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#scarlet witch
tati3001 · 2 days ago
Dangerous woman
Summary: Love couldn't be forced. People couldn't control other people to love them. But what if you had the power to do so?
Words: 979
Tumblr media
Natasha knew she shouldn't have fallen for that. She knew it was a tramp. She knew she should never listen to what Wanda had to say. But it was Y/n. It didn't matter what she knew or what her instincts told her. She wouldn't risk Y/n for anything or anyone in the world.
So she suited up and hide more weapons in her suit that she would actually carry on a day-to-day basis. She took the quinjet and went to the place Wanda was hiding.
She never thought love could twist someone so much. She knew Wanda had lost a lot of people, and Nat understood. Y/n and Natasha had been there for Wanda since the moment she lost Pietro. And they both knew that losing Vision had been a final step in Wanda's life to lose herself.
But Natasha had never imagined that losing Vision would make her like that. Kidnapping people? Wanda had said it was an accident. And they believed her. Twist reality? Pretty sure that was a bigger accident. Open a branch in the multi-universe? Natasha was extremely sure Wanda had done that fully consciously.
But she could pass that. She would've always helped Wanda. Even if it was to hide from the government. If Wanda had asked, Natasha and Y/n would have helped her to get her life together.
But she couldn't forgive Wanda for taking Y/n. She had a beautiful personality, and Y/n was gorgeous. People had a tendency to fall for her, and Wanda was no exception. Natasha had accidentally heard her talk about it to Pietro's grave when she was visiting Clint.
Since that moment Natasha had been more paranoid when Wanda would be alone with Y/n. She was hers, and no one could take her from her. Y/n was everything to Natasha. This is why Clint had to make sure Natasha was happy. He had a happy life with Laura and he knew the kids were gonna be safe.
Natasha still hadn't forgiven herself for that. But she was thankful to Clint for giving her the opportunity to live her life with Y/n. And she wasn't going to let Wanda take her.
She arrived at the cabin after flying at a very dangerous speed, even for the air. She didn't lose time going out of the jet and almost breaking the door with her foot.
"Give her back" She demanded. Wanda raised her eyebrow and put her teacup away. "Where are your models, Láska (Love)". "Wanda, I'm not joking. Give me Y/n back".
"Can't do". "Why not?". "Cause she doesn't want to leave" Natasha was confused, but she didn't let the witch see that. "Natty!" She held her questions and turned around in time to hold her girl in her arms. She was relieved to have Y/n safe and sound around the protectiveness of her arms. "It was time for you to get her, baby".
"Was it?". "Yeah" She nodded happily. "Wands made cupcakes" She smiled. "Did she?" Natasha raised her eyebrow. "Well, I'm sure they're delicious baby but it's time to go". "Go? Go where?". "Home" She tried to pull Y/n away but she resisted. "But we are home, Silly".
"What?". "I told you" Wanda moved behind Y/n and hugged her shoulders. "She doesn't want to leave". Natasha moved her gaze from Y/n to Wanda a few times before she finally realized what was going on.
She lowered her guard and slowly walked towards Wanda. She held the younger's girl in her hands, softly caressing her cheeks. "It's not real, Wanda. You know that". "Tasha -". "You know she doesn't love you that way. You know I don't love you that way". "You said you were going to be there for me" She whispered lowering her eyes. Natasha gently put her forehead against Wanda without stopping the movement of her fingers.
"We are. But not this way, Wands. You can't force us to love you. You can't control us". "But I can" Natasha moved her head away from her immediately but Wanda for the first time was faster than Natasha. She lifted her hands and holding Natasha's face she left the magic flow through her fingers and inside Natasha's temples.
She stood there, frozen in her place as Wanda moved away from her. "Is Natty okay, Baby?". "She will be" Wanda smiled at her and kissed her forehead. "And we'll finally be happy".
Wanda didn't know how long the fake memories were going to be in their heads. At some point, she knew she would have to refresh the memories once more. Because she had done it once or twice with Agatha. But she was willing to do that to keep them with her.
