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WandaVision gives us some answers and fills in Wanda’s backstory

WandaVision gives us some answers and fills in Wanda’s backstory

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The penultimate episode of WandaVision gave us a lot of answers, revealed a lie or two, and set the stage for a big battle. I think it also showed us that this show should not be thought of as a spin-off. It has leaned into the things that television does well, telling a story more nuanced that any of the big movies are able to with their set pieces and epic battles. Not that next…


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Samaritan Movie: Cast, Plot, Trailer, Release Date and Everything You Need to Know - Filmyhotspot
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5:15 AM

Got some good progress on the Nuke project yesterday.

Programming and Nuke where the only things I did yesterday.

Around frame 140 out of 185. Since I’m doing every 2nd to every 3rd frame that’s like 20 frames to go.

Gotta be done today so I can start a new project soon. Probably gonna be the Peterbilt.

Halfway through with the Python tutorials. Feel like now the really complicated stuff is starting. Gotta learn it.

Haven’t worked on any writing stuff. Should start figuring out the story for the second movie. I know the basic idea of what happens but nothing in detail and also no idea about the different character arcs and everything so should start thinking about that.

I’m already doing 2 things at the same time with Python and Nuke. And my next module is about to start in 2 weeks and that probably in person.

So need to plan my time. Maybe it’s best to just work on the Peterbilt model and practice my Maya and Substance Painter skills and then go back to writing. A small break should help to get some fresh ideas.

Can think about writing while I’m modelling.

I could also just read my own script. I haven’t read it. Not once. Just wrote it and exported.

Finishing all 3 scripts this year might be tricky. It took me 51 days to finish the first along with 1 month of planning. So that’s 3 months on one script.

We’ll see but I’m sure I can get the 2nd script and the planning of the 3rd one done by the end of the year.

Can’t wait to have the entire story written down!

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More sci-fi gadgets for all of you.  I go into more detail on the workings of some of the more interesting ones.  As usual, I own no one except Drake.  Enjoy the story.  

Aboard the Normandy

John Shepard pressed the locking mechanism on the doors to his quarters.  The automatic doors slid open noiselessly, and he stepped into the room beyond.  It was dark inside, the only light emanating from a large fish tank on the far wall.  It was his hobby, per say.  A welcome distraction from the rigors and challenges of his life.  He enjoyed relaxing and simply watching the fish swim.  

The rest of the room was simple, yet elegant, in the way that a mid-level hotel was.  Nothing exceptionally fancy, no wild designs.  It had few personalizations, save for several framed photographs and some slight tinkering projects he stored there.  

He sighed.  It had been quite the long day.  Quite the long month, come to think of it.  The implants that had brought him back from the dead all that long time ago…or was it really that long ago? he asked himself.  Well, either way, that had started to hurt again, a constant dull ache, especially located in the back of his neck.  So much to do.  So much stress.  First his death, then the Collectors, who were still a problem, now this.  Now new worlds, which, in turn, brought new problems.  It was the end of a long day, which would lead into a short night, which would bring yet another long day.  The cycle continued.  

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Fallbrook is a city like no other, because, well, there are no other cities. Without borders, without death, and without any sense of what is real — a world within a world in which humanity survives inside a simulation, assiduously protected by the elite Architects. But beyond the walls of the Institute, nature has taken hold of a perilous wilderness.

Welcome to FAULTLINES, a multi-genre cyberpunk noir survival site. The year is 3156, and the truth is about to come out.

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