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#scott smajor
traff1cblr · 8 hours ago
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Last Life but Undertale bc I’m still in hell, ft. Galaxy Duo
Pt. 1
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floweroflaurelin · 15 hours ago
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Your time is over, Xornoth. You’ve run rampant too long now.
Come get me.
I will.
(Btw, a fun fact about my art blog is that it was actually intended to be a Silmarillion fanart blog, echoes of which are still present in the URL, flower of Laurelin. That obviously didn’t end up happening, but between the Elvish texts in the ancient library referencing Varda and the whole elf-king-challenges-ancient-evil-to-single-combat plot I just HAD to put my own vaguely-Silm-inspired spin on the final battle. Here I am answering the question: what if Xornoth was like, really big??)
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tiredbisexual123 · 2 days ago
Y’all really be slut-shaming and calling Scott Smajor a whore when Joey Graceffa is RIGHT THERE
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tallaroo · a day ago
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the compiled requests from last night
expression meme
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thefabkookie · 2 days ago
Scott: “If it wasn’t for you mum and dad would still be here!”
That ladies and gentlemen, was not Scott talking to Xornoth.
….was Alinar talking to Könul.
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daily-mcyt-drawings · a day ago
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Daily Drawing 84: Last Life Scott and Pearl
guess who watched last life >:3
[sorry for no posts recently, life is keeping me busy :’)]
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vyeoh · a day ago
I wanted to make something quickly :) bad feeling about that skin
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infinitefandomstrash · 23 hours ago
the real mvp of mcc 18 was scott smajors titties, let's be real
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harley-the-pancake · 23 hours ago
Love how no one has said anything about Scott saying in chat mid MCC he’s seeing Grian IRL next week
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sweetsmalldog · a day ago
For the record Mustard won because Scott turned Sapnap and Tubbo into his bitches
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moobloom-mooshroom · 2 days ago
ccs picking out headcanons and theories on empiresblr to canonize like its a gift shop and they’re selecting some of these bad boys for the bag 
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shadeswift99 · 2 days ago
3rd Life ended with two people from the same alliance the only two survivors left. The cruel twist of fate that that was was just painfully glorious, a wonderful ending...but what if Last Life ends differently?
What if the final pair of Last Life are two people who just don't know each other at all? Whose alliances never had any kind of meaningful conflict, who weren't friends or enemies, who barely even talked beyond a quick greeting or a suspicious passing on the road... Now all that's left. Each forced to look into the eyes of this person who they only really know by association and decide whether they should be the one to draw blood first.
Take Scott and Mumbo, for example. One man hidden away in an underground stronghold for the majority of the game, just focusing on protecting his resources and single ally and rebuilding between the inevitable waves of destruction, watching the world go by with detached friendliness and a vague sense of dread for the day it will run him down. The other, a newcomer to this vicious cycle, having started out completely unaware of how bad things would get and only just catching his breath after somehow propelling himself through the blazing chaos and out the other side, more blood on his hands by now than he ever thought he was capable of and every friend he thought more cautious or skilled than him now fallen cold and dead by the wayside. Now, it's just him...and Scott. Him...and Mumbo.
And there would be absolutely nothing to say.
What could you say, to the person you just went through hell with but only at arm's length? What could you say, knowing all that's left is to close that gap with a blade, but not even knowing the other person well enough to know if they will fight or fear or curse your name or cry?
Maybe they would get to know each other first. Maybe, in that scenario, they would make some awkward small talk, or try to start an argument to throw a blanket of anger over the bare fact that the killing would be so senseless and mundane...or maybe they would just do it in silence. I'll draw my sword. You draw yours. I'd say I'm sorry, but I'm not. I'd say I've been waiting for this moment, but I wouldn't mean it.
I don't know. I just think that would be its own kind of tragedy in itself.
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mzklavender · 2 days ago
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"I've got a deal with destiny, a bargain with fate"
I've been looping Lizzie and Scott's song on Spotify and I thought why not make a cover art for it.
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zlixlriffs · 2 days ago
So apparently the corrupted items and what they were replaced with are
crimson stem -> red mushroom  wither rose -> cod head nether star -> gold nether wart block -> redstone block crying obsidian -> wheat raw salmon -> amethyst gem magma block -> sea lantern crimson fungus -> red tulips
It’s pretty interesting that fWhip is associated with two of the evil items.  I feel like some of them have clear parallels like with the salmon and the cod, the wither rose and the tulips, and the crimson fungus and red mushroom. However they mostly seem unassociated 
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bdoubleowo · 21 hours ago
Me, watching LOTR and they mention Rivendell: haha sick Empires SMP reference
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hopeless-biromanticc · 2 days ago
Also knowing that the book of prophecies was in the elven library:
1. Does Lizzie know about the library before anyone else? (I mean it would make sense because she is ancient)
2. Did Lizzie break into the elven library to get that book of prophecies or is there another copy of that she found somewhere else? (Would be pretty badass if Lizzie just regularly "breaks" into ancient builds cause she used to do it all the time and when someone points it out she's like "wait... So you guys didn't know about this very obvious building that i visit all the time?")
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