She was not going to feel alone anymore. She couldn't. Natasha smiled after a few seconds and hugged both girls, gently kissing Wanda in the lips before kissing Y/n's head.
And as she hugged them the real Wanda inside of her couldn't help but feel guilty. She had let the Scarlet Witch take control of her life because she was too depressed to do anything. And when she least expected it, the witch had taken her body and her mind. Although there was a small part that she still had control of.
She couldn't gain control back so easily. But for now, she was able to keep the Scarlet Witch in that cabin, where she couldn't harm anyone else. Wanda feared, however, that once she gain control back Natasha and Y/n would hate her guts. But they didn't deserve to be trapped, believing they loved someone they didn't.
Not as Wanda wanted to anyways. But she knew she had to keep them there. The Scarlet Witch was dangerous on her own. And once the spell was broken Wanda knew everyone would see her as a Dangerous Woman, and she would truly and finally be alone.
»──── « ❀ » ────«
Author's note: How long do you guys like the stories? Cause the next one is easily 5 maybe 6 thousand words. And I need to know if I should cut it out leave it long.
TAG LIST: @xxxtwilightaxelxxx @marvelwomen-simp @madamevirgo @temptationsbrew @mainly-rebloging-fics-i-like @yuhloversxx @chaekhan @diaryoflife @taschamonnii @simperingghoul @sweeet-likeeee-cinnamonn @coldmilkshakestudent @yreat @the-empty-chxld @thea13sworld @imadethisblogbecauseiamasimp @halobaby @m-zne237 @natashakink @liladoesfanfics @severepeanutartisanhands @wandanatstan @ymzki-haruki(Let me know if you want to be part of the tag list)
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xrqkayo · a day ago
Protective Girlfriends
Pairing: WandaNat x Reader
Summary: Reader gets hurt on a mission and Wanda and Nat go all protective mode.
a/n: More WandaNat content because I enjoy writing them! not proof read btw
Tumblr media
You cursed softly to yourself as you saw your girlfriends waiting for you at the compound. You were in a bandaged foot with crutches and whenever you get hurt on missions Wanda and Nat go around and harass everybody who were on the mission with you, so you were slightly hoping they wouldn’t be there waiting for you.
You smiled nervously as you approached your now frowning girlfriends. Natasha walked towards you straight away and picked you up in bridal style along with your crutches, causing you to let out a surprised yelp, “Who went on the mission with you again?” She asked, passing the crutches to Wanda then walking back towards the compound with Wanda at her side.
You chuckled then turned your head to look at Natasha, “Nobody. It was a solo mission.” Okay, that was a complete lie but your girlfriends would literally verbally and physically attack Steve and Tony if they found out they were on the mission with you.
Wanda who hadn’t said anything yet, brought her hand up to your face, resting it on your cheek, “We aren’t going to yell at anybody, love.” She said with a smile. Even though she looked very convincing you could see right though her lie.
You hummed, “I know you aren’t because it was a solo mission. Nobody to yell at.” You felt Natasha nod and before you even realised it you were entering your shared bedroom.
Natasha slowly placed you down on the bed and placed a pillow under your foot, “Comfortable?” She asked with a warm smile. You nodded and pouted when you saw Wanda leave the room, “Is she coming back?” You wanted both your girlfriends to be here with you, one because you were needy and hurt, two because you didn’t want them finding out it wasn’t a solo mission.
Natasha chuckled and nodded, “Needy today are we?” You rolled your eyes, “I’m hurt. Obviously I’m needy.” Natasha hummed and kissed your head, “I’ll go make you some soup while Wanda gets something else.” You nodded and watched Natasha leave the room.
You sat alone for at least 15 minutes before you decided to get up and check what’s taking so long to make soup. You grabbed your crutches that were resting on the night stand and started making your way downstairs to the kitchen. You could hear voices coming from the kitchen before you entered, “You idiot! They could of been permanently hurt!” It was Natasha’s voice. You sighed, they had found out. No big surprise though, Wanda is a literal mind-reader.
