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Most to Least who have big dicks in Super M

Note: I mean I think they’re all so big! But here’s my perspective based on the way they act and their energy on cam.










When it is not hard:

6-9 inches: Kai, Lucas

5-8 inches: Baekhyun, Taeyong, Taemin

5-7 inches: Ten, Mark

I honestly think none of them is 4 inches tbh (neither 5 inches), they all radiate big dick energy….

When hard:

8-12 inches: Kai, Lucas, Taeyong

7-10 inches: Baekhyun, Taemin, Ten, Mark

As for this one, I feel like they all go on an entirely different size when they are aroused, especially Taeyong who’s horny easily. 

I really think Kai, Lucas, and Taeyong has the biggest in all of Super M and in their other groups (or if not, one of the biggest), also not to mention Lucas’ height and size, he definitely has it huge especially when it is hard and there’s no way for him to hide it! My poor big baby. Taeyong on the other hand, god, this man has straight up Big Dick Energy, and you can tell by his aura/energy that he has it huge. I’m getting horny LMAO As for Baekhyun, Taemin, and Ten, theirs can go huge when aroused, but they are the best at hiding it while Mark, will be totally embarassed and act shy about it because all of his hyungs can see the bulge on his pants, him not knowing how to hide the additional inches.

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This is the first time I’m posting my writing, req some more please hehe.

NOTE: Forgive me lord, u’ll need holy water. Let’s get it.

(TBH though I think they’re all pretty great.) 










Taeyong, Ten, Lucas: 

We all know TY would eat up like there’s no tomorrow only by his rapping skills and fast tongue, he can literally bring you waves of pleasure and give you the orgasm that you yearned. Ten on the other hand, would love to tease you and that’s the best thing whenever he eats you out, the way the tongue of his glides on your folds would make you go crazy. As for Lucas, he is the sex god himself, he’d give you waves of orgasm, he’d also be into overstimulating you using his tongue (and fingers, ocasionally) Though I feel like Lucas would be more into fingering his s/o.

Mark & Kai:

Mark would prefer to go soft and cuddly whenever he is with you, but when you are needy he definitely knows how to work his tongue on your womanhood, this man would be a soft eater, and at times he’d go rough if he wants to. Kai honestly is a great eater, he’d love to see himself in between your legs and slowly giving you pleasure, soft kitten licks, with a bit of rough pushes that would bring you to the edge, he may or may not let you cum though.

Baekhyun & Taemin:

These two are both softies on the outside and on the inside but when it is only the two of you, surrounded in silence, alone in a room, you both won’t be able to stand the need. Baekhyun is a rough eater, he’s confident with the way his tongue glides on your wet folds, he would love to look at you while he’s doing it and would ocassionally tease you just so he could see the begging face of yours. Taemin, when you two are alone he wouldn’t resist anything, he’d carry you to the bed bridal style and would lift up your skirt and get on his game, often Taemin would let you cum, but this man is a tease, he’d want to see you suffer first before anything happens. 

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I wanted to do a thing a long time ago about a emotionally neglected dude that goes yandere for his adopted sister because shes the only person that cares about him…but i’m bad at writing and stories so the most I’ve been able to write has been this, think I’ve sent the idea to a yandere blog a few years ago but i cant remember..

