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~Welcome~ to my masterlist ^u^

If you want to request, tell me any prompt or idea you have, and which member you want it to be with. Also I don’t write smut. 


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No More Jungwoo’s Jumping on the Bed


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Originally posted by seungyoune

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〃cruel world / levi ackerman x gn!reader.


word count :: 283

genre :: angst

tw / cw :: pretty angsty , pessimistic world view , existential questioning


for what reason did he keep living? why did he continue to fight, to survive? for every singular win, there were hundreds of losses. irredeemable losses - the loss of human life. he knew that this was the life he signed up for. the things he’s seen, the things he’s done, the people he’s lost: it all came with the job he signed up for. levi knew that he would continue to lose more people. he would never be able to accept that truth, but he would deal with it and keep moving.

to fight the titans - humanities greatest foe - was an unsatisfying battle. to kill things that could feel no remorse for the lives they took. to kill things that couldn’t control their own actions. it was all unsatisfying. for all the rage he felt, no matter the number of titans he slayed, it did nothing to quell the bubbling emotions.

everything makes him sick. having to exist in such a harsh, unforgiving world made him sick. this life was dark and cruel with every turn.

but then there was you; a shining beacon of hope. the one existence to make him forget about his disgust towards this world. the one existence to hold him so tightly.

he wondered if you were this world’s way of apologizing for all his hardships, but he figured that was less than likely. he knew he may lose you eventually and he knew he’d eventually have to accept that. 

but for now as he lay in your arms, letting you run your fingers through his hair while humming some random melody, he let those thoughts fade. as long as you’re alive, all hope is not lost.


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Hey, how would y'all feel if I did matchups, vine matchups, and requests for some of my characters for my Fanganronpa (Not all of them. Just the ones I feel I understand enough to write for.) There will be no spoilers btw!

All you have to do is say something along the lines of “Hey, can you do "insert scenario” with the Hidden Hope kiddos? Please, and thank you!“

Or "Hey can I have a Matchup for Hidden Hopes? *Insert description*”

And Vibe Matchups are right here

Also here are the characters I’d write for!


Tatsuo Yamamoto(Ultimate Lucky Student)

Hachirou Sakamaki(Ultimate Nurse)

Aubrey Walker(Ultimate Hyperpolyglot)

Kyo Suzuki(Ultimate Movie Director)

Haruhi Akamine (Ultimate Voice Actor)

Iwa Yagami (Ultimate Skateboarder)

Hina Goto(Ultimate Gardener)

Ruby Allison(Ultimate Mangaka)


Have fun!

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You are currently at your boyfriend Iwaizumi’s house. Sitting on the couch and relaxing as your boyfriend was in the kitchen making you something. When you  had arrived at his house mid-day you admitted to him you hadn’t eaten. Which of course got you scolded. He told you to sit on the couch and wait as he made you something. You were kind of getting bored just sitting there, waiting. You hadn’t had much time with Iwaizumi due to Oikawa. Oikawa had recently been through ANOTHER break up and was consuming all of Iwaizumi’s time. He cared about Oikawa of course, he was his best friend but God did he need a break. You also needed a break from hearing Iwaizumi complaining about Oikawa. 

That being said…you were kind of annoyed that you got scolded, sure you need to eat but, you came here to hang out with your boyfriend. Not sit in the living room alone waiting for him. “I-WAI-ZU-MI!” You called clearly wanting attention. “What?” You get a short reply back “I want love..” You say softly. “No.” He says to you bluntly. You were in shock, how rude! Sure he was making you food because you hadn’t eaten all day…but you wanted cuddles…and to feel his muscular arms. How dare he. You sat here for a few moments trying to think of something to get his attention when it suddenly hit you. 

IWA-CHAN~!” You called in an eerily similar way to how Oikawa always said it. You almost sounded just like him. With how annoyed Iwaizumi had been with Oikawa recently, you though it would just be fun to annoy him a little. What you weren’t expecting was an outburst. 

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY HOUSE!” Iwaizumi yells with irritation from the kitchen. “DUMBASS! I TOLD YOU TO LEAVE ME ALSO TODAY! UNLIKE YOU I HAVE A GIRLFRIEND AND I’M SPENDING–” Iwaizumi had walked into the living room yelling apron on, knife in hand, only to stop mid ranting. All he could see was you sitting on the couch shit-eating grin looking at him. 

