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Not going too into the details here, but soon we’re gonna have a bunch of time freed up so we can hang out way more than before in the long run. I’m just worried about my Scrafty Jojo- he’s a chill and observant Pokemon, but I’m worried about how he’ll get along with my other bros’ mains. 

The mons I’m worried about is a Toxicroak, Scizor, and Bisharp. The first is a lil mischievous and cheeky, but is pretty cool with younger mons and knows when to cut it out. Loves being active most of the time- fighting is great for him. The second is pretty serious and keeps to himself, and is p diligent in his training like his trainer. The third is the same. Keeps a careful watch over any sort of danger and from what I heard from my bro, is pretty fierce when there’s a threat.

Since we all hung out occasionally, I’m not sure how the four will all interact with each other- especially long term. Is there anything about any of the individual species that I gotta look out for in the future? I really want them to get along since our mons are a p significant part of our lives. If they’re enemies, that’s gonna be a huge strain on our group friendship and I really missed my friends.

That’s quite an eclectic group you’ve got there! The first thing you should be asking yourself is, “How well are my friends’ Pokémon trained?” If your friends are well-established Trainers with strong bonds and good caretaker methods, which they seem to be, that’s the first- and biggest- hurdle overcome. Well-trained and happy Pokémon are friendly Pokémon!

If you’d like to minimize the rick of aggression further, I would recommend introducing these Pokémon to each other in a wide, open place that they’re all at least decently familiar with. Make sure you’re all very present while they meet, and recall at the first sign of aggression. Greeting your friends in an openly cheerful manner will also help your own Pokémon understand that these people- and their companions- are friends.

None of the species here are needlessly territorial, although Bisharp could be an issue under any kind of threat, as they’re extremely protective. However, from what you’ve said, I doubt you’ll have any issue as long as you’re careful. Good luck, and have fun with your friends!

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