“   As the eldest, it is his responsibility to carry the name of his family, to inherit the household, to be successful, and to bring honor to his family and its name. He’s successful, excels academically, is well behaved, and follows whatever and rules given to him by his parents and those above him..and yet..little bother..who breaks every rule, who acts so shamelessly, who soils his family name….is the one do gain his parent favor…his parents love. They reprimand  HIM for his brother’s digressions, stating it’s his responsibility as the oldest to keep him behaved. Disgusting. Little brother..the favorite…or at least he was until mother adopted that little foreign girl to be her doll. How she always wanted a daughter, to dress, to spoil, and yet she was cursed with only sons. He did not ask where the mother procured the girl with the sad eyes ..their family has..certain influences in their country and he knows not to ask questions. And so little brother was father’s favorite, his new sister was mother’s, but he was to be favored by none…or so he thought. He did not expect his new “Little Sister” to grow so fond of him. Always nearby, always wishing to speak to him, to spend time with him. It Every meal, she would take her seat by him, every night he studied she would be in the room with him reading and sitting quietly, taking up baking once she discovers his fondness of sweets, she would lovingly referring to him as Big Brother, every accomplishment she would praise…oh the praise.  Something he had never before…but best of all..was her dislike for her “Other Brother” as she would refer to him. Never by his name, or by his title as her elder brother,  just her other brother. How it amused him to watch her ignore his attempts at gaining her attention, to watch her smack him away when he attempted to steal the sweets she lovingly made for her Big Brother.”

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I know there are some AUs where he had a wife who could also transform (like BTAS and Comicverse!Kirk), but I’m p sure 2004!Kirk is a Very single man.

The Batman!Kirk Langstrom:

He’s totally fascinated with you and absolutely enamored by your abilities. How did you get them? How do they work? What else can you do? Kirk runs a ton of tests, comparing his serum to your transformations, and is overall thrilled to find someone like him. Gotham is gonna have a bit of a Bat problem at this rate.

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Jonathan Crane:

Wouldn’t you both. It’s all he’s ever wanted, a chance to show that good-for-nothing coward that messing with him wasn’t a good move. It feels good, having someone to vent to, who understands his pain and supports his need for revenge. Regardless of if he’s in Scarecrow-Mode or not, that bully is gonna get what’s coming to them. You’ll both make sure of that.

Jervis Tetch:

He’s…certainly surprised. He wasn’t expecting hearing something like that coming from someone like you. But he appreciates it. It means a lot to him, knowing that there’s someone who wants to stand up for him, even if it’s in a hypothetical way. (If he’s in Hatter-Mode, he might even offer a “proposal” of sorts, to let you both enact your revenge. Partners in crime, as they say.)

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Hi Sil! Thank you, I’m glad you like it ❤ So I was adding a hint of romance and… euhm… I slipped 😅 Here’s the prompt you picked, enjoy! 

Only your soulmate can say your true name. If anyone else does, you die.


Originally posted by anime-angel-lover

You had been together with Midoriya for so long already. The two of you were always in sync, understood each other, communicated the same way,… Being soulmates had come up a few times already. It was always a topic that was touched with laughter and words of love. Never before had you tested your theory, it was a big risk after all. One that would result in death if you were wrong.

Many people never even confirmed it. They kept their true names secret all their lives, content with letting their partners and friends call them by their chosen names. Since nobody ever called them by it, a lot of people even forgot their true names. You were not one of them. You really wanted your soulmate to call you by your true name. It was a dream you’ve always had, and one you were willing to risk your life for, as you knew you would have to. What stopped you was the effect it’d have on Midoriya if you were wrong though. If you were wrong, he would feel like he had killed you and he would be alone. You didn’t want to do that to him either.

So finally you gathered the courage to bring it up to him. It was an awkward and heavy chat, but Midoriya said he’d think about it. He didn’t want to risk hurting you, but he knew what this meant to you and how badly you wanted this. A few weeks later, he told you he was willing to do it.

The two of you first went on a date and enjoyed some quality time together. It might be the very last date if you were wrong after all. Finally, once you were back home, you wrote your true name on a piece of paper and slid it to him. He stared at the paper for a little while before taking a deep breath, looking you in the eye and saying it. You both held your breath the next few seconds, waiting to see if something would happen. Nothing did. A smile slowly grew on your face, and Midoriya quickly got one of his own as well. Turning your piece of paper over, he wrote his true name as well, and slid it over to you. You said his name excitedly and he started tearing up.

