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mammon | lucifer hurting you in the heat of the moment scenarios
originally written on: 19/01/20
“Well, if you love him so much then why don’t you just leave me?!” he yells at the top of his lungs. It’s the first time you’ve seen Mammon so angry and it’s honestly rather terrifying. You’ve known for a long time how clingy and needy he can be and you love that about him—so much—but it’s never gotten to this extent before.
“I told you, I don’t love Solomon!” you try your best to reply in a stern tone but the tremble in your voice is nearly entirely out of your control. He’s not the tallest of the brothers but for the first time, it feels as if he’s absolutely towering over you as his eyes burn holes into your face. “I was just having lunch with him, Mammon. It wasn’t a date.”
You feel your teeth began to chatter as the shaking in your hands spreads all over your body. It’s not out of fear—not entirely—but sadness, too. It’s just a fight, a lover’s quarrel, however, the ache in your chest seems to suggest something even worse than just that. The hand wrapped around your wrist suggests it, too.
“D-don’t lie!” Mammon growls, his hand tightening around your arm as you feel your fingers start to go numb. You try to pry it out of his grip but a bright light flashes and before you know it, his appearance has changed and so has his strength. “If you don’t wanna be with me then say it to my face!”
Swallowing thickly, you feel warm tears begin to stream down your cheeks. His hold is ridiculously strong and impossible to break out of. You feel your racing heart jump around in your chest as pitiful sobs slip past your lips.
“It hurts, p-please, Mammon,” you gasp, “it really hurts.”
The same light flashes throughout your room once more as he lets go of your wrist as if it were scalding hot. Taking a few steps back, Mammon gaps at you with widened, teary eyes, his hands shaking in front of him. His eyes dart between them and you as if trying to comprehend what the fuck just happened.
“(Y/N), I—” the Demon falls to his knees, feeling his legs give out underneath him, his trembling hands grabbing the hem of your shirt, “I’m… I’m so s-sorry.” He starts to cry, even more so when he feels your fingers brush through his hair. 
He’d hurt you, hadn’t he? Why, then, are you still so kind to him?
You start to pull away and it’s then he feels raw panic course through his veins. No, no, no—
“No! (Y/N), I’m sorry! Don’t… please don’t… go,” he pleads, feeling the most pathetic he’s ever felt in a hundred years. But he’d much rather lose his pride than lose you.
“Shhh,” you whisper, prying his hands off your shirt before you kneel down in front of him, “I’m not going anywhere.” Mammon flings his arms around your neck, pressing his face into your chest as he continues to sob, the guilt continuing to weigh down heavily on his shoulders.
“Just take a break!” you plead, refusing to let go of his arm. “Half an hour is all I ask for! We haven’t spent time together in ages!” He doesn’t respond and does not try to hide the annoyance on his face either. 
“I already told you, I’m busy,” Lucifer snaps, “I’ll have time for you later. Please, leave me alone for now.” His words slowly transform into a low growl near the end of his sentence when it becomes increasingly clear to him that you aren’t going to give in. He feels a familiar burning sensation in his chest that only flares up when you open your mouth to speak once again.
What you want to say isn’t spoke, though, since the back of his hand collides with the side of your face before he can stop himself. The terror of his own actions haunting him from the moment he feels the sting on his skin. You let go of his arm instantly, both your hands darting up to cup at the pain in your face. For a while, your head remains bowed, shielding your expression from Lucifer who’s frozen in place. 
He hadn’t meant to do it, he swears. All he wanted to do was wring his wrist out of your hand. However, he knows he can’t say it that way, he can’t make excuses for an inexcusable action. Lucifer wants to leave, to remove himself from the situation for both of you to cool down, but at the same time, he doesn’t want to leave you behind, not when he’s hurt you.
“I-I’m sorry,” you whimper, your head finally rising so that your teary eyes meet his. You give him a faint smile in spite of the reddening patch poorly hidden underneath your hand. “I was being too needy, huh?”
Wait. No. Why are you apologising? It’s his fault. No. Please. Stop—
Yet again, Lucifer’s body moves on its own but this time, much to his relief, he simply pulls you into a hug. As gently as he can, the eldest Demon brother holds your head to his chest.
“No, (Y/N),” he says in the softest tone you’ve ever heard coming from his mouth, “you have absolutely nothing to be sorry for. I’m sorry. What I did was terrible. I will accept any punishment you have for me… but…” Lucifer kisses the top of your head, “please… will you consider giving me another chance?” 
Slowly, you nod, and while it provides him with immense relief, he understands that he still has a long way to go in fully redeeming himself in your eyes. 
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Can I request a streamer genshin impact au where everyone is a streamer but male y/n is a new realeased character, so what would there reaction be to the 1st and powerful harbinger (and his foul legacy form)?
Genshin Impact Streamer AU - (Male Reader)
It seemed the roles were reversed. Our dear players have turned into a newly released character, and the characters have turned into streamers. 
Tumblr media
When these characters saw your trailer, they were hyped. Not only were you a powerful harbinger, but you were also the 1st harbinger! (and hawt too lmao) They did tons of streams talking and trying to figure you out before you officially got released. Leaks can spread around easily, which got to them. Many Y/N fans went to their streams because they mainly talked about you. And when your foul legacy form was announced? ohohoho. Let’s just say that they were announced as the biggest simps ever. (body pillow of you? maybe.) Albedo, Childe (award for buying the most figurines of you), Gorou, Ayato, Kazuha, Zhongli
(Albedo has fanart of you in his room that he drew during stream lol) (Childe definitely traumatized his brother by saying that a 3d harbinger anime guy should be his husband or smth.)
Have you ever seen a Genshin video/stream do rituals for summoning their favorite characters? Ahem. These characters have bought candles, your favorite food, and written your name a hundred times so that they could have a better success rate of getting you. Candles in a circle, your name on paper scattered around, and your favorite food in the middle. Everyone chanted your name on the stream as per requested by them for the monthly ritual. Kinda sounds like a cult now. (And yes, they sacrificed characters in the game lol) Ah, but of course the foul legacy part. These characters have done these rituals before even knowing what you looked like. However, when they saw you and who you were, these rituals were done daily. (Even if you weren’t on the banner and they have you already at C6) Fischl, Childe, Itto
When these characters saw you, they already thought you were hot. If you were real, they would date you. Marriage would be preferable though. However, when your foul legacy form came on the screen, they blushed so hard. Everyone: Xiao, Childe, Zhongli, Diluc, Kaeya (probably smirked and flirted), Ayato, Kazuha, etc.
Everywhere you see in their house, are pictures and fanart of you. So proud of it that they show their house to their stream daily. Especially in their bedroom, there are pictures of you in your foul legacy form. Way too many. Would pretend you are real in their pictures and talk to you. In their living room, they have a big picture of you and the other harbingers. They like to call themselves a Y/N enthusiast. (would daydream about you in public) Itto, Kujou Sara (Except she would be more secretive about it and have a stash of Y/N related things), Keqing (Same as Sara), Fischl
This person is very nice. They play playlists from YouTube on their stream while playing your character. They can’t and won’t fight you for materials like Childe’s boss fights which gives them materials. They refuse to because they feel it’ll hurt you in-game :(. Even if you’re hot in your foul legacy form, no. Though they must admit, everyone freaked out including them about your foul legacy form. They almost fell out of their chair from the shock of how good-looking you were. Bennett (becoming lucky from not falling from the chair?), Fischl (would probably cosplay you), Sucrose
-Kazuha would write romantic poetry about you.
idk if you wanted it to be like this but i tried lmao (you said “everyone” so if i were to write each individual reaction it would take too long)
Childe when he saw your foul legacy form:
Tumblr media
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The Baby Question. Aaron Hotchner x Black Fem!Reader
Genre; Fluff.
Warnings; None.
Synopsis; #17 “Well- I guess I’d never really thought about but now that you say it aloud…Yeah. Yeah, I’d love to have kids with you”.
↳ ❤︎ Heaven’s Baked Goods (Masterlist) ❤︎
↳ Heaven’s Drabble Menu ❥❥
Tumblr media
You and Hotchner were long time friends way before you had got married, you were something of a David and Strauss situation but without the previous romantic relationship. You’d just reconnected and suddenly you were falling head over heels for each other. You dated for two years before you were married. Jack adored you, and you adored him right back. That’s how you got here.
You and Aaron were sat on the couch on a rare day off, watching Jack play in the backyard when Aaron peeped how bright your smile was. He knew you loved Jack as if he was your very own but he still wondered…Would you have your own?
I mean, Jack was an outgoing child. He loved meeting new people and you both knew he’d be a terrific big brother but you hadn’t quite had that conversation. The “baby” conversation. Aaron saw that bright glowing smile on your face and thought now was as time as any to bring it up.
“You’re smiling pretty big today”.
“I just adore him, he’s such a bright boy” You giggled, leaning on your husband and watching the boy you so fondly called your step-son.
“He is, isn’t he? I wonder…”
“What if it’s time to give him a new sibling”?
Your ears perked up at this, and you sat up to look at him better. Truthfully, you had thought about having kids with Hotch but you were scared that since Haley’s death that wouldn’t be something him nor Jack would want, “Well- I guess I’d never really thought about but now that you say it aloud…Yeah. Yeah, I’d love to have kids with you”.
“Yeah”? Aaron was beaming with happiness, it was rare for everyone else to see him smile but he showed you and Jack that smile everyday and right now it couldn’t get any bigger, “Should we ask Jack”?
“Ask me what”? Jack was running in for a snack when he heard his name. You took a deep breath and patted a spot beside you, when he came to sit down you and Aaron both hugged him before pulling away.
“You guys are acting weird”.
You and Aaron chuckled before you finally asked the question, “How would you feel about a baby brother or sister”?
Jack thinks for a minute, “Can I teach them baseball when they get older”?
You and Hotch looked at each other in confusion before you slowly nodded, “Of course? If they want to learn, yes”.
“Then…I guess I’m cool with it. Can I go get a snack now”?
“Go go go” You snorted at the playful child’s behavior and watched him run off before turning back to your husband, “I guess I was worried for nothing”, You shrugged and laid back in his arms, grabbing the remote.
“Yeah…” He responded mindlessly before finally registering what you said, “Wait…You were scared”?