You where not expecting that kind of reaction. Not realizing how much like Oikawa you must have sounded. You were holding back a laugh as your boyfriend started putting together that it was you and not Oikawa in his house. “Shitty-Y/N” He said irritated but softly. Turning back and walking into the kitchen. 

You laugh as you jump up to follow him into the kitchen “I’m sorry! I seriously didn’t mean to sound that much like him. You say hugging you boyfriend from behind. You hear Iwaizumi click his tongue, causing you to laugh a little more. Despite his irritation he don’t push you away as he continues cooking for you. He even gives up one hand to reaching for yours holding it gently. 

You guess this kind of cuddling will do for now. 

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Pairing: Cho Seungyoun (Woodz) x Female Reader

Genre: Agnst

Word Count: 1.2k

Synopsis: Seungyoun tasting the reality.


Seungyoun was drowning in sarcasm and false irony, a dark mood manipulated by naivete, his friends loved it, his family loved it, his colleagues enjoyed it, it was a good waste of time. It was what he did best, or at least the only thing they wanted to see.

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I hope you don’t mind, but I kinda excluded the dementors since I though it wouldn’t have mattered since this takes place in Twisted Wonderland and they have the overblotting and I don’t think they would have to deal with dementors.

These made me very happy to write, I did write them kinda mixed with scenarios and headcanons but I couldn’t decide, so it kinda goes in order of dorm leaders. Also, I did the dorm leaders since I didn’t want to write all of the characters…

Please Enjoy~


◉ HP!Mc Patronus Casting

  • Riddle likes the company of Mc, listening to the many tales of their youth back in their world is his favorite pastime to destress from all the troubles of being a dorm leader.
  • It happened during one of their tea times when a couple of hedgehogs had escaped their holes and ended up right at their feet. Riddle felt embarrassed that he had let his guard down and let some first year slack off. 
  • Mc stopped him with a giggle, picking up the small ball of prickles, gently running a finger across the small creatures back, careful to not hurt themselves.
  • “Maybe your patronus is a hedgehog, maybe that’s why they all came running over.”
  • “Pardon, my what is a hedgehog?” Riddle has never heard about a patronus before, so as Mc explains to him what they are, he can easily confirm that they acted like a person’s guardian, their joy and positive thoughts. 
  • “If you like, I could show you how to cast it, but it’s a very difficult spell to cast for even the greatest wizards. Plus, I don’t know if it’ll work in this world in general.”
  • Since Riddle is very skilled in magic, being well versed in his studies and performance, he didn’t mind trying out the spell. “You never know, it could work.”
  • “Oh, well if you want to give it a go, the spell is ‘Expecto Patronum’.”
  • With pen in hand, Riddle focuses on what Mc told him, bring forward… a hedgehog. The little ball of light rolled around on the grass before looking up at him. 
  • “So cute!” Riddle could only stare as the little hedgy hovered around the tea table, disappearing without a trace.
  • Riddle didn’t mind that he had a hedgehog, it kinda feeds into his need to care for the little guys. Since then, he’d summon the little hedgy to play with when he felt the need to destress, taking Mc’s warning about overusing his magic for the fellow.
  • Also, the dorm finds the little hedgehogs trailing after their leader from time to time now.

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headcanons and scenarios of how childe, chongyun, scaramouche, xiao, xingqui, and zhongli would romantically interact with their s/o.

gender-neutral reader.  sfw scenarios for each character, with additional suggestive implications for childe, scaramouche, xiao, and zhongli (since they’re confirmed legal).  2309 words.

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Spooning with N.Cus


  • Excited but nervous
  • Like he’d be hyped to do this with you but would be nervous about doing something wrong and making you uncomfortable
  • But once you assured him it fine, he’d hold you so close to him
  • His arms would be around you tightly and his head would be buried in your hair
  • He’d be smiling the whole time before falling asleep


  • So gentle and caring
  • Like I see him as being such a gentleman like-
  • He’d just wrap his arms around and asking you if it was ok
  • Once you said yes, he’d probably push some of your hair behind your ear and pull you closer to him
  • Pulls the blanket farther so you don’t get cold
  • Would probably wait for you to sleep first before also falling asleep


  • Playful and kinda awkward at first
  • But he’d probably talk to you a bit first and the awkwardness would vanish as you both settled in
  • Would be always burring his face into your neck making you giggle
  • Which then makes him giggle hearing you
  • Falls asleep caressing your arm


