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Natasha’s Return

The glove fell off Banner’s hand as everyone ran to him. Tony healing his arm, Steve asking if he was okay.

“Guys I think it worked,” Scott says as he looks out the window, mesmerized by how brighter and lively it looked outside. Clint on the other hand felt happy, overwhelmed by his wife’s call.

The next they knew, they heard running from the hallway. They all stand on guard, not knowing what to expect.

Natasha shocked and confused appears - as was everyone.

“I- I thought it couldn’t be reversed,” Thor mumbles.

Steve and Tony slowly walks up to her. “Nat?” Steve asked.

“Did we do it?” She a confused expression plastered on her face.

“I thought it couldn’t be undone,” Clint grabs and her hold in her a tight hug before stepping back in relief.

Tony chuckles giving her a quick hug and a pat on the back, “she’s back!”

Bruce’s eyes open slightly as he sees Thanos’ ship float above them, “So is Thanos.” He says in pain.

Rhodey sighs and says in an exhasperated tone, “I thought we were done with him.”

“Here we go again,” Rocket says in annoyance.

They all look up the window, but Steve stays there looking at Nat. “Glad to have you back.”

“I was always going to come back,” She smirks, “It just took me longer than a minute.”

“Cap.” Tony calls him, “what now?”

He looks at Nat, his right-hand for the past years then at the others, his team since he came out of the iceberg, “Assemble.”

- Okay, so I know this isn’t how everything played out, but while I was watching Endgame last night I had a thought. This is one of those what-ifs. Obviously in the end they kill Thanos, Scott is able to start up his ‘ugly brown van’ and bring the rest of Thanos’ army to the quantam realm lost forever.

Also I wanted to make this because I’ve been waiting to see Black Widow, but Miss Rona is disagreeing with us.


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Title: Discovered

Pairing: There is no final pairing (since I follow along with the movies as accurately as I can) but [Y/N] does gravitate towards Loki

Warnings: Based on the movie - Avengers: End Game

Part: 16, [15], [14], [13], [12], [11], [10], [9], [8], [7], [6], [5], [4], [3], [2], [1]
Short story: [3], [2], [1]

Key: Y/N - Your Name
Y/L/N - Your Last Name

Word Count: 2,474

Summary: Finally it was time to make a come back. Now newly energized with a beacon of hope, the Avengers set out to gather the infinity stones. And though [Y/N] followed on this mission to bring back those lost to Thanos, she also was hoping for something else. Somewhere deep in her heart, she was excited to be able to see a familiar face that always lingered in the back of her mind.

Note From Author: I worked extra hard on this part so I hope you all enjoy!

Part 16 - Heist

“All right, we all have our assignments.” Was the first thing [Y/N] heard when she cleared her head from the dizziness. “Two stones uptown, one stone down. Stay low. Keep an eye on the clock.”

[Y/N] blinked several times, trying to get rid of her nauseated feeling and suppressing the trauma welling up within her gut. She felt like throwing up, her heart racing and her breathing turning rapid, but she felt the comforting presence of her friends and was able to quickly get herself back on track.

“You alright?” Scott asked as the others were distracted by the past Hulk smashing nearly everything in sight.

“Yeah, yeah, I’m fine,” [Y/N] reassured as she took a deep breath, “Just… I just really hate time travel. And portals.”

“Yeah, it can be a little disorientating.”

Oh, you don’t know the half of it, [Y/N] thought to herself but swallowed back her sarcastic remarks and just focused her attention back to the task at hand.

With a couple more words, the team split up.

Before they had left on this mission, the team allowed [Y/N] a choice. Since the others knew that their protectiveness of her was a bit unfair, knowing that she really could handle herself in tough situations based on past experiences, they let her decide who she would follow. She could either choose to go with Cap to get the scepter with the mind stone, Hulk with the time stone, or Tony and Scott with the space stone, or the Tesseract.

Why she chose to go with Tony and Scott, who already had two people, was beyond them, considering the fact that she was already mad that she was joining a team of five instead of the other teams of two. But to [Y/N] she had fairly simple reasons.

The scepter would be with Hydra, and Cap already had some history with them so [Y/N] didn’t think she would be needed at all. The time stone was probably with Doctor Strange, who she still was mad at for portaling her away. And lastly… The space stone would be with past Tony, past Thor, and… And Loki.

