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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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Oooooooo!!!! Awesome pawesome!!!! Nearly at the minimum!!!!! We have 20 players family members now!!! Hip hip hurray!!!! I’m so super happy!!! Only one more and we can start!!! Oh but don’t worry!! We’re gonna leave it open for longer, to see if more people wanna join in on the super fun!!!!!! Up to like 20+ people!! That’s a lot!!! Like I don’t know all those numbers, a lot!!!! Oh, it’s gonna be so great!!!! Ah oh no, I’m getting rambley again!!! But yeah!! Click the title for the link!! If you wanna join and win that is!!! I hope to see you soon!!! Also preety please ask some questions!! It’s so boring!!!!

- From, Mr. Ender. 💫

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that’s interesting to hear! It does follow up with the evidence I’ve heard of hunter-gatherer tactics tending to favor ambush over chasing something to death because to be honest, I’ve never heard of anyone really actually DOING that.

Proposal; post-apocalypse scenario with both humans and these aliens stranded on a world and work out a mutualistic society as they rebuild. when hunting, the humans prepare a trap, while the other guys chase the target into it.

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Things I’m including in my sci-fi series whenever I get motivated to actually write it.

  • After the race war, white people sorta faded into obscurity, now only found in small communities that still believe in white supremacy. Everyone just sorta ignores them the same way you’d ignore your crazy uncle. It’s not like they have any power over anyone anymore anyway.
  • As soon as white people stopped being in power, the world instantly got a whole lot better. Economically, politically, socially, just in general. Non-racist white People still existed, but after two centuries, it’s rare because intermarriage.
  • Only one main character who’s white, and she will be described the same way mainstream authors describe people of color.
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Someone goes in for a job interview at NASA but their file gets switched with someone else. They get called for the job, but it is not the job they had applied for, but by the time they realize there’s a mistake it is too late to inform the government they are not who they think.

Diverse and interesting characters are key to a memorable story. Use these points as a base for your character and throw them into any plot you want.

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