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#science talks

Yes..!! We are happy that it’s the 140th birthday of our #favourite genius Albert Einstein

But, at the same time we are #feeling #lack of a great another genius Stephen Hawking




Share this post with ypur all the buddies…those who are in love with science…and tag your #friends ….also #share the post with those, who don’t know about these #genius . And, tell them about these two great #minds .😇😇😇😇

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• What is “Matter”??

➡️Our universe is made up of matter. In fact, anything or every single thing in this observable universe is made up of a particular material, and scientists named that material “Matter”. For some daily life examples; the air you breathe, the food you eat, the stars you see in the night sky while remembering your ex…or the pets you play with or we humans……we all these things are “Matter”.



• Lets dig a little bit past behind the term “Matter”!! 

➡️In ancient times, Indian philosophers used to believe that “Matter” is made up of five materials or five tatvas and they described it by a new term i.e., ‘Pancha-Tatva’— ‘Air’, ‘Earth’, ‘Water’, ‘Fire’, and ‘Sky’. But, later the Greek philosophers excluded or removed ‘Sky’ from the list.

A famous Greek philosopher Democritus once told that all matter contains some tiny particles and those particles are so small to be differentiated from one another. He also said that it is impossible to break down these particles into more smaller pieces. He also coined a new term “Atomos” for describing these indivisible particles, which simply means ‘Invisible’. Swipe the image and read the second slide for more history.



• What is particulate nature of “Matter”??

➡️As we mentioned earlier the statement by Democritus, that all “Matter” contains some tiny particles, so exactly like this “Matter” is not continuous but particulate. For an example, if you throw a glass sheet on a floor or if you tear a page of you notebook in small pieces then the glass sheet or the page is going to be vanished but would change in small pieces. It shows that each and every matter is made up of some particles which we call “Atoms”.

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There are perks to going to department hosted talks: awesome dinner afterwards! Dr. H. Frederik Nijhout’s talk should be interesting too. He’s the former PhD advisor of my major advisor! I wonder if Dr. Nijhout has any good stories to tell about my advisor’s time in graduate school. I want good blackmail material! 

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“FRIENDS”    ‹ ∕ … ›    childhood friends   : //    work friends*   : //    family friends   : //   recently friends*  : //   turning antagonistic*    : //   turning into something romantic*   : //     stable*    : //   falling apart*   : //     friendship of need*   : //   friendship of circumstance*  : //    pen - pals or internet friends   : //    coworkers*  : //   partners    : //    other .

“ROMANCE”    ‹ ∕ … ›    childhood sweethearts   : //    newly entered*  : //   soulmates    : //  skinny love  : //   unrequited from my muses side  : //    unrequited from your muses side*  : //    friends with benefits*  : //     awkward    : //    fading   : //   turning  toxic   : //     toxic  and  destructive  : //   other .

“FAMILIAL BOND”    ‹ ∕ … ›    sibling bond   : //    older sibling figure to your muse*   : //    younger sibling figure to your muse    : //     parental figure to your muse   : //    parental figure to your muse    : //    guardian figure   : //    legal  guardian    : //    other .

“ENEMIES”    ‹ ∕ … ›   dangerous to themselves*  : //   dangerous to others   : //    unpredictable  : //    passionate   : //   rivals*   : //    petty*   : //    developing into a sexual tension*  : //    developing into a romantic tension*   : //     based off family matters   : //     based of circumstance   : //     based of professional matters*    : //    based of misunderstandings or lies*   : //    other .

1. bold   indicates   that   this   dynamic   is   part   of   my   canon   understanding   of   our  muses’   relationship   at   some   point.
2. italics   indicates   that   i   would   be   open   to   this   dynamic   with   plotting.
3. crossed   out   indicates   that   i   do   not   see   this   kind   of   dynamic   for   our   muses.  

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!! Thank you, orange heart friend!! Thanks for always supporting Rick and I!

4) Your f/o sends you a drunk/sleepy text. What does it say? 

I’ve said in another post that Rick drunk texts,,, a whole lot lol he gets drunk, and then if I’m not around, he gets lonely lol so he’ll send me texts that really betray how much he actually cares about me! My favorite so far was this one time when he hadn’t seen each other for a good couple weeks because he was on some adventure. I guess the adventure was pretty dangerous because he sent me this long text out of the blue about how he thought he was gonna die and so he got super drunk to calm down about it,,, but now he had to tell me that if he died and never got to see me again… that thought terrified him and that he was so thankful to be alive to tell me that he cared about me,,, and then he said he was gonna come back home right away and that I should be at his house when he gets there because he really needs a hug,,, he told me to never bring it up again because he really hates feeling so vulnerable, but it was such a touching moment for me.

5) How does your f/o get your attention when they need you? 

Rick would be the kind to find me wherever I am and just tell me he needs me for something lol most of the time that means he uses his portal gun to portal to wherever I am and bring me back with him. Sometimes he really spooks me! But he just thinks that’s kinda funny lol

6) How does your f/o introduce you to their friends? 

Rick strangely has never shied away from calling me his girlfriend when introducing me to friends! I definitely expected him to just,,, awkwardly be like “this is Ren” and add absolutely nothing to describe who I am lol but when I met Birdperson and Squanchy and some of his other alien friends, he was so proud to call me his girlfriend! It made me really happy!

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omg my fave and my mom and dad 🥺

drive to the airport - urahara so we can get that Good Good bonding time. also bc you KNOW he has a good driving playlist

help them move - rukia bc i feel like of my three options she would help the most. urahara would get distracted and yoruichi would quietly slip away and leave me to do all the work lollll

attend their improv show - this one is hard bc rukia would be so funny in an awful cringe way bc she would be so bad but i choose yoruichi bc she would probably get bored of it pretty quickly and walk out which means that i, an avid hater of improv, could leave early as well

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