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funcaprisun · an hour ago
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Someone requested a moodboard for Capricorn sun, Sagittarius moon, Aries rising, and I shall recieve:) 
ask in my ask box if you want me to make a moodboard or roast your chart! I have a lot of asks at the moment so it might be a while before I get to most people that have asked most recently, but I will definitely get to you at some point
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cosmonnauts · an hour ago
quotes for the moon signs
aries moon: "Moon marked and touched by sun / my magic is unwritten / but when the sea turns back / it will leave my shape behind." Audre Lorde, "The black unicorn: poems; A woman speaks"
taurus moon: "Bone dry, we say. Even though one-third of the weight of a living bone is water. We know nothing about ourselves." Natalie Diaz, "Eastbound, Soon"
gemini moon: "She is all air, all gentle waters. A memory of salt, of lost horizons, and the soaking of every wave. The foam left by the a shipwreck clings to her waist and the tips of wings sends a shiver up her spine." Dulce María Loynaz, "Absolute solitude"
cancer moon: "I want to sing. I want a language that I can lean on and that can lean on me, that asks me to bear witness and that I can ask to bear witness," Mahmoud Darwish, "Memory for forgetfulness"
leo moon: "I will meet you on the nape of your neck one day, on the surface of intention, word becoming act." Luke Davies, "Totem Poem"
virgo moon: "Look what happens when the tongue / Cannot say to kindness, / “I will be your slave.” / The moon / Covers her face with both hands / And can’t bear / To look." Hafiz, "Covers her face with both hands"
libra moon: "She smelt of rose water. Not of heady perfumes. Not of pungent lavenders or jasmines. But of translucent petals, of tranquil rose. Of self-possessed beauty." Andrés Neuman, "Traveller of the century"
scorpio moon: "The death of earth is to become water / and the death of water is to become air / and the death of air is to become fire / and reversely, Heraclitus says. I say / the death of us / is to become." Heather McHugh, "Hinge & Sign"
sagittarius moon: "I want to infect you with the tremendous excitement of living, because I believe that you have the strength to bear it." Tennessee Williams, "The selected letters: 1920-1945"
capricorn moon: "Don’t be afraid to suffer—take your heaviness / and give it back to the earth’s own weight; / the mountains are heavy, the oceans are heavy." Rainer Maria Rilke, "The poetry of Rilke: Sonnets to Orpheus"
aquarius moon: "She catches sight of herself in the mirror. But is that her over there? is that her, with the face of a scared rabbit, who's thinking and waiting? (Whose little mouth is that? Whose little eyes are those? Yours, leave me alone.) If I don't try to save myself, I'll drown." Clarice Lispector, "Excerpt, Collected Stories"
pisces moon: "I am longing to live in an imaginary world again, with people about whom I can know everything and tell the whole truth." May Sarton, "The house by the sea"
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sh7nobae · an hour ago
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Able to tolerate emptiness lol
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saintzjenx · an hour ago
What's your tightest aspect & do you relate to it? Mine is moon conjunct neptune at 0.1 % and I love peaceful environments, beautiful aesthetics, nature and listening to ethereal music questioning if life is real, lol
Good morning boo🦋
I love your placements so much its such a dreamy and sweet placement I'm so jealous omfg🥲 As for myself, for the longest time I rly thought my mercury sextile venus at 0.1° is the tighest aspect of my chart:D
Yet things took a turn and I actually have Uranus square midheaven exact 0°🤠 like exact exact. I think I'm a very individualistic person lol when younger I used to hide a lot of my uniqueness and differences due to the environment I was in too! Even when I grow up, nowadays sometimes it can still be soooo hard to be my quirky self 100% in public and I'm trying to work on it 🥳
The best way i can describe this placement is that its like that feeling when you're with new people that you never met before yet they all knew each other and every time you speak or become even just a lil bit erratic, a lil bit yourself, they immediately gasped in disbelief and tell you to never do that again😀 When I was little it was like that for some time! but after a period of self-pity I decided I was too pretty to be in my room overthinking I'd rather be out in a party overthinking HAHAHA i'm jk but you get the idea🥰
Ah I was also thinking about your placement too, I think I talked with @hillarysss about this but moon-neptune is a very soft and psychic placement:) Its hella magical too you must have a really beautiful soul🤎
Thank you for asking such a great question boo!
