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It takes really living together for a while for David to fully register that he’s not the only one who deals with anxiety. He slowly begins to pick up on Patrick’s coping mechanisms, realizing that they are more than just personality traits. His love of spreadsheets helps to organize his thoughts. He keeps the ones for the store on their Google Drive and David has found him more than once, on a weeknight or a Sunday morning, scrolling through them on his phone for a few minutes, not making changes, just scrolling…looking at the numbers all lined up where he put them days before.

He also likes to re-watch baseball games, the same games, over and over, even though the plays never change and the score remains the same. He tells David it’s like background noise, something he can enjoy without having to wonder if things will work out, if his team will win or lose. David recognizes this, as he has favorite books he does this with, passages of text he can just scan with his eyes, not needing to read the words as he knows every syllable by heart. 

Unlike David, he’s not prone to vocalize when he’s feeling troubled, but David learns to pick up on those cues, too. There’s one afternoon in late summer and they’ve had a slow week at the store, prompting Patrick to scroll through those spreadsheets more than normal, constantly picking up his phone even as his game plays on the TV. David senses he could use a distraction and offers one up. He calls Patrick into the bedroom, immediately directing him to the bed where he’s pulled Excel up on their laptop and asks him for help. They spend the next two hours cataloging David’s knits together, making columns for color theme, designer, weather weight, material and even wearability. He wants to argue that wearability shouldn’t be a factor, because it’s fashion, but Patrick enjoys the debate so much that he relents. Not on whether something is wearable, but on the inclusion of the column. They even have to call Stevie and Alexis to get intel on the sweaters they’ve stolen, prompting more laughs and ganging up on David, but he takes the abuse.

In the end, it turns out to be an enjoyable afternoon, one that leaves Patrick smiling for the rest of the night, his spreadsheets for the store on his phone forgotten and the weight on his shoulders obviously lifted. 

He doesn’t need to know that David already has a detailed catalogue of his knits in one of his journals, with records dating back at least ten years. 

Of course, Patrick’s well aware of this, but he keeps quiet and just lets himself be loved.

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Happy Headcanon Tuesday! Just a lil one today

Sometimes I like to think about David and Patrick going on vacation somewhere tropical and beachy. When they decide they can finally take a vacation, David obviously shoots for the stars and suggests an over the water bungalow in Fiji but they end up somewhere much less expensive but still lovely. They eat lots of delicious food and take long walks on the beach at sunset… all of the cliche vacation with the love of your life stuff. There somehow happens to be a nude beach and there are accompanying shoulder wiggles when David tells him “I had no idea, Patrick! …But, I mean, since we’re here………..” Patrick feels bold with David by his side so he just goes along with it. They may or may not both end up with sand in very uncomfortable places that day but… worth it. David has a natural ability to tan but Patrick isn’t so lucky. Even slathered with sunscreen, he ends up burning and David gets the pleasure of covering him with aloe at night when they get back to their room. They sit out on the balcony, watching the sunset and listening to the waves, all wrapped around each other and deliriously in love. They’re relaxed and so very, very happy.

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He wakes up with the morning sun with the faint memory of loneliness. Sometimes, that old melancholy just faintly passes by him, the leftovers from a lifetime ago. Memories of a time when he disconnected from people, from the world around him. Memories of people who cared less about him and more about what he could offer them. They don’t come often now but they still come. 

He’s pressed between two warm bodies, keeping him in, keeping him safe. While they tend to sleep with David’s head on Patrick’s shoulder, there are nights like these where the cold snuggles them up under piles of blankets and piles of each other. Patrick is nestled in behind him and Blue is curled up like a little comma in the alcove of his bent knees. He’s surrounded by his little family and yet still, sometimes that safety reminds him of the time when it didn’t exist. 

He aches for that time. Not because he wants to return to it but because if he could just for a second meet that version of himself, tell him to hold on, that good things were coming….well he wouldn’t have believed it so maybe that wasn’t the point. Maybe the point was to remember that time to know how much he should hold on to the present. Hold on to this warm little cocoon that surrounds him on a winter morning and know, at last, good things are meant for him too. 