You quickly pulled him into a hug, one that was returned eagerly. Midoriya was sobbing on your shoulder and you couldn’t help but let a few tears of your own slip as the realisation hit you. He was your soulmate. The one person in the world who could understand you better than anyone else. And he was your boyfriend. He loved you as much as you loved him.

Pulling back from the hug, you looked Midoriya in the eyes and started laughing. Midoriya wiped his tears away and started laughing as well. You knew it was him all along.

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Jun as your boyfriend

pairing: Junhui x reader

genre: boyfriend fluff

type: scenario, bulletpoint

extra: there are some parts i written in chinese but i’ve translated them as well

  • i feel that junnie is pretty energetic, but also very laid back guy
  • Jun would be very willing to do stupid stuff with you
  • Going to buffets and challenging each other to eating the most amount of food in one meal
  • getting indigestion and almost puking later
  • but that doesn’t matter
  • Jun would go through thick and thin with you
  • his dream would be hiding in the ikea closets, jumping out and screaming at passer bys 
  • “I’m back from Narnia”
  • One adorable trait or habit jun will develop around you would be to always hold your hand.
  • Whether you guys are outside, with the members or sleeping.
  • Sometimes it’s way too hot to hug and cuddle , but he would always be satisfied if he could hold your hand, and play with your pretty fingers
  • his favorite places to kiss you would be your fingers, or your cheeks and nose 
  • he loves hearing you giggle whenever he tickles your waist while leaving multiple kisses on your face 
  • Jun would definitely be more of a baby around you 
  • he loves pampering you but he also loves being pampered
  • asking you to feed him, or pat his head and comb through his soft hair
  • Jun loves animals and is pretty good with them as well 
  • so most of the time the two of you would visit animal cafes or shelters, as dates 
  • you still have the plush of an owl that jun bought you, when the both of you visited the owl cafe 
  • Jun would definitely do anything for you 
  • i feel like he’s a natural protector and giver 
  • so please treat him right 
  • he deserves it anyways
  • when you’re in a bad mood or feeling down, jun would make you noodles to fill you 
  • and afterwards he would also play your favorite tunes on the piano 
  • all for you 
  • he would also send you many selfies
  • funny unglams or cute ones 
  • there is a variety 
  • makes you keep all of them in your gallery 
  • and also help you set up a folder for just his pictures 
  • calls you baobei (baby in chinese), Honey and sweetie 
  • i feel that the both of you would have the least problematic relationship 
  • even when he’s on tour, you have his selfies, and he definitely tries to call you every night, just to check up on you and ask you about your day
  • no matter how tired he is 
  • If you understand or is able to speak chinese, the both of you would have a very, very good time pranking the rest of the members
  • except Minghao of course
  • but Minghao wouldn’t stop you guys
  • since it was pretty hilarious watching the faces of members contort into confusion, when you guys say tongue twisters in chinese 
  • or ask members to repeat compliments about you guys, or dumb shit about them without them knowing 
  • “Mingyu repeat after me ‘我是个笨蛋,俊辉是世界上最帅,最聪明的男人。他也是很好的男朋友。’”
  • translation: “Mingyu repeat after me, ‘i’m a big dumbass, Junhui is the most handsome and the smartest man in the whole world. He is also a very good boyfriend.’”
  • You and minghao rolled your eyes at his childish antics
  • but Mingyu just repeated it. at least tried to
  • and this left jun trying his best to hold his laughter in
  • you also couldn’t help but snicker slightly
  • Minghao slapped his forehead and told Mingyu what that sentence meant, and it left Mingyu pouting and glaring at the both of you
  • who were laughing together
  • But anyways
  • you guys would be very good together
  • every night, Junhui would wish you goodnight with well, a kiss definitely
  • and whispering to you, while holding your hand and you close to his chest
  • “晚安宝贝,你要记得我非常非常地爱你,也为你希望明天也会是一个很好的日子。去睡了,我会在这里,永远在你的旁边”
  • translation : “Goodnight baby, always remember that i love you a lot, and i hope tomorrow would also be a good day for you. go sleep, i will always be here, by your side”
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Man first time taking a crack at Zao but I had too cute of an idea not to make it ridiculously fluffy sdfghgfd thank you so much for requesting, I do hope I did him justice~!


