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and i’ll follow you forever (1550 words) by buckymyson
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Scott McCall/Malia Tate, Minor or Background Relationship(s)
Characters: Scott McCall (Teen Wolf), Malia Tate, Derek Hale
Additional Tags: Future Fic, Canon Compliant, For the most part, Fluff, Marriage Proposal, Weddings, general scalia cuteness basically, some implied smut i guess, Don’t copy to another site
Summary:In which Malia finally gets her trip to Paris, Scott is in love, and everyone lives happily ever after.

Or: Scott McCall is a total sap and knows it.

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Also, per Teen Wolf: Checked the tag to find out there’s a large group of people who hate Scott Mccall? I am genuinely fascinated by this discovery. 

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Peter brought everyone over. You were leaning against Derek half asleep when he addressed you.

“Remember those two rouges I told you about today,” he asked. You nodded. He turned to everyone else then. “Well, they weren’t rouges, they were sent by another Alpha pack. They’re looking for someone.”

“Who are they looking for? What do they want?” Scott stepped forward.

“I don’t know, that’s why everyone is here. They said that there’s an offspring to an alpha in our pack.” Your grip tightened on Derek and his on you.

“What do they want with it,” Stiles asked.

“They didn’t say, but I’m sure we can assume it’s bad.” Peter gives Stiles a pointed look. “So, anyone know who it is?” Derek looked down at you. You were terrified. What did they want with your baby? You and Derek shared a look. He nodded at you.

“It’s me.” It was barely a whisper, but it was there. Everyone turned to look at you. “They want me.”

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Author: Therapeutic_Steter

Fandom, ship: Teen Wolf, steter

Rating: Teen

Words: 6,207


An Alpha always protects what’s theirs


“Has anyone seen Peter?” Stiles asked at the next Pack meeting, trying to play his concern off as his typical curiosity. It wasn’t like he and Peter had been trying to keep…whatever it was that was developing between them a secret, but most of the Pack was notoriously self-absorbed and hadn’t noticed yet. As it stood, Stiles was only sure that Lydia and Derek knew about it; Lydia because she put it together and warned Peter off hurting Stiles and Derek because he came back to the loft to find them snuggled on the couch looking through an old tome and he’d also warned Peter about hurting Stiles.

Why did they not think Stiles could hurt Peter? Stiles could totally hurt him. If he wanted. Which he didn’t, but that was beside the point.

Twice now I have stumbled upon a steter fic where Stiles is the alpha. I’m not mad about it, alpha!Stiles is awesome, just like this fic. It really helps with the power dynamics in this ship.

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Tyler said on twitter he's in for bisexual Scott (and Stiles)

I KNOW!!!!! Lol, though we’ve known that for a while. I don’t know the source but I know he’d talked about wanting Scott to be bi in the past and he’d wanted him to get a boyfriend in S5 (which lead to fans speculating about a potential relationship with Theo because at that time they’d also released a cast photo of the two of them and a bio about Theo being Scott’s friend from 4th grade coming back to Beacon Hills – I wasn’t a part of the Theo or Scott fandom back then since it was literally before Theo appeared in the show but i’ve seen posts about it).

But regardless, Tyler talking about bi Scott — or talking about Scott in general is just amazing!!!


So we literally got:


Aaaand then later on:


So my sceo heart has been living!!!


Though I feel like the idea of a new show is still probably unlikely I am really wondering if they might try to produce a podcast to continue some of the storylines like Jeff Davis had teased when the show was ending.


Bi Stiles would be awesome as well!!! In which case I’d be hoping for Sterek, hands down. I know neither of these will likely happen but I CAN STILL DREAM!!!!!

Like can you imagine???? THE BOYFRIEND POTENTIAL!!!

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Derek Hale x Reader

!! i don’t own this gif or the prompt

Prompt: “If you walk out that door, don’t even think about coming back.”

Warnings: swearing, mild violence i guess you could say

You were in Derek’s loft, sitting on top of the kitchen counter as you ate hot cheetos from the bag sitting beside you. You’d decided to skip school that day. Your brother, Scott, had asked where you were, you lied and told him you weren’t feeling well so you went home.

