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I know nobody here cares much about this wonderful Spanish show since it doesn’t have teen drama (look, I enjoyed quite a few things about Élite, but if I could pick ONE national tv show to be popular on tumblr… And fuck Netflix for taking it down of its page so I can’t recommend it left and right too), but whatever. I want to talk about it xD

It took me this long to watch it because the time period (Francoist dictatorship) is one I always have to ~prepare myself~~ in fiction lmao. The episode itself dragged a little bit and it didn’t have a lot of its usual humor (that seems to be compensated in the next, which I’ll watch tomorrow), but given the situation that’s fitting. And it was full of amazing highlights, say:

  • Irene fangirling over a young Berlanga, one of my favourite directors, and insisting he must go into film.
  • LOLA MENDIETA teasing Pacino while she has him cuffed to the bed (I was unsure about this romance –like it in theory, wasn’t sure of how they’d do it–, but I really liked how they wrote it this episode).
  • Alonso, XVI century soldier, just wants to be a stay-at-home dad and says he watches tv shows for romantic advice (his current wife is a doppleganger of his previous wife and she’s called Elena. I know what show he’s been watching, js). I am, however, horrified that he cut off his hair OMG.
  • LOLA MENDIETA putting The Mission before everything, her relationship (which she identifies as a problem for “their” jobs but clearly meaning “his” lol) included, at all costs. Also, the phrase “yes, [me and my old sweetheart] fucked like bunnies”. And, ofc, the moment she has to slap the hell out of Irene to maintain her cover, my reaction was “look at my ship goooo” xDD
  • FEDERICO GARCÍA LORCA. Just tell me he’s secretly alive too and make him a regular, is all I ask. That and seeing him interact with Velázquez ofc.
  • LOLA MENDIETA speaking against and clearly not making much of an effort on the whole “protect the timeline by stopping Franco’s assassination” mission (and in fact trying to assist Julian once it’s obvious something is amiss). Oops.
  • Julian’s return with bonus amnesia AND him trying to assassinate Franco (he continues to be relatable lmfao). I had missed you buddy. And I’m so eager for more interactions between him and young!Lola, I feel it could be an amazing dynamic.
  • LOLA MENDIETA shooting her old sweetheart without flinching after discovering he’s a traitor (and him saying he hadn’t bothered to try to run away because he knew she’d hunt him down).
  • Pacino hugging his pillow because he misses sleeping next to Lola d’aw xDD



[Caption: picture of Lola Mendieta staring directly at the camera while pointing her gun ahead.]

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Just checking out Trekcore as one does and this picture is utterly adorable and hilarious?


Look at Anthony and Connor being total dorks (though everyone else’s expressions are great here) and wow I think it’s on par with that one polaroid shot Connor kept of him doing air guitar for a photoshoot.

It’s like “let’s just make funny faces at the camera” and it’s great.

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