~•~~•~•~~•~•~~•~ + ~•~~•~•~~•~•~~•~
A/N: It’s the 4 back to back updates for me. Mamas back, y’all.
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Tumblr media
A list of scenarios for a quiet night in. These scenarios are a mixture of things that can work for friendships or romantic relationships. 
send “MOVIE NIGHT” for our muses to rent a movie.
send “MOVIE MARATHON” for our muses to have a movie marathon. 
send “BINGE WATCH” for our muses to binge watch a tv series.
send “TWITCH STREAM” for our muses to watch gaming videos on twitch or youtube.
send “SPORTS GAME” for our muses to watch a sport on tv.
send “GAME NIGHT” for our muses to play board games together.
send “CARD GAMES” for our muses to play a card game together.
send “VIDEO GAMES” for our muses to play video games together.
send “TAKE OUT” for our muses to order some kind of take out.
send “PIZZA PARTY” for our muses to order a pizza.
send “SUNDEAS” for our muses to eat ice cream.
send “SWEET TREATS” for our muses to bake some yummy deserts.
send “HOME COOKED” for our muses to make dinner together.
send “SPA NIGHT” for our muses to paint each others finger nails and toe nails.
send “MAKE OVERS” for our muses to do each others make up.
send “DRESS UP” for our muses to have an at home fashion show.
send “PHOTO SESSION” for our muses to take photos/selfies together.
send “PILLOW FORT” for our muses to make a pillow/blanket fort.
send “BOOK CLUB” for our muses to stay in and read books together.
send “RPG” for our muses to write stories together.
send “LARPING” for our muses to live action roleplay together.
send “ARTS & CRAFTS” for our muses to do arts and crafts projects.
send “KNITTING CIRCLE” for our muses to knit together.
send “QUILTING CIRLCE” for our muses to make a quilt together.
send “POTTERY WHEEL” for our muses to make things out of clay.
send “CANVAS” for our muses to paint together.
send “PORTRAITS” for our characters to paint or draw each other.
send “FLOWER CROWN” for our muses to make flower crowns together.
send “FLOWER POTS” for our muses to do indoor gardening.
send “SPOTIFY” for our muses to listen to music together.
send “DANCE PARTY” for our muses to dance like no one is watching.
send “KARAOKE” for our muses to sing karaoke.
send “BAND PRACTICE” for our muses to play instruments together.
send “INSTRUMENTS” for one of our muses to play a song for the other.
send “SLEEP OVER” for our muses to have a sleepover.
send “CUDDLE BUG” for our muses to cuddle together.
send “SLEEPY TIME” for our muses to lay in bed together.
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second place — c.beomgyu
summary — your not boyfriend but kind of boyfriend is getting cozy with his best friend .
wc — ~1k
warnings — implications of cheating . angst . not happy ending .
a/n — part ii? olso not edited .
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“You’re not crazy.” Jimin wiped away a stray tear with a tissue. You sniffed and took the tissue from her hand and blew your nose softly. Laying your head against the wall, you lowered your legs to the ground and took a deep breath.
“God. What can I even do? They’re best friends. What could I do? Hey, uh, you guys are acting really close and I’m starting to think it’s not friendship anymore?” You groaned at your brain’s lack of problem solving at the current situation. There was no way to approach the situation lightly.
The situation being, you were almost positive your sort of boyfriend and his best friend were not besties and instead, well. Together. And while you and Beomgyu were only talking, it was exclusive. And known. Throughout the entire school. So if him and his best friend were together it’d be a nice thing to know instead of you walking around looking foolish doting on a boy who sends heart eyes to his best friend. Which was already happening.
The two had always been close, but over the past week or two they had somehow gotten more close. Hugging and touching on each other’s shoulders and arms when they got the chance. And while Beomgyu still texted you good morning and good night, and gave you hugs and pecks on the lips in greeting and departing, something was wrong. You were almost positive that the something wrong was Jaehee. You wouldn’t mind if he just told you, instead of dragging you along like a miserable dog.
“Well. You’re probably not wrong, and that sucks to hear, but, I’m just gonna be honest and tell you what I see. And my best advice is, do you want to be dragged along and known as the girl who couldn’t stand up for herself. Or do you want to nip it in the bud now so that you’re less broken-hearted later?” Jimin sat beside you, looking defeated too. She hated to see you so upset. Because of a boy, nonetheless. She knew you were worth so much more, and she wanted to see you treated as such. Beomgyu had never done it for her, personally, in the aspect of passing the best friend test.
Sighing, you nodded. Realizing you’d have to talk to him sooner, rather than later. You pulled your phone out of your tote bag you carried around alongside your backpack, and sent Beomgyu a text that said to meet you by your car after class.
He sent back a text almost immediately saying he had plans with Jaehee, and that made your heart crack just a little more. Jimin huffed out a scoff and pushed you to send a more demanding text.
It’ll only take five minutes, and I’m almost positive you’ll want to hear what I have to say. But that’s up to you I guess.
Tumblr media
And so he showed up. Irritated, but he was there. You stood with your arms crossed, and your face aimed toward the ground. Jimin was crouched on the other side of the car, just in case he tried something funny, she was pretending to tie he shoe.
“So?” You shot him a look of disgust. “That’s all you have to say. Well. This will be easy then, I think we should break up. Or not even break up. I think we just need to stop all of this.” You felt slightly more confident at his he faltered in his own defensive stance. You straightened slightly and held your head high. Looking at the boy in front of you, you saw his gears turn and his mind go through the motions. You saw him question: Where did it go wrong?
“What?” His voice was slightly small, and you fought back against the wave of sadness that was rising in your chest. His forehead crinkled with confusion and his eyes looked to yours with an expression that seemed too genuine to be fake.
But you couldn’t let yourself be put second. For once you could not let that happen, again.
You heaved a big breath and then spoke carefully. “I think that your priorities are elsewhere, and I think that I don’t want to be put second. And that’s okay too. We’re about to graduate and go separate ways. Long distance is hard, so maybe it’s better that we stop here before we hurt ourselves more in the long run.”
“Put second? What do you- Oh.” There it was. That lightbulb. The click of the puzzle piece shifting into place. “You mean Jaehee.” A small beat of silence as you shifted your attention back down to your feet, and cowered back into your powerless stance. Anxiously waiting for what was to come next. “Yn. Jaehee, is my best friend. They used to have a crush on me but that was in middle school. We’ve been closer lately because she’s going through a breakup, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t care about you any less. I really like you. Like really. The reason I haven’t made you my girlfriend is because I’ve been waiting for the right moment. Preferably not when we’re busy with mid-semester tests and projects, and best friends going through it. I’m sorry I haven’t given you a lot of attention but-“
“Beomgyu!” A shout interrupted his sentence, and your blood ran cold. Of course.
You turned away from the boy who was opening and closing his mouth like a gold fish as he looked from you to his nearing best friend.
“Yn…” Is all he said. And you knew.
“It’s fine. Just, let’s take a break. Yeah?”
You got in your car, and Jimin followed shortly after, shooting a glare at the red head. She couldn’t believe him. Beomgyu watched, misty eyed as you pulled out of the parking spot and drove away.
He knew he had messed up. But he didn’t know if he wanted to fix it. You had a point. You were going to be gone soon for college, and he’d stay here. And did he want to wait?
He didn’t know.
Tumblr media
@ty5n all rights reserved © 2022 . please do not plagiarize, translate, repost or modify my works .
permanent taglist ! @soobin-chois
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Tumblr media
Idol: Kim Minji (Dreamcatcher)
Warnings: None, just fluff, fluff, and more fluff.
Context: She picks you up late and you’re stuck in the rain.
Word count: 1,036
You were sitting on a street corner beside your company, mindlessly watching people pass by as the rain continued to pour down.
You and Jiu have been best friends ever since training days and you two were practically inseparable up until you both were put into your groups. However, that didn’t stop communication between you two and occasionally finding time to set up little coffee dates. Even when you were about to perform, she would send a little good luck message or if you were performing on the same day as her, she’d make sure to find you and give you a long hug and try to ease your nerves. Of course, you’d do the same.
As of lately, you and Jiu have confessed your feelings for one another after nearly two years of shy glances when in the same room and shameless flirting. She had made it known that she wanted to spend as much time with you as she could. Due to your clashing schedules, she wanted to take any chance she could to be around you. Earlier, Jiu had called you and offered to pick you up as she admitted to wanting to have you in her arms when you both got to her dorm. Jiu was meant to pick you up 10 minutes ago, but time was not on her side.
She cursed under her breath when realized she would be stuck in traffic. She had just finished filming an MV making film for her recent comeback ‘MAISON’ with the girls and she was looking forward to seeing you all day. She was extremely disappointed when she checked the time and saw how late she’d truly be. She attempted to call you quite a few times but it went straight to voicemail. Each time she heard your soft voice as the voicemail played out, it made her feel so much more worse. She let out a deep sigh when she realized your phone must’ve been dead.
She was now pulling up and saw a figure sitting on the curb, completely soaked and shivering. Her heart broke at the sight when she realized it was you. She immediately stepped out the car and took her jacket off to wrap it around you.
“Baby, i’m so sorry…” She whispered into you as she held you closely. You gained some warmth from her close proximity but it wasn’t enough and Jiu noticed that. She quickly opened the passenger door and helped you inside. She had fastened your seatbelt and went around the car back to the driver’s seat. She had turned the heater on and sped off. You were bound to catch a cold from this, but she was more than willing to take care of you.
She hadn’t even realized you’d fallen asleep as she parked the car in the garage. She looked to her right and saw you sleeping peacefully. A smile made it’s way onto her face before she stepped out the car to go to your side. She opened the car door and unfastened your seatbelt, soon picking you up bridal style. You felt the movement but were too exhausted so you simply rested your head further into her neck. Her heart fluttered and she closed the car door with her leg. She made sure to lock the car and close the garage.
“I’ll take care of you, sweetheart. I promise.” She whispered more to herself but it made you tiredly smile, nonetheless. She made her way inside the house and walked up the stairs, stealing glances at you every now and then. Finally, she laid you down on the bed gently and went to her closet to get you a pair of clothes to change into. She came back and went to your side of the bed. She looked at you for permission, to which you nodded tiredly before she helped you strip out of your drenched clothes and replaced them with comfortable ones. She had changed you into her hoodie and a pair of shorts before she headed into the bathroom to change herself.