You stepped into the kitchen and chuckled softly at Tony and Steve’s scared faces. Who knew a Super Solider and a man in a suit of armor would be so terrified of them.
Wanda and Nat didn’t notice you straight away so they continued to verbally harass them, “Steve, look at me when I’m talking to you!” Wanda yelled angrily. You seemed like this would be a perfect time to step in, “Baby, you’re yelling, not talking.” You smiled.
They both ran over to you, giving the men enough time to slip away. Natasha pushed you down into a chair, “Don’t get up while you’re hurt, Y/n,” She mumbled, pulling up a chair for herself and Wanda “We need it to heal quickly.”
You rolled your eyes and scoffed, causing both your girlfriends to look at you, “Listen, as much as I love my protective little girlfriends, I don’t want you running around and yelling at people when I get hurt. It’s my own fault.” Wanda hummed and Natasha sighed, “They should watch you closer though, they could of stopped this.” She pointed to your broken foot.
You laughed and shook your head, “Baby, I fell over my own feet.” Natasha raised a brow and Wanda laughed, “Hey...It’s not funny.” You playfully hit Wanda’s arm. She laughed again, “So sorry, your majesty.” You grinned, “As you should be.” Natasha groaned playfully, “Still have a bratty attitude with a broken foot?” You grinned and hummed.
 “Just promise me not to yell at people when I get hurt again, please?” You pleaded, all playfulness in your voice gone.
Natasha and Wanda sighed, “Finee.”
You kissed them both on the lips, “Thank you.”
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Peter: I am the ultimate third wheel.
Erik, cuddling with Charles: You shouldn’t think that way.
Wanda, holding Vision’s hand: Yeah, what makes you say that?
Pietro, making out with Crystal: Completely untrue.
Peter: Wow. I have leveled up to the fifth wheel. I am truly powerful.
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ynscrazylife · 2 days ago
Do you write about the maximoff twins? If so, would you mind writing a fic where the reader is the twins' younger sister and ends up getting seriously injured on a mission or fight, and they get all worried and take care of their little sister? I fucking love your writing and i hope you're having a good day!!
To Feel is to be Blessed and Cursed | w.m & p.m fluff angst fic
Summary: Wanda and Pietro take care of their little sister after she is hurt on an Avengers’ mission.
Authors Note: Thank you for requesting!
Request to be on a taglist (or multiple) here! (Taglists are at the end of the fic)
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PSA: Do NOT copy, steal, translate, plagiarize, republish, etc any of my works on Tumblr or any other platform. Also, do NOT claim any of my works as your own. All of these works are either requests I’ve gotten that people have wanted me to write or original ideas I’ve had for works. If you happen to take inspiration from anything I’ve written and want to write something inspired by that, please a) ask me first and b) IF I say yes, credit me as inspo in your post by tagging me and link whatever work of mine that inspired you. Thanks.
header c @/weirdsedits
Tumblr media
Being the youngest in any family came with a certain rule book that appeared to be just how life was laid out, but for Y/N, those rules were stricter and there was a lot more of them. The typical youngest would be subject to protectiveness from their older siblings. However, in Y/N’s case, the level of that protectiveness was upped a lot.
Did her probably having the most difficult time when she and her siblings were experimented on with the Mind Stone? Yes. Due to the fact that she was a couple years younger, she was more emotional than her older sister and her older brother, and the Mind Stone was drawn to her all-over-the-place emotions, granting her emotional, or empath, powers from it.
It only magnified when she joined the superhero team known as the Avengers along with Wanda and Pietro.
. . .
“Wait, wait, wait, say that again?” Pietro asked, addressing the team’s leader, Steve, who had just been briefing the team on their upcoming mission. He stood at the head of the table, arms crossed, but couldn’t help a smile leak through his serious exterior at the younger man’s words.
