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Scenario of Okita, Kamui and Takasugi on how they will spend the day with their daughter alone!

Okita Sougo

       The sound of an infant’s cry rang throughout the house, waking up a blonde haired man who was happily sleeping just moments before. Sougo lifted up his scarlet sleep mask, groggily glancing at the clock. Eight-thirty in the morning. He stretched, reluctantly getting up, and made his way to the fairly new wooden crib. 

       “Shh…Dad is here.” Sougo mumbled trying to stop her crying but to no avail. Grabbing a diaper and a few baby wipes from the supply nearby, he attentively changed her diaper, cautious to not use too much force.

       After successfully cleaning her up, Sougo carefully snaked a hand under D/N’s head, gently lifting her up, bringing her head to rest on his shoulders. Patting the wailing baby’s back in an attempt to calm her down, he made his way to the kitchen. The cries slowly died down as he used his free hand to fill the kettle with water, preparing the baby formula.

       “Time to eat, D/N, open up~” The Shinsengumi captain cooed, placing the baby bottle next to her mouth. He held the bottle as she drank, careful to not feed too much at once. Her eyes never left his face as she joyfully drank. Sougo wondered how she managed to have such bright and round orbs. He  set down the bottle once she pushed it away.

       D/N made intelligible cute noises, and she swung her tiny hands around, laughing at her own antics. Attentively admiring her actions, Sougo softly poked her cheeks, causing the infant girl to grab his index finger with her petite hands. His cheeks warmed at the action.

       “We’ve got a long day ahead of us, D/N”


       Kamui was roaming the streets of Edo hand in hand with his daughter. He’d figured that they would have the whole day to themselves, and what better way than to spend it roaming the streets of the city with the best food? That was until a small voice interrupted his chain of thought.

       “Papa, I’m tired and I’m hungry,” the cute voice of his 5 year old little girl said, her cute beady eyes looking up at her father. Kamui’s heart nearly melted at the sight, as he wondered when did she learn how to be so adorable. He leaned over reaching under the girl’s arms, lifting her and spinning her around before placing the small girl on his shoulders, allowing her to sit.

       “Papa will let you sit here for a bit, okay? What do you want to eat?” Kamui asked moving one hand to rest on his daughter leg to prevent her from falling, the other hand joyfully swinging his signature yato umbrella. He was in an incredibly good mood.

       “Hmm…I want what Papa wants!” she chirped.

       “Is that so? You’re so sweet D/N~” Kamui cooed, walking to a nearby dango store. He sat down at the store benches, quickly closing his umbrella and bringing D/N down from his shoulders, seating her next to him. Kamui peered at her face, it amazed him how cute she was, with her fluffy cheeks. He’s determined to protect her, no matter what.

       The waiter set down the various plates of different colored dango on the table, causing D/N to drool slightly. Her small hands reached out for a dango stick.

       “Papa, here you go!” She offered, extending the dango skewer as close to her fathers mouth as she could.  Kamui felt as if he were on top of the world— no, the universe. His favorite little girl was thinking of him before herself, and at such a young age.

       “Eat up so you become big and strong, D/N!”

Takasugi Shinsuke

       “Daddy!” Takasugi heard a cute voice exclaim, as the sound of small footsteps running behind him became increasing louder. He was slowly strolling the deck of the Kihetai ship until the small footsteps being created by his beloved 3 year old daughter cause him to stop. He turned around, just in time to see her trip on her own feet and fall, causing a small thud to echo around the ship.

       Takasugi quickly approached the small girl on the floor, kneeling down to reach for one of her arms. She reached out for his arm, pulling herself up. The Kiheitai leader noticed that she had scraped her knees. Takasugi noticed that D/N’s eyes began to water, and unconsciously braced for the cries that would follow.

       To his surprise, she didn’t cry, only sniffed, trying her best to hold back her tears that fell. Takasugi raised his hand, wiping the tears away from her small face. Bringing his hand up to her head, he patted it softly.

       “You don’t have to pretend to be strong, if it hurts, just cry.” Takasugi said, lightly ruffling her soft hair.

       She shook her head, hiccuping “It doesn’t h-hurt.”

       Takasugi sighed, lifting the small girl up to his chest while standing up, wondering where she had gotten her stubbornness from. He walked back into the ship and toward the medical rooms.

       “Let’s get you cleaned up, then we can do what you want.”

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Hey sweet anon! 💖💖 This is an adorable idea and I love it. It feels like one of those filler episodes (that I love by the way, fight me, there’s nothing wrong with filler)  Hope you enjoy this! 

