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Whether it’s an art journal, audio, text based, I think we all need to take some time to get our thoughts out of the jumbled pink blob that is our brain.

  • get your thoughts out - It’s hard to keep all your thoughts in your head. I used to think that I could just think everything out in my head, but eventually I learned that putting them down, having a physical manifestation of my thoughts actually helped to rationalize my thought process more clearly.
  • learn things about yourself - Like therapy, writing down your thoughts often helps you wonder why you think that way and go deeper into your reflections, especially when you aren’t cycling the same thoughts over and over again in your head. By getting your thoughts out, you’re making space for new thoughts in. In a weird way, journaling has actually made me realize why I’ve been so upset with my family, why I hate certain places, and why I’m so stressed out all the time.
  • understand your thought process - Also like therapy, you realize your thought process with how and why you got there. Are you falling into logical fallacies? Are your thoughts biased towards a certain perspective? Do you fall for common tropes or stereotypes about other people? Getting these thoughts out might help you realize these missteps in judgement and logic. Being introspective and self-aware goes a long way.
  • motivation & inspiration - I sometimes get inspired or motivated to do work, because I (a) Write down reasons why I’m proud of myself and the little things I’ve accomplished that day which motivates me to do more work, or (b) Write down why I’m so stressed and pile of work I have to do which makes me realize that it actually isn’t that bad and motivates me to actually complete it. Things get less overwhelming when it’s not constantly jumping around in your head like a broken blender.
  • me time - We’re so invested in trying to understand and get to know the personal lives of other people, yet sometimes we need to take a moment for ourselves, especially after a long day. It really doesn’t take that long - just 10 minutes of thinking about yourself and your thoughts can go a long way.
  • be a better writer (or artist!) - This depends on the type of journal you’re going for and how you’re getting your thoughts out, but writing a journal could help you hone in on those skills. Writing or speaking aloud our thoughts can improve how your articulate your thoughts, especially if you’re like me and aren’t good with translating the jumbled mess in your head into understandable words. Drawing or writing poetry to express your thoughts could improve your skills in representing what you mean through imagery and more abstract symbolism. Journaling actually helped me a lot, because when I was younger, I got nervous to speak up in class because I didn’t know how to articulate my thoughts well; it might make essay writing go faster!
  • be in a coming of age movie - romanticize your process (healthily!). Sitting down with a journal, a cup of tea, and your favorite writing or drawing utensil sounds so romantic and cozy. Fit in with the tumblr studyblr aesthetic and post pictures if that encourages you.

So how do I start?

First, find out how you want to journal! I prefer physical notebooks, because I spend so much time on my laptop already, and I just like the feeling of being able to unplug and actually write something (also makes for more aesthetic pics…). I write in long-form, hardly any paragraph breaks, hardly any doodles, and not really planned or anything. I use a pen so I can’t go back and erase anything that I feel sounds bad or clunky or fix my grammar, because I don’t want to fixate on trivial details when I really want to just jot everything in my head. I find words work best for me, because that’s just how I best express myself. 

Next…it’s up to you now! I started getting into the habit by just committing myself to write something everyday, even if it was just half a page. It took many tries over some months to really nail it down, but once I started, it really took off from there. After about 1-2 months of almost daily journaling, I started cutting back a little. Yet, I hardly ever go for more than a month of not checking in and writing something down. Nowadays, it’s more like once a week or every couple days. I find that I journal when I’m feeling the most down, because it motivates me to pick myself up and do something.

Some extra tips: 

(a) If it helps, schedule a time with yourself to journal. Even just having a 15 minute chunk in your Google Calendar could help you to stay committed to it.

(b) Don’t feel pressure to write about any certain topic. It’s not an essay draft book, it doesn’t have to be a diary, it doesn’t have to be anything. I might draw or create a bullet journal-like spread in my writing journal, or I might not. It all depends on how I feel that day. Don’t feel like it has to be a diary where you have to write about everything that happened that day, or don’t think every thought has to be well articulated.