Y/N’s ecstatic grin fell into a frown faster than you could snap. She looked to Wanda for help, but the woman was merely nodding along with her approval regarding her twin’s question.
“As I stated,” the captain began, drawing in a breath before continuing. “It is likely that the person we’re after had a miscommunication with the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents who fought him, so when we reach the base he’s hiding out in, we’ll send Y/N in to use her powers to help calm the man down. Then, we’ll engage and hold a peaceful discussion with him and Fury.”
Pietro sat forward in his seat, still not convinced. “Are you sure about this?” He asked and then reeled in his tone at the raised brow look Steve sent him. In a calmer voice he spoke, “You said that the person is an ex-S.H.I.E.L.D. agent himself, isn’t that dangerous?”
Steve paused, probably to collect his thoughts as to how best to answer this, but Y/N jumped into the opportunity that the silence offered her.
“I can handle much more than one S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, Pietro!” She cried, offended that her brother seemed to think so little of her.
Pietro turned to her, and his determined expression softened up. “I know that, darling. I just worry . . . with him being able to hold his own against and evade multiple S.H.I.E.L.D. agents?”
“Which is why we think that, with him being a former agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., that this is leaning towards a miscommunication of some sort. Besides, should anything go wrong, all of us will be close by to help,” Steve cut in.
Pietro thought for a moment and then nodded, leaning back against his seat. He was satisfied with this and, with Wanda’s nod, it looked like she was contempt with it, too.
. . .
“Okay, Y/N, he’s on the third floor, two rooms to the right,” is what Y/N heard through slight static via her earpiece. As she climbed the stairs she nodded, but then remembered that they couldn’t see her.
“Copy,” she replied, and couldn’t help the rush of giddiness that went through her. She had always wanted to use that “official” language such as “copy” and “over and out”.
“And don’t hesitate to contact us if something goes wrong!” Wanda jumped in, her worry just gushing through the crack in her voice.
Y/N smiled, reaching the first floor. “I know, Wan,” she said with a small giggle.
Soon, she reached the third floor and carefully entered the second room on the right, not wanting to startle the man. “Nice view, isn’t it?” She commented gently.
The man, who had his back to her as he stood in front of a widow, instantly whipped around. His eyes narrowed when he saw Y/N. “Who are you?” He demanded.
Y/N wasn’t phased. She just recalled her training. “I’m an Avenger, sir,” she answered.
The man just held her gaze fiercely. “Are you lot here to fight me like those blasted agents?” He asked, slight aggression edging into his voice.
Y/N shook her head. She could use her powers but decided to hold off on them for the moment. “I just wanted to talk, actually — about what happened,” she said.
The man didn’t look convinced. “What’s there to talk about?” He countered, eyes darting around the room.
Y/N shifted her weight from foot to foot. “Seeing as you used to be an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., I figured that there was some misunderstanding. Maybe you could help with that?”
The man raised his eyebrows. “Used to?” He questioned.
Y/N thought for a moment and then nodded. “When you entered the headquarters, why didn’t you announce yourself through identification?” She asked.
“Cause I had just returned from a mission!” He spat, growing frustrated from the current events.
That’s when it dawned on Y/N — he had been on a mission so he was unaware of everything that had happened.
Y/N took a deep breath, trying to figure out how best to word this. “Sir, while you were on your mission, S.H.I.E.L.D. . . . Fell,” she simply said.
There was a brief moment of quietness before the agent scoffed. “What? Why did no one tell me?”
“No one could, at the moment. It was all happening very fast,” Y/N said, speaking with compassion, but this only frustrated the man even more.
He frowned, glaring at her. “So no one could pull me out of the dangerous mission I was on? I risked my life for . . . Well, for nothing, now! If S.H.I.E.L.D. really did fall!” He exclaimed.
“Sir, please calm down. Take a deep breath,” Y/N said and then began to model one herself.
“Bullshit!” The man yelled. “Why didn’t toi Avengers come get me, huh? Why did you all leave me clueless and to just be attacked?!”
