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Petite-Madame’s Avengers Food Calendar - December 2020: Wanda Maximoff

I’m working on a new project, an “Avengers + Food” calendar. Once a month,  I’ll post a page of the calendar (one Avenger = one month). You won’t  have everybody because there’s just 12 months and there are a lot of  characters now but I hope you’ll still enjoy it. ♥

January: Peter Parker * February: Tony Stark * March: Bucky Barnes* April: Natasha Romanoff * May: Sam Wilson * June: Clint Barton * July: Steve Rogers * August: Scott Lang * September: Thor Odinson * October: Stephen Strange * November: Bruce Banner *

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     I’m depending on you Daddy ‘cause there’s nothing else I can do
               And you said that I could come to you if I ever was in need

                                                                           ~ Dolly Parton

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Wanda Maximoff | You Should See Me In A Crown |

A new edit that I made (more of an instagram vibe) for Wanda Maximoff! I am pretty proud of it. *literally never happens*

I cant wait for WandaVision!!!!

She is the most powerful avenger! *just try and fight me on that*

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