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saint jenx🪐
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safrashh · an hour ago
If you have water placements (Cancer/Scorpio/ Pisces) , water dominant planets (Moon, Pluto, Neptune), or a water grand trine within you natal chart.
It is the perfect time for you to navigate your past unexplored traumas during these days, the ones you’ve tried to hide from everyone, especially yourself, that now resid in the depth of your unconscious, reflect on them and acknowledge how they’ve affect you in building your present self. (Throughout the negative but most importantly the positive aspects.)
If it rains where you live during these days especially during night time, collect some rain water in a jar and keep it somewhere chill and dark, let the stagnant water rest, process and build up some healing maternal energies until the full moon happens (starting on Monday night to Tuesday morning).
That night get under the radiant glow of the full moon residing in the sign of Scorpio ruled by Pluto, the planet of death, rebirth, transformation, and the unspoken, the planet that works in the shadows (your unconscious).
Start the conversation with those past selves while rinsing yourself with rain water, helping you establishing a conversation with your past self that are still affected to this day.
Tell them why they’ve hurt you, why you’ve tried to forget them, but most importantly confort them expressing how they’ve made you realise some things while processing there grief.
It is tough, however try not to forget them, neither repulse them yet try to acknowledge there existence, and remember; it’s due to there past presence in your life that your strength is growing today.
Free yourself from the chains that they’ve established, holding you down in shapes of toxic memories.
By Acknowledging them, you make them rebirth independently without them having to hold you back, from loving and trusting yourself.
Your vulnerability and empathy is precious. Stay Glowing and radiant, remember that recovering is a process and if you don’t give yourself the chance to walk in that path, no one will.
You always should be your most precious love.
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velvetcherrybabe · 2 hours ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Gemini sun, Gemini moon, Taurus venus, Scorpio rising (@anintrovertedbard)
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saintzjenx · 2 hours ago
Hello there lovely <3 hope you're doing well!!!
I saw the ask that was talking abt yods, trines etc. and was wondering if the site astrologyreadings is a reliable one?? I saw there are descriptions of aspects, houses, signs etc, tho I think they might copy their info from other sites, it seems very similar.
Sorry if this is a silly question, maybe you already answered a similar one !
Hello beautiful!!
Since you requested obviously I had to check out their site and while I have to say a lot of their stuff are pretty interesting and soooo fun to read tbh haha
I got so invested when the part where they said that my Leo Rising is "enjoys sports and out-of-doors activity." but later then claim my Cancer Sun to "possess a slower moving life force, they are usually less active than others. In order to be active, they must first motivate their mind. In general, they dislike exercise. As a consequence, they may become out of shape and gain weight in later years."
But despite that I love their way with words yet I think its a bit stereotypical and lack some layers and foundation to it🥲
So don't worry about it being a silly question!! When I was a newbie I wandered on these kind of websites all the time love💀 I will do a major post on what websites I recommend for what in the nearest future!!
Thank you for sharing this bby<3 Don't feel silly whatsoever it was truly entertaining HAHAHA
saint jenx🪐
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plutoswrath · 2 hours ago
someone on anonymous: writes me profound, deep and insightful messages and astrological insights that start a likewise interesting conversation only to leave me with crumbs, hungry for more as they never return to my ask box
also someone in the notifications: reblogging the post with a mini story in the tags that gives away that they are definitely the anon who messaged me
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zodiactalks · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
I have guarded emotions. 
What about you?
Zodiac Signs and emotions
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saintzjenx · 3 hours ago
um, are there any websites that tell you your stelliums or grand trines or such?
Hey cutie🥳
Yes!! While I still prefer to do it on my own by looking at the chart, I think its a great way for people to access their informations wayyy easier!!🤎I believe that astro-charts offer this:) I pulled up a random chart to demonstrate this for ya hehe🥰
As you can see, after putting some random birthdate and time in, i scrolled to the very bottom to find this:
Tumblr media
and also this:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I honestly LOVE this feature and the website is also so easy to navigate!! I also see that astro-seek does offer a feature for your to interpret your chart!(1) I went to their website and did the same as astro-charts and got this below haha, they also offer a shape interpretation post (2) to help you out too🥰 I believe astro-seek also offer a dominant calc!!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
So here are some helpful stuff I found boo:) Hopefully you can find out more abt your own chart now luv🥳🥳🥳🥳
saint jenx🪐
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saintzjenx · 4 hours ago
Post something on Aquarius Venus or all air venus please ✨
Hey there baddie,
I'm currently pulling an all nighter finishing up readings so I figured why not right hehe<3 So no worries at all, I gotchu!!!