“Better hustle, Cap,” Tony said through the comms as he and [Y/N] observed from the roof of a building across from the old Stark Tower. “Things look like they’re just about wrapped up here.”

“Got it. I’m approaching the elevator now,” Steve replied.

Tony and [Y/N] snuck their way into the tower, cloaked in her usual invisibility, and quietly looked on at what was happening in the room. They were peaking through the slits of the designs on the wall when [Y/N] picked up the sound of a familiar voice. One that she had not forgotten in these long, draining years.

“If it’s all the same to you…” He began, his voice raspy with exhaustion from the fight, “I’ll have that drink now.”

Loki, the name nearly slipped from her lips and she quickly covered her mouth before she could make a sound.

This was not the Loki she knew. This was someone who had never met her and neither had this time’s [Y/N] met with him. He was more cruel in this time, hating everyone around him and despising his brother even more. If she met him during this time, he might have very well killed her without a second thought. So she tried to convince herself that this Loki was different. He was not the same god she had come to know on the distant planet of Sakaar.

“Mr. Rogers,” Tony softly scoffed, snapping [Y/N] out of her thoughts, “I almost forgot that that suit did nothing for your ass.”

“No one asked you to look, Tony,” Cap replied, and [Y/N] could practically feel him rolling his eyes.

“It’s ridiculous,” Tony added, ignoring Steve.

“I think you look great, Cap,” Scott refuted with his fanboy nature, “As far as I’m concerned, that’s America’s ass.”

[Y/N] bit her lip to hold back a laugh as she recalled how Peter might have reacted in this situation. He was also the type to ramble and fanboy about superheroes, so she knew where Scott was coming from. Besides, even her own friends from back home had talked non-stop about the Avengers when she had returned from New York. The Avengers were celebrities.

“Who are these guys?” Scott asked as a team arrived through the elevator.

“They are S.H.I.E.L.D.,” Tony said but then quickly corrected himself. “Well, actually Hydra, but we didn’t know that yet.”

Seriously? You didn’t? I mean, they look like bad guys,” Scott replied, bewildered at the Avengers’ past intuition.

“You’re small, but you’re talking loud.”

“I gotta go with Scott on this one, Tony,” [Y/N] agreed as she shifted her line of sight back to the hydra members. “If the old me was here, she’d book it like there was no tomorrow.”

“Yeah, well the old you would’ve run from anyone, seeing as how you ran from Capsicle too,” Tony rebutted with a smirk.

“Touché,” [Y/N] conceded as she watched the past Steve leave for search-and-rescue and Loki get muffled by Thor after making fun of the Cap’s way of talking.

“Ooh. All right, you’re up, little buddy.” Tony cued Ant-Man and the plan officially went into motion.

[Y/N] used her powers to shield Scott from sight as well as get him onto past Tony’s shirt before she separated from present Tony and levitated herself upward to cling to the ceiling of the elevator just as the targets were getting on. Then, as she and Scott got into position, Tony jumped out the window, using his nanotech to change into his Iron Man suit.

She tried her best to hide her presence, but she had forgotten one little detail.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa!” Thor called out at the same time past Tony shouted, “Hey, hey. Buddy!”

“What do you think?” Tony continued, “Maximum occupancy has been reached.”

While Tony and Thor got Hulk to take the stairs, Loki seemed to notice something and casually looked around before tilting his head up to the ceiling. [Y/N], looking him directly in the eyes, could feel her heart thumping harder in her chest and sweat begin to bead around her palms.

How could she have forgotten? That day on Sakaar, he had realized something amiss about her the moment she used her powers! And now he was sensing it again!

The ride down was long and strenuous as Loki looked curiously at the ceiling. He couldn’t quite see her, but he knew something was there that shouldn’t be. But when he noticed the others in the elevator take notice of him, he withdrew his gaze and just stood nonchalantly in the cramped space.

[Y/N] let out a small breath of relief. It seemed like Loki was in no mood to have her exposed, especially when he did not know if the presence he felt was friend, foe, or some other neutral party.

Finally, the group left the elevator and [Y/N] used her powers to levitate herself to the more open space of the Stark Industries lobby. She had more room to move and less of a chance of bumping into anyone’s head, so she stayed right on top of Tony, Thor, and Loki, trying not to take her eyes off the case with the Tesseract, which was really hard to do when she could feel Loki’s eyes on her every now and again.

