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Some important lessons I have learned at almost 26 that I would like to tell my 13-year-old self about

1. When it comes down to it every person will put themselves and the people closest to them first. You will turn out to do exactly the same. Don‘t beat yourself up over it. Selfishness is human nature.

2. Your selfishness should, however, not stop you from keeping your mind and heart open and treating people kindly. For every horrible war crime there is an act of sudden, inexplicable gentleness in the world. There‘s balance, and you can add to the good side.

3. When it comes to people you‘re into, you have a type. There is nothing wrong with that, even though some people will claim you have horrible taste. Don‘t listen to them.

4. There is also nothing wrong with wanting someone or something society tells you you shouldn‘t want. The realm of wanting is yours alone and guilt has no place in it.

5. You will have crushes and think you‘re in love. It will be frustrating and obsessive. This is part of your personality. You will, in time, get better at handling it.

6. When you truly fall in love you will fall hard. Let it happen. Write poetry. Write songs. Indulge the feeling, because that feeling is unique and if you try to kill it, it will never come back as it should be.

7. And then, for the love of God, TELL PEOPLE YOU‘RE IN LOVE WITH THEM. Rejection is the worst thing that can happen, and even that will teach you something about the both of you.

8. You will be attracted to people who are not attracted to you. You will fall in love with people who don‘t love you back. And you will be rejected by somebody you will have been in love with for a long time. However, this rejection will also give you something beautiful, because the person who rejected you will still love you in every other way that counts and it will move you deeply how they didn’t run away from you even when faced with something as terrifying as your uncontrolled emotions.

9. Flirt with people you’re attracted to. Flirt with girls. Flirt with boys. Flirt with everything in between. There‘s nothing more exciting than a room full of people and you have so much to learn.

10. Have sex. Have as much sex as you want. Do NOT feel bad about it, ever. And when you have sex, do not see it as the be-all, end-all. Be respectful, be safe, honour your partner, honour yourself, have a blast. Make it intimate and hot and worth both your time, whoever you‘re with.

11. You will have sex with people you don‘t find visually attractive but who have deeply attractive personality traits. This will take you by surprise, but it will also lead to some very positive encounters.

12. You will have bad sex with hot people, and you will be disappointed. That‘s a fact of life. Relax. Move on.

13. You will also have sex with somebody you are in love with. It will be different. It will change you. You will not be able to go back once you‘ve done it, because you felt a touch of something divine on your soul for a moment, and you will honour that memory for years to come. You will also know that something like that is rare and beautiful and you will wait impatiently until it happens again.

14. Dreaming is something wonderful. Do not feel bad for doing it even when people tell you you really should be more realistic. Your life will be a lot richer and your songs a lot better than theirs.

15. Be enthusiastic about things you love. Read that fanfiction. Write that fanfiction. Text your friends about that fanfiction. Squeal, grin, enjoy.

16. Hug your friends frequently and tell them you love them often. Honour their time and give them your attention. They are the ones who choose to stick around with you through this shitshow, flaws and breakdowns and all, and that‘s really fucking awesome.

17. You will have bad body image days. You will have pathological eating patterns. You will be unfair to yourself. It will get better.

18. Most of the terrible repercussions you imagine in ANY situation will never come to pass.

19. Loneliness is a part of you. You never needed to learn how to deal with it. It has always been there, and it doesn’t scare you. You will realise this gradually and it will make you smile. It will also make your life a whole lot easier.

20. You are very lucky to have the parents you have, and you will learn that having parents like yours is not the norm. Be good to them. Give them love and attention, even if you have a shit day. They are human. They have flaws. And in their flawed existence they love you unconditionally. That is something that can never be replaced. Be aware of their sacrifices and honour their gifts.

21. Your parents will not be there forever. This realisation will scare you shitless. It will still scare you shitless at 26. The confrontation with THEIR mortality will leave a much bigger impression on you than the confrontation with your own.

22. If you don‘t want to have children, if you don’t want a long-term relationship, if you don‘t want to settle down, that‘s okay. If you change your mind about any of these things, that‘s okay, too. Live for yourself, not for anybody else. This alone will make you happy.

23. There is no external reason for your existence. This realisation will feel huge and insignificant at the same time. It will also be very freeing.

24. You will find a profession you love and when you’re working in it you will feel like that‘s what you‘re supposed to be doing. This, too, is not the norm. Be grateful for it.

25. You will travel alone often and you will love it. The Castel Sant‘ Angelo will bring you to tears, and the Lago Lugano will soothe your soul. Allow these sights to touch you. Nobody will be there to feel your emotions with you, but that will not make them any less meaningful.

