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Put your hand on your heart and remember Allah out loud. Just saying, “Allah” with your hand on your heart is calming.

Saying positive words while touching your heart, even saying, “All is well” You will calm down. Say it out loud, let your body hear it. You will be at more peace this way!

Time to work on all my assignments.

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12/5/2020 | 56/60 Days of Productivity | 2020 Quarantine Studyblr Challenge | Week 8

Tues: Would you rather win £50,000 or let your best friend win £500,000

I’d let them win. Either we split it or they shower me with at least £50,000 worth of presents

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24/4/2020 | 2020 Quarantine Studyblr Challenge | Week 5

Fri: What’s your fabiurite thing about your degree?

I study neuroscience and, man, I just really like brains.

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tagged by @bioluminescentiridescence

rules: answer 20 questions, then tag 20 bloggers you want to get to know better.

NAME: Becky

NICKNAMES: …Becky I guess haha


HEIGHT: 170cm (I’m 19 and yet I’ve grown in the past year!!!)

LANGUAGES SPOKEN: English, mostly French, and I’m currently learning Gaelic for fun.

NATIONALITY: British (proud scottish heritage)



FAVOURITE SCENT: freshly cut grass




COFFEE, TEA, OR HOT CHOCOLATE: Coffee! I also drink loads of tea, but I don’t drink much hot chocolate, I find it a bit too sweet.

AVERAGE SLEEP HOURS: i tend to sleep from ~2am until 9-ish at the moment. In term time it’s generally 1am till 7am though. I have bad sleep.

DOG OR CAT PERSON: cat (I like dogs too though, but I’m a cat person)

NUMBER OF BLANKETS YOU SLEEP WITH: 2, a duvet and a blanket. i get cold a lot.

DREAM TRIP: New Zealand <3<3 I also dream of a year abroad at Caltech.

BLOG ESTABLISHED: I think… June 2019

RANDOM FACT: I’m a vegan and I like running long distances. I have ginger hair.

somehow that’s only 19 questions? so I guess I’ll add another one otherwise it’ll annoy me. so,

AGE: 19

Tags (i’m gonna struggle with this as i only follow 24 blogs!! so i’m just gonna tag the ones I follow that are studyblrs!): @insightintouncertainty @thereshestudies @numblrtheory @astrophysct @stellar-kinematics @physicsphysicsphysicsyeah @physicsjournal @juliamdasilva @izobee-studies

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What I have learnt about working from home:

  • Except I am going to be doing a few small ones for fun. But none of my fun ones. F
  • I am a lot more productive
  • I’m getting a lot more textbook reading time in
  • I feel like I have more time to work on my notes (and make them more legible)
  • It’s hard not being social, but I am able to go on video calls with my friends in between classes!
  • I’ve realized that I am unhappy with my living space. The decor, the chairs, the clutter– it all feels unwieldy when I spend my whole day here. I want to change things up
  • I have the huge urge to make my space gentler and prettier! :) I am bringing my plants inside, changing up decor, and cleaning more often
  • Working at home with an overbearing family is very hard when they’re constantly micromanaging your education
  • I feel like my living space has a lot more depth and use (rather than just a place where I sleep)
  • I eat a lot healthier and cheaper when there’s a kitchen beside me
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Since the isolation has started about 10 days ago I was sick for six days (laryngitis) and the other days I was just procrastinating and feeling guilty for not immersing myself with work. 

So I have decided to make a challenge for myself - I have to write my dissertation work’s 70% during this four days (03.23. 6PM-03.27. 6PM) and I am going to send it via email to my professor at Friday. 

I won’t explain but this all is a huge work since it is for graduation and I have to read loads of scientific articles about absence epilepsy, understand them and make my conclusions and write an understandable dissertation etc.

Next to this I have to study for online classes and doing my online exams as well, but those will be fine.

My rules for this period:

  • delete all soical media from my phone, I only answer e-mails/ phone calls if it is necessary
  • quit reading mangas and watching kdramas- these are allowed only for half an hour after dinner (it is hard because I am a greedy person..)
  • if I am feeling distracted/not into it I am going to meditate, or walk or doing some work out/ or listening some music (music is so important for me)
  • trying to go to bed at a decent time (when I am in a flow I can be a bit obsessed with work, but this time it should be my goal to be in this state..) and waking up at a decent time

I think that’s it.

If it is a success, I can apply a bit eased version of this challenge for the upcoming weeks it is just I have to do this dissertation now. I have to. It is a  life or death matter to me rn.

I will document my state/ the process every day.

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Friday, 20th March 2020

Hello! 2nd day here. I really haven’t been my best self today, woke up at 11 am instead of 8.30… sometimes I think my brain has learned to ignore my alarm or to make me postpone it without even waking up, as a reflex. Definitely an issue I need to fix asap, maybe I will start putting my phone somewhere I need to get up to turn off the alarm? I have been told it works but not sure it will for me lol.

Given that I had less hours in the morning until I had lunch I decided to make some more Histology notes, this time about the respiratory system as it was shorter than the other ones I have left. I am kinda sitting on the fence with this part of the organism, some things are interesting but some others… not specially.

Also, I had to sent an email to the teacher as there are some things I don’t understand. I hope she still looks at the mail during the quarantine, but I’m not confident about it. Anyways, in the afternoon I will check my Histology book online and finish reviewing this topic; with some luck I will find my question answered. I count on having enough time to make notes about the digestive system as well and then I will only have 2 more units left to do until I can finally start hardcore studying Histology. Wish me luck because I truly need it lol.

Anyways, tty in my next post!

Ps. The picture on my iPad is an alveolar septum, you can see the pneumocytes and the capillaries :) pretty cute actually.

Days left for the exam: ?

Lessons not highlighted: anatomy - respiratory, some of neuro, some of digestive and some of urogenital

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In the year 1600, English physician William Gilbert used the Latin word “electricus” to describe the force that certain substances exert when rubbed against each other. A few years later another English scientist, Thomas Browne, wrote several books and he used the word “electricity” to describe his investigations based on Gilbert’s work. 

In 1752, Ben Franklin conducted his experiment with a kite, a key, and a storm. This simply proved that lightning and tiny electric sparks were the same thing.

Italian physicist Alessandro Volta discovered that particular chemical reactions could produce electricity, and in 1800 he constructed the voltaic pile (an early electric battery) that produced a steady electric current, and so he was the first person to create a steady flow of electrical charge. Volta also created the first transmission of electricity by linking positively-charged and negatively-charged connectors and driving an electrical charge, or voltage, through them.

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The other day I had a sudden realisation, like a wave, of gratitude that I’m at university. This time last year, I was so so unwell, I genuinely didn’t believe I’d be alive this time this in 2019. Heck, I didn’t even want to. And I’ve been touched by so many people’s lives, people I love and care about who in the past year have passed away, or are else still very sick without hope of a cure.

I’ve been getting anxious about next semester, next semester I’m going to be very stressed, taking far too many credits than I should be, and it’s not going to be easy, but just having this sudden realisation of all the people I’ve lost, and cherished, it’s hurts a lot, but given the fact they never could go to university, they never could do the things I’m doing, it’s made it just that bit easier, because part of me just has this feeling that me doing the things they can’t, I’m living the life they can’t.

I love the subject I study more than anything else, and I feel beyond privileged that I can do this, and one of the best institutions in the world, with friends I’ve grown to care about in a way I never thought I would or could.

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