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scorpiofactsdaily · 2 days ago
don't get too cocky about your growing power, libra. scorpio season is next and you cannot kill all of us before then
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ayathescorpion · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I noticed heavy libra placements or 7h placements to be ISFJS/ESFJS most!!! They care about everyone around and are always caretakers they really suit the isfj/esfj stereorype
Cancer/pisces/moon/neptune dominants tend to be infps/isfps, the stereotypes are similar too tbh which makes sense even it doesnt apply!
While sagittarius stellium n dominants are founnd mostly to be enfps the optimistics <3
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Rarest earth moon= taurus
Rarest fire moon= sagittarius
Rarest air moon= aquarius
Rarest water moon= pisces
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
People tend to act like their chart ruler mostly!!!!! Check the house the degree n the sign they all respresent how you appear at first meeting
Midheaven placement is so underrated and should be looked at more! Its more than career its the higher self the version we try to become our best version actually and it can influence the first impression too!
Moon conjunct saturn placement is super hard, it brings lot of pain and isolation and it can affect the individual negatively!! It can even be indicator of depression if the individual's placements most fall at water or have negative aspects
Venus conjunct pluto tend to be weirdly attractive specially to women, they tend to attract younger girls i noticed females who have this to intimidate younger girls much!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Not only leo risings who have very prominent hair i noticed all fire risings to have their hair as one of their most attractive feature you get attracted to them by how prominent their hair be
Earth risings are the type of people to work hard and have fun finest!! Having good grades, good friends, good relation w their family and being pretty at same time <3
Also most earth risings are effortlessly pretty, the type to be chilling in their room with pyjamas on and looking like living dolls
Air risings have a thing for dying their hair???? Literally whenever they r bored they d dye their hair??? So random but the type of people to dye their hair thrice at one week or smth im praying for yall scalp guys 💀
Also most air risings have a non traditional beauty to them, the men tend to look feminine the women tend to look masculine and its ATTRACTIVE ASF (yes including libra risings)
Water risings are most likely to be prone to have depression or mental health problems because of they live inside their head and how overthinking they can do? Lil beans who need validation and soaking up the room's energy like no other so pls guys choose the right people to be with it affects you way more than you can imagine
More on water risings and i find them the most to be different irl vs online thats bc of their fire midheaven which shows online irl they r so quiet goddamn
And most water risings look like walking fairies!!! Most kids tend to trust them and see their mothers in them also animals love them, specially cancer risings<3 pisces risings feel like old friends you ve known forever and scorpio risings have the tea over everyone yet are most loyal people out there
Thats it thanks for reading <3
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saturnrevolution · 2 days ago
the way you text based on your mercury sign
Aries mercury
- being funny
- being mean
- motivational texts
Taurus mercury
- the slow texter
- solves your problems
- mundane talks
- honesty
Gemini mercury
- storytelling
- "you should check this out"
- hot n cold
- random creative ideas
Cancer mercury
- cries in emojis
- exactly what you need to hear in this moment
- taking things personally
- genuinely cares
Leo mercury
- asks questions about themselves
- quick answers
- wants to go out
- always there
Virgo mercury
- relevant emojis
- "I told you so"
- cares about your health
- lowkey judging your decisions
Libra mercury
- heart emojis
- pictures of what they find pretty
- showers you with compliments
- spilling the tea
Scorpio mercury
- deep conversations about life
- then stupid conversations about nothing
- too many questions
- saying as little as possible about them
Sagittarius mercury
- wisdom
- random meaningless messages
- avoiding the subject
- shares a song
Capricorn mercury
- seen
- getting straight to the point
- gives the best advice
- career talk
Aquarius mercury
- memes
- random late night thoughts
- being revolted by an injustice
- getting into an argument
Pisces mercury
- enthusiasm
- comforts you
- animals
- crossing boundaries
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virquarius · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Unpopular air sign opinion: earth and water signs are amazing and must be protected at all costs.
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aligningwjae · 20 hours ago
💃🏾 Astro observations 💃🏾
💥somebody’s Venus falling in your 12th house could indicate Sexual assault within the connection tht people may or may not know about.
