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#scott lang
chris-whore · 2 days ago
how chaotic are thanksgiving dinners at the tower?
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keeping up with the avengers (season 2, episode 15)
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dragonmp93 · 2 days ago
The Avengers watch Rogers the Musical
Sam: He hates it, hates it, HATES IT, actually tried to get a refund
Bucky: No strong opinion for or against, but says that he loves it to annoy Sam, also goaded Sam into trying to get said refund
Sharon: went to see it ironically, secretly happy that she is not in the play (because god knows that knife has been twisted enough), won't admit that half of the songs are stuck in her head
Pepper and Morgan: Pepper fell sleep 10 minutes into it because she already had to go to 10 meeting that day, Morgan love it through
Scott: just happy that he was in the musical
Hank and Janet: only went because Scott wanted to go, Hank's blood pressure boiled every time the name Stark was said specially in the part with Howard, Janet may or may not had to take him to the hospital because he may or may not had suffered a heart attack by the end of it
Hope and Cassie: also only went to accompany Scott, funniest thing that they had seen in their life, purchased the soundtrack afterwards
Peter: very offended that they casted an 8 years old for him
Steven: lost a bet with Wong and had to go and see it, very baffled that his only line is about the 14 million timelines
Shang-Chi: kills it with "Save the City" in Karaoke nights
Fury: didn't see it, lost interest after learning that his character has 3 lines and doesn't sing either
Bruce: appreciated that they downplayed the mindless rampaging monster side of Hulk
Thor: thinks that this is still better than Loki's plays in Asgard
Loki: thinks that he has put on scene better plays in Asgard, HAS THOUGHTS, like a lot of them, about the skill as singer and dancer of the actor that portrayed him
Wanda: first time that she gets to go a Broadway musical, loves it
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misty-feathers · 23 hours ago
scott lang is just as big of a cap fanboy to sam as he is to steve none of y’all can tell me different also he tells people that he knew sam before he was cap and he was “a really cool guy” and also he and sam have an understanding never to tell bucky about the time they fought on the roof of the compound because bucky would never let sam live that down
(my headcanon is that between ant man and cacw sam definitely found scott and they hung out lol)
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cogentranting · 2 days ago
I want to know Scott’s reaction to being included in the Rogers the Musical version of the Battle of New York. 
I can’t help but be happy for him. From no one knowing who he was in Civil War, to being left out of Infinity War, to kids not wanting a selfie with him in Endgame, to this. Good for him. 
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incorrectquotesmcu · 3 hours ago
Sam: I can’t express how much I hate fucking bees.
Scott: Then stop fucking bees? It’s a really simple solution.
Clint: Not after the Bee Movie we don’t.
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fireflylies · 2 days ago
OBSESSED with the idea that the public thinks ant man was at the battle of New York…..
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The funniest thing ever was Rogers the Musical having Antman as an OG avenger in the battle of New York 😭 and I just know Scott would watch it and cry of happiness despite knowing damn well he wasn’t even there 😭
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venator-signum · 2 days ago
help I just realised that someone probably saw scott in new york (2012) and that's why he's in Rogers: the Musical
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usuallydeepcoffee · 2 days ago
Evidence that Scott Lang is behind Rogers: The Musical:
Ant-Man is present even though he technically wasn’t (as far as the general population knows);
Captain America’s strong and that Thor is a God, and Lord knows they’re easy on the eyes.
No I will not be taking questions.
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I really appreciate the MCU letting there be good dads. By that I mean, not making the dads incompetent when they're taking care of their kids, despite the dads being hypercompetent in every other area of their life.
Antman avoids this and, despite a couple scenes at the beginning being anti Scott, definitely shows that Scott is a good dad. He's able to take care of his daughter and keep her safe. Cassie knows without a doubt that she's okay. Maggie doesn't every make any jokes or comments about being worried for Cassie when he's with her. In the beginning, she only asks for child support and him to be more stable before she fully lets him have visits with her, which is understandable in their situation. Otherwise, Scott is just a loving dad whose entire world is Cassie and everything about his character is him being a good dad. (Also, Paxton seems to fit into the good dad role as being a stepdad but we've not seen enough of him for that. Cassie doesn't seem to hate him and this is one of the best blended family dynamics I've ever seen in movies/tv.)
Clint is also shown to be a good dad. With the dynamic written, it would be very easy for the show to just have Laura constantly bugging him and implying that he can't take care of the kids by himself. Instead, the man goes on a trip to NYC with his three kids and we only see her call him once, just to check on them because she is home alone and likely missing her husband and kids.
Tony clearly spends time with his daughter and is a very loving dad. There's nothing indicating a dynamic where Pepper worries about Morgan's safety with him.
So often, shows only want to make the dads out to be "babysitters" instead of caretakers of their children and my heart swells that we get to see the good dads of the MCU.
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cvtievnicorn · 4 hours ago
scott lang would enjoy every second of rogers the musical. that's it. that's my post.
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imposterogers · 6 months ago
this antman deleted scene is so wholesome I cant believe I’ve never seen it?
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bladesrunner · 8 months ago
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Five years ago, we lost. All of us. We lost friends... We lost family... We lost a part of ourselves. Today, we have a chance to take it all back.
AVENGERS: ENDGAME 2019 › dir. Anthony & Joe Russo
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worthlessstreetrat · 7 months ago
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“that’s not America’s ass”
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