?
How would your cast feel about Quinn? Would they feel protective of them, or annoyed by them?
If it came to a physical fight or a verbal fight, who’d most likely fight with whom? What about?
Would your cast spend the entire night at Morgan’s haunted house? How would they feel and behave there?
Who would you want to be, from supernatural beings in SaS?
An Affair of the Heart:
Who of your ROs is most likely to need Watsons help (a good doctor and surgeon)? And what for?
What would be your ROs vices?
Who of your ROs (or MC) would be the best Sherlock Holmes (consulting detective)?
Who would be best at reaching H’s high standards of propriety and correct conduct?
Who would gush about food with Watson?
Who would love the idea of a mysterious and intriguing pen-pal?
Who would be able to cheer up even the grumpy Lestrade?
Who is in most need of Adler’s dance classes?
Would your ROs be friends/lovers/enemies with H, Adler, Lestrade, Watson, or Sherlock?
Which of your ROs would have ended up in an arranged marriage together? How would it go?
Who would be able to kill someone and get away with it?
If you had to send your cast on a mission with the Novaturient cast, who would you partner with whom?
What reason would your cast give for wanting world domination?
As a spy, you have to keep a cool head under pressure. How would your cast handle a seemingly hopeless situation where their next move could make the difference between freedom and capture? Do they shine or do they fold?
Out of your cast, who would be an agent, who would be a handler, and who would be a villain? (Bonus: who would be the big, bad Agency Director?)
Of all the Novaturient cast, Luisa is the one who excels the most at tailing suspects. If your cast had to tail a suspect, how would they do? Would they complete the mission or get made? If they got made, could they sweet talk their way out of suspicion?
How would your cast fair in Club Delirium? What would be their favourite section (dance floors, bar, casino, lounge area, pool, karaoke, all-you-can-eat buffet)?
Who could you see your cast becoming friends with from the Novaturient cast? Who do you (dear author) think you would get along best with?
Reese is a character who hides a lot of what they’re feeling. Are any of your cast who are like this? What happens when they reach a breaking point?
Say your cast members best friend did a disappearing act, causing them a lot of worry. How would they react during the reunion?
It’s time for a day off to relax at the beach. Who from your cast would be joining Luisa as she sunbathes? Or Kalan/Kalix/Kal and Noah in a water fight? Or Reese making sandcastles? Or Amari/Amara/Ama swimming? Or Cody with preparing the bbq and picnic?
Would your ROs have voted for Christian Anderson for President?
Who would your ROs be closest with out of the Scandal Cast? Would the connection be genuine?
If your characters visited D.C. what’s the first thing they would sightsee?
If your characters were invited to dinner at the White House how would they act? Would they be cordial with Christian and Alcina?
What’s the first thoughts of your characters when meeting the Scandal Cast?
Who would talk about music— mainly classical— with Alcina? Would they accept Alcina’s offer for her to play something for them on the piano?
What song— or songs— would fit your characters relationship with the Scandal Cast?
Who would have a game night with Stephen? Who would get super competitive?
Which of your characters would be fine with Quinn being their bodyguard? Who would be adamantly against it? Would it be because they don’t think Quinn is competent? Or something else?
If you could be anyone out of the Scandal Cast who would you wish to be? Does your choice differ from that of your characters?
Villain’s Promise:
If any of your case would use magic from Villain’s Promise, what type would they use? The options are: Psychic (Ydba), Healing (Iba), Air (Waik), Earth (Asdavi), Fire (Viaren), or Water (Lasom).
Which of your ROs would be part of noble group (Y, C, and M) and who would be happy art of the commoner group (E, Z, L)?
Who would become a mercenary? Where would they draw the line for missions?
Who would take Thena in and who would avoid them at all cost?
ROs last words before execution?
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camsthesadgirlnow · 3 months ago
my purpose [2]
pairing: beefy!bucky x black sub!reader, mistress!reader, rich ceo!bucky, [scandal show plot]
warnings: smut, cheating (Bucky on wife), office sex, hot hot steamy chemistry, SMUT, cum on body, public sex, talks of pierced body, confident reader, sexy reader, similar to when fitz and liv met. The pov changes, italic is ur thoughts
summary: the story of how barnes and you met
Tumblr media
[this gif🥹]
the unknown question between Bucky and you were how you both met each other. He was in a meeting and you were a note taker in the back, people barely paid attention to you. You were just an assistant to your boss, who had a boss and he had a boss and that boss was bucky.
he was dressed in his usually attire of a leather jacket and a white shirt but damn the jean jacket did really outline his yummy muscles and fuck, his thigh jeans that made you just want to grind on those thighs. You felt yourself getting a little wet let’s just say at work.
get it together you fucking slut, you said to yourself
you shook to clear your mind and actually started paying attention to what he was saying.
“so we lost Rhode Island on the vote to expand our company and we might loose Texas and we cannot have that. Does anyone have an idea on what to do?”
uh yeah. Be more family friendly if those states are mostly conservative and respect family values and private life. They like to have a beer with a nice family and play golf on some douche’s pretentious backyard and then smoke a cigar just because they can. He needs be more like that. Put on an act and he’ll get their vote.