Jiu had retreated a few minutes later and got into bed with you. You looked at her with nothing but love and adoration. The amount of love you had for her could never be put into words.
“I am truly so sorry, princess. I wish I could’ve gotten there earlier. I love you so much and if you happen to get sick, which you most likely will, I will more than happily take care of you and make sure you’re feeling wonderful again.” You heard the sincerity in Jiu’s voice and it caused you to break out into a smile. You moved closer to her as you were always laying face to face, and left a soft kiss on her lips. You both closed your eyes and savored the kiss. Soon enough, she ended up pulling away and rested her forehead on yours.
“You are so amazing, my love.” You whispered to her, causing warmth to fill her chest. She lifted her hand to caress your cheek and smiled at you lovingly. You ended up holding the hand that was on your cheek and brought it down to your lips to place a kiss. “I love you even more.” You admitted and it resulted in Jiu’s smile getting much bigger.
“Before we go to sleep, would you like me to make you some tea?“ Jiu offered and you happily nodded. She then got up and went to the kitchen to prepare your tea as you snuggled into the covers. It only took a few minutes before she came back and went to you side of the bed and blew on it it to cool it down, before handing it to you. You let out a small thank you before sipping on it. She had went back to her side of the bed and got into the covers. She then rested her head on her palm and looked at you adoringly as you continued to drink the amazing and soothing tea.
You had noticed her staring and giggled softly as you placed the mug on the bedside table. She smiled at the sound and you then turned back over to face her. You both ended up turning off the lights and laid your heads on the pillows. She had pulled you closer and left another soft kiss on your lips.
“Sleep well, my love.” She whispered against your lips before leaving a kiss on your forehead.
“With you, I always will.”
The last words you said before you both drifted off to sleep.
A/N: Everyone shush, it’s jiu day.
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deffonotsimping · 5 months ago
Hiyaa~ okay soo..
I saw your first post with genshin impact tags and I found your blog kinda interesting on #venti smut but if your accepting to do request rn..
Can you do an au about the reader as an 5/4 star unit and they're shipped with an certain character (the character the reader requested for) (headcanons about the reader and the character's interaction that made them a lovely ship). (Pure Fluff because I don't really know what to think if its NSFW headcanons, but you can add NSFW hc if u prefer to ^^)
- side note : I know some of you guys don't really like the reader as an side playable character imagines being shipped cuz I have a really weird idea. (im not here fishing for compliments sorry.)
Anyways I also don't really know how Tumblr works so ur not alone 😔
OMFG I LOVE THAT ACTUALLY!! watch me work on that and that only for the next few weeks, this sounds amazing (kinda exaggerating, I'll do other stuff too but this idea.. 😳 yo.)
I'll definitely try to post more things regarding this since the reader would be more like an oc in this? kind of at least, it would be hard to make reader a character without giving them certain attributes like their vision, where they're from, ....
maybe I'll even make multiple "readers"?? so everyone has something they like? we'll see!!
for now, this is a work in progress and just some thoughts on how the headcanons could be like! this is nothing that'll 100%ly stay like this, I might change some things so be aware of that when reading! :)
so, in the honor of the new banner dropping I'll start this with our dear Arataki Itto and Gorou! (I love them)
content!! minor spoilers for Itto's story quest; spoilers for Gorou's hangout event; some spoilers for the archon quest; gn reader
-> Masterlist
Tumblr media
Arataki Itto
Even if many people ship Itto with Kujou Sara or even Gorou, most of them enjoyed seeing him with you way more.
Like?? The way you lit up when the Traveler asked you if you knew Itto in his story quest?! Shippable. 100%ly shippable.
In the quest, or more so the beginning of the quest, the Traveler has to ask four people about an oni called "Arataki Itto", of course the players have already heard from him, seeing as his trailer got posted a while ago and how there were leakers literally everywhere.
However, even if you have already appeared briefly in Gorou's hangout event and in the archon quest, they didn't know much about you yet, so seeing you again was both surprising and amazing.
Most of the people had wanted you for a long time already and even if they didn't even know your vision yet (just some slight speculations), they didn't care anyway, you were cool and even without knowing anything other than that you're a close friend from Gorou and have been well acquainted with Itto, they wanted you.
Anyway, back to why exactly so many people started shipping you.
"Oh, Traveler! You wish to know of Arataki Itto?" Your character took in a thinking pose. "I'm not sure if I can quite trust you with any kind of.. private information. Wouldn't want you go screaming around 'bout it, would we?" Your character laughed. "I'm kidding! He's a good friend of mine, I'm actually here to meet him again, I haven't seen him in a good while."
And that was literally it. Please shippers are so desperate these days, they got "Ittoder" (Itto x Reader) trending in only a few hours. They went wilder than when they heard Ayato's voice in the trailer, and that is saying something.
Later in the game though, you will have more interactions that fans fawn over, mayhaps you'd like to shoot me an ask and request some? ;)
Now with this one, the shipping didn't start until at one point where you called him "good boy" for trying to make progress with dealing with yae miko in his hangout event.
Bro. The shippers went WILD. Fanfictions for you two, fanart, cosplay, you name it!
The way his tail started wagging behind his back during that scene had your fans in tears (me too. Gorou x Reader nation rise.)
In the hangout, one of the ending pictures even feature you in the background, kind of like a little easter egg since it's hard to actually see your form.
During the archon quest, you're next to Gorou when they approach the traveler after they had just fought Signora and when the raiden shogun tries to attack, his first reaction was to push you back slightly behind him with his arm.
You literally have fans squealing over you 24/7, every little crumb of content is celebrated with a feast. 🙏
And his voice line about you. don't. let. me. get. started.
"Oh.. them... ahem! They're an admirable fighter, It's good seeing them put their all into something..! I wish to always be able to fight alongside them, I just know they have my back just as I have theirs!"
Love is in the air. Trust me, once that voice line got leaked, people were flipping out.
"Someone be the Gorou main to my future Reader main <3" The amount of times you can see that exact same signature‼️
Tumblr media
god, this was clearly Gorou favoritism OOPS??
well, I guess it happens, hm? Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this?? I tried and it's been a while since I've last written anything so I'm fairly proud of this! :)
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two-gays-in-a-trenchcoat · 4 months ago
The Top or Bottom Test: Obey Me! Version
AKA, the seven brothers reacting to you grabbing their collar.
This is based on a ‘test’ that my friends came up with that we consider a sure-fire way to tell if someone’s a top or a bottom, where you suddenly grab their collar and pull them close to you. Their reaction is what tells it, and it’s usually pretty obvious. Thought it’d be fun to give the seven demon brothers a spin on this. (Note: these diagnostics are purely my opinion and how I think the boys would react)
SFW, gender-neutral reader.
“A test?” Lucifer blinked at you from where he sat across the table, alone in the vast library. “What kind?”
“Just trust me,” you giggled, gesturing for him to stand up and face you. He obliged, one brow quirked in curiosity, before you suddenly grabbed his collar and pulled towards you, stopping when he was just inches from your face. His eyes widened for a moment in surprise, before a low hum of amusement rumbled throughout his chest.
“Well,” he chuckled darkly. “If this is the test, I’m rather fond of your teaching methods.”
Heat creeped up your neck when he winked at you, and you released his collar, smoothing out the wrinkled fabric.
Diagnosis: Hard top.
Mammon wrinkled his nose at your words, the two of you currently strolling down the halls of RAD. “Test? Oi, if this is about that history class I skipped last Friday, I’ll have you know-“
You cut him off by grabbing his collar and pulling him close, staring directly at him. His words died on his tongue and a high yelp of surprise caught in his throat, eyes as wide as saucers.
“H-hey, what’s this all about?” He stumbled over his words, face heating up like a copper pan on a gas stove. You could feel his short, nervous breaths on your lips.
Just as quick as you had grabbed him, you let him go with a satisfied hum. You strode off down the hall, leaving a shell-shocked Mammon a blushing, stuttering mess.
Diagnosis: Bottom.
You’d come into Levi’s room unannounced as he was, once again, re-playing his most recent hyperfixation, trying to get a better score. Impatiently, you waited for him to finish his level, before diverting his attention to you and your request.
He looked confused. “Eh? What do you mean, ‘test’? Like a personality quiz?”
“Not exactly,” you said. You scooted over to kneel directly in front of him. Already, he had started to flush, and you could see his Adam’s apple bob with a nervous gulp.
You smirked before grabbing his collar and pulling his face towards yours, stopping just before your noses brushed. You could’ve sworn his soul had left his body with the choked gasp he let out and the terrified expression on his face. He turned as red as a tomato, and couldn’t even get the syllables together to form a sentence, mind running a mile a minute.
“I—you—what—“ He could hardly think straight, let alone put anything into words.
You hummed to yourself, pushing him back away and dusting your hand off on your shirt as if nothing had happened. Poor Levi, on the other hand, was busy having an existential crisis.
Diagnosis: Bottom. Bottom bottom bottom bottom-
Satan dog-eared his page before setting his book down, folding his hands in his lap and giving you his full attention.
“A test?” He asked, before chuckling softly. “Wait, don’t tell me it’s another one of those Buzzfeed quizzes.”
“It’s not, I promise!” You gently pulled his hand to have him stand up, and you could see an amused twinkle in his eye. “Just hold still.”
He followed your instructions, and as he stilled, your hand shot out to grab his collar and pull his face towards yours. You heard a small gasp of surprise, before Satan regained his composure, leaned in, and planted a kiss on your lips.
You reeled back, sure that you looked as flustered as you felt. Satan hardly looked rattled, and he continued to chuckle.
“What? Is that not what we were doing?”
Diagnosis: Top.
“A test? Ooh, sounds fun!” Asmodeus set down his comb for a moment and turned to face you, eyes sparkling. “Okay, where do I start?”
“All you’ve gotta do,” you said, “is stand up and hold still.”
He raised an eyebrow, a smirk playing at his lips, but did as he was told, eagerly stepping up to you. You then grabbed the collar of his shirt and pulled him full-force towards you, stopping just inches from your face.