💥ppl w Pluto in their 2nd house go through MAJOR transformations when it’s comes to money & I also feel like this could manifest as being a “ workaholic “.
ik someone w this placement & I feel like this placement could manifest as being a workaholic bc pluto associates w obsessions , rebirth & death & the 2nd house is all poessions & money…you have to work to get money & I feel like ppl w this placement might build an unhealthy obsession around money therefore turning them into workaholic * be careful of burning yourself out it’s okay to rest *
The person ik w this placement has always been very money driven , money is their motivation I mean like ofc everyone loves money but it’s different w them. I’ve seen how they was broke vs is the root of their power they need it or else they’ll feel like their life is falling completely apart , without tapping in to there source of power they could potentially go through self destruction. ( addictions , laziness, bad habits )
💥if the sun is aspecting neptune in a harsh way in your chart , your relationship w men might be will always be something when it comes to men , you might also have a very different outlook on men period . * family , friends , relationships *
I have my sun aspecting Neptune & whew my relationship w men is off..I also view men differently then my peers & I treat them differently too like shit tht other females do I wouldn’t dare !! like chase after a man ? hell no fight over him ?? might not ever..I just feel like men really aren’t worth allat I really view them as nothing but distractions 😭 & ya know how the sun associates w the father & Neptune associates w delusion ?? When Neptune went retrograde this year it completely changed the way I view my father , I found out something tht I never knew & it made me re question EVERYTHING so yea Neptune aspecting your sun can also give you mixed emotions when it comes to your father.
OH & I also feel like neptune aspecting your sun in anyway can make men view you in a way you might not perception of you might always be wrong 🙄
💥Uranus in the 7th house is a blessing & a curse. I view it as the “ PICK ME , CHEAT ON ME “ placement lmfaoooooo
nah but w this placement unexpected shit always happens in your relationships but the unexpected can be good or bad !!
I have this placement & I’ve gotten cheated on & dumped unexpectedly in relationships & have been betrayed unexpectedly in friendships !! ik the 11th house is abt friends but The 7th house associates w “ partnerships “ period…but it also associates w business deals & contracts..i study astrology but I also make music so when I started to look deeper into my chart I had to decipher between the pros & cons of all my placements so yea the bad thing abt this specific placement is tht my relationships might always end unexpectedly buttt the good thing abt this place is tht I could also be offered a major deal unexpectedly throughout this lifetime ✨ this is just a theory tho we’ll see a year or 2 from now I’ll keep ya updated 🥰 or ya can follow my ig > jae.pesos
If you have Uranus in your 7th house & have gotten any big unexpected business deals or partnerships lmk !
these are notes from my own personal experiences & observations if you could relate or if it resonates pls lmk 💕
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scorpiocody · a day ago
Tumblr media
Here’s what this Harvest Full Moon in Pisces brings to you 🌕✨♓️ (applies to Sun + Moon + Rising)
Aries: your soul is trying to give you messages through your dreams, listen to them
Taurus: you’re in a growth period, focus on your friendships, be open + take this time to learn as much as you can
Gemini: your hard work is being recognized + appreciated, major development in your career life is happening and you’re on the right track
Cancer: through sequencing (reoccurring numbers, etc) the universe is letting you know you are to continue down the path your soul is taking you, be spontaneous see where it takes you
Leo: you’re experiencing a bit of a rebirth, focus on becoming more open to the world around you, let go of what’s holding you back + imagine a better/wiser more gifted version of yourself
Virgo: focus on the relationships you hold dear to you, reflect + use your intuition to find the answers you’re looking for + let go or make changes
Libra: focus on your health and become as organized as possible; find structure in your daily life, doing so will help you clear your mind and become a more successful you
Scorpio: love + romance is coming your way, embrace your passions and act on them
Sagittarius: major focus on you + your family, pay attention + spend some time with them, good vibes only
Capricorn: work on opening your throat chakra, build courage, and apply it to your career life
Aquarius: beautifully selfless, you’re realizing the abundance around you and grateful for what you have and who is in your life, stay grounded but set higher goals in career and finance
Pisces: the start of something new ✨ love + abundance are coming your way and this moon affects every part of your life in the best way
Comment down below how you relate to the Full Moon’s affects! ✨🌕
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astrology-summer · 12 hours ago
astro observations no.1
no astrology placement is inherently bad, it really depends on how you deal and learn with it (i preface this because most astrology observations are diluted with biases and negativity as a opposed to objectively). 