Y/N’s eyes widened. The look on the man’s face was vicious, like that of someone ready to pounce on its prey. She could tell that they were past the hope of talking through this.
“What are you doing?!” The man yelled when she went to reach up to her earpiece.
Y/N stopped. She didn’t answer, but she did take a couple step backs. In such a quiet room and building, he was loud. Her hands began to glow blue as she started using her powers in an attempt to calm the man. However he caught onto this.
His own hands started glowing, but this time it was a vibrant red. Y/N gasped, physically startled by the revelation of his powers. He quickly took her distraction as an advantage and sent her blasting back through the air.
Y/N landed with a thud against the ground, hitting her head and rolling onto her back. She struggled to sit up.
“I’ll attack you before you attack me!” He yelled and, with Y/N’s head pounding, it sounded like a scream.
“I wasn’t—” she tried to stay, but he was cut off when he blasted her again, this time in the stomach.
Y/N did her best to fight back as the altercation continued, but already being at a disadvantage and being injured proved a challenge.
. . .
“Hey Y/N, can we get a status report?” Steve said into his comms, as he and the team sat in the Quinjet. Wanda, Pietro, and Natasha were sitting with Steve while the rest amused themselves in the background (Clint had convinced Bruce to play ping pong after Natasha had refused).
After a couple moments of silence, Wanda and Pietro’s eyes lit up with worry, but Steve paid them no mind, refusing to think the worst yet. “Y/N, do you copy?” He asked again, in a louder tone this time.
When nearly a minute had passed, Pietro abruptly stood up. “Something’s wrong. We’ve gotta go in,” he declared and offered Wanda his hand.
Wanda hesitated, glancing at Steve and Natasha. She did want to go see her little sister, but didn’t want to go against captain’s orders.
Steve’s face had softened and he said, calmly, “We’ll meet you there.”
That was all Wanda needed to hear and she took Pietro’s hand. In a second, they were gone, the bleached blond having super sped them away. Steve rose from his chair, Natasha following, and they alerted the team to get ready.
Within seconds, Pietro and Wanda arrived upstairs. Pietro, who was far more used to super-speeding than his twin, acted first upon the scene laid out in front of them. He super-sped the man, who had been standing over Y/N’s unconscious form, and pinned him to the wall, barking out demands as to what he’d done.
Wanda carefully knelt in front of her sister, not wanting to cause her any further harm. She lightly tapped Y/N’s cheek but, when she did not wake up, went to shake her shoulder. That, too, did not work and, instead of letting her huff of frustration get the best of her, looked over Y/N for any injuries. To her dismay, there were a lot.
Wanda was distracted by the authoritative voice and looked up, only to see Steve and the rest of the Avengers at the doorway. Their hair was all blown back, hinting that Tony had flew them there, which explained their speediness.
Pietro looked back, his face beat red and eyes wide. “He won’t talk!” The man yelled angrily.
Natasha bit her lip to stop herself from giving a sarcastic response — because of course the villain wouldn’t admit to his wrongdoings. However, she lent him her sympathy, because he really was just a concerned big brother. Instead, she walked over and punched the guy in the face, rendering him unconscious. “We can interrogate him at the tower,” she noted.
Pietro blinked. With him handled, he let his grip on the guy go and he dropped to the floor. Pietro paid him no mind and joined Wanda, looking over their younger sister. Her head was bruised and bleeding, as was her hip, and she had multiple long cuts and scrapes all over her body. What really alarmed the superheroes were the hand marks on her skin, suggesting that the man had grabbed, yanked, or even hit her.
“I’m going to do a quick medical examination here while the rest get the guy to the Quinjet,” Bruce’s calm voice floated like music notes into Wanda and Pietro’s ears and they noticed that he was kneeling next to them with a first aid kit in his hand for the first time.
