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#scaramouche x reader
sidemariana · a day ago
• Voicelines about you pt.2 •
Characters included: Gorou, Kazuha, Scaramouche, Thoma x Fem!Reader
Warnings: None, it's only fluff.
Art: I found it on Pinterest, it's from a donghua (chinese animation) called "Heaven Official's Blessings"
Tumblr media
Part 1: Here!
Gorou 🐾
About (Name): Uh, (N-Name)? Uh, she's... She's nice, I guess. Oh crap, I'm way too nervous to talk about her... She isn't just 'nice', you know. The truth is that I crave being around her because she makes me feel safe. Whenever she's around, she always gives me head and ears scratches and play with my tail carefully. Ah, the shivers that her caresses send down my spine... W-What?! I can't help but feel cared about every time she's with me, is all. Her scent is so inviting and so tender... Oh man... I'm catching myself missing her once again. Where could she be by now?
Kazuha 🍁
About (Name): Oh, the talkative and gentle girl of Monstad? I met her during my time on Beidou's ship. She's sensitive and empathetic, always so attached to the little details of things that most people don't even notice it amused me. My day always turns out to be brighter whenever I have the opportunity to spend some time with her, since she has such a comforting aura. She always paid attention to my words when I recited a poetry for her... Oh, talking about poems, I made a sonnet about her. Could you perhaps help me to improve anything of it?
Scaramouche ⚡
About (Name): Um, excuse me? Why are you asking me about her? Tsc, so random. Well, all I can say is that in the beginning I hated her. I hated her voice, her personality, her strength... But soon I noticed that hatred could be admiration towards her instead. Once I gave her a chance to be closer to me, I grew up attached to her presence. A curious fact is that she think my haircut is ' so sick' and whenever she sees me she keeps playing with the hair from my nape. Argh! I didn't want to show this soft side of me, so stop asking about her to me and go search for another fool out there to do so. Tsundere, me? As if.
Thoma 🎋
About (Name): Ah, yes! The kind and friendly girl that helped the Sangonomiya Resistance! She's awesome! She nurtures adoration for animals out there, did you know that? Mhmm! She once hangout with me to take care of some stray dogs of Inazuma and those puppies couldn't be happier around her, haha. When she was here still, we often went out to drink some tea while I taught housekeeping skills to her. Sometimes I miss her presence here way too much... I guess I'll pay her a visit on Monstad, so I can see my native land once again and be around my favorite person.
If you're reading this, don't be shy to send me a request! (NSFW and SFW are allowed here) ~w~
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bluexiao · a day ago
#i know you, i walked with you once upon a dream
—scenarios of first time meeting—or were they not really the first?—and talks about past lives
CHARACTERS. Abyss!Aether, Albedo, Ayato, Childe, Diluc, Gorou, Kaeya, Kazuha, Scaramouche, Thoma, Venti, Xiao, Zhongli
THEMES. First meetings, Fluff, Slight angst, Mostly hurt with comfort. (except xiao’s), mentions of past lives (ofc)
NOTES. It is mostly not noted if it’s modern or in-game setting. Also, this idea is quite difficult to write, not gonna lie. It took awhile for me to finish but I hope you liked it and I did justice to the idea hahaha. Let me know what your thoughts are on this one okok? I personally liked Albedo’s and Diluc’s on this one hehe
Writing Commissions || Send a Kofi!
Tumblr media
ZHONGLI’s life far exceeds humans or probably any other kind, that he knew and was aware of. Each life comes to an end, but fate decides that he, amongst others, was one who shall be “blessed” with years more than he could imagine. The days had been long and the nights were not too far away, yet he persisted. With time in his hands, he knew he needed something to do, to distract himself and to merge into the society of humans.
“Good morning, would you like to avail Wangsheng Funeral Parlor’s new promo?” that voice, oh, of course, he knew, he just knew. Tone like a melody heard from the mountain tops and by the rivers, where he’d want to stop and drink tea with the peace overcoming him.
You—he knew it was you and he confirmed it when he turns around and sees your eyes, your face—it really was you.
Memories come flashing in like it was just yesterday, but he held his face—still calm despite the turmoil on the inside. He was taken aback, but no one can notice it, not even you.
“The Wangsheng Funeral Parlor,” he repeats, clearing his throat, “I heard they are trying to hire a consultant, is the job still vacant, perhaps?”
XIAO, the sole-surviving yaksha, had seen many things, defeated many demons or enemies anyone else could count, even himself. Yet one thing he dare not want to witness again was what happened to you. Of course, he knew love—knew it like the back of his hand, but now he rejects it, pushes it away before the same thing repeats again like a neverending curse he couldn’t run away from.
When he saw you, it was like the air had been sucked out of his lungs, his throat clogged up, and flashbacks he wished he could never visit again came on his mind as his eyes widened slowly, gaze focused on your form not too far away from Wangshu Inn. He wanted to go away, to flee before he gave in, but he was magnetized by your pull—or more like destiny wills it to happen.
He unconsciously reaches his hand out but as soon as he realized he did, he pulls away; his hand, his gaze, and himself; disappearing into that one place you and him used to go to when you were once alive before, convincing himself that this was not you that he knew before. This was another you, one he would not want to hurt anymore, not after what happened.
VENTI had questioned himself far too many times; what was his purpose? Why does he still walk among the lands, as if he was waiting for something, or someone. Right. He was waiting for you. This was what had been on his mind that maybe the other gods above granted his wish to lay his eyes on you once again, to hear you voice that he had missed so much.
He would never let you go again, not anymore.
“You must be new here,” he muses, hands on his waist, relishing in the way your eyes landed on his and they were connecte again—finally, “a pleasure to meet you! Outlanders are very much welcome here in Mondstadt, allow me, your humble bard, to tour you around if you’d like!”
THOMA is the neighborhood boy who had always given you a welcoming smile despite not knowing each other that much. He has this aura that you’d want to have in your life, to suck in the positivity he has, almost like the sun—a beaming smile, a warm voice.
“Have I met you before?” one day, he decides to talk to you, like he does to others who are in your neighborhood. You, for one, thought it was just his way of trying to befriend you, but you didn’t know how much he had been longing to have a conversation with you, how much courage he had mustered to walk and talk to you—this had never happened to him, not to anyone else.
It must be why he said those words and sparked a new kind of connection that he just had the feeling that this was not new… you and him. If past lives were true, then he’d believe he was with you.
SCARAMOUCHE has a knack of getting into your nerves each and every time you see him. Yet when others try to do the same, he’s angry at them.
“What’s your problem, even?” you called him out when the same thing happened all over again; others trying to tease you until he comes and glares at them and says “Have you got no better else to do?”
“Shouldn’t that be my line?” he hisses, “I drove them away, what’s your problem?”
You scoffed, “It’s you, Scaramouche—or should I say lord Harbinger?”
He huffs out a breath, “How courageous of you to talk back to me, tsk, why have you always been like this?”
You were left alone as he walks away without another word, leaving you to wonder what his last statement might have meant.
It’s weird, how you felt like you had known KAZUHA even way before you two had met when you were children. Your connection was like gravity, pulling you his way and him to yours, one that he admitted as well.
“Kazu… do you think we knew each other in our past lives?” you questioned him as you both gazed upon the sky, littered with stars as you held your hand out as if reaching out to one of them, searching for their glow. As you do this, KAZUHA reaches out to your hand, grasping it on his own before pulling it on his side and landing soft kisses on each of your knuckles.
“If it’s you, my dove, then I don’t think such an idea would be absurd.”
KAEYA intrigues you, probably just as much as you seemed to him as well. Something in him makes you curious as to if he hides secrets behind that masked eye of his behind his eyepatch. Fleeting glances, flirtatious remarks, sly smiles.
“Who knew I’d find you here, Y/n,” he says that one time you sought solace beside the Cathedral, eyes lingering on the waters around the city of Mondstadt, deep in thought, “A Mora for your thoughts?”
You giggled, averting your eyes his way, “How about we exchange secrets then?”
“Secrets?” he laughs, “If you want one, then I’ll tell you.” he pauses, “Have you ever heard of reincarnations?”
When GOROU met you, he was in the middle of a fight—sort of. You were calling his name and for some reason, he knew yours. By the time he had woken up, your face came into view but he didn’t find you familiar at all, except by the uniform you wore that indicated that you were part of the medical team for the soldiers of the Resistance.
“You called them by name, sir,” one of them says, “do you know them?”
“You know, it’s a rumor that you say your past life’s lover’s name when you’re on the brink of death… maybe…”
“Stop that,” he scolds, “rumors are rumors, you should all focus on our mission at hand.”
He may have dismissed his soldiers but the thought of their words lingered in his thoughts until he saw your eyes again and a single name crossed his mind. Yours.
DILUC had always been intimidating for you, he had this aura that pushed most people away, especially those who dare not want to receive his silence and the glare of his eyes. He was a man full of walls, but it was still a curious thing how you had brought it down.
“I feel like this had happened before,” you said out of the blue one day when you were out with him, waling into the fields that littered all over the city for one to explore too freely.
“What did?”
“This,” you raised your interlinked hands, him with his signature glove that still radiated the warmth of the skin beneath it, “it’s like… we’ve been lovers before.”
He was silent for a little while, and you half expected he would think it was such a stupid idea, but he lets out a chuckle. For those who knew DILUC, they know how difficult it was for him to smile and react like that—only you were probably one of the only ones who could.
“What made you think of that, my love?” he finally speaks, to which you answered,
“I don’t know. It just feels like it. Don’t you think so too?” you peeked into his expression and your heart skipped a beat to see the small smile on his face, especially when he gazes at your way as well.
“I do admit I do feel that as well.”
CHILDE’s enemies had always been those whom he felt were stronger than him, ones that would make him look weak compared to them, against them. When you came in and defeated him in a game of wits, he knew he just had to defeat you one way or another. It was not too long when he realized that you two were like puzzle pieces that were far different but fit each other nonetheless. You two were meant for each other, to fight? Whatever it was, he just knew this was a far too special connection than any other else.
So he decides to beat you in one way he knew that could effectively do so.
He brings his knee down and he could see how you froze in your place, eyes widening in surprise and realization of what he was about to do and what words he was about to say.
Deep blue with the velvety texture of a box on his hand, he opened them and presents the ring in front of you, “Y/n, I don’t think I can hold onto this any longer without seeing it on your finger. The moment I met you, I knew it felt like I had already known you for a very long time. Will you marry me?”
The fallen blossoms get flown away by the wind far from its tree branch, but AYATO knew that two souls could never wander away when they were meant to meet. He believed in soulmates—how silly, isn’t it? Such were just fairytales from their grandparents but it was kept in his heart, even more, reminded by it the day he met you.
“It must be fated for us to cross paths, don’t you think?” were his first words, a knowing smile on his face as he anticipated for what you’d say—would you pull away? Raise a brow at him?
Your giggle resounds in the air, a soft curve on your lips as you replied, “It is quite a pleasure to meet you as well, Master Kamisato. I did not expect a person such as you would believe in such beliefs as well.”
“Well then, do you not?” he questions further, yet that look in your eyes made him think that he knew what the answer was.
“Why should I not when my supposed soulmate is standing in front of me?”
ALBEDO knew he could never impersonate the life in your eyes, to draw them on paper and paint their same hues, same shine. He tried far too many times but never were they ever enough.
His fingers graze over his new drawing of yours and just then, he did not realize someone was already beside him, gazing onto his sketchbook with curious eyes.
“That looks beautiful.”
He dare not speak but the moment he turns and glances at you, his chest tightens for an unknown reason, frozen in place as he waited for you to go away—was he hallucinating? Surely this image is far too perfect to imitate-
“Oh, I apologize if I frightened you. I’m from Sumeru Academy, you must be Mr. Albedo? The Genius Alchemist they’ve been talking about. I came here to meet you.”
