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#scarlet witch

Bodyguard AU: Who is the bodyguard? Who are they protecting? Which one is secretly pining for the other? 


Originally posted by wandasmaximoff

Your colleagues called you crazy for hiring an Avenger to protect you on your travels, but they’d be surprised at how much danger you actually faced out and about. The Avenger that stepped up was none other than Wanda Maximoff, a woman trying to do some good after some unfortunate mistakes.

“Are you all set, Mx. l/n?” Wanda asked before your boarded your private jet.

“Indeed, I am, Miss Maximoff. Thank you for time, I know you Avengers have some busy schedules.” She followed you aboard and you motioned for her to sit in the empty seat beside you.

“It’s my pleasure, really. I’ve heard some some stories of your…misadventures.” Wanda and you shared a laugh over some of your past experiences. There had been plenty of odd trips from ransoms to car chases, you saw a lot of action. But there was something about Wanda’s laugh that made you want to play it on repeat.

“I just seem to keep running into trouble,” you joked and waved over your personal in-flight service, “do you want anything? We’re gonna be up in the air for a while.” You told her.

“Oh, I’m fine at the moment, thank you.” She smiled and kept her attention on you. “Are there any threats I should be weary about right now?”

“It’s always a surprise, really. I wish I could tell you more.” You sighed and felt the plane begin to move, checking out the window. “Oh, we’re off.”

“Well, I’d better keep a close eye on you, yeah?” She gave you a little hum and you lost your train of thought for just a moment, this might’ve been the best choice you’ve ever made hiring her. It wasn’t too professional, obviously, but she was wonderful company. Possibly something more? Could that happen?

Your eyes fluttered open and you were still up in the air, trying to regain your sense before realizing that you’d fallen asleep on the hired help, rushing to sit upright again.

“Sorry, I must’ve fallen asleep there.” You rubbed your eyes and bit your tongue, cursing yourself for becoming such a mess over this woman you’ve just met.

“No problem, I didn’t want to wake you.” Wanda told you just before you felt something hit the roof of the airplane. “Uh-oh.”

“What was that?” You asked as Wanda unbuckled her seatbelt and walked off to investigate.

“It’s why I was hired. Sit tight!”

send a character and an AU from this list for me to write about!

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Pairing: Wanda Maximoff x Reader

Count: 2262


You were screwed. 

You had two rules, two unbreakable rules. Two rules that have allowed you to survive for as long as you have in your line of work. 

The first one was to never ask questions. Your job was simple. You transported packages, no matter what it was, no matter how far you had to go or how long it’d take you to get it to its destination. 

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A/N: I don’t own any of the characters on this fic, they belong to Marvel.

Warnings: none.

Summary: A mission gone wrong and a night talk leads you and Wanda to finally confess your feelings to one another.


Originally posted by marvelheroes

When Wanda saw you for the first time, she was taken aback. She always heard about how ruthless and cocky you were.

When she walked into the training facility that day, she saw that the rumors were true, but she also noticed how fake that was. ‘Maybe that’s why Nat became so attached’, she thought while she watched you two laughing during a break between sparring matches. You and Natasha had similar pasts, being trained as a child to become a master assassin.

As time went by, she kept discovering small glimpses of that soft side you hid to everyone. And without knowing when it happened, Wanda found herself falling for you.


“You should tell them.” Clint told her one afternoon while they watched you compete with Sam on a bet. The rest of the team were standing around the table in which you both were seated, all except Wanda, Clint and Natasha, who were sitting on the couch and also staring intently at the interaction. 

“I don’t even know if they feel the same.” Wanda argued, looking down slightly. You two barely spoke because Wanda was a stuttering mess every time you were in the same room. She thought that you only saw her as a teammate, so she never even considered confessing her feelings.

“You won’t until you speak to them.” Natasha remarked, placing her arm around her shoulders. “You know, (Y/N) has a soft spot for you.”

“How can you tell?” In that same instant, the whole crowd of heroes erupted in cheers, and (Y/N) stood up.

“So sorry Wilson, but victory is mine!” (Y/N) declared, fist-bumping the air while Sam slouched on his chair. The (h/c) haired avenger looked at Wanda, momentarily breaking the arrogant façade to send her a small smile.

“Well…” the sokovian witch turned her head to see Natasha already smirking at her. “Let’s just say I have a feeling they do.” the redhead spy teased.

Wanda was about to reply, but was interrupted by Maria Hill, who had just entered the room. “Rogers, (L/N) and Barton, suit up. You three have a last minute mission.” She said, giving them the files with the information. “Get everything you’ll need and get on the quinjet in ten minutes.”

