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#scott lang
thedragonemperess · 16 hours ago
Scott Lang is a stupid and bad character and isn't a real hero lmao also his movies suck ass
When I tell you I screamed--
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gracie-van-dyneofficial · 21 hours ago
Tumblr media
My family's disney+. Tony Stank is my parents, bucky burns is my bro, wanda darling is my sister, it's Wednesday is my lil brother, and bae bee is me. Tic tac is just for the langdyne show. 🤣
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imposterogers · 23 hours ago
Scottluis brain rot ❤❤❤
see scottluis has like 12 stans right? and I have more than 12 followers right? so I’m literally obligated to post about them. it’s what they deserve!!!!!!!!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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imposterogers · 23 hours ago
luis canonically has called himself daddy in front of scott (Freudian slip or WHAT), said while staring intently at scott “I love it when he gets cocky”, makes scott waffles bc scott loves to snack, and looks at him like THIS. he has a CRUSH ok!!!!!!!!! let’s all admit that!!!!!?
Tumblr media
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angelyuji · a day ago
how each avenger teaches you how to drive 🚗:
this account is starting to be marvel only but im not complaining 😩 anyway, ive had no yandere inspo so might as well write some more fluffy imagines!! this can be platonic or romantic :)
stephen, nat, t’challa, sam, bucky: the best teachers istg. they know how to teach and they’re super patient with you and dont scream at u. they’ll help you with directions, calm you down when you’re nervous, and makes sure you know what ur doing. they’d never raise their voice at you and you never feel more at ease driving unless its with them. you’d fucking ACE the test istg.
loki, tony, carol: screaming in panic and anger or lowkey just being mean. “I SAID TURN RIGHT OMG WHY ARE YOU TURNING LEFT” they love you, they do, but these bitches do NOT have the patience to teach. they’re not trying to scare you, but omg one wrong move and theyre literally insulting u. “YOURE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD, STOP! NOT LITERALLY STOP!” its not that they’re trying to hurt you, but someone unqualified to drive driving them makes their anxiety shoot up lol “this way, right?” “stop asking, ill tell you which way.” you’ll probably start crying and they’ll feel bad, thus ending today’s lesson.
scott, peter, bruce, thor: passes out. they’ll be holding on to the grab handle for dear life until the moment you accidentally hit a curb or go a little above the speed limit, and they’re out like a light. the windows jingle will play as they pass out. the first time this happened, you’ll pull over into a parking lot and literally panic, and probably call one of our good teachers. by the 5th and 6th time, you’ve gotten used to it. you’ve basically learned how to drive by yourself lol they’d wake up after you’ve parked, talking about how they saw God. “oMG GOD JUST SPOKE TO ME” “stfu, we’re going home”
wanda, vision, steve: theyre the back seat teachers. they’ll be in the back, supervising. they mean well, but it gets annoying trying to listen to two people at the same time. the good teachers will just roll their eyes or be like “yes, thats good advice. make sure u remember that.” but with the screamers...oh boy. “STOP INTERRUPTING ME!” “STOP YELLING AT (Y/N) ”. they’ll be yelling at each other constantly. good luck trying to learn without wanting to scream or cry. with the black-outs, you’d be glad you have them in the back. you’ll end up pulling over, moving the dead weight to the back, and just have them move to the front to teach u. they’re honestly pretty good teachers, just sometimes bothersome!
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duckerchino · a day ago
*Luis and Scott take Cassie to a museum and are staring at Dino bones *
Scott: What kind of dinosaur is it ?!?
Luis: I don’t know a .... turkey?!?
Scott: huh I thought turkeys were still alive ?!?
Luis: wait they are ?!?
Cassie: *facepalms
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Avengers Endgame: Scott Lang explains his plan.
“Have either of you guys ever studied quantum physics?”
“Only to make conversation.“
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syiano · a day ago
Just one more, sorry about that ... How about a preference in which the avengers ask the reader to marry him? Showing how it would be and how nervous they would be with it.
THIS ONE IS CUTE- also thank you for your patience on this one.
Avengers x Male!Reader
Marvel Preferences: How They Propose To You
Tumblr media
Steve is nervous about proposing to you. He wants to make it really special for the both of you. He takes you to a place where he knows the both of you love the most, a place where you shared lots of memories together. He adds flowers and candles to the setting and you'll notice there's many pictures of the you and him together. Eventually, he kisses the back of your hand and gets on one knee and telling you how much you made him feel welcomed, and how you were always there for him.