Little do you know that as you reached out your hand to him and he reluctantly shook your hand, ALBEDO was breathless.
“Yes, that is me. To what do I owe this pleasure… Y/n?”
It had been so long since he mentioned that name. He might have to tell Klee not to say a word before you and her cross paths or else the past will unravel itself before he could even control it.
AETHER is not unfamiliar with both separation and death. When he lost you 500 years ago, the world crumbled around him and he thought he could never see you again, to have more time with you. Why must this happen to him, he questions far too many times. Yet the answers to them seem to be nonexistent—or more like he did not wish to dwell on it any further, not now that he had met you once again. The stars have finally aligned for him to gaze upon your form and be given the time that was robbed from both of you when you fell along with Khaenriah.
“Y/n… it’s you,” he says, and he remembered wishing that if he was asleep, he did not want to wake up.
“Who… who are you?”
His chest tightens at your words but a smile forms on his face—forced upon, more like.
“Did you really wish you’d like to know more about me?”
Tumblr media
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vilithshaven · 2 days ago
I'm not gonna lie, your posts especially anything that has childe in it makes me wanna scream in happiness. So how about god darling asking childe if she can visit his family in morepesok? Imagine his mom on her way to the market and suddenly childe with the creator side hugging him is in front of the door
Tumblr media
Here's the long awaited fifth part in my Experiment God series! It took me longer than usual to write unfortunately, but it's here now, so who cares, right? :D
If you're new and want to check out the other parts, you can find all of them on our masterlist!
Tagging @nicebonescomrade because she wanted to be tagged. <3
Warnings: Reader throws up once, mention of torture, trauma, mental breakdown, scalpel
- Lilith
Tumblr media
(Name) eyed the Liyue doctor warily, eyebrows furrowed. Their mind told them that they knew this man, but they just weren't able to put his face to a name. Any memories of before the experiments Dottore put them through refused to resurface. Their mind was a blank space. They didn't even remember if they had family or friends.
A sense of unease spread through them and they tried to hide behind Childe, grabbing onto the back of his top. The Harbinger frowned, while Scaramouche and the Tsaritsa stood next to him, focused on the current conversation.
"I hope Tartaglia already told you that this is of the utmost importance. Noone is allowed to know what you're going to do here; not even anyone back in Liyue, once you finish your job and return", the Tsartisa spoke, tone flat and full of distrust. She would have prefered a Sumerian doctor as the nation was known for its wisdom, but this was the only doctor Childe had accepted. He'd outright told them that he wouldn't put their God's life in any other hands. Although the Harbinger deliberately failed to tell them that Zhongli was going to kill him if anyone else touched their God.
The green-haired man nodded. "Of course. I swear on my life that I will not speak about this nor write it down anywhere."
The gathered people did their best to relax. Scaramouche put his hands on (Name)'s shoulders and gently pulled them forth so that Childe's body wasn't shielding them anymore. They cringed and averted their eyes.
"(Name), this is Baizhu. As you probably have heard just know, he'll be in charge of getting that Delusion out of your chest", the Balladeer introduced them, not letting go of them even as they tried to worm their way out of his grip.
The doctor smiled. Although he'd like to come closer and give the Creator a proper welcome, he refrained from doing so upon seeing the fear in their eyes. Eyes that resembled the nightsky. "It's an honor to meet you, Your Grace. This on my shoulders is Changsheng, my beloved friend."
(Name)'s eyes flickered to the snake, eyes focusing on her. It's like a muted conversation took place between the animal and the god, and Changsheng slithered down Baizhu's body to get to them. A soft smile graced their lips at the feeling of the cool and smooth body underneath her hands and they picked the snake up, placing a kiss on their snout.
Their God looked back at the doctor and nodded hesitantly. "Very well. I can agree to that."
They had to. No matter the discomfort it would bring in the future, it was worth it in the end.
Baizhu started the process by reading through Dottore's notes several times, pointing out key notes to whoever had been tasked with watching over him on that day. It was always either a Harbinger or a high-ranked Fatui agent. They didn't trust him to leave him alone with the mad Doctor's research. And that was good. If circumstances had been different, he would have loved to delve deeper into them and try a few of those experiments himself.
The Delusion held a unique power in it, one Dottore described as 'Darkness Manipulation'. He found nothing about its exact abilities, only that it was a revolution to all known things and, should their God ever learn to control it, an unstoppable force. The crazy Doctor had been working on a training schedule for (Name), but he never got around to start it. If it was for the better or the worst, Baizhu couldn't tell. Had they been able to control it, they at least wouldn't hurt anyone. Now he'd had to tread with even more care to ensure he wouldn't activate the Delusion on accident. Childe had told him enough of their God's bad days to know that its power wasn't to be underestimated.
After he was sure he understood enough about the Delusion, the true test began. Baizhu took skin samples from the affected area on the Delusion, tried to see what kind of movements or touches would force it to repel him. It happened quite so often that he'd be flung into a wall, their God apologizing to him whereas the Harbingers laughed at his plight. He'd only remind them that it was his job to work out the kinks, even if it meant he'd get hurt. There was nothing to worry about.
But the worst reaction happened the day he tried to cut out the Delusion for the first time. Baizhu numbed the area with a potion in advance to ensure (Name) didn't feel any pain during the process. Changsheng slithered around their neck, resting her head against their cheek and flicking her tongue out in a way of comfort.
Scaramouche and Childe both were present, arms crossed and anxiously watching the procedure.
The scalpel slit into the skin with ease and (Name) turned their head away, eyes shut tight. He removed the excess skin covering the Delusion, careful not to cut into it. Scaramouche cringed at the sight of the skin now lying on a medicinal tray, opting to focus on their God's face instead.
The Balladeer gasped, rushing over to cup their God's face. Tears had been pouring down their cheeks, teeth biting into lips so hard it brought forth blood. "(Name)?", he asked gently, repeating their name several times. But they didn't respond, only grimaced and started to shake their head.
Their expression was a mixture of confusion and terror, body tense and ready to run for it. Although the affected area had been numbed, they still felt the pressure on their body. It brought them back to that lab, until their mind slipped fully back into the past.
The Delusion's light pulsed in beat to her heart, alerting them of what was to come.
"Doctor Baizhu, I suggest you leave the room."
Baizhu nodded and picked up Changsheng, hurrying out with one last glance at their God. Sweat had started forming on their skin.
Childe strode to (Name)' head, placing his hands on their shoulders. They writhed and bucked up, a quiet cry tearing from their throat.
Their desperation was obvious. If they didn't get them under control now, they'd be forced to knock them out to prevent the havoc their Delusion would ultimately cause in response to their feelings.
"(Name), please. Listen to me", Childe urged, bending down until his lips brushed against their ear. "You're not with him anymore. We're here. Your Ajax and Kunikuzushi. You're not alone."
Scaramouche rubbed their cheeks, placing his forehead on theirs despite their movements. Their breaths intermingled and his distinct smell slowly perturbed the iron stench of blood their memories had procured. "You are safe. You are free", he whispered. "You're not his puppet. Not anymore. We found you."
(Name) opened their eyes, lids fluttering. They gagged at the burning sensation of vomit in their throat and the two Harbingers helped them up just in time for them to vomit onto the floor. Scaramouche turned up his nose at that and closed his eyes for a brief second. He took a deep breath in his gloves.
Their God heaved and shook, a dazed look in their eyes. Sweat dripped down the side of their head.
"You're fine. You're safe. You're free", the two Harbingers whispered. They only stopped once (Name)'s eyes shut and they fell asleep.
From that day on, they were forced to take it even slower. None of them had thought of their trauma or the fact that this resembled what Dottore had done so much. They'd been careless to believe their God had forgotten what had been done to them.
Several weeks after that first failed attempt, (Name) had their first bad day in months. They stared at the ceiling, hands clutching the blankets close to their body. No movement was seen expect for the occasional subconscious blink or gulp. They didn't even listen to any orders urging them to eat and drink.
Childe stayed by their side the whole time, sitting on the bed, their head resting on his thighs. His right hand stroked her head, the other lay intertwined with his God's on the silk sheets. He rambled on about his dreams and the latest talk going around the castle. Then he'd reassure them again, speaking to them in hushed tones how much he treassured them, that he was so grateful to have them in his life.
They showed the first sign of life during his stories about his family. Specifically Teucer and his mother.
"I'd like to meet them."
Childe stopped, unsure if he'd heard it right. Their voice was oh so quiet, barely audible over his own and he hadn't expected a reaction at all the whole day. He looked down at his God, but their eyes remained vacant. "Who?"
A euphoric warmth spread through his chest and he lifted their intertwined hands to place a delicate kiss on their knuckles. He smiled into the skin, his warm breath causing goosebumps to form on their skin.
"It would be my honor to introduce you to them, (Name)."
Therefore it was decided. Childe made quick work of convincing the others that it would be good for their God to leave the Ice Palace for a few weeks. They'd been cooped up in here ever since he brought them back, the only times they went out was for his departure and arrival. Besides, Baizhu's procedures drained them rather rapidly. He was sure that once their God managed to get a nice vacation with his family, they'd be feeling better than ever and noone had to fear an outburst. Most likely.
The Tsaritsa didn't like the thought of their God leaving her palace' safety, however even she found herself accepting Tartaglia's request. It wasn't healthy for them to stay inside all the time and interactions with people that weren't servants or the Fatui surely would do them good.
Not even three days after (Name) had uttered their wish they found themself in a carriage, bundled up in thick fur coats provided by the Tsaritsa. They were sure that these were from the Archon's personal collection, the icey smell and length telling them so. Once upon a time the thought would have made them feel uncomfortable, now they buried into them.
"Are you excited, (Name?)", Childe asked them. His bright grin made them smile back at him.
"I am. Thank you...for all of this."
"No need to thank me! Just enjoy this trip away from any prying eyes and tell me if you're overwhelmed. My family can be quite strenuous and I'll understand."
The journy took two days. Morepesok lay far up north where even summer days never brought any warmth and the generic occupation was fishermen. Most houses were ramshackle buildings that looked as if a harsh gust of wind would destroy them in a second in spite of the fact that Childe reassured her that wasn't going to happen. His family owned a more luxurious mansion, he said, thanks to his high pay as a Harbinger. Or a toy salesman, which was the occupation he told his family he had. They never questioned it, thankfully.
They came to a stop at a market and Childe helped (Name) out of the carriage after helping them put on a scarf and mask, instructing the driver how to reach his home. His arm wrapped around their shoulders and he steered them towards the various booths holding warm drinks and food, fabrics, clothes and so many other things.
Their eyes brightened at the sight, at the happiness the people exuded despite the unbearable cold and bleary environment. The both of them strolled through the market. (Name) got wary looks from the citizens, them openly displaying their distrust to the covered stranger, although they greeted Childe in a familiar way.
However that wasn't a surprise to them. They wore a black mask that covered half of their face. A safety precaution. One of many the Tsaritsa had worked out with Childe beforehand to ensure that nothing would go wrong on this trip.
Suddenly Childe whooped, opting to grab their hand and pulling them along as he ran through the crowd. A few people leered and insulted them, but most just shook their hand and continued on their day, smiling fondly at the scene.
(Name) found it hard to keep up and clutched the scarf around their neck closer, breath coming out of them in fast puffs. Due to staying inside ever since...that, they hadn't worked out or done anything to uphold their stamina. Hence they bent over, hands resting on their knees to catch their breath. They heard Childe apologizing and he ran a hand along their back, rubbing in soothing circles.
Two snow-white hands came into their vision and cupped the back of their head, making them look up. (Name) tensed at the sudden touch, but relaxed as soon as their eyes fell on a ginger-haired woman. Familar blue eyes looked back at her. "Are you okay, dear?", she asked, frowning in concern. "Please excuse my son for making you run like this."