   “Let’s go train somewhere else.” Tenten pitched.
   She just couldn’t stand to be within eye shot of watching you ‘train’ with Kiba. If what you two were doing even counted as training, actually it barely counted as training, it shouldn’t count as training! You shouldn’t be able to ‘train’ like that on the training grounds, you two were just taking up space at this point and it wasn’t fair and Kiba was an as– “You could just go say something instead of staring kunai’s at them.” Neji said point blank. 
   “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” She snapped back.
   She refused to be bothered by the news she heard from Ino, you could date whoever you wanted. It wasn’t her business and it shouldn’t bother her–no scratch that it didn’t bother her. “Great idea Tenten! Y/N and Kiba are training over there, lets join them! The more, the better!” Lee chimed in happily. 
   “No!” Tenten gasped loudly.
   “No?” Lee asked visibly confused. 
   She hated how volatile her own response was, how instantaneously her gut had twisted, she crossed her arms and looked away from Lee. “That’s what I said.” She said clearly.
   She wasn’t going to back down even if she hadn’t meant for it to come out the way it had she wasn’t willing to budge on her stance. Her completely logical stance. Nothing but unquestionable Kunoichi logic. “But you love training with Y/N and sparring with Kiba has been great for my own tra–” Lee started to rush out, his words getting faster as he got more excited at the prospect of training with others. 
   “I don’t love Y/N! Where’d you even hear that?!” She snapped.
   Staring daggers right into him as she waited for an answer, her heart racing with panic at the idea that anyone knew her feelings. Lee shied away from Tenten’s intense gaze, shrinking into himself a little as he tried to process her question with a mind that had no malicious intent. “I just–you usually–Y/N is a great sparring partner.” He struggled. 
   He wasn’t wrong, that was one of the things Tenten liked so much about you was that you were an incredible Kunoichi, you were smart and fierce on the battle field but when she looked over to you and Kiba laughing any praise she had twisted into anger. A Kunoichi shouldn’t be playing around, letting a boy turn your sharp mind to mush left a vile taste in her mouth. “He didn’t say you loved her, he said you love sparring with her.” Neji pointed out. 
   It was like being dowsed in cold water as that overstep hit her. She looked over at him equal parts horrified and angry, horrified he’d caught onto her and angry that he was so calm about it. “Wait-…” Lee said.
   Lee might be the second to last person to realize Tenten liked Y/N, the very last person to have yet to recognize it being you. He gasped as it dawned on him, excitement replacing any fear he had. “Tenten! You love Coral! How beautiful! Incredible! Two extraordinary Kunoichi in l–” He started loudly, nearly in tears at this beautiful declaration he was making.
   But Tenten hitting him stopped that. “Lee! Quit it!” She demanded. 
   “But Tenten love is one of the most beautiful and youthfu–” He started again. 
   And again she hit him. “I don’t! Why would I be stupid enough to have feelings for someone who’s already got a boyfriend?! What do you take me for? Some kind of drooling idiot?” She demanded. 
   Tears of frustration threatened to spill from her eyes as she yelled, she was too smart for this! Too smart to think like an idiot and she refused to let anyone else treat her like she was one, not even her own teammates. “Boyfriend?” Neji asked bewildered. 
   But she didn’t want to talk about this anymore, it all made her feel so sick, so frustrated with the seemingly unchangeable circumstances. “I’m going to go work on my scrolls for our next mission.” She decided nodding to herself.
   “Tenten wait pl–” Lee started. 
   But she was already gone. “Neji we have to do something! We just can’t sit by and let love die like this!” Lee stressed. 
   Neji may not have the same view as Lee but he gave a nod as he thought everything that had happened over, the words ‘someone who’s already got a boyfriend’ playing over in his head until it clicked as he looked up at you and Kiba. But something about that just didn’t add up…you and Kiba? Sure you’re friends but anyone who’s got eyes knows your romantic interests aren’t there…right? “We should talk to Y/N.” Lee said and before Neji could object to trying to come up with a plan he was already shouting. “Y/N!” Waving his arms as he walked over to you.
   Neji sighed and followed him over. “Hey Lee, Neji.” You greeted smiling briefly looking at them before around, your eyes clearly searching for their missing member. “Didn’t I see Tenten with you?” You asked.
   “Yeah, I could’ve sworn I heard her yelling at you Lee.” Kiba snickered. 
   “That’s why we came over Y/N, on behalf of Tenten I wanted to tell you th–” Lee started. 
  “That she wanted to surprise you with dinner tomorrow.” Neji interrupted pointedly.
   It wasn’t their love to confess to you, it was Tenten’s and it didn’t feel right to speak her feelings for her. Plus his head ached with just the idea of how hard she’d deck him if he let Lee confess her feelings. “Why didn’t she just come over and ask me herself?” You asked confused. 
   It wasn’t like Tenten at all have someone talk for her, just thinking that didn’t even feel right. “She had to go get ready.” Lee came up with.
   “For tomorrow?” 
   “She wants to be really ready.” He tried. “Tenten is bursting with Youthful spirit and wants to get ready properly for your date.” 
   “Date?! It’s a date?! Oh, Gods I gotta go get ready!” 
   You ran off and both Kiba and Neji were both giving Lee a look of disapproval, at least Neji’s assumption was right you weren’t dating Kiba. “There’s no date is there?” Kiba asked. 
   “No” Neji sighed pinching the bridge of his nose. 
   “What’s the big idea then?! You know Y/N likes Tenten! If you’re trying to mess with her–I swear to the Gods!” Kiba said getting defensive. 
   “We’re not!” Lee insisted.
   He would never do that to either of them, Kiba relaxed a little but his face stayed scrunched up as he tried to understand what these two numb skulls were up too. “So you’re setting them up?” He asked. 
   “Looks like it.” Neji sighed.
   “Yes! Yes we are! We are going to be the two to unite youthful and beautiful love!” Lee said happily as it dawned on him that was something they could do. 
   Kiba couldn’t help but to smile at Lee’s unbridled excitement. “Do you two need any help?” He offered.
   “No.” Neji interrupted Lee.
   If Tenten got sights of Kiba he knew she’d march off so having him help was out of the question. “You say so.” Kiba scoffed.
   “I do say so. Come on Lee.” Neji said walking away. 
   Tenten tried everything she could to try and get you out of her head but nothing seemed to quiet her loud thoughts. Not sleep, not training, not writing scrolls, nothing seemed to quell the bitter ache in her chest, it all brought her to thoughts of you and the time you’d spent together. You’d spend hours helping Tenten write out her scrolls and you were the only person other than herself she trusted to do this, you’d just sit and talk and it just felt like you got her like no one else ever had. So that’s how Lee found her, laying on the ground outside, half finished scrolls surrounding her, clearly defeated by the task and her emotions. “Tenten?” He asked carefully. 
   “What Lee?” She asked not opening her eyes to even look at him. 
   “Come train with me!” He pitched.
   “Why don’t you go train with Kiba? Everyone else seems to love him so much.” She muttered rolling so her face was in the grass.
   “I’d rather train with you Tenten! You’re a great adversary!” He insisted just trying to follow the plan he and Neji had laid out but she didn’t say anything back. “I’ll even buy you dumplings from your favourite dumpling house! Please Tenten!” He said going off script. 
   But it seemed to rouse her a little as she thought it over. “You never buy lunch…what gives?” She asked turning her head to look at him and it was obvious to see something was up, he was trying something, his body language completely gave him away. “What are you doing Lee?” She asked.
   “Nothing! I just want to spar with my teammate!” He insisted. 
   “Are you pitying me?” She asked as it seemed to click in her head. “I don’t need your pity! How dare you?!” She demanded getting up. “I am not some sad child! I don’t need you to try and treat me like one!” She yelled before storming off. 
   How dare he treat her like that? Like a child that needed their parent to put a band-aid on to a scraped knee. As she walked through the city trying to rid her mind of angry thoughts Lee was racing to get to Neji who groaned at the news. “Maybe we should get Kiba if Tenten is avoiding him maybe we can get her to duck down into the dumpling shop.” Lee pitched. 
   “We don’t have time to get Kiba but we can use the transformation Jutsu.” Neji said and Lee shrunk down into himself a little. “I can use it, she’ll likely be avoiding you too. We’ll work together to get her into the shop.” He corrected himself. 
   “Right! Lets go!” Lee said excitedly. 
   Tenten thought maybe buying some new weapons might cheer her up and help uncloud her mind but as she went to reach for the handle to the local weapons shop she heard your voice. “Thank you so much! Have a nice day!” You said cheerily. 
   And without knowing why Tenten was overwhelmed with the need to hide so she ducked down by the trash cans in hopes you wouldn’t see her. You came out and she’d never seen you dressed like that, prettied up like-…she sighed, like you were going on a date. She was sure that’s what the small black box in your hand was…a gift for your date, maybe even an anniversary, how long had you been dating Kiba? How long had she not known about it? Maybe that’s why you were dating Kiba because she didn’t pay enough attention to you, I mean how blind did she have to be to not know your feelings towards him? “Tenten! There you are!” 
   She nearly jumped out of her skin from Lee’s loud joyous voice. She quickly looked over to where you had been but you were long gone she sighed in distress about this whole situation. “I don’t want to train right now Lee!” She said heatedly as she got up. 
   “Tenten–” He started going over to her but she got up and started walking the other way. “Alright, Neji your turn.” He said smiling to himself. 
   She shuffled her feet as she walked barely looking up until a grey coat caught the corner of her eye: Kiba. Gods, she just couldn’t catch a break! He looked over at her and she quickly cut down the next ally not wanting to even give him the chance to talk to her. He’d probably ask her about what to get her best friend as an anniversary gift cause he wasn’t thoughtful enough to know. What’d you even see in him? What’d you see in him that you didn’t see in her? She was every bit as good as Kiba! She was—looking at Kiba again? Wait, what? There was Kiba with Akamaru walking down the street with Naruto. But–hadn’t he just been–what was going on? She turned back around and went down the same ally she’d come from and there was Kiba but without Akamaru. With frustrated determination she marched over to Kiba and there was clear surprise on his face. “Who are you and what do you think you’re doing?” She demanded.
   Grabbing the impostor by the scruff of the collar and quickly dragging him away from the crowded street. “What do you mean–Hey! Tenten let go!” He said. 
   But she refused and grabbed a kunai from her shuriken holster and putting it to his neck. “You’re not Kiba, I just saw him. You are an impostor trying to infiltrate the Hidden Leaf and I–” 
   “Tenten! Wait!” Lee said rushing over.
   “Lee this is an impostor it’s not Kiba this is a Shinobi trying to infiltrate the–” Her words died on her tongue as a puff of smoke went up in front of her and revealed the true culprit. “Neji?!” She demanded.
   “We can explain.” Lee insisted. 
   She let go of Neji and stared them both down, blood boiling. What were these two even trying to do tricking her like that?! “Uh.” Neji started uncharacteristically at a loss for words. 
   What was he even supposed to say? The more he thought about it the more ridiculous he realized this whole plan was, how had he let himself get so caught up in this. “We just wanted to help Tenten!” Lee tried to explain, fire burning in his eyes for the passion he knew she had for you. “We set you up on a date and we were trying to get you to the dumpling house for it.” He completely confessed.
   “A date?! I can’t believe you’d think I’m so pathetic and sad that you two needed to set me up on a date! Do you think so little of me?!” She demanded. 
   It cut deep. The idea that her two teammates, her friends thought so little of her integrity and ability to haul herself out of a bad mood that she needed them to get her a date. “We couldn’t just let that passion die! You two love each other! Tenten maybe we didn’t do this the right way but–” Lee started. 
   “I don’t like anyone! I don’t love anyone! I don’t need someone to complete myself! There’s no buts there Lee!” She shouted. 
   “It’s with Y/N.” Neji added. 
   And suddenly the thudding in her head that felt like it was going to cause her head to split in two stopped. “What?” 
   “The date is with Y/N. She’s at the dumpling house.” He said hoping that was enough to get her to go. 
   And it seemed to be because her feet were moving before her mind was, racing down to the dumpling house. It felt like she nearly broke the door down as she flung it open to see if you were really there and sure enough there you were, sitting down in the booth you two usually get. Everyone inside stared at her loud intrusion “Fell as I opened the door.” She tried to pass off with an embarrassed laugh. 
   She walked over to your booth and you were all smiles, eyes beaming and it made her stomach do back flips. “Hey, I ordered your usual.” You said. 
   “Thanks.” She managed as she sat down with you.
   She was unsure of everything that was really happening, she didn’t really think as she ran over and now that she was here things just felt so jumbled in her head. “I got you a gift, sorry it’s not the best. This was all kind of sudden but I wanted to make our first date memorable.” You said trying to ease the tension you can see building in her shoulders. 
   You get the black box from beside you and offer it to her and with shaky hands she takes it and looks it over but she can’t will herself to open it as she looks at you. “I thought you were—aren’t you dating Kiba?” She asked needing to hear the answer…no matter how much it would hurt. 
   But the only thing she heard of you roaring into laughter. “What? Me?! Dating Kiba?!” You barely got out between your fit of giggles. 
   “Aren’t you? You two have been spending so much time together lately and-and Ino said-…” Tenten drifted off unsurely. 
   “I’ve been spending time with Kiba cause I was thinking of adopting a Ninkin, he’s been helping me with all the training I’m going to have to do.” You explained. 
   Oh…oh that made a lot of sense. She felt so stupid, the more she thought about the situation the more it made sense, you had been talking about getting a Ninkin for years. Her self depreciating thoughts were interrupted by your pushing your gift closer to her and offering her one of your smiles. Your beautiful warm smile. She tore her eyes away from your face down to the gift and opened it and there was a new three-section staff with the inscription of today’s date on it and as she read it, it finally hit her that this was happening. She was on a date with you. A smile made it’s way onto her face and pushed away all the negative thoughts that had been plaguing her. “I love it.” She said. 
   And those words ate away any self doubt you’d had about all of this, the uneasy tension leaving the both of you and being replaced with a warm bliss. She got up and shimmied into the booth beside you and with bravery it felt like she’d only had to show on the battlefield she took your hand in hers and as you laced your fingers with hers you swore you could hear a cry from somewhere outside, something along the lines of. “So youthful!” 

