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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.

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Stop looking at me, stop looking at me, stop looking at me, stop looking at me, st

Scopophobia: the fear of being stared at or watched, usually in the form of fearing when a large crowd stares at you when you aren’t on a stage or meant to be the center of attention. I.e., entering a room full of people and seeing everyone watching the individual triggers extreme stress, unease or fear.


Naming this precious boy Seymour. :)

Please don’t use my art, thank you.

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Here is one of my pieces for @ghostbustermelanieking‘s fic for @tmabigbang “Tapes Winding Forward”, which you can read on Ao3 here!

Image ID by @notesofarichlycolorednight:

[IMAGE ID: A blue-green tinged landscape. In the foreground is a field of green grass. In the background are two houses, with white walls, and several windows. The house on the left has a blue roof, the house on the right has a red roof. Behind the buildings are hills. The sky and clouds are tinged blue-green and a giant, human eye floats above the two houses. The text at the bottom, in Lucida calligraphy font, reads: “Put it back,” he says, and he’s got both hands over his own mouth now. “Put it back, put it back…” END ID]

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I saw this meme in my dreams and i had to recreate it. For context, in my dream this was something the OFFICIAL bill and ted 3 instagram posted. For some reason in this universe there are two deaths and theyre played by two twin limmys. You do not get better nonsense than this.

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