Childe pouted and crossed his arms. His mother let go of them. "I already apologized!"
"And they were just focusing on breathing and probably didn't hear you! Again, young man!"
The ginger groaned and leaned down, his lips touching their forehead. "I'm sorry for not taking care of you better, (Name)", he whispered, careful as to make sure noone heard him say their name.
(Name)'s eyes crinkled and they chuckled, taking his hands and intertwining their gloved hands. "It's okay. You were just excited. I understand."
Coos disrupted their peaceful moment of looking into each other's eyes and both looked at the ginger-haired woman, who now adorned a big smile on her face. "I'm glad you're back, Ajax. Your siblings miss you. But who is this? You did mention someone was going to come along with you..."
Ajax grabbed the basket from his mother with one hand and motioned the woman to follow him. This time he walked slow, glancing (Name)'s way to make sure they were alright. "Let's get home first. This is no place to talk."
His mother was visibly confused by this need for secrecy, but she accepted it nonetheless. She hummed as they trudged through the market to the outerskirts of the village, the song a sweet lullaby.
(Name) saw their home the moment they turned a corner. Unlike its neighbors, it was two stories high and upkept. A fence surrounded the grande building, the metallic gate opened halfways. Just in front of the door stood the carriage that had brought them here.
"It's quite different", they murmured as they walked up to the entrance. Ajax squeezed their hand. "It's...nice."
They separated once they entered the building into the lobby. A fire burnt in a fireplace to their left, its warmth attracting the newly arrived. Ajax and his mother discarded their winter clothes first, hanging them up on racks while (Name) waited. The Harbinger came to them and went onto helping them out of the several coat layers. The scarf stayed, hiding the Delusion from sight for the moment.
His fingers toyed with the strings of the mask, a contemplative and sad look in his eyes. "Mother. What I'm about to tell you is a state secret. It was hard enough to get them out of the Ice Palace, so if anyone were to find out...yeah."
Telling his mother about their Creator meant admitting to working as a Harbinger. His mother who was the only person of his family to be granted such a privilege. (Name) put a hand on top of his, stilling the nervous movements of his fingers. They nodded.
Ajax took a deep breath, shoulders slumping. "Meet (Name)...our Creator and the God above all gods." The mask came loose with a soft tug of his hand and fell off, fluttering to the carpeted floor.
His mother looked at them with wide eyes, confused and shocked. She grabbed onto the back of a couch as a wave of dizziness washed over her. "Our...Creator? What? The Ice Palace? Ajax, what do you mean?"
Ajax went to his mother and helped her sit down. He stood staying, his hands resting on her shoulders. "It's a long story and I promise I'll explain more later when we're alone. can keep this secret, can't you? (Name) needs this reprieve. They just need to feel normal again."
(Name) walked up next to him and wrapped an arm around his waist, snuggling into his side. He accepted the hug, pulling them closer.
"I'm just (Name). Nothing more", they said, voice hesitant. They didn't want to overwhelm the poor woman. It was clear that she was close to a breakdown. "Frankly, I...I wanted to come here to meet Ajax' family. The family of the one who saved me."
It didn't matter that it was Scaramouche who found them first. Ajax, their Ajax, was the one to get them out of that horrible place. They shivered and burried their face in his shoulder as old memories resurfaced.
A lithe hand touched their hand and pulled them down, only to be replaced by warm arms. The distuingished smell of fish entered their nose. Hands rubbed soothing circles into their back.
"I may not understand this situation, but..." His mother breathed out shakily. "You are in need of a family, aren't you? Your eyes...they remind me so much of my boy's after he came back from being kidnapped."
Her mouth found its way to (Name)'s cheek, lingering there. "It's nice to meet you, (Name). I hope you'll enjoy your stay here."
(Name) felt their eyes grew wet and she bit into their bottom lip to stop the sobs from bursting forth. But his mother looked into her eyes, and that look told them everything they needed to hear.
The first drops ran down their cheeks and they hiccuped as they pressed their face into her shoulder. Warm hands caressed their back and waist and soft humming tuned out the rest of the world.
(Name)'s heart was ready to burst as it realized it finally has found what it was missing all this time.
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ddarker-dreams · a day ago
Ohhh I got a question. What are xiao's, albedo's and scaramouche's thoughts on marriage? Would they want to go into marriage with their darling or rather just let it stay how it currently is?
i'll pose this as if their darling asked for their opinion and give a general explanation of my thought process !!!
"Yet another conception of mortal thought that holds no meaning to me."
Xiao might need you to explain the common logistics involving marriage since he’s only heard the term in passing. After all, he’s an adepti whose main focus revolves around dispelling evil spirits. He’d quietly listen to your explanation, holding back scoffs at the different superstitions and traditions. Really, who comes up with this stuff? Is this that common when you’re from? Xiao doesn’t see the big deal. If you’re passionate about marriage, he might give you a ring and assume that finishes that. The one thing he’s inclined to understand is how others recognize a relationship more when it’s marriage, but that won’t matter, since Xiao is the only person you’re ever going to be around. 
"Various cultures throughout history have recorded different versions of 'marriage', in the literal and symbolic sense. I wonder what it is that draws people to seek out a self-perceived higher level of commitment? Is it not enough to acknowledge one another's love and leave it at that? Ah, that expression... is this not the answer you desired? Hm... I'd marry you if we could forgo the ceremony. Having to deal with so many people would exhaust me."
Albedo's interest in alchemy stems from the creation of something new out of nothing. He views marriage in a similar light, opposing forces coming together and creating something new. Although he never paid it much mind before meeting you. Carrying out the traditional aspects such as rings or wedding at a chapel wouldn’t be of much interest to him. He’d probably just say you’re tied together from now on, maybe using the word ‘marriage’ so you can get the gist of what he’s going for, but leave it at that. Checks that part off the mental checklist and assumes he’s basically your husband at this point. 
"That vacant head of yours comes up with the funniest questions. Since you've been well behaved as of late, I suppose it wouldn't hurt to humor you just this once... marriage is a convenient tool to bind two parties for eternity. I can understand the appeal of such a superficial tether."
Don't be fooled by his purposefully apathetic response, he's more interested in marriage than he'll let on. He’s witnessed many weddings during his travels and watched the festivities from afar. The joy or satisfaction on the faces of the newly weds used to pique his curiosity, but as he is now, it’s mildly irritating. He knows his betrothal to you won’t be anything like that due to his coercion and general unpleasantness, a fact that gets beneath his skin. Deep down, Scaramouche wishes you’d look at him with even a fraction of the admiration those people have for each other. 
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hearttebayo · 2 days ago
Ughh I just can’t stop thinking of the feeling of genshin boys tongue on your cunt like you’re all tied up helpless and your legs are spread. They lick you long and sensual then they finally put their tongue on your hole then they use their free hand to rub your clit in circles slowly. Ahh idk anymore i just have never experienced being eaten out, but i imagine thats it just feels so goodd ahh idk what it is just the thought of their tongue licking and sucking youu ahh just perfectt..
Imagine. Anon just IMAGINE you being all shy bc nobody has eaten you out before and he just demands that you sit down on his face <33
And he keeps on asking and asking before actually making you do that ndosmsos
And when you are a bit worried about pressing down a bit too hard his arms just wrap around your thighs, pulling you down <33
Nose slightly brushing up against your clit each time he "tongue-fucks" you omg
And them getting pussy drunk omdgekdndowmosnso help me omg
Kaeya, Itto and Childe would prob call you a slut in their own affectionate way bc you are only their slut <3
Diluc, Thoma and Zhongli would call you a darling as you whimper and moan from their mouths.
Scaramouche prob zaps you, he is mean :/ but still hot so yk. ( Aftercare is immaculate tho dw<3)
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dottorology · 11 hours ago
scaramouche fucking u like its no tomorrow but during aftercare he's so soft :(
pairings: scaramouche + f ! reader notes: mwahaha you're just giving me an excuse to pull out one of my many scaramouche drafts !! this is proofread but i'm on day two of a migraine so don't have high expectations. sorry for the weird formatting, tumblr doesn't wanna play ball. warnings: brat taming, dom / sub dynamics, mean dom ! scara, possessive / jealous scara, messy sex, fear play, manhandling, slight hair pulling, face / throat fucking, blowjob, throat bulge, asphyxiation (from deepthroating), degradation, name calling ("whore", "bitch", "pet", ), restraints, control (?), face slapping, very rough sex, tears / dacryphilia, punishments, clothed sex i guess, spanking, very slight cum play, use of safe word, some really sweet aftercare. w.c.: 1.6k
Tumblr media
scaramouche pushed you through the door before slamming it behind himself.
"such a fucking brat, y/n. it's about time i remind you that your mouth only has one use." the way your knees buckled as he forced you to the ground told you that you'd fucked up. all you wanted to do was make the harbinger a little bit jealous, so you made heart eyes at some random fatui recruit. you were having a harmless conversation, something about protocols that you couldn't care less about, but any passers by would have assumed the topic was something more flirtatious. scaramouche watched his inferior undressing you with his eyes, frustrations eventually getting the better of him. he practically dragged you away from the conversation and all the way back to your shared home, leaving you where you are now.
he didn't bother undressing, instead pulling out his cock and placing the tip on your lips. precum and drool ran down your chin, dampening the fabric of your shirt. "color?" he asked, tone stern. his eyes scared you more than usual, though the fear ran straight to your core.
"g-green, sir."
that was enough for him to grab a fistful of your hair, forcing the entire length of his cock down your throat. scaramouche didn't care about how you were gagging around him, tears already pricking your eyes at his roughness. your throat burned, constricting as he used you. you gripped his thighs for support, though it made little difference with his relentless pace. he push your hands away from him, "tut, tut. little whore think she's deserved the right to touch me, hmm?" he pulled out of your mouth and grabbed a piece of dark purple rope from a bedside drawer, using it to bind your hands behind your back. you couldn't help yourself from moving your hips against your heels, already desperate for some kind of friction.
"get up. now."
no matter how many times he took that tone with you, you couldn't help but shake in the fear that it instilled in you. your knees were buckling as you tried standing, both terrified and excited about what was in store for you. scaramouche only watched and laughed. he grabbed ahold of the restraints around your wrists, using them to force you onto the bed. you laid on your back, head hanging over the edge as the balladeer towered over you. he brought his hand to your cheeks, softly wiping away some of the tears that had spilled, before drawing back his hand and delivering a rough slap to your wet skin. he repeated this motion a few times. the way your mouth hung open after every hit you took made your throat look rather inviting, so he decided to fill it up again.
this position allowed him to fuck your throat easier. you choked around his length as he sped up, using your mouth like his own personal fleshlight. your cries were muffled by him rutting into you, breathing becoming difficult. you squirmed, though were only met by his arms caging you down against the bed. "where do you think you're going, hmm?" scara knew you couldn't respond to him and that only turned him on even more. the two of you had signals, should you wish for him to really stop his assault on your throat. you were in pain, you couldn't deny that. but you loved when your lover was ruthless with you, using your body as a toy.
at this rate, you would struggle to find your voice again once he was done with you. he could see the faint print of his cock along your neck as he continued thrusting into you. you felt as he traced his fingers across the bulge in your throat, feeling himself growing closer to the edge at how ruined you already were. your pretty face was covered in a concoction of your tears, your drool, and his precum. should you have been once wearing mascara, expect it to be strewn across your face the next time you looked in the mirror. attempts to tell him that you were sorry for how you'd acted out were futile, instead coming out as messy gurgles while you choked on his cock. scaramouche could feel how tight your throat was getting, pushing him closer to the edge. he wanted to bury his cum deep in your throat and watch you splutter.