He let out a gasp and a squeak of surprise, cheeks pink and eyes wide. He blinked at you, seemed to register what was happening, before his face relaxed and his voice turned sultry.
“Oh, so it’s that kind of test.” He snaked his hands onto your waist, gently pulling you even closer, leaning into your touch. “Please, go on. I won’t stop you.”
Diagnosis: Switch…?
You’d found Beelzebub, once again, sneaking off to pilfer snacks from the kitchen. He licked the potato chip crumbs off his fingers as he looked at you.
“Test?” He asked, hesitant. “I’m not really good at those…”
You waved him off, stepping closer. “No, don’t worry, it’s not that kind of test or anything. Just hold still and look at me.”
He nodded, doing as he was told, blinking at you like a dog who’d had his name called. You then reached out to pull him towards you by his collar, hardly sparing gentleness. A sound of surprise escaped his lips, and he exhaled, startled but confused. His cheeks were pink and his eyes were wide as he looked at you.
“…Is this the test?”
You released him, patting his chest and nodding. “It was.”
Diagnosis: Switch, largely leaning bottom.
“Why,” Belphegor grumbled, “would you wake me up in the middle of the night for some stupid human test?”
You huffed. “First of all, it is not the middle of the night, it’s literally three PM. Second, this test is important. Please? It’ll be just a moment.”
Belphie groaned in complaint, but nonetheless hauled himself to sit up and face you from where you sat on his bed.
“If I have to stand up for this, I’m calling it quits.”
You shot him a glare and sighed, scooting closer to him. He looked at you with a bored expression, and yawned. Your hand shot out and grabbed his collar, pulling him towards you, faces so close you could feel him gasp, followed by the release of a shaky breath. His eyes were wide and his face was flushed, mouth parted slightly. After a moment, he seemed to realize what had just happened, and he narrowed his eyes. He wriggled out of your grip and planted himself face-first back into his mountain of pillows.
“I can’t believe I was woken up for this bullshit,” he mumbled, though it was muffled by the pillows he had pressed into his face.
Diagnosis: Bratty bottom. So incredibly bratty.
Commissions are open! Check out my page for details :) -Osa
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partyboyko · 4 months ago
Camilo with reader who claims to hate kids but loves Antonio. Camilo is stunned when reader bends down to hug him.
I’m sorry for the confusion earlier, I hope this makes up for it <3
Your thumb grazed Camilo’s as you both walked to the market hand in hand. Abuela had sent camilo out to get grocery’s and you decided to tag along. “What’s the first thing on the list?” You ask, turning to face him.
“Uhh…Lettuce?” He replies,obviously unsure. You shrugged before rushing to the veggie stand. “10 tomato’s,2 lettuce, 8 limes and 1 cilantro” you handed the man the money.
“How did you remember all of that?” Camilo asks stunned, but nonetheless was happy that someone remembered. “I don’t know, good memory?” You replied.
Just as you both waited for the groceries a baby began wailing from a nearby house, so loud the entire market went quiet. You sighed and covered your ears.
“Babies are so..ugh..” you stated, annoyed. “You think babies are ugh?“ camilo said, mocking the way you said ‘ugh’
You nodded; “they’re annoying, I don’t know how you do it camilo.” You pat his shoulder before taking the veggies that were finally ready.
He shrugged it off and followed you back to the casita. Your tension flooded away when you felt Camilo’s hand interlock with yours along the way.
Once you both arrived, the door opened. It was dark and more quiet than usual. But you both figured everyone was out doing chores or something.
That was until a familiar face popped out from behind a pillar roaring. Camilo jumped so hard he shifted into 10 different folk around town, and well you only dropped the veggies in shock.
“Haha! I got you guys!” Antonio laughed while pointing at yours and Camilo’s shocked expression. You laughed and shook your head before bending down to Antonio’s height.
You began tickling the younger sibling, making him burst out into laughter. “Payback!” You yelled playfully.
Camilo watched you interact with his little brother, as if you didn’t just say you disliked babies and toddlers 30 minutes ago.
“But I thought- did you just-?” He made weird gestures with his hands pointing towards where the market is and the baby crying.
You shrugged; “Antonio’s special.”
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mammonstoothbrush · a day ago
satan | leviathan hurting you in the heat of the moment scenarios
originally written on: 20/01/22
You tiptoe around the mess of books sprawled all over his floor, making a mental note to remind Satan to clean them up later. He’d asked if you could bring him his D.D.D. and from where you stood, you could spot it sitting on his equally-messy desk, placed precariously on top of a tower of thick books. Taking a few more steps, you find yourself within arms length of your goal and so you reach out, stretching your hand out as much as you can before you feel the very tips of your fingers brush against the device. Leaning forward just a little bit, you manage snatch the D.D.D. and hold onto it securely but not before your foot slips underneath you.
“Fuck—!” you cry out as you end up leaning your entire body weight against Satan’s desk in an attempt to save yourself from falling only for the table to collapse completely. A loud crash and then the sound of heavy thumps is all you hear before you fall to the ground. Before the panic can even begin to settle in entirely, you hear a pair of familiar footsteps race towards the room you’re in.
Normally, you’d be happy to see your boyfriend after a little accident like this, knowing that he’d always be sweet enough to help you fix it up—even if he does chide you along the way. But now, all you feel is your entire body going numb as your heart practically freezes over. In his Demon form, Satan stands a few metres in front of you, his eyebrows deeply furrowed, an intense scowl etched on his face. 
“Sa—” you say softly, only to find yourself unable to properly breathe. He’s kneeling in front of you now, trapping you between his furious self and the cupboard behind you, his hands clutching onto your shoulders so tightly you swear blood has been drawn, though you’re too frightened to check if you’re right. Your hands reach up shakily to grab his tensed arms as you let out gasps of pain.
“Why’re you so fucking clumsy?!” he growls lowly, a menacing aura radiating off his entire being, “what the hells’ wrong with you?! What? You can’t do some simple task without destroying half my goddamn room?!” As Satan speaks, his fingernails dig deeper into your flesh and before you know it, warm tears began rolling down your face.
“Please… calm down,” you murmur, trying your best to hold onto his arms in spite of the sharp pain in your shoulders, “you’re hurting me.”
As if a switch inside him was flipped, his hands relax completely as his eyes glaze over. For a moment, Satan remains completely still, his lips parted ever so slightly, his hands resting gently on the same place he’d previously inflicted so much pain on. Never before in his entire existence had the Demon felt the wrath inside of him dissipate so quickly, so effortlessly, only to be replaced by the heaviness of pure guilt. Your own hands still touch his arms, your fingers wrapping around his forearms with unbelievable tenderness.
“Are you okay?” you ask in a soft voice that manages to knock the wind out of him. 
“Why’re you asking me that?” Satan whispers, the ache in his chest intensifying while his eyes begin to burn with tears. Carefully, he grabs your bruised shoulders once more before leaning forward to press his forehead against yours. For a split second you tense up only to relax almost entirely as you place the palm of your hand against his cheek. He leans into the touch without hesitation, tears falling freely. “I’m sorry…” he murmurs, voice trembling as the guilt within him starts to transform into utter disgust toward himself. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” 
“We can just put it back in the box, Levi,” you say in your calmest tone considering the situation at hand, “it’s still good as new! See?” You close the box, holding it out to show your fuming partner. When he said you could look at his figurines, you didn’t think he meant you couldn’t take one out to touch it. Sure, it was your fault for assuming but did he have to be so angry about it?
“No! It’s not!” Leviathan yells, “it was perfect before you took it out and ruined it!”
“Then I’ll just buy you a new one!”
“It won’t be the same! They don’t make these anymore! ISTG what’s wrong with normies like you? Why can’t you just have respect for my things?!” In his Demon form, it’s hard not to feel a sense of fear creeping up on you the longer the fight carries on. At the same time though, you can’t help but feel an indignant sort of anger.
“I do respect your things! When have I ever disrespected any of your interests?! All I did was take it out of the box, you don’t have to yell at me!” You feel a greater shortness of breath the more you shout but you can’t hold it back anymore: the frustration towards how much care he pours into his figurines and manga compared to you, how easily he snaps when you do such innocuous things. You love Leviathan so, so much but he can definitely be the hardest person to handle sometimes.
“Just—” he exhales sharply running his hands over his face, “put the box down and get out! I don’t wanna see you anymore!” He points to the door, hand trembling slightly from what you can assume is a result of his own frustration. For a second, you almost comply, not willing to continue this childish argument any longer but your pride doesn’t let you leave. Instead, you slam the box back down on his shelf.
“No! We’re gonna talk this out like adults! No more kicking me out when you throw some stupid tantrum!” You demand, releasing a huff of annoyance when you see his eyes stare at nothing but the boxed figurine beside you. “Is that really all you care about, Levi? That I put it down a little bit too hard?” you ask, taking a step towards him, feeling your eyebrows furrow, “hey. Say something. Tell me where I stand in this rela—”
He moves quicker than your brain can process what you’ve just seen but you do feel everything. The hands touching your shoulders, the force of his push, the feeling of your back slamming into his wooden shelf and the back of your head knocking against a corner of the piece of furniture. The pain is quick and sharp as your legs give out instantaneously underneath you. Your vision blurs for a second, you try to lift your arm to touch the back of your head but it’s too heavy. You can’t move. Not yet. 
Beside you sits the box that caused it all. It’s still closed securely but the figurine inside is clearly broken. You’re not sure what to feel anymore but… from it all… you do feel… tired…
You brace for impact as your limp body falls forwards only for something soft and gentle to materialise in front of you. Leviathan’s arms are quick to wrap around you as his entire body shakes from his sobs. Your head’s still throbbing a little bit and you’re pretty sure there’s gonna be a nasty bump there tomorrow morning but… he’s so warm… You return return his embrace without even realising it, leaning deep into his chest.
“Why’re you crying?” you murmur, “I’m the one who hit my head, silly.” You let out a brief exhale through your nose although you’re fully aware of the lack of humour in this situation.