  • Another gentleman but also pretty playful
  • Like idk he’d probably just either tell you about his day with the other members and make it as dramatic as possible
  • But would also hold you so gently you’d forget he’s touching you
  • Once you started getting tired though, he’d calm down and wrap the blanket around you more
  • Might even talk about your guys future together and what you’d want to do
  • Says he loves you before sleeping


  • Giggly bb
  • Is just really happy about getting to hold you all night
  • Asks you about how your day was and would laugh with you a lot
  • If you tell him you had a really bad/rough day, he’s probably just try to make you laugh
  • Might even sing to you if you want him to
  • His last words before you fall asleep are him telling you it’ll be ok


  • Would subconsciously do it
  • If you guys were just laying in bed he’d just instinctively put his arm around you and kiss the back of your ear
  • Probably would whisper cute things to you
  • And would probably tell you how cute you are when you’re giggling and smiling
  • You wouldn’t even realize his arm was around you until he pulled your closer and put his nose in your hair
  • Gives you head kisses too


  • Will treat you like a damn princess
  • Gentleman pt. 3
  • Would listen to everything your said if you were venting
  • Back rubs™
  • And probably plays with your hair a bit to help you relax and calm down
  • Gentle neck kisses where he can just take in your scent


  • Awkward bb
  • Tries to just laugh away the awkward
  • Would literally like be in an uncomfortable position just to avoid having to ask you a million questions about what to do
  • But would later conclude that you won’t care and will move
  • To which you’ll put you arms on his and he’ll get more confident
  • Won’t fully relax for awhile until he starts to feel you relax and run your fingers over his arms, he’ll eventually calm down
  • Will give you a good night kiss on the cheek


  • Teases the fuck out of you
  • Like fr he would always be trying to make you blush or touching you
  • Would take a finger and run it down you side, tickling you
  • You’d be giggling and blushing until he finally thinks it time to sleep, or until you ask him to stop
  • Which he then pulls you close and leaves a few kisses on the back of your neck
  • Would also probably tell you how much he loves you too before falling asleep, to make up for him teasing you


  • Also teases you but will soon be the sweetest baby for you
  • Would again run his finger over your neck and sides just to hear you giggle from being ticklish
  • Would laugh with you though
  • But again once he settles down he becomes so soft
  • Telling you how much you mean to him while also trailing kisses down you ear, neck, and shoulder as you fall asleep


  • Shy and quiet
  • Like he wants to do it because he wants to be close to you, but doesn’t really know how
  • So you’d probably have to talk a bit first before he gains a bit more confidence
  • Will also lightly caress your body, mainly your back, as he doesn’t want it to be awkward for you since he isn’t really talking
  • Will eventually stop and just let you two fall asleep peacefully


  • Also pretty shy and quiet and also a bit awkward since he’s the youngest
  • Wouldn’t know what to do
  • So you’d have to help just guide him
  • Always asking if you were comfortable
  • Would play with your hands to help distract and relax himself
  • Would also probably apologize for not knowing what to do
  • To which you’d assure him he was doing fine and this felt really nice
  • To which he’d then be a bit more confident and pull you closer and fall asleep
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Selasa, 24 November 2020