— Gemini Venus🦋
Reminds me of forehead kisses and bright eyes tbh. They're very playful people. Intellectual lovers. Fall for people who can handle their restlessness and can handle them. I notice that a lot of Gemini Venus don't go into relationships too often, if they do it actually tend to last as they're actually very picky and they have a deep love for variety. Contrary to what people think most Gemini Venus can actually handle commitment better than people think but there has to be a grounding factor, while not making them feel tied down too fast. They like to be kept on their tip toes and are very interesting people. Conversations with them make you blush and their intense eye-contact and effortless charm really doesn't help haha 😆
Tumblr media
— Libra Venus🦋
Uh oh here comes the real devil. I love Libra Venus with all my heart. The grand lover. Truest romantics who are sucker for love. They got games and class. Will always one up you without you knowing haha. Libra Venus are very physical people, as in they like physical touched A LOT. Will "accidentally" touch your waist and act like nothing happened. You see, they're very subtle people though. They need someone who can actually lead. Most of the time they tend to attract too much attention so they will eventually be over the kind of over the whole experiment dating scenes tbh, they'd rather just hit and run LMAO. But for a real relationship to be established, they need a person that will initiate and keep the fire of the relationship! They don't like people who are too easy going, someones who's a lil demanding but fun will get their attention.
Tumblr media
— Aquarius Venus🦋
Once they love you they will give you their everything. But it takes time wreck down their walls. And they have a lot of them. Air Venus are usually very well-liked, Aquarius Venus is no exception. They're some of the most interesting people ever and they like their partners to be similar in that way. They're also hella stubborn and interestingly, they also love a lil fixed energy here and there. Aquarius Venus are in fact more possessive than people think, however, the only different is that they always try to quickly rationalize it. The kind of lover I imagine them being with has to be someone interesting and loved by many in a way, a lil bit rough around the edges and must be very very loyal. Freedom ≠ cheating. Aquarius Venus are even pickier than Libra Venus as Libra Venus may love to experiment but while Aquarius Venus do have random crushes, they'd rather focus on one person at the end.
Tumblr media
I hope this helps u a lil baddie hehehe, I promise i'll make better post in the future and focus more on the air venus fs🥳🥳🥳🥳
saint jenx🪐
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saintzjenx · 4 hours ago
Hello Jenx, what do you recommend with people trying to get better at learning:
- aspects
- degrees
- Synastry (for this one, do you rec a website/an app?)
I think I’ve got a good grasp of the basics but my mind is blank when it comes to them !
(My side blog is mmysstical ! This is my main!)