It’s still dark outside when you find yourself waking up. Stretching with a sigh you’re reluctant to leave the warmth of your sleeping bag, the fabric far more comforting than you thought it would be when you’d first burrowed into it for the night; so instead of leaving you roll over onto your side, fully prepared to pester Zao with idle chatter until you’re able to fall back asleep, after all, he’s almost always awake during this time. 

But the space beside you is empty, and his sleeping bag is rolled up.

“Zao?” you mutter out, yawning into your hand as you lift yourself up onto your elbows and look around the tent.

Sure enough, he’s nowhere else in the tent, and the flap to the entrance is unfastened, but from where you’re sitting you can just barely make out a light seeping in through the small gap. Blinking the sleep from your eyes you glance between your side and the entryway a few times, humming to yourself as you allow your brain to catch up on what you’re seeing. And once you do you reluctantly shuffle your way out of your bed, pushing yourself up onto your feet as much as the space around you will allow - it’s a snug fit, but you’re just glad it’s still warm inside as you move you peek your head out of the flap.

Being so high up you should have expected it to be chilly, but the wave of cold that hits your face has you cursing under your breath, expression twisting in response in an attempt to stop the stinging sensation that blossoms across your cheeks and nose from the sudden temperature change. It would probably be a good idea to duck back inside and burrow through your pack for your climbing coat before you venture out into the night, but right as the idea strikes you, you catch sight of the light source that had initially drawn your attention.

The campfire that the two of you had set up earlier in the day has been reignited, the warm orange flames licking at the air and casting the ground around in a soft glow; and next to the campfire you can make out a familiar bulky silhouette, back turned away from you and facing towards the flames. 

Ah, there he is. 

You’re quick to shuffle over to the campfire, both eager to join him and get close to the heat source hoping it’ll warm you up, and you can’t help but chuckle as you approach.

“And here I thought you’d run off while I was asleep” you tease, dropping down into a sitting position beside him. “What’s wrong, restless? Couldn’t sleep?”

Zao turns away from what he was staring at and glances at you as you make yourself comfortable, scooting closer towards the campfire seeking out the warmth it provided.

“Mhm, something like that” he responds, and you make a noncommittal whistle of acknowledgment as you switch your gaze between him and the campfire.

A few moments pass before you speak up again.

“So, what were you looking at?”

Zao opens his mouth to respond, but you start to speak again before he can say anything.

“Let me guess” you hum “just wanted to just take in some of that good ol’ mountain air?”

“No, I-” he tries to cut in but you’re still going with the speculation.

“Ooh, or maybe you were planning on wandering around? - there’s a river closeby, right?”

You vaguely register the frustrated look that he’s giving you, but honestly it’s too fun not to try and get another guess in as you muse.

“You know, a cabin would fit right in around here~ Maybe I could convince Andvari that a mountain lodge would make for a good investm-” 

You’re cut off when a hand presses against the back of your head, and your gaze is pulled upwards to look at the sky. Whatever you were saying next trails off as your jaw goes slack, eyes widening as you take in the sight presented right above you.

It’s beautiful - you’ve never seen the sky look so clear.  

So far away from civilization and Tokyo’s city lights, the stars light up the sky like gold on a deep blue canvas. And it’s not just blue either, the sky itself is like a mesh of purples, whites, teals and numerous other rich tones, all fusing and merging together like something right out of a painting. You’ve seen pictures, seen videos, but it really looks as though the galaxy is stretching out before your eyes; and here, so high up, you almost feel like you could just reach out and run your hands through that very sky, swirling those stars between your fingers just to know what it would feel like and touch. 

