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by  MinJung Kang
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Literally just a bunch of Idia sketches from science class
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the chaotic urge to be most active on tumblr, listen to lana del rey’s entire discography, read only classics to fill the void, find fulfillment in autumn, wear headphones 24/7, put everything humanly possible in your tote bag, and be stuck in 2014
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Did I make a new blog just to hopefully motivate myself to study? Yes! Hi, I’m chariot, yes my real name. I tell myself I’m going to study then don’t.
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The outfit for Genshin Impact x GiGo crossover was so nice! I had to draw something about it!
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1957 Burlington Fabrics and fashions
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Math red
Science green
History yellow
English blue
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study-with-rosie · a day ago
Considering starting the blog back up.
So hi! I’m Rosie! I’m a 5th year senior and history major. I started this blog my freshman year so it’s been around for a while but I started neglecting it during the pandemic. I am once again attempting a paperless year (using my iPad and laptop mostly). If any of this interests you consider giving me a follow.
My school year starts tomorrow so I will hopefully be posting in the coming days 💜
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gh0stblr · a day ago
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100 days of productivity - day 2
8/17/2022 - today's been such a productive day, i'm so proud of myself!
to start my day off, i did my morning routine, did two exercises, and started laundry.
in between laundry cycles, i read and continued knitting my legwarmers (which i'll probably be finishing today!)
i also reorganized part of my closet, found some stuff that i want to give away, and finally put away all my old binders from last year to make room for my new ones.
also the first picture is of my library tbr and i'm SO impatient, i just want to have read all of them already because i think i'm going to love them <3
🎧: in my feelings - lana del rey
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diorgloww · 14 hours ago
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When you are at school and its lunch time but you don't know anyone and people you do know are at full tables so you need help and are currently hiding in the bathrooms making a tumblr post about it rather than doing anything else.
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“life is meaningless and the pub is everything”
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lexviy · 4 hours ago
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Bruce yamada x fem! reader
Summary: one night Bruce and the reader plan to walk into school and act like each other 🖍
WRITING ERRORS sorry not sorry 🙉
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Bruce yamada was know for playing baseball and being the cute boy at school. The only thing y/n new him for was his copying off of her work whenever she sat next to him in class, tripping him in the halls whenever he pissed her off, running into him around town while her mother was in the store. She didn’t like that Bruce was popular… and cute When she started to hangout with the boy that made all the girls at school despise her.
She sat in her own bed her spoon stuck in a ice cream container while she talked to Bruce, "what if I cut my hair? " his head snapped towards her " Dont do that, you wouldn’t look… the same " she rolled her eyes staring at the ice cream for a few seconds then looking back up a smile forming on her lips " what is it now " Bruce sighed in annoyance staring at her as she shoved ice cream in her mouth chewing it, making him cringe. "We should act like each other tomorrow!" she spoke, " huh? " he was confused on what she meant ‘ act like each other ‘. " what I’m saying is that we should go to school impersonate each other. If that makes sense?" Rubbing her chin staring into space while Bruce was sitting on the floor playing with the hem of his shirt, his lip stuck between his teeth depending on rather or not he would agree with the girl. They both sat there thinking until one of them spoke up "I’ll do it" Bruce spoke looking up at her she smiled in excitement, his cheeks flushed a bright red, he stuttered for a second immediately putting his head down hiding his face.
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She walked into school in Bruce’s shirt, and jeans, hair up in a ponytail a big smile on her face as she walked towards Bruce’s locker " Whatcha think? " moving her hands up and down, he stared at her in awe, " You look- amazing " he spoke, she stared at his outfit, jeans with a pink shirt… pretty basic but she shrugged looking at his smirk as he modelled for the girl. She giggled smile getting even bigger " You look good in pink, I never thought you would look good in pink " his smirk dropped " thanks.. " he responded grabbing his books turning to her " lead the way " raising her eyebrows. Walking towards the classroom she looked around for finney seeing he was not there she walking into the room sitting down at her desk seeing Bruce was already there she grabbed her books slamming them on the desk, looking up at the teacher.
He perked over her shoulder looking at the anwser’s the girl wrote down copying them onto his work, feeling the rough material of her shoe hitting his leg over and over before he whispered for her to stop, she glared at him hiding her work with her arm writing down two lore anwser’s, getting up from her seat walking over to the teacher handing it in.
She looked at Bruce seeing he was struggling with his work she whispered the anwser’s to him his writing got faster, he got up smiling to her handing his work in.
Tumblr media
A/N: sorry this is so rushed and so bad, just need to give Bruce some love. 😭
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The Magic School Bus Director: Lawrence Jacobs | Studios: Nelvana | USA, 1994  
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