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I put Marvel Characters into Hogwarts Houses pt 3

Steve Rogers- Gryffindor

Sam Wilson- Hufflepuff

Wanda Maximoff- Gryffindor

Bucky Barnes- Slytherin

Scott Lang- Hufflepuff

Sharon Carter- Gryffindor

Clint Barton- Gryffindor

Hope Van Dyne- Slytherin

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Originally posted by mcufam

request: Hi can I make a request? Scott Lang x team cap!reader where they get to know each other in the car ride during Civil War and during the fight 🤣 but like when they open the door like in the movie and he is like asleep and wakes up, the reader is like drooling on him and its funny? And after the home arrest at the end they go and visit him secretly because they escaped with the others. Sorry for my English ❤

summary: the civil war between the avengers may have bred a lot of tension and strife, but it brought you one good thing—scott lang.

words: 2432

warnings: none, it’s just fluff:))

a/n: scott is a literal angel bb; i got so into writing this imagine🥺🥺i hope you enjoy!!!!


You sit in the back of the white van, looking straight ahead at the back of Wanda’s head in front of you. Clint is driving, shoulders set stiffly, his knuckles white around the wheel. If you had to pick one word to describe the mood of the car, you would have to go with an obvious “silent.” Everyone seems grim—everyone except for Scott, who’s sitting next to you—so close, in fact, that you could feel him—

“Are you—vibrating?” you ask in disbelief, looking at him sideways.

“I—uh—you just talked to me?”


“Oh my god, wow, I definitely haven’t been waiting like years for this to happen, I mean look at you, you’re just—“

You’re full-on staring at him now, brow furrowed in confusion and amusement.

“Thanks—I think?”

“God, I just—I’m such a huge fan of yours. My daughter Cassie loves what you do, she can’t get enough of you on the news. ‘Record it, Daddy!’ she always says when you’re on, and I say, ‘Okay, peanut!’ because I want to watch you as much as she does, and—oh, lord, I’m making such a fool of myself, I’m sorry—“

“Hey, it’s okay! Just—take a breather,” you say, chuckling. “That’s—really flattering, actually. Very nice of you.”

“Oh, wow,” Scott says, and you can actually see him blush at your words. “Um, thanks—that means a lot.”

“Hey, I’ve heard of what you’ve done, too. Pretty amazing stuff,” you say, and his face practically glows.

“Aw, it’s nothing—I mean, compared to you, I’m just insignificant. Like an ant—okay, that was horrible,” he trails off. Once he sees you laughing at his unintended joke, he visibly relaxes and smiles along with you.

“You know, Scott,” you say, “I think the fact you were asked here is pretty telling of your abilities. They wouldn’t have wanted you to come if they didn’t think you were capable.” He looks down shyly, murmuring a thanks, and you grin at him. You’re beginning to get an idea of this man—adorable, dorky, determined with a heart of gold. He’s not too hard on the eyes, either.

“Hey, Scott, tell me some more about your daughter,” you say, and the two of you strike up a conversation.

At some point, Clint yells at the two of you to pipe down, muttering something about not being able to think over your laughter. Wanda just shoots you a smug look, raising her eyebrows suggestively. You roll your eyes at her, muttering “grumpy ol’ Clint” before turning back to Scott and talking at a reduced volume.


After some time, Scott notices you stifle a series of yawns. Your eyes start to droop, and he finds your slow blinks stupidly endearing. “Sleepy?” he asks softly.

You giggle, and he swears his heart bursts from how cute it is. “Yeah, a little. The car’s moving really smoothly and y—“ You trail off.


“It’s nothing, I just—I guess your voice is pretty soothing, too,” you say, and Scott clears his throat subconsciously.

“Uh, thanks! I mean, I think that’s what I should say—sorry, it’s—that’s really nice of you, thanks,” he stutters out, feeling a mixture of embarrassment and pride. You smile at him before yawning again, covering your wide-open mouth with a hand he wishes he could hold. He doesn’t think he could ever work up the courage to do that, but your compliment makes him feel a little powerful. Adrenaline rushing through him, he opens his mouth to make an offer.

