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#scott mccall
isaacllahey · 2 days ago
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Missing and presumed dead because he's probably a virgin, Scott! And you know who else is a virgin? Me!
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malia: *walks up to the microphone at scott and isaac's wedding*
malia: *taps the mic, everyone smiles, ready for the speech she's about to give*
malia: if anyone doesn't want their cake, please pass it to me
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skittlestrash · a day ago
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teen wolf rewatch just because         ☾ heart monitor (aka everyone is a jerk to scott and allison, who are perfect little angels look at them)
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returntobeaconhills · a day ago
Time & Tide
“Time and tide waits for no man.” Scott clapped a hand on Stiles’s shoulder as they looked up at the mostly rebuilt Hale house.
“Enjoying your “Foundations of English Lit” class I take it?” Stiles asked.  
Scott gave him a very pleased look and it reminded him of when Scott was studying for the PSATs and constantly trying to incorporate those words into conversation. He loved the big goofball.
Stiles took in the structure that had slowly, slowly been restored to…well, maybe not its former glory but something livable. Derek had huffed and puffed his way through it, but Stiles helped him get the property back from the county. There were a lot of hoops to jump through, and Derek still didn’t like any problem he couldn’t just punch in the face.  
But between finishing up getting his degree, working part time as a PI, and an internship, Stiles hadn’t had time to breathe, let alone come back to Beacon Hills to visit for the last year. Sometimes Derek would call him, exasperated with some particular task, and Stiles would have to send him a YouTube video to walk him through it because the man had no sense of technology and seemed hardly able to work Google.
Now he was here to take it all in.
Scott darted up the steps and Stiles followed. Before they even knocked, Derek had the door open for them.
“What are you doing here? This is private property.” Derek scowled at them for just a moment before his lips curled up into a smirk.
And there was something about him repeating those first words he had ever said to them, something about him actually teasing, that made Stiles realize he had really missed the guy. He couldn’t believe they had both made it to this point in their lives that they were able to actually do something with their lives instead of just constantly worrying about dying.
Before he knew what he was doing, Stiles had his arms around Derek in a hug that seemed to surprise both of them. Derek was frozen for a moment, before he seemed to lean into it and give Stiles a pat on the back.
Stiles fell back on his heels with an awkward cough. “Nice house,” he said, pushing on past Derek.
“Thanks,” he said, stepping aside so that Scott could come in.
But Scott stayed on the porch. “Actually, I just realized I promised my mom I’d have lunch with her at the hospital. But you guys catch up. I’ll talk to you soon.”
Stiles glared at Scott, but Scott just gave him a warm smile. “Time and tide,” he reminded Stiles before heading back to his car.
Stiles took it back. He totally hated the big goofball.
“So…” Stiles took in the hardwood floors, the comfy armchair in a little reading nook, and he couldn’t help but notice that Derek hadn’t added back the fireplace that Stiles remembered in the ruins of the previous house. Finally, Stiles took in Derek himself. His beard was a little longer and he was wearing an honest-to-God cardigan.
“You’re so domesticated,” Stiles told him. “You’re a domesticated wolf now.”
Derek ducked his head with a small laugh. “I guess I am.”  
Wearing a cardigan and laughing? Who was this man?
Stiles stepped right in front of Derek and gave his face a thorough inspection.
“Um, what are you doing?”
“Trying to see if you are just a Derek impersonator.”
Derek rolled his eyes, and Stiles decided it was really him after all.
Stiles gave a small tug on the end of Derek’s beard and stepped back.
“You’re older but still the same,” Derek said, but Stiles could detect a hint of fondness in his exasperation.
“Yep. I’m older. Twenty-two. I can drink, smoke, vote…just not all at once, or so I was told on election day.”
Derek chuckled. “Are you staying in Beacon Hills long?”
“The summer, at least. Not sure about after.” Stiles crossed his arms over his chest but then that felt defensive so he put them in his pockets and since when did he not know what to do with his own hands when talking to someone?
“I like what you’ve done with the place,” Stiles tells him. “It’s homey.”
“I wanted it to feel inviting.”
Stiles raised an eyebrow. “For who?”
“You,” Derek said. He quickly cleared his throat. “You guys. All the pack.”
“Right.” Stiles rocked on his heels. “Well, I guess I should-“
“Would you like to stay for dinner?” Derek blurted out. “I mean, a thank you dinner is the least I can do. I wouldn’t have this place if it weren’t for you.”
“Yeah.” Stiles wanted to play it cool, but he couldn’t help the huge smile that stretched across his lips. “Yeah, I’d like that.”
And that was the moment Stiles decided he might not just stay for dinner, he might stay forever. 
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winchester0673 · a day ago
Y/N : What's on your neck?
Scott : A mosquito bite
Allison : (walks in)
Y/N : Hey mosquito
Kira : (walks in)
Y/N : Hello other mosquito
Malia : (walks in)
Y/N : Sup other other mosquito
Stiles : There's so many mosquitoes in here
Y/N : I know right
Stiles : It's that season
Y/N : And Scott may be a sweetheart, but he gets around
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momentofmemory · 21 hours ago
typical of rabid scott stans, hijacking a post that's explicitly say people should stop hating on stiles and scott and blaming either of them just to hate on stiles and blame stiles for things scott has said and done (like judging and condemning based on his own prejudice and on theo's cheap lies alone.) also: stiles is a victim of donovan's brutal assault and of theo's blackmail, and stiles is not obligated to share his own traumas with scott if he doesn't want to. end of the story
Actually, I think it’s just the beginning of the story, anon. Just not the one you want people to know.