Hi love<3
Hmmm I like this question a lot! It gives me the chance to be informative hehe, i hope i can offer some help boo🥳 I recommend you checking this post out if you need any more help
Aspects: For your aspects, I would highly suggest checking them using and then googling the aspects to see what it means!💕 you can the do your own extensive research on each planet, cause mercury is not just communication but its also traffic (💀ik), venus is not just love but its also your values, your self-esteem. next i would suggest understanding the different aspects: conjunctions, squares, trine, oppositions and sextiles well before going into any other one🥳 after getting that done, do your research on the houses!! just like the planets, houses represent different area of life and can tell you so much more about yourself!!! finally, how and where to find the resources? Tumblr is a great place for beginners! But i would suggest reading up on people like astrologer Stojanovik, @iJaaadee, Liz Greene, etc!! I'll link this here if you ever need it. I would suggest reading more books cause this really helps me to get a good grasp of whats going on since ik how everything can be so overwhelming:)
Degrees: I did a post on degree theory simplified before and you should start with it for sure as I attached a lot of links in the post!! I would also say that for degree its a bit tricky in terms of how you'd like to see it!! Personally, I try not to overuse it and only use it after I'm done with everything else of the chart (aspects, placements,etc) but thats just a personal preference haha😆 Also I would recommend getting into classical astrology when it comes to degree theory if you're really pushing yourself haha cause going from modern to classical where theres no uranus, no pluto is sooo much different 🥲 I honestly disliked how classical astro can b lowkey too exclusive but i'm open to all approaches! as for the degree theory, the best person to go to is @iJaaadee on Twitter again as she's the one who helped popularize it:) Nikola Stojanovik's website also has a lot of info!! However, there are 360° degree interpretations books written by other astrologers, heres one !! I know that a lot of modern astrologers like to use Nikola's work but for me I also like to check out classical astrologers work as references!! La Volasfera is a great example🥰
Synastry: The one I like to use is obv cause its soooo easy to read haha but I think for apps, AstroGold and Time Passage would be my no 1! Its so much easier and they don't round up stuff too🥳
This is some advices I have so far for you love💕 I hope this helps you even just a little bit🥺
saintjenx 🪐
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astroismypassion · 5 hours ago
Astrology observations🍓🍓🍓
Credit: Tumblr blog @astroismypassion
🍓 Ascendant in the Composite chart shows what the two people have to work on and it might even be the main theme why relationship ended. Example: Virgo Rising needs to take time of the day for each other despite hard responsibilities and duties. Scorpio Rising: there might have been lack of opportunities for deep emotional bonding or building a deep trusted bond and/or (physical) intimacy.
🍓 Scorpio Risings might experience a major turn point in life in form of career change.
🍓 Aries, Gemini and Leo are actually not extroverted Moon signs. They are located in the lower hemisphere, in the personal sphere. So their emotional comfort doesn’t come from outside sources of validation, but rather from within themselves (Aries Moon: their own past life experience and sense of self esteem, Gemini Moon: their own mind and Leo Moon: their own creativity and inner child they nurture).
🍓 Virgo Mars might sleep with someone because of their mind or political beliefs, outlook on life just to prove a point.
🍓 Scorpio placements might try seek justice in completely different situation than original one. Or might ask someone years later about what they think it was fair in given past situation. They will feel wronged even after years, just holding a grudge.
🍓 With a lot of Cancer in the Composite chart, this person might remind you of many situations from your childhood. Or you might feel like you are reliving your childhood and younger years.
🍓 Cancer Mercury/Gemini Mercury in the Composite chart might mean you use slang or street language in your communication.
🍓 For some reason I noticed Leo Venuses really like wearing beige sweaters?
🍓 Leo Venus doesn’t like compliments too much actually. Only genuine ones from time to time. In fact they might not even comment on it if they don’t like it 100 %.
🍓 Also if you have Leo Venus with someone in the Composite chart, make sure to look at the Sun sign since it might affect the Leo Venus effects A LOT.
Credit: Tumblr blog @astroismypassion
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chloe-margherita · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
Daily Horoscopes, 4.23.21
***if you enjoyed this offering, consider signing up for my weekly newsletter, which focuses on astrology, intimacy, deep attention. You can also follow me on instagram here. ***
Aries: Consider your “normal” relationship to money: do you tend to spend or save? Do you worry about it going away or trust that it will always be there? Regardless of which side you fall on, try to see things from the other perspective. What do you need to feel safe in the midst of shifting circumstances? Do you allow room for adaptation, and your sense of support changing? Let your resources come from unexpected places— other people perhaps, or the sound of the wind through the trees. Find safety while still being part of the flow of life. 
Taurus: Know you have the power of change right now. You can choose to ignore it, and let it bring chaos into your life, or you can find value in turning on a dime. So much of our worldly experience is letting in the universe’s constant change. Notice where obligations or commitments have outlived their usefulness, or their beauty. Freedom is not without its obstacles, both within and without. See how quickly they can clear if you let them. You have the power, even if it’s just acceptance, surrender, trust. 
Gemini: Go to the part of your mind that no one sees. Is it well adorned? Taken care of? Does it feel alive? Your job today is not one of control but of making room for all the shadowy, mysterious parts of you to come forward. Find the beauty in the liminal, the unruly, the parts of life that evade usefulness and material success. Find beauty in what cannot be monetized or contained. Trust that changes are occurring, even if you can only see chaos. It is behind the scenes. It thrives in mystery. 