They nodded and stepped back, letting him work, but keeping a close eye. Bruce first stated by putting pressure on Y/N’s head and hip for the bleeding which Pietro jumped at to help. He then cleaned the cuts and scrapes on her arms and legs and Wanda helped him bandage. With the three of them playing doctor, they finished quite quickly. Now, though, they had to get Y/N to the Quinjet.
They decided that Pietro would super-speed himself and Bruce back to the Quinjet and Wanda would carry Y/N and fly there.
Once Pietro and Bruce left, Wanda carefully gathered Y/N into her arms, as if she were handling glass. The fear of accidentally hurting her bubbled up in her stomach and she had to gulp it back as she rose to her feet. Then, taking a breath, the woman lifted off into the air and tightened her grip on her sister as she carried her out of the building and over the land.
Once she landed at the Quinjet, Bruce led her into the makeshift medical room they had where Pietro had already been pacing and waiting. She laid Y/N on the table and, after she was content that Y/N was comfortable, had to practically drag her brother out of the room to allow Bruce to do his work.
Outside, they felt the Quinjet taking off into the air, at a careful yet good tempo-ed pace. They exchanged minimal words, really okay asking if the other was alright, as they were too focused on Y/N’s well-being. At any other time, they would voice their concerns and get comfort from the other, but this was Y/N’s safety. Their thoughts were already consuming them so it felt like that too much to have to speak about it.
After what felt like eons but really only spanned until they were 3/4ths of the way home, Bruce emerged with a smile on his face. Pietro and Wanda instantly stilled. “She is expected to make a full recovery,” he announced, sending a wave of relief over the Maximoffs. “But she will need some looking after by the two of you.”
Wanda and Pietro nodded. “What should we do?” Wanda asked, already running through a list of things in her head — Pietro doing the same.
“Make sure she doesn’t move around too much, help her change her bandages, help her walk because of her hip, oversee her condition, that kinda stuff,” Bruce answered.
“Can we see her?” Pietro asked, almost bouncing on the tips of his toes.
“Yes, but I did give her some medicine that makes her a bit, ah, loopy,” Bruce warned. Pietro and Wanda shared a look before they followed the doctor into the medical room.
Y/N was laying on the table and, when she saw her older siblings, grinned and went to sit up, but was stopped when Pietro gently pushed her back.
“Hey! What are you doing, old man?” Y/N cried, scrunching up her nose.
Wanda concealed her snort while Pietro furrowed his eyebrows, half-confused, half-amused. “What?” He asked, glancing at Wanda.
“You have grey hair which means you’re old,” Y/N claimed as if it were obvious, pointing to his hair.
Pietro’s jaw dropped slightly as Wanda’s laughter became more apparent. “If I’m old, is Wanda old, too? After-all, we’re twins,” he wondered.
Y/N looked over at her sister and tapped her chin with her pointer finger as she thought, making the twins smile. “Nope, ‘cause she doesn’t have grey hair,” she decided.
“Is her logic that your old ness factor depends on your hair color?” Wanda asked Pietro quietly, but Y/N jumped in.
“Yes!” She claimed enthusiastically.
This continued on until, when they were nearly there, Y/N fell asleep. Wanda and Pietro patiently listened to the confusing — yet endearing — nonsense their sister came up with and, when they landed, Pietro carried her to her room in the Avengers tower, Wanda by his side.
About an hour later, Y/N woke up.
“Hello, sleepyhead,” Wanda greeted with a smile, brushing some of Y/N’s hair away from her face.
Y/N looked at Wanda and Pietro and then glanced around at her room, the memories of the mission and the Quinjet coming back. Her gaze settled on Pietro. “Sorry for saying that you were old,” she apologized jokingly, making her siblings smile and laugh.
After a couple moments of silence and Y/N falling deeper into her thinking, she piped up again. “Piet? I’m sorry.”
Pietro shared a confused look with Wanda. “Whatever for?” He asked, his tone unusually soft.
Y/N picked at the hem of her blanket. “I shouldn’t of gone on the mission. You were right — it was too dangerous,” she explained meekly.