Tumblr media
Bucky is nervous when he plans on proposing to you. He's afraid of rejection, but gets lots of reassuring from Steve, Sam, and Natasha, telling him how much you love him and how you stayed with him all this time. He prefers to make his proposal more private, and brings you flowers before taking you to a nice, and quiet place.
He's more affectionate than usual, and wants to make sure how much he means, and you notice how nervous he is. He places your hand ontop of yours and confesses to you while stuttering on how gave him the courage to keep going, and how grateful he is to have someone like you by his side, before pulling out his ring, while tearing up at also on how happy he is.
Tumblr media
Tony takes you to a fancy restaurant and buys dessert for you, and he nervously waits for the right moment and he still manages to cracks a couple of jokes.
Tony does make sure the two of you are alone (like a VIP section?). Even though Tony normally goes all out (in public) he prefers to propose to you to you're more comfortable and incase you don't want the whole news about you being engaged infront of everyone. He does manage to play around and while you ramble on and on, he gets down on his knee, pretending to listen to you. When you'd finally get the message, he would say, "what? You gonna say yes, or what, sweetheart?"
Tumblr media
Sam dresses all fancy for you and is just overall exicted and confident about the proposal. When you ask him what's this all about, he tells you it's a surprise and tells you to close your eyes as he leads you to the rooftop.  He makes sure your eyes are still closed as he leads you to the middle and places many rose petals as he gets down on one knee. When he tells you to turn around and open your eyes as you release the petals, white pigeons fly in the background, as he holds the open ring box to you.
Tumblr media
Scott literally practices his 'lines' for his proposal all day infront of a mirror ('cause he's Scott) and is just incredibly nervous and freaking out. But he still proposes to you during a party ('cause he's Scott). The party is made all for you, and he wants you to have the best time before he makes a speech before proposing to you.
Tumblr media
(NERVOUS BOI INTENSIFIES) Man, Peter is a stuttering mess throughout the day because he's been thinking all day about proposing to you. He panics about everything that can go wrong (while Tony just tells him to chill and that it's going to go great. He decides to have a picnic with you and while you're not looking, he tries to get the ring box out (while just scrambling all over the place) and then the ring eventually falls out where you see it.
Then, he shyly looks at you and you and tries to tell you how much he loves you and how much he wants to repay for the amount of times you've comforted him, only to stutter with his words, but you can still understand what he's saying before cutting him off by kissing him.
Tumblr media
Bruce proposes to you at home. He does dress up all nice for you and decorates the house, making the place all fancy and pleasant for you. Bruce makes dinner for the both of you (he most likely cooks something that you always wanted to try so badly, and he learned how to cook it for you). He then leads you to your shared room with petals on the floor, flowers, or pictures of the both of you as he gets down on one knee and proposes to you.
Tumblr media
Thor proposes to you either on Earth or Asgard. Either way, he completely out does himself and wants to make sure everything is perfect for you. When you'd be amazed at all the effort he's put into, you'll notice how he just stares at you with adoring eyes. Thor tells you how grateful he is and how he hopes to spend the rest of his life with you, and promising never to leave your side and to give you every last of his affections.
Tumblr media
Similiar to Thor, he either proposes on Asgard or Earth, but the way he proposes and plans it out stays the same; he takes you to a more quiet place with all your favorite things along with others that you thought you could never have, only to be stunned when he got it for you. Loki does admit to himself that he's nervous, but tries not to show it.  You can hear and see him tear up with a bright smile as he gets on one knee and tells you how you made him feel so accepted and wondering what he did to deserve you, but promises to treasure every last moment with you.
Tumblr media
Pietro is more playful with his proposal; he literally makes a trail that goes from your favorite parts of the city, with words that start off with you know, 'will' 'you'... and then so on.
When you gather all the words and reach the end of the trail, he's on one knee with a bunch of flowers, with huge smirk on his face at your surprised reaction.
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I just need to remind everyone how much I love Scott Lang.
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Random ask: give your favorite HC about Scott
Oh heck yeah! Let’s go!
Tumblr media
First of all, thanks for the ask, friend! It makes me so happy. Sorry I didn’t answer right away! Work kept interrupting me typing my answer, and I wanted to put thought into this lol.