Derek wasn’t at the loft when you showed up and neither was his new Beta, Isaac. You hadn’t been too upset when the Alpha changed the young boy. They told you he was saved by the bite and it had inevitably been an accident. Scott told you otherwise, insisting that Derek was building a pack to get him to join them. You didn’t know who to believe, you trusted your boyfriend but Scott was your brother. That’s why you didn’t tell him you were there.

The big metal door slid open with a scraping sound and a bang. A smile spread across your lips and you turned to the door, waiting to see your boyfriend walk through. Instead you saw Isaac and a blonde girl from school, Erica, you recalled.

“(Y/N) y-you’re.. you’re supposed to be at school,” Isaac stuttered and turned to look at Derek who was now walking through the door.

The smile on your face faltered as you looked between the three. Derek’s skin paled as he stared wide eyed at you and swallowed thickly. He shoved his hands in the pockets of his leather jacket and squared his shoulders. His sharp green eyes then locked with yours in a hardened gaze.

“You shouldn’t be here,” Derek said simply.

“What’s this?” you questioned, gesturing to the girl who was still comfortably holding onto Isaac.

Derek looked at his Beta and nodded his head to the stairs in a single command. Isaac obeyed and started to lead Erica across the room.

“Isaac,” your sharp tone cause him to stop immediately. He kept his back to you but turned his head to let you know he was listening. “Is she… Did he turn her?” you asked, hopping off of the counter and walking closer.

“Leave them, (Y/N).”

Derek’s warning and Isaac’s silence were enough for you. Your head slowly turned until you were looking at your boyfriend again. His eyes held regret but his face was still stone cold. Your jaw was tight as you hissed, “You lied to me.”

Isaac took that as his chance to escape, quickly escorting Erica upstairs to the safety of a bedroom.

“Scott was right. I trusted you!” you found yourself yelling, voice echoing through the metal structure. The teenagers upstairs didn’t need enhanced senses to hear you.

“I’m doing what needs to be done. I need a pack, we’re stronger that way,” Derek defended himself.

“You want Scott, Derek, admit it,” you seethed in anger. You couldn’t believe he betrayed your trust like that and thought he could hide it. Scott would have told you in a matter of hours and you two would’ve ended up in that situation regardless. “Are you going to turn the whole school until he joins you? Hm? Turn his friends? Turn me?!”

“I’m willing to do whatever I have to do,” he replied, eyes piercing yours. He wasn’t kidding. He was willing to risk your life on a bite just to get to your brother. It had you wondering if he ever actually liked you at all.

“I can’t believe this. I can’t fucking believe you!” you charged at him now. Your hands smacked against his chest with every word you said, even after you were done talking.

Derek let you do it for a moment. He knew you needed to get it out. But only for a moment, he quickly grew irritated at your childish behavior. His eyes glowed red as he snatched your wrists and growled, “That’s enough.”

You pulled your arms out of his grip while his eyes returned to their natural color. You reached up and placed a shaking hand over your mouth, turning away. Your mind was racing. You didn’t know what to do. Scott always knew what to do and you were really wishing he was there right then.

Derek’s eyes flitted to the floor. He could smell every emotion coming off of you. Rage, sadness, anxiety… heartbreak… betrayal. He could practically feel it with how strongly you reeked.

“If you love me, you won’t do this,” you finally said, voice calm and softer.

“(Y/N). Please,” Derek didn’t want to have to choose. He knew you wouldn’t like what he had to say.

“Do you love me?!” you shouted as you whipped back around to him.

“Of course I do!” he exploded, becoming ever more irritated with your behavior. He desperately wanted you to see things his way; convince your brother to just join him and stop the nonsense.

Your bottom lip trembled as you stared at the man in front of you. He couldn’t hold your gaze for longer than a second. His fingers twitched at his sides and his breathing was heavy. His desire to be the Alpha was stronger than his love for you, at least in that moment.

“But that won’t change this. That won’t change your mind,” you stated as a few tears slipped from your eyes. You didn’t bother to wipe them. You wanted him to see how he was hurting you.