His attention was beginning to get more consistent and she was starting to get really nervous.

“Thumbelina, do you copy? I’ve got eyes on the prize. It is go time,” Tony spoke through the comms.

“Bombs away,” Scott confirmed as he slid through past Tony’s shirt and made his way towards the arc reactor.

The moment past Tony started to gasp for air, as if he was a fish out of water, the three knew everything was going according to plan. Though both Scott and [Y/N] were a bit worried for past Tony’s safety, their Tony’s constant reassurance helped alleviate some of their concerns.

As fast as he could, Scott snuck out from the crowd and kicked the case with the space stone inside. The problem was, neither Tony nor Scott seemed to notice Loki’s attention had turned to the stone as well. Only [Y/N], who had an eye out for the mischievous god, caught his eyes following the container.

“Good job. Meet me in the alley,” Tony said as he picked up the case and headed towards the stairs. “I’m gonna grab a quick slice.”

Relax, [Y/N] tried to convince herself, Tony’s got the case. So long as he has it, Loki can’t-

She didn’t even get to finish that train of thought when Tony was propelled to the ground by Hulk, who aggressively swung open the door to the stairs.

The case he once had in his hand went flying and when it clattered onto the floor, the Tesseract within popped out and slid further away. That is… Further away from Tony. Sadly, it had made its way right to the one [Y/N] was worried about the most.

“Shit!” [Y/N] said out loud, thankfully the sound was masked by Hulk’s thunderous roar, as she noticed Loki’s attention turn to the glowing object right by his feet.

Swooping down from where she floated just above him, she was about to scoop up the infinity stone when her hand brushed against another. Shocked by the sudden touch, her concentration on her cloaking had faltered and she flickered in-and-out of focus. However, in that brief moment, her eyes locked on to the one that had broken her concentration.

Loki’s blue eyes met with [Y/N]’s and his gaze went from surprise to curiosity. She saw a vast array of emotions flickering past his irises, too fast for her to read all of them, but then she was startled by what he had ended on. From bewilderment to finally… Astonishment. Like he knew something about her.

She could not see any recognition in his eyes, but she knew he had confirmed something. [Y/N] desperately wanted to know what exactly he saw, but then something even more bizarre happened. He placed the Tesseract in one hand and his other reached out for hers. Stunned and frozen, suppressing the emotions she felt from seeing him alive again, she didn’t react even as his hand was almost about to touch hers.

“[Y/N]! The stone!” Scott yelled through the comms, startling her out of her trance, making her instinctively pull her hand back.

Her eyes locked onto Loki’s once more, her gaze filled with both happiness and grief, but her hand could not hold onto his. His hand hovered there, where hers once was, and he looked at her for a brief second longer, before bowing his head in a form of a silent farewell, and then vanished before [Y/N] could take back the stone.

As she flickered, she stared at where he once stood, her eyes misted with tears. She knew that would be the last time she ever saw him. The last time she ever heard his voice and peered into his eyes. She lamented not accepting the hand that reached for hers, and regretted the time lost between the Loki she knew that was now long gone.

Closing her eyes in resignation, not allowing herself to fall deeper in this unpredictable situation, she wrapped the air around her again and vanished from sight. Then, she wiped away her tears and turned away from the scene, making her way towards where Tony had fallen.

“That wasn’t supposed to happen, was it?” Scott asked as he jumped onto Tony’s vest while he still lay on the floor, disoriented.

“Oh, we blew it,” Tony sighed, realizing what had just happened.

“I’m sorry,” [Y/N] apologized as she helped Tony get up. “The stone was right in front of me, and… And I blanked. I’m so, so sorry.”

“Leave now, talk later,” Tony spoke up as he urged [Y/N] away just before tons of agents flocked to the lobby.


“Are there any other options with the Tesseract?” Steve asked, interrupting Tony and Scott’s bickering as [Y/N] bit her lip in shame.

She knew that it was also her fault that the Tesseract got away, but no one seemed to be pointing any fingers at her. That just made her feel worse, since it felt as though she had thrown Tony under the bus. Whenever she tried to share the blame, they either dismissed her claims or redirected the conversation back to Tony.