"waste a single drop and you'll be punished. understand?" your vicious nods were pathetic. he couldn't help but smile at how stupid you looked, nor could he help how hot he found it. his hot seed burned your throat as it spilled from him. scara pulled out, giving you a brief moment to recover. you couldn't help but splutter as he did so. the man crouched next to the bed, admiring his artistry on your face. thick strings of milky white accentuated your features, though he could only respond with that saccharine expression you loved so much. "what's this?" he gathered some of his cum together on his fingers, making sure you could see it despite your head still being upside down. before you could respond, he was wiping his digits on your bruised lips.
scaramouche sat down on the mattress, helping you up. he didn't remove the bindings from your wrists, only using a cloth from his bedside to clean up some of the mess on your face. he then grabbed you viciously, throwing you onto his lap. he pulled up your skirt, barely giving you a moment to adjust before he brought his hand down onto your ass. you wore no panties, per his request. he liked to keep you ready for him at all times, and in all honesty the material always end up in shreds. you whined at the impact, the sting bringing tears to your eyes once again.
"count, you stupid bitch. 's at least fifty for how fucking despicable you've been today."
"w-w-" it was difficult to speak when was treating you like this, let alone with the strain your throat had already faced.
"lost your voice already? did i fuck your mouth that good?" scara mocked. he dragged two calloused fingers between your folds, transfixed by the string of slick that connected him to you. "what's all this then? too bad only good pets get rewarded. now count, you dumb whore."
"on-one," you stuttered. he kept hitting you and you kept counting, the pain going straight to your cunt. crystalline drops began falling from your eyes around the twentieth strike. the harbinger didn't care, only growing more aroused by his pathetic little painslut. you felt dizzy from the stimulation, being pushed further than normal. usually scaramouche would take some time to prepare you, or would at least be somewhat lenient with his punishments. when you felt yourself slowly slipping out of consciousness, overwhelmed at the pain, you decided to call it. not so little as a shred of gentleness was evident in the man's actions until "red" fell from your lips. he instantly halted, nimble fingers making quick work of your restraints and hands rubbing and soothing your bruised skin.
"shh, it's okay," thick globs of tears trailed down your cheeks as you sobbed. scaramouche pulled you into his lap for a moment, letting you cry into his chest. "sorry, my dove, i shouldn't have been so harsh," your cries began to dull as he caressed your hair, showing you a side that was reserved especially for you. "let me get you some water, sweetheart. i'll be quick." scaramouche laid you on his side of the bed, allowing you to breathe in the scent of his pillow. you felt light-headed, whether it be from pain or pleasure remained unclear. your eyelids grew heavy, almost dozing off without a second thought. you were only interrupted by your lover coming back into the room, a glass of water in one hand and a warm cloth in the other. he helped you up, lifting the glass to your lips. your hands trembled as you tried to take it from him, though you felt too weak. instead you just held his wrist with both of your hands, tilting the cup to retrieve some of the liquid. you sipped at it slowly, scaramouche acting ever so patient. he cooed little "well done"s and praised you for being so good as you drank. once you were done, he used the warm cloth to clean up your face. his touch was delicate, a stark contrast to that of before.
"'orry," your weak attempt at an apology only made the man hush you.
"don't be, my dove. it's why we have a safe word. now let me take care of you, please." his voice was silky sweet, filling you with a warmth that could thaw at even the thickest of ice. he kept you in his arms as he carried you to the bathroom, filling the tub with hot water and products to soothe your aching body. scaramouche removed your clothes with this gentleness before sitting you in the water. he washed you without saying a word, truly communicating his love. he did his best to suppress the guilt he felt for hurting the only person in this world that he cared for, despite trying to rationalize it by recalling your consent. when he was satisfied that you were clean, he would dry you off and help you dress in something comfortable. he'd lay you back on the bed, letting you doze off before fixing himself up at a record speed, wanting nothing more than to have you in his arms, protecting you as you rested.
Tumblr media
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polluxminor · 6 hours ago
heyoo! was wondering if you could do some hc’s of the guys as househusbands? i’d love to see what scaramouche would look like as well as the others!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
KAEYA is trying to seduce you.. MF IS IN THOSE SLEEVELESS VIRGIN KILLER SWEATERS 🤤🤤 AND I KNOW. I MF KNOW HIS DUMBASS IS NOT STRAINING TO SNAP HIS PANTS JUST TO REACH OVER THE COUNTER. Hes the seductive wife showing off the ass he doesn’t have, it’s pure torture coming home. Yes, go talk how his pretty breadwinner s/o is hot to the touch 💞💞 yk what else is burning❓ THE FUCKING DINNER BITCH 🤬‼️‼️
ZHONGLI is shit at using your income. That is, until he started an obsession with coupons. HOLD HIM BACK 😭😭 THE STORE WILL OWE HIM MONEY INSTEAD 😰⁉️ AND HE NEEDS YOU TO PICK HIM UP BECAUSE HE FORGOT HIS WALLET AND THE STORE REFUSES TO PAY HIM.. yes zhongli I know those coupons are tempting but we don’t need 50 fabric softeners. EVEN UF THEY EXPIRE TOMMOROW 🤬‼️ it’s okay at least he has a fat ass..
DILUC IS SO GOOD AT COOKING, CLEANING‼️ breeding material fr. BUT HES SO SHIT AT TALKING TO THE CASHIER OR THE NEIGHBORS 😰⁉️ social reject 😭😭 when he buys groceries, some of the staff are like,, “there’s a tall emo headass that looks suspicious. Check in at isle 3.” LIKE❓ HES SO INTIMIDATING AND YOU HAVE TO TALK TO THE CASHIER. HE CANT EVEN ORDER AT MCDONALDS ISTG..
CHILDE is good at everything. His only flaw? HE MAKES EVERYTHING VIOLENT 🤬‼️ FORGET EMO XIAO,, LETS TALK ABOUT EMO CHILDE.. “yeah, just use vinegar and this product, works like a charm! It whitens the laundry, and gets off those blood stains from my past job..”. This is why he stays at home. It’s not outdoor-husband, STAY INSIDE ‼️ unless he’s walking the dog. Because he does everything without a shirt and it’s hot. And when he’s cooking, he only has boxers and an apron.. 🧎.. 🦮
ALBEDO is probably gonna be the smart ass. “Stop doing your worksheets, you’re doing them wrong anyways. You’re overworking yourself.” Like, DAMN OKAY JEEZ. 😭😭 degrade me more. 😍💞‼️ Anyways, he’s more responsible, and now he doesn’t have anything or any objective, so usually he’s just getting so worked up over cleaning ⁉️Llike a true nerd, mf tests out which products r better or what combo of chemicals distributed disinfectant better like a true nerd 🙄⁉️
VENTI is absolutely shit. He sucks at cleaning and cheats with using the wind to blow it out the window, and cannot cook for shit and is a pretty picky eater. VENTI EAT UR VEGETABELS 🤬‼️‼️ you aren’t lactose intolerant so eat the fuckign cheese. He’s pretty terrible, but he does try his best to make up for it, he really does try. :) Even if he did run over a few babies to get the last of ur fav brands.. 😰⁉️
THOMA is perfect. Made for the role. BUT HE MESSES AROUND A LOT.. uses the broom as a polearm and blows suds all over. HES ALWYAS BAKING TOO. Yes, he’s not the best at cooking but he is good. Baking? Yeah, he’s the best. MAN STRESS BAKES TOO 😰⁉️ like stop, we don’t need any more brownies. You’re done ,👆 you’re done 😭👆.
XIAO takes everything too seriously. It’s just a bug, please, we don’t need to exterminate it.. 😰⁉️ LIKE THE MOMENT YOH SVREAM A CERTAIN WAY HE’LL RUN AND SMACK A SPIDER INTO NEXT WEEK. Don’t get me started on cleaning. Think of his voicelines when he’s cleaning. He’s just dusting a corner, and you’ll hear, “LAMENT 👹👹”, “DIE 😈😈”.. chill daddy, chill..
SCARAMOUCHE is vulgar, maybe even reminds you of your mother, in a bad way. “You stupid fucking whore. TAKE OFF YOUR SHOES IN MY HOUSE 🤬‼️‼️” LIKE DAMN.. OKAY 😭⁉️ he’ll nipick on you but the moment you don’t eat.. “I made this for you. You’re gonna fucking starve. Don’t die.” And dip out of your office, and on a good day he might even say, “love you ig”, but don’t count on it.
KAZUHA is poetic, quiet, and leave you to your own devices and does everything while you’re not looking. YOU GO TO WORK AND KISS HIM BYE AND THE HOUSE IS BETTER. UR SHIT IS FOLDED. He’s very traditional, “DRY UR HAIR.. U GET HAIR CANCER IF U SLEEP LIKE THAT 🙁🙁” kinda way. Perfect but he believes weird ass shit, but you love him. I think ❓
GOROU knocks everything over with his tail. PLEASE 😭😭 he could be bending over to look sexy or some shit and then BAM‼️ his tail knocked over a fucking plant and he cockblocked himself. LMAO FUCKING LOSEERR but usually he’s a good boy and when he hears you coming he runs to the door waiting, waiting for you to come back home. cut off his tail jesus it’s gonna kill you
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mikanotes · 2 days ago
hiiii i rly liked ur "moca as ur gf" post !! can u do something like that with yashiro, ayaka, and scaramouche ?
also do u write for other bandori characters ? ^^
ayaka and scaramouche dating hcs
ayaka x gn!reader | scaramouche x gn!reader
genre: slight angst, fluff
warnings: self-doubt/insecurity, somewhat implied aspects of a slightly toxic relationship maybe? (scaramouche's), maybe ooc scara (i hope not sigh) that's all, i think!
synopsis: how ayaka and scaramouche act as you girlfriend/boyfriend! (separately)
author's note: thank you for requesting, and i'm glad you liked it! the yashiro one will be in a separate post, hope that's okay with you! i do not write for other bandori characters because i mostly care about moca and kaoru i'm sorry jshdgfj. also i'm sorry these hcs ended up a bit more angsty than i intended them to be OTL hope you like them nevertheless! <3
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
she’s so grateful for you. she only had thoma to keep her company, and even then she felt really alone. dating you feels like a breath of fresh air, like sakura blooms flowing into the kamisato residence upon opening the balcony doors, like a cold glass of water on a hot day-- you’re great, and she loves you a lot.
you go out on dates a lot! she loves hanging out with you and gets really shy when someone recognizes her. she’s even more embarrassed when an old lady at a shop teases her for her “young love”. she gets really red and it’s cute.
it might seem a bit cheesy, but she writes letters to you often. some of them she’s given to you, most of them she kept to herself. she fears her words are too much and you might get put-off by how much love she has for you and how muc you mean to her (spoiler alert: you don’t. you love her just as much if not more)
she loves having dinner with you at the kamisato residence, but loves it even more when you go to a remote place somewhere in inazuma where it’s just the two of you and animals and birds around you. there’s a romantic feel to it, and the setting makes her heart flutter. whenever the sun or moonlight catches on your face and you look up at her, your eyes shine and she gets startled. she thinks you’re stunning.
you take her to places you like, and she takes you to places she likes.
she reads books a lot! she encourages you to read some, but if you don’t really want to, it’s fine. she does like to ramble about a story when she’s done reading it, though. and if you like reading as well, she likes exchanging books or book recommendations! you’re both regular visitors of the yae publishing house, and they’re glad for the money (except when you only buy one book and share it, in which case they can only get half of the money they would’ve gotten if you’d bought two...)
she likes reading to you out loud, and her voice is really peaceful. sometimes it puts you to sleep, and when she realizes she’s smiling softly, before tucking you under a blanket and bringing you a pillow. she doesn’t want you to be uncomfortable.