“I’m horrible, I’m disgusting,” Levi hiccups, words muffled from the way he buries his face in your hair, “I’m s-sorry… I’m so sorry… (Y/N), I love you more than anything… I hate myself for hurting you… I hate myself… it’s okay if you—if you hate me, too…”
“You’re the worst sometimes…” you laugh breathlessly, “but I don’t hate you. I know you’re good. Just be better, hmm?”
“I will. I swear I’ll be better.” 
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mythsofkairos · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
scenario: You were ranting to your friend in the human realm about this new tv show you both were hooked to. You hated a certain character in the show and were venting your frustrations about it over the phone. Unfortunately, they overhear you and think you’re talking about them.
Tumblr media
He was making his way over to your room for regular night checks when he heard your muffled voice
With half a mind to scold you for staying up past your bedtime, he walked upto your door when and was about to knock when he heard you loud and clear
“I swear he is such an asshole.”
The silence in the corridor was deafening as he froze outside your door
“He has his head so far up his ass that he absolutely refuses to acknowledge other people around him. Ugh, I hate him, I tell you.”
Before fury and injury to pride, it was crushing heartbreak that hit him like a truck
You…hated him? But…you told him loved him. He recalled all the times you did, and all the different ways you did
Was it all…a lie?
His damaged pride wouldn’t let him face you, but his broken heart couldn’t let him face you
So he resigned to his room, letting the fatigue knock him out as soon as his head hit the pillow
The next day, he was absolutely silent
His brothers were really concerned
He refused to get angry or punish them no matter what they did, even going as far as to help them on more than one occasions
As much as they appreciated it, the look in his eyes was freaking them out
So when you returned from your extra classes at R.A.D in the evening, they requested you to get to the bottom of it
He knew it was you from the familiar rhythm of your clicking soles at the end of the corridor
But he refused to look up even when you peeked through the door, knocking on it and calling him out
“Luci? Can I come in?”
His grip tightened on his pen as he nodded, still avoiding eye contact
You could tell his demeanor was different 
It wasn’t one of exhaustion, but rather of resignation
You placed a coaxing hand on his shoulder, “Is something the matter, love?”
Before you could even blink, he had grabbed your wrist and was towering above you
“Don’t you dare call me that.”
He hated that he was collapsing on the inside, when you had the audacity to look confused
“W-What happened? What did I do?
“Why don’t you ask that to someone who’s not an asshole? Someone who doesn’t have his head stuck up in his ass?”
You blinked once, twice, thrice before it clicked
The footsteps behind your door last night were his
With widened eyes and gushed speech, you stumbled over your own words to explain to him what you were talking about
His face morphed from fury to something unreadable as your progressed through your explanation, and he was so still that you were afraid that you broke him or something
And just like before, you were engulfed in a bone-crushing hug before you could even blink
His voice was low as he mumbled against the crook of your neck, but it reached both your ears and heart
“I’m glad to hear that you still love me.”
Tumblr media
He had been making his way to your room to drag you into another money-making scheme
and just maybe ask for some cuddles
He was about to barge in as usual when you said those words
“I swear he is such a scumbag.”
His heart DROPPED to the floor like a sledgehammer
“He’s so all over the place just to compensate for the fact that he is utterly useless. It’s so fucking annoying, I swear.”
He could feel the prickling at the corners of his eyes and heart clenching in his chest
Even though his own brothers called him much more horrible things, hearing you say it shattered something else inside him
He always knew in the deepest darkest corners of his mind that you hung around him because you pitied him, not because you genuinely liked him
He didn’t want to believe his ears, he wanted to walk away and pretend he never heard you say those cruel insults
But he couldn’t bring himself to move, his body betraying his mind as his feet remained planted to the floor
You hated him, you hated his guts
Then why would you agree to date him?
His chest clenched harder when he considered the possibility that perhaps he was just a plaything to you
Did you feel that sorry for him? Or did his brothers dare you like in those cliché movies he used to laugh at? 
Either way, it was a massive blow he wasn’t sure he would recover from anytime soon
Why would you do this you’re heartless 
Oblivious and lost in your conversation, you made your way out of your room to grab a snack from the kitchen
When you swung the door open, your words were caught in your throat as your friend continued ranting on the other side
His lips were parted in shock, his eyes were brimming with tears and his entire body was tensed up
The reason behind his state was sort of a no-brainer for you
You excused yourself from your call and disconnected it
“Mammon? Baby?”
He was beyond hearing those sweet words now, backing away from the door
Now you were the heartbroken one
You immediately hugged him and pulled him into your room
It took you two hours to cheer him back up after explaining what you had been talking about
Regardless, you weren’t allowed to leave his arms even for a second
For once, he made none of his ‘Great Mammon’ comments as he relished the feeling of your bodies tangled together
Tumblr media
A big fat oof—
Being the one who struggled the most with his self-esteem, he still thought he was dreaming six weeks into your relationship
You were nothing but kind and supportive to him and his hobbies
He was mostly happy about getting to keep his anime girl figurines
Little did he know he was going to get German suplexed into the ground
After a long morning of an intense auction for a limited edition video game, he had excitedly rushed out of his room to show it off to you
He stopped outside your door, contemplating whether he should just barge in or call you out
He finally settled on knocking, but was met with radio silence from the other side
Frowning, he started walking away from your room when he heard the faint echo of your voice from the living room
Rejuvenated once again, he skipped down the stairs and spotted your familiar head poking from over the sofa headrest facing him
He was about to reach out when you spoke once again
“I mean, he’s antisocial to the point where he’s just a petty bitch.”
His hands dropped to his sides as he took in your words
Antisocial…petty…you…couldn’t mean him, right?
“I don’t even know how a weirdo like him got a girlfriend.”
It was like drowning in quicksand, except he was suffocating on nothing but air
He knew it. And now you had said it.
All those times you’d encouraged him with your words were crushed into oblivion under the weight of your current declaration
Just like everyone else, you saw him as a gross shut in, a weirdo
He had no idea when he had shifted into his demon form until you turned around and let out a startled scream
“L-Levi! What are you doing?!”
He was furious no doubt, but it was more out of pain than hatred
You, who he had come to trust after so long, had been like everyone else
His jaw was clenched, but you could see his eyes become glossy
“Y-You liar…”
Before you knew, he had flown up the floors and shut himself in his room
After a beat of silence, you finally put two and two together
Rushing to his room, you banged on the door
“Levi? Baby? Can you hear me?”
The stomping and crashing sounds from the other side stilled
You quickly explained yourself, assuring him that your words weren’t directed at him at all
But when there was no response, you decided to give him some space and resign to your room
But the slow creaking of the door caught your attention, making you turn around and face your teary-eyed otaku
Wasting no time throwing your arms around him, you peppered his face with kisses
You two spent the afternoon playing games and cuddling, and even though he wasn’t as vocal as he used to be, his little smile and willingness to accept your affection assured you that you hadn’t lost him
Tumblr media
You must have a death wish
He had invited you over to his library for a study session, and currently you were taking a break from memorizing hex spells
You were furiously typing on your phone, gushing to your friend all about your opinions on the latest episode
Satan was reading his novel as usual, but he couldn’t help peek over the edge of the book at you
Your face was displaying all the emotions on the spectrum as your fingers flew across your screen
At one point, you were even giggling softly
His pride wouldn’t let him admit it, but he was the slightest bit jealous
jk lol he was BURNT
Who were you texting with such interest? What was more important than talking to your boyfriend while he sat across you?
Finally, he couldn’t take it anymore
You hummed in response as you looked up from your screen
“Can you get me that spell book from the shelf behind you?”
You mindlessly got up from the table and moved towards the shelf, leaving your phone behind
There was a considerable distance between your seat and the shelf, giving him plenty of time to sneak a peak at your texts
His eyes were glued to the screen as he read your most recent texts
“He’s so pissy all the time, it’s starting to irritate me now.”
“He’s so smart, and for what?”
“Like, who does he think he is?”
There was an all-encompassing silence inside him as he briefly considered who were talking about
And then the FURY that gripped him was unlike anything he had ever felt
He slammed his hands down on the table, effectively breaking it into two
The sound made you whip your head around, only to see your seething boyfriend in his demon form
“Satan! What the fuck?”
You rushed upto the table or what was left of it, absolutely disregarding the threat he was posing to your life
“If you have complaints for me, I’d rather have you say them to my face than bitch over text to your friend.”
His words were absolutely venomous, making you flinch for an instant
But before you could get a word in, his tail had whipped against the shelf behind him, making all the books collapse and the wood to splinter harshly
The sight itself would be enough to make any normal person soil their pants, but you had been around for all his temper tantrums
Suddenly, you noticed your D.D.D in his hand
And now YOU were the furious one
“You went through my phone? What the hell?”
He hissed. “Why? Are you upset that you can’t play your two-faced game anymore?”
You almost popped a vein at that. Yeah, he was rubbing off on you
“Satan, love, would you be so kind to scroll to the beginning of that chat?”
He diverted his blazing eyes to your screen again, his thumb harshly scrolling down your screen
“He’s a character in the new TV show I am watching, if you didn’t know.”
It was hilarious to watch his rage mode fizzle out like that
You had to clean up the mess he had made, of course
But not before you demanded an apology, which he gave with flushed cheeks and stammering words
You sighed and kissed both his cheeks afterwards
Please don’t hold it against this boi
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thehollowwriter · a month ago
A Mostro Lounge shenanigan in which a male Karen learns that reader is not to be messed with, lest you want one of the main trio snapping your bones.
Oop more Floyd content-
I'd dare say he's getting close to stealing Jade's place as my fave lol-
Naaah he couldn't. Also this trope again?! I like it too much.
"This Guy Bothering' Ya?"
Tumblr media
Mostro Lounge was a lovely place. Aesthetically pleasing, relaxing, and bathed in neon lights. You loved working there. With all your heart.
However, there's no such thing as perfect, and youn were unfortunately having a pretty horrible time right now.
You smiled through clenched teeth and slapped the Scarabia student's hand away. "I'm sorry sir, but I'm your waiter/waitress, nothing more. If you keep this up I'll have to ask you to leave."
The customer dropped his smirk and scowled. "You're my waiter/waitress." He repeated, mocking your voice as he went to grab your wrist. "That means your job is too serve me." His free hand reached for your ass. "And I want a bit of your bo-"
You yanked your hand back, dropping your tray and making everything on it shatter. The sound was painfully loud, and many students turned to look at the source.
