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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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I think the ideas “educators are being asked to do a lot of difficult things that are outside of their wheelhouse right now so please try and cut them a little slack” and “some educators have been awful about how little care or consideration they have shown their students during a global crisis” can coexist

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DEVELOPING FLASH REPORT: A Zoom Meeting in Online School Class has been Locally Hacked and Interrupting the Grade 6 Subject of Aral Panlipunan in Dumaguete [#OnlyOnOneNETnews]

Just a Side Honest Warning: It may contains some partially disturbing images. Readers discretion is STRONGLY advised.

DUMAGUETE, NEGROS ORIENTAL – In times for the new normal of MGCQ (Modified General Community Quarantine) in Dumaguete and some parts of Negros Oriental for a post-Pandemic of CoViD19… the Online School Class has been reportedly interrupted with the unknown hacker suspect by this Tuesday morning at 9:02am, during the Grade 6 Subject of Aral Panlipunan.

Based from his voice with the expletive swearing and the annotations, the host victim from the Grade 6 Teacher named Marissa Abella at West City Elementary School. Kimi Sparkle (our Radyo Patrol #2 reporter) is on the scene for this issue.

We went to 97.7mhz DYFH-FM Radyo Bandera: Sweet FM Dumaguete for verifying this evidenced video. He is recommending to turn them over to a local NBI (National Bureau of Investigation) at the Kagawasan Ave. in Capitol Area, probably as optional to the DCPS (Dumaguete City Police Station).


For this hacker suspect first however, he is annotating with a single male private parts for bullying out the Dumaguete students of West City Elementary School alone. As a result, the Zoom Meeting in local has been compromised in full. The suspect off-cam (excluding his Microphone), will be possibly on it’s American national. This is the only first time here in Dumaguete.


Speaking to Grade 6 Teacher of West City Elementary School named Marissa Abella told exclusively to OneNETnews, she’ll refer directly to the ICT (Information and Communications Technology) today for the recorded evidence on Zoom Meeting during the Aral Panlipunan subject for Grade 6. She ended the Zoom Meeting early for a few minutes during this hacker incident to go offline, kick them out once and returns online with a different Zoom Link for it’s Private Group Chats to Facebook Messenger.

The Zoom hacker suspect was talented and overrated with a violation of Republic Act #10173: Section 20 or Data Privacy Act of 2012, Republic Act #10175: Section 4.i-bb or Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012 and Republic Act #10627: Section 2c or Anti-Bullying Act of 2013. If he is proven guilty for this American national hacker suspect for interrupting the Zoom meeting, he will be sentenced to 1-12 years in prison with a fine of PHP700,000 (U$D14,500).

Although… we’ll await for the response for the NBI-Dumaguete to sort this hacker incident, as the new information will develop this story when later available.

Special Thanks to our newest Master Control for ONC. Ridley Terrance joins in from the character of Glitch Techs.

HONEST DISCLAIMER: The views and opinions expressed from this news article are not necessarily those from the Department of Education-Philippines & Zoom Video Communications, Inc. This hacker suspect does not imitate in any matter. Furthermore, the assumptions of this news report will NOT state, intervene or reflect those of our Radyo Patrol reporters. The station, management, interwebs and the network. Thanks for reading everypony…

OneNETnews Team

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Seventeen as things people I know/I have said pt. 11
Jeonghan: Woozi what are you doing?
Jihoon: Cleaning the dorm
Jeonghan: Don't you have to write two songs?
Jihoon: ...yeah
Jihoon: Some might ask me 'do you hate yourself' and you know what I just might.
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i got everything turned in a few minutes ago and i got a perfect score on my quiz and i even took two little breaks in between yay

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I bought a blazer, am I an ✨academic✨ yet?

100 Days of Productivity, 26 October 2020

days 12-16

Song of the Day: Sunlight- Hozier

Never expected to post a picture where you can actually see my face on this blog, but here we are. I thrifted a few new pieces for my closet (and a cute mug) that are very dark academia and they give me this weird confidence that I hardly ever get outside of my horse show clothes. I’m kinda digging it though, if its not too hot tomorrow I may wear this outfit to campus and just look really pretentious all day. 

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How does one write fucking poetry? Like people who do it for a living more power to ya but I’m way too fucking literal to ever make or find a hidden meaning in that shit. Also why is there so much meaning behind the god damn punctuation it’s ridiculous. 

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