© Just have fun with it! Toy with a project idea, pour your soul out, get your thoughts on all every item on your to do list and how much you hate/love it. Just do whatever! There are no rules.

idk how to end this post so OK NOW GO! 

Another post on the different types of journals & notebooks (coming soon!)

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scholarship essay writing is either “I Have No Traumatic Experiences, Please Just Give Me Money” or “I Need To Spin The Wheel To Figure Out Which Trauma To Reference In Today’s Essay”. there is no in between

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less of a tip but, here’s my self-made schedule for pacing my day if anyone wants to look and use it for themselves.

6:00 am: wake up (10 mins to wake up) 6:10 am: dress, do skin/teeth/hair routine, and gather things by- 7:40: grab food, shoes and bike and leave at- 7:50: get to school on bike by- 8:20 (school from 8:25-3:45) I’ll usually be home by 4:15, where i’ll have a 15-minute break from school. I then do homework without leaving my room except to eat dinner. I stay up as late as needed in order to do assignments, projects, and study. I force myself to stop at 3:30 am to shower and get ready for bed, so I can be asleep by 4 in order to get at least 2 hours of sleep a night.

DISCLAIMER: while i am not one to police sleeping habits, I do not recommend only getting 2 hours of sleep per night. I do this in order to get in all the study time I can get, but for you I recommend getting at least 6 hours; My grades are highly important for personal reasons and you should not sacrifice health and natural alertness for school.

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if you can keep yourself on schedule,

take breaks while studying.

Because your brain can’t continually absorb new information for more than an hour at a time.

also, if you step away from your work and then come back to it, it will teach you how to retain information with sudden breaks; because studying won’t work if you can’t retain the information over unfocused periods of time.

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one thing that has helped me a lot during my time in school is that when you need to present, try to present sooner than later 

it makes me less anxious from the waiting (which for me is often worse than the presentation itself) as well as less likely to stress over what other groups did or how and it also means that the teacher will likely be less critical of your presentation since they have fewer presentations in mind to compare it to whilst grading

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If you are interested in veterinary medicine, it makes you part of the vetblr community. Simple as that :)

Some college tips:

1. Try to be well rounded. While yes we are in college to learn, it’s not just academic. It’s about being human. Try (legal) things you’ve never done before. If you have an interest outside your major, take a class on it. See a sport you’d like to try? I’m sure there is a group or club somewhere that would let you/teach you how to play.

2. Sleep: I’m kinda hypocritical on this one, but sleep is so important. College can be exhausting at times. And I’m not just talking academically. The social part can be just as stressful. But sleep? Sleep is an important part of keeping that hard earned knowledge in your head.

3. Scholarships: Most majors will have a scholarship list somewhere. Like a big old list of people who have money, that want to be charitable to the broke college student. Apply. For my major they had a single form you filled out for like 10-15 scholarships. I got $1000 for filling out a form one day on a whim.

4. The syllabus: Even if you don’t read it cover to cover (which I do recommend), take any dates (exams, assignments, etc) and put them in a calandar or planner. Time works differently in college.

5. Roommates: Being easy going and willing to pull your weight is a huge plus as roommate. We all grew up with different experiences and none of us want to be our roommate’s parent. Keep your space tidy, have a meal together, team clean your shared space.

6. In the case of 2020: A subset of info

-Have a set time to wake up each day. It’s really easy right now to not do things because you don’t have to go anywhere.

-Have a set work space. Keep your bed as your friend and not your classroom if possible.

-A good set of headphones/earbuds with a mic. Please, please, please wear them during calls where you need to speak. It cuts down on background noise and interference.

-I know I said part of college is the social aspect but be smart about it. Think before you go. Your or someone you care about’s life could depend on it.

Anon, I hope this helps and I wish you luck in your first year!

