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All 3 of my classes use a different citing method. Citing is my mortal enemy rn

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43. Do you smile at strangers?


44. Trip to outer space or bottom of the ocean?

Outer space

45. What makes you get out of bed in the morning?

Usually school

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The Last to Let Go

Kate hated thinking about the future. She wanted to live in the present and hold onto the people she loved for as long as she could. But then junior year rolled around and they were forced to think about college and how their best friend was leaving them. Chess always reassured her that they were going to be together and that one year wouldn’t make a difference. 

So the summer of Kate’s junior year, the two would study together for the SATs and look at potential colleges online. 

“Look at these dorms!” Chess would exclaim while Kate rolled her eyes playfully. The senior loved to talk about all these things casually and never noticed how Kate seemed to drown in the sorrow they built up inside.

And as summer neared to an end, Kate’s reality of one more year set in. Feeling like they couldn’t spend a second without her best friend, Kate never left Chess’s side. Until she did. And the next time Kate saw her, Chess was gone. Not off-to-college gone. Just… gone. Her lifeless body hanging over the bench in the dark.

That night she hadn’t made just one bad mistake though. Kate didn’t only let one person down, she let two down. Framing Mattie Wheeler, a poor freshman she hadn’t spoken a full sentence to, for her best friend’s murder was the second thing she had messed up on. 

Now Kate was given a second chance: Eva Sanchez. 

They hadn’t let Eva down and Kate didn’t plan on it. But senior year’s winter came as hard as a rock, and the word college started to show up again. 

With applications sprawled out on the floor of her bedroom, Kate looked up at their girlfriend helplessly. “There is no way we’re going to be going to the same college.” 

“Hey, don’t say that!” Eva said, crawling over to Kate on her hands and knees. “We’ll find something!” 

Kate sighed, curling up against Eva. “The only way we’d find something is if you decide to go to a crappy college, and I will not let you do that.” 

“Kate, you’re smart. There has to be something-” 

“Does a smart person have “accessory to crime” on their college application?” Kate asked sarcastically. “Is that something to glorify now? I had to do community service for a year, but that’s nothing compared to what Mattie had to do for my careless mistakes.” 

Putting her hand on Kate’s shoulder, Eva tried to calm them down. “Katie, c’mon. We’ve talked about this. You were manipulated.” 

“Was I?” 

“Yes. And it’s not your fault. None of it was your fault.”

“One part of it was my fault. Fighting with her was my own damn fault. I didn’t want to let her go, so I got mad at her for the first thing I could. I could’ve helped her, but I didn’t I was so caught up in our stupid issues about college and-” Kate sat up suddenly with a shaky breath. “Oh my god, Eva. I’m doing it again. I- It’s happening again!”

“What is? What’s happening again?” 

“The same fight. I can’t- It’s-” Kate gasped for air as she collapsed into her girlfriend’s arms. 

Eva recognized the shaking words and nervous fidgets right away. “Okay, okay, listen to me. Breathe, Kate.” She stroked their hair, pushing it away from her eyes. “I’m here. I’m here right now, and that’s what matters. We’ll be together, and we’ll try our best to at least find places close together.” 

“Mph,” was all Kate managed to get out from her burrow in Eva’s shoulder.

“I got you, Kate Dalton. And I’m not letting go for as long as I can.”

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Eclipse Ball

Aka the most chaotic PE game to ever be invented


I was put on a team that didn’t give a shit about the actual rules and had a fun time

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The teacher broke us out in groups all session and the only ones willing to talk are me and one other guy. Its about a major political event that happened in the area. But I hardly remember it. My anxiety is killed me and my sentences were all wonky and disjointed 😭. Thank God the other dude was so nice and just rolled with it. My heart is still beating fast. I’m proud of myself for at least trying to say something though. The only way I can get better is if I try

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I was so caught up in the euphoria of winter break that for a minute I lived in a world where classes didn’t exist

seriously I’m late for class oh shit

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oh you think I won’t?? you test me sir?? i will do this. what else am i going to do with my vast knowledge of watt and philosophy

  • Obviously Annleigh is a dualist. This really goes without saying. There’s no way this girl doesn’t quote the bible during mind and body theory debates.
  • Clark is probably also a dualist, but like. He’s more open to hearing about other views. He’s just there trying to stop Annleigh and Kate from killing each other every debate period.
  • Kate doesn’t know what to think specifically, but she is going to contradict whatever Annleigh thinks at literally any point in time. So if Annleigh thinks there’s a seperate and distinct soul, Kate will die on the hill that there are not just because she can.
  • Cairo could literally not care less. She is not interested. I do not blame her, and she’s also the only one I respect probably.
  • Mattie and Reese are probably also dualists, if only because like. It’s a generally more optimistic outlook on life. I assume they just kinda say yeah people probably have souls and move on, you know? Why think too hard about it.
  • Riley has read every book there is about this topic and still cannot make up her mind on where she is. I’m gonna say she probably leans away from substance dualism, but I could not tell you why I think that.
  • I think Eva is not a dualist but would respect people’s belief in it. She just isn’t putting up a fight, you know? She will probably step in to stop Kate from killing Annleigh—
  • Chess doesn’t know where she stands either, and the concept of the whole thing freaks her out. She doesn’t really like to think about big, philosophical questions and I cannot say I blame her. She likes to think about things that can be solved, and questions with no actual answer make her really stressed out.
  • There’s literally no way Farrah read whatever book they were assigned to discuss this. She probably also skipped the class.
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OH NO…………. :handshake emoji: i cant believe that your school still marked you late for that?? thats so awful… man. buses. buses…. i hope that lady was okay tho omg!

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aw thank you love <3 i am doing ok, im procrastinating on homework rn

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*disassociates and misses half of the class*

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I don’t think my school likes Wilbur.

I set my school email account pfp to Wilbur because my friend was calling me a Wilbur simp and said I wouldn’t dare so I did and my school keeps changing my pfp to the school logo. Anyway, I keep changing it back out of spite.

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i do not Want to do schoolwork i only want to watch philza stream

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