The Scarabia boy fumed. "You idiot!" He snapped. "You've ruined everything! And you were disrespecting a paying customer! I'm getting Ashengrotto and I'll make sure he has you fi-fi...-" A tall looming presence behind you made him stutter and trail off.
Floyd Leech narrowed his eyes at him and then looked at you. "Is this guy botherin' ya?" You rubbed your bruised wrist, frowning through the tears. "Yeah." You mumbled, making the student pale. "He kept trying to... to touch me." Floyd grinned. "Is that so?"
"W-Wait!' The once confidant brunette was shaking. "I'm sorry! Don't hurt me, I'm sorry!" Floyd laughed.
"Ne, apologies won't get you anywhere fishie. Nobody hurts Shrimpy." He grabbed him by the scruff and pulled him from his seat. "Azul will be mad if I squeeze you here. We'll have to pay him a visit."
The student squirmed. "Wait! No! Please no! Ashengrotto still has my magic I can't-" "Too bad~" Floyd drawled.
He began walking away, stopping only to ruffle your hair. "You can stay in my room till I get back. I'll have Cookie Cutter-chan clean this up, and then I'll give you looots of comfort squeezes.
You leaned into his hand, too tired to insist on staying. "Okay. Thanks Floyd." "Nooo problem."
You smiled and watched Floyd leave, dragging his newest victim with him. "My hero..."
Tagging: @honey-milk-depresso
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thewritetofreespeech · 5 months ago
I don’t get it
Tumblr media
Raphael + MC
Prompt: because I haven’t even met him yet, and I’m already a simp!
He didn't get it.
He didn't see what the big deal was about some human. Some insignificant spec in the universe that seemed to have everyone under their thumb. He thought his former mates would have better judgement than this. Lucifer, at least, for crying out loud. Seeing the man he admired foolishly fawn over this creature sickened him.
Simeon had always had a deep abiding love for humans. So he wasn't surprised when his brother fell under their spell. But he never thought Lucifer would come so low.
He turned to walk down the hall towards his next class. The sea of students parting before him, as demons were naturally cautious of angels; especially ones with reputations for heinous acts against them. All untrue. But what was the point in arguing as their minds seemed made up, and he didn't have the easy skill like Simeon and Luke to make friends.
The angel stopped and turned with his typical placid features, to find the human he had been thinking of jog up to him. "Fancy meeting you here."
"We both go to this school." The odds were actually rather good they would run into each other.
"I know. It's just an expression. Where are you off to?"
"Class." Again, very obvious.
"Good! I wanted to run into you before lunch and give you this." The human stepped in front of him and offered him a package.
"What's that?" He asked, looking at this package like it was some sort of trap.
"Winterberry soup. You said you weren't feeling well the other day, so I asked Simeon what I could do to help and he said you liked this."
Raphael took the package now and looked at it. "You....made this for me?"
"Yep! I'm not sure if it's right. Celestial cooking is a little beyond me, and I'm not the best cook, but Simeon said it tasted fine. Then again, he's too nice and says that it's fine. It should be warm at least. Solomon taught me a spell to keep the container warm. Nothing is worse than cold soup. Unless it's gazpacho I guess."
He finally looked up from the packaging and took notice of them.
The nervous shift in their feet as they waited for him to say something. The bandages on their fingers from where they had clearly nicked themselves trying to make this for him. The wanting gaze in their eyes seeking approval for the gesture, and that they wanted to be friends.
His chest felt tight and warm all of a sudden. No one had ever wanted to be his friend before. No one had ever thought to be kind to him.
“I....thank you. I’m sure if Simeon says it’s alright, then it is. My brother is kind, but not to the point of falsehood.”
“I hope so. And, I hope you like it and feel better!” [Y/N] smiled at him, and it was like the sun had come out in these dark halls. Raphael gulped.
He watched as [Y/N] dashed off to their next class, giving him a small wave, leaving there to hold his soup to his chest; as if trying to get that warmth back through the surrogate of their present.
Oh...he thinks he got it now.....
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vinnytotherescue · 5 months ago
Hi! I saw you were doing Arcane scenarios and got really excited!! I really like your writing style!
I was wondering if you could do scenarios for Viktor, Vi, and Jayce and what their first kiss with their crush would be like?
Thank you so much! Here y’a go!
First kiss
Characters : Viktor, Vi, jayce X reader
Tumblr media
• I think we all know that Vi is a pretty blunt and confident person
• So same applies to her kisses
• Your first kiss was after a fight with some of Silco’s people
• So all the anger and frustration came out with that kiss
• It started off rough and full of frustration but slowly both of you melted into the kiss
• The kiss turned passionate and was full of untold emotions.Pain, worry, fear everything came out with this kiss
• When your lips parted you still stayed close to each other, trying to steady your erratic breathing and your fast heartbeats
• You both stared in each other’s eyes and a smile broke into your faces
• After that kiss more little pecks came but there were playful and full of relief
Tumblr media
• Awww our shy boy Viktor was really awkward during your first kiss
• He finds it pretty difficult to show these kind of emotions since he has never come this close to someone
• He was working on Hextech trying to find a solution and you could see how tired and frustrated he was
• But even if you told him he had to get some rest he just told you he was fine
• So you decided that the best option was to distract him
• Your first kiss was the way to distract him and let me tell you it worked
• The moment your lips touched his out of the blue his eyes widened like crazy
• He just froze on the spot, the feeling of lips against his foreign
• When your lips parted he missed the feeling so he took the chance and kissed you again
• The kiss was now soft and full of emotion, your hands travelled from his back up to his hair and his arms went around your waist
• And let’s just say that he couldn’t go back to work after that 😁
Tumblr media
• You and Jayce were dating for quite a while now but still hadn’t managed to share a kiss
• Something just had to interrupt you, professor Heimerdinger, Viktor, Mel… there was always someone
• So when he took you out and away from anyone he took his chance and kissed you for the first time
• His kiss was soft and passionate at the same time
• He cherished the moment and he wished it lasted forever
• His arms were wrapped around you in a protective embrace and your hands held his cheeks softly
• The moment the kiss ended you stayed close, your foreheads touching as he pulled you even closer
• You we’re both smiling and one word left both of your mouths
• “Finally”
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creativepromptsforwriting · 5 months ago
Fake Dating Scenarios
aka believable and unbelievable reasons for fake dating
my family is bugging me to finally present them with a suitable partner
I told people that I'd date someone and now I need someone to lie for me
fake dating is the best way to make someone jealous
I need this promotion, but the boss is looking for the perfect family person, so I need to acquire a stable relationship - right now
my ex is always putting their new partner in my face and to show everyone how absolutely unbothered I am by that, I get someone I can show of myself
I need a visa and I'm desperate enough to fool some immigration officer
all of my friends have partners and I'm feeling left out, so I need someone to be my date for group date night
you're sick and I'm scared I won't be able to help you, because I'm not family, so we marry so I can legally take care of you
my ex doesn't understand it's over, so I tell them I've already got someone new
we're celebrities and our managements fake our relationship to sell to newspapers
I'm getting harrassed by someone, please play my partner!
we hooked up once, but people saw us and we don't want our conservative parents to think badly of us
my grandma is in love with you and she lives far away, so why not pretend to be a couple for the few days we see her, it would make her so happy
it's like a running joke for us and both our followers that we're getting married, without knowing each other irl, but after some time we both think it would be fun to shock everyone by actually doing it
both of our exes are dating now and while discussing the situation and being a bit too drunk, we decide to show them how that feels
I had a very public break-up and I need the paparazzis to stop selling sad pictures of me to every newspaper in the world
we're pretty broke and we know it's wrong, but you get an awful lot of gifts for your wedding...
our friends set us up together, because they think it will never happen and it's hilarious, so we'll show them how hilarious a relationship between us is
I want to foster/adopt kids and they want to see a stable family life first
the best couple on a reality show wins a lot of money, so we need to form an alliance
your management wants you to "date" a fan to make everyone feel like they have a chance and I'm supposed to be that fan
marriage is a contract and we want to sign it for the tax breaks
I told people at college that we're in a long distance relationship, but then you transfer to us and I need to keep up the lie
my parents want me to marry someone they chose, if I can't present them with someone they see as worthy and they would probably accept you
your job gives you benefits I need, please let's get married!
people look away when they see someone kissing, so it's a good cover for a surveillance mission
we're training together for a dance competition, but don't want anyone to know, so when our friends get suspicious that we're always together, we just say we're dating
I don't want to show up to this wedding without a date, so I get you to come with me
people seem to really ship us and we want to give our fans what they want
while babysitting my niece, she thinks that you should be my partner and you think it's funny to grant her that wish
I want to annoy my parents, so I hire you to play my awful new partner
you want to get your ex back and I want my crush to finally notice me, so we act like we're really into each other to make them both jealous
I hire you for your services, but then we actually meet someone I know and I'm so embarrassed, but then you tell them we just started dating
we want to see the world and in some places and situations it's just easier to pretend we're married
my reputation is not the best and you're the country's sweetheart that can help me and my brand
More Fake Dating AUs|Fake Dating Prompts|Fake Dating Royalty Prompts|Fake Dating Dialogue Prompts
If you like my blog and want to support me, you can buy me a coffee! And check out my Instagram! 🥰
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explicitred · 6 months ago
Xiao Boyfriend Headcanons - (Male Reader)
Tumblr media
-This guy is clingy and follow you everywhere like a lost puppy to protect you in person personally.
-Whenever you’re out somewhere (commission) where he can’t be with you, he will constantly worry and think about you.
-Xiao is the type of person to bottle everything away. So some days he will be cuddling with you. But you have to be the one to initiate it, or else he will just stare at you even if he really wants to because he’s too shy. You want to get up? No. He has all the time, you will cuddle.
-He can’t bear to share his tofu with anyone, other then you.
-When you ramble to him, it may seem like he is not listening but be assured, he is listening patiently.
-On bad days, he will try to look for you if he knows that you’re in Liyue. If you’re not in Liyue, he will try to bottle up like always. He just wants comfort :(
-Compliments. C o m p l i m e n t s. Compliment him and you’ll be looking at a tomato.