“Um, if you’re—y’know—tired, you could always, like, rest your head on my shoulder if you wanted? Of course, I’m not trying to force you or anything, but it might be more comfortable than the window. Or maybe not. But, uh, offer still sta—“ His rambling is cut off by your (very soft and nice-smelling) head softly landing on the offered shoulder. He stiffens at first, unsure of how to react, but eventually leans his head onto yours, feeling your hair brush against his cheek. He fully intends to stay awake to savor every single second of your presence, but your steady breathing, soft body, and comforting smell all but force him to drift softly into sleep.


The sound of voices outside the van rouses you, and you start when you remember you had fallen asleep on Scott shoulder. God, how embarrassing, you think, sitting up straight. To make matters worse, there’s a dark patch on Scott’s shoulder that makes your heart drop. You couldn’t possibly have—drooled on his shoulder, could you? Hopefully he won’t notice. Looking up, you realize that the two of you are alone in the van. He’s still asleep, leaning back onto the headrest. You’re about to gently shake him awake when the van door slams open, blinding your still-sleepy eyes with daylight.

Scott jumps, also startling awake. “What time zone is this?” he asks, and you laugh before hopping out of the van and realizing that standing in front of you is the rest of your team. You nod and wave at Steve, Sam, and Bucky—you had fought with them a few times before.

Scott rushes by you, exclaiming “Captain America!” and shaking the mentioned hero’s hand vigorously. His eyes are full of adoration as he continues, “It’s an honor! I’m shaking your hand too long—“ He steps back, an awkwardly adorable smile on his face as he clumsily introduces himself to everyone else. After introductions, it‘s time to get suited up, and the two of you walk side by side.

“Hey, uh, I’m sorry for—y’know,” you say, motioning to his still-damp shoulder.

“No, it’s okay—I don’t mind. My mom always used to say that drooling meant you were sleeping really well. So I’m glad you were comfortable,” he says, laughing.

“I most certainly was,” you answer, laughing with him.

“You were so calm meeting them, I mean, wow, that’s impressive! I know you’ve fought with them before, but I would still be losing my mind if I was anywhere near Cap,” he continues.

“They’re just like the rest of us,” you say. “Powerful, yes, but also imperfect people who need help. I’m just here to provide that help.”

“Wow,” Scott says, staring at you with doe eyes. “That’s something else.”

You just smile affectionately at him.


Scott is speechless for a full minute when he saw you in your fighting gear. Standing stock-still in shock, he manages out a “You—look—wow—even better in person,” and you grin.

“Not too bad yourself, Lang. It suits you,” you say, before chuckling. “Now it’s my turn to make a bad pun.”

Scott manages to quirk one side of his mouth up before Cap’s voice breaks him out of his daze—time to fight.

Punching and ducking and flipping, you manage to land quite a few hits for your team. You’re getting good feedback over the comms, and you continue to fight, maneuvering around the opposing Avengers fluidly. As focused as you are on fighting, you can’t help but notice how innovative and successful Scott’s tactics are. Plus, his commentary makes you chuckle more times than you’d care to admit. One time, he’d even used your shoulder for a running jump, and feeling his tiny feet as they pounded across you was definitely an interesting experience.

There comes a point in the fight where your team needs a little momentum, and Scott offers his help without hesitating.

“I got something kind of big, but I can’t hold it for long. On my signal, run like hell. If I tear myself in half—don’t come back for me,” he says.

“He’s gonna tear himself in half?” Bucky asks.

“You’re sure about this, Scott?” Steve adds.

“Scott, that doesn’t seem reasonable,” you say, trying to conceal some of the overpowering worry in your voice. “You could really get hurt.”

From your hiding place, you can see Scott look right in your direction. “I do it all the time,” he says. “Well, once—in a lab. Then I passed out.” You shake your head at him: this doesn’t sound at all good.

“Scott!” you cry, but he’s already running, repeating “I’mthe boss, I’m the boss,” in an apparent attempt to psych himself up. He jumps, landing on Rhodey’s back. In a split second, he’s the size of a building, towering over the airfield.

“Oh my god,” you murmur, staring up at him. Your attention is soon captured by Steve’s hand on your arm.

“We gotta get out of here!” He yells over the noise of the fight.

“We can’t leave Scott!” you screamed back, but Steve was already dragging you toward the exit. “Hey, are you hearing me?”

“He’ll be fine!” Steve says, gripping your arm tighter. “He’s smart; he’ll figure it out!” You hear the shot of Tony’s machine heading for the two of you and duck under a car, using the opportunity to pull free of Steve’s hand. Ignoring his calls after you, you break into a run, heading back to where Scott is being tangled up by the spider-kid.