You let out a sob as you walked back into the kitchen and grabbed your backpack. You slung it over your shoulder and slid around Derek to get to the door. You didn’t want to touch him, let alone be around him anymore. Just looking at him was ripping your heart to pieces.

You reached for the large sliding door but stopped. The next words that came out of Derek’s mouth made your blood run cold. He stepped on any shred of hope that you two could get through this.

“If you walk out that door, don’t even think about coming back.”

You breathed in deeply through your nose and opened the door roughly. You paused for another second to give him a chance to take it back. When he remained silent you let out a dry laugh.

“Wasn’t planning on it,” your tone was venomous.

With that, you walked out of his loft and slammed the door shut behind you.

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Prompt: “And I guess… when it comes down to it, I trust you.”


Send me a little comment in the ask section or leave it below on what you thought of this chapter. As usual, I hope you all enjoyed!

AGAIN, remember if you’d like me to continue this series, just leave a little comment or an ask letting me know. I will NOT continue the series if no one wants me to.

Please don’t plagiarize my work - I spend a lot of my time writing, copying and pasting destroys that. If you want to repost my work. please ask first - but even then I might say no.

Pairing: Stiles x McCall!Reader

Based off of: Teen Wolf 05x11, 05x12 & 05x13


Originally posted by stilinskiraekens

Swallowing thickly, you lightly knock on the bathroom door.

Keep reading

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Safe In My Arms Tonight (1618 words) by DarkAlpha67
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence
Relationships: Scott McCall/Malia Tate
Characters: Scott McCall, Malia Tate
Additional Tags: Post-Episode: s06e13 After Images, Episode: s06e13 After Images, Spoilers, Mention of Stiles, Mention of Liam, Fluff, Comforting, Mild Angst., Probably not gonna happen, mention of Allison - Freeform, Mention of Kira - Freeform, Hurt Scott, Comforting and Worried Malia, Impaling, Mention of past relationships, Past Stiles Stilinski/Malia Tate
Summary:“Scott.” She was saying his name as strong and clear as always.

Her hand, warm and soft, covered his. A grip so strong and firm, it almost grounded him and gave him something to focus on. Something other than the burning, white hot pain in his stomach. His body shook, his face felt wet but none of that matter more to him than her hand gripping his.

“Why isn’t it working?” She asked him, her fingers digging into his palm. “How come I can’t take your pain?”


Takes a place during and after 6.13

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The Tell


Warnings: none???

Season one masterlist

Previous part


“Look, Hoosiers is not on the best basketball movie ever, but it’s the best sports movie ever made.” Jackson tries to convince. He always did this he tried to convince Lydia to watch a sports movie rather than another romantic classic. but it never worked. And dragged me along only made things worse because now it’s two against one, and I wasn’t on his side.

“No” Lydia plainly says.

“It’s got Gene Hackman and Dennis Hopper.” He tries.


“Oh, Jackson. You silly boy. You are not going to win this one.” I chuckle.

“Oh my-Lydia I swear to God you’re going to like it.” He says feeling the weight of our combined pressure


“Cori?” Jackson pleas looking to me for help.

“Sorry Jackson, I gotta side with Lyds.” I shrug. He gives me a look of shock before turning back to Lydia.

“I am not watching The Notebook again!” Jackson sternly says. Lydia and I give each other knowing looks.

“Come on, Jackson. We say pulling him toward the video store. "We can get both and maybe I will be able to convince Lyds to leave it on while she does her nails.” I say He groans and mumbles a few incoherent swears as he looks around.

“Can somebody help me find The Notebook?” He calls out. I chuckle and look for the section marked Romance. The store was fairly empty for a wednesday night but it almost felt too empty. As in a lack of employees.

“Jackson, when does the store close?” I ask.

“At ten.” It’s only seven… Hello?“ He calls out. "Is anybody working here?” He calls.

“I don’t see anybody.”

“You’ve gotta be kidding me.” He sighs.

“Maybe they’re on break. It does see, like a slow ni-” I say stopping as I come across feet sticking out from behind a shelf of DVDs.