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💗 LEO RISING — these individuals always manage to draw attention to themselves; whether through their physical appearance, regal manner or their loud manner of speech. they’re especially self-aware and body-conscious and can become obsessed with their image. children at heart, they are fun-loving and warm. however, they can also come across as authoritarian and strong-willed.

💗 SCORPIO MOON — these individuals are emotionally-driven and have a ‘all or nothing’ attitude to their relationships. they instinctively seek out emotional intensity, but they have a big fear of betrayal and are usually suspicious of others at first. they value commitment and trust. once this individual feels secure and committed, they’re extremely loyal and protective of others. these individuals are intuitive by nature and have a habit of looking deep in others souls. they may tend to romanticise the negative or toxic elements of their romantic partners despite being fully aware of them.

💗 MERCURY IN AQUARIUS — these individuals can have an intellectual superiority complex. they’re typically detached and intellectual by nature and enjoy intellectual debates. their perspective on issues are usually unusual, quickly and surprisingly insightful. these individuals tend to find obscure intellectual interests and obsess over them. they have a unique sense of humour which is well-developed, and delivered in a quick and alert nature. they tend to be unconventional in their self-expression.

💗 PISCES MARS — a charming position; these individuals are seen as unaggressive with their ‘go with the flow’ attitude. they struggle to express their emotions in fear that it may negatively affect a situation, and are in general passive and rarely assertive. they often struggle to chase their dreams as their desires are likely to change every month or so. individuals with this position also struggle with inconsistent and frequent energy level fluctuations. one moment they are energised and the next they’re not.

💗 SATURN IN GEMINI — these individuals are guarded and careful with their speech and written communication; they want to convey themselves ‘just right’ and therefore may take longer than normal to respond to situations and/or conversations. they typically find themselves stuck in their head too much. they may be overly suspicious of anyone that talks too much or gossips and often develops a disdain for small talk too.

💗 NORTH NODE IN TAURUS — their life purpose is to find balance between the spiritual and physical world. sensual and powerful, these individuals are prone to either extremes. the theme in this life is their career, in which they will work to achieve security, peace and harmony in their adulthood. these individuals have typically been born into families with dark secrets which can cause them to desperately work to find a sense of stability, safety and love in this lifetime.

💗 NORTH NODE IN GEMINI — their life purpose may involve teaching, learning and spreading a message. their careers may also involve travel, foreign language and publishing. they love to surround themselves with higher-learning opportunities and foreign cultures. the challenge they will face in this life involves commitment and learning to settle down. they will also be pushed to develop better interpersonal communication skills throughout this lifetime.

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Astro notes, human cases and so much more🙈

🔮Libra sun/rising might be even more selfish then Leos and they will never admit that, let’s call it covertly selfish. They will stay with you for compassion and at the same time exploit you for sex or to be seen as a good person. In the meanwhile they are they type to make them look the victim as if they are coerced to do something against their will. This means that they won’t take responsabilities for themselves and at the same time they are selfish. If you are a good person as you want to believe, you would say the truth and show your “balls” by saying that you don’t want that person and act on it. With them is always someone else’s fault: True Story as a spectator! I bet also that there people that can redeem the sign.

🔮People who have Lilith in aspect to moon/ic/usually sextile/trine or conjunct in a tight degree, your ancestors may have been witches or belong to the cunning folk.

🔮Vedic astrology is better to predict events rather to analyze personalities and have a more fatalistic approach to the overall interpretation and focuses more on the overall energy of the cosmo, meanwhile Western astrology is more accurate to interpret your own personality and story, since it has a more subjective and individualistic approach regarding the energy.

🔮Aquarius and Capricorn are ruled both by Saturn since ancient times and It’s curious how Capricorn and Saturn always speaks of tradition, old ways, governament, authority, meanwhile Aquarius,that also shares this planet as the night ruler, they also have Uranus as their main ruler which speaks about future, modernity and open mindedness. That to say that they both are concerned in creating our governaments and systems, but they lead the way in a different way, with Aquarius being the new way to lead the world in order to improve it. By fusing pragmatism/humanitarian qualities and abandoning the old corrupted world.

🔮Leo Sun/Moon/rising are gifted with great charm and longs to be leaders, but being one must also means that you need to be effective and must be ready to lose your face by taking responsibility for your decisions and sometime they are not that great in that way.

🔮 It’s not always exact and the case, but having a mix of Moon aspecting both mars/Uranus, especially negative aspects could mean that your mother may had suffered an ugly and unseen accident in her life, or it may died abruptly.