Patrick’s hand grips tighter to his shirt as Blue quietly woofs in his sleep at some invisible squirrel. And David holds on to them and lets the rest go as he drifts back to sleep. 

(This is part of a 5+1 that I think my brain is finally allowing me to write)

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It’s Headcanon Tuesday! Thanks to Michael Seater and his partner for inspiring this one:

David has a private Instagram and he occasionally posts what can only be termed “thirst traps” of his husband, but never the kind he would have taken himself back in the day. They’re shots of Patrick up on a ladder, the sleeves of his white tshirt rolled up like a Tom of Finland drawing, from the angle that best shows off his ass in the ratty jeans he uses for things like cleaning out their gutters. Sometimes it’s him just waking up from a nap on the couch, shirt rucked up a little and arm above his head like one of your French girls, with the devastating little curl of a smile David gets to see every morning. The only one he’s shirtless in is of him crooning at David from behind his guitar, leaning into it so that the muscle of his shoulder stands out in a way that makes David need to go and touch it for himself every time he sees the picture in his camera roll. David always asks Patrick before he posts one and turns off the comments (“I do NOT need to hear how my sister feels about your delts!”)  and Patrick always lets him because he’s still a little self-conscious and private but also he loves to see himself the way David sees him, see what David thinks is worth showing off. 
And then one day, inevitably, David accidentally posts one to the store Instagram instead of his private. By the time he notices that both Stevie and Alexis have texted him and takes it down, they’ve already done record online sales for any Tuesday since the site’s been open. David tries to flatter and cajole Patrick into letting him “accidentally” post one again in a few weeks (“but think of the sales, me having the hottest husband in Canada is good for our business!”). 
Patrick calls Ted for backup because he knows how Ted felt about the Miguel ads, but it doesn’t work because Ted saw the post and all he does is talk to Patrick about how great he looks and how “that gym time is paying off, bud!” and asking him what he benches, and Patrick gets so flustered that he ends up agreeing to letting David post one more. 
When David picks one out, six weeks later, Patrick thinks about taking it back, but David got his agreement on video, and besides, their online sales could use a boost. 

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i think a nice wholesome aspect of schitt’s creek is that it’s the Found Family trope except the found family is… a literal biological family

like they all actively choose to love each other, to support each other, to spend time with each other. and it’s not out of familial obligation but out of a discovered (dare i say, found?) mutual respect they didn’t have before

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Just finished watching Schitt’s Creek now my heart is as heavy as my eyelids so how do I recover from this

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Happy Pride month! ❤🧡💛💚💙💜

Here are some of my favorite couples/LGBTQ+ couples on TV 🌈

Ian & Mickey - Shameless US


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David & Patrick - Schitt’s Creek


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Casey & Izzie - Atypical


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Adam & Eric - Sex Education


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Deran & Adrian - Animal Kingdom

(they deserved better)


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Ander & Omar - Elite


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Brian & Justin - Queer as Folk


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Sam & Grizz - The Society


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Connor & Oliver - How to get away with murder


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Cheryl & Toni - Riverdale


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i have a lot of thoughts about how each person in schitt's creek texts, and they are as follows:
Patrick: Follows the grammar rules pretty strictly. Proper capitalization, proper punctuation, and tends not to be a big double texter. No acronyms. The occasional text smiley, when it calls for it. :)
David: all lowercase, but great punctuation and grammar. this is not out of laziness, this is an aesthetic choice, you know? absolutely no emojis under any circumstances. refuses to keysmash.
Stevie: also all lowercase but what the fuck is punctuation. sometimes she uses it sometimes she doesn't. there are no laws here so don't try to keep up. will use imessage reacts to avoid responding. emojis are only to fuck with david.
Alexis: Does the most over texting! Proper capitalization. Punctuation are accessories for words and she uses a lot of them!! Emojis are a valid form of response! Will send you six texts in a row when she could have sent one - you're welcome!! Will use iMessage reacts and then continue to respond.
Johnny: Hey do u kids kno what LYL? means. It means love you lots! - Dad
Moira: [Read 6:26 PM]
Ronnie: K.
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oh definitely agree. alexis is definitely her fathers daughter. its been great to see their relationship grow in the 6 seasons, from him not even knowing her eye color to helping her through a rough breakup and wanting to be there for her because he never was in the past. they’ve grown a lot and its so beautiful. 