~Admin Coral.
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Mafia!Gaara x Reader

Part fiveeee is here and ready to be consumed! Remember to let me know what you think so far because oh boy, I’m having an absolute blast with this fic! I’ve got some brilliant ideas for it and some deliciously naughty situations for the reader to get into with Gaara, but not yet, no, not yet.

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Thank you for the request!! One rowdy boi coming right up!

5. “Just what do you think you’re doing? Put that phone down!”


Originally posted by arr-jim-lad

Yandere! Jotaro with prompt 5

You and Jotaro had been in a happy relationship for a long time. The tall man gave off a rough and careless impression, but you knew that beneath all that was a good heart and you loved him a lot. Then he had to leave for a sudden trip to Egypt with a few friends of his. He didn´t tell you why he needed to leave, only that it was very important and that it would take some time until he would come back. You had a bad feeling about this journey but let him go anyway. You trusted Jotaro and if he said it was important then it was important.

After that trip he wasn´t the same anymore. Something truly horrible must have happened, he always looked on edge and kept you close whenever he could. Sometimes you woke up at night from his tossing and turning, obviously having a nightmare. You wanted to ask what had happened on his journey but you didn´t want to pressure him. He would tell you when he was ready.

He never did.

Instead your boyfriends grew more and more protective, almost never leaving you out of his sight. He didn´t allow you to go anywhere on your own anymore, always wanting to accompany you. Even worse, it seemed like he didn´t trust you to do even the most mundane of tasks. Preparing dinner? You could cut yourself. Getting something from a high-up shelf? Let him get it for you, you could trip and fall. To say it was annoying was an understatement. He made you feel useless, like you were an inexperienced little kid that couldn´t do anything on its own. You felt awful. When you expressed your frustrations to your friends they agreed, suggesting that maybe you might want to think about breaking things off with Jotaro. You didn´t hear anything from them after that.

Was something wrong with you? Why did they start to avoid you? Did something happen? You just didn´t know. But the thought of speaking with Jotaro about the matter stayed in your head.

“Jotaro. Have you heard anything from f/n? I haven´t talked with them in a long time. I´m kind of worried.”, you asked him.

“No.”, he just uttered, completely dismissing your concerns. You couldn´t help but flare your shoulders at this, finally getting enough of his behavior.

“Jotaro please listen to me. Something obviously happened to you while on your trip to Egypt, you just haven´t been yourself lately. You don´t let me do anything on my own and it´s getting incredibly frustrating. Do you think I´m incapable or something? I love you; I really do but I can´t keep up with this anymore. Let´s break things off.”. You wanted Jotaro to get this into his head. If he wasn´t willing to treat you like an adult, then you had to leave. It hurt to think about but you didn´t think this was a healthy relationship anymore, you were still your own person with your own wishes and dreams. You wanted to go out without having someone tailing you all the time. You wanted to meet your friends again, Jotaro never allowed you to go, huffing that you should just stay with him instead. You had to put your foot down just this once.

In a rare portrayal of surprise, his eyes dramatically widened, his mouth falling open in shock before immediately tensing up, a scarily dark look on his face. “No”, he just let out, taking a forceful step forward. “You´re not leaving. You´re not leaving me y/n, you understand? You can´t leave me as well!”, he dramatically raised his voice, sounding almost desperate. You tried to retaliate with your own argument, when you suddenly felt a massive invisible force push you down. What was happening? You felt a massive weight on top of your body but you could see absolutely nothing that could be causing this! Were you dreaming? Trying to make sense of what was happening you tried to move as best as you could, only to see that your right wrist had been cuffed to the bed. “Jotaro? What…when? What is the meaning of this??! You can´t do this to me!”, you screamed into his face. No, this couldn´t be happening. What happened to your stoic but still loving Jotaro and who was this madman in front of you??

But Jotaro hardly seemed to care about your screams of frustrations, keeping a calm look on his face while telling you that this was necessary, that he was doing this to keep you safe. That you would understand soon.

From then on you were trapped on the bed, barely having any room to move around and having to rely on your “boyfriend” for everything. You hated it. You hated everything about it, so you started to plan your escape. You had to find a chance to somehow connect with the outside world, to asks someone for help. You decided to try and stay complacent for now. As much as you wanted to keep screaming into Jotaro´s face just to spite him, you knew it wouldn´t do you any good in the long run. So, you reasoned that if you kept calm and didn´t fight him anymore, then he might let his guard down around you and give you an opening to escape.

It seemed like that opportunity would come sooner than one would think. Jotaro was sitting on the bed with you, holding your hands in his while talking, when the phone suddenly rang. Letting out a frustrated “yare yare daze” he went to grab the phone, returning with the device in hand so you wouldn´t be on your own for too long. As it turned out, his mother Holly was calling, asking him to meet her at her home, she hadn´t seen him in so long! Jotaro quickly denied her request for you to come along, saying that you had caught a cold and weren´t feeling so well. You suppressed the urge to glare at him for his bold-faced light. He didn´t want you to leave the house in fear that you might be able to call for help so he decided that he would rather have you alone at home, chained to the bed, then out in the streets. Giving you a quick good-bye kiss, he excused himself and left the room, scrambling for his things. One thing became very apparent to you in that moment. In his hurry to get to his mother he had left the phone in your room, just in your reach. Was that it? Could you call for help and finally escape this hell? Finally become an independent person again? You couldn´t help but grow excited at the prospect as you waited with bated breath for the sound of the front door closing. You decided to act as soon as the tell-tale click of the lock was heard, you had no time to waste. You scrambled for the phone, the chain constricting your movement greatly, but your determination let you push through and finally hold your salvation in your hand. This was it. Raising a shaking finger to dial a number, you were left shell-shocked as you heard the lock click a second time. Oh no. No no no no this couldn´t be happening, not now! Your panic grew even more as you heard heavy footsteps heading in your direction. Why did he come back was all you were able to think as he hastily pushed open the door to your bedroom, mumbling something about having forgotten his wallet when he finally made eye contact with you and stood completely still, trying to comprehend the scene in front of him. It finally clicked when he saw the phone resting in your hand, realization setting in.

“Y/n. Just what do you think you´re doing? Put that phone down! This instant!”. He immediately storms up to you, practically ripping the phone out of your hand and tossing it aside as if it were the devil itself.  His breathing was ragged as he asked you with a stern face just what the hell you were trying to do. Not being able to utter a single word in fear of angering him even more, you kept quiet while avoiding eye contact. You were in deep shit now.

“Y/n look at me! Look at me dammit!”, he yelled as he grabbed your face, forcing you to look him in the eye. “Just why would you try to leave? I don´t understand! I´m just trying to keep you safe!”

After that incident, you didn’t have even a single moment of solitude. When he couldn’t be with you, he would install a security system to always know what you´re doing and keep you in check. He doesn´t ever let you leave his sight.

He won´t make the same mistake twice.


Hope everyone is having a great day and please stay safe.

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Hi, sweetie! Thanks for the request! ♡ I hope you like it! It’s the first time I’m writing something that long in english. I also hope it sounds fine.


Originally posted by ribbonsed

It’s been a year since you and Mephisto wouldn’t had a serious fight. He never showed any sign of madness. Usually, his powers would never be used against humans, especially, you. Until the moment he got to see you walking around with a cram school professor, after work. He never went as far as he did that day.

“You came a bit late today. What happened, princess? ☆”

“I was just looking for more information on some subjects I’m studying. It wasn’t my intention to be late. I’m sorry”

“Hmm, sounds interesting. And was your walk after work fun?”

“Walk? What?”

“Hmmm, I see. I’m talking about your walk with the cram school professor”

“Oh! I looked for him so he could explain some of the subjects I’m bad at!”

“Hope you liked it. Especially the moment he got to hold your hands, sweetie”

You couldn’t change Mephisto’s mind. He was distorting the facts, showing you his demonic nature.

“Sweetie. I do not want to stay with you today. I’m asking for you to leave ~☆”

“That’s right. I hope things turn out okay for us”

“Use this key” he said, throwing it for you “and take this door. It will instantly lead you to your place ~☆”

It was a nightmare. As you opened your eyes, things became hard to believe. The key magically disappeared and you got locked in another dimension.

Mephisto, at first, was a demon. How could you believe one? It was obvious he would take his revenge.

Observing your despair, was the Demon King.

“Will I someday take my baby back to the present time again? I don’t know! I’m just having fun right now!”

As you cried, his words couldn’t make their way out of your head. The exhaustion took over your body, and you blacked out.

“It’s time to wake up now”, you heard a soft voice whispering in your ear.

“W-who are you?”, you said, still numb, moments before starting to cry again.

“You need to calm down. I’m not going to hurt you” the soothing male voice touched your heart. It was warm. Your heart was now healed. At least, for a moment.

“Open your eyes…”, he asked.

Obeying, you did.

A beautiful blonde man, royalty dressed, was sitting next to you.

“Finally. I found you near a forest. At first, I thought it was a dead body. But it was beautiful. I needed to approach. I can’t help but believe you are a fallen angel”

“I know nothing about what is happening. I’m far from home”

“Don’t worry. I am the crown prince of this kingdom. Would you give me the honor of marrying you, beautiful angel?”

“I can’t believe it” Mephisto thought.

“Marrying? Should I accept? By the way, Mephisto couldn’t care less”, you thought, “He will never take me back…”

“I want to know you first”, you said, shivering.

As soon as you noticed, your body started to give in. It felt like death. You blacked out again, awakening on a familiar place.

