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schizoborderline · a day ago
has anyone else on the schizo-spec noticed that cognitive symptoms have impaired their ability to read? i used to read a lot but as I've grown older I had to stop simply because I find it so difficult. my reading is much slower than it used to be, and i struggle to understand what i'm reading- i may have to read the page several times, or i read it but none of the content goes in. just wondering if anyone else had experienced this or if i'm just weird lol -susanna
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extantelectant · 13 hours ago
I wish there were more resources to help people experiencing psychosis instead of all this "how to deal with someone who is psychotic: step 1, call cops" bullshit.
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davejamack · 2 months ago
isn't it insane though how schizophrenic people are viewed as violent and dangerous by the majority of society when in reality schizophrenic people are nearly 14 times more likely to be on the receiving end of violence than to be the perpetrators...
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angiethewitch · 3 months ago
psa to everyone on antipsychotics during the summertime
some antipsychotics can make you more susceptible to heat exhaustion because they make it so your body cannot regulate your body temperature correctly. I learned this the hard way last summer, I got really nasty heat exhaustion while on a high dose of quetiapine. so check if your meds react badly to heat, and if they do, please be sure to wear your sunscreen, have light cover ups on or with you, wear a hat, and stay hydrated! be safe
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dromaeocore · 2 months ago
Psychotic people NEED more coping mechanisms that aren't just "take your meds" . Seeing a psychiatrist is expensive and inaccessible for many, not to mention the fact that for some people, the side effects of antipsychotics are worse than the psychosis itself, and the fact that antipsychotics often don't remove symptoms entirely!
So, here's what I learned, after nearly a decade of being unmedicated due to financial constraints and a religious family that was fairly anti-psychiatry for most of my life:
- STRESS MANAGEMENT. A stress-free life is impossible in this society, but you can definitely lower your stress levels with lifestyle changes. Stay hydrated, exercise, take your vitamins, spend time with loved ones, eat nutritious meals, spend some time outside in nature.
- It's very hard to keep on top of all of this when you're dealing with negative symptoms, and many of us can't access all those things if we're poor, but every little bit helps. To-do lists and bullet journals help me keep on track with this stuff.
- PROPER SLEEP. Sleep deprivation is one of the number one causes of psychosis. Try to get at least 8 hours a night, or however much your body personally needs.
- Stay away from weed unless you already know for a FACT that it doesn't negatively affect you. If you don't know, don't risk it, because it makes paranoia and other psychotic symptoms much worse for most of us.
- When in an episode, it's good to have a safe person around who you can confide in. Someone who will listen to you nonjudgementally, without encouraging your delusions or hallucinations. If you don't have a safe person, psychosis forums, support groups, or even just a private diary are all good places to get your thoughts out.
- One of the best ways I dealt with some of my less intense delusions and paranoias was my "I Don't Care" method. People are watching me through cameras everywhere I go? Whatever, let them watch. I'll put on a little show for them while we're at it. I'm living in a horrifying simulation and if I just look through the cracks I can see the rotting world beneath? Whatever, why would I want to do that? This fake milkshake tastes pretty good, I'm going to go on a fake walk.
- Obviously this takes some practice, because psychosis activates all the parts of your brain that are like FEAR ALERT, FEAR ALERT, SET ALL SYSTEMS TO PANIC, but after some time it's a skill you can hone pretty well.
- Breathing exercises! Tormented by horrifying prophetic visions? Hallucinating bugs all over your body? Your food looks suspiciously like human organs and that's really freaking you out, man? Wrap yourself in a weighted blanket and breathe in for 4 seconds, hold it for 4 seconds, breathe out for 4 seconds, hold, and repeat.
- Avoid the tempting cycle of triggering yourself on purpose, whether it be self harm, curiosity, what have you. When you get the urge, do something distracting instead.
Feel free to add onto this post anything else you've learned!
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autistic-shouto · 7 months ago
I see this a lot in leftist circles but mental illness, trauma and abuse will exist with or without capitalism, your “mental illness is a social phenomenon” might be true for your depression and your anxiety but I beg all of you to think about psychotic people, systems and people with personality disorders when you make posts like that. It might be true that we wouldn’t be labeled as mentally ill but we would still need resources to help us cope, there’s still something we would need help coping with and you should focus on making that help available and accessible and free of bigotry for all of us instead of living in a “no mentally ill people” pseudo progressive eugenicist dream.
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snarkyschizo · 4 months ago
If there's one thing I'd like everyone to know about schizophrenia, it's that it's more than psychosis. The psychotic aspects of schizophrenia actually only cover about 1/3rd of the symptoms commonly associated with the disorder. Schizophrenia will not just make you hallucinate or experience delusions - it will also affect things like your energy, your mood and your brains cognitive abilities. Schizophrenia can seriously impair your memory, your concentration, your learning and processing abilities, your executive functioning, your working memory and so on. It can get in the way of experiencing joy and genuine interest in things, it can take all your energy and motivation as well as your desire and ability to socialize or even speak. Reducing schizophrenia to seeing or hearing things that aren't there is like reducing anxiety to being shy or depression to being sad and I really wish more people knew that.