“No, no, no, there’s no other options,” Scott argued. “There’s no do-overs. We’re not going anywhere else. We have one particle left. Each. That’s it, all right? We use that… bye-bye, you’re not going home.”

“Yeah, well, if we don’t try…” Steve rebutted, “then no one else is going home, either.”

Then, Tony had an idea. It was a vague idea, but he had confidence in it. And though Tony was a little rough around the edges, he was still a genius through and through.

“[Y/N], you and Scott get this back to the compound,” Cap instructed as he handed the scepter to her.

“No, I’m coming with you,” [Y/N] refused and pushed the scepter onto Scott.

“No, you’re not,” both Steve and Tony said at the same time.

“I have the ability to cloak us from sight,” [Y/N] insisted, “I can be useful, wherever you both are planning on going.”

Steve and Tony paused for a moment, then glanced at one another before they nodded. There was some sort of silent agreement the two had made, but what it was [Y/N] had no idea.

“I’ll type in the coordinates,” Steve sighed as he held out his hand.

[Y/N] smiled as she showed him her device. She was a bit worried that he wouldn’t allow her to tag along, but thankfully the two of them gave in. Actually, they had given in rather fast. It was suspicious how fast they had given in, but [Y/N] was too preoccupied with correcting her mistakes that she didn’t seem to register how odd their behavior really was. And then, Cap’s grip on her wrist tightened.

“Cap?” She called out, an unsettling feeling finally washing over her as she took notice of his much too honest face.

“Meet you back at the compound, kid,” Tony called out with one of his signature crooked smiles, causing [Y/N] to instinctively pull back her arm, but Steve’s grip was too strong.

“Don’t! Don’t you dare-!”

But it was too late. [Y/N] was sent back home.

Author’s Note:
Thank you everyone for making it this far! I know that there wasn’t enough of Loki and [Y/N] but I just couldn’t squeeze in more with how little we had of him in the movie, End Game.
Just in case any of you was wondering what past Loki had realized when looking at [Y/N] in this part: Loki was raised by Frigga, who in turn was raised by witches. Just like how she sees “with more than eyes,” so does Loki [Avengers: End Game]. Although he does not know who [Y/N] is or what their relationship is/was, he can tell that she is from the future and that there is a bit of his own magic (though faint) lingering around her.

[PART 17]

Tags: @themeanestlittlewitch  @stressedandbandobessed7771 @moistpotatobear @fxckingfat​ @e7here4l

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Okay, but Scott getting a Twitter after he’s officially recognized as a hero/Avenger, and this concept coincides with my love for AntFalcon because of Reasons and his bio reads as:

Scott Lang | Ant Man | Co-founder of X Con Security Consultants | Barely Functional Bisexual | World’s Greatest Grandma | Married to Falcon & Captain America |


“But it’s the truth!!”

And like People, Us, all the gossip rags have the headline as “Ant Man. Dated Falcon, Married Captain America.”

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After Steve left, a car stopped in front of Rogers Innovative. Adrian Toomes got out of the car and walked into the building. The security guard stopped him at the entrance. Adrian tried to push past him but the guard resisted.

“Move or you will regret” he said. “Davis” he added looking at name batch on his shirt. His fangs descended and he growled at the guard to threaten him.

Davis shook his head dramatically as he bared his own fangs and smirked at Adrian. The two vampires took off fighting. Toomes delivered punches after punches but Davis was quick in deflecting it. He punched Toomes in his stomach which he retorted by kicking the Davis in his shins. When he went down, Toomes stomped his feet into his knees cracking the bone. Davis let out a howl in pain. Adrian continued towards the elevator. He got in and pressed the button for Steve’s floor.

Davis was lying on the floor in pain. He got his radio out and spoke into it. “Piper are you there?”

“Yes, you big dumb baby.”

“There is an intruder. Get the kids to safety”

Piper and Pietro had just entered Steve’s office. Piper alerted the others and led them to the private elevator in the office. They used it to reach the blood storage room behind the stairs which only few knew about. They ran across the lobby towards the exit. Piper saw Davis on the floor clutching his knee. She helped him stand up by taking most of his weight. She heard Wanda calling her name and looked up. She noticed that they were surrounded by five thugs from Rumlow’s clan.

“To the parking lot. NOW” Coulson shouted as the group moved away from the main entrance towards elevator. Toomes stepped out of the elevator and blocked their path.