“What?” He asks spotting the same pair of feet.

“He must’ve fallen off the latter. I say walking over to help him.

"Wait Cori.” Jackaon says walking behind me. When I reach the shelf I immediately let out a gasp at the sight of the man with his throat slit. I turn my body back into Jackson’s frightened. We both stumble back into the later causing it to crach into the hanging light and cause a strange shortage.

An ominious growl comes from behind us and I stiffen. Jackson turns to look before quickly pulling me behind a shelf. My heartrate begins to rise uncontrollably as I silently panicked while Jackson keeps a protective arm around me as he heavily breathed. We were both scared.

It was the alpha, he knew we’d be scared, he wants us to be. Or else he’d be gone by now.

Jackson slowly leans to look at it again before hurriedly jumping back. It zooms around the room knocking over DvDs on top of us causing me to let out a frightened shriek. He already had one chance to kill me, he wouldn’t pass up on another. Or worse…

He’d try to turn me.

The shelves begin to smack into each other, falling over in a domino formation, one by one causing me to shriek again. “Jackson!” I yell shoving him and myself out of the way as the shelf we were poached behind falls. I cry out in pain looking behind me to see my leg trapped under the shelf.

“Cori!” He yells.

“Jackson go, hide, and call 911.” I whisper. He hesitates before I groan out in pain. “Go!” I yell causing him to scurry and crawl behind a different row of shelves. I lay on the ground sniffling and letting my tears fall onto the carpet as heavy, animal like breathing comes closer and closer until it’s right over me. I whimper as it’s claws faintly run themselves through my hair, and down my cheek forcing a terrified chill to run down my spine.

“Please don’t.” I whimper causing it to drawl it’s claws away growling before it runs off, crashing through the front window.

I lay in a strecher giggling as a paramedic checks out my leg.


“I’m fine human-vet-man.” I chuckle.

“Ma'am you we’re hysterically sobbing when we got to you and your leg seems to be severely injured. You may need an ex-ray.” The man says.

“Ex-ray smechx-ray. I can stand.” I say trying to get out of the strecher. Only for Jackson to push me back down. “You’re no fun.” I mumble looking past Jackson to see Sheriff Stilinski.

“Noah! Hiiii!” I say making grabby arms at him.

“What happened to her?” Stilinski asks the EMT.

“She was in incredible pain and she was very hysterical. We had to give her something to take the edge off. Whatever she saw scared her half to death.” He says.

“Shhhh, don’t gossip.” I whisper giving the man a very stern look before letting out another giggle.

“Why won’t these guys let me go home…” Jackson yells at Noah making me frown. I don’t wanna listen to Jackson being a meanie. I turn my head to the left and my eyes light up. “Sti!” I say making grabby hands at him.“

"Holy shit, Cori.” He mumbles.

“Sti, you came to see me.” I smile forcing him down into a hug.

“Wow, you-haha-you are surprisingly strong for someone who’s being medicated.” He grunts as I squeeze tighter.

“I knew we were real friends.” I whisper giddily.

“Cori, what the hell happened?” Stiles asks prying my arms off of him. I laugh and gesture him to get down to my level. “Come on it’s a secret.” I say leaning towards him.

“It wasn’t a mountain lion.” I whisper into his ear giggling.

“What?” He mumbles.

“He didn’t kill me again. The "mountain lion”.“ I say attempting to use air quotes. "He just pet me, then left. I don’t think he liked the crying.”

“Cori? Did you see him? The alpha? Wait, did Jackson?!” He asks but everything started to feel blurry.

“maynebe.” I mumble.

“Cori, what did you say? Do you mean ‘maybe’.” Stiles asks.

“Maynbe.” I nod, slowly decending into unconsciousness.



Red hot blistering flames.

High pitched wailing and crying begging for the agonizing pain to end.

“Go!” A voice screamed. “Cori, go! Cori! Cori!….”

“Cori! Cori-” a familiar voice shakes me awake. My eyes joilt open. I pant out frantically, my eyes switching around the bright room fearfully.  My body felt sticky and gross with sweat and my heart roughly pounded in my chest.