I’m trying to make my stories shorter now because I keep writing longer stories that take more of my time, and because I have responsibilities/school to focus on. That way, I can make a story and not let it interfere into important duties that I have. (And because I’m considering someone’s ask lol)
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ilysia · 2 months ago
YESSSS I need the angst!! I wanna see the brothers regret and the other mc's reaction!!! and what they'd do to other mc!! no pressure tho!!!
Brothers Reaction to MC’s death (Replaced MC AU, you loved them but did they love you?
Heyyy :) Thank you so much for requesting this! I hope you like it as much as I did! I hope all the people who were hungry for this were fed ;)
(read the replaced mc au if you haven’t and to understand like- half of this HAHAAH)
Playing First Love/Late spring by Mitski
Tumblr media
The faint breathing slowly faded out of your body as Mammon desperately tried opening the door. "MC! MC! PLEASE! OPEN THE DOOR!" he screamed. He was the last of the brothers to leave you fully. He wanted you to become famous. He wanted you to become who you were. But after she came, it all changed. It seemed like he wanted you dead. You never paid attention it, still giving most of your attention towards him, no matter the cost. You always treated him as if he was the first, but he always treated you as if you were his last. It broke your heart hearing his sore voice from screaming.
"Please...don't leave me."
In your last moments, he finally saw how valuable you were, and yet he should have seen you like that when it was not too late.
Lucifer rushed to go your door. After he heard your words, he knew he screwed up. He ignored the screams and cries of his brother as he tried kicking the door. He should have talked to you. He should have been there for you. He should have begged to you to not do this. Yes, for you. He'd throw away all his pride for you. Yes. He would. Just...don't die. Please. He needed you. It was all because of her, no? I'll treat you to the human world. I'll treat you to the expensive diners here in the Devildom. Just don't leave him. Please...
"I'm sorry..."
He finally understood. He was confident he loved her, but in fact he loved you.
Leviathan stayed still. He processed what happened. Your dark room. The moon reflecting on your face. The tears on your cheeks. Your blue fingertips. The window. The pills. He should have treated you better. He should have comforted you. And yet, he didn't. He left you. Of course he didn't have the right to help you. He shakes, shock overcoming his senses. “I’m sorry...” You muttered out in the call. A gasp left him as he went to his phone. “MC! no no no. Please MC. You can’t die! NO- no...not right now. Please” He begged and cried. He looked at your eyes. Even in the call, it looked so...dead. This was his fault. It’s his fault. I’m so sorry MC. I’ll treat you better again...in another life.
Silence befell upon him. His player one. Gone. He was a traitor. But he knew at the end he was wrong.
Satan trembled as you let out a sigh. He let go of his phone and immediately began looking for healing and reviving spells. No. No. No. No. This cannot happen. You were supposed to live. You were supposed to not do this. He began throwing his books as he searches for a magic book with a healing spell. None were found. His sin slowly coiled around his veins as he tried calming himself down. Rage found him as wrath began boiling under his skin. There was no one to hold him whenever he was angry. There was no one to love him anymore. There was no one he could talk to whenever he felt like blowing out steam. There was no one who saw him...as him. As Satan.  Not as Lucifer’s offspring. Not as her lover. Not as Wrath. Not as Rage. Only Satan. And he threw it all out. Just like that.  He knew he was wrong. And yet he still did it. 
“MC, forgive me.”
For the first time, emptiness only filled his heart. Not wrath. Not rage. Not anger. Nothing. And yet, it’s as if his sin was better than this lonesome feeling.
Asmodeus quickly ran towards the room, phone in hand. His mind racked as he tried desperately to keep you alive. “MC!...We still didn’t do ___ together or ___!” He began listing dumb reasons why you should have stayed alive for him, but none was considered. You were already taking your last breath as he tried and tried and tried. I’m sorry... Why would he say that only after you died?
Cries were heard of the Lust Demon as his once tears of pleasure became tears of grief.
Beelzebub was not in the call at the time. He was busy snacking away the food in the fridge. He was about to munch into one of the custards before he heard screams. His instincts kicked in. With the idea of one of his brothers harmed, he marched towards where they were. He raised a brow when Lucifer and the others were at the door. Why were they all at your door? Mammon quickly told him as he dropped the cold treat. He processed it for a few seconds before thoughts rushed to his head. You...dead? That can’t be true... No. It can’t, can it? His heart races as his eyes widened. He failed to protect Lilith, now he failed to protect you. He was the protector of his family, and yet he could not protect the only person who saw him beneath his sin. He stood motionless, his breathing the only sound coming from him.
The hunger filling his stomach dissipated as shock filled him instead.
Belphegor knew this was supposed to happen. He does not have Barbatos’ powers, but he knew you wanted to die. But he wished to hold you once again. He was foolish. He shouldn’t have given up on you. Now look at him. A saddened expression holding his face but his eyes held a familiar look. He knew. And yet, he didn’t stop you. He never left you. He never fell into her trap. He loved you, to the fullest. But he loved you too late. Maybe you were fated in another life. Then, can he finally say I love you right in front of you. But for now, he’ll let you rest. And so will he.
“I love you, MC.” 
We all did.
Tumblr media
 Thank you again anon. <3 I will write Dateables reaction soon! I need a break, and I will write again tomorrow or the day after that :) . Feel free to request! 
I’m sorry it’s kinda OOC and self-indulgent but I tried </3
@mymy16068 ,  @wassupcampers , @s0ggycereal ,  @un-birthday ,                       @assuconu , @kityspit
sorry if I could not have tagged you
Get tagged here!
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allovertheplace-writing · a month ago
Hello! May I request headcanons of Vil, Rook, Leona, & Malleus with F!MC or GN!MC (romantic & separate)? MC feels insecure with their appearance because they think the boy is very handsome and stunning. A comfort headcanons if you don't mind. Of course you can decline my request if it's too much, thank you!
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Twisted Wonderland
Character(s): Vil, Rook, Leona, and Malleus
Genre: Fluff/Comfort
Type: Headcanon
Description: Them With an Insecure s/o (gender neutral)
Warning(s): Bad Self-Image
Hello, anon! You absolutely may request this! Thank you sending an ask in btw! I hope it's to your liking ♡
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
   ➢ Vil
Vil is aware of what it looks like to be insecure, the little habits of it
Turning compliments back around so you don't truly have to accept them, because you believe not what they say
Picking up clothing that catches your eye, but once you hold it to yourself you place it back down
Letting opportunities go all due to "knowing" someone's better for it
He's chided you on more than one occasion about it
Which most likely made it much worse at times
Vil knew his simple scoldings wouldn't go far
Hence why he invited you to come to Pomefiore
He no longer wanted to see you wallow
There was an exercise that some would do in the mirror- they'd maintain eye contact with themselves and say each thing they like about themselves
Sometimes others would compliment parts of themselves they hate
He sat you in front of a standing mirror in his room, explaining what you are to do
Placing his hands on your shoulders, he directs you to gaze into the mirror
"What do you like about yourself?"
Once you answer he asks what you dislike about yourself
"Alright then. Repeat after me, (Y/n)."
He waited for you to nod
"I'm attractive and noble."
When you said it, it sounded more like a question
He gently squeezed your shoulders when you slouched, quietly reminding you to sit straight
"More confidently, dear."
"Yes, like that. Now, you said you didn't like your _____, correct?"
Another nod
"Say something positive about it.
"But I-"
"No 'buts', just do it.
Taking a deep breath, you manage to compliment that part of yourself, albeit with an "I guess"
"Don't say 'I guess', say it like you truly mean it."
Vil didn't allow you to leave until you couldn't take it anymore
It pained him to see you break; to see your brows furrow when you spoke highly of yourself.. as if you were unsure- doubtful
But it was the start of something, all you had to do was practice
And he will be there every step of the way
No matter what
   ➢ Rook
Rook observed you intently as you began to shorten your time with him in public
Your morning walks around the campus turned into a small stroll around Pomefiore
Anxious- that's the conclusion he came to
Now.. was it because of him or someone else?
One afternoon he decided to ask you
"I think.. I just think that you're, um.. well.. that you're really pretty. And I'm.. I'm me? You know?"
"Mon ange, you are the loveliest person I know! It pains me that you don't believe the same. You're truly magnifique!"
"Rook, I don't want to bring you down-"
"You could never."
He's more insistent on keeping you near him, pointing out your little charms and letting you know just how lovable you are
At some point, he asked you what you liked about yourself
To say he was shocked that you couldn't come up with a single thing on the spot was an understatement
He himself could list plenty, both of himself and you
"Well, you should give it some thought, mon ange! Perhaps even write it down, remind yourself of what you believe shines!"
Rook takes a much softer approach than Vil, but that doesn't mean he won't sit you down and tell you all that you are
He loves you dearly and if he must remind you of how wonderful you truly are..
Then he will
   ➢ Leona
Leona hadn't quite noticed, but that doesn't mean he never saw you act off
It was until Ruggie mentioned how nervous you seemed with Leona when the both of you were together
He doesn't beat around the bush; asking you as soon as you sit down to have lunch with him
"Oh, I.. you're stunning."
He acts nonchalant despite his heart picking up
"Sometimes, I feel as though I don't deserve to be by your side-"
"Tch, well you do so stop moping."
He's not much help, but he does ask questions randomly at times
"Anyone make you feel undeserving?"
"No, I-"
"Good, it'd be a pain to fight them."
"You wouldn't have to fight anyone for me anyways."
"You're my partner, 'course I do."
Leona isn't great at expressing himself verbally, but he does his best
From random 'I love yous' to just spending more time with you
Such as when he walks you to your first class of the day
"Hey, Herbivore, don't fall asleep in class."
"Says you."
He kisses your forehead before you enter the classroom, "Mhm, I'll see you at lunch."
   ➢ Malleus
The thought had crossed Malleus's mind- would the pressure of being his significant other hurt you?
He knew how hard expectations can widdle a person down over time
"Are you alright, my love?"
"Huh? Yes, why do you ask?"
"So nothing is bothering you?"
"..yes? There's nothing wrong."
"You refused to go with me to the store a few days ago, was there a reason?"
"Oh! No, no.. I just-"
"So there is."
"Maybe, but it's not your fault it's just me."