“Scott, c’mon!” you shout through the comm. “Everyone’s home except for the two of us!”

“Y’know, I’d really like to, but this kid’s got me all tangled up,” Scott yells back. “This stuff is really sti—woah!” His giant form begins to topple, and you run instinctively, jumping and landing a hard hit on the teen—Peter, you thought.

“Sorry, kid,” you say. No hard feelings.” You turn your focus to Scott, who’s about to hit the ground. You can only pray he’s able to size down before he wrecks the whole place—and, very possibly, himself.

At the last possible moment, he shrinks to his normal height, hitting the ground with a thud that makes you wince. Without even thinking, you run to him and kneel down.

“Does anyone have any orange slices?” he quips, and in your utter relief, you wrap him in a tight hug. You notice that even after having fought, he smelled really, reallygood.

“Ow,” he muttered, and you pulled away.

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry! I totally forgot—“ you stammered. “Did I hurt you at all?”

“No, no, it’s all good,” he said, falling back onto the ground. “It—felt really nice. I mean, yeah, you were pressing against some scrapes and all, but you, uh, well—it was—very nice.”

You sigh in relief before remembering that the two of you were very much in the middle of a battle zone. “We gotta get out of here,” you say. “Are you good to stand?”

“Probably,” Scott says, wincing. “Although I might need some help.”

“Get up here,” you say, standing and reaching a hand out to him. He manages to get upright, but limps a bit and seems generally stiff. You offer an arm to support him as the two of you run, definitely not paying attention to the defined muscles stretching under your hand. The two of you manage to make it to the quinjet, sprinting inside to safety as you dodge blasts from Tony and Rhodey’s suits.


An hour later, you’re sitting in the quinjet, dabbing some hydrogen peroxide on a cut on Scott’s cheek. You frown as you reach a particularly stubborn spot, shifting so that you draw closer to him, legs further intertwining with his. As you move the cotton gently towards his hairline, your eyes are drawn to his. You’re surprised to find that he’s gazing at you, expression soft and half-lidded in admiration. When he notices you look back, he gives you a shy smile, eyes crinkling up adorably.

“Thanks for helping me back there,” he whispers.

“You’re more than welcome. I couldn’t just leave you there. I was worried.”

“Wow, you—really? About lil ol’ me?”

You hum in affirmation, feeling your heart soar strangely in your throat as you take in the man in front of you. Leaning forward, you press a gentle kiss to his uninjured cheek and get the pleasure of seeing a rosy blush spread all the way down his neck. You reposition yourself so that you’re sitting next to him, placing your head on his shoulder a second time.

And when his hand finds yours, hesitant, searching, you can’t bring yourself to care about anything else.


You knock on the door, readjusting your dark glasses and ballcap as you wait for Scott to answer. Even though what you’re doing is probably illegal, you know how Scott values connection despite his awkwardness. You’ve taken the liberty of visiting him, bringing him snacks and little gifts and games you’d think he’d enjoy—and, hopefully, best of all—yourself.

You hear his footsteps nearing the door, crashing into something on the way followed by a subdued curse of pain. He’s still grimacing when your eyes meet his, but the expression quickly morphs into one of disbelief.

“W—what are you doing here!” he exclaims, looking equally floored and excited at your presence.

“Thought you might be a little lonely, so I thought I’d help,” you say, lifting up the bag of gifts and food.

“Well—wow—uh—please, come in.”

As you step inside, Scott whirls around the room, adjusting small objects and not-so-small messes as he does do. “Gosh, I’m so sorry, I didn’t know anyone was coming. Especially you! I mean, I would have, y’know, actually cleaned up if I’d known—“ He looks at you sheepishly, but you just smile.

“I think it’s perfect, Scott. Now what say we have a look at what I broughtcha, huh?”

He rummages through the bag with the eagerness of a child, and you watch him affectionately exclaim at each new thing he finds. When he reaches the last object, he looks up at you in complete awe.

“Thank you! I—uh—I don’t know what to say,” he says.

“Hey, it’s my pleasure,” you say, beaming at him.

“Um—do you, uh, have anywhere else to go today?” Scott asks, not meeting your eyes.

“Hmm—not that I can think of,” you reply, grinning.

“Would you like to—well, y’know—hang out some? We can try to make a dent in all this food,” he says, voice adorably unsure and excited all at once.