she’s the shirasagi himegimi-- which means she does have a busy schedule. she sleeps and wakes up at set times, eats meals at set times, trains at set times, and sometimes only has less than a few hours of leisure time. she sometimes worries that you might get tired of it-- but you don’t, and she finds herself sighing in relief when she sees you walking into the estate with thoma at your side and a box of sakura mochi in your hands, ready for the two of you to enjoy.
she loves you more than she loves anyone, that she can say for sure. she only hopes you love her as much as she does.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
he likes when you smile. wether you do it often or barely ever, it’s an expression he likes to see on you. he can barely allow himself to ever smile, but he feels his chest warm in a weird way knowing you can.
scaramouche is a cold individual, even while in a relationship. there’s no doubt that he has a soft spot for you and, obviously, acts differently around you, but he can still appear pretty distant sometimes.
deep down, he hopes you don’t mind. he hopes you won’t leave him, or won’t get tired of him. he apologizes when he’s unnecessarily mean to you with a chest tight with worries. he has a hard time allowing himself to show you that you’re special to him, and he sighs with the hope that you can deal with his attitude for as long as you both live.
he isn’t one to settle down with anyone. if he is with you, it’s because he loves you. for sure and certain, you can have no doubts about that. he loves you, and he doesn’t think that’s something that’ll ever change (as annoying as the thought may be to him). eternity is a word he’s used to hearing-- a concept he knows of very well, and while he isn’t too fond of it, he knows that for the eternity he has, he will love you.
as a fatui harbinger, he can be away really often. he sends you letters. they feel a bit formal, and a bit straight-to-the-point, but they’re so very him in a way that you love.
if he’s in his office in snezhnaya, and a fatui member brings him a letter addressed to him, he knows it can only be you, and he ushers the poor member out of the room with a dismissive hand, before he opens the envelope. he reads each word carefully and doesn’t realize he’s smiling before he’s done reading.
when you’re together, he likes to buy you things. he has a lot of mora, and he’s willing to spend it. he spends some on himself sometimes, but he already has most of what he wants and can get with money, so he figures he might as well buy you everything and anything you desire.
he likes the expression you have when he brings you something you wanted to buy. maybe that’s why he does it in the first place-- who knows.
he kisses you sometimes. it’s out of the blue, and it’s surprising, but you lean into it pretty quickly. when he pulls away he’s looking elsewhere, and his hat is conveniently tilted down. he despises the burning on his cheeks whenever you two kiss, but likes to do it anyways. the feeling of your lips on his is good, and he yearns for it often.
if you sleep next to each other, he’ll take a while to fall asleep. if you’re asleep already, he’ll watch you and gently touch your face. it’s at night that he thinks about emotions and feelings the most, and when his heart is laying right in front of him-- it’s hard to do anything else. so he stares at you and absentmindedly cards his fingers through your hair, thinking.
he thinks about you, the two of you, about the type of love you deserve, and about how many times you’ve thought of leaving him. he hopes it’s not a lot, but he thinks you would’ve left him already if you truly didn’t love him.
eventually he falls asleep with the thought of you in his mind, and his chest feels less tight-- almost reminding him of the days he could allow himself to feel more easily.
you’re great to him, and he hopes you feel the same way.
Tumblr media
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nicebonescomrade · a day ago
"My beloved Scara," you hummed, letting your fingers weave in the strands of soft, midnight blue hair. Scaramouche was asleep, something he didn't need to yet has come to love doing it with you.
You leaned down to kiss his forehead, unable to stop yourself. He was so pretty like this, it'd be a shame not to lave him in the attention and affection he so rightfully deserves.
Scaramouche's lashes fluttered as he awoke, raising a confused eyebrow at you. "Something the matter?" He asked you, voice scratchy and quiet even as he placed himself within your embrace.
"It's nothing, darling," you laughed, placing your chin on his head and your arms around his waist. "Let's go back to sleep, it's still too early to be awake yet."
Scramouche huffed against your neck yet in no time was he asleep again, a warm, comforting weight against your body.
You felt yourself smile into his hair, eyes fluttering shut. You traced figures on his back and the simplicity of it all made you feel so cozy and warm you find yourself, too, falling back asleep with your darling right where he's supposed to be, in your arms safe and sound.
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lemoncubejelly · a day ago
Genshin Characters and Their Types (aka a guide on how I write matchups)
Hello :D !! I feel like my posts have been a little obscure lately so it's time to get back to the roots- Yes I do have a lot of requests to do and I am working on em but sometimes when the motivation hits, you just have to go with it- (o ̄▽ ̄o)
🛑 This is by no means a definitive list!! My word is not law, (if it was billionaires would pay taxes) and even if you don't fit perfectly into the descriptor ur fav still would love u so much!! I've just noticed after doing a lot of matchups that I pair certain characters with certain personality types (tho some are ofc a gut reaction), so I thought it'd be fun to write down and a validating experience for fellow simps- Enjoy~! 🌸
Characters: Kaeya, Childe, Zhongli, Scaramouche, Diluc, Thoma, Hu Tao, Kazuha, Arataki Itto
To catch the cavalry captain's attention, you'd have to be more than meets the eye. Kaeya likes to solve intriguing mysteries, whether they be robberies, hilichurlian language, or people. You should be someone who can hold a conversation and is good with interrogative, witty banter. These descriptions may sound similar to him, but it'd be better for you to not be a carbon copy of him. While you may not constantly share every thought you have, you can recognize and accept your emotions and make logical judgments about them.
Childe's said himself that he values everyone who isn't his family on their strength alone. You have to be strong, if not in skill or physique, then in personality. You don't let others walk all over you without a fight, especially not Childe himself. He likes people who are entertaining to bicker with but will always support him when push comes to shove. You don't have to be super affectionate to him, but he will not accept anything less with his siblings. Ajax's double life is something he wants to keep away from his family, and he would much rather you stay with them and not dig too far into his work.
A traditionalist at heart, Zhongli subscribes to classic views on the meaning and nature of a relationship. He wants a loving partner who is mature and modest about their affections when in public. Someone who gives off the aura of a suitable parent. He'd like you to be a good listener who's both willing to teach and learn. (He needs financial help- please teach him how it works. No NFTs). I feel he would want someone more humble, simply because he wants to help you build faith in yourself with long encouraging speeches and heartfelt affection.
I imagine Scaramouche and Childe have a pretty similar type, but Scaramouche likes drier people. He may want to be in a relationship with you but doesn't want to admit to himself that it involves embarrassing stuff like mushy feelings and gross emotions because that's disgusting. He doesn't want everyone walking by to know that you two sometimes touch hands, so if you can express your love in crude jokes and standing next to him, that'd be wonderful. Scaramouche isn't exactly synonymous with healthy, loving relationships...
Someone on the softer side is suitable for Diluc. Gentle understanding and trust on both sides are not what he thinks he would like (because Diluc has much more important things to focus on), but something he would treasure. Diluc's main priority is always to keep people safe. So, you should encourage him that he's doing a good job and you aren't going anywhere. Docile as you may appear at first glance, you still have a backbone and a strong sense of self-respect. You may have good intuition and high intelligence.
Sweetheart. Heart of gold. Must protect. Thoma's kind of person encompasses all of these descriptives. He's just such a good person that I could never see him with anyone who isn't as well. Thoma has an urge to help and take care of people, so you're probably on the reserved side. You might be shy, anxious, or just a very guarded person. Whichever, Thoma is determined to get to know you and find out what makes you let down your quiet exterior and show unfiltered happiness and excitement. Being privy to such a thing makes him feel special.
Hu Tao
Since she's a fair bit unorthodox, someone who approves only of societal norms wouldn't fit well with Hu Tao. To her, attitudes like that are stuffy and boring! While your outward attitude may be more or less mature than hers, the two of you radiate chaotic energy. Whether it's because you're also unhinged or because you don't bother trying to argue. However, Hu Tao isn't just some crazy person who can't do door-to-door advertising. She's the 77th director of the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor who has been untrusted with secrets that the majority will never know, so you must respect her and the nature of her work.
Someone who will engage in soft clichés with him. Reading a book together and watching the sunrise after a night full of stars. A music lover passionate about literature, because he'd like to share some hobbies with you. A deep thinker who could ponder the big questions of life with him while still enjoying it for what it's worth. Someone who can make a home wherever they go. Kazuha is a wanderer at heart, and if you wish to capture his, you have to be willing to follow him.
Arataki Itto
Based on very little evidence and my gut feeling, the tall Oni is into extremes of all variates. Someone super loud and proud or super shy and skittish. Someone who never takes anything seriously or someone who takes everything seriously. The type of person varies, but your personality is a little extremist. He'd be able to name some personality traits immediately after first meeting you. Whether it's being top competitors or him being your unexpected knight in shining armor, some trope exists for whatever you have.
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artiepooh · 2 days ago
a (late) birthday gift for the beloved @dilucsweetheart/@tohmas-darling! | part 1
characters: scaramouche, reader
summary: agitated by the failure from his subordinates, scaramouche decides to relieve his anger through you.
warnings: NSFW, dacryphilia/crying, sadomasochism, degradation, afab reader. let me know if there are any other warnings to be added!
the door slammed open and you jumped from where you were resting. “these stupid bastards!” scaramouche yelled out before he slammed the door close, his face twisted in anger as he threw down the vase next to the entrance to the floor. his anger outbursts were nothing new so there wasn’t exactly anything breakable in the room (excluding the bed. that he did break often.) and that included the vase. it slid away without a scratch and that seemed to irritate him even further. you knew how he got- he wanted to break something, to feel back in control.
and if he couldn’t break an object, he’d break you instead.
he continued cursing and throwing things as he walked over to you spread out on the bed, so ready to take him already. even that sight didn’t appease him at all though and you knew it was going to be a long night. “these fuckers… they can’t even do one thing as i order them to, how fucking hard could it be? do i have to do everything around here?” he let out a frustrated sigh and rubbed his face. since he had finally reached the bed there was nothing else to break but you and he could feel the arousal coursing through his veins at the sight of you, even with the slight fear in your eyes still spreading yourself open for him.
he didn’t waste any time with your clothing, simply ripping apart the shirt you were wearing and throwing the scraps of fabrics aside without any care. that was all you had on, mostly to provide him with.. easy access throughout the day. his hands found your face and he squished your cheeks, some of the anger in his eyes clearing only to be replaced with desire. “you though… you will be the perfect toy for me, won’t you? fuck, even just looking at you gets me excited.” he let go of your face, harshly enough to make you lose your balance and fall back onto the bed with him pouncing on you in the next second. there you were, trapped beneath a furious beast.
“how should i break you in today?” he mused, though it seemed like he was more so talking to himself. he really did treat you like a doll most of the time- he decided everything for you: your clothes, your meals, your daily schedule, how you orgasmed (if you got to orgasm at all) and you learned to love it. you weren’t given much choice on the matter regardless.
“slap yourself.” he ordered and you blanked for a second. “do i have to fucking repeat myself? are you stupid and deaf?” you gathered yourself and slapped yourself, though it was hesitant. no matter how much you wished to obey him it was hard to knowingly hurt yourself like this. could anyone even genuinely slap themselves with all their power?
your weak attempt only enraged him further and he snarled in your face. “you stupid bitch. do i have to show you how to do that as well?” he didn’t wait for a reply before slapping you, the force making tears well up in your eyes.
fuck. was it normal for you to get this wet at this kind of treatment? how many screws were loose in your head?
“that’s how you do it.” he said through gritted teeth before spitting on your face for good measure. you didn’t even blink, already used to this. “now. do it again and do it properly if you want even the slightest bit of mercy.”
well. that didn’t leave you with much choice. you took a moment to will yourself before slapping yourself, this time with the force he was looking for. the tears that welled up from his slap trickled down your cheeks this time. you could hear his laboured breathing as you stared up at him through dampened lashes, your cheek burning with the pain.