It was happening again. Dreams about the car wreck. Dreams so vivid I feel as though I once lived them.  My mothers car accident was one of this towns most widely known accidents. And still now, years later, I’m having nightmares of the burning flames.

“Alan, Noah, she’s awake.” Melissa says standing above me. “Sweetie, you must need some water. It looks like you were having a bad dream.” She says lifting my head and tilting a glass to my dry lips. I sip the cool liquid allowing it to moisten my mouth. I finish the cup and let out a deep relieved sigh. I felt like I could actually use my mouth again.

“Cori, sweetheart.” My dad says slipping my glasees onto my face.

“Dad?” I say

“Cori, you’re in the hospital. Do you remember what happened?” Noah asks.

“What…happened?” I ask still feeling a bit fuzzy.

“Last night, at the video store.” He asks forcing my brain to recall the traumatic events of the previous night.

“I pushed Jackson and the shelf fell on me.” I mumble.

“And do you remember anything else?” He asks.

“The man-the employee…he was dead.” I grunt.

“I think that’s enough for today.” My father says.

“I’m sorry Alan I know this is tough for the both of you but one more question and I’ll be done, alright?” Noah says. My father nods before Noah turns back to me. “Did you see what attacked you and Jackson in the video store?”

I look between my father, Noah, and Melissa. I knew what it was. I knew very very well what it was.

But they didn’t.

“It was… just a mountain lion. It was dark, and it moved fast, but I’m sure.” I say looking up at Noah. He looked slightly disappointed but nodded anyway.

“I’m glad your okay, Cori.” He says leaning over to give me a hug. “I’ll tell Stiles you’re awake.”

“Thanks Noah.” I say.

“Okay, Cori, so you are a very lucky girl. The shelf may have fallen on you hard and fast but your leg isn’t broken too bad. Aside fron some heavy bruising, a fracture, and a sprained ankle to match your hand, you should be fine. You will need to stay off of your leg for a little over a month, and use chruches or some other form of moving aid.” Melissa says showing me my ex-ray.

“That’s great.” I smile lookin gdown at the beige colored brace covering my leg below the knee

“Yes it is. We’ll need you to stay for one more test then you’re free to go. Sound good?”

“Sounds perfect.” I say.

“Great. I’ll give you two a second.” Melissa says exiting the room and closing the door behind her.

“Dad it’s eleven o'clock. Who’s feeding the animals?” I ask.

“The animals will be fine. How are you feeling?” He asks petting my hair.

“I’m fine dad, I promise.” I say knowing how parinoid this must have made him, after losing mom and nearly losing me as well, everything I did he felt anxious about. I knew that he just wanted me to be safe but I didn’t want him anywhere near this stuff. The supernatual world was dangerous, and for some reason the alpha has this odd fixation on me.

“You know I worry about you.” He sighs.

“I know, but I’m safe, I’m okay. I’ll look both ways before I go into another video store- actually, any store.” I joke to lighten the mood.

“Okay, good. I guess I’ll go back to the clinic.” He says kissing my forehead. “I love you.”

“I love you too dad.” I say as he exits the room leaving the door open. Through the open door I could see nurses, doctors, and patients walking by. But more noticeably, or I suppose I should say, strangely, I could see Derek Hale standing in the distance. I wave slightly as he gives me a subtle nod before walking away.

I laid in my hospital bed eating hospital pie and watching Spongebob I know I looked childish but I was having fun on my traumatic day off from school.

A knock sounded from the door and I looked over to see Isaac smiling at me. He pulled a small bear from behing his back amd flashed it to me.

“Isaac!” I squeal. He walks over and gives me a tight hug.

“I heard you were in the hospital and I had to come visit you.” He says sitting on the edge of the bed. “I’m beary happy you’re okay.” He says handing me the cute pink bear.

“Awe, thanks Isaac. Wait who told you?” I ask feeling a bit concerned. I didn’t want everyone to know about the alpha incident.

“Your friend Stiles. He’s not very subtle or quiet.” He says making me laugh. Well if Issac knows, everyone does.