“Did you sleep well, princess? ~☆”

“Samael? I can’t believe… Was it you all the time?” You said, sleepy and confused.

“Samael, hmm? What a bold girl I have. Calling me by my real name, huh… You’re lucky. Instead of getting locked in another time, I’m going to lock you in my room. And for now, we’re going to watch anime ~☆”

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without a word. 

hello, i kind of just really needed to write some akaashi fluff for my own self indulgent reasons (those reasons consist of how badly i want to give akaashi a smooch,) so i wrote this pretty quickly last night. i hope it finds u well.

gender neutral reader
word count: 942


There he was. Sitting next to you, casually slumped in his seat, proper posture long forgotten as he watched the television. The screen was reflecting in his glasses; every so often he’d reach up to push them up his nose after they had slid too far down. It looked like he was part of the couch - you had never seen him look so comfortable. 

And there you were. Still nervous, still too stuck in your head, still shocked he was even there with you. You made sure not to sit too close or too far. You made sure to tuck your legs underneath you so you didn’t accidentally knock your foot into his. You made sure to look away from him whenever his eyes darted in your direction so you weren’t caught staring. 

He was pretty. Soft and warm and sweet. His jawline was sharp, his cheekbone was broad, most of his features were angular, yet he was still the softest looking man you had ever seen. And you wanted to be closer to him. So much closer. 



You thought about it. “I don’t know…” He laughed. “I just wanted to get your attention.” 

He was looking at you now. “You want my attention?” 

“Yeah.” Was that okay? “Sorry. I didn’t mean to distract you.” 

“I’ve felt those eyes of yours on me this entire time,” he said with a smile. You gave a small laugh as he scooted closer. “I’ll give you attention if that’s what you want.” 

His shoulder was touching yours now. You cleared your throat and nodded, nervous as hell, and Akaashi pulled his glasses off. 

“The show was boring anyway.” 

“I wasn’t watching.” 

He smirked. “I know.” 

You wanted to roll your eyes and reply with something to the effect of, “You know everything,” because he does, but you did neither. You only looked at him. Turning so your body was facing him, you took a chance and moved even closer to him. Your legs were nearly in his lap. His head was right next to yours. 

He had his bottom lip tucked between his teeth. His half-lidded eyes were searching your face. You were too busy watching them to notice his hand was moving until it landed in your lap. On your knee, on your thigh, between your thighs, pulling you even closer until your leg was draped across his and then his large hand stayed put on your inner thigh. 

“Keiji,” you stuttered out. His first name still felt foreign on your tongue, but you could almost see him lose his breath when you said it. “Can I kiss you?” 

He squeezed your leg. “Can you?” 

“I want to,” you said, and this was nothing but word vomit, “I just want to kiss you.”

“You can kiss me,” he replied, whispering. “As much as you want.” 

And you weren’t sure how it happened, if he kissed you or if you just fell into him, but your lips somehow became connected with his.

This wasn’t your first kiss with Akaashi, that had happened last week, but his lips still felt so new. You still hadn’t quite learned how to kiss him. But if it were up to you, this is all you would be doing. 

You placed your hand on his jawline and it was as if you were trying to hold him in place. You wanted him to stay right there as you pulled away, separating for just a moment, just so you could fall against him again. You caught his lips with yours and kissed him as softly as you knew how because right now, that’s how he deserved to be kissed. 

You hoped he understood what you were trying to tell him. But it was Keiji, after all; you didn’t have to spell anything out for him. He’d know even if you made no effort to show him. He could see everything you were hiding. 

He knew, but you held him there anyway, his face in your hand and his hand on your leg and your leg in his lap. You held him there and kissed him as you pleased, simply because you felt like you could. Because Akaashi deserved it. Because you wanted to kiss him. 

The kisses were simple. You didn’t move much and neither did he. He didn’t make any attempts to take this further; neither of you needed more than this and were probably too nervous to try, anyway. You didn’t try to deepen the kiss, because then the meaning of it would be lost. 

But they weren’t simple. Not really. Not when his lips were the prettiest thing you had ever touched, or when his hand on your leg was lighting fireworks in your stomach, or when you were saying so much without even making a sound. 

You pulled back and opened your eyes to find Akaashi smiling and his lips still waiting for yours to return to them. So you gave him the quickest peck as if to tell him you were done, even though you weren’t really, and he chased you for one last kiss. 

A whisper, “That’s all?” and a small laugh. His hand left your leg in favor of resting against your hand, the one that was still on his face. “That’s how much you want to kiss me?” 

“I’m not finished,” you argued. “I’ll never be finished.” 

“I know,” he hummed. He ducked down and pressed his lips against your wrist, moving your arm so he could kiss the palm of your hand. And then he looked up at you, striking blue eyes and sensual smirk and all, and you didn’t have time to catch your breath before he was stealing another short kiss from you. “I’m not finished, either.”

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Chigasaki Itaru

peppermint tea; what do they get excited about?

“Why do I feel like you might break up with me if I don’t get you what you want?” 

“I would never,” Itaru stated, though you can see a mischievous glint in his eye, “You’ve brought me nothing but good luck since we were together. Now pull!” 

When you’d walked into your boyfriend’s bedroom that night you’d expected business as usual, lounging on his bed while doing your own thing as he gamed and occasionally took a break to give you his attention. You didn’t really mind being left to your own devices as just being around him made you happy, and Itaru felt the same way, just comforted by the fact he could vent to you by swiveling his chair around. You also enjoyed all the trash-talking that came from a man who presented himself as a polite salaryman during the day, but that was something to admire another time. 

You had been minding your own business, simply enjoying the article you were reading when Itaru suddenly approached the bed with a look of contemplation on his face. You almost feared that he was about to bring up a serious topic but the nervous butterflies quickly dissipated when he flashed you the game he was playing, showing a screen with multiple pull options. 

“Solo yolo or are we going all in?”

“Solo yolo, I wanna see your luck stat.” 

“I’m actually going to kill you if you say that to me again, but hand it over.” You pressed the appropriate button without fear, knowing you wouldn’t really care about the outcome either way. He’d mentioned something about this being a pull for a special once-in-a-lifetime SSR that wouldn’t be in the game once this event ended but you only half listened, looking for the indication that you’d pulled exactly what he wanted. 

You didn’t even have the chance to see what you pulled before Itaru had pushed the phone out of your hand onto the bed, not even giving you a chance to ask what was wrong before his lips were crushed against yours. 

The kiss is more passionate than you assumed it was going to be, Itaru managing to completely knock the breath out of you as he pinned you under him. His hands held either side of your face to keep you from pulling away, lips moving smoothly against yours; you place your hands over his, squeezing them as a way to say ‘Hey, I need air!’ before he took the hint and pulled away. He was smirking at how disheveled you looked, smoothing down your hair for you before pulling you back into a sitting up position. 

“G-Geez,” You stuttered out as you tried to catch your breath, not at all insulted that his attention was immediately back on his phone, “Guess I did good?” 

“This is great! Now I know if Sakuya’s not available I can come to you.” 

“I feel like I should be insulted that you’re going to Sakuya first,” Itaru leaned over to press another quick kiss to your lips before he returned to his monitors, preparing for the next round of whatever shooter he’d chosen to play that night, “And you better not react like that when he pulls you an SSR.” 

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If you guys haven’t learned by now, I’m pretty shitty at flirting lmao so writing about flirting doesn’t come very naturally to me. Thankfully you allowed me to write about clumsy flirting which is right up my alley 😂 this was fun though, I hope you like it darling! Sending lots of love right back atcha 💕


“You just gotta go for it, Ai. Say whatever comes to your mind. He’ll love it, I promise.” 

Marco and Thatch were enjoying the self-proclaimed role of matchmaker a little too much to your liking. Your feelings were quite obvious to everyone it seemed, except the person you actually had feelings for. Sometimes you questioned why you’d fall for such a dunce. But boy were you head over heels for that dunce alone. 

“Do you really think he likes me back?” You questioned as your palms began to sweat at the mere thought of talking to Ace. That had happened to you lately, the sudden nervousness of his presence. It’s what made you realize your feelings for him and ultimately had you avoiding him these past few days. You’d become so suddenly aloof, you wouldn’t be surprised if he disliked you at this point. 

“He is crazy about you. He won’t stop talking about you! And he’s pretty sad that you’ve been avoiding him lately.” Thatch inquired while Marco nodded in agreement.

“Just go talk to him, chat him up, flirt a bit. Show him you’re interested. It’s not like we’re telling you to confess your undying love for him.” Marco offered.

“Whatever you do, do not confess your undying love for him. Poor boy couldn’t take it.”

You shot daggers their way, partially wondering if they were setting you up for failure. You shook that thought away however as deep down, you were entirely grateful for those two. They loved to embarrass you sure, but they’ve been great support systems while you’ve sorted through your feelings. 

“Alright, I’ll at least go say hello…” You heaved a sigh, standing up to your feet and walking over to Ace who was casually leaning over the railing and staring out at the sunset. Your legs felt heavier with each step and you wondered if you had even cleared any distance between the two of you. You looked over your shoulder one last time to see a toothy-grinned, two-thumbs up Marco and Thatch encouraging you on. Whether you would be thanking them or strangling them later was still up in the air. 

“H-hey, Ace.” You greeted. When he looked over his shoulder at you, his freckles and brown eyes glowed golden in the warm sunlight. Seeing those pearly whites exposed fully against tanned skin, you felt your heart pound dangerously in your chest. Curse him for being so beautiful. This was going to be tougher than you thought. 