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hey hey hey school hack for when your teacher gives you a video to find answers from!


on desktop, pull up the video like shown above


click those three buttons near it, and it will prompt you these options. choose ‘open transcript’.


and this will pop out next to your video, which basically turns your video into a reading instead! 

i wanted to share this in case any of yall have the same problem or it’s just me then oops lol

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It’s a little past the start of school, but I have some tips that I wish people had told me and explained to me better when I was younger

- start with the easy homework I used to think start with the hard bc you need more brainpower… start with the easy bc after you finish the hard you won’t have the energy to do the easy

- Invest in some way to keep track of work and experiment to find what works for you (I got a cute planner off Amazon)

- Get into a habit of doing your work as soon as you get home at the beginning of your year so those habits are ingrained in you

- Don’t be afraid to send teachers emails! I know it’s terrifying (and it still is for me) but they’re more understanding if you email them right away then them having to chase you down

- If you are having a rough time or something, tell your teachers (most of them are understanding) even if they aren’t understanding, you can at least say you tried

- Also trust your gut when it comes to meeting teachers at the beginning of the school year. You’ve been through enough school to get the vibe of what a teacher is like

- If you know the answer, answer it! Most kids won’t care and it will make the teacher like you

- Don’t answer ALL of the questions. You don’t wanna be that kid

There’s a whole bunch of stuff I have that is unspoken etiquete in classrooms as well, so let me know if y’all want a follow up for that!

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Было тяжело, да. Учитывая что я все еще на таблетках, мне было трудно и просыпаться, и ездить на учебу, и учиться, а приходя домой я вообще с ног валилась. Сил не было ни на что, но я старалась заканчивать дела в срок и еще при этом заниматься йогой. В общем, вот парочка важных заметок на время учебы:

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Howdy there ! It is I, your health doc ! just kidding .. Anyways , due to the fact that for some people school is starting soon , I have some tips that I would like y'all to consider:

  • Masksksksk: wear them ! But if you know that they give you rashes or make you uncomfortable , opt for cotton /silk /idk ones. or more expensive ones.
  • Due to the fact that in the 5 min break you won’t be able to leave the classroom , and I don’t think you can walk through inside it , consider :CHAIR PILLOWS -as many as you want to stay comfortable.
  • Comfortable clothes! You ain’t gonna be goin to the bathroom every class to adjust your shit.
  • eat breakfast at home . and go to the bathroom at home.
  • if you’re on your period, slightly bigger panty liners . or at least go to the bathroom every 2 h to change your tampon (OB) .And do not be afraid to talk to the teacher. Remember 《Naturalia non sunt turpia 》(lat.:What is natural is not to be ashamed of )
  • regarding cotton masks : if you can’t get one , get a bandana. Fold in two or in 4 and use some rubber bands or sew .
  • This may be mentally tiresome. try to sleep as much as you can. don’t force yourself. ✨You matter just as much as anyone else and I fucking love you<3 ✨ Your health first. Take your pills in time (if you take pills)
  • Due to the fact that you may not leave the classroom to go outside (except if the teacher wants to take the class outside ) , and some people are hyperactive, have ADHD , other mental/physical issues; exercise at home those situations, simulate them , so you can get used to it.

And that is all for now. Stay safe , stay hydrated. Kisses 👄👄👄💖

Disclaimer: this is based on the situation in my country (Romania) but it may be useful to other people out there.

And for people in my country this is base on the first two scenarios - green and yellow. (where you go to school)

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Tips for ✨not dying✨ during online school

[brought to you by: a high schooler who hasn’t died yet✨]

  • To avoid headaches - If you’re staring at a screen for hours at a time, a good way to avoid headaches is turning on night mode / night light. On a computer, you can go to your system settings, go into the ‘display’ section, and turn on night mode, which filters out blue light and can help your head ✨not die✨
  • Water - Keep a water bottle near you, drink glasses periodically, whatever you gotta do. H2O is also essential for avoiding headaches and for feeling generally okay, whatever your definition of ‘generally okay’ may be. Water helps you ✨not die✨
  • To save your muscles - any time you have a break, stand up (if you can). Just at least stand up. Stretch, even. As long as you take a small break from being in the same spot all day, your muscles will ✨not die✨
  • Organize the way you like - whether you prefer a clear space or a cozy little clutter of stuff, make sure you have the materials you need readily accessible and that you know where they are. (Also, knick knacks. Got a fidget you like? Keep it nearby!) Organization isn’t necessarily having everything shoved in a closet - it’s just knowing where things are. Feeling good in your own space is a good way to ✨not die✨
  • Clothes - do what makes you feel comfortable but also productive. If you feel good in sweatpants, then go for it, but if you need your fancy clothes to feel like a Busy Businessperson, then wear your fancy clothes. As long as you feel like you can work. (Unless you’re like me and you have to wear a uniform. Yay Catholic school. At least you only have to put on the top half?) Be comfy and you will ✨not die✨

Please add to this + share/reblog!!

