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#scene kid
krayolacolor · a day ago
7pm thoughts from a random person on the internet
I love my identity.
I love being asexual and having a multi spectrum (mspec) attraction. I love being pan and polyamorous and thinking about having a big polycule and holding hands and cuddling with many people.
I love being nonbinary and being a part of the mogai community and using neopronouns and having microlables and being unapologetically trans
I love being able to summarize my identity as being Queer & knowing that word to me holds every single word inside it that I've taken to help describe the way I relate to the world and expression.
I love being in love with my attraction to men, and women, and fellow nonbinary individuals.
I love being t4t and having long in depth conversation about gender and sexuality with other trans people, especially my partners and people who have been my partner before.
I love creating and being creative and being able to share that with others
I love being scene and emo and how those subcultures and aesthetics have helped me find myself and express my identity and let me learn to accept my own femininity in a way that feels affirming to my gender.
I love my communities, my fandoms, the friends I've made and the people I've met, and those I look up to and those who look up to me. I think it's the most amazing thing in the world to be able to connect with so many people over shared experiences and shared love of something.
I've been in a bad place for a while, but I think right now, I want to appreciate all the things I love about myself and others and my friends and my communities. Having some self reflection and some self acceptance and some self love to help remind me that things won't be bad forever.
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prophezysakira · a day ago
We stare at broken clocks, the hands don't turn anymore ~
The days turn into nights, empty hearts and empty places ~
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cutiegorecakes · 2 months ago
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