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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.

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Scorpion Man

I don’t know why so happy when you answered me.

That was the most happiest long message i received this pandemic.

I don’t know if I’m insane but I‘m really happy to know the reason of suddenly vanishing.

I’m really curious about you. I want to know you more but i know you don’t want.

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Daily Weather, 10.30.20

Sun opposed Uranus

Mercury square Saturn

Tomorrow, in addition to a Full Moon, we also have a few potent transits that will make this Halloween especially potent. First we have an opposition between the Sun and Uranus. Our sense of identity, currently being informed by the deep, embodied wisdom of Scorpio, is being tested by a tense aspect from Uranus, an agent of freedom and sudden change. If there are limits or self-imposed boundaries around who you feel yourself to be, prepare to have them shaken. If freedom is what you already seek, you may have a new insight or be given a way out of a current bind. Either way, finding your groundedness, your refuge, in the midst of this change is crucial. 

Additionally, Mercury in Libra is receiving a tense aspect from Saturn in Capricorn, creating a dynamic, possibly tense relationship between the way we communicate and how we structure our lives. You may have difficulty being understood, which is a challenge for the relationship-oriented Libra archetype, but the transit adds a deep, disciplined power to our mental faculties. Though it’s not a good time to plan or negotiate with others, you are able to think realistically and even get to the bottom of an issue without illusions. Just know that pessimism is also a feature of this transit. You don’t have the whole story. You can’t see the whole picture. As long as you can put your insights during the day into context, you can use your brain responsibly and diligently. 

For how to handle these current transits, read on. 

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📅 2020.10.29 ; there are always beautiful things to be admired no matter where you look, and you make a point of observing as much of your surroundings as possible so that you don’t let much go by unnoticed. this means that you are not only highly perceptive but also recognize that there is so much that we may not yet know which is waiting to be discovered, and you remain optimistic even while acknowledging that there are some things we may never know 🍊

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The signs as questionable things Harry did

aries: stealing Mr Weasley’s car and flying it to Hogwarts

taurus: only ever using Expelliarmus against Voldemort

gemini: waiting until one week before the second task to follow Cedric’s hint

cancer: using Sectumsempra on Malfoy without knowing what that spell would do

leo: insisting on facing the Horcrux hunt all by himself as if the previous 6 years hadn’t shown him that he needed Ron and Hermione’s help

virgo: saying Voldemort’s name while on the run, knowing that the name was taboo and jinxed

libra: dunking his face into the Pensieve in Dumbledore’s office without knowing what it is or what it does

scorpio: forgetting the Invisibility Cloak on top of the tower after sending Norbert, the dragon, off

sagittarius: using Tom Riddle’s diary and believing in the memory it showed him

capricorn: naming his son Albus Severus

aquarius: neglecting his Quidditch captain duties to obsess over Malfoy

pisces: never using the two-way mirror he got from Sirius

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i was watching an astrologist speak about scorpios and taurus in relation to the north and south nodes because i have a north node in scorpio, south in taurus. neither here nor there. but she said something that stuck out to me. she said scorpios are ‘forgive and forget’ types and tauruses are just the ‘forgive’ types. and i thought that was so interesting because i never thought of scorpios as the ‘forget’ type but they really are. like even though scorpios are grudge holders we absolutely forget people as we thought of them before they left our lives…i’m just rambling but i thought this was such a deep observation.

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