Catatan Hari Ke-1,

Hai, kali ini aku memberanikan diri untuk sedikit bercerita tentang apa yang sedang ku alami saat ini. Sekitar 1 tahun yang lalu aku mengalami kecelakaan motor tunggal bahkan sampai sekarang pun aku masih ngerasa bahwa ini semua hanya “mimpi” dan aku belum bisa menerima diriku yang saat ini. Marah! Kesal! Nangis! Menyesal! Semua berkecambuk dalam diriku. Saat itu aku bahkan tidak pernah menyangka sedikitpun akan mengalami hal buruk. Hal yang akan membuat diriku berubah menjadi orang yang takut akan kerumunan dan selalu ingin menyendiri sampai saat ini. 3 hari sebelum kecelakaan, aku dekat dengan salah satu “kaka tingkat” di kampusku bahkan kami sempat jalan-jalan berdua. Berawal dari DM lewat instagram akhirnya kami pun bisa dibilang “sangat dekat” bahkan chat pun tiap hari. Sampai pada saat aku kecelakaan tepatnya hari Rabu, 02 November 2019 tepatnya jam 11.30 aku mengalami kecelakaan. Dimana, luka jahitan paling banyak ada dimuka. Aku tidak berfikir apapun saat itu, bersyukur ada orang baik yang menolong dan membawa ku ke Rumah Sakit untuk pertolongan pertama. Padahal beberapa hari yang akan datang aku berencana mengikuti “MAKRAB” dengan Program Studi ku. Semua rasa yang ada dalam diriku bercampur aduk dan tidak ada rasa bahagia sedikitpun dari saat itu. Beberapa hari berlalu dan Dia pun masih chattingan sama aku. Tiba-tiba ditengah kami chattingan dia minta untuk foto karena ingin melihat lukaku dan aku pun “foto” Karena gak berfikir apa-apa. Aku juga gak tau kalo bekas jahitan yang ada diwajah ku bakalan menjadi boomerang buat diriku sendiri. Singkat cerita, 2 minggu berlalu, aku pun sudah bisa mengikuti kegiatan perkuliahan seperti biasanya dan saat itu dia meminta pinjam “flashdisk” buat ngirim anime sama film (maklum kami sama-sama pecinta anime, film, cartoon, dan sebagainya heheheh) dan akhirnya kami pun bertemu langsung dan segera aku memberikan flashdisk ku tanpa fikir panjang. Saat itu, dia fokus melihat wajahku. Ntah, aku malu rasanya melihat tatapan nya. Aku tau itu bukan tatapan yang baik. Itu hanya tatapan kasihan melihat diriku yang sekarang. Sejak saat itu, kami jadi jarang chattingan dan bahkan setelah beberapa hari dia langsung punya pacar. Saat itu, aku langsung merasa bahwa memang “good looking” Selalu menjadi prioritas bagi semua orang. Perlahan aku mulai merenung sendiri memikirkan bagaimana cara “bekas luka” Ini hilang bahkan sampai sekarang pun aku masih belum bisa menghilangkan bekas luka ini. Marah! Kesal! Nangis! Sudah pasti tiap hari ku rasakan. Karena, memang gak ada yang berusaha untuk mengerti fisik ku. Keluarga ku pun rasanya ingin membunuh mental ku secara perlahan. Dan, sampai sekarang aku enggan untuk mengekspos diriku, sekedar keluar rumah pun aku harus berfikir seribu kali. Tiap hari, aku selalu berdo'a sama Yang Maha Kuasa untuk membantu usahaku dalam menghilangkan bekas luka yang ada dimuka ku. Tapi, rasanya Tuhan belum mau mengabulkan do'a ku.

Teruntuk diriku, semoga kamu selalu kuat dalam menghadapi ini.

Teruntuk diriku, semoga kamu tidak akan berfikir hal-hal yang akan melukai diriku.

Teruntuk diriku, semoga Tuhan memberikan hal-hal terbaik dari semua yang telah terjadi.

Teruntuk diriku, semangat!!!

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━━ ∘◦ ☆ ◦∘ ━━


Pairing: Saburo Yamada x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Warnings: None

Word Count: 665

A/N: This was super cute! I’m always here to give Saburo more friends and just have him be the happy, best boy I know he is! Thank you for your kind words, and I hope you enjoy this one~

⋘ ──── ∗ ⋅◈⋅ ∗ ──── ⋙

“Ah, I can’t figure out the bridge” Saburo cried out, from where he was seated on the couch. You walked over to him with two cups of cocoa, setting one down on the coffee table in front of him while continuing to hold yours as you took a seat beside him.

“Mmm…do you want me to take a look at it for you?” you asked, looking down at the papers that were sprawled out all over the couch, the table, and spilling onto the floor.

You had suggested that Saburo come over to hang out for a while, and when he had mentioned that he was working on a new rap for an upcoming division battle, you insisted that you would be able to help. Unfortunately, you had vastly underestimated how difficult it was to write lyrics.

Saburo had been walking you through his song-writing process, and you had to admit that it was quite intense, but also extremely impressive

“What rhymes with orange?” you asked, tilting your head down at the paper he was holding out to you. Saburo let out a sigh and suck down into the couch.

“Nothing worth putting in this particular rap,” he grumbled, taking the paper from your hand and throwing it carelessly behind him. You watched it float to the ground before turning back to him.

“Drink some of the cocoa while it’s still hot! Maybe the sugar will help you think,” you suggested, with a laugh. Saburo shook his head, but reached out for the drink anyways, taking a small sip.

“It’s probably just going to make it harder to concentrate,” he insisted, but as he took another sip, you knew that he was just trying to show off. “It’s…really good…” he admitted under his breath. You decided not to tease him and simply hummed in agreement.