“Got it.” Clint and (Y/N) said at the same time, and Steve just nodded, before the three of them left to suit up.

“Come on, what are you waiting for?” Natasha nudged her lightly, gesturing towards the hallway that lead to your room. “Go say goodbye!”

Wanda stood up and walked along the hallway, bumping into you in the process. “Oh, hey Maximoff. Sorry but I have to go.” You excused yourself before walking past her.

“(Y/N), wait!” She calls out, and you turn to face her again.

“Yeah? Something wrong?”

“No, I just… Good luck.” Wanda muttered, backing down a bit.

“Thanks.” (Y/N) hesitated before giving her a short and awkward hug. They broke apart and (Y/N) marched off to the quinjet. 


It’s been two weeks now since (Y/N), Steve and Clint returned from their mission, but Wanda hasn’t seen you at all. She knew you came back with the other two, but after the debrief meeting it was like you had disapeared.

As she entered the kitchen, she came across from Clint, who had just finished his training session.

“Hey Clint! Do you know what happened to (Y/N)?” Wanda questioned the archer, who soon adquired a grim look on his face.

“Wanda, maybe you should give them some more time. This last mission took a toll on them.”

“What? Clint, you have to tell me what happened there. Please.” She begged him, fearing what she was about to hear.

That same night, Wanda was completely restless and couldn’t sleep . She stood up and left her room, walking around the hallways. She reached the roof, where she found you sitting alone, looking at the night sky.

“Why are you up so late?” Came your voice, completely emotionless.

“I can’t sleep.” Wanda swallowed nervously. It was like a part of you was empty, like you didn’t have any feelings. “C-can I…Can I stay with you?” She stuttered, and watched as you nodded silently.

Wanda slowly made her way to you and sat by your side. She looked at you. To everyone you seemed completely stoic, but she knew you were broken.

“Are you okay?” What a stupid question, she thought immediately, but she didn’t know how to approach the subject.

“Why do you ask?” Was your only answer, voice barely above a whisper.

“Nobody has seen you in days.” She waited for your answer, but you just shrugged. “Holding everything in doesn’t help and you know it…” She sighed.

“I’m alri-”

“Stop pretending like everything is fine!” Wanda finally snapped, and you turned to her, surprised. “This isn’t you. Even after the worst scenarios during a mission, you’ve never acted like this! Where’s that confidence of yours!?” She took a deep breath, calming herself before continuing. “It has to be really serious to leave you like this. So please, what happened back there?”

“You already know… Clint told you this morning, right?”

“Yeah, so it was true…”

Silence engulfed the both of you for some minutes. You looked at Wanda again, and before you could say anything she muttered.

“Stop.” You looked at her confused. “You’re thinking too loud. And that’s not true, you’re not a monster.” She explained.

“But they died because of my mistake.” You weakly argued, looking down at your lap. Wanda had never saw you so vulnerable.

“You couldn’t do anything. Stop blaming yourself.”

“Why?” Now it was Wanda’s turn to be confused. “Why are you helping me?”

‘Now or never’ She thought, and took a deep breath.

“Because I love you, (Y/N)” Wanda finally confessed. “I care about you and it pained me not seeing you this two weeks. Even if you don’t feel the same, I’ll always be here for you.” You stood silent for some minutes, just looking at her, and that made Wanda a bit anxious. “Please, just say something!” She exclaimed.

“I never said I didn’t feel the same.” You admitted.

“What?” Wanda froze. Did she heard you correctly?

“You’re talking too much, just shut up and hold me.” You groaned jokingly, and you both laughed before Wanda wrapped her arms around your shoulders and pulled you into her.

After some time just basking in each other’s warmth, you catched Wanda trying to stiffle a yawn.

“Half asleep already?” You teased, smiling softly.

“Yeah, but I can’t sleep. I know I’ll just end waking up screaming again.” Wanda sighed. You stood up and took her hand in yours, making her stand as well. “What-”

“Just come with me.”

You guided her to your room, where you laid down on your bed and patted your chest, waiting for her to do the same. Wanda laid beside you, leaning her head on your shoulder, and cuddled closer to you. When she was comfortable, you tenderly wrapped your arms around her small frame and kissed the top of her head.

“Goodnight, little witch.” You whispered, chuckling.

“Night, (Y/N/N)…” She answered before she let herself drift off to sleep, exhausted.

The next morning you woke to the feeling of slender fingers running gently through your hair. You slowly opened your eyes, focusing on the loving gaze that Wanda gave you.

“I’ve had nightmares every night for the past days and now they’re gone, how did you do that?” She whispered, tilting her head to the side a bit with a smirk.

