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Challenge Day 006 Year 6
Nirnn was very tired of her neighbors assuming she was good at gardening just because her species is plant based. She was a racer who had less talent growing things than her mechanic brother. And that was saying a lot. 

What I used: Muji Light Blue 0.275mm nib pen on Leuchtturm Sketchbook.
What this is: Daily Character Design Challenge, 2020-05-31 Year 6 - No006, by Jeff Stewart

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‘light them up’

People standing on their porch taking video of the forces that roll through their neighborhood.

The officers scream at them to go inside while stopping their March.

These people aren’t a threat, aren’t violent and still they are met with violence after the command 'light them up’

Screen capture to make a copy if you can. Keep the data fresh and keep them guessing.

Don’t let them hide the truth. Please keep their actions visible. Make them accountable.

Light their actions up.

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Picture of Earth from space station… #spacetravel #space #nasa #astronaut #science #spaceexploration #spacex #spaceart #astronomy #cosmos #scifi #spaceship #universe #spacecraft #galaxy #outerspace #apollo #spaceflight #spacestation #mars #moon #spacetime #rocket #planets #future #earth #stars #spaceshuttle #sciencefiction #ruimtevaart

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Lightmaid, a yokai (original (not a real yokai in Japenese mythology)) formed when a drowned person falls to the bottom of the Scavenger Sea, and merges with broken technology (other yokai may spontaneously form from said tech). The sea is devoid of any natural/non-yokai life (supposedly).


A Teleuthida (squid-phone), a Chronoquatic (watch fish), a Fanphozoa (Jellyfan), and a Selatrimorpha (scissor shark).

(The scientific name of a squid is Teuthida, the scientific name of a jellyfish is Scyphozoa, and the scientific name of a shark is Selachimorpha)

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