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celebsilike · an hour ago
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inspectorblack · 11 hours ago
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simplybombshell · 11 hours ago
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Crackship Request:
Andrew Garfield(Peter Parker) x Scarlett Johansson(Natasha Romanoff)
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sansasurvived · 11 hours ago
i really hate that i hate black widow for no reason other than the fact that scarjo plays her. she just taints the whole character for me. maybe i should read the actual comics instead of watching a woody allen supporter in a black catsuit.
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itsamarvelfan · 15 hours ago
You’re Drunk
Warning(s): alcohol consumption, mentions of sex
Summary: Sebastian isn’t really himself when he’s drunk, but you could care less.
Tumblr media
You watched Sebastian shake hands with Chris, pulling him in for a hug, and thanked him for inviting you two. You smiled at the interaction, happy that Chris and Sebastian had gotten over the small fight they had two days prior. It was a stupid fight anyways.
Chris and Sebastian had teamed up to prank Anthony, but it had backfired and the two had started to blame each other for the mishap. The argument had been stopped by you and a smirking Anthony, still smug that he had dodged the prank. You had scolded the duo, both pouting by the end.
"Y/N," Scarlett said, coming up beside you. "It's been a while." She opened up her arms and you wrapped yours around her. She squeezed you once before pulling apart.
"It's so good to see you," you said, taking in her look. She was wearing a bright red top with black ripped jeans and red, lacy high heels. "You look stunning." She giggled and shook her head.
"I think you mean you look absolutely beautiful," she awed, giving you a little nudge. "No wonder Seb hasn't been able to keep his eyes off you." You looked over at your boyfriend to see, exactly as Scarlett had said, his eyes flickering over to you. You bit your lip, cheeks and ears heating up, as you glanced down at your attire.
Since it was a reunion—a get together, Chris had put it—you decided to go for a more casual look. The top was a light blue—ice blue, Sebastian had said when you wore it—and it fell off your shoulders, arms full sleeved. It hugged your torso, amplifying your curves. Your jeans were a navy blue while your jewelry and boots were black. It was simple really, but Sebastian couldn't stop obsessing over you, complimenting you the whole drive here.
"Thanks," you mumbled, feeling the warmth flood to your cheeks. She grinned and looped her arm through yours, leading the two of you to the small bar set on the side of the room—the side further away from Sebastian. You knew exactly why Scarlett had taken you to the other side, across the room from him, an angle he could see you perfectly, but couldn't touch you without everyone noticing.
"How long do you think he's gonna stay there?" She whispered in your ear. She gesturing for Scott, who had taken it upon himself to become the bartender, to bring two drinks out for you and her.
"Oh, no," you answered, shaking your head at the drink Scott offered you. "I'm the designated driver for the night." Scott scoffed and slid the drink closer to you.
"You know that's not how it works," he said with a cheeky grin. "You and Seb get super drink and put on a show for the world to remember." You giggled and shook your head, still refusing the drink.
"This time around, it's staying a 'no' to any drink," you said, leaning on the counter. Scarlett raised an eyebrow at you, but shrugged and took a shot of her favourite drink. Scott only grinned and took the glass, tipping it back into his mouth. You smiled as Scott spoke up.
"Sebastian really can't take his eyes off of you, Y/N." You looked over at him to see him looking right at you, a bottle of beer on his lips. You smiled at him and he smiled back before turning to talk to Chris. You shake your head lightly, clearing out the thoughts and focused on the conversation.
"Y/N!" Sebastian slurred, stumbling over to you. You excused yourself from the conversation you were engaged in with Shana and Carly, and then put your hands on his shoulders to keep him steady. He grinned cheekily at you, eyes roaming over your body. You felt yourself heat up under his intense gaze, but knew that the alcohol had gotten to him.
"We should go home," you said softly, trailing your hand to cup his cheek. He pouted at the words, but he had leaned into your touch unconsciously.
"I don't want to," he whined, putting his hands on your hips. "I want to party." His hands started to trail down. You shook your head and placed your hands over his, guiding them back to your hips.
"Baby, we've got to go," you whispered, hoping that he would stop acting like a child. You had to admit that he was sort of cute when he got drunk and acted like this—even if you said it annoyed you. "It's nearly one in the morning." His eyes bulged out, widening as though he had witnessed real magic.
"One in the morning!" He exclaimed, seemingly surprised by the time. "We've got to then!" He slipped his hand into yours, stepping beside you. You led him through the crowd, saying goodbye to a few people you. At last you spotted Chris and made your way to him.
"Hey guys!" Chris said, looking a little less drunk than Sebastian. You narrowed your eyes at him playfully.
"I think you broke my boyfriend," you joked, a smirk creeping up on your face. You glanced at Sebastian who had taken an interest in Chris's hair. Chris just laughed and smiled. "Anyway, we're leaving and thought that we should say goodbye and thank you for inviting us."
"Of course," Chris said, bringing you in for a hug. This seemed to get Sebastian's attention because he put a hand on each of your shoulders and pulled you two apart.
He looked at Chris and said, "Stay two feet away from her. Even if you're my best friend, I won't let her go for you." You bit your lip, trying not to laugh. Chris, however, let out a laugh and patted Sebastian on his shoulder.