Pietro lent forward from where he was sitting at the end of Y/N’s bed. “Hey, hey, there’s nothing to apologize for! I’m not blaming you whatsoever. It was the stupid guy’s fault, right, Wanda?” He said, and Wanda nodded with the hum of a “mm-hm” to back him up.
Y/N looked a bit uncertain but then sat forward as she remembered something. “I’ve got to the mission debriefing!” She exclaimed and went to stand up but was stopped when Wanda gently pulled her down.
“Oh, no, love, you’ve gotta rest,” she pointed out.
Y/N turned to her with a big and unhappy pout.
“If you rest, we’ll watch your favorite movie with you!” Pietro said.
And like that, Y/N’s mood instantly switched. Her pout turned into a smile and she squealed, “The Princess Bride!”
Sure enough, minutes later, the room was filled with the sounds of the classic movie.
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yellowvxbes · a day ago
Love Unfounded
Pairing: Wanda Maximoff x Reader
Summary: Wanda had been gone for over 48 hours, and you were starting to panic. It turned out she’d rather die with Vision than live with you.
Word Count: 601
Warnings: Heavy angst, angst without a happy ending, major character death, murder, references to suicide, cheating, one-sided relationships, and cursing.
A/N: Yeah, this is really painful. I don’t know why I keep writing angst. It always burns my heart. But hey, here we are. Enjoy if possible. <3
“Hey baby, it’s me. Y/N. I’m sorry for calling again, I’m just really worried… uh, I love you. Call me back when you can. Thanks.” You hung up the call, desperately trying to hide your watery voice. Wanda had been gone for forty-eight hours, and the panic that overtook you was coming to a climax.
You tried your best to take deep breaths, but your hyperventilation escalated when a loud knock came upon your door. “Coming!” You exclaimed, hoping that it could be Wanda. Please, let it be Wanda.
“Wanda I-” You're cut off when the door fully opens, and the person in front of you is not Wanda Maximoff. Just Steve Rodgers. You’d spoken to him before, but it would be a lie to say you were even near friends. In all honesty, you barely tolerated the man, let alone enjoy his company. “Hey, Steve- what do you need?”
“I have some news...” He started, opening his mouth and then closing it.
You shifted around in front of him, struggling to find the right words. “Steve, I need you, to be honest with me. Is this to do with Wanda going missing? Is she missing in the first place- I mean what the fuck is going on?” You exclaimed, your anxiety levels hitting the fan.
“I’m so sorry Y/N. From what we know,” He paused as if he was swallowing down his tears too, “She felt that something was wrong with Vision. She finds where he is, and realizes he’s been killed. I suppose she passed afterward- maybe a target, maybe suicide. We just… don’t know.”
Your jaw dropped open, and you let fresh tears stream down your cheeks. “I don’t- I don’t understand. This doesn’t make sense. Who killed Vision? And why… Why would Wanda die? It couldn’t have been a target- why would Vision’s death trigger suicide?”
Steve looked at the floor, desperately trying to look anywhere but your watery gaze. Finally, after a moment of complete, tense silence he replied, “I wish I knew. I do. Nothing makes sense for us either. It just… doesn’t add up. We’re guessing someone from HYDRA, but we could be wrong.”
You wiped away falling tears, “I want to know about Wanda. Why? Fuck, why would she do this to me!” You cried, and Steve found himself with a wave of guilt. Because he knew exactly why- Wanda loved Vision and she’d rather die with him than live without him.
Though Steve of course would never admit that. Especially not to you. “I don’t know… I don’t know.” He repeated, and you scowled at him, anger replacing your grief.
“You know something I don’t, right? You’re lying to me Steve, goddamnit! Tell me the truth!” You yelled, taking a step forward.
“Wanda- Wanda loved him, Y/N. They had a connection that was just so unbreakable. I wish this wasn’t the case, I know you loved her-”
“So you’re saying she cheated on me?” Steve’s face dropped.
