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two more drawings i didn’t post 😔

i promise i’ll draw more incorrect quotes soon bc i know that’s why i have followers LMAO

i just got procreate a couple days ago so all the drawings i’m posting are old stuff from my old drawing program until i uhhhh

scrape something up from procreate good enough to post


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Hatter: Quite the nice hideout you have here, Hare!

Riddler: I agree. Though, security seems to be lacking…

Scarecrow: Thank you. But have no worries, as my home is secure. Here, come with me.

*they go into a room*

Scarecrow: To ensure my own safety, each door and window here has been given a powder finish made from my own toxin. Even if you are wearing gloves, should you touch any part of your skin, the toxin will be absorbed into your body.

Hatter: Fascinating! And it doesn’t affect you at all?

Scarecrow: Given my natural immunity to my own toxin, I can walk in and out of my own hideout as much as I please.

Riddler: Quite the setup you have here! Even I am impressed.

Scarecrow: Indeed. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be in the other room. *walks out of the room and shuts the door behind him*



Hatter: Um.

Riddler: Did he…

Hatter: Hare! I think you accidentally closed the door on us!

Riddler: Uhhh how are we supposed to get out?…. Crane?! Are you still there?

*on the outside*

Henchman: Hey Mister Scarecrow Sir.

Scarecrow: Hmm?

Henchman: When are you going to tell them that you only put the finish on the outside of the hideout?

Scarecrow: Ehh, sometime in the future… maybe after I get done with my book… or I may just let them figure it out for themselves.

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Welcome Doctor Crane! Big fan of what you do and how you do it. Now usually you always ask the people what they see when they get a whiff of your lovely fear toxin but what is it that you see when you take it?

That’s for me to know and you to wonder about.

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If you want to see how truly cruel Jonathan Crane can be, you should read the story Masters of Fear. In this story he murderers two people before even becoming the renowned Scarecrow.

First it was Sherry Squires, and next it was Professor Bramowitz. He learned the unsuspecting man into the chemistry lab, and once there he jumped out and surprised him with his newest concoction, fear gas!

The smoke surrounded Bramowitz, and quickly enough he was overcome with fear. Water was gushing around him and he couldn’t escape. Jonathan lead the frightened man up to the rooftop in an effort to save themselves from the rising waters. Crane knew exactly what he was doing in these moments.

Using his own fear against him, Crane forced Bramowitz to jump from the roof, killing him instantly. There was no water obviously, this was murder. To add insult to injury, Jonathan actually applied for the professor’s job! And he got it too! How sinister!

Batman Annual #19 || Scanned at 300dpi

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Scarecrow:  Injects zombies with fear toxin to see if there’s a reaction.

Riddler: Uses his robot army to fight the thousands of zombies above ground while he hides in a bunker below the city, perfectly safe.

Killer Croc: Eats the zombies

Two-Face:  Leads the resistance against the zombie apocalypse

Penguin:  Funded the zombie outbreak

Mad Hatter: Probably the first to become infected tbh

Catwoman: Humans are doomed. Save the cats.

Poison Ivy: Fights off the horde with her plants 

Harley Quinn:  Tried to kiss a zombie because it was cute

The Joker: Tried to fuck a zombie because it was cute

Mr. Freeze: Uses the zombie blood to try and reverse engineer a cure

Firefly: Fires around the Gotham skies with a flamethrower, setting hordes of zombies on fire.

Man-Bat:  Thanks to his scientific research, he is able to become a zombie with real consciousness and control.

Clayface: Transforms into a zombie using his clay powers and walks among them for funsies

Bane: Uses his strength to punch the zombies to death 

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Silly Scarecrow Headcanons.

There is a young woman who turned rogue and John became found of her

Scarecrow: Now, Riddler, you stay away from my child!

…Why is everyone staring at me?

Jervis: You called x your child!

Riddler: Do you see x as a daughter figure?

Scarecrow: No! I see her as a STUDENT figure, and I won’t let you ruin her education!

Years later she asks John to take her down the isle since she has no family and she thinks He is her family.

John accepts with tears in his eyes.

Down the aile he keeps thinking “This is the best day of my life, I’m at my child’s wedding!…

It’s also the worst day of his life.


…with HIM!”

Riddler, in green suit waiting at the altar.



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