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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

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Challenge Day 311 Year 5
TA-RM 103 was a war bot on a colony world that didn’t really need anything blown up except for the odd treestump or rock. He’d put in an order for some hands, but deliveries out here were slow. It made most conversations with people kind of awkward when you’re pointing heavy weapons at people. And forget just opening doors.

What I used: Muji Light Blue 0.275mm nib pen on Moleskin Sketchbook.
What this is: Daily Character Design Challenge, 2020-03-31 Year 5 - No311, by Jeff Stewart

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What I did with my insomnia.

1. Wake up at 4AM to an unusual sound (It’s the cat. Duh.)

2. Try to remember who wrote the sci-fi novels you devoured at age 10 (Tom Swift jr in case anyone was wondering)

3. Feel a crushing sadness that popular Sci-Fi is all dystopian and that you never see helpful clunky 1950s style robots (No. Fallout doesn’t count. Yes. Zathura does)

4. Give up and google the answer to #2 (It’s Victor Appleton)

5. Admit I’m not sleeping soon, get water and check the local library for Tom Swift e-books (can’t check them out bc fines)

6. Post all this on tumblr

??. Run?

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autumn last year, i tried running my hand at a sci-fi tabletop game that took place in the year 2673 on the “wild west” of human spacefaring civilisation, an area known colloquially as “the brink.” it was my first real attempt at a large scale home-brew campaign and it was a lot of fun, but i had several issues with the system i used as well as scheduling. so, i cancelled it earlier this year.

however, using a reskinned version of d&d 5e, as well as our usual dm getting burnt out and wanting a break, has given me the chance to bring it back! (eventually, once we can all meet in-person again)! to celebrate, i made a new header for a rebooted campaign that takes place three years after the last one, where things have gotten a bit darker following the actions of the previous party … 

brink’s aesthetic is very big on 80′s and miami vice and vapourwave, with heavy cyberpunk and space western themes. inspired by blade runner, firefly, and star wars. needless to say, i’m super hyped!

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Termina hoje o prazo para envio de conto.
Junte-se a aventuras por mundos distópicos, por planetas extraordinários e por um futuro
especulativo. Bem-vindo ao espantoso mundo da antecipação! Autoras e autores imaginam um
futuro com contos emocionantes. Naves espaciais, robôs, novas tecnologias, heróis, vilões e
alienígenas exóticos poderão ser os personagens destas páginas e tornarão esta coletânea uma
leitura obrigatória para os fãs de ficção científica.
Essa é nossa coletânea com edital aberto lá no site. Corre o perfil acesse o site e participe.
#coletâneas #editalaberto #literatura #edital #scifi #livro #ebook #ficção #ficçãocientifica #espaço #outromundo #seloee (em Elemental Editoração)

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Tagged by @nectargrapes for this cool game! Today I’m sharing the first paragraph of Neon Vape: A Vaporwave Odyssey (which, granted, is in its baby stages, but this is the first paragraph I wrote at all for it so, here goes!).

In 2045, virtual reality was booming. It was used in schools. It was used in offices. It was used in museums. It was used in training facilities. And, of course, it was used in gaming.

Gaming, most of all.

Setting the scene, introducing the theme. 😆 Hope you enjoyed it!

I’m tagging @letswritestories101, @wildler, and @zmlorenz! Hope you have fun!

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