“Hey there, stranger. Fancy seeing you around these parts.” 

You bit your lip to suppress the wide smile that threatened to stretch across your face. It was beyond heart-warming to have him welcome you in his typical, dorky fashion. You were relieved to know he wasn’t upset with you for being so distant the past few weeks. He invited you over beside him, and albeit nervously, you took your spot graciously. You two stared out into the ocean for a moment, observing as the sun began to disappear behind the horizon. And for a moment, you felt at peace. Being with Ace was always a strange combination of feeling at home and utter panic. Did he feel the same way?

Bringing you out of your trance, Ace muttered, “Beautiful, isn’t it?” 

“Not as beautiful as you.” You whispered in response, not realizing you had said those words out loud. 

“What was that?” He peered over, amused.

An intense blush washed over your entire being and suddenly you felt as if you were on fire, “Um, nothing. So, how have you been?” 

He snickered as he turned his gaze back towards the sun set, “I’ve been alright. How about you?”

Besides your stupid gorgeous face bombarding my brain 24/7, I guess I’ve been okay. Was what you wanted to say, but of course you’d rather die before you’d say those words, “I’m fine.”

You thought of Marco’s advice. Now was a good opportunity for you to show you were interested. Though your entire being was screaming from embarrassment, you decided to casually scooch closer towards Ace’s figure, suddenly right beside him. You could feel the natural heat radiating off his body and Ace eyed you with curiosity, seemingly accepting your advances with interest. 

“So hot…” You sighed as your fingers brushed against his forearm. You were entranced, hardly thinking about the fact that you were now stroking him like a cat and how weird that must have looked and felt.


“Oh, um, sorry.” Your hand snatched away while your brain fumbled in trying to formulate your next sentence. Come on, Ai, don’t be weird. “You’re just so hot…you could be a toaster.” Shit.

“A what…?” He guffawed and suddenly, you wanted nothing more than to just throw yourself overboard. 

“She likes you, you idiot!” Thatch screamed across the deck while you shot him a very dangerous look, “I’m sorry, Ai, I just couldn’t take the cringe anymore.”

You sighed helplessly and suddenly the sea king infested waters sounded much more pleasant than your current state. Hesitantly, you looked towards Ace. 

“What? Me? You like me?” He turned to you with eyes wide, an incredulous look on his face. His utter shock, whether feigned or not you weren’t sure, gave you a sense of relief. At least he didn’t reject the idea. “Yes, dummy. The whole toaster thing didn’t give it away?”

“I thought you were just being funny.” His eyes remained wide for a moment as he stared at you, and you swore you could visibly see the wheels turning in his head. Until suddenly, his features softened, “So…you like me?” 

“Please don’t make me say it again.” You cried as you attempted to cover your flustered face. His warm hands grasped onto yours, however, gently pulling them away so you could see his wide smile and hint of blush on his cheeks. 

“I like you too, Ai.” 

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Yes! Thank you for requesting Risotto, I haven´t written anything for him yet!

Hope you like it ^^

100.” I will kiss you until your lips bleed. Just let me have this, I wanted to do this for so long. “


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Yandere! Risotto with prompt 100

“….And finally, Pesci and me will handle the situation with that politician. That was all.”, Prosciutto finished his announcement. It had been time to inform everyone in La Squadra of their new missions for the coming week, so everyone had gathered in the meeting room.

“Are you sure that´s everything? You didn´t miss anything on accident?”, you asked him. It couldn´t happen again. Surely, this time there was a mistake. But Prosciutto only shook his head, throwing a quick glance at the paper in his hands before affirming your fears: “No, y/n, I didn´t make a mistake. That´s all that´s written here.”

As everyone slowly left the room, you were still staying seated, not believing that it had happened again. You once again didn´t get assigned a mission by your capo, Risotto. You just blamed it on coincidence the first few times it had happened, maybe your stand wasn´t suitable for any of your missions. But this was getting ridiculous. For the past 5 times now, you had to stay at the base while everyone else to go on their missions. Well everyone except Risotto, he only rarely went himself, spending most of his time doing mundane paperwork. This just had to end. You didn´t know why he wouldn´t let you go on missions anymore, so you decided to confront him in his office this time.

Standing in front of his door, your swallowed down your nervousness before knocking on the door, asking for a low “Come in” before entering. Your boss was once again sitting at his desk, a mountain of paperwork sitting on it. He looked up when he heard the door open and his face morphed into something that could almost be seen as a smile, at last by his standards. You swear you could never read his face. Before he could open his mouth to ask you what you wanted, you decided to let your frustration take over for your lacking confidence in his presence.

“Capo, I came to talk to you about something important. This is the fifth time in a row that I wasn´t send on any kind of mission. This is ridiculous. Do you think I´m weak, that I´m incapable of taking care of myself?! Please just assign me a mission already, I want to do something!”

“No.” That was all he said. Just a simple “no” without any explanation at all. Of course you weren´t satisfied with his response so you kept pressing on.

“Why not? If you don´t think I´m weak then why won´t you just let me do my job?!”. There was a short moment of silence between the two of you. Enough time to let you calm down from your angry state and realize that you just yelled at your boss. Looking at Risotto now, it seemed like he was internally contemplating something until he caught your gaze.

“Come here.”

Okay now you knew you were in trouble. Why would he ask you to come closer without meaning to punish you in some way? Was he going to use Metallica on you for misbehaving? You couldn´t tell at all from the look on his face, it just looked neutral, emotionless. Not wanting to anger your capo further you took a hesitant stop forward but still kept a respectable amount of distance between the both of you. Risotto now visibly looked a bit annoyed and let out a low sigh. “Closer.”, he just said while waving you over.

Even closer? Now you definitely had a bad feeling about this. You couldn’t deny your boss so you decided to do as he said, now standing directly in front of his desk, almost touching the wooden material as Risotto sat on the other side, carefully eying you. After looking at you some more with his haunting eyes, he raised his arm over the desk, reaching for your hand. A bit confused you just went along with it for now and met his hand in the middle. Letting out a pleased sigh as he claps your outstretched hand with his own, he uses his unoccupied hand to slowly trace over the back of your hand; then sliding it further up your arm with gentle brushes before suddenly tightening his grip on your arm.

“Risotto?”. You couldn´t help but call out his name in confusion and light pain. What was he doing? Why the gentle stroking if he wanted to punish you? What was your boss trying to do? Before you could contemplate his reasoning some more though, he just as suddenly pulled on your arm with great force, causing you to lose your balance and fall forward, now basically laying on top of his desk. You looked up into his eyes, still kind of dazed by what just happened and lightly grunting in pain. Ouch. As you try to gather your thoughts again, your boss leans down, shifting his head so his mouth is positioned right next to your ear, letting out an amused chuckle while still holding on tight to your arm. He then decided to finally speak up.

“The reason I´m not sending you out on missions, amore, is that I don´t want you out there where I can´t see you. I hate it whenever you must leave. You´re very capable, I´m aware of that fact. Otherwise I wouldn´t have chosen you for my team in the first place. But you´re also kind; too kind. I don´t want your kindness to be abused and used against you. I´m the only one that should see this side of you. I´m the only one that deserves to see it. I don´t want you to ever leave my side.”

“Boss, what are you saying? You´re not making any sense..”, you said as you tried to get up but he held you down with overwhelming force.

“Don´t defy me like this y/n. I don´t want to have to hurt you. You don´t want to make me use Metallica on you, do you now? Please make this easier for the both of us and don´t struggle.” Letting his voice drop even lower he proceeded to whisper into your ear.

“I´ve always wanted to see you like this, so close to me…Bending over for me like that. Of course preferably in a different setting.”, He let out a low chuckle.

You of course knew what he was implying and you felt your face flush red in embarrassment.

“You´re so cute amore. You´d like that, wouldn´t you? I´m sure you would. You´ve pledged your eternal loyalty to me, haven´t you? When you joined the hitman team, you pledged to do whatever your capo ordered you to. So now I order you not to run when I lessen my grip. Instead you will simply lift your head and not do anything else. Is that understood? You would do that for me, wouldn´t you darling?”

You were positively shaking now. Was this really happening? What was he planning to do to you?

“What are you going to do to me?”, you dared to ask.

Letting out another chuckle, Risotto answered your question by moving his face dangerously close to yours.

“I will kiss you until your lips bleed. Just let me have this, I wanted to do this for so long.” And then he leaned in fully, capturing your lips with his own, deeply and passionately kissing you. You didn´t know if you wanted this. But as you tried to break off the kiss you felt a sinking pain in your right leg. Glancing down, you saw a nail protruding from your skin and you let out a cry of pain as you saw blood slowly pooling out of the wound.

“Don´t”, Risotto hissed into the kiss, harshly biting into your lower lip to remind you of who was in charge. You understood what he was trying to say so you accepted your fate and hesitantly reciprocated the kiss while Risotto let his hand caress your cheek approvingly.

You probably wouldn´t leave his office anytime soon.

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Hello darling. Thank you for the request. I know it has been literal ages but I still hope you see it and enjoy. :) 

Also this was very difficult to write multiple plots of. 😅

♥ Thanks for the request ♥



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Honestly, you didn’t understand how they even got to him. You were searching backstage for him but he was nowhere to be found. You asked the others but they also hadn’t seen him, and obviously they couldn’t help you search with all the fans around. You ended up finding him in a hallway off the side of the building, surounded by fans asking for pictures, and autographs and the seemed to be pushing him to the nearest exit. Obviously you didn’t trust it.

