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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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EXCERPT FROM CHAPTER 12: A Change in Direction

Bruce pressed his eye against the eyepiece. Dozens of dark red orbs shifted between the pressed glass, blue proteins jutting from them like spikes. He adjusted the knobs until the lens was focused on one particular cell. He watched as it moved quickly and with purpose, as if searching for a host, but there was an erratic jerking that didn’t seem to be purposeful, knocking it from its generally straight path. After about the fifth jolt, the color phased away and bright, almost glowing gold veins pulsated beneath the surface, then seemed to tear out of its lipid envelope, and began moving across its surface like worms.

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(Bruce and Tony are playing chess)

Bruce: Check!

Tony: What do you mean check?

Bruce: I mean, check. My bishop’s got your king.

Tony: Where?

Bruce: There! You’ve either got to move it in front, or move it out of the way.

Tony: Well I’ll move that fairground horse to there. Sort that out!

Bruce: You can’t do that!

Tony: Says who?

Bruce: Says Mr. Chess! It’s been in the rules for thousands of years!

Tony(moving his knight piece): Well I’m gonna break the rules and set this little fairground horse free amongst all these little square fields…like that. There!

Bruce: I’m gonna slap you in a minute!

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“Halloween costume party meeting a blind date but oh it’s my high school squeeze who broke my heart and is only back in town to shut down the candy factory”

Thanks to a lovely conversation with @moongoddess2k4 we are now blessed with this amazing, amazing prompt, if you will, for a Halloween Hallmark story if they did them like the Christmas ones. 

Read on to see how I ran with that idea and created a quick little something for the season. It was super fun to write and I wish I could have done a whole thing with it but there’s too much on my plate right now. 

Word Count: 3400
Triggers: some mentions of drinking/being drunk, loss of jobs, and implied future money struggles

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I want a fanfic where all the avengers are in love with Tony but he is completely oblivious. I want everyone to fight over him before Natasha finally tells them all that they should just all share him, but that he still has no idea that they like him. I want them all to try and fail to get him to understand they love him, until finally Bucky just asks him on a date.

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Bonus content for Intimacy AU - Thor’s POV

Thor had always been attracted to the small quiet type. Not necessarily in a romantic or sexual way; he simply gravitated towards those with timid but calming presences. He supposed it had something to do with his brother Loki, who had been on the quieter side when he was younger. He had also been Thor’s first and best friend. 

They were on somewhat icy terms now, and Loki had gained confidence by the tons since childhood, but Thor still always looked fondly on those who reminded him of his little brother. 

Unfortunately, small quiet people were not always so enamoured with him. 

(more under the cut!)

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Is it just me or fic p*rn without a little bit of body worship isn’t as cool? Like yeah getting a detailed quickie is all fun and games but reading about two people in love with each other’s funky ass body is so poetic, so exhilarating, so sweet, and sexy. Just me??? Idk idk I just love body worship p*rn more than just straight freaky shit.

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