1. my theory is that your moon sign is a direct correlation to the emotional questions/statements your biological mother was experiencing during their pregnancy. 
aries moons: “will this child change the dynamic of this family?”
taurus moons: “how will i financially provide for this child?” 
gemini moons: “how will i manage raising this child?”
cancer moons: “how will this child provide for the family? 
leo moons: “will this child live up to expectations?” 
virgo moons: “can this child match our successes?” 
libra moons: “how will other people think about the birth of this child?” 
scorpio moons: “could this child transform the financial circumstances of this family?” 
sagittarius moons: “will this child change our predetermined plans?” 
capricorn moons: “would this child be able to handle the truth?”
aquarius moons: “this child will change the perceptions of everyone around me.”
pisces moons: “will this child survive this family dynamic?” 
2. mercury signs are often ignored within the discussion of the astrology community. your mercury sign speaks on behalf of all of your planets especially your moon. 
3. do not be quick to base rising sign appearances, for degrees matter a whole lot. an individual may be a capricorn rising but on a cancer degree causing them to have softer facial features. 
4. going further regarding capricorn, aquarius, and scorpio risings the first being ruled by saturn, the second being ruled by uranus but traditionally saturn, followed pluto. when comparing the appearances and using celebrities as a guide its important to note. 
1. where they are in their life; emotionally, physically, and mentality.
2. their age. 
3. their solar return chart. 
the reason being is primarily due to their most notable appearances being at the height of their career. think, growing into your looks. 
5. scorpio moons are such an interesting case study because how they’re expressed is largely dependent on their mercury and sun sign. 
example: bretman rock is a scorpio moon but his methods of expression are through social media, fitting for a leo sun and mercury retrograde. 
observe your scorpio moons and how they deal with their emotions based on their sun sign and mercury sign, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. 
6. a single placement alone may not resonate with you because of its aspects to other planets. 
personal example: i have a taurus moon square aquarius uranus. i have always felt like the odd one out, even if it was not obvious. 
7. people with neptune in the first house know who they are, its the rest of society that has difficulties accepting them at their core. remember, neptune beyond the layer of gas is still planet with a rocky core. 
8. pluto in the first house can cause extreme reactions from their initial encounters; they’re either loved or hated, nothing in between. same can be said for pluto in the 10th but it’s more so through forms of media both personal or impersonal. 
9. the hardest rising signs to identify are libra and pisces risings for their ability to blend in social situations with ease. 
10. your mercury sign could entail how it’ll be used to amplify your 10th house. 
example: kylie jenner built her fortune off of her insecurity with the assumption that she may help others combat theirs (mercury in virgo) to do so she created the kylie lip kit to enhance her greatest insecurity (libra in the 10th). 
planets aspecting the sign can help boost the 10th house to fruition. 
furthering the example: kylie’s uranus in aquarius trine her libra in the 10th; becoming one of the first pioneers for social media marketing. conjunct her jupiter in aquarius as well, utilizing the notoriety from her family background to propel her brand into further success. 
11. amongst all of the elements, i would argue that earth signs are the most individualistic for their ability to stay grounded and establish themselves so distinctly with barely any influence from outside voices. 
example: beyonce (need i say more?)
12. when it comes to pisces women, no matter your experience with them they’ll always respect how you identify yourself either through your sexuality, pronouns, ethnicity, religion, etc.. they can potentially gaslight you, manipulate you but i have not encountered a pisces woman that did not at least respect the latter (personal experience). 
13. because of earthly expectations, you best believe that when an earth rising is given the opportunity to play hard they can go crazy beyond believe (12th house ruled by a fire sign). whilst fire risings take the opportunity to be emotionally vulnerable due to the exposure of vices. air risings take the chance to show their control amidst the chaos induced by earth risings. water risings can address misconceptions about themselves more directly. (again, just an personal observation). 
that’s all for now. i wanted to make this post as subjective as possible as i had these thoughts speeding through my mind today (virgo mercury). hope you enjoy! <3 
note: i’m not a professional astrologer, this is just for fun based on years of research and experience. 
