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Cyclops: Did you have to stab him?

Wolverine: You weren’t there, you didn’t hear what he said to me.

Cyclops: What’d he say?

Wolverine: “What’re you gonna do, stab me?”


Cyclops: You know what, that’s fair.

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Logan: *huffs*

Scott: What?

Logan, glaring: I’m jealous of you, Slim.

Scott, smiling: Why?

Logan: Because your boyfriend is way smarter than mine.


Scott: wait…but I’m your–

Scott: LOGAN!

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Scott: I didn’t know you had a Facebook page?

Logan: A what?

Scott: a Facebook page. Why didn’t you tell me, I could have sent you a friend request before now.

Logan: The hell are you talking about? I don’t have a page for anything?

Scott: *hands over the phone*

Logan: *sees over 2000 posts, 319 photos, 410 friends, an icon of a wolverine wearing sunglasses, a backdrop of the Canadian flag, likes, dislikes, relationship status: it’s complicated, emojis, quotes, and over 1000 friend requests from Deadpool*

Logan: *crushes phone*


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Scott: Okay, let’s just agree to say ‘I’m sorry’ on the count of 3?

Logan: Fine.

Scott: One…two…three.




Scott: …well now I’m just disappointed in us both.

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Cyclops: You made me cry, jackass! I hope you’re happy now!

Wolverine: Baby

Cyclops: This is no time for endearments, Logan, I’m too mad right now!


Wolverine: I’m calling you a baby, dumbass. I’m insulting you

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If You Have A Family, You’re Rich by honeybearbee

Rating: T+

Summary: In a universe where Erik and Charles didn’t split up, they raise the next generation of mutants. They have a large family of children and adults, and everything is going swimmingly, minus the rest of the world trying to kill them. Then their son Scott starts dating the fighting instructor, Logan. It’s going to take all of Charles’ powers to keep Erik from ripping Logan’s metal skeleton out.

Review: Cute family fic with two pairings I love. Wish there was more of it though. 

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New X-Men

Volume: 1 #118

Germ Free Generation (Part 1)

Writers: Grant Morrison

Pencils: Ethan van Sciver

Inks: Prentiss Rollins, Scott Hanna, Sandu Florea

Colours: Hi-Fi Design

Covers: Frank Quitely, Tim Townsend

Featuring: Beast (Dr. Hank McCoy), Cyclops (Scott Summers), Emma Frost, Phoenix (Jean Grey-Summers), Wolverine (Logan), Angel Salvadore, John Sublime


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Marvel vs (Xenomorph) Aliens variant covers part 2

1st pic = Venom vs Xenomorph alien (a variant cover of Venom v4 #32)

2nd pic = Iron Fist vs Xenomorph (alien variant cover of Iron Fist: Heart of the Dragon #1)

3rd pic = Iron Man vs Xenomorph (variant cover of Iron Man v6 #5)

4th pic = Knull vs Xenomorph. Though I would root for the Xenomorph alien to bite Knull’s head off (a variant cover of King in Black #3)

5th pic = Miles Morales vs Xenomorph (variant cover of Miles Morales: Spider-Man #22)

6th pic = Shang Chi vs a horde of Xenomorph aliens (a variant cover of Shang-Chi #5)

7th pic = Thor vs Xenomorph (variant cover of Thor v6 #11)

8th pic = Wolverine vs Xenomorph (variant cover of Wolverine v7 #9)

9th pic = Jean Grey and Cyclops are in the infected hatchery of the invaded Krakoaland where the Xenomorph Queen and her horde are occupying. (variant cover of X-Men v5 #17) 

 - - - - 

I have to post this again because Tumblr is a major pain for not showing the post in Tumblr Tagged Search. 

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