Alright, hold on to your horses because once I get started, I don’t know if I can stop. You picked one of my favorite things to ask about 😁
I’m also going to say one of these because I’m going to give more than one I can’t give just one is not mine but actually came from @thwipandquip and I 100% accepted it right on the spot. The others I already had but developed further with @thwipandquip
Scott is a brilliant cook. He learned how to cook from his paternal grandmother, also brilliant in the kitchen, and he learned how to cook without needing to follow recipes all the time. He’s the type who likes to make stuff up as he goes, and he’s learned enough from his grandmother and from his own experiences to know what goes well together and what doesn’t. His dishes are nine times out of ten a big success, and even then that tenth time that’s not all that great is really, really rare. He’s good at it, and his dishes are proof. He can get cocky about it, but he’s earned the right. But! He can’t bake to save his life. He’s lucky if he doesn’t burn pre-made cookies that you can throw in the oven. Which was lucky for him that Baskin-Robbins didn’t require him to bake. He’s tried to bake. His grandmother tried to teach him, but for all the ingenious and knack he’s got for cooking, he had none left over for baking.
Scott played baseball in high school and college. He played other sports, but baseball was his first love. Scott tried to get #22 because his dad played baseball back in his day too, and that was his number, but Scott couldn’t get that one. So he wore #2 on his jerseys instead. Close enough to satisfy him. He played catcher and pitched some, but he loved playing catcher way more. So he’s used to wearing gear and a helmet and having to run and be active in it, which helped him feel more at ease in the Ant-Man suit and helmet. He played minor league some and could’ve probably gone pro if he wanted, but he decided on doing other things.
This is the one that’s not originally mine but I 100% accepted. Scott can paint, and he can do a pretty damn good job of it. He’s always had a knack for sketching and drawing stuff, and he started painting early on. It wasn’t until he got into high school art that his teacher was like “Holy shit this kid can actually paint!” So his teacher kinda spoiled him and gave him extra attention to help foster the talent and help him master it. Once Scott realized this was something he loved to do and could help entertain him and distract him when he was feeling low or his ADHD (another HC) was rampant, he pursued it and became amazing at it. He can pretty much paint whatever he wants. If he can imagine it, he can put it on canvas, and his forte is realism. He can make something look so real, it could be mistaken for a photo.
Halloween and Christmas are his favorite holidays. He can go all out for both especially with the decorations, and he’s as excited as any kid when they roll around. With Halloween, he loves the spooky stuff and getting scared, and he puts his electric engineering to good use and make moving Halloween decorations that are scary and cool all at once. He loves going to haunted houses with Cassie. Plus, Scott and Cassie like to go on trips to visit haunted places and do like their own ghost hunts. Scott dressed up as a Ghostbuster one year and loves that movie. He likes the second one okay, but the first is way better in his opinion. (shameless nod to Ghostbusters: Afterlife? Absolutely.) With Christmas, he loves giving people he loves gifts. He puts thought and energy into all of them, and he often goes overboard but he doesn’t care. Tis the season! And there’s nothing that makes him feel warmer and happier than letting people he loves know that he cares and they’re important to him. He and Cassie also have a competition every year on who can give each other the most wacky, ridiculous gift. So far, Cassie’s winning, but you best believe he’ll find a gift to help him win next year!
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peterssweetpea · a day ago
reminder that i love scott lang and he is an underrated king <33
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How I’d write out the “Shang-Chi” movie (based on what we know from the trailer and the released plot details):
1) Main plot: Shang-Chi, son of the Mandarin, is told that he is to take over the Ten Rings since his father is stepping down as leader. Shang-Chi refuses since he knows that his father plans to take over the world. He even references the war in the first Iron Man movie as one of his father’s attempts at conquest.
2) The Mandarin’s evil plot in this movie is to take over China by awakening Fin Fang Foom, an alien dragon kaiju that is hibernating somewhere in the country. The Mandarin can control Fin thanks to the ten rings on his arms, hence the title of the movie. 
3) Razor Fist is the mid-tier boss fight character. He’s here to do the Mandarin’s dirty work and ends up getting killed by Shang-Chi. 
