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(Static over the com)
Hurry you lazy human. They are rising to the surface now that they know we are here. This way you fools.. the #lazythief was right you #millennials will be the death of me… hurry this way..
#rushed #seaclams #scene347 #sciencefiction #syfy #sci #authorsofinstagram #deadlysands #scout for the Squid king Shawna the fire dog leading the way to the palace.
#staticoverthecom #adventure #scifi #syfy

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(Static over the com)
Scene 345 valley of the poisonous Sea clams… beware of their venom.. it will paralyze your legs and they will then pull under. Have Shawna the fire 🔥 dog lead us closer the sea shore. They are mostly in the deep sand. Look out Devin! You are walking like your in a daydream.. pay attention… they will eat us if you let them.
#sciencefiction #syfy #epicland #beachcrossing #beach #scifi #staticoverthecom

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Scum and Villainy - I fucked up edition!

Before I begin my standard preamble, the Funky Grognard shall wholeheartedly admit that he totally fucked up!  I post these entries on my Facebook page first and then on my official blog later in the day.  However, I got my shit mixed up and forgot this entry.  Blame the alcohol.

So, for today, I’m posting this (originally posted 3 days ago).  And for tomorrow, on Turkey Day, I’ll shall post my #1 movie villain/antagonist of all time.  

Sorry about the goof folks!  My bad.  Ok… back to the show!

In order the spark some conversation, promote positivity, and geek out a little bit, over the next 10 days, I’m doing another top 10 list.

These are my top 10 favorite movie villains.

While villains are traditionally perceived as anything but positive, no movie, TV show, comic, or book would be very interesting without a solid antagonist. To me, the villain/antagonist is just as important as the hero (if not more so, after all, the villain will do just fine without the hero).I’m presenting this daily list in no particular order (except for my top three, which will be done at the end). I’ll add a little bit of explanation as well. Warning: There will be spoilers! Let’s do this!

#4. Khan Noonien Singh (Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan)

Trekkies are almost unanimous in that the best of the Star Trek movies is the 2nd one, Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. It is, literally, the sequel to the classic 1967 Trek episode, Space Seed. To understand the movie villain, permit me to give a super-duper brief synopsis of the TV episode: The USS Enterprise encounters a starship, adrift in space, containing genetically-engineered superhumans in a state of suspended animation. After Captain Kirk orders them awakened, he soon learns that these superhumans are the last remaining survivors of Earth’s ancient “Eugenics Wars” and their dictatorial, war criminal leader is none other than Khan himself. In short order, Khan attempts to commandeer the ship, Kirk attempts to stop him, and in the end, Kirk succeeds. At the subsequent trial, Kirk offers Khan a choice (and listen up my friends, this is critical): Imprisonment in a Federation penal colony or be transported to an inhabited planet and left to fend for themselves (how this is in anyway legal is beyond me, but we gotta roll with it).

Khan responds with “Have you ever read Milton, Captain?” Khan has chosen exile, accompanied by his followers. Kirk later explains Khan’s literary allusion to Satan’s famous statement from Paradise Lost, “Better to reign in hell, than serve in heav'n”.

Fast forward 15 years. Khan and his superhuman minions escape from exile on a Federation ship (USS Reliant). Khan has one mission and one mission only: Destroy Captain Kirk. What follows is a classic, tensely-paced cat-and-mouse game between Kirk and Khan. There is a planet destroying superweapon involved, and in the end, a defeated Khan ends his life by detonating the superweapon in an attempt to destroy Kirk (the Enterprise only escaping as a result of the ultimate sacrifice by Spock). His last words were quoting Moby Dick: “To the last I grapple with thee. From hell’s heart I stab at thee. For hate’s sake, I spit my last breath at thee.”

So why does Khan merit a spot on my list? Simple: Khan is a fantastic and classic tragic villain! While, on the surface, Khan may appear to be nothing more than a generic revenge-driven bad guy, Ricardo Montalbán uses all his stellar thespian talents to create a character who is maniacal, cunning, intelligent, driven, and ultimately sympathetic.

In the movie, Khan had one objective: To settle the score! To avenge himself upon Kirk! Revenge! And as Khan aptly said in the movie, “Ah Kirk, my old friend. Do you know the Klingon proverb that tells us revenge is a dish that is best served cold? It is very cold in space.”

And unlike many other revenge-driven antagonists, it wasn’t a matter of honor, or business, or fulfilling a mission. It was personal. Deeply personal (if you’ve seen the movie, you’ll understand why). Kirk hurt Khan. Kirk beat him.

The ultimate tragedy of the character is that Khan could have escaped on the Reliant and gone anywhere in the galaxy, start a new life for himself (in fact, one of his followers actually suggests this), but Khan’s myopic quest to avenge himself upon the one person who had beaten him proves to be his undoing.

And that very undoing had many future repercussions (over subsequent films): The death of Spock, the destruction of the Enterprise, the court martial of Admiral Kirk, and ultimately, the salvation of Earth.


Khan: I mean to avenge myself upon you, Admiral. I deprived your ship of power, and, when I swing around, I mean to deprive you of your life, but I wanted you to know first who it was who had beaten you!

