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It is the sweet, simple things of life which are the real ones after all - Laura Ingalls Wilder
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annoyingthemesong · 17 days ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
There is not, has never been, and likely never will be another director quite like Roy Andersson. With massive lapses between films, he’s a true artist who creates his own projects from the ground up, according to a very specific and well refined vision. His early standout Songs From the Second Floor was so exquisite and surprising, I’d never seen anything like it. His trademark aesthetic involves meticulous production design and tableau imagery, a kind of twisted, Nordic version of Wes Anderson. His camera barely moves.
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dontstagram · a month ago
Inaugural post: August 20, 2021 - the first thing you see when you go to #InteriorDesign
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Hi, I’m don’tstagram, and seeing this image as the first result in the #InteriorDesign instagram tag makes me want to throw my diploma out the window.
Now, in the future, I may veer off towards detailed breakdowns of spaces, perhaps with some accompanying graphics and cropped shots, but right now I’m sticking to bullet points. Because bullet points are effective communication tools and I have a fanfic I’m supposed to be working on so am a bit pressed for time.
First, some details about the account. I don’t share the actual OP, as this can get quite critical, but some basic stats
Followers: 22.2k Posts: 565 Location: Australia (I swear I’m not deliberately throwing shade at our neighbours across the ditch this really was the top result when I searched)
What’s wrong with this space:
I get that people like this kind of neutral hygge look with the dried grasses and everything but honestly it’s boring, hollow, and shows the dirt easily. Do you have a pet? Light neutrals are not your friend.
Where the heck are the skirting boards (baseboards for you Americans). Sure, it’s one less thing to clean, but they exist for a reason - to finish off the wall neatly, and to hide any untidy joints. Unless that flooring has been installed exceptionally well, it’s going to look messy.
Additionally skirting boards are generally finished in enamel (either water or oil based) paint, which is much tougher and easier to clean than standard flat wall paint. This means there are going to be vacuum scuffs and probably marks from mopping on this wall pretty early on in the piece.
Sofas without arms are the actual worst. I hope this is a couch for visitors you don’t like sticking around too much *edit* after taking a fourth look, I can see the sofa does in fact, have arms, but they’re very low and not at all the kind you can lean on comfortably without putting your back out, so my comment still stands.
There is nowhere to put a drink. The plant stand’s not going to do much, and the cane coffee table as it is, can’t have a drink put on it as it has no proper flat surface. Yes, you could use a coaster, but this is asking for spills.
Dried arrangements are great for staging, but they get dusty very quickly in most homes. If you like to air your house out regularly you’re going to want to shake these out a lot. Unless you live somewhere with no dust and/or air pollution in which case... good for you can I get some of that?
Personally, I am not a fan of matching your art to your decor. Art is an intensely personal thing, and choosing pieces because they go with your colour scheme is something I remember Changing Rooms doing in the 90s. I hated it then, and I hate it now.
Please dear lord just give me a tiny bit of colour I’m begging you.
This doesn’t actually look like a real design, it looks like the AU/NZ kmart catalogue
Things I like:
The textures are lovely. Despite not personally liking the way design is leaning towards this kind of homogeneous scandi-lite neutral spaces devoid of any personality, the different materials and weights are pleasing
Have you spotted a photo that’s got you itching to pull out the DIY gear? Submit it through the @dontstagram inbox right here, and I’ll let you know all the things you’ll want to be aware of before taking that idea and running with it!
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redreart · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
My version of Loki from Scandinavian mythology 🦊🖤
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cold-earth-connection · 22 days ago
D.I.Y. morning before I leave for a few months of work again. After two and a half years at the BBC Natural History Unit I'm off to freelance life again, and they got me this Chemex as a leaving present. Legends. Keep your eyes peeled for Frozen Planet II... They'll start teasing it on TV in about a year!
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Tumblr media
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albusplumbledor · 4 months ago
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Mooorn 😴😴 Sorry I haven't been on here lately, work has been crazy, home has been crazy, I have been crazy 😂
My laptop seems to have finally given up, It made a sound like the pew pew of a space gun and shut off 😭 So I am now on here on my phone, ngl the tumblr app is mega awkward to use 😅
Oh I won the lottery last night! 😍
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6 whole pence! 😍🥳
I better not spend it all at once smh 🤦‍♀️😂
I visited my nan a few days ago 💕 She is home from the hospital, well and resting 🙌❤ Whilst I was there I got a sneak peek at the rascal Bob 👀
Drum roll pls
Tumblr media
He is believed to be sitting on eggs 😍 I told my nan that it's likely Bob is actually a 'she', to which she told me in a firm voice that I "shouldn't just assume his gender" (excuuuuuuse me 😳)
He is still causing havoc of course, my nan called this morning to tell me he had dug out one of the plants on her balcony 😬 She has since had to move them inside 😂
Sorry it's not the best update I'm so sleepy 😴 I'm at work today, I'm doing a stock take and I'm incredibly bored, feel free to drop in or send an ask 😁
Hope you're all having a wonderful weekend, stay groovy, love y'all 🌻🌻🌻
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laedimuck · a month ago
hi, i am struggling to find blogs to follow for the aesthetic I’m into, if you post any of these things interact with this post and I’ll check out your blog. Thanks! :)
moody landscapes and images
rainy, snowy scenes
ancient sites
folklore, especially northern and eastern European folklore 
moomins, tove jansson
witchy, ethereal content
I’ll also tag some of my favourite books and music so if you post about them I’m interested
I’m starting a degree in illustration and may post some stuff so if you are an illustrator I’d love to see 
I am always open for a chat
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