4) Awkwafina’s character, Katy, is revealed to be one of the Mandarin’s spies. The Mandarin says to Shang-Chi that he was keeping tabs on him through Katy while he lived in America. Katy then reveals her real name...Fah Lo Suee, one of Shang-Chi’s enemies from the comics. However, we also learn that Katy/Fah Lo Suee feels guilty since she genuinely liked hanging out with Shang-Chi. So much so that Fah was contemplating abandoning the mission and telling Shang-Chi the truth. 
5) Another twist: Katy learns that she’s actually Shang-Chi’s half-sister, which she believes is the reason why she felt so close to him. 
6) Xialing, Shang-Chi’s other sister, hates her brother since she wanted to take over the Ten Rings (so basically, Loki). However, Xialing is also horrified by the plan to use Fin Fang Foom to conquer China. This leads to Xialing switching to Shang-Chi’s side near the end of the movie.  
7) Death Dealer, the masked ninja character who was training Shang-Chi, makes it to climax. He ends up fighting against both Fah Lo Suee and Xialing while Shang-Chi makes his way to the Mandarin. This fight is brutal but ends with Fah and Xialing killing Death Dealer.
8) Jiang Li (the character who looks like Raya) is part of a clan that opposes the Mandarin and the Ten Rings. She ends up recruiting Shang-Chi to her side after he decides to officially break away from his father’s influence. She may or may not be his love interest.
9) Jiang Nan, Michelle Yeoh’s character, is Jiang Li’s mom and the head of her clan. She’s the Mandarin’s arch-nemesis as a result. I’d hate to do this but, story-wise, I’d have Jiang Nan and the Mandarin fight in Act II, resulting in Jiang Nan’s death. This allows Jiang Li to rise up and take over her clan and drives Shang-Chi towards the climax in facing off against his father. 
10) Climax of the movie is Shang-Chi, Xialing, Fah Lo Suee, and Jiang Li trying to stop Fin Fang Foom. Epic kaiju battle results, which ends with the group putting Fin back into hibernation. 
11) The Mandarin gets away, setting him up as a recurring threat. 
12) The movie ends similar to “Captain America: The Winter Soldier”. With the Mandarin still on the loose, Shang-Chi decides to stay in China in order to hunt him down. Xialing, Fah Lo Suee, and Jiang Li agree to help him with this mission, ending the movie. 
13) Mid-credits scene: Jimmy Woo meets with Shang-Chi to offer him a place in the Atlas Foundation, setting up the “Agents of Atlas” sequel. 
14) Post-credits scene: Scott Lang is seen walking down the street when he sees the out-of-control bus from the trailer. Scott then says something along the lines of, “You know, I’m not even phased by this kind of stuff anymore”, and proceeds to walk away. (side note: Scott lives in the Bay Area, that’s why he’s here)
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bcssbitchs · a day ago
( TOUCH )  scott and linda
Tumblr media
NOTHING MORE TOOK SCOTT LANG BY SURPRISE ANYMORE, he was far too gone to even believe that much, after all, he had found in the most massive battle to ever exist. he had missed five years of his daughter’s life and had ended up in here, well.. NOT KNOWING WHAT ON EARTH HE SHOULD DO WITH HIMSELF. linda, however, had been a good friend - ever since the two of them had met in here and no, he wasn’t her client, but.. sometimes, he ended up taking the time to talk to her, just to see what the hell he was supposed to feel like, now that his daughter was all grown up. just now, the two of them were out for coffee and for a moment, scott’s hand ended up brushing against her arm but being the gentleman that he was - the only thing that he could do was BLUSH, just like fucking crazy. “i.. uh, won’t you look at that?” and it was embarrassing, it was, because he believed he really did like linda. if she only fucking knew who he was, though.. “looks like the caffeine is already getting to my brain. opps, should watch where i’m going..” he rubbed her arm against, blushing even more bright red than he had before. “HOPE I DIDN’T DO ANY DAMAGE.”
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Steve Rogers and Scott Lang
Tumblr media
Just take a moment
Let it set in
Tumblr media
Now. . . Imagine . . . Scott shows up at the compound and when Steve goes to check on him before they leave to see Tony 
Tumblr media
and they just start making out. it’s hot, passionate, emotional, and did I mention HOT
And Natasha just walks by, leans back for a double take and Steve is picking Scott up and putting him on the table while wrapping his legs around him.
Tumblr media
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