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janus-sanders-central · a year ago
....I got an ad for a movie about a guy with schizophrenia....but it wasn't a horror was a love story!! Fuck yeah, movie!!
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You can't pick and choose which mental illnesses and neurological disorders you support.
Yes, keep supporting people with autism and ADHD.
Keep supporting people with Depression and Anxiety.
But also support people with Schizophrenia and Dissociative Identity Disorder.
Also support people with ASPD and NPD.
Also support people with OCD and BPD.
There are so many more, and you should support these people with them.
They are struggling with these.
They did not choose to have these.
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aardvaark · 4 months ago
i see a lot of posts that are like “x is not a scary mental illness!” and thats super true for all of them, like schizophrenia and schizo-spec disorders and DID and OSDD and personality disorders and trauma disorders etc etc!! but i also want to remind you that even if you get scared of your symptoms, you are not a bad person. even if your symptoms can look scary to others, you are not a bad person. even if the horror genre in hollywood likes to use your mental illness as a trope, you are not a bad person. your mental illness doesnt mean that you are a bad person. 
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pseriouslyemil · 28 days ago
okay can you guys seriously leave mentally ill people alone? like, for real?
i cannot tell you the number of times ive seen an anonymous person go into someone's inbox and say some shit like "hey so you said you have bpd and i dont have anything against people with bpd but my ex had bpd and constantly manipulated and emotionally abused me, am i valid for hating her?" like. good fucking god.
first of all, random tumblr users are NOT your therapists. you shouldnt be going into ANYONE'S inbox and traumadumping without permission, regardless of who they are or what you're asking them.
second, seriously? like..... seriously? you think that's okay?
imagine going into a queer person's inbox like "hey so you said you're queer and i dont have anything against queer people but i was bullied by a gay person in high school so is it valid if i hate them? nothing against queer people btw i just have bad associations <3" like WHY are you making that somebody else's problem.
i dont care if your abusive ex had bpd, i dont care if your abusive father had npd, i dont care if your shitty ex friend had aspd. you do NOT get to traumadump that onto another mentally ill person who is NOT YOUR FUCKING THERAPIST. how on earth do you think that is okay. it does not matter what your ex with bpd did to you, you do not get to make that another person with bpd's problem.
quit further pushing the idea that ALL people with x disorder are abusive. we are already mistreated enough just for having stigmatized disorders, we do not have to deal with the additional pressure of having to reassure YOU that not all people with x disorder are bad. take that up with a therapist or with someone who has GIVEN YOU PERMISSION to vent to them about it. do not bring that shit into a random stranger's inbox.
like. im sorry you went through that, and it sucks, but the way that you people feel like mentally ill people are obligated to be your teachers or your therapists is ridiculous. we aren't here to make you feel better about yourselves. please, leave us alone.
this is free to reblog but do not use this post to traumadump about how someone with x disorder hurt you and how you use that as an excuse to hold a bias against mentally ill people, i don't wanna hear it.
Tumblr media
[ ID: A blue banner that reads, "People without stigmatized disorders do NOT clown on this post." On either end is a clown emoji with a red X over it. End ID. ]
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tourettescommittee · 10 months ago
im gonna say it
having d.i.d or osdd doesnt make you broken having tourettes doesnt make you broken being autistic doesnt make you broken having adhd doesnt make you broken having ocd doesnt make you broken having a personality disorder doesnt make you broken having bipolar disorder doesnt make you broken having schizophrenia doesnt make you broken having a psychotic disorder doesnt make you broken having depersonalisation, derealisation, dissociation, etc. doesnt make you broken having dyslexia, dyscaluclia, dysgraphia, etc. doesnt make you broken  having ptsd or c-ptsd doesnt make you broken having an eating disorder doesnt make you broken having a depressive disorder/depression doesnt make you broken having an anxiety or panic disorder doesnt make you broken having literally any mental disorder or neurodivergency that i havent mentioned here doesnt make you broken. and... thats that! you are not broken, you arent a burden, you arent ‘‘crazy’‘, you arent unlovable, and you arent a bad person.  youre worthy of love, youre worthy of kindness, youre worthy of life and a community.   this is incredibly corny but its true.   
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davejamack · 4 months ago
psychotic isn’t a synonym for evil and twisted. psychotic means someone who is affected by psychosis, which means experiencing a break from reality and not being able to tell what is and isn’t real. it often manifests in the form of delusions and/or hallucinations. it’s a symptom of several mental illnesses such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. being psychotic literally just means that there are times when you have trouble telling reality apart from your delusions/hallucinations. being psychotic doesn’t inherently make you violent or evil or unsympathetic or abusive in any way. being psychotic doesn’t make you a bad person. associating the word psychotic with intentionally harming other people is incredibly ableist and really harmful to people struggling with psychosis, who are already heavily stigmatized because of their struggles with their mental health. please stop using psychotic as a synonym for evil and abusive, please stop associating being psychotic with negative traits and behaviors, and please educate yourself about psychosis and how it affects the people who have it
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