“Oh, wow

You’re mesmerized, so much so that you only catch yourself getting lost staring in awe when you hear a laugh from beside you, and you glance away to sneak a peek at Zao. From the corner of your eye he’s smiling, clearly proud of himself at the sight of your speechlessness, and you turn to fully face him, shooting him a withering pout.

“Yeah, yeah, laugh it up - I guess I’ve gotta admit, it is a pretty amazing sight”

His hand, that’s still on the back of your head, moves further up and ruffles your hair and you whine in protest, swatting his hand away even as you try to hide the fact that you’re smiling. Right on cue however, you receive a none too subtle reminder about just how cold it is, as a particularly sharp chill runs up your spine suddenly enough that you yelp at the sensation. Even the fire before you does little to block out the cold like you’d wished, and you pull your legs closer to your chest in the hopes that they’ll take the brunt of the next breeze. 

Zao notices your reaction and shoots you a pointed look - honestly with how often he’s out here you wouldn’t be surprised if he’s way more acclimated to the climate than you are; you’ve gotta admit, that’s kind of funny to think about. 

“Cold? Did you not bring your coat out with you?”

You want to retort that you’d been a bit more focused on your missing mountaineering buddy than clothes but hold your tongue, shuffling closer to the fire trying to seek out its heat to combat the incoming cold. Trying to focus on the movement of the flames to distract yourself you watch  tiny pieces of kindling breaking off and disappearing into the air for a little while, resting your head atop your knees in an attempt to get comfortable until you decide to head back to the tent.

But you don’t stay like that for long, as after a few moments of silence passes an arm wraps around your side, and just like that you’re being moved from your spot, picked up like you didn’t weigh a thing and settled back down so that your back is pressed flush against Zao’s chest. You’re glad for the warm hue of the flames, as they provide a good excuse for why your cheeks feel like they’re burning up. 

Yep, it’s because of the campfire. Definitely…maybe. 

You probably would have said something, made a quip or teasing remark to get a reaction out of him, but he’s so warm that you can already feel the heat creeping up your back, spreading across your shoulders in a way that you just about melt back against him. But the warmth isn’t the only thing that you feel; twisting to look at your shoulders you find that Zao’s draped a blanket over the two of you, and you reach for the two sides draped over you, pulling them closed with a perplexed expression.

“A blanket? Where did you get…?”

In response, Zao pats the space next to him, and it’s there that you finally spot the trusty pack by his side. You swear he’s got anything and everything in that bag; you’re tempted to ask if he’s got any drinks stashed in there, but for now you’re content with just the blanket, and the mountain man that comes with it.

Allowing yourself a moment of respite, you let your eyes flutter closed, your previous hours of sleep catching up to you as the added warmth lulls you into a relaxed state. You can hear the campfire cracking before you, the rustling of the nearby trees and the occasional shrill hum of the wind as it brushes past; it makes for some damn good ambiance to listen to, and right behind you, you can hear Zao’s breathing, working in tandem with the rise and fall of his chest in a steady rhythm. It’s kind of calming, and for a few seconds you focus on listening to all the things that you can hear.

Eventually, a  sigh from above you catches your attention, and you tilt your head up trying to catch what he says.

“Hah, what a troublesome little mountaineer”

You crack one eye open, gazing up at him as you grin.

“Aw, come on, Zao - you know you love me, really~”

Zao sputters, and you have three glorious seconds where you watch his face reddening at your words before his hand’s back on your head, ruffling it hard enough that your gaze is pushed back to the floor as you howl with laughter.

“Hey! What have I said about mocking your elders!? I’m taking the blanket back!”

“Noooo! I’ll behave, I swear!”

We both know you won’t!

You laughter echoes across the clearing, breaking the peace of the otherwise quiet night as you make a dive for the blanket stubbornly pulling it close, and while Zao’s words may seem harsh to anyone else, you still catch him fighting off a smile of his own as the two of you fight for the fabric that wraps you up together.