“fuck, so you can be useful for something. you must be crazy to be able to slap yourself like that..” he mocked you, as if he hadn’t ordered you to do it in the first place. you didn’t open your mouth, knowing anything you said right now would just piss him off. you were just a doll to him right now- you would speak when he told you to and hurt yourself for him to get off to.
he grabbed you by the hair and yanked you towards the mirror next to the bed, uncaring as you winced with the pain. “do it again and this time look at yourself. see how fucking pathetic you are, slapping yourself with all the power you have because a man told you to.” you didn’t hesitate this time and slapped yourself again, and again, and again.
scara busied himself with sliding his hand under your hips and when his fingers found your pussy he started laughing like a mad man. “you’re soaking the sheets. what the fuck is wrong with you, how could you get off on hurting yourself? or is it because you like being my toy so much?” as he talked he pushed in two of his fingers at the same time, barely waiting for you to adjust before pushing the third one in. the sudden stretch made you wince. although you were rather wet it wasn’t enough to take all of them in one go but scaramouche didn’t care. he never did when he was in this mood.
“did i tell you to stop? the second i think maybe you’re not a good for nothing you fail me once again.” he scolded in your ear and you couldn’t even comprehend what he wanted you to do with the way he slid his fingers in and out of you, getting you closer and closer to your high. you only came back to your senses when he slapped you once again and even then the pain made your mind go hazy, the lines between the pleasure from your cunt and the stinging pain of your cheek long blurred. even as you whimpered out his name and tried to stop him he didn’t even slow down, instead only increased his pace and continued to finger you until you rode out your orgasm completely.
he slapped you again, this time to get your attention and as you stared up at him through the cloudiness of your mind he groaned. “you look so good that i almost feel bad for the things i’m about to do to you. open up.” you obeyed and he shoved his fingers coated in your juices in your mouth. you gagged around them but he only kept pushing them in further and further, until your juices and drool were so mixed together it was impossible to tell which was which. he made you taste yourself thoroughly, lazily pumping his fingers in and out of your mouth with an amused expression.
once enough drool trickled out and he was pleased with the mess on your face, he forced his fingers truly down your throat this time and you gagged, once again tears welling up in your eyes. he palmed himself through his clothes at the sight of you looking so pathetic, uselessly choking around his fingers. “you look like such a cheap fucking whore right now, shit… do you like the taste of yourself that much?” he pulled his fingers out of your mouth, only laughing at you as you gasped for breath and coughed with the sudden burst of air.
“suck me off.” he ordered and when you opened your mouth to ask him to fuck you instead, he slapped you even harder than before. “are you trying to piss me off even further? if i tell you to do something, you have to treat it like god’s will.” you nodded obediently this time and bent down.
you took his cock out and spat on your hand so it’d be easier to jack him off as you serviced the head. he was big enough for you to struggle to take all of him and you didn’t want a sore jaw from the start. “hurry the fuck up already!” he snarled and you quickly went to work, taking the head between your lips and swirling your tongue around it. your hand continued to pump him as you looked up at him, the twisted expression on his pretty face not softening the slightest bit. you clearly had to work harder.
you let the head go and instead licked a stripe up from the bottom to the top of his cock before taking it back into your mouth, this time trying your hardest to go as deep as you could. scaramouche got off the most on seeing you struggle and cry oh so pathetically and you would give it to him.
you gagged once he hit the back of your throat but tried to keep going until tears were falling freely. that got the expression on his face to change, leaving it’s place to a mad like grin. “this really is the only thing you’re good for, huh? you were clearly meant to take my cock.” he let you struggle for a couple more seconds before kindly assisting you by shoving it completely down your throat and you were sobbing as you tried to adjust. he held it there for a bit as he dried out your tears with mock sympathy.
he pulled out and gave you a chance to breathe and as soon as you were done he forced himself back down your throat. he kept the pace going, fucking your throat like a fleshlight as groans fell out of his mouth whenever you scratched his thighs for something to hold onto.
luckily for you he didn’t cum down your throat. instead he pulled out one last time and before you knew it, he was coming on your face dampened with tears. he stroked himself to get every last drop out as you laid there and let him appreciate his work.
once he deemed it finished he started scooping it up and you opened your mouth out of habit. “don’t waste a drop. i’ve been so kind as to let you have this, so don’t be ungrateful now.” he muttered as he filled your mouth with all the cum he let out onto your face. once he was done, you stuck out your tongue to show him before closing it and swallowing. once you opened your now empty mouth back again and showed him, he hummed in appreciation. “i seem to have trained you well.”
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sprayio · 8 hours ago
Genshin Boys as your beloved Cat <3 p1
Tumblr media
Including: Xiao, Kazuha, Scaramouche
Warnings: None? Just wholesome fluff and cat scenarios :3
Pairings: Reader and their Platonic!Genshin Cat
Genre: Platonic modern AU, Bulletted HCs/drabble. Not Edited!
A/N: Dedicated to my lovely menaces Draco and April. A lot of the HCs are based off my own kitties hehe!! (also while i was writing Scara draco proceeded to run in and throw stuff off my dresser.. it was a sign to publish this ASAP). Will probably redo/edit when it's not 1am ♡
Small n slender silver tabby!! Black toe beans <33
Extremely grumpy all the time to anyone and everyone
...Except you.
Not very sociable but not a bad/violent cat either. Just prefers to go sulk in another room when you have guests come over.
Affection varies a lot. 
Will NEVER show you affection in the presence of others. No one believes you when you say your little meow meow Xiao Xiao is a secret cuddler you have to secretly catch him on tape
Was abandoned as a little kitty when you picked him up from the trash so he really only lets you touch him.
His favourite is when you boop the little diamond on his forehead.
Doesn’t really partake in cat speech hmph foolish meowrtals
The one thing he will do though, is come to you whenever you call. 
He could be in the litter, in the middle of a cat nap, or snoozing in your closet.
If you call, he comes RUNNING.
And gives you this little look, like he’s raising an eyebrow at you. Turns his tail and leaves when he realises you just wanna squish his lil cheeks.
Secretly sleeps on you at night but leaves before you wake up
In your past life, you conclude, he must have been your guardian angel, sent back to protect you again <3
Smol Calico kitty!!
No idea where he came from ngl?? He just shows up in your yard one day and follows you around. 
One day he follows you INSIDE So Ig he’s your cat now <3. You don’t get a choice <3
He loves to travel with you.
In a catsack? Sure let’s go. On your shoulders? No problem. A harness? He’s already out the front door.
Has a cat flap he uses every now and again but Kazucat really just wants to hang out with you <3
Has littol boots for the snow/when it gets cold in the Autumn so his feet don’t get cold.
He likes to chase the leaves! Stop him from eating his catch and he sulks.
Chasing butterflies in the dawn of spring, while you follow him to the balcony with a cup of coffee in your hand
Reading in the backyard hammock as Kazukitty lazes around sunbathing, occasionally nudging your hand with his head, as if to say
“Can I read too?”
You have to give him a few flicks to get him to stop clawing at the pages. He claims a torn edge from the page before settling.
Sits on your chest near your heart purring, gazing intently on the book you’re focused on.
As his small eyelids droop, you feel your heart filling up with every gentle purr.
You can’t help but wonder if the two of you were travellers in another life, somehow getting lost from each other.
Thankfully, he managed to finally find you once more <3
Black Tuxedo cat that looks like a kitten
But is actually just an overgrown, overangy young man who never hit puberty
Constantly pees on things and pees on you.
Kills your fish but then gets stuck in the aquarium and starts crying like a little bitch
Gets stuck on your roof and cries like a little bitch
Gets trapped in your closet and cries like a little bitch
Ofc you give in bc. this man knows his fucking charm he is cute asf.
But as soon as you rescue his sorry ass turns his tail and scrunches up his nose, walking away all high and might.
Licking his paws as if nothing happened.
Randomly walks up to you, touches your face,then leaves.
Sleeps on all your clothes and gets drool on them.
cries if you lock the door on him but if you open it he gives you a shitfaced grin and saunters off.
meows like a MOTHERFUCKER in the dead of night for no reason.
slowly and comedically throws EVERYTHING off of your dresser to get you to notice him
In another life you were probably archenemies
You lovehate him. In exchange you get to flatten his face and squish his little paws while he’s asleep <3
Mf tsundere even as a cat. Pretends to be asleep so you cuddle him. too embarrassed to outright not be a menace to society for more than 5 seconds and play nice.
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reilliane · a day ago
Metanoia ⊱⊰ Genshin!Various
Tumblr media
A/N: Hohoho! Medieval AU + Modern AU here we go~ Now, this is a tiny bit self-indulgent and takes reincarnation with the plot. Oh boy- oh boyyy~
✤ she/her
✤ Warnings: Mentions of Death
✤ Lis: Xiao, Kazuha, Scaramouche (I accidentally wrote Albedo instead of Kazuha in the wips omG im so sorry TT)
≿————- ★ ————-≾
Zhongli is a lovely duke in the Kingdom. He sees to his duchies with impeccable wit and care and is personally linked to the Kingdom's Monarch as a friend and advisor in need. Now if only his children can be described similarly.
After his wife, Guizhong, had passed on to an illness that swept the Kingdom, the Duke has visibly dimmed—and so did his son, Xiao. The same illness took the death of his other friend, whose children he took in his own care.
Watching all these from the background—the rancor of the step-brothers, the tragedy and the misfortune—is [Surname] [Name]. A parlour maid indebted to the Duke after she and her mother were taken off the streets. She's been working ever since she's able, and is one of the, if not the most loyal, servants to the Duke. Therefore, she is naturally cognizant of the happenings in the house, from Her Grace Guizhong, to the arrival of the twin brothers Scaramouche and Kazuha.
Things have gotten rougher ever since the twins arrived and the Duke had to care for them as well, diverting attention from his own kin to others. It was the root of Xiao's enmity to his stepsiblings, something that the latter pair returned tenfold. Duke Zhongli is well aware of the competition brewing between the three and has confided in [Name] about his desire to see them being friendly with one another.
How can she refuse?
Getting the three to work around their hate and differences took her seven years to accomplish, just in time for the brothers' coming of age ceremony (22). Her relationship with the three has blossomed into a lovely friendship over time, and is their closest confidante to a fault. Despite their amicable change with one another, however, she did not have the power to change their ruthless behaviors outside the Estate.
Xiao is to inherit dukedom by his coming of age, and though he isn't insufficient of the required skills and wisdom—he lacked the empathy that Duke Zhongli had. The aristocrats, though loving of Zhongli, can't say the same for the first son—it was preferable for the father to not step down from the position. And the only way to achieve that is by assassinating the successor. [Name] is included in the small retinue when the ceremony begins and threw in her own life to keep the first son alive, paying off her debt and reasoning that the Duke can't afford to lose anymore of his family.
She was sad—but she lived a good life.
So why does she awaken to a completely different place and time, staring at the same faces of her Masters... !?
"This is not my time."
And to make it worse? The three brothers in this time are far from being friends. Back to square zero, it seems.
Is there a way to go back... ?
Tumblr media
The First Son ⊱⊰ The Future Duke ⊱⊰ The Successor
"You wouldn't be here if it weren't for father, so know your limit."