“That leaves us no other option than to stand and fight” said Coulson as he took a gun from his shoulder holster and shot the five vampires in their head. “This will keep them down. They can’t heal unless the bullets are taken out.”

“I want one of that when we get back to base” Pietro commented.

Toomes ran towards them and Coulson fired his last bullet. It missed Toomes by just an inch and shattered the statue behind him. Before they reached the elevator, Adrian caught Pietro. He took a stake out of his coat and pressed the tip to Pietro’s chest. The others stood still calculating their move.

“Don’t think of anything. One wrong move the kid will turn to ash” he threatened.

“Okay… Okay we will do as you say” offered Wanda.

“Don’t worry. I will be fine” Pietro consoled her.

“Stop talking” Toomes strangled him with his free hand. He turned to the others, “Don’t try to stop me.”

The others didn’t move a muscle as Toomes took Pietro as hostage and walked out. He rendered Pietro unconscious with a hit to his head; pushed him into the trunk of his car and drove away.

Piper looked at the vampires lying on the floor. “Let’s move before more of Rumlow’s men come here.” She rubbed Wanda’s shoulder, “We will find Pietro.” Wanda nodded.

Davis was still whining in pain. Piper collected blood packets from the freezer and distributed it to Davis and Howard. Davis eagerly plunged his teeth into the packet and drank large gulps. He could feel him bones repairing. He will gain his strength back in no time.

“I don’t need it. You guys are hurt, you should have it.” declined Howard.

“Have it. There is enough for everyone and we need everyone to their full strength.”

Howard accepted the blood bag. While the three vampires were feeding, Wanda walked to the opposite side of the lobby and stood staring at the paintings on the wall. Coulson walked a bit further way from the group and called Steve. The call went directly to voicemail. He tried calling Tony but he was out of reach. Coulson sighed and looked at the others.

“Mr. Rogers is not picking the phone. Stark is out of reach” he announced.

“There is only one other person who could help us, if he wants to” Wanda said. The others looked at her expectantly. Wanda uttered two words, “Bucky Barnes.”

Davis face lit up in recognition. He pointed to the granite, “This dead guy.”

“Apparently he isn’t dead anymore. Things have changed in vampire town.”

“Why does he know more about us than us?” Davis looked puzzled.

“Job requirements” Coulson smiled. “I’m going to do one thing my mentor asked me not to” he added with a wince.

Coulson drove them to the outskirts of the city passing the inhabited houses. Even though there were no residents the neighbourhood looked to be a decent place.

“Where are we going?” questioned Howard looking out of the window. He had one hand around Wanda and the other was fidgeting the hem of his shirt.

“I think this is the place” replied Coulson nonchalantly.

Howard and Davis rolled their eyes but decided to keep shut. Finally, Coulson pulled out of a house and got out. The others followed him to the doorstep. Coulson rang the bell. A bald man, wearing an eye patch answered the door. Seeing Coulson, he sighed.

“You had one job” he spat. “What was it?”

“To never contact you again”

“Hey, you remember that” Fury replied with sarcasm dripping with every word. “You not only disobeyed a direct order, you bought five people with you”

“What? There is only-”

Without further explanation, Fury pulled a gun from under his coat and pointed directly at the tree opposite to the house.

“There is no escaping me. Come out” he barked.


Sam had arrived at the terrace opposite to the Rogers Innovative to his spy post. He had expected to meet Bucky who had gone to spy on Steve and hadn’t reported back. When Sam tried to reach him, he was out of range. But seeing no struggle or anything out of ordinary at the post he resumed his duty. He hadn’t given much thought when Adrian Toomes went into the building. Sam knew he had to intervene when he heard the bullet sound followed by the blonde kid being dragged out. He made an attempt to follow Toomes’ car but missed it before he could get down from the roof. Few minutes later, he saw another car racing out of the building. He had decided to follow it.

On his way, Sam conveyed the situation to his friends. He followed the car to the outskirts of the city. Lincoln was the first to respond. He had managed to get hold of Bucky and they went to the Rogers Innovative to inspect the scene.

Everything was going fine, until Sam had got caught. He had thought of running away but the enhanced bullet that Lincoln found inside the skull of Rumlow’s men made him think twice. Sam lifted his hand above his head and walked out from behind the tree.