- celeste
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ukiyowi · a day ago
ˑ ִ ֗ ִ ۫ ˑ Songs I associate with the signs: SUN SIGNS ˑ ִ ֗ ִ ۫ ˑ
These are strictly my opinions
𔓕 Aries: STAY - The Kid LAROI
𔓕 Taurus: I Am - Yung Baby Tate
𔓕 Gemini: Got A Little Crush On You - Wildflowers
𔓕 Cancer: Fine On The Outside - Priscilla Ahn
𔓕 Leo: Insomnia - DAYA
𔓕 Virgo: Runaway - R3HAB
𔓕 Libra: Coffee Breath - Sofia Mills
𔓕 Scorpio: Hypochondriac - Sasha Alex Sloan
𔓕 Sagittarius: I Can't Help Myself - Four Tops
𔓕 Capricorn: The Hunting Field - Jike Junyi
𔓕 Aquarius: Tennis (0:0) - ITZY
𔓕 Pisces: Alien Boy - Oliver Tree
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doctorlobotomy · 2 days ago
Best Singers Ranked:
Can't Sing:
12. Gemini- Azealia Banks
11. Aquarius- Shakira
10. Libra- Marina Diamondis
Soft Whisper Singers:
9. Cancer- Ariana Grande
8. Scorpio- Katy Perry
7. Pisces- Rihanna
Actually Talented Singers:
6. Capricorn- Alicia Keys
5. Taurus- Adele
4. Virgo- Beyoncé, Amy Winehouse
Thrilling Opera Legends:
3. Sagittarius- Christina Aguilera
2. Aries- Mariah Carey
1. Leo- Rip Whitney Houston
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asstrolo · 2 days ago
𝓶𝔂 𝓯𝓪𝓿𝓸𝓾𝓻𝓲𝓽𝓮 𝓼𝓲𝓰𝓷𝓼 𝓻𝓪𝓷𝓴𝓮𝓭 𝓯𝓻𝓸𝓶 𝓵𝓮𝓪𝓼𝓽 𝓽𝓸 “𝓽𝓱𝓮 𝓵𝓸𝓿𝓮 𝓸𝓯 𝓶𝔂 𝓵𝓲𝓯𝓮” (sun sign edition)
disclaimer in retrospective I love all signs, this is an astrology account for god's sake, I'll be rating these from my own personal experience and opinion, the bottom ones are there probably because I never met them in person jsksj sorry I'm not a social person 😔🙏🏻
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
₁₁. aquarius
₁₀. gemini
₉. libra
₈. sagittarius
₇. pisces
₆. taurus
₅. aries
₄. leo
₃. cancer
₂. virgo
₁. scorpio/capricorn (bold of you to assume I'm gonna choose one over the other)
Tumblr media
Please do it too in the reblogs I'd love to see your own opinions on sun signs 🙈
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loveemagicpeace · 18 hours ago
Astro notes🪐✨⚡️
☀️People with sun in the 9th house really loves to travel and are very open-minded people
✨People with cancer moons are soo kind and selfless
💘Scorpio placement people are really deep and you can talk with them about amazing things and they will really listen to you
♒️Aquarius moons people really don’t have feelings and Capricorn moons they are very closed in on themselves
💕Sagittarius are fun and always ready for party, for action and have the best humor
⚡️Gemini have a lot of personalities and never complete themes
🧡Libras are way more fun and cool than u think! Not boring at all and they have really good taste
🦋Pisces can be a little scary but they are very creative and have a very good imagination
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yokrisp · a day ago
The Signs as Deltarune Characters (Chapter 2 included)
Aries: Susie
Taurus: Queen
Gemini: Lancer
Cancer: Ralsei
Leo: Berdly
Virgo: Rouxls Kaard
Libra: Noelle
Scorpio: King
Sagittarius: Seam
Capricorn: Kris
Aquarius: Jevil
Pisces: Spamton
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doctorlobotomy · 15 hours ago
Daring Fashion Ranked:
Goofy Try Hard Katy Perry:
12. Virgo
11. Capricorn
10. Scorpio
Lil Nas X Gay Agenda
9. Cancer
8. Gemini
7. Taurus
Starship Queen Nicki Minaj
6. Leo
5. Libra
4. Sagittarius
Mother of Monsters, Lady Gaga
3. Pisces
2. Aquarius
1. Aries
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