"Sorry, man." Chris nodded at you and hugged Sebastian who was a little stiff while embracing him.
"You said that I could drive," Sebastian whined as you pushed him into the passenger seat. You shook your head and closed the door, making your way to the driver's seat.
"You're drunk," you said, sliding into the seat and buckling your seatbelt, "and you can barely see straight." He pouted and crossed his arms, looking forwards instead. He slid down his seat, not putting on his seatbelt. You sighed, unbuckling your seatbelt, and reached over, pulling his seatbelt on. You felt his lips on your cheek, trailing down your neck to your shoulders.
"Y/N," he growled when you pulled away. Knowing exactly what Sebastian was trying to do, you shook your head.
"You're drunk, Sebby," you said sweetly, pulling your seatbelt on again. He pouted at you and went back to his 'mad' position again.
"You know, you go to sleep, not knowing whether you would wake up ever again," Sebastian said as you stopped at a red light. He had been saying these thoughts nonstop ever since you said sorry. They were getting into your head as well. "Every year, you pass your death anniversary and you don't even know it."
"Seb," you whined as the lights changed to green. You pressed down on the accelerator and turned your car into your street.
"When they say that the little piggy went to the market, it doesn't mean he went shopping. Patrick from Spongebob literally lives under a rock," Sebastian continued as you parked into the driveway. "Why is the driveway called the driveway when we actually park on it?" You sighed and took the keys out, unbuckling your seatbelt.
"We're home," you mumbled, reaching over and clicking the button, unbuckling his seatbelt as well. He stopped talking and looked at your shared home.
"Are you sure this is where we live?" Sebastian asked after a minute of silence.
"Yes," you groaned, getting out the car. You shivered at the cool night breeze and walked over to Sebastian's door, opening it for him. He glanced up at you when you held out a hand for him. He grabbed on reluctantly and got out of the car. You shivered again and, this time, goosebumps erupted on your skins. Sebastian seemed to notice this and started to shrug off his jean jacket to throw onto your shoulders.
"There," Sebastian said as he grabbed your hand once more. "Now you're not cold and you're mine." You rolled your eyes but couldn't stop the smile that made its way to your lips.
Sebastian stumbled up the steps, even with your support. He smiled sheepishly at you while you unlocked the door with the keys. You opened the door, walking in first, Sebastian following you with a soft smile. He was staring at you with the same intense gaze as he was when you had left for the party.
"Okay, what is it?" You turned around, now standing in the kitchen, hands on your hip. Sebastian just smiled wider and walked over to you and put his hands on either side of you, trapping you between him and the counter. You could smell the alcohol on him mixing in with his cologne. The scent made you feel lightheaded.
"I love you," he mumbled, glancing down at your lips. Your lips curled up in a little smile.
"I love you too," you said back, putting your hands on his chest. He leaned down to kiss you, but you held a hand to his lips. "No, Seb. I'm not kissing you while you're drunk." He tried to say something but it was muffled. "In the morning I'll give you as many kisses as you want." You see his eyes soften and he nodded once, bringing his hand up to lower yours.
"Okay. And more?”
"I'm going to marry you," Sebastian declared when you settled into the covers with him. Your eyes darted up to him, shock lacing your face. He must have thought that you didn't want to because his smile immediately dropped from his face. "Do you not want to?" You shook your head, but then decided to talk.
"I want to," you whispered softly, cupping his cheek and hovering over him. His hands came to your hips, making you relax and let your hips touch his. He smiled widely and kissed your forehead. "But you need to ask me when you're not drunk, if you remember anyway." He grinned.
"I won't forget."
He didn’t.
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incident-management · 17 hours ago
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Scarlett Johansson
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luminarai · 18 hours ago
I'm so sorry for this but your joe as jason mantzoukas in the league drawing made me think of an extremely cursed TOG fancast with the league/kroll show type comedians and I got as far as jason mantzoukas and john mulaney as joe and nicky and the second i had the thought "nick kroll as booker" my brain shut down. I'm so sorry but it was so cursed I had to share it
oh my GOD
this is incredibly cursed but I am also laughing so hard (the cast is completed by lolly adefobe as nile, ali wong as quynh, and idk fucking tig notaro with an emergency axe, directed by taika waititi)
alternatively, please imagine nile taking a bunch of college classes and asking nicky and booker to help her with an econ assignment and just basking in the ensuing chaos while joe, the only person in the guard who actually knows how to do more than basic math, dies of laughter in the corner (andy of course was the one who suggested nile that she should ask nicky and booker)
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mothersonnews · 19 hours ago
Fans ask Marvel to bring Robert Downey Jr's Tony Stark aka Iron Man back to life; put up billboard in LA - Times of India
Fans ask Marvel to bring Robert Downey Jr’s Tony Stark aka Iron Man back to life; put up billboard in LA – Times of India
As ‘Avengers: Endgame’ is just days away from clocking 2 years of its release, fans of the slain superhero, Iron Man, put up a billboard to urge Marvel Studios to bring back the famed character. A picture of the billboard has gone viral on social media, with fans debating on whether or not the beloved character should make his return to the big screen. The billboard reads “For our beloved hero,…
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arsphotographica · 19 hours ago
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inspectorblack · 20 hours ago
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some-scarlett-johansson · 20 hours ago
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Scarlett Johansson
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