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1 - 3k words

Pomp(adour) and Circumstance by grapehyasynth (rated G)
They’ve put this off as long as they could. At the beginning of lockdown, David had been all breezy with his “It won’t last long” and “I’ll just style it higher”. As they started to stare down two months of quarantine, however, frantic noises had started to issue from the bathroom each morning as David attempted to wrangle his hair into something approaching his standard pompadour.
Or: David (very reluctantly) lets Patrick cut his hair.

Something in the things he shows me by upbeat (rated G)
Patrick teaches David how to play the guitar (sort of).

3 - 5k words

Catching Feelings by cromarty (rated T)
WANTED: Someone to meet at the ball field to play catch. New in town, seasoned catcher, can’t play catch alone. Any pitchers? 905-046-4290

5 - 10k words

Dead Guy at the Rosebud Motel by upbeat *Crossover* (rated G)
It’s been four days since David kissed Patrick for the first time, three days since Patrick kissed him a second time and a dead body was found at the motel (unrelated), and now just a little over an hour since two federal agents showed up in their town because a killer might be on the loose.
…When Special Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully arrive in Schitt’s Creek to investigate how a man in room 4 expired, the Roses must recount the events of that fateful graduation night. 

Exposed Brick by swat117 (rated M)
Three years down the line, Rose Apothecary opens a holiday pop-up shop in Brooklyn. David and Patrick head to the ~city that never sleeps~ to set up and run the store. Patrick thinks David has unresolved issues about moving to New York. Turns out, Patrick is the one with the issues.
or, tfw you thought you dealt with those feelings because your life is amazing and you have everything you want and love your husband but actually you’ve been ignoring some unhealthy emotional patterns that have been lying dormant for years

10k+ words

Fifteen Hundred Miles by MoreHuman (rated M)
It’s an attractive thought, that changing your life could be as easy as doing a hard thing.
Instead of moving to Schitt’s Creek, Patrick decides to hike fifteen hundred miles of the Pacific Crest Trail, through the wilderness, alone. He ends up meeting someone else with something to prove.

Going Down by concannonfodder (rated E)
The Roses never lose their fortune, and David never moves to Schitt’s Creek. He’s facing down the prospect of spending New Year’s Eve alone, when fate traps him in an elevator with a certain Canadian tourist.

The More You Know by Likerealpeopledo (rated M)
David Rose needs a sixth person for ultimate (trivia) game play. Enter Patrick Brewer.

tell all the stars above by singsongsung *Alexis/Ted* (rated M)
After her family lost all their money, Alexis got pretty good at letting go of things.
Letting go of Ted is a whole different story.

Your heart is keeping time with me by yourbuttervoicedbeau (rated E)
The 50 First Dates AU no one asked for someone asked for, because this was written for a prompt fest after all ;)

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I think Moira said it best, “you and patrick are good grapes, different notes, different tannins, but together you make one perfect blend. You and I, are two potent grapes. There’s a lot of your father in Patrick. Just because their notes are subtle doesnt mean they require any less attention.”

David and Patrick are not similar but I do think they’re starting to become similar in the sense of values and what they want out of their marriage and being together. They definitely mirror one another. I agree with what you said that Patrick is more compromising and that David is more secure with what he wants and needs, but they’re both continuously growing and learning from each other. Like Moira said their relationship will get even better with age, because as you age you’re continuing to grow in your relationship and yourself.

They are a really great team! I dont want to say that they got their better half cause that implies they were only a half before they got together, they were still a whole person but missing something tangible to make them the person they needed to be. They found each other when they needed the other person the most and they fell in love and got married. They found their soulmates.

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Chapter 2: The new tutor

Summary: David meets his new tutor, Patrick.

Notes: Hi everyone! Now that we’ve all listened to Noah’s new album Gemini all weekend (it’s literally perfect go listen if you haven’t), here’s the next chapter! I hope you’re liking this premise so far. I will be updating every Monday.

Thank you for your continued support, it means a lot!

Hope you enjoy this chapter! 💖

Catch up from the beginning 

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