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Listen I was just gonna go to the MH fandom for this but I dunno if they could get exactly what I need.

So listen I’m in class rn and I need a video of someone running in first person, and at some point near the end I need for them to look back. I don’t have the time to just film this myself but trust me I had a dream and it is imperitive I fulfill this prophecy.

If y'all could do me a big favour and find a good one for me I would feel blessed.

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Oshima Academy for Girls

(Disclaimer: This is based off a nightmare I had that inspired me. I’m hoping to further expand on the details and fix any plot holes in order to create a cohesive horror story. None of these events are real- just thought I’d share for any horror fanatics it corsses paths with. Enjoy!)


I arrive at the academy at night, with the rest of the girls. Maybe 500 of us. Everyone’s excited about how well funded the school looks. Me and my two roommates get to our dorm to set up. We have two days until classes start to get acclimated. Each of my roommates finds a letter from their respective guidance counselor on their bed. The letters had a picture of their counselors, and a welcoming paragraph introducing them to their unique student id numbers. There’s no letter on my bed.

There is a school merchandise store in support of their sports teams, and other groups, that sells stuffed versions of our fox mascot, posters, notebooks, and many other school themed supplies. The first night in my dorm some of the merch I got doesn’t seem normal. My poster has a profile of our mascot’s face, which makes eye contact with me throughout the night, and my stuffed fox seems to breathe rhythmically.

The next day a man arrives with my student ID card. “Why was it so late? Are you sure it’s mine?” “I was given this from the higher up’s office, and told what room to take it to. No name on it though, just your number.” I look at the card. My guidance counselor has a very off-putting smile, and there was something almost sinister about her empty eyes. She almost didn’t look human.

The next day classes start and my classroom number is an outlying number in comparison to everyone else’s. Everyone starts headed towards the east sude of the school where most classrooms are located, but I find my self heading heading west, to a more desolate part of the building. I haven’t seen another student in minutes, and I still dont know how far I am from my class. The further I go the more alert I became to the fact that something was wrong.

I finally get to my classroom. I can see through the door’s window the lights are dim inside, and no one’s hear. I enter the room to search for anyone’s presence, but the door slams behind me. In the corner of the run down room sits my guidance counselor. Smiling.


(Thanks for reading! Let me know if you liked it!)

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Tales and warnings swallowed by the earth in vast layers of decay. The dense undergrowth holds secrets best kept from man, etched in stone. When the Romans first came to our little land, they feared the spirits that roamed this great place… the druids didn’t chant for nothing, you know?… Rumors or not, the beings of our forests know, as do our oldest trees, as does the breeze that takes their autumn leaves, and i, for one, think we’re incredibly fortunate that deer can’t speak, & maybe Hadrian’s wall was never intended to keep things out…

-taken from my journal, written Halloween 2017 

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Via @korkusaw
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Heres some footage I snatched before we got hit by Dorian last year.

This was when it was starting and we had just literally moved into our new house.

Upon assessing damage the next day we drove by our old place which was devastated by fallen tree damage on the right side of the building where my sons room was (the apartment was empty no tenants so no one got hurt), this is still surreal to think about and I’m so glad we were safe!

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