Save our small child / adult / human / alien brains :( :(

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Some of you didn’t have a homeschooled friend that had a really knit picky teacher who wanted things done a certain way and it shows so I’m here to help.

Here’s how you write a research paper in less than 30 minutes (after you have your facts).

1. Put all your fact and where you got them on your computer, this will make it easier when you are ready to cite them.

I personally make it even easier and get a lot of information that looks helpful from one site/book/video then at the end of all the information put things like publishing date and author so I only have to type it once.

2. Opening paragraph.

Opening paragraph= a hooking sentence+thesis statement.

Thesis statement= your topic+why it’s important+topic’s impact+what the world would be like today with out topic (optional but recommend)

I personally write my thesis last just because it’s easier to me to do it that way.

3. Research paragraphs

I personally name my paragraph before I even start researching this way I know what I’m looking for while I research. So if my topic is Amelia Earhart my first research paragraph would probably be named achievements. Then I would just go find her achievements.

After this it’s very simple. 3-4 facts=3-4 sentences= one paragraph.

Repeat as many times as needed.

4. Closing paragraph

Closing paragraph= being Jojo Siwa+making a full circle

Be like Jojo Siwa and tie everything you just wrote into a neat little bow. Condense everything into 2-3 sentences.

Make a full circle by tying the closing sentence to the opening sentence.

You can do this by answering a question or repeating a quote.

5. Bibliography

There is this website called

UsE iT

It makes your job so much easier.

And now you’re all done with your paper. Run it through a spell checker and print it out.

Keep in mind that this is more for 1,000-1,500 word paper but can be manipulated into being for longer essays by adding facts to paragraphs or adding paragraphs as a whole but there is an easier way to make 1-however many page essays and I’ll be making a blog on that later so check in for it.

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-have a separate study space from your rest space (ie don’t do work on your bed as tempting as it may be)

-keep a planner and keep organized! can be digital or with a physical planner. note any important dates, quiz, tests, assignments etc.

-set yourself a schedule you can stick to, set aside time for learning the material, studying, social, exercise, meals and me-time. also a good idea to schedule “recess” and “lunchtime”

-make daily to-do lists

-if possible, try to change up where your studying every once and a while, go outside, go to the dinning room table, go to a different room 

-make a point to get up in the morning (anytime before 11 is good) and get ready for the day: get dressed, put on some makeup (if wanted) and make yourself a healthy breakfast- getting ready will allow you to feel more motivated :)

-review newly learnt material everyday 

-set aside your phone, put it on airplane mood so you don’t get distracted!

-it can help to listen to some music that doesn’t have words

-remember and focus on what helps you keep motivated!

-try to interact with other students and create online study sessions :)

-recognize its a privilege to have access to good wifi and technology that allows you able to do online school or has a good study space at home

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Good question! It depends.

If you have 500 pages of notes and your friend has like, 2 pages, probably not a good idea.

If it’s the same content and you’re aiming for finishing quickly, it will be a spectacular way to do it! But if you’re focused more about learning quality and don’t mind using more time, then rather do competitions like Kahoot/Quizlet Live.

Time and quality are usually in a direct relationship. More time spent, usually, the more you know and recall. Unless you can defy that relationship, which some people do (I admire them for that), taking the extra time is good! (That explains why I spend a lot of time studying; also, I like to make nice notes)

So it comes down to your choice. But anyway it goes, remember to have fun with it! Studying should fun unlike what school makes you think, and if these friendly competitions are your style to increase your speed and learn, GO FOR IT!

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