"How so?"
"You're so.. handsome and I'm so average. I don't want to tarnish your-"
"Child of man, you could never bring me ruin. I.. find it hard to believe that you see yourself so plainly, honestly. You're much more interesting than you give yourself credit for."
"Ah.. that's not true."
"It is. And I know loving you was no mistake."
Malleus is honest and blunt, he's not one to hide his true feelings
He'll do anything he can to make you feel better and if proclaiming his love for you every day would help then he most definitely will
Although he doesn't ask you so when he greets you with honeyed words, you were very off guard
"Mal, you're such a dork..!"
"A dork?"
"I just mean you're cute."
"Oh. I was suppose to make you feel better, but somehow you've captured my heart once again."
"Ah, is this about yesterday evening? You don't have to do anything for me, Mal, I'm just being stupid!"
"My love, you are not stupid. You're anything but."
He reaffirms his love for you many times without realizing it, but he's not sure how to make you see yourself the way he does
He can only hope this will suffice
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Tumblr media
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
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shizukais · 2 months ago
10 Tokyo Revengers Characters + Yandere types
Characters: Draken (overprotective); Mikey (delusional/training); Naoto Tachibana (manipulative/monopoly); Kisaki Tetta (obsession/removal); Hanma Shuji (sadistic/self-indulgent); Sanzu Haruchiyo (meticulous/murderous); Takeomi Akashi (clingy/stalker); Izana Kurokawa (possessive/loneliness induction); Kakucho Hitto (dependence/self-sacrifice); Taiju Shiba (violence/domestic violence).
TW: Dark content; Toxic Behavior; Yandere Themes.
Type: Overprotective
Draken is very close to you. You are so dear to him that he would give his own life if you asked. He likes that you depend on him so he always tries to stay by your side in case you ever need. Expect to be very pampered, as Draken will do everything to make you feel good with him. But if he senses that you're going to get hurt in some way, he might be able to do anything to protect you from it, even kill. Just try to avoid making him snap.
"You gave me no choice but to get rid of them"
Tumblr media
Type: Delusional | Training
Mikey is delusional. He needs full devotion and wants you to fulfill that role. Even though you said no at first, he is someone who is unable to accept rejection, absence or death of a loved one, so he creates a new reality where you will learn to love him and then you will live forever together. He mercilessly trains you to be the best boyfriend/girlfriend you can be, regardless of your true feelings and desires.
"Haven't you developed feelings for me, already?"
Tumblr media
Naoto Tachibana
Type: Manipulative | Monopoly
Naoto is very good with words. He knows everything about you and tends to control your life, inducing you to act in the way he expects. Thus, he manipulates both your feelings and your actions, so you truly believe he is the only thing you have and that everything he does is for your own good. You become more and more isolated from everyone else, after all, Naoto's love is all you need.
"Listen to me... Only I can understand you. Don't worry, I'll never leave your side"
Tumblr media
Kisaki Tetta
Type: Obsession | Removal
Even before you knew it, he was already in love with you. He likes to brag that he is the only person who knows you so well and spares no effort to satisfy any desire of yours, as long as it does not override his own interests. Kisaki is a resourceful and smart man, so he doesn't even need to get his hands dirty to achieve his goals. If he wants to remove someone off your life, he simply send any of his subordinates to threat or kill them. With an entire stage planned, Kisaki goes to great lengths to conquer your love and treats you as an unique gemstone. But if you don't respond to his feelings, he will never forgive you and will put an end to your life.
"No matter the method, I just needed to see you again"
Tumblr media
Hanma Shuji
Type: Sadistic | Self-indulgent
Hanma takes satisfaction in seeing you being corrupted/damaged by him and feel great pleasure from doing it. He expects you to submit at him and fulfill his every desire and whims. He can be cruel with you if you don't behave well, or at least that's what you thought. In fact, Hanma doesn't need a reason to be, he just likes being so. But don't forget that even if he's ruthless, he still loves you very much. It's just that in his mind, violence is a fun way to show affection.
"You should know better babe, there's no escape from me"
Tumblr media
Sanzu Haruchiyo
Type: Meticulous | Murderous
Sanzu is extremely loyal and very strict about what he believes in. Since he fell in love with you, he never consider to look at someone else. And likewise, he demands the same from you. Sanzu tends to lie on a daily basis, not that he has a reason to, it's just because that he is used to it. Sometimes he'll use lies as a way of ascertain your actions, and if he suspects that you are hiding something from him, he may become furious. For Sanzu, murder is just a way of dealing with problems, and so it's best to be cautious. As much as he loves you, if you lie to him continually, you may never be forgiven.
"I can still forgive you for this, so promise me you'll never do this again"
Tumblr media
Takeomi Akashi
Type: Clingy | Stalker
Takeomi is greedy by nature. So he works hard to insert himself in your life as much as he can. He can be emotionally fragile and often feels insecure about yours feelings. He needs constantly reassurgence that you still love him. As he can't stand the idea of not being good enough for you (in his head it would lead you to leave him), he try to be with you at every moment, even stalking you if necessary.
"I'm the only one who should be allowed to touch you"
Tumblr media
Izana Kurokawa
Type: Possessive | Loneliness Induction
Izana goes to great lengths to isolate you from the world, nor does he care about the methods to do so, whether through threats or force. He forbid you from going outside and cuts off all your means of communication with other people, you are his property, after all. To do this, he induces mental trauma and manipulate you into believing you don't have anything else besides him.
"Where did you go? You don't have anywhere else, don't tell me... you've saw him again?"
Tumblr media
Kakucho Hitto
Type: Dependence | Self-Sacrifice
He just wants to see you happy, above all things. However, Kakucho's love is so extreme that it becomes unhealthy. He can't function without you and often sees himself on the edge of a cliff, overwhelmed by the feeling that he won't be able to live if you ever leave him. He is willing to die for you and deep down he feels that's his mission in life.
"I don't care if you choose them, just string me along... Please, don't leave me alone!"
Tumblr media
Taiju Shiba
Type: Violence | Domestic Violence
Violence is Taiju's twisted way of showing how much he loves you. He doesn't care about your pleas to stop, in fact, he thinks this is very rude of you. How can you don't understand that he loves you so much that he needs to hurt you badly to show that? In short, you have nowhere to run.
"I won't allow you to leave, not even by dying"
Tumblr media
Thanks for reading and like/reblog if you can!
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partyboyko · 4 months ago
Hi! Camilo request. Camilo tries to prank reader,who is mirabels friend, with snakes but backfires cause they love snakes. Fast forward a bit, now their dating. Camilo tries the same prank but with tarantulas, also backfires, they love tarantulas. Eventually reader calls to Camilo for help cause of a cockroach. Reader is deathly afraid of cockroaches. I mean starts crying cause they are so scared.
(This is me.)
hope you enjoy!
You sat on mirabels bed, waiting for her to come back with the arepas her mom had made for a snack while you were over. You laid back, and put your arms behind your head to rest, you figured mirabel had gotten busy with something else so, why not?
You flinched when you felt something crawl, or rather slither onto your chest but relaxed when you saw it was just a snake. A garden one at that. You sat up after it slithered into your hands, you just admired its green color.
“Your so cute..I wonder if mama would let me keep you..” you pet under its small chin. You jumped when you heard a loud bang on the door before it swung open.
“You we’re supposed to be scared of it! Not try to- to keep it as a pet!” Camilo yelled in defeat. You laughed at his childishness before setting the snake onto your shoulder and standing up.
You tapped his cheek; “try harder next time camilo..” you said with a smile before walking past him, leaving him a flustered mess.
That was a year ago both of you are 15 now, and dating. But the main reason you came over to the casita a lot was still because of mirabel.
You both had been friends since you were 10, so..yeah.
Again you were in mirabels room, but this time with her. Both of you were laying down and just talking about what’s happened in the few weeks you didn’t get to see her.
“So wait…You and camilo are dating!?” She sat up yelling excitedly. You sat up and covered her mouth. “Shh! Dolores is going to hear!” You giggled. But you both looked to the door when someone knocked.
“I can hear you both even if you whisper!” Dolores called out from the other side which sent you and mirabel into a fit of laughter. Suddenly, mirabel started screaming.
You jumped when she did looking for what she was pointing at. “Guys!? Is everything okay in there?” Dolores yelled concerned.
Mirabel flipped her dress and sent the tarantula flying in the air, quickly you caught it before it hit the ground. The door bursts open with camilo laughing and pointing at you.
But once he realizes your cradling the spider and mirabel is stunned on her bed he just stops. “HOW ARE YOU SO IMMUNE TO MY PRANKS!?” he yells.
“Camilo, lindo..nice try.” You pat his cheek just like you did all those years ago,flustering him..he flashed back to when you were all 10, and he threw a snake in the room only for you to befriend it.
“Awe, you guys are so cute.” Dolores said while pinching her brothers cheek before leaving to finish what she was doing.
It was late, you decided to stay the night at the madrigals since it was too late to walk home, and they let you with open arms. Camilo had gone down to get some snacks so you both could watch movies and eat.
You were laying on his bed, rolling around bored. Until you saw something crawling on the wall, you squinted to get a better look and jumped back when you saw what it was.
A roach! You started screaming when it crawled on the ceiling above you, fumbling off the bed you called for camilo;
“Camilo! Come quick!” Pure terror laced throughout your words. Everyone in the house heard you screaming at this point.
His room door swung open revealing him with chips and salsa in his hands. “Que paso?!” He yelled concerned as he ran to you, holding you. Even wiping your tears. When you pointed at the ceiling he deadpanned.
Pepa,Felix, Dolores and even Antonio were at his door way, trying to see what you were pointing at. When they saw, everyone bursted out in laughter.
“Antonio can you get your friend out of my room?” Camilo asked, receiving a nod from the younger brother. Antonio rubbed his eyes sleepy while calling the roach down, it jumped onto his hand and he headed back to his room.
Pepa and Felix said goodnight before leaving to the wir room as well. Leaving you and a grinning camilo behind.
“How are you not scared of a snake or tarantulas..but your scared of a harmless roach?” He said teasingly while tapping your nose.
“Those things are terrifying.” You replied while getting up and dragging him to bed with the chips and salsa.
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