Cancer: The shape of your communities is rearranging. What has not been examined in the group structure or what no longer serves its members is on its way out. Pay attention to what remains and to what insight your community members can give you. Your future is beginning to take shape and it will always surprise you, thank god. It may be unmooring, or feel like a loss as you let go of what you used to want. Find stable ground in what you can grasp right now. Go for what is beautiful. It will plant beautiful seeds. 
Leo: Take the words of Randall Jarrell to heart: “If I can think of it, it isn't what I want”. You are coming up against your mental image of success and what it actually feels like. Know that being bound to a certain position or activity is not the same thing as commitment. See today as a clearing ground for all that no longer serves your mysterious future self and its role in the world. You are making room for new visions and dreams. Beginning with your current affinities and natural pleasures, root into the body to find out what you want to cultivate. Always make room for the unpredictable. It is the closest position to getting what you actually “want”. 
Virgo: One of the features of a wise person is a flexible mind. Today, you will be interrogating beliefs that are no longer true, or else are only true within a bigger context. You want ideas that not only encourage your flourishing and pleasure in life but those that allow you to think bigger, more innovative thoughts. Don’t let dogma become a prison, or a replacement for the eros of the mind. Not knowing is most intimate. How can you hold this fact alongside your search for understanding? Start with the body. 
Libra: Watch for unexpected collaboration or avenues of support. Watch for learned helplessness, versus relationships that make you feel stronger. We are always dealing with a sense of lack on some level; we don’t always get to decide what fills it. But you may be wanting to detach from connections that used to feel bearable. You cannot stand too much dependence right now and I encourage you to sit with the lack that takes the place of these unequal relationships. You can be in the flow of interdependence without losing your sovereignty. The first step is to attend to the inner much that no one else can clean but you. All your guilt, fear, sadness, confusion, has a place if only you attend it well. 
Scorpio: Those around you are like rainbows; beautiful, intoxicating, but fleeting in their presence. You may not be able to find the stability in your relationships that you are used to accessing. Those around you are changing the relationship rules and thus asking you to change in turn. Freedom and space are cornerstones to true knowing. If you think you can predict another person’s needs, or even control them, you are obviating any room for true relationship. How can space serve both of you? How can relationships make you more free? 
Sagittarius: Don’t be surprised if you can’t get all of your work done in the way you prefer. More importantly, you are being asked to question your basic ideas about productivity and routine. Though we all must give up some measure of freedom in our work life, consider small ways you can bring more innovation and improvisation into your routines and obligations. If not, tehn change will come one way or another. Align with what you value on a fundamental level to help you decide when to commit and when to let something go. Your life is always dependent on larger contingencies. How to always stay in touch with your never-ending process?
Capricorn: Trust the spark of creativity to give you something new today. Revisit an old project that has since stagnated or start a novel endeavor. Try a new technique or study a new artist to give you ideas. Notice what supposedly creative endeavors no longer bring you joy or innovation. Watch out for new romances or connections that may inspire as well, especially if they are somehow unlike your usual type. Spend time with children and notice how they decide how to spend their time. Take a page from their book and play. 
Aquarius: Spending time with family may be especially sweet today but only if you aren’t expecting the usual. Old dynamics or familial patterns may be on their way to being broken, especially if you choose freedom and candor over superficial comfort. Stability and safety cannot be found in what is no longer vital or alive. How can your home life be both a source of comfort and a dynamic, ever-changing entity. Trust the changes that come through the inside today. 
Pisces: You have the power to re-align your inner dialogue. You have the power to break habits on a fundamental, day-to-day level. Pay attention to the beautiful things you see throughout the day. How can you better invite these things closer? First you must make room for unpredictability, for all that is outside your control. But even in the midst of change, paying attention to what you control is key. Start small. Anchor yourself to the everyday. See what new seeds you can plant.
***if you enjoyed this offering, consider signing up for my weekly newsletter, which focuses on astrology, intimacy, deep attention. You can also follow me on instagram here. ***
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saintzjenx · 9 hours ago
some astro notes🪴
— for a Thursday evening
check out my other astro notes and rants here
Mercury dominant/placements people may have a deep interest in business! They might also have incredibly insights when it comes to the business world. They also don't need a teacher to teach them certain things, a lot of Mercurians are self-taught geniuses by all means lol.