“Yea, it’s always nice to drink something warm on cold days like today,” you said, nodding to the snow falling outside of the window. Saburo followed your gaze and bit his thumb in thought.

“Hmmm, maybe I could use the snow as a theme in the song?” he asked, more to himself than to you. You were about to ask him how that would work, but he was already mumbling to himself and furiously taking notes on his notepad, making you smile.

You were surprised to find that he wrote most of his lyrics down on paper – you had thought someone as tech savvy as Saburo would insist on using a computer. He had scolded you though, saying that a real rapper writes using the pen. You figured that was something Ichiro had mentioned one time in passing and that it simply stuck with Saburo and honestly, who were you to argue?

“Oh, you could but this line here and then rhyme ‘morning’ with the word ‘warning’ from the line before it!” you exclaimed, peering over his shoulder and pointing down at the words. Saburo followed your train of thought and enthusiastically began to scribble.

“That’s perfect! Then, we can move the line ‘sick as a dog’ over here and we can play with another metaphor before that!” he cried out, happily. You watched his face turn ecstatic and let out a smile at his demeanor. It was quite rare to see Saburo so fired up, there weren’t many things that made him this excited, but writing songs and rapping were definitely a few that made the fire in his eyes burn.

You were just happy to be able to be a part of it.

“Thanks for helping me with this,” Saburo said, not glancing up to look at you, but stating his words clearly. “It’s actually really helpful,” he added, and you swore that you saw just a hint of a blush on his face. You smiled and nodded at him, leaning back into the couch and sipping your drink.

“Don’t mention it, Saburo! I am the best rhyme maker of all time.”

“Well, I wouldn’t go that far.”

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AYE, Kabedon time! I’m just now getting around to filling out the requests since I have this week off from school, so hopefully I can get requests out and written. 

Also, I have some new title cards I made since the old ones where kinda bland. I don’t know if I should go back and change all my old title cards but I’ll think it over eventually.

These are kinda short, but I did them as a short scenarios since you didn’t specify. These are also [Reader inserts] so you’ll see the [brackets] in this one!

Please Enjoy~


Short GN!Reader Kabedons Them



Turning around, Jack notices one of his friends running up to him, [Name], one of the smaller students who attended NRC. Jack knows them as being very headstrong and somehow has charmed everyone into being their friends. Before Jack could respond to the figure to stop running in the halls, he gets hit in the gut, falling back on the wall behind him as leverage. 

“OW, WHAT Was that…for?” Looking up and gripping his stomach, he could only see the [Name] trapping him from the waist down, looking up at him. It’s no surprise that they are shorter than most guys, but their bold actions are what makes them stick out from everyone else in Jack’s opinion. It’s also a reason why Jack likes them over most of the other first years in their school.

“Can you… let me go please?” He covered the lower half of his face with his palm, trying to hide the light blush at how they looked up at him, pleased to get a reaction out of him.  Leaning forward, they only reached up to his chest in height, getting cosy up against him. “No way, I have you right where I want you~” 

Jack is now stuck, at a loss for words while his face grows redder by the second, tail wagging in anticipation. What is he gonna do with you?

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1. pats on the head + 5. giggly cuddles

pairing: bambam x gn reader

notes: eheh hope you like it anon!

“i’ll make my fort bigger!”

“like you could.”

“wait, why do we sound like five years olds?”

“don’t know, don’t care. i’ll make the bigger fort,” he insisted like the stubborn man he was, but not without a smile.

and so, you were on the opposite side of the living room, having as many blankets and pillows as you could find in his entire parents’ house.

you were both alone for the weekend and the best idea bambam could find was to compete in fort making. you didn’t complain, it was fun and it made you reminisce in your childhood.

“i remember i used to make the best forts back in the day,” you mumbled to yourself, “shouldn’t be that hard.”

guess what?

it was probably easier then because you were tiny, but now you were a lot bigger.

“having trouble, haven’t we?” you heard bambam smirk as you were under two blankets.

“i’m perfectly fine,” you retorted, the muffled sound making him laugh.

“yeah right.”

you didn’t want to abandon. you wanted to strive until you had a proper fort. but when you got out of the blankets because you missed air, your mouth gaped by itself. bambam’s fort was not only stable, it was also big enough for three grown adults.