“Dunno, maybe I’m your dreamcatcher.” You joked, getting a giggle and a soft kiss from her.

“And I wouldn’t want it any other way.”

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also can you add peaky blinders to that?

ship requests are CLOSED for the time being


i ship you with wanda maximoff


Originally posted by go-fandom-imagines

  • look at these two models walking down the streets hand in hand :’)
  • you two would be perfect for each other and you’d be aware of it
  • you would never give wanda up for anything, and the same goes for her
  • she would probably find the contrast in your personality - quiet and shy with strangers, talkative and bubbly around loved ones - quite amusing and adorable
  • wanda would cherish you like she could lose you any minute
  • and even though she would adore how you always take care of everyone around you, she would want to be the one who looks after you
  • wanda would never let anyone lay a hand on you
  • and would protect you at all costs
  • your song: sick of losing soulmates by dodie

star wars

i ship you with finn


Originally posted by captrex

  • oh this boy
  • he would be the purest boyfriend in the history of the world
  • always trying his best to protect you from any harm
  • and of course, most of the time, you would have to jump in to save his ass
  • finn is probably a real good hugger, so get yourself ready for all the cuddles
  • cos once he started, he wouldn’t let you go too easily
  • you would never fail to cheer each other up
  • and finn would love your sarcasm, especially if it’s targated at other people
  • especially poe
  • i feel like you two would be just super precious but chill
  • would barely have any arguments
  • and would love each other to the moon and back
  • your song: somewhere only we know by keane

the witcher

i ship you with jaskier


Originally posted by merthurlocked

  • the chaotic bi energy inside of this bus is  a s t r o n o m i c a l
  • you two would be the most iconic couple ever
  • would drive geralt mad for sure
  • but the number one target of your sarcastic remarks would definitely be jaskier
  • and even though it would piss him off at first, it’d also grow on him soon enough
  • and he couldn’t help but laugh at himself
  • he would be your biggest help whenever you got anxious in large crowds
  • jaskier would definitely be an expert at distracting your thoughts, mostly talking about things that don’t make sense whatsoever
  • but he’d much rather have you laugh at his dumb ass than see you panic
  • sweetest boyfriend :’)
  • your song: water fountain by alec benjamin

peaky blinders

i ship you with michael gray


Originally posted by looking-over-my-shoulder

  • oh boy
  • are you in for a treat,,,
  • michael would adore you
  • would physically fight anyone who dares even lok at you the wrong way
  • but he’d be the most precious human when you two were alone
  • he could listen to you talk about anything for days
  • michael would definitely admire your intelligence
  • he’d actually learn a lot from you, because he’s a boy who truly listens
  • and every time he referred back to the smallest, most unimportant little things you’ve told him, you could swear you fall even deeper for him
  • you would probably be constantly looking after him since you clearly would not trust the peaky blinders to do that
  • and michael would be worried about you 24/7, especially if you two were apart
  • but you’d always come back to him, no matter what :’)
  • your song: hold my hand by lukas graham
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I know that Billy has separate connections/relationships to Marvel’s Holy Magic Trinity- Stephen, Wanda, and Loki…but where is my comic that brings the three of them together to co-mentor him??? Joining forces to help guide him on his path to becoming the Demiurge and the next Sorcerer Supreme???

Stephen and Loki arguing over which one is the better teacher and who Billy should listen to and are constantly talking over each other, even if they agree on something they will publicly disagree on principle

Wanda and Stephen can’t fathom how Loki got there and are convinced they’re up to something but Loki is just genuinely trying to help Billy and repair their friendship with him, and the two of them reconnecting with Billy by telling him about his childhood-which turns into Mom what do you MEAN Doctor Strange delivered me-

Loki and Wanda mocking Stephen’s classical, more straightforward teaching methods and trying to map out the Maximoff family’s magical history to help Billy figure out how to develop his powers in the most effective way, because his magic doesn’t conform to traditional rules and regulations of magic (Stephen argues that it still can’t hurt)

Agatha Harkness is internally sighing, SOMEONE needs to help the poor kid, Wanda she had more faith in you

Nico, Daimon, Jericho, Wong, Amora (Loki invited her), and other magic users popping in and stealing him away saying they’re “guest teachers”


If he doesn’t blow anything up, they all go to Strange Academy and he gets to TA there for a day

I’ve seen the speedsters and archers and Ant-people and Cap characters all get their bonding time…wheres my Marvel magic family content

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In the mcu do they also have Fangirls who runs blogs about their favorite avengers? Are the avengers followed by paparazzi? Do they have merch of the avengers? Is there a line of clothing for them? I want to know

Also I want fanarts now.

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