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#scorpio rising

Neptune is now direct in my 5th house and Uranus is currently retrograde and has been sitting in my 7th house and isn’t moving for the next few years. Curious to know how these transits have affected my fellow Scorpio risings. If you’re a Scorpio rising and down to chat with me please message me! I’m also taking 2, maybe 3 more birth chart readings then I’ll be giving myself a little break for a few weeks if anyone’s interested.

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taurus sun, aries moon, scorpio rising

-more intense and fiery than your typical taurus

-gets angry easily

-very passionate about what they love

-has many talents

-stubborn as hell!

-loves arguing debating 

-admires art of all forms

-jealous over their partners

-hard worker and overachiever


-very honest

-falls in and out of love easily 

-great sex drive

-emotional outbursts 

-does what they want/ think is right

-pretty chill actually

-loves giving their loved ones support 

-physically affectionate

-spoils their partner

thanks for the ask  🌝

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Hiiii, you might appear quite bossy and intimidating to others, maybe even unapproachable. I wouldn’t say that you are naturally charming but you definetly can control your charm to seduce others. Moreover, I’d imagine someone with a very elegant style or a more dark one and sharp face features. 

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Astro Notes ✨

  • Pisces men can be just as emotionally manipulative as other signs such as Gemini, however they don’t really mean to be.
  • People with a lot of Capricorn placements (especially if there’s Sagittarius in the chart too) give me a vibe of general insecurity, despite the fact that they should be the most organised and secure placements
  • Scorpio Venus is one of the most intimidating placements, in my opinion, they just have this very sensual but also scary vibe. They may also end up doing work that is quite sensual, e.g I know a woman with Scorpio Venus that does Shibari modelling.
  • Libra Moon tend to want to make everyone happy to the point that they ignore their own wellbeing, they may have grown up in a situation where they had to do a lot of chores etc, to avoid getting in trouble with their parents.
  • Leo placements can be very specific about their appearances, they won’t be the ones you see sitting in pyjamas on Zoom. For example, if I know I’m going to have a phone call, I have to get dressed, do my makeup and tidy my room.
  • Gemini Women can have a victim complex, my mother always tries to turn everything she’s done to me as things I’ve done to her (ok gaslighting) and tells me so many things I really don’t need to know to make me feel bad for her. I also had a Gemini friend who was part of the reason for my mental health issues and she also turned it to make it seem like I’d done to her what she’d done to me, she even made a tiktok about it.
  • It’s been said often but Scorpio Rising seriously have the most captivating eyes, my crush is a Scorpio Rising and the moment I met her we made eye contact and I felt like I’d been struck by lightning.
  • Capricorn Moon are one of the most caring moon signs, they make good therapists and are generally just very good at helping you solve emotional problems. They just have a comforting aura around them at all times.
  • I find that Virgo Venus can actually become quite obsessive in relationships and unlike a lot of posts I’ve seen I feel like we actually ignore the issues with the other person in the relationship and just love them so fully that it can get to an unhealthy point.
  • I find the more planets you have in retrograde in your chart the more easily changeable your mood can be.
  • Aries Moon & Aries Mars can often have anger issues in childhood and possibly onto when they’re older as well.
  • In my opinion, Sagittarius is the most stubborn sign. If you have an debate or argument with a Sag about anything they will defend their point to the literal *death* even if they are ACTUALLY wrong.
  • Sagittarius Mercury have very distinct and sometimes even slightly odd voices, e.g Bjork, Britney Spears and Woody Allen (ew, but he’s a good example.)
  • Aquarius men can be quite manipulative as well but in a way where they have the ability to make it come off as a joke.
  • Taurus Suns are actually incredibly funny, a lot of people I get on with and have a lot of jokes with are Tauruses.
  • Even though it shouldn’t work as a couple, according to astrology, I always see Sagittarius and Taurus in the most healthy, long term relationships, they also normally end in marriage.
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Tarot Reading Video❗️

Scorpio ♏️ You’ll be so happy after hearing this 🥺🥰🤩🥺🥰🤩🥺🥰🤩🥺




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