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pairing: toru oikawa x female reader

cw: swearing, kissing and mild implications 

word count: 800+

a/n: i just wanted to say thank you so much for the support, i’ve been getting a couple of requests which i’ll be looking through tonight but please keep sending them in. thanks again. 

summary: in which oikawa spends his nights watching volleyball games instead of cuddling with you 

↞ back to haikyu!! masterlist

━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ 

The only light came from the TV screen the official matches of Karasuno playing, Oikawa stared intently a blanket wrapped around him as it reached to the top of his head, he had his legs to his knees watching as nothing could distract him.

You walk into his room your phone in your hand as you balanced a packet of crisps in your other hand with the water bottle that Oikawa had wanted.

“Toru you can’t keep watching the same match.” You huff as you look over to the screen he puts his hand out as you pass him the water.

“I need to learn how they work, what they do to win these games.” He looks back at the screen biting his nail as he watches the quick attack from Kageyama and Hinata you’d seen it in action when watching with Oikawa the day before.

Oikawa stared intently as you rolled your eyes, going behind him as your legs wrapped around his waist and your arms travelled to the front of his body, he adjusted putting himself cross legged as he felt your small hands against his tall frame, your cheek laid in his back, as you felt every muscle and bone under you.

“I worry about you; you need to get sleep” you pause looking at how his body was fixated to the screen, he was utterly unaware of your telling off, “you shouldn’t sit this close to the TV when you don’t wear your glasses.” He had discarded his glasses leaving them on his bed as he went closer to the screen, you still attached to his back as you felt him shuffle to get more comfortable.

“I’ll sleep later.” He could feel your scoff at the back of his head, of your hands had reached his brown hair putting your hand in it as you massaged and played with it to somehow make him tired and relaxed.

“I’m worried I don’t want you tired for the game tomorrow.” You mutter in his ear as he turns his head to see your small head resting on his back.

“Sleep is for losers and guys who can’t get their dick wet.” He had a classic Oikawa smirk plastered to his face.

You were silent watching as he cocked his head feeling his hair in your palm as it moved with your hand, his eyes looked sleepily as you wrapped both your arms around his neck moving to his ear.

“But you don’t get any pussy.” You laugh as you unwrap your body away from Oikawa’s to get some food. Food would be the only one that would give you attention at least.

“Haha, Y/n you’re so funny, it wasn’t like you were begging for my dick a couple hours ago.” He grinned as he paused the volleyball match, instantly grabbing the arm that had left his torso, he pulled you back as you landed directly on his lap.

His mouth moved to your ear, you could feel his hot breath on your neck as the hairs pricked up at the closeness, he cooed as he spoke, “I’ll show you I get pussy.”

His hands moving to your side as he latches his mouth to the open skin of your neck, “I told you I get what I want.” After every word a kiss was planted on your neck to your jaw feeling him get comfortable underneath you.

His mouth a mere inches from yours as he moved his mouth to close the gap, his hands travelling to your exposed waist as your hands grabbed a handful of his hair again, he softly and tenderly kiss you feeling his tongue in your mouth as you let out a small moan. His actions were uncontrollable and then he stopped.

Getting out of the daze of the heated kiss he stares as he keeps a hold of your waist to not move, “now say it with me.” He pauses eyeing you incredibly slowly, “I’m going to be a good girl”

Unfazed by what he said, you quickly repeat it with him as the words ‘good girl rested on your lips, your hands moved to his back as your legs wrapped around him, your head in his chest as he unpaused the match, rubbing your back in circles to give you some comfort. He knew you hadn’t been his main priority lately, and hopefully this would help to settle the sexual tension that needed to be resolved once Spring Interhigh Qualifiers were done with.

He looked from the match watching your sleeping figure as he softly laid a kiss to your head, letting you continue to sleep on him, all he felt was love and even if he didn’t win, he still had you. 