“Seokjin, sir. You are expected in the dressing room.” You called for him. You had gotten a staff badge, so you could perfectly pass as a staff member. “Ah yes, of course.” He wormed his way trough the girls joining you as you walked back. 

“Thank you so much. I swear, they were after something.”

“Yeah, after you you mean.”

I was very thankful of your quick action. He honestly thought he wouldn’t have been back if you wouldn’t have gotten to him.



Originally posted by 95z

Yoongi had gotten into the car that was supposed to pick him up from the airport. But as you had planned to surprise him there, you told the driver you would pick him up. But you were running late, you just saw him get into the car. You frowned, knowing the driver wouldn’t be there, so you snapped a picture of the licence plate. You dialed his number and let it ring, but no answer. You called again but with the same result. You could still see the car, so decided to drive after it. Meanwile calling the driver with your handsfree set, just to make sure. 

He let you know that he was infact at the studio waiting for some of the other boys. The car took a turn into a quiet parkinglot and you followed close behing, parking not to far away. You saw someone get out of the car and calling. You could feel your blood boiling as you saw yoongi clearly trying to get out. You walked towards the car, hoping the cardoor would open from the outside. And it did, revealing his shocked face. “Y/N” He whisper yelled.
“I propose we run.” You said, and he immediately ran to your car with you.

He was shocked but couldn’t stop laughing as the two of you drove to his dorm. He couldn’t believe your strory, he was so thankful that you came along.



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Hoseok was shocked to say the least when someone outright told him they were kidnapping him. A girl was stood holding something that could be a weapon pointed at him. He was scared to look down and confirm. The girl was smaller than him, obviously. But that didn’t prevent him from being afraid of what she might do. He tried desperately to reason with her, but there was just no reasoning. You heard part of this scene play out as you just came out of the studio yourself. 

“What is this about a kidnapping?” You asked casually. Among the masses you were know as ruthless and a master of martial arts, so no one dared mess with you. So the second she heard your voice, she was more fearful than hoseok was. She didn’t answer, as she stared at you wide-eyed. “Are you holding him at penpoint?” You chuckled, looking at the wide pen she was pressing into his stomach. As soon as she saw no way of talking her way out of this, she sprinted away into the night.

“I had everything under control.” He smiled but you gave him a knowing stare. He gave you a thumbs up, not about to argue with you. “Thanks.”



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I tried to keep most of them pretty calm but I was out of ideas so here we are with the intense angst

The two of you were taking a walk, exploring new-york before you both had to leave seeing Namjoon had to continue his tour. You had stumbled across a calm street and you were sure you were lost. “Didn’t she say to turn left here? Maybe we should go back?” But when you looked around, neither of you knew how. You were calling Jin just when the girl from before entered the street.

“Hey! Sorry to bother again, but could you tell us how to get back.” You asked the now familiar girl.

“I could, but I’m not going to.” She grinned. A grin that sent shivers down your spine. She took a gun from her bag, pointing it at the both of you. No one around to see it. Namjoon offered her money, but that’s not what she was there for. She wanted him, and made it clear she’d kill you to get what she wanted, if she had to. “Put you phone away.” she signaled. and so you did, yet it was still ringing Jin. You hoped he had picked up, or this might all go to voicemail and reach him too late.

“We’re right next to a bar, the brewery, you’re going to shoot us here?!” You said loudly. “You pipe down or I might.” she hissed at you. She motioned for Namjoon to come along with her. You both tried to talk your way out of the situation, but it didn’t help. You had to do something. So right as Namjoon stepped past her, and she turned her back to you, you tried to grab her gun. It went off and you felt a searing pain in your hand. You held your wrist, and the gun dropped to the floor. The girl stepped into the car, leaving you and Namjoon behind, and not long after police arived at the scene. Your wound sere tended to and Namjoon stayed by your side for a long time. He thought it was ridiculous that you would risk yourself for him. He didn’t want you to need to do that. He took a while off the tour just to be with his hero, and fans understoud completely.

How is it longer when I didn’t have inspiration



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Okay, it’s getting harder by the person

Jimin was in the hospital after a minor surgery.  He only had to stay there for a few days, mainly because his manager was afraid he might practice before he has recovered properly. You walked up to his door but someone stopped you. “Excuse me ma’am, you can’t go in there.” You muttered an ‘oh right’ to yourself before taking out the badge the had given you at the front desk, showing it off. “Oh, you’re Y/N. Apologies, but a nurse just took him for more tests.” The man stated.  What would he need tests for, they said the surgery went perfectly well and he just needed rest. You nodded at the man, he still let you inside to wait there.

Some time passed and a nurse came into the room. Before you could speak, she asked with a frown “Where’s the patient?” Your eyes widened at the question and you eplained the prior situation. She ran out, going to warn others that he had been taken out of the room while possibly unconscious. 

You ran trough the halls yourself, searching for anywhere that he could be. You glanced at the large elevator down the hall. That’s right, they could be anywhere. You walked to the elevator. Looking at the numbers, going up to 24. You could never search them all. yet, The roof …

It was a good start. You got into the elevator, you’re leg vigorously tapping in an anxious state. It seemed like a century before the elevator came to a halt with a soft *ding*

The doors slid open and there it was, the hospital bed with Jimin and some random girl in a nurse outfit. You heard Jimin mumble your name as his arm went to rest on the girls back, she was visually enjoying it. “That’s not me.” You stated, and the girl shot up looking at you in horror. You signaled for her to get off, you could see Jimin’s eyes opening and she glanced back at him. She glared at you ands said “NO, I need to take care of him.”

“In the freezing cold, on the roof of the hospital. The only thing you’ll take care of this way is giving him bronchitis. Now get off, or I call the police.’ Your voice was venomous, causing her to get off with one last glance, before she ran. You ran up to him. He could barely open his eyes still but he was conscious. 

“You’re awesome.” He mumbled, and you brought him back to his room.



Originally posted by dailyjeons

Taehyung didn’t even realise he was being kidnapped. He just got out of the hotel and got approached by someone who said they were supposed to show him around. He asked if the others weren’t joining but with a simple axcuse as ‘everyone wanted to see different things’ he went with them. Until at a certain  they told him to get in the car. You had noticed him as you had just gone to get a coffee down the street. You heard him refuse, saying he’d rather walk. 

“Get in the damn car.” The man said a bit more demanding this time. You immediatly knew this was bad news, and walked up behind the man. You had done some self-defence classes but sure enough it also worked when sneaking up to people. Just as you twisted the man’s arm behind his back, a knife dropped out of his pocket that he was reaching for. You pressed him against his own van and told Taehyung to run. You were right behind him, sprinting so the man couldn’t reach you before you got to your car.

Taehyung was actualy excited after the two of you were driving away. He thought it was so awesome what you had done, yet he was thankful you came along. He was afraid to think what would have happened if you didn’t.



Originally posted by nochuie

Aparently a random guy had walked up to him as he was taking a stroll. His face hidden, by a cap and mouthmask, he was certain that the guy couldn’t recognize him.  Yet the guy himself  was fairly unrecognisable as well. The guy seemes friendly at first, yet he stared asking very forward questions. ‘What do you do for a living?’, ‘Where are you from?’, ‘Where are you going?’

Junkook wanted nothing more but to get away, but every step he took, the man followed. You were on a walk of your own, to the dorm in fact, when you saw them. You noticed the odd interaction, and the uncomfortabe expression on Jungkook’s face. You walked up to him with a broad smile.

“Minseok-Oppa!” You smiled, winking at him before the man turned around. You saw his eyes widen just a second before mumberling an unexcited ‘bye’, before walking off.

“What was that about?”
Jungkook didn’t know what the man was planning, but he was glad you showed up.

Man, it was hard to find a scenario for each of them. But I was determined to do so anyway. Apologies if your bias didn’t get that long a story. Hope you liked it. ;)

♥ Thanks for reading ♥


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No angst for you and Sakazuki! You two deserve all the love and romance. 🥰 I just hope I didn’t make him too ooc? This was my first time, so I hope it’s okay! Please enjoy. 💕


“Come on, let’s go for a walk.”

It was odd of Sakazuki to be the one to offer an opportunity for a stroll, since usually you were the one to convince him to do so. Mostly just to get him out of the office every now and then. You were a bit suspicious to say the least, and as you observed him remove his coat and hat to lay them gently along the back of the chair, your curiosity only increased tenfold. He only ever removed said items when in the comfort of your shared home. Just what was he up to?

“But there’s a storm approaching.” You retorted as you glanced out the window and then back at him. 

He scoffed, putting out his cigar in the ashtray then discarding it, “Since when did that ever bother you?” 

Your lips pursed as you thought for a moment and attempted to decipher him. After years of being together however, you knew that hardly proved successful. Sakazuki was full of surprises without ever intending to. Still, it was quite odd of him to be willing to leave the office. You had noticed the massive pile of paperwork had dwindled to no more than a sheet or two on his desk. How long did it take him to get all of that done? Each time he finished a pile, it was as if a new, larger pile would immediately take its place. It was unlike him to be caught up with work, no matter how diligent he was.

“Are you coming or not?” He barked as he leaned against the door frame, dragging you out of your dubious head space. Akainu had a reason for everything he did, but it seemed you’d have to find out later.