Not only does Jupiter in the 11th house people are good with social settings, they're also great with people of authority or people who work with the law!
Prominent Leo placements must learn to control their feelings or anger. Leo ruled over heart diseases so meditation may benefit them a lot!
Virgo risings or prominent Virgo placements actually are lovers of the art🪴 Very artistic people deep down.
Many Capricorn risings/placements tend to have a long face with narrow chin. They also usually have the prettiest short,round nose💞
Sagittarius rising/1H usually have a well-proportioned, strong body! The people with 15°-18° Sagittarius Rising may even have some eye vision issues.
People who have Sun in the first or Moon in the first usually have a lot of dignity! They're very prideful by nature no matter what. Grow to become more self awared as they age!
Sun in the 7th house will be looked up to by younger generations! As they age so will their knowledge and people tend to honor them a lot:)
Moon in the 7th may have had a lot of sorrow in their younger years. They become their best selves later in life.
Moon in the 6th and Mars in the 12th people tend to have a lot illnesses or health issues that stay with them despite their age! They need to pay attention to their health more intensively🥺
Venus in 9th house may have very.. sexual dreams? Like if they do get steamy dream usually its very pornographic-like😀 help
Venus in 9th house tend to stay single for a long time and they honestly might not get married too early.
Jupiter in the 9th however may have very prophetic dreams!! Pretty intuitive by nature too.
Moon in the 9th house will have many journeys in this life to discover new territories of emotions or people while Sun in the 9th house will have many profitable journeys!
Saturn in 9th house may have a lot of nightmares or sleep issues :(
Scorpio Venus usually have parents who are drastically different from one another in terms of classes or personalities.
Venus in the first/Venus (Taurus&Libra) placements and Venus dominant women might have very pretty sparkly eyes! Their iris tend to be big too💕
Venus in 12th house are actually pretty interesting people. A lot of them are not as shy as people like to think. In fact, its considered a placement indicating shamelessness (come for me love. i have it too😄)
Moon in the 12th house people must be careful with their circles as its likely for them to have many hidden enemies:(
Jupiter in the 12th house could have a dislike towards big animals or they could experience some kind of unpleasant personal encounters with big animals. Very random but you guys should for sure check it out!
Individuals with North Node in the first once correctly enabled and developed will live a fortunue and powerful life:) Very affluent people.
Mars in the 2nd may have been victims of theft. Let me elaborate. It is possible that something of them, whether tangible or intangible was stolen by others. Therefore they grew to become very territorial when it comes to certain things. Those are their "icks"
Mars in the 10th house may have a lot of quarrels with their blood family! The fights are usually very explosive.
Mars in the 7th house may often finds themselves with friends who soon to become their enemies. It is hard for them to trust.
Venus in the 7th however, find themselves laving a life free of controversy. Doesn't mean that its 100% drama-free but rather they prefer to keep it like that as they grow.
Mercurians/or Mercury dominant people are actually very forgetful, especially when its the smaller things! Their brains are filled with other fun fact you can't expect them to remember when your birthday is okay🥰
Mercury in the 4th house natived usually give off a nonjudgmental attitude and they tend to have a good understanding towards everything.
Mercury in the first along with beneficial placements to Jupiter, North Node, Neptune and Pluto(no square or oppositions) may indicate being very naturally great at mathematics!!! (Also Saturn in the 9th💦)
Also Mercury in first people may come off as very graceful🤎
Mercury dominant people might naturally have darker hair colour (brown)
Mercury in the 7th house and South Node in the 7th house tend to have enemies who are very public.
Saturn in the 5th house have terrific negotiations skills🥰
The dining room in the house is ruled by Gemini while Leo rules chimneys and places near fire. The cellars are ruled by Cancer and the ceiling is ruled by Gemini.
Heres a very short astro note post for you guys🤎 Remember that these placements may apply during your transits too!! ie: transit mars in your 10th means issues with your family may rise during this period.
If you have anymore questions please leave one under and I'll reply to y'all 💞💞
Tumblr media
saint jenx🪐
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