“anyone? Anyone at all?” He sighs
“uh sir if I may” some man spoke up, I cocked my head to side and recognized him, jake. The ass kisser and asshole.
“We need to speak more about gay marriage and more funding towards mental health programs so they know we-“
“Oh speaking towards these issues won’t increase any voting in these conservative states, instead they’ll decline us. The problem is-“
“The problem is you.” I stated, not knowing where my boldness came from even shocking myself. Through my peripheral i could see the mouths agape and eyes staring at me.
“you look like you don’t screw your wife or that you love her at all and that’s fine but you said it so yourself. These are conservative states who value family. It’s why they vote for who they vote for.” I paused and looked up at him, his piercing eyes were staring right into mine and I somehow achieved more of a confidence boost. “You need to put on an act, be more like them. Those men like playing golf on their rich backyards and sip beers like it’s water. Invite them to dinner with your wife, make friends with them, post pictures with them and purposely arrive at crowed places with their company. Then you’ll get their vote.”
There was a brief pause before he asked me “and you are….?”
“y/n y/l/n” you stated, your smile beaming
“Everyone dismissed…..except you” he said staring at me
I sigh and probably get prepared to be yelled at. I walk over to the table and set my notes on it and he walks over and locks the door.
“That was a nice detailed description you gave there” he chuckled shuffling his hands into his pocket
“Just doing my job Mr Barnes.” You said “my job isn’t to baby you, it’s to tell the truth and to help you win the states votes so you can increase the company. Sorry that everyone was too afraid to speak the truth and I understand if I’m fired…”
As I was rambling I noticed with everyone word I would say he would step closer to me and i only noticed when his face was inches away from mine. He stared into my eyes and almost felt trapped as if my energy was pulling him in somehow. And your scent, did you always smell like pure seduction. Like sex. And wear your lips always so plump like that. Your lip gloss outlining your lips perfectly and the way you curly hair would bounce with every word you spoke. Shit am I in a trance?
He started to find it extremely difficult to focus on your face and not the perfect outline of your breasts. The more these dirty thoughts ran across his mind, the more harder he became. His hard cock painfully straining against his jeans.
he hooked one arm behind you which made you gasp and pulled you closer. “god you are so sexy” he growled and connected his lips to yours
Quickly running his hands behind your thigh and wrapping your legs around his waist, he pushed a chair out of the way and sat you on the table. His lips moving to your neck, planting kisses and that’s wear your scent met him again. He groaned at the delicious smell. His hand moved under your skirt, about to pull your thong down your legs until your hands pushed him back and he almost stumbled. He gave you a confused look.
“Mr barnes, y-your wife” you said, trying to at least keep some of your dignity not wanting to be known as the homewrecker/mistress whore.
“What about her? Do you see her here?” He responded non cholantly. Now it was your turn to be confused. Did he hate his wife?
“no mr barnes” you said
“Then it’s settled. Don’t worry about it” he said and came in between your legs, pulling your thong down your legs and groaning when he saw the wet spot. He raised your skirt to your stomach and pulled you to the edge of the table. Your ass almost flying off. His hands unzipped his pants, tugging them down to his ankles. He was huge. Bigger than you expected and everything you wished he was. The veins running along his cock made you moan as it was perfectly sculpted. As much as it was wrong you couldn’t wait to feel him break you apart.
He aligned his cock with your entrance and you already made grabby hands on his shirt, knowing he was gonna take your breath away. He sank down even deeper, allowing his entire length to swallow inside your walls and probably even your womb.
“fuck you’re so tight ангел” he groaned holding onto the table as you let out a moan (angel)
“ah yes” you moan
He starts moving inside you and you swear you’ve never felt something so amazing. Not even your rose vibrator (bless her, she does magic but not even close). The way his cock tapped your clit everyone once in a while made it feel like heaven. His hand went to pull your dress shirt off, ripping a couple buttons off and revealed your black lacy bra. He didn’t make an effort to even unclip it, too hypnotized by how perfect you feel. He resorted to raising it up and showing your perfect pierced nipples which turned him on even more. He pushed you down, laying you on the cold surface he began thrusting even deeper into you, groaning when he sees the bulge on your belly. Your tits bouncing up and down with the movement of the table as if jerks back.
“omg omg I’m gonna cum, gonna cum fuck. fuck, fuck” you squealed as he brought down his metal finger, pressing tight circles on your button. The cold feeling making you moan contrasting to the warm feeling of your clit.
You finally let go, squirting all over his dick and onto the table and floor, causing a wet spot. He was still slamming into you but you felt his thrusts becoming sloppier and he immediately pulled out and came all over your stomach. Some even landing on your lips so you quickly cleaned up the mess using your tongue. Giggling when Mr barnes was staring at you in pure lust and like he wanted to fuck you into a different dimension.
“I don’t” he says
You raise your eyebrows in confusion “you don’t what?”
“I don’t screw my wife and I don’t love her at all.”
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