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Have noticed that differences between humans and fantasy races or beings tend to fall neatly into either “physiology” or “culture,” so here, some ideas for how fantasy beings can differ from humans in their thinking and perception:

  • They all have synesthesia. All of them. There are lots of forms of synesthesia, so, plenty of angles to explore. Imagine a species for whom numbers, calendar days, and other abstract concepts just…have colors and smells, and it’s hard for them to understand how people…think about things otherwise. Or maybe they can’t understand the distinctions others make between, for instance, sound and visual stimuli. The linguistic rules that say an image can be “blurry” but a smell can’t are incomprehensible to them. It gets even more interesting if the associations are in some ways consistent between members of the species.
  • More ideas for sense perception, possibly applicable to the synesthetic species: What if, just like we have a large number of senses but sort them into five (pain, touch, and proprioception are not the same senses, but we categorize them all as ‘touch!’) they don’t have categories for ‘types’ of sense perception, at all. In their own language(s), they can describe their experiences to others this way, but they have to learn to be able to clarify for non-members of their species whether they saw something or heard it.
  • Superhuman time sense, or no time sense. The fascinating thing about humans is that we can percieve time based purely on internal cues, but we’re kind of bad at it—we often have to count to give exact measurements of seconds, and we’re prone to not realizing how long or how late we’ve been doing something. Perhaps a fantasy being can percieve time in a more exact fashion—which could lead to amusement about how humans’ time sense tends to warp relative to how much fun they’ve been having. Or, perhaps a fantasy being can’t perceive time at all without external cues (for example, sunrise and sunset). This would make being isolated from those cues, like if they were trapped in a dungeon, incredibly scary and disorienting. They would also have a difficult time if they were asked, “How many days were you trapped down there in the dungeon?” They would probably respond, “There weren’t any! It was dark!”
  • A telepathic species, but they don’t have a “hive mind” or no sense of individuality. It makes sense that it would take an active effort to “read” someone’s thoughts, past just noticing how they’re feeling or the general “trend” of their thoughts. So it would be cool to have a telepathic species with, y’know, a sense of boundaries regarding thoughts. It’s probably a lot like touch in humans—certain levels of closeness or intimacy are permissible in certain levels of relationship, and a lot would be inappropriate with a stranger. Yes, they technically can sift through your memories, but why would you do that, what the fuck is wrong with you. For humans, rape is practically the worst thing you can do to a person. Among this species, entering someone else’s mind and viewing or actually tampering with someone’s thoughts is just as absolutely abhorrent, except that they probably have many different levels of unacceptable and unthinkable acts of violation that we can’t meaningfully distinguish in our languages. Among these beings, friends might share pleasant thoughts and experiences, relationships are a subtle interplay of feelings and thoughts and images. Being allowed to go deeper into someone’s mind is always a huge deal. Yes, members of this species might occasionally be recruited to pry information out of people, but doing that is just so vile to the vast majority that it’s not at all a common thing, even if only because the punishments are so severe.
  • A species whose memory just doesn’t degrade. Everything that goes into their memory remains perfectly preserved for…well, ever. They’re fascinated by, and a little suspicious of, the way human memories seem to change over time, how anecdotes humans tell have little inconsistencies in them, and how humans can straight up forget things. It seems like a terrifyingly chaotic way to live.
  • Alternatively, a species whose way of encoding and storing memories is just…different. It’s pretty weird, when you think about it, that mnemonic devices…work. Like, singing a song or saying a nonsense rhyme to remember information? “Thirty days hath September” is easier to remember than just…remembering which months have which number of days? Imagine being a member of a fantasy race that just…can’t?? remember things?? That way? Then they catch a human trying to alphabetize something and singing the ABC’s under their breath and they’re like “what the FUCK are you DOING”
  • A species that doesn’t really have “stages” of emotional or cognitive development. Like maybe their brains develop before they hatch or emerge or whatever, but once they’re conscious, they pretty much have an adult brain. The fact that humans spend part of their lives cognitively limited and unable to regulate their emotions because they’re underdeveloped, and not because of a lack of experience, is very bizarre, and the fact that being out in the world, making bad decisions with that half-developed brain, is in fact necessary for humans to develop properly is even weirder and honestly a little freaky.
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Empire day celebrations, 2 ABY

Begun early on empire day was celebrated on the anniversary of emperor Palpatine’s declaration of the new order. While early celebrations focused on a message of peace and prosperity this would change to a more militarily focused one in later years. Showing the power and might of the empires armed forces.

By the time of empire day 2 ABY this trend was in full display as across the empire cities witnessed fly overs of imperial warships and parades of imperial troops throughout their streets.

Pictured is the fleet review over the planet Tion, where the 342nd battle group conducted operations over the planet. Just over a month later the 342nd would be engaged by forces of the Rebel Alliance in a string of brutal skirmishes throughout the sector.

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It’s Finally Happening! Wildely Productions will be launching it’s “Heinous Investigations Podcast” Kickstarter Campaign this Friday, November 27th! New Info about the story, characters and the people behind the podcast to be revealed! It’s a great way to kick off the most wonderful time of the year - even though, if we’re being honest, this year it’s gotten a little bit of a head start. Check out our Pre-Launch Page at the following link:

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This week’s SciFiPulse art for Benjamin Francis Cassidy ’s poetry slot, May The Verse Be With You, pays tribute to the terrifying George Orwell novel, 1984. See my art illustrating his poem, plus loads of other features—including reviews, interviews and a shit-ton of other dope stuff over on #scifipulse, every Friday morning, 10am GMT (link always in my insta bio @

And remember: Big Brother is watching you…

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