🔮Moon Square Jupiter uses as coping mechanisms: optimism, especially after an impulsive action they’ve done. They also used to justify something bad they’ve done.

🔮Many politicians have Pisces midheaven, those are the one who really try hard to connect with the people and try to make the difference unless they have Leos/Gemini placements, in this case they are good at pretending that.

🔮9th Pisces, especially with personal planets in it have a knack to lose trains, urban services and to be so confused while traveling that if they don’t pay attention, instead to go with the plane to New York, they will take the one to Honolulu. They probably got lost at least once in their life 😄.

🔮Vertex is the point of fated encounters, someone who touches your point and viceversa especially with sun (why are talking about syanstry) will most likely feel a love at first sight situation.

🔮Sun conjunction someone else pluto means that the Pluto person is going to change you.

🔮I believe that astrology can’t pinpoint someone’s sexuality, yet Gemini/Aquarius/Scorpio/Taurus/Pisces in the 8th especially with mars/venus/moon are the most common placements in LGBT people 🌈.

🔮Mars in Virgo is always careful about what they eat. They are very picky about the quality of what they put inside their body.

🔮Taurus is Aphrodite, Scorpio is Ade, Ares is Aries, Libra is Juno. So it’s not wrong to say that according to the myth Taurus and Aries are not good for each other. Actually is one of the most interesting and passionate couples, and btw Cupid is son of Ares and Aphro.

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Tarot Reading Video❗️

Scorpio ♏️ You’ll be so happy after hearing this 🥺🥰🤩🥺🥰🤩🥺🥰🤩🥺




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Trouble by Halsey is such a Scorpio Venus/Venus in the 8th house/Venus-Pluto aspects anthem.

like, the lyrics:

Would you bleed for me?

Lick it off my lips like you needed me?

Would you sit me on a couch?

With your fingers in my mouth?

You look so cool when you’re reading me

Let’s cause a little trouble

Oh, you make me feel so weak

I bet you kiss your knuckles

Right before they touch my cheek

But I’ve got my mind, made up this time

‘Cause there’s a menace in my bed

Can you see his silhouette?

Can you see his silhouette?

Can you see his silhouette?

And I’ve got my mind, made up this time

Go on and light a cigarette, set a fire in my head

Set a fire in my head, tonight

Would you lie for me?

Cross your sorry heart and hope to die for me?

Would you pin me to a wall?

Would you beg or would you crawl?

Stick a needle in your hungry eyes for me?

Let’s cause a little trouble

Oh, you make me feel so weak

I bet you kiss your knuckles

Right before they touch my cheek

But I’ve got my mind, made up this time

'Cause there’s a menace in my bed

Can you see his silhouette?

Can you see his silhouette?

Can you see his silhouette?

And I’ve got my mind, made up this time

Go on and light a cigarette, set a fire in my head

Set a fire in my head, tonight

Don’t forget me, don’t forget me

I wouldn’t leave you if you’d let me

Hmm, when you met me when you met me

You told me you were gonna get me

Don’t forget me don’t forget me

I wouldn’t leave you if you’d let me, if you’d let me

And I’ve got my mind, made up this time

'Cause there’s a menace in my bed

Can you see his silhouette?

Can you see his silhouette?

Can you see his silhouette?

And I’ve got my mind, made up this time

Go on and light a cigarette, set a fire in my head

Set a fire in my head tonight, tonight, tonight

Set a fire in my head tonight.”

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The Water Signs and Different Emotional Dynamics

The water signs are generally associated with emotion and feeling. Emotions are a very complex subject since they’re diffuse and immeasurable. They are different from physical sensations in that they’re not as tangible and concrete. A sensory experience doesn’t have to mean much to a person, brushing one’s fingers over a surface certainly feels like something but it’s not felt on a soul level (unless it triggers a memory that has an emotional charge). The soul is another abstract thing that people talk about, it’s often referred to as the spiritual or immaterial part of a human being – the part of us that is immortal. I would argue that emotions are inextricably linked to what we think of as ”soul”, something intangible but exceptionally alive.

The water signs are by no means trivial. It’s easy, when dealing with words as descriptive symbols to castrate the potency of something, to kill the profundity of an emotional response by labelling it and dealing with it mentally. While the mental faculties can be great tools to put one’s experiences into context and make them less overwhelming, it’s difficult to make emotion go away by radical rationalization. The emotional climate is not mechanical, and it’s useless to attempt to treat it as such. There can be great intelligence and insight buried in emotions that is impossible to conceptualize of. It’s wise to have respect for the emotional system and to not work against it – it usually backfires and drowns out the mental faculties when opposed.