“I don’t want to say cheating is the right word.” That’s when it hit you. She never loved you. She wanted to die when she found Vision because being without him was worse than death. You never even knew. You missed so fucking much, and she forgot all about you.
“Get out Steve. Get out.” The blonde quickly left without hesitation, and you let yourself burst into sobs. The worst part was-
You would have died for her, and you were going to die for her. And you’ll die knowing she’d never truly love you the way you loved her.
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hi! could i make a wanda x reader request with fluff prompt 16 where the reader eats all of wanda's snacks and she gets angry so reader decides to buy all her favorite snacks again
A/n: Idk why but this is mostly a jokey fic because I just loved the idea of Wanda getting really annoyed by the littlest thing so here ya go! Enjoy! also sorry it's pretty short I didn't want to keep you waiting too long
Ship: Wanda x Reader
Warnings: Snack wars
Prompt 16: I brought your favourite snacks (altered)
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You and Wanda were big snackers, and I mean big snackers. In your apartment, there were two cupboards filled with snacks but 2 specifically that had your favourite on one and Wanda’s on another. There were crisps, sweets, chocolate bars, protein bars, fruit snacks, everything you could think of was in those 2 cupboards. You made sure to stock it back up once every 3 weeks but due to an especially long mission, it was looking pretty empty.
In fact, the whole kitchen seemed to lack proper food so you had to go to your last resort. Wanda’s shelf. You knew it was wrong even as you were doing it. You knew she would be mad but maybe if you didn’t mention it she wouldn’t notice? Obviously, you were wrong. You couldn’t actually be more wrong.
Wanda returned home about an hour later after walking your dog, Lila.
“Hey, darling! I’m home!” she called from the door as she took off her boots.
“Hey…” you whispered in reply. She walked through to the living room where you were watching TV with a confused expression on her face.
“You ok?” she asked.
“What? Yeah- no, yeah of course I’m fine,” you spluttered out. She eyed you suspiciously. She knew something was up and you knew she knew something was up. She left the room slowly and you sighed in relief. Sadly, that feeling of relief didn’t last long as you heard the familiar creak of the snack cupboard opening. Then, there was the most terrifying silence you’d ever not heard.
You ran through t the kitchen where you saw Wanda gaping at her almost empty shelf.
“Look, look. I know it looks bad but it really isn’t!” she turned to you with a raised eyebrow, “Ok, maybe it is… but I’ll bring you your favourite snacks for tonight, how about that?”
“If you don’t, and this is just a warning, I will take that entire cupboard and give you no snack space.” Wanda gave you a look that said she was dead serious. One of the reasons you loved your girlfriend was the way she took little things very serious, even snacks.
Taglist for all fics: @alotofpockets @catasha @kiwiana145 @marie45019
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aracknight · a day ago
Tumblr media
Cleaned and ready to be coloured copy of Leonardo Kirk’s sketch of the Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver.
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Wanda: You can't hold me prisoner in here forever!
Agatha: Why not? Name one person alive who loves you.
Wanda: Wow, not a proportional response.
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lukeyskywalker · 2 days ago
Can I enjoy something like a normal person? Absolutely not. I hyper fixate until my life is filled with nothing but the current thing I have selected.
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Wanda: Oof
Erik: What?
Pietro: Haha mood
Erik: What does this mean?
Peter: Bro we’re just vibing
Erik: Vibing??? What???
Lorna: Lmao okay boomer
Erik: Boome- are you even speaking the same language?
Nina: Press “F” to pay respects
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Pt. 4 / 8
first Halloween as husband and wife
Gomez and Morticia - The Addams Family
Tumblr media
That year at the Halloween party they arrived sensationally late, all because they were ready but before leaving Wanda, dropped in the part, said "mon cher mari, êtes-vous prêt à partir?" (sentence she had jokingly learned by heart) and in response Vision had yelled "Tish! You spoke French!" and immediatly he was next to her and he had started kissing her arm from her hand going back up to her neck ... eh well, he just couldn't stop
pt. 3
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