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I'm crying so hard rn
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no thoughts, head empty, just Avengers (2012) behind-the-scenes photos
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“on the first day we’re all parading around in our costumes, it looks like it’s hallowe’en. we’re excited and equally feeling ridiculous.  we’re all feeling out of our own bodies and giddy that we’re dressing up in these costumes “what are we doing? this is amazing but what are we doing?” checking out each other’s props “let’s see your bow gimme your hammer” it’s really like third graders in the playground”
 - jeremy renner on filming avengers (assemble) in 2011
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Scarlet Johansson
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MCU cast + Toys
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Scarlet Johansson as Natasha Romanoff 
Iron Man 2 (2010) dir. Jon Favreau 
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capybarafish · 6 months ago
Don’t think about how likely it is that all three of Natasha’s family members disappeared in the blip -
But do think about how she didn’t go on a murderous rampage about it.
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Scarlet Johansson
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okay wait two things; i see that flag in bio babe hehehe marvel!boricua’s are real! and also hehe there’s never enough yelena-pining-over-reader fics 🥺
omg finally, I can never find any boricua marvel fans. If you're one comment below!
You knew the Avengers compound was big, but not this big. The white walls stretched what felt like all the way up to the sky, towering over you. You had nearly cramped your neck trying to scan the entire lobby.
Countless agents almost knocked into you as they rushed to whatever station they were called to. Maybe standing in the center of the compound's main room, completely still, wasn't the greatest idea.
So, with your head still up, looking in awe at the huge chandelier on the ceiling, you began walking. Where to? You had no idea. You were 15 minutes early for your first training session. Tony was supposed to meet you at the front doors five minutes ago to give you a tour of the place, but he never showed. I mean, he is Tony Stark: Earth's Greatest Defender. Maybe he got called to another country for an alien invasion?
You pushed the thought from your mind, and your legs pushed forward. But before you got far, you bumped into someone- hard. They had clearly been running and the force of the impact made the both of you fall back onto the floor. As soon as you hit the ground you smacked your head on the white tiles. The throbbing started immediately- head pounding, heart racing. You let out a quiet groan and cradled the back of your head with your palm.
"Oh no, I'm so sorry. Are you okay?"
You opened your eyes and brown orbs stared back at you. They were deep and filled with a genuineness you didn't expect. Your eyes trailed up a little further and noticed her dirty blonde hair, which had been tied up into a messy ponytail, strays falling out of it and down her face. Your eyes trailed back down and noticed she was wearing a white bodysuit, complete with a green vest over it.
Most of all, you noticed she was fucking gorgeous.
"Uh, yeah, yeah. I-I'm totally fine."
Your words tumbled out more awkwardly than you felt and you mentally kicked yourself.
"Well," the girl in front of you replied, a soft smile set on her face. "At least you didn't hurt that pretty face of yours."
Your cheeks immediately warmed up and a smirk tugged at her lips at the sight of you squirming.
"Come on," she continued, helping you up from the ground. "Tony was running late this morning so I was supposed to give you your tour instead. I guess now we can start with the infirmary."
You chucked at her quip, but when she placed her hand on the small of your back, you sucked in a breath. Her hand was so small, but it held firm and somehow felt all-consuming. It was like all of your senses went haywire.
"It's just right over here. Easier for people to get medical attention if the infirmary is right in the front of the building," she rambled. And for the first time, when you turned your head to the side to look at her, you noticed that her cheeks were warm. There's no way I make her as nervous as she makes me.
"Dr. Cho!" The girl called out as she opened the glass door to the infirmary. This room was considerably smaller but still spacious. Countless medical technologies that were way too complex for you to understand filled the room. It almost looked like a lab.
A petite woman in the middle of the room, by a hospital bed, turned around at the girl's call.
"Ah, Yelena, how can I help you?"
"This is [Y/N]. She's a new recruit. She bumped her head on the floor pretty badly. Just want to make sure she doesn't have concussion."
With her hand still on your back, Yelena guided you over to the hospital bed.
"Lay down," she whispered, her face inches from yours.
After Cho had checked you over and made sure you had no serious injuries, Yelena sat down on the side of the bed next to you.
"You alright?" She asked softly. You loved the sound of her thick accent. It was a different sound than anything you'd heard before. Just like she was different than anyone you'd met before.
"Yeah, yeah, I'm totally fine," you replied, waving your hand dismissively. "Missed training, though. Probably not the best first impression on the team."
"Well, you had a great first impression on me."
This time, instead of getting nervous and jittery at her bluntness, you smiled back at her. Beamed, even.
"Hey, um," she started, fiddling with the stray hairs that had fallen from her ponytail. "Since your going to be sticking around for a while... maybe you'd let me take you out sometime?"
You didn't think it was possible for the corners of your mouth to curl up any higher.
"I'd really like that," you responded, brushing the hairs behind her ear.
"Good, cause I don't know if I can handle being rejected by a person as pretty as you."
"At ease, Romeo."
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chiefdirector · 6 months ago
Don't Die | Natasha Romanoff | MCU
Tumblr media
“I need you to hold on a little longer, okay?” Natasha said, panic stricken. Her voice, although raising in volume, seemed ever so distant to (Y/N) as she tried to focus on something: anything really.
Blood was seeping out of the bullet wound in her lower torso, no doubt it would be something Dr Cho would end up fixing, if (Y/N) made it home. It was hard to focus on everything at once so she fixed her focus onto Natasha’s eyes and watched as they darted between herself and the phone that lay on the floor.