“Yeah that’s Stiles for you.” I mumble. “Oh my god I can’t believe you came to see me in the hospital.

"I’m your friend, I know you’d do the same for me.” He says.

“I mean because I look like a troll.” I laugh.

“Aw, no you don’t. Trolls are like… super duper sexy and you’re just-” He starts as I begin hitting him with a pillow laughing. “I’m kidding! It was a joke!”

“Thank you anyway, Isaac. For the laugh.” I say looking up at him. I frown once I notice a large bruise on his arm. “Woah, how’d that happen?” I ask grabbing his arm. He quickly pulls it back clearing his throat.

“Sorry uhh, just lacross. You know how is.” He says.

“Yeah, it’s pretty rough game.” I skeptically say.

“I-it is. I should go actually. I came left class ten minutes early before lunch and I don’t have long to get back and if it looks like I’m skipping my dad will have a fit.” He explains making me nod in understandment.

“Oh, yeah go back. I wouldn’t want you getting in trouble because of me. But thanks for the bear.” I say holding up the plushie.

“No problem. I’ll text you later, Bye.”



“You’re awake, great, I went to see Lydia- ahhhhh you’re not wearing clothes.” Stiles fumbles.

“Stiles! Get out!” I yell throwing one of my loose shoes at him. It hits him in the chest and he quickly closes the door making me roll my eyes. I quickly put on my shirt and shorts before calling him back in.

“If you walk in on me naked one more time I’m telling your father to register you.” I grumble.

“Noted.” He nods.

“And you went to see Lydia…before me…and I’m in the hospital?” I ask. Stiles looks at me awkwardly making me sigh.

“I’m not mad, or surprised really, I’m just disappointed.” I say.

“It wasn’t like that!” He insists making me raise an eyebrow. “Okay maybe it was. But while I was there her phone buzzed. And look at the video she took.” Stiles says showing me a video of the alpha jumping out of the window of the video store.

I gasp and look up at him. “Holy crap, Stiles.” That’s like a perfect clear shot of the alpha.“ I say.

"Yeah, I’ve been trying to get a hold of Scott so I could show it to him but…he’s been MIA all day. I don’t know what to do.” He mumbles.

“I’m sorry, Sti.” I say jumping to my feet before crumbling to the ground. Stiles catches me by my arms and pulls me back up. “I forgot about my leg.”

“Yeah.” He mumbles. “Come on get in the chair.” He says sitting me down in the wheel chair.

“Thanks.” I say. “You should call him one more time. Just once, and if he doesn’t anwser… delete it.”

“Delete- are you insane?!”

“Seeing the alpha won’t help him fight it Stiles. If he won’t anwser you for this valuable information then he doesnt deserve it.” I shrug.

“You’re…right.” he says dialling up Scott. He let’s out a deep sigh before mumbling “voicemail.”

“Hey, it’s me again. I’m at the hospital with Cori who you didn’t visit by the way. Look I found something and I don’t know what to do okay? So if you could turn on your phone right now, that’d be great. Or else I’ll kill you. Do you understand me? I’m going to kill you… And I’m too upset to come up with a way description about how exactly I’m gonna kill you but I’m gonna do it, okay? I’m gonna- ugh! Goodbye.” He rants violently hanging up the phone.

“He didn’t anwser.” I voice, stating the obvious.

“I know.” He mumbles opening the video and deleting it.

“Sorry.” I whisper.

“It’s fine… anyway, you saw the alpha again, what was that like?” He asks wheeling me out into the hallway.

“Just as terrifying as the last time.” I chuckle. “Stiles he scares me… like a lot.”

“Of course he does. He’s a murdeous werewolf.” He laughs.

“No. I mean yes, but no, that’s not why he scares me.”

“Oh, then why?” He asks.

“The first time I saw the alpha, the first time he attacked me…I fainted. I woke up the next morning in my bed as if I had never even left it.” I tell him. It felt good to finally get this off of my chest but I was still scared.

“You woke up in your bed?” He asks.