“okay, i surrender,” you muttered, watching as your boyfriend was smugly showing off his fort.

you quickly tidied up everything on your side and bambam approached you. “hey, it wasn’t so bad.” he patted your head as an encouragement. “you’ll do better next time.”

you kissed him to hide your pout and walked towards his fort. maybe you lost, but you were still going to enjoy the warmth of your boyfriend’s efforts.

a few minutes later, you were watching brooklyn nine-nine in bambam’s arms, surrounded by blankets and pillows. it was really comfy. it fact, it was so comfy that you decided to sleep there for the night.

you were happy, giggling every five minutes at the show and cuddling with your lover. you both eventually felt asleep in each other’s embrace.

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1. pats on the head + 18. wiping away food from someone’s lips

pairing: lee felix x gn reader

notes: thanks for requesting anon, hope you like it!

it was a date night like any other. you had fallen into a routine where you would have dinner and then watch a movie. it was pleasant, in a way, having plans and follow them through.

“you’ve got something on your lips,” felix said, showing the spot on his own lips. you were eating ice cream with whipped cream —wasn’t your fault you loved it so much.

despite the gesture, you missed the right place. he chuckled lightly and you felt your cheeks warm up. “let me do it for you,” he added.

he ever so gently reached for your lips and wiped the cream out of them, then licked the cream off his finger with a shy smile. you felt embarrassed, why was he doing this?

felix gently patted your head with his other hand, “i’m sorry, you just look so cute.” he showed you his biggest smile and you felt like your heart was trying to leave your chest.

“you’re sweet,” you began, taking his hands in yours lovingly, “i’m happy you’re here.”

“of course, i wouldn’t trade our sunday night dates for the world.” he kissed the knuckles of your hands and you got lost in his eyes for a few moments where all you could see was the love you shared.

“which movie did you want to watch again?”

from this post!!

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〃 male &. gn reader writing blog.


% i write dark smut, normal smut, fluff, and sometimes angst. be detailed with your ask if you request nsfw. feel free to request any time.

> series i write for ::

bnha, hxh, haikyuu, black clover, one punch man, fairy tail, kny, aot, drv2, drv3, naruto, seven deadly sins, and jjba 1-5.

% i write for every character in each series.

% if a character is underage, they will be aged up to 18+. except for some charcters; i.e. gon and killua since i don’t write smut for them.

% i’m a selective writer - i have the right to delete and ignore any request.

% i’ll write nearly anything for smut except : p/doph1lia, explicit r/pe, gang r/pe, scat, and anything to do with animals.

──mr. mihael; at your service.

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Agora se preparem porque as portas para a terra dos sonhos foram abertas vamos depositar nosso amor por estes jogadores incríveis com uns scenarios da nossa querida Kiseki no Sedai. Para começar os scenarios dos personagens estarão por ordem de aparição no anime ♡

O que ele ama em você


Kuroko Tetsuya

  • Ele ama o facto de você ser inteligente em tudo, no caso você se esforça em algo quando tenta, menos matemática mas isso é porque você não tenta esse assunto em particular.


Kise Ryouta

  • Sendo um modelo popular Kise é amado por várias garotas e elas tendem a odiar você por namorar com ele. Mas você não se importa com o que as outras pessoas, especialmente as fãs dele dizem ou pensam de você e Kise admira muito isso.


Midorima Shintarou

  • Você é atencioso e uma pessoa aberta com seus sentimentos, para Midorima isso é admirável sendo ele o tsundere que é ele, não se abre muito a sentimentos então você o poderá ensinar.


Aomine Daiki

  • Sejamos sinceros, é o Aomine o que você acha que ele ama? Ele também adora como você fica bonita com a camisa de basket dele.


Murasakibara Atsushi

  • Ele ama você ter a altura perfeita para ele, sendo a pessoa alta que ele é Atsushi não iria gostar de garotas gigantes como ele. Ele adora o facto de você ser baixinha em comparação a ele, é divertido quando você não consegue pegar as coisas que você não pode alcançar mas relaxe, Atsushi pegaria para você.


Akashi Seijurou

  • Você não se importa com hierarquia de alta classe e esse tipo de coisas. Akashi ama o facto de você ser honesta e ver toda a gente da mesma maneira com igualdade. O melhor é a parte de você ser desastrada isso diverte muito o imperador.

Este é o fim espero que tenham gostado agora licença vou ficar boiola com este último gif do Akashi aff… sorriso mais lindo não acham? (≧∇≦) te amo meu imperador ~♥~

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San x Reader


Okay so San is super cute and cuddly! San will always give you all the cuddles and kisses afterwards. If you’re not feeling the cuddles, he’ll go and run you a bath with all your favourite soaps and scents and sit with you while you lay in the bath for a while. Most of the time it ends up with San in the bath as well when you’re ready for the cuddles.