“I’d love that,” you say.

Later that night, he somehow works up the courage to kiss you on the couch while you watch a movie. It’s soft, reverent almost, and he places his forehead on yours afterwards, eyes closed in bliss, awestruck breath coming in the form of a barely-there giggle.

“You’re amazing,” he says, and you assure him you feel the same with another series of short, soft kisses.

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Of the main mcu heros, Scott Lang aka Ant-Man is the most underrated. He shows redemption and a willingness to change and be good before he gets the suit because he doesn’t want to go back to prison. Even when he was a criminal, he did good things to help others. He’s a WONDERFUL father (best mcu father imo don’t @ me) and has shown to and time again that he would do anything for his daughter and she loves him just as much (looking for her name at the memorial before anyone else, building a whole ass cardboard adventure under house arrest, her lying about him being sick to save him, etc.). Also his movies were funny as hell like honestly I think other than probably Ragnarok, ant man and the wasp is the funniest mcu movie and SHALL NOT BE SLEPT ON BY ME. I could go on and on but I got things to do today and I just gotta get these thoughts OUT INTO THE WORLD

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title; since the day i saw you i have been waiting for you

pairing; scott lang x reader

fandom; antman, mcu

warnings; 18+, smut, established relationship

word count; 2893 words

summary; scott hasn’t ever been great at talking but if he wants this to work with you, he’s going to have to. one way or another.

notes; so! this is in light of needing paul rudd fic. it’s also my first one using second person instead of third person. so pleeeeaaaaasssseeee tell me what you think. obviously i have some already started stories in the works in 3rd person but this is the beginning of the switch


There’s too much bed and it’s much too late. Those are your first thoughts. This means Scott can’t sleep and once again hasn’t woken you up, no matter how many times you asked him too. It seemed to be something he was incapable of doing not realizing that you would still wake up but waking up this way was much more frustrating. You’d rather it be him, his voice and his face. Rather he just told you what’s wrong. Even though you know what’s wrong. It’s impossible not to. He misses it but he doesn’t. Placed between two impossible decisions and while you reaped the benefits of him being forced into a certain corner, you would have had no problem if it had gone the other way. It’s something he still doesn’t understand, tonight will be another night you try to explain it to him. Throwing off the blankets in a huff you climbed out of bed and made your way out the cracked bedroom door. Waking up like this always lead to frustration, he’s trying to do good by you best he knows. He’s just having trouble listening to you telling him how to do it.

Keep reading

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Title: Glomp
(Posted on AO3 as part of Rose-Colored Sunshine)
Relationship: Scott Lang/Steve Rogers
Rating: General
Warnings: None, really, but ENGAGE MAXIMUM FLUFF
Word Count: 179
Additional Tags:
Double Drabble (almost anyway), Fluff Without Plot, Idiots in Love, Banter, Hugs
Summary: One moment, Scott was searching the Tower’s cabinets for peanut butter. The next…
Notes: I really wanted to finish something and I also wanted the boys being disgustingly adorable with each other, so now there’s this.


One moment, Scott was searching the Tower’s cabinets for peanut butter. The next, all the wind had been knocked clear out of him as Steve suddenly hugged him from behind.

“How’s my favorite ant?” he asked, nuzzling the shorter man’s neck and giving him another squeeze.

Scott laughed breathlessly. “I dunno, man, I haven’t talked to Little Hank today.” And though he couldn’t get a good look at the blond, he could feel Steve smirk against his skin.

“Well. In that case, I’d better go and fin–”

Steeeve.” He spun around to grab the other man’s waist and pull him close again. “C’mon.”

Not that he had to try all that hard.

“You’re lucky you’re cute, Lang.”

“So are you. Lucky I’m cute, that is… and maybe the other thing.”

“Just ‘maybe’?” Steve looked at him from under his eyelashes, all sweetness but for the tiniest smirk. That look always turned Scott to goo.

He buried his face in Steve’s chest with a groan. “You don’t play fair.”

Steve snickered and kissed the top of his head.

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Steve Rogers, a known memer gathering the gen z of the compound for dinner: Alright, children, for dinner we will be having quinoa and kale salad

Riri and Shuri: Mother, you had me at quinoa



Hope and Rhodey:


Originally posted by averybradyblog

T'Challa, tired: Why are you like this? Why do you encourage them?

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