“Who is this dude?” Davis whispered to Howard who shrugged being as lost as Davis was.

Fury spoke, “Are you going to tell me what happened or are we waiting for four bad guys with guns?”

“It’s more like bad guys with fangs.” Coulson filled in on Fury what happened in the Rogers Innovative after Steve had left.

“This guy will take you to him” Fury said tilting his head towards Sam.

“At least lower the gun now, man” Sam winced dramatically.

“Now, everyone get out of my property” he said. He bent down and picked up the cat that was brushing against his legs. “Come on goose, we gotta pack now.” The cat meowed back in response. “Yeah, yeah I know. Just now we unpacked. Tell this to that knucklehead” with those words the man disappeared into his house.

“Yeah” Coulson shrugged. “That’s what he calls me when he gets over fond of me” he said his friends.

“It’s time to pay White Wolf a visit” Coulson said looking expectantly at Sam. Sam wouldn’t have wanted to associate himself with other’s problems but he wasn’t able to turn them down. The group drove to outer part of the city and stopped in an abandoned amusement park. Sam parked his bike and walked to the small security building; the others followed. He knocked the door.

A man opened the speakeasy grate, seeing Sam he opened the door. Normally, he wouldn’t have opened if anyone was accompanied by outsiders. But Sam is Barnes’ right-hand man. It’s better to let Barnes deal with it he thought.

Bucky arrived as soon as he heard about the group, waiting to see him. Seeing their state, he took them into his den.

He turned to Sam, “What’s going on? Why are they here?”

Coulson filled him on what happened after Steve left for hearing. Bucky pondered over his thoughts for quite some time but finally agreed to help.


The van rolled into the factory which was located outside the city. Rumlow’s men dragged them out of the van and took them to the execution room. As they were pushed inside, they noticed that someone was already there. A chair was placed in the centre and a woman was tied to it.

“Natasha” Steve shouted seeing his friend. She lifted her head slowly and look at him. Her eyes looked tired and shallow and it was clear she hadn’t fed for long. A fresh cut was on her temple and blood ran down the side of her face dripping from it into her lap. There was a deep cut on her lips which was swollen. A gash ran across her right shoulder till her elbow. Her knuckles were soaked in blood and small bruised littered her arm. Steve mentally scolded himself for not organising a search party for her. She had been here for a day and he felt like it was his fault.

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To Earn One’s Stripes

It was Quill’s soft groan that woke him, but he didn’t bother opening his eyes to look at him. The celestial had just gotten back from a late shift and Scott listened as Quill’s belt was unbuckled and yanked from the loops. It clattered on the carpet almost noiselessly as the man sat on the foot of the bed to kick off his boots, and then his pants and shirt joined them on the floor before Quill collapsed onto the bed next to Scott. The younger could feel the god relaxing into the bed, but the smell of smoke made him wrinkle his nose as he rolled over to look at his husband.

“You smell like smoke.” Scott mumbles.

“Sorry babe…I’m exhausted. Is it that bad?” Quill mumbles into his pillow.

“No. Just make sure you shower when you wake up. We have to wash the sheets anyway.”

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Dark Avengers AU!

Summary: Your boyfriend Scott has a gambling issue that finally catches up with him when he plays the wrong people.

All Avengers are dark.

I don’t own any of the characters just writing for fun.

Warnings: Its a little violent and no smut yet but small hints of dubcon. Do Not read if this is not your thing!


The restaurant was the literal definition of a hole in the wall. Somewhere in the dead center of New York your boyfriend Scott brought you here. He swore up and down this was the best Italian food in all of New York. You had your suspicions. The walls were a faded red paint looked rusty, likely meant to be deep maroon at some point. Spots near the ceiling were chipped and peeling away. Risking the chance of dropping paint chips into the food or drinks. The floor tiles were covered in a greasy brownish grime. Black soot sat wedged within the cracks.

You cringed feeling lucky to have not seen any cock roaches scurry around. The night was young so you didn’t fully let your guard down yet. The cleanliness of the restaurant was questionable and there was no way a health inspector allowed this. You wondered what could have been keeping them a float. Bribes? Maybe a secret laundering service in the back.

“Oh Mr. Lang. Welcome back. Will you be having the house special?” A tall man with dirty blonde hair and glasses came out.

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