Body Part

Sans favourite body part on him is his hips because he 100% always makes you feel good with them and that’s something he prides himself in.

Sans favourite body part on you is your ass. Doesn’t matter what it looks like. Big, small, doesn’t matter. San is a proud ass man.


San cums any and everywhere. He loves to make a mess even though afterwards he’ll be a little bit pouty cleaning it up. San also has the biggest breeding kink so he will totally give it to you and then sit there for a while to make sure he will “breed you properly ”

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━━ ∘◦ ☆ ◦∘ ━━


Pairing: Gentaro Yumeno x Reader

Genre: Fluff/Crack

Warnings: None

Word Count: 1,090

A/N: This was sucha  great request and kind of ended up being a little bit of a crack fic but I really loved it (you can tell because it got a bit long hehe I can totally imagine Ramuda pulling these kinds of stunts with both Dice’s S.O. and Gentaro’s S.O. so it was fun to write. I hope you enjoy~

⋘ ──── ∗ ⋅◈⋅ ∗ ──── ⋙

“Ramuda…this feels kind of silly,” you said with a small laugh. The poncho that was draped off your torso layered along with the other garments to create an ensemble that you could only see as confusing. Apparently, you had less than stellar taste because Ramuda and his cohort of fashion designers were gasping in unison.

“No way, Y/N! You look amazing!” he exclaimed cheerfully, running around you while pulling and repositioning the different articles of clothing.

“When did Gentaro say he would be here?” you asked, warily. Ramuda gave you a grin and waved away your concern.

“He said he was busy with his book or something,” he said, flippantly. “I’m sure he’ll be here soon. But that just means there’s more time for you to model for me!” he exclaimed, clasping his hands together and spinning around as he remembered another jacket he wanted you to try on for him.

You glanced down at your cell phone and debated calling your boyfriend. Ramuda wouldn’t lie about telling him you were here…right?

Once Ramuda’s assistants had helped you out of your poncho, he began running around the shop, looking for another outfit to put you in. You took advantage of the chaos and stepped into the changing room, closing the door and calling Gentaro.

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“  Easy does it Gabriel.  You’re doing it brother you’re flying all on your own.”  Hands reached out to the younger archangel,  a shy smile passes over the face of the messenger.   Or is it them?    “ I’m – I’m doing it brother,  I can do it,  let go now. “     Sharp eyes  eyes watch, a small smile pulls at the corner of their mouth, beaming at the sight.  Let go now let go now, let go now,    The words echo all throughout the space, repeating  several times.  something flashes before Micheal’s eyes, something pulls at their grace, a sensation of something they can’t quite put their finger it, silence complete dead silence.  The ringing  of silence all around them, everywhere is gentle soft light.  It feels familiar, but also doesn’t, somewhere in the depths  Micheal hears voices.

 “  Just go away!  I don’t need need you or dad!   you never understand!  “   the voice sounds eerily familiar. Micheal takes a minute taking this all in.  They can’t help but feel a twinge of shame in themselves, a sensation of that—they failed the second one, they open their mouth wanting to apologize, maybe make things right?   but isn’t sure what or how….. perhaps it’s best to not push it.   

 “ If anything! you’re worse than dad! you are a monster! ! “  the voice screams.  I don’t need you, I don’t need you,  I don’t need you!, collapses  onto their knees burring their head in their arms. I   The archangel closes their eyes trying to shut out the deep rooted feeling in their stomach , the feeling of failure – like they failed somebody.   Than a voice, one Micheal  knows, It’s Lucifer– but before the war.  “ You’re a monster! the worst brother. Now your own  kin is dead because of you!  all they wanted was for you to me happy! and you were too blind to see that!  you killed them!”   a high pitched noise ringing in their ears, puts a hang to their ears trying to shut it out. No no no no!,  they violently think to themselves.   I didn’t mean it, I didn’t it want it to come to this!  


They’re in a garden, a garden beyond words lovely,  Micheal gasps eye wide eyed,  they find themselves to be   wrapped in God’s grace like a blanket, they tense than slowly calms daring to not look upon their face. 

  “Wh–what happened father? why am i here?”

“ I thought you’d like some peace for once, my Prince."   


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