“I just spoke to Fury,” the redhead continued, applying pressure to her partner’s wound. “The Quinjet will be here soon. I just need you to hold on. Can you do that for me?”
(Y/N) smiled up at Natasha, she had forgotten how serious her girlfriend could be on a mission. She was so different at home. But in a situation like this, she couldn’t blame her for being serious.
“Nat?” (Y/N) coughed in between words. “Am I going to be okay?”
“Yeah. You are.” Natasha promised.
“I don’t want to die.”
“You’re not going to die.”
(Y/N) smiled again, admiring how the light changed the tones in Natasha’s hair. She kept her gaze for as long as she could before she felt her eyelids begin to feel heavy. Natasha’s calls for her to say awake were fruitless as the allure of resting grew too strong.
Natasha watched as the heartbeat monitor beeped away rhythmically, signally her partner was in fact alive, but she kept watching anyway, just to make sure her eyes weren’t deceiving her. She had experienced so cruelty in life and (Y/N) was one of the few things she still had going for her.
Without (Y/N) Natasha would be lost.
It took four hours from arriving back at the compound for (Y/N) to wake up. The relief Natasha felt as she watched her open her eyes was like nothing she had ever felt.
“Hey,” Natasha murmured to her partner, not wanting the scare her.
“Hi.” (Y/N) looked away from her girlfriend to the all the wires hanging from her body. “What happened?”
“You were shot. You dove in front of a bullet. Like an idiot!” Natasha ranted, as anger took over. Now that she wasn’t concerned that (Y/N) wasn’t going to die, she was furious with her. How could she put her life in so much danger!
(Y/N) just sat and listened, knowing that Natasha just needed to get her anger out. And she was right as the rage driven shouting had eventually mellowed out into worried confessions. When she finally stopped, (Y/N) spoke again. “You know I love you right?”
Natasha nodded.
A comfortable silence filled the room as both women thought back on the events of the last day. As hurt as she was, (Y/N) knew that she would jump in front of another bullet if it meant her Natasha was safe, and she knew that the woman would do the same for her.
“Promise me something, (Y/N)” Natasha said as the injured girl cast her gaze towards her, prompting her to continue. “Never do that again.”
“For you, anything.”
Buy me a coffee?
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choni-trimberly · 9 months ago
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My friend: hey what’s your type
Me: ummm Elizabeth Olsen and Scarlet Johansson
My friend: again I ask what is your type
Me: I just told you!
My friend: ..... ugh I give up with you
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yelena-bishops · 5 months ago
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I wanna heal, I wanna feel what I thought was never real — "Somewhere I Belong" Linkin Park
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Scarlet Johansson
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lokiislowkeyhot15 · 5 months ago
(Natasha Romanoff X daughter!Reader, Yelena Belova X niece!Reader)
Summary: Yelena meets Natasha's daughter for the first time.
NOTE: In this fanfic Natasha is about 33 and reader is about 14-15. She/her pronouns are used for reader. I don’t know any Russian so if I get anything wrong thing wrong then I'm sorry.
You’d been by yourself for about 5 weeks now, with trusted agents checking in on you regularly. Your mom was no longer on the run after the events of civil war but it didn’t mean that she could stay with you. She still had missions and other things to take care of.
“(Y/N), I'm back” Natasha called out, turning the light on and locking the door. “Мама(mom)?” You asked, rubbing your eyes, still half asleep.
“Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa- did she just call you Мама?” Yelena asked in her thick Russian accent. The confusion practically radiating off her.
“Мама what's going on? I thought you wasn’t going to be back for a few more weeks?” You asked.
“детка(baby), there was a change of plans. Yelena this is my daughter (Y/N), (Y/N) this is my sister Yelena” Natasha responded, looking at their confused faces. “How about we continue this conversation in the morning? It’s 3am and I think we could all do with some sleep.”
You mumbled something under your breath which was too quiet for both Yelena and your mom before getting back to bed.
“Yelena you can take sleep on the couch, I'll go find you some blankets”
The following morning at breakfast was awkward to say the least. Yelena, Natasha and (Y/N) all sat silently around the small round table in the centre of the room. “ptst.. Natasha, why is she looking at me like that”
Your mom shrugged raising an eyebrow at you. “I, uh, Umm I really like you vest” you said nervously. This made Yelena's face light up.
“Really? This is what I was saying to Natasha! And the pockets, there are so, so many pockets” Yelena said with a large smile.
Natasha smiled at the interaction, “(Y/N) have you done your chores?” she questioned, collecting the used dishes.
“Umm about that, I kind of broke the dishwasher, I guess you'll have to use the sink?” you said nervously getting up to leave.  
“Wait you did what?!” watching you leave “get back here (Y/N)!”
“I'm gonna go do my homework, bye Yelena”
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saintlopezlov3r · 3 months ago
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Natasha Romanoff🕷 & Yelena Belova🕷
Marvel Comics
Matching Wallpaper/Lockscreen
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witchield · 2 months ago
Thoughts on the new series???
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multiloser · a month ago
⚠️ Spider-Man NWH Spoilers
Ok but you can’t tell me that the move that Peter pulled on Norman Osborn in the apartment he didn’t learn from Natasha. It’s literally the same one from Civil War I mean look at it
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Photo quality is poor but it’s the exact same move. Spider mama taught him well.
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