“Tucked in, with a stuffed bear under my arm. I’ve had him since I was little I called him Sir Dreamy because I only cuddled him after I had a bad dream. I just assumed it wasn’t real.”

“But it was real.” He comments.

“Yes! And then at the video store…” I trail off shuttering as I remember I his long claws running across my skin. “He pet me, like I was a dog or something. His actions didn’t feel malice they felt almost as if they were trying to be comforting.”

“I thought you were just high last night. He actually pet you? Like he wanted to make you feel better? But why?” He says wheeling me into the parking lot.

“I don’t know Stiles, but it felt like…” I let out a deep sigh biting my lip as I clutch my hands in my lap to prevent from trembling.

“Like what?” He asks.

“It felt like he knew me.”

Next part

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Before I think about what I would like to see in Alpha Needs - May I ask about some hints or a direction your thinking about going to? Or do you just want to hear about every idea we have?

I had a few ideas but I’m not married to anything yet — FIRE AT WILL!!!


If anyone is curious this is the fic that the anon and I are chatting about:


Alpha Needs

As Scott turns into the six month anniversary of his eighteenth birthday his body begins to undergo a new transformation that threatens to drive him mad. After receiving advice from Derek, he seeks release in the form of a chimera that’s been trying to worm his way back into the pack since summer started.

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Even I didn’t think Wendigos were this strong, they’re known as ‘sneaky creatures whose appetite is uncontrollable despite any better judgement they might possess.

(Basically no matter how nice they are, if they’re hungry enough they will eat you.) They’re considered similar to the Kanima creatures for maintaining human appearance.

Can’t believe they’re strong enough to fight even kill an alpha werewolf, they definitely don’t get enough credit in the supernatural realm.

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Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines


Being Scott’s younger sister would include…

  • First things first, you two being inseparable since you were born
  • Being two years younger than Scott, but despite the age difference, you got along pretty well
  • Mostly because Melissa taught you from a very young age to always stand up for each other and stick together through thick and thin
  • Stiles was like, a second brother to you
  • Even though you slightly had a crush on him
  • Helping him going through his first full moon 🌕
  • Him wanting you to keep you safe at all costs, which meant keeping you uninvolved in the supernatural
  • Him failing to do so, since you quickly discovered you’re a Banshee
  • Which meant you got to spend a lot of time with Lydia and befriending her, although you disliked her at first because of her attitude towards Stiles
  • Scott being overprotective in general, like very overprotective
  • Texting or calling you constantly to make sure you’re okay
  • It could be annoying at times, but you secretly loved it
  • Let’s just say that, when you got on your first date, things didn’t go that well
  • Apart from Scott threatening the boy, he also gave you ‘the talk’
  • Basically lecturing you about protection
  • You rolling your eyes at him
  • Scott and Stiles spying on you the whole time
  • Eventually, you called it quits quite quickly. The dude was a jerk
  • Scott and Stiles took you home. You ordered pizza 🍕 and watched Disney movies cuddling on the couch
  • So after that night, you and Stiles grew pretty close
  • Stiles asked Scott’s permission to take you on a date, and he happily agreed
  • Stiles took you to the movies, and then for ice cream. He made sure everything was perfect
  • Him giving you his jacket, because you were cold
  • Not knowing whether he should kiss you or not
  • He drove you home, and as you got out of his Jeep, you gave him a kiss on the chick
  • After a couple of dates, you were official
  • During pack meetings, Stiles wouldn’t just keep his hands of you. Whether it was him just holding your hand, or hugging your waist
  • That didn’t go unotticed from the pack members, especially Isaac
  • But you were quick to cut him off
  • And so was Scott
  • Getting matching tattoos
  • Late night pillow talks
  • Scott helping you when you were feeling down
  • You just always knew what to do. He’d either take you bowling or cook something for you and just snuggle with you on your bed
  • Trusting him more than anyone
  • Being heartbroken when he and Stiles left for college
  • They’d come back home once or twice a month though
  • Being there when you gratuaded
  • Attending the same college as him, and sharing an apartment
  • Coming back to Beacon Hills after five years and start a family with Stiles
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