━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━

If you guys want to be a part of a tag list, just reply to any post and I’ll add you xx

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NEVER kiss in the dark.

This is it.

Tonight’s the night.

The team was having a movie night at one of the guy’s houses.

It was going to be a horror movie tonight.

Your least favorite genre, but you were determined to get what you had been longing for; A Kiss.

A kiss from your crush!

Yes! You had been waiting nearly all year to confess your feelings to him, but there never seemed to be the right time!

Until Now.

The room was dark; only partially lit up in some places by the lights flickering from the movie playing on the tv screen, but you could barely even pay enough attention to even register what was happening for the mix of butterflies and icy nerves fluttering and churning inside your tummy with anticipation.

A Kiss.

‘I just want a kiss!’

'I just need to kiss him!’

'Then maybe this annoying feeling in my chest will go away.’ You thought with determination.

Sadly; as the night wore on; your initial excitement and nerves waned along with your resolve.

And a mere three movies in; you had fallen asleep on the carpeted floor only a few centimeters away from Kaede who had laid down and started snoring almost immediately upon arriving.

When you woke up; the tv was off; someone was snoring on the couch and someone was sleeping near you, but in your sleep-fogged mind; you couldn’t tell who.

There also appeared to be random shouts and odd flashes of light coming from outside.


“Y'ER OUT!” A muffled shout sounded out into the night. Followed by a couple of whines of;

“Aww, no fair~”

You sighed through your nose and rubbed your eyes sleepily; trying to make out the person who was snoring beside you through your blurry vision and trying to conjure up who they were.

The person sleeping before you had somehow translated into your brain as your crush via your blurry vision.

So now there you were; smiling like an idiot and leaning down to kiss your “crush.”

You even let out a 'pleased noise’ when your lips finally touched his.

'So soft, full and warm.’ You thought pleasantly. Then he started to stir and just as Kaede asked;

“What are you Doing?”

You blurted out-

“I Love You!”

Before your teeth could stop it and then the horrible truth of what you had just done set in.

Kaede Rukawa.

Kaede. RUKAWA.


“Did you just Kiss Me?”

Kaede asked, squinting in the dark; trying to see who you were, but you didn’t give him the chance to figure it out.

“Hey-W-” He tried to say, but you’d sprung to your feed, whirled around, grabbing your bag and ran all the way home.

You Wanted So Much To Just Shrivel Up And Disappear At That Moment.

~To Be Continued???~

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Spooning with N.Cus


  • Excited but nervous
  • Like he’d be hyped to do this with you but would be nervous about doing something wrong and making you uncomfortable
  • But once you assured him it fine, he’d hold you so close to him
  • His arms would be around you tightly and his head would be buried in your hair
  • He’d be smiling the whole time before falling asleep


  • So gentle and caring
  • Like I see him as being such a gentleman like-
  • He’d just wrap his arms around and asking you if it was ok
  • Once you said yes, he’d probably push some of your hair behind your ear and pull you closer to him
  • Pulls the blanket farther so you don’t get cold
  • Would probably wait for you to sleep first before also falling asleep


  • Playful and kinda awkward at first
  • But he’d probably talk to you a bit first and the awkwardness would vanish as you both settled in
  • Would be always burring his face into your neck making you giggle
  • Which then makes him giggle hearing you
  • Falls asleep caressing your arm


  • Another gentleman but also pretty playful
  • Like idk he’d probably just either tell you about his day with the other members and make it as dramatic as possible
  • But would also hold you so gently you’d forget he’s touching you
  • Once you started getting tired though, he’d calm down and wrap the blanket around you more
  • Might even talk about your guys future together and what you’d want to do
  • Says he loves you before sleeping


  • Giggly bb
  • Is just really happy about getting to hold you all night
  • Asks you about how your day was and would laugh with you a lot
  • If you tell him you had a really bad/rough day, he’s probably just try to make you laugh
  • Might even sing to you if you want him to
  • His last words before you fall asleep are him telling you it’ll be ok