Xiao was the most difficult person to befriend. Not with your position as a maid and he, the son of a Duke. You suppose your long stay, knowledge, and loyalty over the family is what won him over enough to humor you. You're both of the same age, as well, so the Duke sometimes told you to accompany his son back when you were still children. He was silent most of the times -and angry?- but he did acknowledge you there. At least, until Duchess Guizhong passed and he had gotten even more distant than before. When Scaramouche arrived, he would wreak havoc in the Manor, cause violence and abuse the servants with his power. In times when Xiao was not busy, he would step in and pull you into his own office, a place where his brother wouldn't dare enter. He had rescued you from many of his brother's violent musings but kept to himself most of the time, still. So, getting him to ease up to you was overwhelmingly hard. Still, of course, it was worth it in the end. Those seven years were lovely. It's not that you thought that he was incapable of being gentle, but it still came as a shock. His gruffness was a defense mechanism to keep people out, only letting those dear to him break them down. Xiao was kind to the servants and learned to be amiable with his brothers, but outside the Manor, he was strict in plenary meetings to the point that he was deemed a dictator. He garnered hate. Even if everyone knew that what he was doing was for the betterment, they could not tolerate his behavior and methods. But he was someone who meant well. Who would've thought that a plethora of arrows was shot just to take him down during his coming of age ceremony? The public hated him that much. But they did not know a thing—they did not know how he can be a soft-spoken person behind the curtains. He was rough simply because he cared and he had difficulty expressing what he wanted to express. Duke Zhongli couldn't bear to lose another member of his family—so you didn't regret anything when you took the hits. The last thing you saw was Xiao's look of horror when you crashed on the floors of the Imperial Palace, the light in your eyes dimming to nonexistence.
At least, that's what you last saw at that time.
"Our relationship is forged merely through my father's contract. What gives you the right to do as you please?"
Oh no, there's Xiao at your bedside but wait a second he doesn't seem to be garbed in his usual attire. Where did his cape go? The gold pauldrons? Even the violet diamond on his forehead that typified him as future Duke is gone. And- why does he look like he's reversed at least four years younger..?
"... Your Grace?" "What did you call me?"
Oh no- oh nonono? Where are you? He's giving you the same glare you've faced for years, but you remember so clearly that you've made good friends with him! How is he back to being the apathetic son? You tried moving but you realize that everything hurts. You realize amidst Xiao's snaps that you have barely survived the bullets meant to be his. Oh. Oh. So an assassination attempt occurred at this time, too? Only earlier than before! You do not know what to make of this. Reincarnation, perhaps? Is there a way to back? As Xiao continues to berate you for all the things you've broken in the rules so far, you can't help but think- In your place... were you still alive?
Tumblr media
The Second Son ⊱⊰ The Lunar Sword
"Watch your tongue or I'll sever it, peasant."
You might think that this man is the most complex of them all to get close to, so be surprised when he's actually the first to stick at your side. It comes with his personality to try and reign supreme over everyone else, even against his twin sibling. So, he's a complete menace to the servants in the Manor, much more to you—it happened when you were simply drawing the curtains to clean the windows. It turns out he wanted to read in the dark. He had directed most of his insults and spats to you afterward, making your life a living hell and not allowing you to speak for yourself. There are times when Kazuha tells him to stop, but it's not like he can do anything. Your only saviour would either be Xiao or the Duke himself, which happens rarely. Truly, if not for the Duke's wish, you wouldn't put up with Scaramouche even if he's technically your Master. There is one time, however, when you caught him abusing a training dummy in the rain with a sword. When you came up to give him a towel, it turned out that you had stumbled into his moment of weakness. The rain. He had been crying and you saw him.
"Talk about it to anyone and you'll be living your days unable to speak. understood?"
You're glad to say that walking in on him was a nice thing, though. For some reason, despite the threat, he had been acting less harsh—and when he was done doing whatever, he would come to seek you. It didn't matter what you were doing, he would be there to chat your ear off or spit insults. It was the odd beginning of camaraderie. It was through this did you uncover more about him and Kazuha, and how his brothers could be less uptight in the Manor. Funny he said that. Still, as time passed, he and Kazuha decided to join the Kingdom's army, not interested in taking up politics. So when you had risked your life to save Xiao, they were out stationed at the borders, watching for foreboding signs of the enemy kingdom's infantry. You don't know how he reacted after hearing news about their brother's ceremony. You don't know how he stormed the aristocrats' meetings only to behead some with his own blade, raging about their audacity to even trifle with the Duke's people.
"I think you've actually gotten dumber! Hell, maybe you need to dodge those bullets next time?"
Scaramouche is no different from when you've yet to befriend him, you noticed in this odd time. Because of the magical modernity of things that you have no idea how to use, you are the target of his harassment.
This time... this time is trickier. But granted, you know his dislikes, you try to avoid those from coming his way. In fact, you know him a little bit too much that it crept him out. Granted, you don't know how it's modified at this time, but you are always appearing to him when it's raining. You knew him well and he started pressing you, 'how'. It was that need to understand how and why that you realized he was getting close to you again like before.
Tumblr media
The Third Son ⊱⊰ The Solar Blade
"Though I am the least violent out of my brothers, it'd serve you well to know that I do not intend to hold back either."
He was apathetic. You were fooled by his pleasant face, but he was complicated to approach mainly because he was always absent in the Manor. The smile on his face seemed to have been glued on, and many were falling for it. He was popular among the ladies. Whenever he would train himself with the blade, there would always be an audience flocking in the Manor's training grounds. It was natural chaos, and he cared little over the aftermath. It was always you cleaning up after him. Not like he cared. Opposite to his twin, who gave you all the awful time in the world, he gave you nothing. He wasn't by any means cold, he just didn't want to associate himself with anyone. When you found out from Scaramouche that it was because he had lost a great friend, Kazuha thought that you forced it out of his sibling.
"Whatever it is you want of my past, it doesn't concern you."
When did he start noticing you? Ah. Right. It was when he noticed that his brothers were genuinely enjoying their time whenever they're spending it with you. Kazuha would be somewhere far, but he would still see how the lingering effect of your presence had on his siblings. It was... eating him whole with bitterness. A long time ago, that was him, too. He stuck to himself for a while more until Scaramouche decided to give him a decent slap of reality and how he shouldn't wallow around pitying himself when he could break free and start enjoying life. So he did. Little by little, he noticed you more—until he was actively seeking you out with a genuine smile on his face. Forward to when he and his twin were dispatched to the borders, Kazuha bore the misfortune of receiving the news of the assassination attempt on his brother. He felt hollow. So much, to the point that he supported Scaramouche's reckless move to execute the aristocrats. Ever since then, he wished he had paid more attention to you. The smile on his face dipped out of sight, never coming back again.
Surprisingly, Kazuha is the first one to be close to you in the new place you've yet to adapt to. He's more... open, more accepting... more trusting. He barely gives you anything to fuss over and accompanied you in his free time, so naturally, he's the first one to find out why you've been acting weird. You don't know if he believes you or not, but he didn't change how he treats you.
"I apologize. It must've been hard for you all this time."
It started when you found out in horror that you didn't live in the modern mansion like you did in your time. Apparently, you have somewhere to stay in this place? Wherever this world is? So you're wandering around, lost and getting mugged—and Kazuha rescues you. It was your amnesiac-like personality that got him wondering about you, and he managed to get his father to get you to live with them. Kazuha had been the one to help you research about your past and is the one present when you uncovered the obscured tragedy more than six centuries ago.
≿————- ★ ————-≾
a/n: Again, a part of my fics wip~ Metanoia is... as you read, a harem au between MC and Xiao/Scaramouche/Kazuha. Who do you dearie think fits well with MC for this? ;)
‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾ Return to the Scrying Glass ☽༓・*˚⁺‧͙
≿————- taglist ————-≾
@lehra @melkxsh
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vilithshaven · 13 hours ago
Harbingers/Tsaritsa’s reactions to the experiment darling/god finally trusting them enough to fall asleep in their arms. Just quietly dozing off peacefully
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Experiment Darling falling asleep in their arms // feat. Childe, Scaramouche and the Tsaritsa
Childe was ecstatic. He knew how vulnerable one was asleep, his time in the Abyss had showed him as much even though he was lucky enough to have the Creator's embrace most of the time there. To have Experiment Darling trust him enough to stay in his arms and not request to be left alone in their room was such a huge improvement. And it meant they truly trusted him!
He placed a soft kiss on their forehead, careful not to wake them. A broad grin tugged almost painfully at the corner of his lips and his arms tightened around their form. They tensed up for a second before relaxing again, a quiet sigh escaping his lips.
Although he wanted to boast about his achievement to the rest after that day, he kept quiet. The happy spark in his God's eyes satisfied him enough, he didn't need other people's jealousy to feed his ego.
His God's trust in him was all he ever needed. He'd make sure to show them that it wasn't for nothing. As long as they were with him, they'd be safe from harm.
Tumblr media
Scaramouche honestly didn't know how to react. It had taken a long time for Experiment Darling to feel comfortable just touching him and the rest, the only exception being Childe, and he had seethed on the inside at how close the youngest Harbinger was.
But to have them fall asleep in his arms?
What if he woke them up on accident? What if it was a mistake, if they hadn't planned on allowing themself to rest around him?
They had their arms wrapped around him, hands clutching the back of his shirt weakly. He noted how uncomfortable they must be, lying half on his lap but not fully, and he hesitantly pulled them on top of his legs. His heart beat fast in his chests, the steady beat drowning out everything else. Their warm breath fanned the skin on his neck and he shivered.
Noone had ever trusted him enough to be this vulnerable around. All were on edge around him. He didn't know how much he'd wanted for someone to just relax around him until his God melted into his arms, a soft smile on their face.
Maybe he could get used to this.
Tumblr media
The Tsaritsa...oh, she was shocked. She was the last one of the three to be allowed to touch them. Even with most of their memories gone, their God seemed to subconsciously remember the torture and pain the other Archons' brought them and thus tended to stay far away from her.
Experiment Darling had seeked the Tsaritsa out earlier after a nightmare. Childe was in Liyue in search for a Doctor, Scaramouche had other things to attend to at night. Admittedly, it hurt to know she was the last person their God would have gone to. Nonetheless they came and even hugged the Tsaritsa on her bed close, whimpers escaping their throat.
The Tsaritsa had run a hand up and down her back, peppering butterfly kisses on their cheeks and forehead until their eyes fell shut and they fell asleep. Tears welt up in her eyes and she blinked them away as a smile crossed her face.
Maybe all hope wasn't lost yet. Maybe her God could still trust her. After all they came to her and noone else. They even felt safe enough to sleep around her.
The Tsaritsa pulled the blankets higher up, making sure to avoid disturbing them.
Yes, she'd just have to be patient for a bit longer.
Tumblr media
Just a little something. Hope this lives up to what you imagined and wanted. :)
- Lilith
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ddarker-dreams · a day ago
youve made a post on terms scara uses to address darling right? what abt what he (perhaps secretly lol) likes darling to call him yk? would he prefer endearments or more..formal stuff like ‘my lord’ etc
on the rare instances where others are allowed to interact with you and he's present, you're expected to refer to him as "my lord" when speaking to him directly. however, he's a bit more lenient when you're talking about him to others; calling him "my husband" puts him in a pretty good mood. he likes hearing the verbal reminder. calling him lord scaramouche works as well but he's got a real soft spot for the whole "my husband" bit, something you can use to your advantage once you pick up on it.
when it's just the two of you, he wants you to call him kunikuzushi. this is the name that he picked for himself, and as such, he considers it to be highly intimate when you say it. you're one of the only people in the world he's told his true name too. he considers it to be a privilege, so when you've been acting up, you're no longer allowed to call him kunikuzushi until he's decided to forgive you. at that point, you're back to square one. saying "my lord" this and "my lord" that like it's medieval times. he'll eventually grumble to say his name again because he misses hearing it in your voice, not that you'll know that.
the nickname "kuni" works too, but he gives you a look the first few times you say it. he won't actively discourage you from referring to him as that but won't affirm it either. he'd be too embarrassed to admit that he finds the nickname to be endearing. if used sparingly, you'll end up with a happy scaramouche, which is the best and most tolerable scaramouche to deal with.
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hearttebayo · 2 days ago
Omg no cuz i canon scaramouche gives aftercare!! Like imagine after an intense session you passed out he will secretly tell you praises like you’ve been a good girl for him and he’s going to attack you with lots of kisses and affection that he couldn’t show when you’re awake cuz he’s too embarrassed to!!
