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this is how dedede tour went right
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congressmanbrett · a day ago
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10/19/2021 // it's a party in the USA
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lilacprentiss · 2 days ago
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emily prentiss — catching out
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ausp-ice · 23 hours ago
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Artwork of Grade for CaeliGlori. Edeia Site | Edeia Discord | Personal Website
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almost got my phone taken away at school for trying to claim the stamina bonus during 5th period
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yurens · 2 days ago
hq x dalgona candy challenge
a/n: after watching squid game and seeing the 6372478 dalgona challenges on my feeds hhh
should finish without a hitch bc their hands are just that steady <3
atsumu, kageyama, oikawa, osamu
the ones that lick. some are logical, others copied :(
aran, ennoshita, hanamaki, komori, konoha, sachiro, semi, yamaguchi
the ones that cautiously use the stick while sweating a lot ajslkdfs
asahi, hinata, kindaichi, tanaka, washio
crying is a strategy…right?
goshiki, yachi
they carry lighters in their pockets, among other things
daishou, matsukawa, kuroo, shirabu, suna, tendou
accidentally steps on it and/or shakes it too hard in the tin box💀
bokuto, hoshiumi, lev, noya, koganegawa, romero
they broke/ate it as soon as they got it. deliberately ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
kyoutani, futakuchi, sakusa, ushijima
just a little more...just a bit breaks🙃
aone, daichi, iizuna, kai, meian
actually passes using the traditional way, no sweat :’)
iwaizumi, kita, kunimi, shimizu, terushima, tsukishima
butane torch. there’s a fine line between genius and chaotic.
akaashi, kenma, yaku
would’ve finished without a hitch had their neighbour not sabotaged them, wrecking both of the dalgona at the same time <3 
atsumu, kageyama, oikawa, osamu
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marjansmarwani · a day ago
Tumblr media
I have no idea when this one will be done because I have been working on it for weeks and I keep thinking it is almost done and it never is. At this point that answer could be anywhere from tonight to a week from next Tuesday. You r guess is as good as mine. But! It will be done! And it is one of my last bthb squares, which is exciting! 
After TK got changed he made his way into the kitchen to find Paul, Mateo, Judd gathered around the counter. Paul seemed to be talking Mateo through whatever it was that he was cooking while Judd sat across from them with a mug of coffee and a grin. He slid onto the stool beside Judd with a nod to the older man as he watched his two friends at the stove. 
“That’s enough flour,” Paul was telling Mateo who frowned at the pan in front of them.
“But I thought we wanted it to be thick?” 
“We do,” Paul agreed patiently, “but that will happen with time as it cooks down. If you add too much now you’ll just end up with a floury sludge. You can always add more later if you need it.” 
“What’s today’s lesson?” TK asked as he gratefully accepted the cup of coffee Judd handed him. 
“Alfredo,” Paul said with a grin. “Probie asked for a good food to cook for a date, and who doesn’t love a good alfredo?” 
“Oh?” TK asked, raising eyebrows in Mateo’s direction. “Is there someone you want to cook for? Have you been holding out on us, Probie?” 
“No. It’s just good to know. You know, in case.” 
TK glanced at Judd, “Does that sound like there might be someone to you?” 
Judd grinned and was about to retort when Paul interrupted, “Leave him alone guys. Not all of us have been lucky enough to find our soulmates like you two. Some of us still need to play the game, which sometimes involves alfredo.” 
Judd rolled his eyes but relented while TK cleared his throat. 
“Speaking of Carlos,” he began, “he wanted me to remind you two to be careful.”
“Who, us?” Mateo asked in surprise as he gestured to himself and Paul. “Why?” 
“Have you heard about all those kidnappings, Mateo?” 
“Yeah,” he replied, expression puzzled. 
“The victims are all…” 
“Men in their twenties,” Paul finished, a look of grim understanding filling his expression.
“Yeah,” TK agreed. “He’s worried about you guys, so just keep an eye out for anything that looks weird.” 
“What, not me?” Judd asked and TK threw him an unimpressed glance. 
“Men in their twenties, Judd.” 
“Are you saying no one would believe I’m in my twenties?” Judd demanded. 
“Yes,” TK replied without hesitation. 
Paul interrupted before Judd could reply, waving a placating hand at the older man. 
“That’s all well and good,” he said, “and it’s not that we don’t appreciate it, but he does realize that describes him as well, right?” 
“I reminded him,” TK assured him. “But honestly? I’m just worried about him in general.” 
He looked down at the mug in his hands as the other three looked at him. 
“What do you mean?” Judd asked in a tone full of concern, previous squabble instantly forgotten. 
“He’s pushing himself so hard,” TK explained. “This case has been going on for months now, and over the past several weeks I feel like I’ve hardly seen him. Which sucks, yes. But I’m more concerned about the fact that we live together.” 
“So if you’ve hardly seen him, he’s hardly been home,” Paul concluded. 
TK nodded. “I understand why he’s so invested and I want to support him, I just don’t want him to push himself too far. And I don’t know how to tell him that without coming off as selfish.”
“It’s not selfish to want him to take care of himself,” Judd objected. “Carlos is a smart man, he’ll understand that. Besides, he loves you and he knows you love him. He’ll understand regardless.”
“I hope so,” TK replied. “But it’s hard to tell him to slow down when there is so much on the line.” 
No one seemed to have a response to that so the group trailed off into silence until Paul glanced back down at the stove. He cursed and hit Mateo’s arm.
“You need to stir it, Probie! You’re not going to be winning any hearts with cement.”
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bestbuds55 · 2 days ago
I’ve decided to not let the stomach flu stop me, and am posting my next weeks schedule. I’m actually right at the end of the prompts I have and want to write if anyone wants to hit me up with anything for the Devil Judge. Let’s finish October off strong 😉
Wednesday 20 - Devil Judge 2shot request (switching POV)
Thursday 21- My Love Mix-Up oneshot
Friday 22 - off
Saturday 23 - Devil judge oneshot prompt (injured Gaon)
Sunday 24 - off
Monday 25 - Devil Judge 2 shot request (switching POV)
Tuesday 26 - Devil Judge oneshot prompt (second bomb)
Wednesday 27 - off
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sont · a year ago
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jlyarts · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Idk if anyone has done this meme yet, but it fits Geralt so well:P
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tmaoftheday · 3 days ago
Day: October 18th
Episode: MAG 160 - The Eye Opens
Event: The Archivist opened the door.
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