  • Would subconsciously do it
  • If you guys were just laying in bed he’d just instinctively put his arm around you and kiss the back of your ear
  • Probably would whisper cute things to you
  • And would probably tell you how cute you are when you’re giggling and smiling
  • You wouldn’t even realize his arm was around you until he pulled your closer and put his nose in your hair
  • Gives you head kisses too


  • Will treat you like a damn princess
  • Gentleman pt. 3
  • Would listen to everything your said if you were venting
  • Back rubs™
  • And probably plays with your hair a bit to help you relax and calm down
  • Gentle neck kisses where he can just take in your scent


  • Awkward bb
  • Tries to just laugh away the awkward
  • Would literally like be in an uncomfortable position just to avoid having to ask you a million questions about what to do
  • But would later conclude that you won’t care and will move
  • To which you’ll put you arms on his and he’ll get more confident
  • Won’t fully relax for awhile until he starts to feel you relax and run your fingers over his arms, he’ll eventually calm down
  • Will give you a good night kiss on the cheek


  • Teases the fuck out of you
  • Like fr he would always be trying to make you blush or touching you
  • Would take a finger and run it down you side, tickling you
  • You’d be giggling and blushing until he finally thinks it time to sleep, or until you ask him to stop
  • Which he then pulls you close and leaves a few kisses on the back of your neck
  • Would also probably tell you how much he loves you too before falling asleep, to make up for him teasing you


  • Also teases you but will soon be the sweetest baby for you
  • Would again run his finger over your neck and sides just to hear you giggle from being ticklish
  • Would laugh with you though
  • But again once he settles down he becomes so soft
  • Telling you how much you mean to him while also trailing kisses down you ear, neck, and shoulder as you fall asleep


  • Shy and quiet
  • Like he wants to do it because he wants to be close to you, but doesn’t really know how
  • So you’d probably have to talk a bit first before he gains a bit more confidence
  • Will also lightly caress your body, mainly your back, as he doesn’t want it to be awkward for you since he isn’t really talking
  • Will eventually stop and just let you two fall asleep peacefully


  • Also pretty shy and quiet and also a bit awkward since he’s the youngest
  • Wouldn’t know what to do
  • So you’d have to help just guide him
  • Always asking if you were comfortable
  • Would play with your hands to help distract and relax himself
  • Would also probably apologize for not knowing what to do
  • To which you’d assure him he was doing fine and this felt really nice
  • To which he’d then be a bit more confident and pull you closer and fall asleep
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Okay but the fucking cockpieces in some of these costumes are just A++! Thinking about HL coming home after a long day at work and he’s in a BAD mood. He barely says anything before he’s got you against the wall, holding you up with one hand while the other braces against the wall.

He’s thrusting with just enough force to not break your fragile human hips but it’s still enough to give you a run for your money. You don’t dare speak, knowing he needs this more than anything even as he mutters angrily under his breath about everything that happened that day.

Just as quickly as it started, he finishes..mood suddenly much better as he purrs his gracious thanks into your ear and lavishes you with compliments and affectionate nibbles along your neck.

You’ll be beyond sore in the morning but it’s more than worth it..

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I just want a sniffly Homelander miserably floating about my apartment while constantly on the cusp of a sneeze that just won’t come out. He’s irritated, rubbing his already reddened nose even more raw with the back of his hand..

His breath hitches repeatedly but it never comes to fruition making him grumble and growl his displeasure.

His fever isn’t helping his mood any, steadily raising the surrounding temperature of whatever room he’s in.

He’s a gross, feverish, mess..

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i kinda want to write little blurbs/imagines/fics on this blog now..

I used to run an acc where we wrote stuff with my friends and it was so fun but we lost motivation and didn’t have time, but i miss doing it

I know there are so many writers out there already so idk if it would be a waste of time or not :0 or if I could keep up with it

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