Ahhh overall I think he’s a cutie pie and very sweett when you’re passed out covered with his cum <33
Thia ask made me go through these phases
He absolutely would want to just cuddle up and drink some warm beverage of choice with you. Under a blanket, fresh out the bath and dressed into silky pajamas that are prob matching in one way or another.
His forehead resting on your shoulder befire he gives a few kisses to the most painfful looking marks he left behind :<
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honeylemonsoooda · 8 hours ago
hospital au continuation [scaramouche ft. albedo]
fluff, hurt/comfort, modern hospital au, i feel like this is super ooc request: Hey I really loved those doctor AU headcanons especially with scaramouche! Could you do more with him? Would love to see him and s/o sassing one another throughout the hospital but then turn serious the next second. Maybe him admiring how s/o is an expert doctor? Like making painless stitches or taking a patient seriously when other doctors have dismissed the symptoms. Go wild! a/n: thank u for the request! i'd like to say that i'm sorry if this will be very medically inaccurate,, i'm only basing this on my knowledge of medical dramas (which,, aren't accurate to begin with,,) i don't seek to offend anyone D: this was very fun to write tho
Tumblr media
the hospital is a place of both life and death. it's the world's little humor to make a place that houses fresh life for the newborn, yet is sometimes the last place a person stops by before bidding their life farewell. as such, being in a hospital—working in a hospital— can feel even more sickening than the diseases you're expected to cure, but you're glad that you at least have people you work with that make the experience much better.
scaramouche may be a nurse that most of the other medical staff either fear or avoid, but he has become your friend (or perhaps even a little more than that).
though he's the type to make the new interns fear for their lives if they commit a mistake, or tell the doctor a little too straightforwardly whenever he knows they're doing something wrong, he does it out of both professionality and hidden passion for helping those that "can't help themselves", as he says.
the type of dynamic the two of you have on field is surprisingly looked up too by many of your coworkers— or, as some may put it, they look up to your ability to get along with scaramouche.
in you opinion, it's quite easy, especially after getting to know his softer side when dealing with patients.
"you know, i really don't get what you have against albedo," you say before taking a sip of your drink.
he shrugs. "i have nothing against him. does it look like i have? he just annoys me seventy percent of the time."
"there's nothing about him that's annoying," you laugh at his answer and glance at those electric purple orbs, then shift your gaze to the quite similar purple darkening under his eyes.
"you should sleep more. doctor's orders." you touched and traced under one of his eyes before his hand swatted yours away.
"well, nurse's duty. as if you get any more sleep than i do, doc. you've been on ER duty for days now. do you even sleep?" he raises his brow, and you could only guiltily laugh and attempt to change the topic.
"ah! let's get dinner tonight? it's friday and i'm sure we're allowed to go home on time today." you ask him, and he looks at you mischievously.
"ask me if i want to come then."
"i don't care if you want to. but i want you to come if you can," you huff out, pouting at his show of slight disinterest.
"yeah yeah," he says a little shyly all of a sudden, "i think i can."
"is it a date then?" you tease, expecting him to laugh and deny.
"your diagnosis. in my humble opinion, i think it is." he says casually, sitting up straight and placing his arms at the back of his head.
"you're getting better at pick-up lines now aren't—"
a buzz. two buzzes. and in an instant the two of you stand to get to action.
"see you there, i'm making a stop at albedo's first," you say seriously, starting to walk away.
"hurry up..." scaramouche could only sigh as he practically ran to where his pager summoned him.
the two of you had lots of common patient, but you silently agreed that right now, there was one closer to both your hearts than the rest.
it was a little boy, with a serious illness, but as of now, it's all but speculation. his symptoms are concerningly similar to disease x, and though you've encountered many patients having similar or the same disease, you've never had one with a child.
this small, sweet, and kind child deserved to live much longer than 6 years, and that much you and scaramouche could agree on.
albedo looked almost embarrassed to give you the child's test results. he sighed as he saw your running towards his office, only sadly looking at the envelope that contained the papers before putting up a serious and professional expression.
"sorry..." was all he said, and your heart sunk immediately. you muttered a hurried gratitude before rushing to the boy's room while scanning through the results.
your mood was drastically dampened, but the sight you first saw as you entered the boy's room made your heart both warm and hurt at the same time.
"the bags under your eyes are darker than yesterday's, i think..." the boy touches his cheek lightly, and scaramouche only accepted it, and though his gaze on the child was soft, you saw him give you a glare as you entered the room with a failed attempt of hiding slight laughter. "my mom says that it's a sign of overworking. nurse scara, you should sleep more so that you don't get sick like me." the boy smiled at him.
scaramouche finished changing his iv bottle and smiled sadly at the kid, only lightly thanking him for his concern before turning to you as if nothing happened at all.
"ahem," he cleared his throat, "he was apparently experiencing some chest pains before we got paged; me and the other nurses available already took care of it, though."
"i see," you were a little lost in thought before scaramouche spoke again.
"is something wrong?"
"well," you sigh, "turns out, our suspicion was correct; he has the disease."
scaramouche clicked his tongue, his face bitter and furious. "if the others listened to your suggestion, maybe it could have been treated faster."
you sighed. "well, it's not like we can treat a disease before confirming what the disease really is... it's not their fault. you know that."
"i do..." scaramouche replied. "well, what are you planning to do now?"
"we'll analyze whether an operation is possible. his condition right now is pretty fragile, so it's better to see what our chances actually are if we operate." you say, handing him the papers in case he wanted to check.
"looks like our date isn't happening, huh."
you could only frown as you get lost in thought.
your job was a job that required minimal mistakes. it wasn't as if you made a mistake, but why did it feel as if you just did?
you tiredly exited the operating room, and was surprised to see scaramouche waiting for you. though he probably already knew of the failed operation and the untimely death of the boy the two of you grew close to, he stayed, waiting.
"the operation was unsuccessful," you said heavily, looking at him with shame.
"it's not your fault," his voice was quiet and understanding, and he could only sigh.
"i think," you hesitated, heaving a deep breath. "i think i need a hug."
he looked at you with what seemed like slight disgust and bargaining; he hated hugs in general. but he ultimately sighed in defeat before saying, "just this once."
his embrace was tight, and so was yours; it contained pent up frustrations about things that were beyond you control, things that you wished you could change but never could, and feelings of regret and sadness for a patient you just lost.
"uh... wanna take that date you offered the other day?" he asked, awkwardly patting your back.
"i'd rather stay at home right now. with you," you answer.
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booksandhoneymilktea · 6 hours ago
i promised you the moon (may the stars remember us) -> 1k follower event !
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
‘it was becoming increasingly difficult to ignore the persisting emotion squeezing the heart. several attempts had been made, however all proved to be futile at the sight of blood accompanying the first cough. a bitter laugh, or perhaps a few stray tears, became apparent knowing the root of the upcoming disease. the lines and dips along the expanse of their expression, the chime of their laugh and the gentle brush of skin bare against the other. and yet, how did one witness the stars, and become infatuated with the lovely being, only for them to form the petals nurturing in the lungs?’
Tumblr media
characters !
genshin impact (kazuha, venti, aether, xiao, thoma, albedo, scaramouche)
squid game (sae-byeok)
assassination classroom (karma akabane)
seraph of the end (mikaela hyakuya)
sweet home (eun-hyuk)
demon slayer (giyuu, muichirou, tanjirou)
genres !
prompts !
pear blossom -> a series of words uttered under shooting stars, promising a lifetime worth of companionship. oh how the syllables seemed trapped on the tongue, knowing that not all dreams could come true.
aconite -> intolerable. aggravating. any word along those lines could be used to describe the other. it wasn’t until one realizes that the blood on their hands belongs not to themself, but the person who suddenly stopped their quarreling fights, that not all words had been used.
blue salvia -> a shaky breath, the first one since the flowers had been nurtured to full bloom. and yet one could have no regrets, even as the thorns continued to prick and the petals began to wilt.
forget me not -> soulmates, bound by fate and created by the universe itself. perhaps a mistake, a flaw in the system, could be found amongst the blood stained hands.
daffodil -> a single one, graced by fingertips that shake with the sobs racking their body. it’s quickly followed by the scene of one hacking into their hands, despising the image of their lover with another.
red carnation -> clocks ticking, running out of time. they can practically hear death knocking at their door, beginning to pray for just a moment longer.
red tulips -> the aches that come from wishful thinking, and the longing for something more than what had been given. perhaps just a few words would be enough to change the course of what fate has brought upon them.
purple hyacinth -> the world in which used to be viewed through a kaleidoscope dimmed, faded in the vision one utilized to see. what brought upon it? the wheezing breaths leaving through cracked lips, or the undeniable fact that the reciprocated feelings from their lover was no more?
anemone -> it was as if a cruel joke were being played, perhaps even a punishment for confessions far too late. what could one do to mend the blood splattered petals when the solution had far passed the barrier between life and death?
pink camellia -> the definition of pining and cluelessness frustrating beyond belief, along with weeks flowing into months of decaying corpses blind to the other’s own suffering.
example !
kazuha + pear blossom + angst
Tumblr media
thank you all for 1k+ followers! it means the world to me that i’ve been gifted so much support, and i appreciate each and every one of you. please enjoy this event, and i hope to see lots of participation. only 15 spots are available, and each prompt will be a short drabble pertaining to that character. in your request, please specify which character has hanahaki.
Tumblr media
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skibrewscoffee · 22 hours ago
Hi! May I request prompt #1 from hurt/comfort prompts with Scaramouche?
Of course anon!
Have a secret, can you keep it?
Warning's: yandere type themes, mentions of kidnapping, this prompt is slightly inspired by @merakiui's bitter sweet secret fan fiction!
Pronouns: gender neutral. 
Synopsis: getting blackmailed into staying in a relationship with etc character, being the perfect doll the perfect secret you have to keep it.
He scared you, splattered in red and a scent so prude that you felt like running away but you couldn't run. Your feet jammed to the floor as you watched your family get slaughtered by this merciless man who didn't care what you saw.
He then approached you and told you to come with him and you couldn't decline because you knew you would be killed too. In his eyes it didn't matter who it was and he just found you as a new doll to pick up and play with. “afraid?” he asked with a smile as you kept silent.
What were you supposed to respond with anyway? “I asked are you afraid?” his voice was more stern and strict, like he wanted an answer, so you nodded.
Laughter filled the room but it felt empty and mocking like he found this amusing, he stared at you and leaned down bringing his cold blood stained hands to your face and there was that smile of victory... No, it was the smile of a despicable man who found pleasure in your horror.
The next thing that happened was your vision being blurry; you didn't even realize he had injected something into your body while he leaned down to your helpless self and smiled. You woke up and looked around to see no one around the place felt cold and small and frankly, it reminded you of a closet.
Weirdly, the silence was comforting. Anything is comforting other than that man's voice; you shuddered at the thought of having to see him again, but he did kidnap you because this surely isn't your house.
Speaking of the devil, the door to the closet room opened and you saw him again as he smiled and leaned down “dolls shouldn't look broken right?” he asked, and you stayed silent. “you won't respond.. Oh well, I placed some clothes outside, go get ready and don't dare to try anything funny or I will make sure you never see the light of day” another sick smile from him. You wondered how many enemies he must have with such an attitude, probably near a thousand at least.
You did as told and dressed up for him; it felt like your soul was getting sucked out of you. It felt like that, that's for sure.
You felt like a doll, getting dressed up and playing out as if your family did not just get killed by this man you saw only once in your life, it felt as if this was a nightmare that you will never wake up from and that scared you. You were now his secret and he will keep you no matter what is said.
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dilucsweetheart · 9 hours ago
so uhm uh heres a sneak peek of thr scara fic im workin on (nsfw under the cut)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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