Let’s go through the water signs and their different dynamics.


There’s personal moodiness and frequent fluctuations that could be labelled as shallow and insignificant from a broader and deeper perspective. Mood swings usually seem irrational and random – as if they don’t really have any truth buried in them. They appear out of the blue and disappears into the blue without any deliberate effort on the part of the individual. Moods are generally quite annoying and involve whining, complaining and minor irritations. They effectively serve to create an atmosphere of dissatisfaction, which is very unpleasant. Since they’re so shifting in their nature, it’s impossible to trust them. It’s only reasonable to treat them for what they are and wait for them to pass (they will eventually). Some people are constantly moody, finding insignificant little annoyances around them all the time – occasionally finding something they approve of and then going back to their complaining again. This dynamic is especially characteristic of Cancer, the water sign ruled by the Moon. The Moon is a fast moving lunar body and changes it’s appearance over the course of a month – going from it’s full state to it’s empty state, through it’s waxing and waning phases. The Moon reflects a temporary and short lasting state of affairs and so does Cancer. However, the Moon is not lacking in power – certain temporary phases can be extremely impactful. For people with strong Cancer placements, there can be great emotional upheaval and feelings of being at the mercy of the emotional tidal waves. There’s a time for being low and there’s a time for being high, but the time is not dictated by the personal will. There’s no constancy to be had with these types of emotions, and they can be deceptive. In some cases, if the person is attuned enough, there can be a great insight into when the time is right to act and not to act on certain matters.

In the case of Cancerians, they frequently feel as if they are receptive beyond their own control and require care and protection from threatening and destructive influences. They act helpless and sad over various things, even though they are very capable. Cancer is a cardinal sign, which means that it has qualities of leadership and initiative. That being said, water signs are feminine and therefore quite passive in their style. Cancerians get things done but in indirect ways, always trying to avoid facing too much resistance on their path towards their goal. When the path has cleared they move ahead, until then, they act shy and clueless about their direction. They are very aware of potential ”dangers” and are inclined to take preventative measures. In general, Cancerians seem to focus more on the present state of themselves than the potential state of themselves, or perhaps more accurately, they can’t prioritize one over the other. They just want to be comfortable where they are and if they’re not, they can get very emotional about it. They need to feel loved and contained because their personal experience of life is way too tumultuous. They are not risk takers by any means, every negative consequence has to be prevented because who knows if one will be strong enough to survive them? In the best case, Cancers have a healthy amount of respect for potential unforeseen events and mishaps, in the worst case they worry sick about things while not doing anything to make themselves feel better. I read somewhere that Cancer is the sign that is the most uncomfortable with emotions of the water trio. They can be prone to develop detrimental coping mechanisms that keeps them temporarily cocooned from the world. After all, they are very sensitive and need certain things to feel ok, they don’t have a buffer against the lack of safety. For this reason, it’s very important for people of this sign to create a healthy stabilizing influence in their lives if they have to deal with a rough outside world on a daily basis.


The everyday fluctuation of emotion is one thing, but there are more layers to emotion than mere unease, irrational fits and intuitive hunches. Highs and lows can be experienced as uncomfortable, albeit organic pendulum swings that follow a pattern and are therefore familiar. Highs and lows can just as well be experienced as violations of individual integrity, traumatic and intolerable. Dramatic and violent reactions are not considered normal unless they happen in the context of extreme adversity – which hopefully isn’t characteristic of one’s day to day existence. Some happenings in our lives trigger strong emotional responses and some doesn’t. It would seem as if there’s a cause and effect pattern that stimulate emotion, something traumatic happens and the emotional system react accordingly. But, if we probe a bit deeper we realize that it’s not that simple– it’s our perceptive bias and psychological sensitivities that has colored the present - there’s no such thing as an inherently traumatic experience. Emotions from the past triggered by associative memory can make a person react violently to things that are quite mundane or calmly to things that are quite extreme. It depends on the condition of the person prior to an event. Presumably, everyone has some ”weak points” that have a hold over them, however minor. When these weak points are triggered for whatever reason, the person can’t help but to react in a certain way that is not consciously planned.

To have the upper hand in life and not become a victim to these kind of dynamics one has to fight for personal control. It’s the only way to access free will, to not be a slave of to one’s weaknesses and inbuilt patterns. Emotions are a great deal reflective of what one expects to find in the world and what one is predisposed to pick up on. People with strong Scorpio placements are aware of this, as Scorpio is the sign that deals with emotional extremes, power and control.