The stroll was peaceful, despite the menacing clouds above you that only brought strong winds and droplets of water every now and then. The lightning and thunder were distant, lulling above the turbulent sea. Most everyone retreated towards their homes, yet you and Sakazuki continued your stroll along the shoreline. It would’ve been calming otherwise, considering you always found thunderstorms oddly relaxing, but your mind was still searching for Akainu’s purpose. Your eyes would flicker over to his figure beside you every now and then and his enigmatic features only offered further confusion. 

“Stop looking at me.” He ordered abruptly, a small smirk forming on his lips. 

“I can’t help it. What’s with this? Are you going away again?” Sakazuki wasn’t a romantic type, you were well aware of the fact. He showed you he loved you in numerous other ways besides romantic strolls along the beach. You were beginning to wonder if this wasn’t a good sign.

“No, it’s not like that. Can’t I just take a walk with you? Why does there have to be a reason?” 

“Because there’s always a reason with you, Saka. You’re not a whimsical kinda guy. Everything you do, you do with a purpose. And I wanna know the purpose of this.” 

“Always so damn analytical…” He was smiling now as he slowed his pace to a stop. You stood before him, anxiously waiting for his next words. “Do you remember this place?”

Your eyes darted around you as you now realized you had made your way to a cove. It was instantly recognizable and your heart began to flutter, “This is-”

Before you could respond, the rain clouds broke open, a heavy rain beginning to drench the two of you. You squealed in delight, dancing a bit while Sakazuki observed you with a loving smile. Even in the middle of a storm, you were nothing but a ray of sunshine. His precious sunshine.

Sakazuki took advantage of the moment as he reached into his pocket to finally reveal his purpose for bringing you out here, “Maran! Will you marry me?” He called out, but the rain only increased in strength as it became a relentless and deafening downpour.

“What?” You called back, unable to make out what he was holding in his hand. 

“Will you marry me!” He yelled again.

“Will I what?” 

Suddenly, he snatched your hand into his grasp to slide the ring on your finger. Just as you finally realized what was happening, he grabbed your soaked face in between his large hands to plant a deep, passionate kiss on your lips. The rain continued to pour as the lightning roared above you, but even the most fearsome storm couldn’t tear you from this moment. Muttering once more against your lips, Sakazuki pleaded, “Marry me, please.” 

Thankful for the rain for hiding your flowing tears, you pulled him in for one more kiss, securing your answer before you two ran off to find shelter. 

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This is a random hc/scenario that fits every character that goes through the same (or similar) experience. Or even you, reader.

I’m no writer but this was written by me (@cutelarien )

Do not reblog or/and remove this part, and please don’t steal my work.

The smile of the stars.

It was late at night when a young man open the door of his house and stand outside at the balcony, looking at the lights of the city. The night was cold. He was still wearing his pajamas, but he wasn’t cold. He’s mind was far away, lost in thoughts.

It has been a few weeks since he started living together with his girlfriend, and they’re very happy. Even his nightmares has passed away, but sometimes they would still come back, like in this night.

He rests his arms on the baluster and closes his eyes for a moment. Then he heard a sound of steps behind him and he turn he’s face to see his girlfriend wrapped on the blanket with a sleepy face. She approach passing an arm with the blanket over the man’s shoulder and rest by his side leaning towards him.

_ I’m sorry, did I wake you up?

_ Kinda. The bed suddenly got cold.

_ Heh - he smiles - Sorry for that. You can go back inside dear, I’ll not stay here for too long.

_ Nah… It’s okay, or else you could get a cold.

He pulls her closer and they stand there looking forward in complete silence. She knew him for many years, so she knows why he was there. And both has gone through a lot in the lasts few months. A few minutes passes, and she breaks the silence.

_ Don’t you think the sky became more beautiful lately?

_ What do you mean? It’s the same sky as always.

_ I don’t know… I just have this feeling…

Now both were looking at the stars in the sky. Trying to figure out what was the difference, but both knew that there was none. At least not that they could see.

_ I read once that when someone you love dies, they became a star.

_ But… That’s a story for kids… - he looks at her confused.

_ Is it?

Both had lost important people in their lives recently. People that both knew, people that were too important to have died. She continued.

_ I think it’s more than just a story for kids… The stars… Even during the day, they’re still there. And when I look at the sky it’s like I’m looking at them, and they are looking at me. And I remember everything I learned from them, everything we’ve been through. It’s like I could hear they saying again. “Everything will be fine.”. “If is you, then I have nothing to worry about.”. “You’re the strongest girl I’ve ever met.”. “Whatever happens, you must live a happy life, this is what I always wanted for you.”.

She makes a pause.

_ You know…They taught me the meaning of family, of love. They taught me things that I would never learn by reading books. So when I look at the sky, in some way I know they would be proud of us because that’s what we’re doing, we’re living like they always wished we lived, even if they’re not here… When I think that we didn’t fail them… All I feel is relief.

The young man never stopped looking at the sky, so did she. Theirs hair float through the cold breeze, giving them chills. He sighs.

_ You’re right… The sky became more beautiful… - he pauses and looked at her with a warm smile - Now lets go back to bed, or else we’ll get a cold.

_ Thanks god. If you stayed there for more a few seconds I would drag you into the house.

_ Haha, of course you would.

They walked back inside, and closed the door behind them.

Here’s the end, hope you liked. Thx!

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Yellow and pink flowers. Lined at the handle of the stairs. Pinned at the hair of the bridesmaids. Bloomed at the hands of the bride.

The scene before me was mesmerizing. The urge to take up my camera and capture the moment itched my fingertips.

Especially how they were climbing up the stairs with their faces filled with fear and horror.

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(Long) Yandere!Kyungsoo Scenario - Fantasy


Originally posted by cinexo

Kyungsoo looked through your notebook/diary, trying to find anything he could about him.

“God fucking damn it, there has to be something somewhere… He’s too fucking close with her. She’s mine. She’s fucking mine, and he’s just trying to get in my fucking way,” he muttered to himself. He knew he shouldn’t have broken into your house, but you were driving him crazy. He’d seen you with Sehun through the security cameras just the day before; the younger man’s hand on your thigh as you both watched a movie. He was beyond furious, crazed by the idea that there was something between the two of you.

He kept flicking through the pages, seeing nothing about Sehun, before his eyes widened and his throat went dry. He looked at the page again, checking if he read what he thought he did.

‘I have this fantasy about Kyungsoo…’ he read, 'I know I shouldn’t, but it’s just so tempting. He’s been dressing differently lately: tighter jeans and lower cut shirts. I can see every single curve, and it’s driving me crazy. His eyes have been taunting me too - one look just makes my knees weak. His beautiful, dark eyes… I could stare into them forever. But that’s not what I’m trying to talk about. His shirts are showing more of his chest, and I can’t help but want to leave marks all over it so people can see that he belongs to me. His thighs in those tight skinny jeans… I can’t count the number of times I’ve thought about riding them. Don’t even get me started on his ass… It’s so round and thick, I wonder how it would look after I spanked it a few times. I just want to sit on his lap and 'accidentally’ fidget around a little as I feel him get hard under me. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind me feeling him up a little, ghosting my hand over his cock until he begs me to touch him and starts to grind into my hips. I probably shouldn’t say this, but I found myself watching him change from my bedroom window, and he’s just as beautiful as I imagined. I want to tie him up and have my way with him, teasing him before giving him more pleasure than he’s ever had in his life. He’d probably have such cute moans… Shit, I’m letting my creepier side take over again. I probably shouldn’t go on about this: if anyone finds it I’m dead.’

His heart raced as he flipped through the book more, hoping to find more of your naughty fantasies about him. Lucky for him, there were plenty more. He felt his trousers tighten uncomfortably as he read more and more before taking his phone out and snapping a picture of each page.

He put the book back and made his way up to your room, opening the door quietly to see pictures of you and him above your bed, and one framed by the bedside table. He looked at your laundry basket before thinking 'What the fuck, don’t go through that… Her panties might be pretty, but you’ll be more than dead if she finds out.’ He starts going through your drawers and your closet before finding a box under the bed. He opened it and his jaw dropped. A set of lingerie - black, with lace, not leaving much to the imagination - a collar and a harness. His need overwhelmed him as he thought of you wearing it.

He sat on your bed, unzipping his trousers as he freed his hard cock from the restricting fabric of his boxers. He started to stroke his length slowly, groaning as precum oozed from his tip. He took a deep breath and inhaled the scent of your perfume that lingered in the air, stroking himself faster and moaning louder as he thought about all the scandalous things he could do to you. “Fuck, fuck, (y/n)…” he groaned, gripping your sheets as he moved faster and faster, his eyes rolling back in his skull as he succumbed to the white-hot pleasure that he was trying to hold back, ropes of cum painting his chest and your bed.

“Having fun there, Soo?” he heard a familiar voice from across the room. He looked over to see you standing in the doorway, watching him. You sauntered over to him and whispered in his ear, “I know you read my diary. I meant what I put.” He slowly started to stroke his cock again at your words, thinking about what he’d read.

“I want to ruin you, Baby,” you whispered before biting his neck. He hated how submissive he was becoming just from you whispering in his ear, but if it got his cock inside you, he didn’t care. You licked the cum off of his chest and kissed him roughly, letting him taste himself on your tongue as you forced it into his mouth. You both stripped as quickly as you could before you sank down onto his cock. His lips attacked your neck, leaving bites and hickeys wherever he could as you moved your hips, moaning out at the size of him.

