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#scared for her

im hoping that sjm means that nesta will atone for her PRE-ACOTAR behaviour towards feyre bc if my girl starts apologising to cassian and the inner circle i will be asking for a refund. i would also like other characters to apologise to her as well.

what does she have to atone for? risking her life for the human and the fae? trying to save cassian? giving up her security and home for her sister? healing people during the war? like wtffff


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when the hostage has your name and is your age 😳

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My friend might have borderline (waiting for a result of tests) and I’m both scared for her but kinda happy that I will have a borderline friend. Personally I think she has it and I hope she gets answers because she has been suffering for such a long time. And she deserves to know what is wrong so that she can get the help.

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D has this friend (a woman) from college and she has terminal brain cancer. She was diagnosed June or July of last year. She just turned 41. I guess the way it works is it is ultimately terminal, but like… it can go into remission or just keep going, but it will ultimately like always come back and kill you. Most people only live 1-2 years after diagnosis. She just posted on fb this morning that it’s back. 

I barely know this girl, but I am a fucking wreck. She is going to fucking DIE within probably a year and she knows it. I am terrified for her. I am terrified that this kind of thing could happen to me or anyone else, completely randomly. She just collapsed at work one day, without any (apparent) symptoms and was whisked into fucking brain surgery. 

This is my ultimate anxiety nightmare. Like I would rather just collapse and die without warning than collapse only to find out I have like a year to live. Every day, knowing you’re moving closer and closer to death. Complete terror.

I also feel weird about this girl because of how she’s acted towards D. I know that they hooked up at some point during college, but that doesn’t bother me. He’s had a lot of girlfriends and that’s okay. But a few years ago (since we’ve been together), she propositioned him. Multiple times. He said no and that it was highly inappropriate since she knows he’s in a relationship. She apologized and whatnot, but I still felt weird about it. Not too long after that is when she was diagnosed. He said maybe that was one symptom, like personality changes. He said she was always a bit quirky, and hung up on him since their college days, so he kind of blew it off, but maybe it was. 

After she was diagnosed, she wanted to go visit friends she hadn’t seen in awhile, including D (she lives in CT, we’re in OH). She came here in December with her husband (they got married after she was diagnosed but had been in a sort-of-romantic-type relationship for awhile - which makes her proposition seem even more inappropriate, but maybe it was an open relationship, idk). And she told D she didn’t feel comfortable meeting me??? Because of her feelings for D? AUGH. I honestly was so frustrated and upset by this. I don’t care that they dated in college. I do care that she propositioned him, but I could write that off to a symptom. What the fuck is this “I actively don’t want to meet your girlfriend of nearly 5 years” stuff? And they were coming over to our place. What am I supposed to do, leave my own home so she’s not uncomfortable? D told me to stay, that he told her I was going to be there. So I’m like great, now I am meeting this girl who doesn’t want to meet me, who propositioned my boyfriend, who is apparently still in love with him for the past 20 years, who has brain cancer and like… I just did not know what to do. 

Well, they came over, I was very polite and the guys were mostly talking about video games or something, with her and I sort of just quietly listening (and me having absolutely no idea what to say or do), and after like a half hour, she just came over and sat down by me and was like “I don’t know or care about what they’re talking about. I have terminal brain cancer and all my friends I’m visiting just keep wanting to talk about it and say they’re so sorry and I’m like whatever, I’m over it, I don’t want to talk about it” and immediately started asking me where I worked, what I did for a living, where she was going to travel in the near future, asked me if I/we had been anywhere fun, etc. Like we had a nice conversation about work and travel and pets and just normal shit people talk about. Then we all went out to dinner, had super normal conversations (with the exception of her joking that at least she wouldn’t have to see Trump’s full term). We legit had a nice time with them.

She added me as a friend on Facebook almost immediately. I accepted because of course, what am I going to say “you’re dying but you sent an inappropriate text to my boyfriend so…” 

Anyway. I just don’t know how to feel. She actually seems really fun and was nice and I could see us being friends if not for the other circumstances. I wished her a happy birthday (which made me cry too - what if this is her last bday) and she “loved” it on fb and I am just like oh my god my heart is breaking. 

I don’t know what else to say. I don’t know how to feel. I don’t feel angry at her, I don’t wish her ill in any way. I am so incredibly sad for her and it’s just absolutely terrifying to think about. And to be reminded, almost daily, that she is LITERALLY GOING TO DIE. Probably soon. Not like next week soon, but soon. She’s still getting treatment. But she seems fine. She looks fine. She’s traveling the world. She got early retirement from her job. How the fuck does she deal with this? How the fuck is her husband dealing with this? How the fuck would anybody deal with this?


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Tfw: Your girlfriend hasn’t been online in a day and half and knowing what is going on in her life right now you are worried about her and her safety :(

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Calvin sat on Taylor’s bed, scrolling through his twitter. He kept reading article headlines that he had somehow ended up on, and it made his heart drop.

‘Taylor Swift luckily survives recent break in' 

‘Crazy man asks Taylor for sexual favours in return for money' 

'Swift files a restraining order against psycho stalker' 

Calvin’s anger built up inside because he was terrified. He was scared for her, and he was scared to lose her too. 

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It sucks to worry so much. Last night I had a terrible dream that she was sitting behind her car and crying because she had almost committed suicide. As soon as I saw her, I ran to her and hugged her and started crying too. I couldn’t live without her, she’s one of my best friends. She was talking through her pain and sadness, and all I could do was hold her and tell her that I loved her. My husband was rubbing my back and I was holding her. I wish I could see her more often and I wish she knew how much I care…

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So i think my dog is dying… My dad and i went out to get food for my mom and i made sure i closed everything up so my dog doesnt chew anything up. Well when we got back turns out she got in the lazy susan and ate a shit ton of chocolate baking chips and she has been throwing up her insides for 4 freaking hours. I’m freaking out u guys! I mean sure she’s old and smelly but she’s still my dog! I picked her out and i named her! I’m so scared… :’(

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Today I had the pleasure of meeting a woman who used to ride horses when she was younger. She said she had a pony who took off with her all the time and when he did so she would reach around and grab his nostrils so it would cut off his breathing and he would stop running. She told me it worked every time and I should try it…

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One of my best friends is going to a psycologist tomorrow for the very first time. And she’s so scared, I feel horrible, I really want to help her but I have no idea how I should help her. I really hope she’ll be okay after a few sessions!

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it’s ridiculous to think that my sister is now 14. four years ago, I was only 14 when I was take advantage of. it’s so hard to see realize that she’s the at the age of where anything could happen to her. I almost don’t want to believe it’s. it’s crazy how some people can be in this world. I just wanna look out for her; but the truth is, you can never be too careful and shit is gonna happen. I can’t control it

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When the person you care about won’t let you know what’s wrong…

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My sister is taring us apart just to make her little family ‘perfect’. She thinks hes changed. well hunny. No he hasnt. your stupid for falling for it again. If i were you, id get out of it before it gets worse. Or worse he hurts you and the baby..

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Not knowing exactly how to help your friends is the worst feeling

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Just dropped Nikita (my older dog) at the vet….. She got some serious problems and it’s really scary. They think she has Hepatitis and they have her at for the next 2-3 days…. They’re given her an IV and it is not helping me be happy. I’m scared….. She is 11 and I’m super concerned.

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