In general, Scorpios are suspicious because they don’t feel that it’s wise to take things at face value. A benign smile can be as deadly as an vicious insult, in Scorpios world there’s no such thing as innocence. In a sense one is stuck between the sweet and the bitter in life because both polarities are part of each other. To see the devil and in everything ”good” becomes exhausting, but it certainly functions as a buffer from the shock of violent pendulum swings. Even though one would prefer to feel good, the waters are murky and there’s almost never pure bliss in real life – there are glimmers of hope but they are deceptive, like grains of sand reflecting the sun light. The strategy of painting the whole world black as to prevent oneself from falling from grace is not ideal. None the less, without expectance of the worst one is at a risk of becoming a victim and this is Scorpio’s biggest fear. Cancerians, although uncomfortable with emotions, tend to not mind vulnerability – it shows that one cares, and it compels others to care in turn. Scorpios doesn’t like weakness and would much rather put up a facade of strength if they were ever to feel threatened, they would only let themselves be vulnerable in private. The desire to be invulnerable is so strong that it pushes these individuals to be ok with extremes of emotion. They might not leave a situation out of discomfort but stay as long as humanly possible. This is because they want to preserve their individuality in the face of outside forces, to prove to themselves and the world that they won’t break out of their own free will. Scorpio is a fixed sign and is not fluid in it’s nature. The emotions are like facts, raw and unforgiving. People with strong Scorpio placements usually familiarize themselves with intensity because they have no other choice. They’ll have to find a way to maintain or regenerate a sense of integrity through emotional violation, hopefully through constructive means that doesn’t involve revenge or dominance. These people have the motivation to gain insight into the workings of the emotions and face the cold hard truth in order to transform it.


Emotions often carry information about the individual that feels them, about the person’s state of being and general perceptual outlook. Sometimes, however, emotions are more general and broad to be indicative of anything personal. People who attend a mass gathering or join a movement can readily experience this – the feeling of being in a collective emotional experience that has nothing to do with the identity but everything to do with the connectedness to a shared source. This phenomenon is very mystical and fascinating. The eradication of emotional borders and boundaries from the environment could result in blissful ecstasy, but it could also lead to energetic depletion. It’s very risky to just ”go with the flow” of the masses – just because there’s a massive emotional charge to a movement doesn’t mean that it’s right to go along with it. Occasionally people are swept away by magnitude and take it as a confirmation of importance. Just because a lot of people are feeling a certain way doesn’t mean that it’s reflective of universal truth, something ”higher” or ”elevated”. To be able to hold on to one’s personal feelings as opposed to being swept away by collective movements takes a lot of assertion and grounding. It’s not always worth the discomfort of going against the grain and it’s not always possible. The ease of surrendering is sometimes the easier and preferable path – to be consumed by something greater than oneself. Of course, there’s a distinction between tapping into collective emotion while sustaining a sense of self and letting go completely. I believe that people are able to differentiate between what’s their own and what emotions seep through the filters of the personal boundaries. It might take some work and quiet reflection, but it can be done. This is the task for people with strong Pisces placements, as Pisces relates to the dissolution of the separate self and universal emotion.

The tension between remaining separate and being one with something beyond oneself is characteristic of Pisces. The desire to blend or melt into whatever is the most dominant influence in the environment is strong, Pisces is a mutable sign and highly fluid. There’s a yearning for a blissful emotional place, a freed state that transcends the rough and the ragged. Pisceans often try to find a glimpse of a higher plane in self-surrendering acts through being of service to other people and following the guidance of a higher source. In the best case they’re appreciated and recognized, in the worst they are exploited and taken advantage of.  If they’re naive enough they might idealize and deify things or places or people who seem to have some quality of the transcendent in them, something other-worldly. Usually the following disillusionment is inevitable and painful, especially if they have hoped for a god incarnate. It’s very important for these people to avoid placing their faith in false idols or images of the divine. The human condition can be pitied and sympathized with, as well as resented. There’s something beautiful about suffering but it’s also a disgrace because it implies a separation from one’s source. There’s a curious attraction to guilt and sin which can give rise to all kinds of strange life philosophies. The heightened sensitivity tend to make them prone to identify as victims of the world. This is a great way to achieve some kind of saint status, although I don’t want to imply that Pisceans are primarily out for spiritual superiority. They are often very gentle and kind souls who are familiar with the harshness of the world and longs to feel the peace beyond the veil of illusion.

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