For those of you unfamiliar with the person above, you’re probably confused by the terseness of my greeting. Generally, I welcome anons in my inbox—some people are shy, or otherwise feel more comfortable with anonymity, and that’s totally fine.
But this is different, because I recognize this anon.
And I know why they’re here.
This anon—often referred to as “asshole anon,” but I’ll just call them AA for simplicity—has been harassing the Scott fandom, and frankly the entire Teen Wolf fandom, with a distinctive kind of nonsensical vitriol for over four years now. I’ve traced their particular style and diction to multiple long term harassment cases—at minimum seven off the top of my head, but I’m sure there are more. One of those even included a doxxing threat.
They’ve also blatantly lied about the behaviors of these users in various posts, with the specific and singular goal of destroying their reputations—and I do want to stress the lying. Many of their accusations are patently false, or exaggerated to the point of absurdity, and that is not the same as simply “warning” about genuine issues.
In the above message, anon has accused me of being 1)“rabid,” 2)hating Stiles, and 3)hijacking a post. This is the post they are referring to. You can see that was flatly not the case, and if you know me, I trust my reputation stands for itself as well—unlike anon’s. You’re also free to note that anon sent this exact same message, nearly word-for-word, to the other person on the thread—and that user hadn’t said anything at all, other than wanting less toxicity! Copy and pasting the same hateful message to multiple people is typical of AA’s behavior, and demonstrates how they use asks as a battering ram.
Outside of long term harassment, AA has dozens and dozens of individual cases of harassment against users in the scott tag: established fans, complete newbies, meta writers, ask boxers, live bloggers, gif makers, literally anyone that anon thinks they can affect. 
And I want to stress that 
they go after newbies, 
the posts can be as simple as “I liked this Scott scene,” and 
they’re attacking positive posts in the Scott tag. 
AA is not simply going after “loud” people who aren’t “staying in their lane.” AA is deliberately trying to stop absolutely anyone from enjoying a character, despite it being properly tagged—and they’re doing it on anon, and that’s what I find especially treacherous.
AA does not use the anon function because AA is shy. AA uses it because it can be weaponized. They can attack, harass, and bully users for as long as they want, and it’s much harder to stop them. It’s one thing to disagree with another user and want to message them about it—I’ve done it before!—but I have always, always left my name attached. I actually stand by my opinions, unlike AA, and I’m also not out here to ruin people’s days—unlike AA.
This is not about simple fandom disagreements. This isn’t about who likes who, or prefers which characters, or whatever. This is harassment, and it deserves to be called out.
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princeescaluswords · a day ago
Ever notice in Teen Wolf fanfiction set immediately after Season 2, Stiles is very often so angry about Scott being forced to grab Derek by the neck and make him Bite Gerard because Jackson had his claws to Allison's neck that he stops talking to Scott or stops being his friend and joins Derek's pack.
UNLESS Scott for some reason -- usually at Stiles's urging -- joins Derek's pack for real this time. Then, ninety-nine times out of a hundred, Stiles suddenly has zero problem with it. In fact, it's seldom brought up at all.
It's almost as if the act itself wasn't the problem, but the fact that Scott didn't decide to submit to Derek, which doesn't have racial connotations at all.
And this is in thousands and thousands of stories, not just a handful.
It's almost as big a change as how furious Stiles is with Scott for not telling him about the Master Plan (while it's likely canon Stiles knew about it and simply didn't comment) but simultaneously doesn't care that Derek knew about the approach of the Alpha Pack but didn't tell anyone that mattered.
I'm only bringing this up again because I encountered yet another story where Stiles tells Scott to fuck off and joins Derek's pack while simultaneously ignoring that Derek sent Isaac and Erica repeatedly to murder Lydia for him, including one instance in Scott's house where Isaac actually attacked Stiles.
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sun-spark · 2 days ago
Scott: We’re going to have to tell him. He’s gonna figure it out sooner or later.
Isaac: What? You want to tell Chris Argent that not only is one werewolf dating his daughter, but both of us are?
Scott: It’ll be less violent if he knows!
Isaac: Riiiigggghhhttt.
Isaac: So would you rather be killed by Chris or Allison?
Scott: ...
Scott: On second thought, he doesn’t need to know. Ever. Unless Ally decides he does.
Isaac: That’s what I thought.
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teenwolfincorrectquotes · 13 hours ago
*allison walks into scott's house after fighting with him*
allison: i'm so sorry to interrupt your dinner-
scott: how did you get in here?!
allison: i'm not here to discuss your lack of home security. i'm here to apologize
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incorrectpuppypack · a day ago
Scott: Liam! I know you sneaked out to go on a date last night.
Liam: *inner voice* Play dumb!
Liam: Who's Liam?
Liam: *inner voice* Not that dumb!
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stacinadia · 2 days ago
For @sterekdrabbles!  I haven’t written one in months!  ^^;;;  March 15th’s prompt was near, regular, careful, and the first thing I thought of was a group’s regular table in the cafeteria!
Also on AO3.
Stiles carried his tray of food over to his and Scott’s regular cafeteria table and set it down.  Scott merely grunted in acknowledgement of his best friend’s arrival and continued staring at something.  Stiles followed Scott’s gaze to a nearby table where his crush Allison was sitting.  “Careful, Scotty,” Stiles admonished.  “She’ll see you staring at her.  Lydia will definitely notice you staring.”
“Who cares?” Scott said dreamily.  “She’ll notice me. And,” he added, losing the dreamy tone, “I seem to remember you staring at a certain basketball player.”
Stiles blushed.  “How I feel about Derek is not the point!”
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