He started to roughly thrust up into you, hitting the spot that made you see stars. “Fuck, Kyungsoo!” you cried out in pleasure as he reached down to rub your clit; kissing you roughly just to relish the taste of your tongue.

“You’re mine…” he groaned into your ear, “All fucking mine. Not Sehun’s, not Chanyeol’s, not Baekhyun’s, only mine. You’re my little bitch, and don’t you dare fucking forget it.” He punctuated his sentence with a hard slap to your ass before grabbing it harshly, making you moan loudly. You felt a tight knot form in your stomach as you breathed heavily.

“K-Kyungsoo… Kyungsoo, I’m close…” you breathed out, almost unable to form proper words.

“Cum for me,” he ordered. You came undone with a cry of his name, cumming on his cock as he moaned. He followed shortly after, cumming inside you without warning. “Shit! Sorry, I… I couldn’t help it…” he apologised.

“It’s okay…” you breathed heavily, kissing him one last time before he pulled out and sat on the edge of the bed.

“I’ll clean up,” he smiled gently before leaving the room and shortly coming back with a warm towel. After wiping the two of you and your bed down, he put you under the covers and pulled them up to your shoulders before looking for his clothes.

“Hey, umm… Could you… could you maybe stay the night?” you asked, blushing slightly as you spoke.

Kyungsoo’s smile only got wider and brighter as he slipped under the sheets with you. “I was wondering if and when you would ask that,” he muttered before taking you into his embrace and playing with your hair. You quickly fell asleep in his arms, and he pressed a soft kiss to your forehead before falling asleep himself, happy to finally have you as his.

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  • I went rogue im sorry
  • Sakusa strikes me as ravenclaw tbh
  • If not ravenclaw then… probably slytherin?
  • Probably a half blood too
  • He’d probably be into potions and charms
  • Watch him make his own formula for a sanitizer and basically charm all of his belongings to be germ free
  • The girls at Hogwarts think he’s hot
  • The boys too 👀
  • But they cover up with saying Omi is just trying to look cool
  • You and Sakusa most probably met during potions because he was trying his best not to clean the mess you’ve been making
  • Your cauldron was frothing and sludge was oozing out of it
  • Sakusa is triggered™️
  • D i s g u s t e d
  • You’re infuriating to watch.” He was wearing a mask but you know he’s scowling at you
  • But you make sure he hears you say thank you to him
  • Like you grab his sleeve and you look at him straight in the eye which no female he encountered has ever done before and you say thank you
  • He actually blushes
  • E w
  • But he fixed your potion though and you had deducted points for having Sakusa help you out but let’s put that aside because you made Sakusa Kiyoomi blush
  • He finally notices that you’re in most of his classes
  • 60% of the time he’s staring at you
  • Because whomst tf
  • How dare you make him blush >:0
  • How did you make him blush??
  • But watch him leave you small notes giving you tips on potions
  • 🥺🥺🥺🥺
  • He’s doing it with a glare but you never tell him
  • And one day he just helps you with your stack of books and stuff
  • He just came out of nowhere and suddenly your load is out of your hands
  • Transfiguration, right?” And he just walks ahead of you
  • H-how does he know your next class???
  • Sakusa then teaches you a spell to minimize the size of your equipment and books so you won’t have a hard time
  • Aww babie
  • He then drowns his hands in hand sanitizer when he’s out of sight
  • Motoya tells you that Sakusa doesn’t usually do favors for anyone especially regarding physical work like what he just did for you
  • Please feel flattered 🥺
  • Suddenly Sakusa’s checking up on you almost everyday
  • How did you do on your test?”
  • I saw you hurt yourself during potions, you should be more careful.”
  • You’re so messy, it’s annoying.”
  • He gives you a pack of surgical masks
  • If you smile at him while responding to his concerns
  • He just short circuits
  • But he’s glaring at you (but internally, his heartbeat goes wack)
  • It becomes a routine for the both of you for the next few months
  • One of his friends asks you if you two are going out
  • It was Miya Atsumu
  • He does not accept your denials
  • Turns out other students whether they were from your level, above, or below… they were talking shit about you because how dare you steal their Omiomi
  • Sakusa continues to talk with you and that just fuels the rumors
  • He once looked after your burn when one of your classmate’s confringo spell went wrong and hurt you
  • Everyone was highkey jealous of the attention he gave you
  • Sakusa’s day would feel empty if he doesn’t speak or see you at least once a day
  • There would be days where he would leave snacks for you too because why not
  • He would certainly ask Motoya for advice and when he does mention and confirm that he has a crush
  • Sakusa just goes “oh.”
  • Lmao took this boy almost a year or two to realize his feelings for you
  • This boy doesn’t sound like the type to confess in public and PDA has always been the biggest nono for him
  • But he sees you with the unicorn during your Care of Magical Creatures class
  • And you’re smiling and the unicorn is nudging you and chewing your hair
  • Gross, but you look so happy and Sakusa just starts smiling too
  • Suddenly he’s considering the idea of confessing to you
  • Atsumu ruined the scene though, he was petting your hair and teasing you and Sakusa just steps in between the both of you
  • Shielding you away from Atsumu
  • That moment was soon used by Ratsumu as a conversation topic later on to fluster his friend
  • Sakusa plays quidditch
  • His position: beater
  • And once he spots you in the crowd cheering for him, he’s blushing again
  • But he’s determined to do his best
  • 👉👈 he wants to impress you
  • In one of his practices, he sees you on the bleachers wrapped in your coat and scarf, waving at him happily with your friends behind you murmuring about how good the quidditch players look
  • Sakusa literally glides through the air on his broom and lands on his feet in front of you
  • Can you imagine Sakusa in a quidditch uniform🤩
  • And he just goes “Hi.”
  • He’s highkey thankful that you somehow picked up on what he wanted to say
  • You said you were going to lend me your notes.
  • We could study together instead.
  • That sounds nice too.”
  • I’m free after practice.
  • I’ll wait for you.
  • Alright.”
  • And his heart is racing as he returned to practice with his team
  • did he just get a date with you??
  • Oh my god, he did
  • And he’s so excited about it and the mask he was wearing was literally hiding the grin he was trying so hard to suppress
  • He finally asked you out
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I love the idea of Physics-Teacher US!Sans. - Mellow


I hope you like pick-up lines! Because his idea of flirting is showering you with as many science and history-themed pick-up lines as he can think of. And all of them are just as terrible as you’re expecting.


This Sans in particular never really expected to have a soulmate. So, while he tries to flirt, it’s…painfully awkward. Please have mercy on him and just ask him on a date before he decides to dust himself out of embarrassment.


He is frustratingly charming. All the kids love him. He’s even popular with the other teachers. His jokes might be a little old-school, but he’s still one heck of a smooth-talker, especially when it comes to flirting with you.

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“it’s the rain”

— your first encounter with the boy next door wasn’t exactly the most ideal but it definitely wasn’t one you’d want to forget.

  • pairing: akaashi keiji x reader

a/n: was originally a scene for petrichor but scrapped,, oh and I miss writing for akaashi HAHA


Originally posted by katsukes

you never particularly understood akaashi keiji.

it wasn’t as though he were an urban legend or cryptic creature, though that didn’t exactly mean he was necessarily ordinary —at least through your eyes. he was nothing more than the next door neighbor who worked as an intern; and that alone wasn’t much and would label him as just your average young man. what always seemed to pique your interest though was the sheer divinity he radiated.

his physical presence was breathtaking. with eyes alluring those they made contact with and a build like that, how could one not think so? he looked detached and radiated eloquence from a civilians perspective.

akaashi was just your average, breathtaking next door neighbor—the neighbor you never really seemed to talk to, might you add. he was simply the neighbor you never imagined holding a proper interaction with in your life, keeping small waves and transient eye contact to the bare minimum. sure, there were times you imagines yourself being in the presence that wasn’t 6 feet away of his every now and then—

—but never had you imagined the first interaction played out like this.

it’s drizzling in the heart of tokyo; the chill brought about by the rain has you quivering. your head is barely kept protected by the hood of your coat from the impinging droplets albeit those trickling down your face.

to say the weather matched your mood was an understatement. earlier in the morning the coffee machine didn’t seem to budge, back during noon the stacks of reports to be filed intimidated you, and just moments ago, a surge of rancorousness came out of no where along with the downpour.

you were ready to go back to your apartment and prepare a batch of warm cookies then sleep on the entire ordeal to hopefully wake up like nothing prior happened. just as you were about to do so, the dampened linen of your coat had a sudden warmth draped upon it—another coat.

turning your head to see where the material had come from revealed the presence of akaashi.

he held an umbrella and concerned expression. “are you alright?”

you swore you felt a twinge in your stomach as he spoke to you. ‘he has a nice voice’

“yeah,” you reply, chuckling lightly. “it’s the rain.”

he hums and decides to not question further. instead, he holds the umbrella above you both, gesturing you to walk alongside him.

“are you… always like this?” It came out without a thought. His brow hitched at this and you realized how out of now where it was. Feeling your cheeks begin to set ablaze, you opened your mouth to splutter an apology and excuse yourself but paused right before you were about to do so.

His small yet although gentle, comforting smile had your throat slowly begin to dry. It was delicate like the cookies that melt in your mouth in a cold winter night. The smile was comforting almost as if it were a nostalgic epiphany; the kindness and sheer affection you felt through it was of spring’s first day.

“It’s the rain.”

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