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Gave the idea of a regular schedule some thought this week & have decided that for now comic updates here will be every Tuesday & Thursday at 2:00 PM EST. Hopefully this will strike a good balance between giving me time to scan things & having a bit of content up here at a reasonable pace. 

That said; thank you all so much for your support & for the positive reception for this project. I’ll be honest, in the beginning I wasn’t sure if starting this would be a good idea or if I’d even be able to keep up with it. I sincerely appreciate both the interest & encouragement so much. It’s really meant a lot & I look forward to continuing to share more here with all of you <3

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So, it’s been 3 days since the new chapter of Cell Dates dropped, and I’d say it got a pretty good reception. A lot of people happy to see it after no update for so long, and some newcomers who seem to enjoy what I’ve written so far.

In terms of plans, I’ll be going with another chapter of Cell Dates. The next one was supposed to be part of chapter 2, so I suppose it’s only fair that I focus on that part. Plus, I’m just really in the mood to keep going with that!

I managed to do some revision on my outline for the upcoming chapter, but I probably won’t be able to start work on the actual piece for a few days, since I have some assignments I need to get done tomorrow. It’s for a class that I’m doing very poorly in, and these two assignments could pretty much decide whether I pass or not, so wish me luck! I’m gonna need it…

Other than that, I just wanted to thank everyone for sticking with me so far. I’m very grateful for everyone who likes/reblogs my posts, gives kudos or comments on AO3, or who just reads my stories at all! I really appreciate it! 

I’ve got lots of plans for the future, and I hope you’ll stick with me through that too!

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20201202 Schedule

[6pm] Sing Street (TAG, Joochan)

[7pm] MMA Week Magnifying Glass (Jangjun)

[8pm] SBS Power FM Lee Joon’s Youngstreet (Jangjun)

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Hi everyone, so I noticed that some blog did this, and I thought it would be great to add a schedule to my blog too. Make it more organized. 

Monday : Drabbles

Every monday, I’ll post a drabble. You can read the previous one by clicking the link in my masterlist. You can also ask for one :) Keep in mind that a drabble is a really short text. 

Wednesday: Gif blurbs

On wednesday, I’ll post gif blurbs. It like a drabble, but it’s based on a gif. I welcome you to send me some gif :) You can also read the previous one by clicking the link in my masterlist. 

Friday: Weekend reads

Friday is the beginning of the weekend, which means you have more time to read, so I’ll post my recommandations here. You can also send me rec, I’m hungry for more Tom and Loki fics. 

Sunday: Texts 

This is new, and you’ll be able to see what exactly it is next Sunday. I’ll try to make little screenshot of conversation with Tom or Loki by text message. 

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December 1st: Writer Sign-Ups Open

December 10th: Artist Sign-Ups open

December 20th: Beta Reader Sign-Ups Open

December 30th: Sign-Ups close.

December 31st: Invitations sent out to all participants.

January 1st: Writers may begin writing.

January 31st: Writer Check-In #1

February 15th: Writers Summary Send for Artist Claim - Last day for writers to drop out

February 20th: Artist Claims Open

February 28th (or when all pieces claimed): Artist Claims Closed

March 31st: Artist-Writer Check-In #1 - Last day for artists to drop out

May 15th: Posting Date Claims Open

June 20th: Posting Date Claims Close

July 1st: Posting Begins


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Dec 1st: MTL Dom Stray Kids

Dec 2nd: I’ll probably log off since I’ll be prepping for a procedure the next day. Don’t expect me until maybe afternoon on the third.

Dec 4th: MTL Dom Ateez

Dec 5th - 7th:  Ship Requests

Dec 11th: MTL Hard to Soft Dom Stray Kids

Dec 13th: Goretober NCT 2020 - finally

Dec 14-18th: Ship requests

Dec 19th: MTL Boobs or Ass Stray Kids

Dec 20th: MTL Boobs or Ass Ateez

Dec 24th/25th: Spiked - Minho part of @clandestine-lixie Smutmas Collab

Dec 30th: WIP - to be determined

Dec 31st: Ship requests

I’m hoping to almost clear out my inbox before the new year. Hopefully. This is subject to change though.

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?: [Guerrilla event] One day this month will have a guerrilla-style event that will be available four times total.


  • [Login present] 3k jewels
  • [Monday Christmas login bonus]
  • [Christmas ticket draw]
  • [Christmas Union Cross] up to 3k jewels
  • [Limited-time Christmas missions] Christmas Draw tickets
  • [Daily avatar coin event]
  • [Various events, Lux ranking week] Mysterious Stones, Christmas Draw tickets

8: [PVP] Christmas Draw tickets

10: [Event] Mysterious Stones, Christmas Draw tickets


  • [Login present] 3k jewels
  • [Monday Christmas login bonus]
  • [Limited-time Christmas missions] Christmas Draw tickets
  • [Daily Munny event]
  • [Various events, Lux ranking week] Brilliant Stones, Christmas Draw tickets

15: [PVP special ranking] Rainbow Stones

17: [Christmas event]


  • [Login present] 3k jewels
  • [Monday Christmas login bonus]
  • [Limited-time Christmas missions] Christmas Draw tickets
  • [Big Bonus Challenge] up to 5k jewels
  • [Lux ranking special week] up to 3k jewels, Brilliant Stones
  • [Org. XIII Union Cross]
  • [Daily enhancement material event]


  • [Christmas login gift] Jewels everyday during the event period
  • [PVP] Christmas Draw tickets
  • [Union Cross special] Christmas Draw tickets

25: [High Score event] New medals, Rainbow Stones, Christmas Draw tickets, and more.


  • [Login present] 3k jewels
  • [Monday Christmas login bonus]
  • [Limited-time Christmas missions] Christmas Draw tickets
  • [New year countdown event]
  • [Event] Rainbow Stones
  • [Org. XIII Union Cross]
  • [Mysterious Stone drop raid event]
  • [Lux ranking special week] Christmas Draw tickets


  • [PVP] Christmas Draw tickets
  • [Union Cross special week] Christmas Draw tickets

Late Dec: Main quest, proud mode updates

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Vanessa Kirby, star of Netflix’s Pieces of a Woman, is set to appear on The Graham Norton Show on December 18, 2020 alongside George Clooney, Michael Sheen, David Tennant and Viola Davis.

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