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#scott x logan

Scott: I didn’t know you had a Facebook page?

Logan: A what?

Scott: a Facebook page. Why didn’t you tell me, I could have sent you a friend request before now.

Logan: The hell are you talking about? I don’t have a page for anything?

Scott: *hands over the phone*

Logan: *sees over 2000 posts, 319 photos, 410 friends, an icon of a wolverine wearing sunglasses, a backdrop of the Canadian flag, likes, dislikes, relationship status: it’s complicated, emojis, quotes, and over 1000 friend requests from Deadpool*

Logan: *crushes phone*


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Scott: Okay, let’s just agree to say ‘I’m sorry’ on the count of 3?

Logan: Fine.

Scott: One…two…three.




Scott: …well now I’m just disappointed in us both.

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Cyclops: You made me cry, jackass! I hope you’re happy now!

Wolverine: Baby

Cyclops: This is no time for endearments, Logan, I’m too mad right now!


Wolverine: I’m calling you a baby, dumbass. I’m insulting you

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Imagine the X-men playing hide and seek as a team bonding experience but everytime Logan’s the seeker he always wins because of his feral senses so Scott gets revenge by using a metal detector to find him every time.

Scott: You’re in the couch, Logan! Try again!

Logan: *muffled cursing!*

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Bobby: Scott, your boyfriend’s a dick

Cyclops, confused: I don’t have a boyfriend?

Bobby: But you’re dating Wolvie!

Cyclops: No I’m not


Cyclops: Okay. Show of hands, who thinks I’m dating Wolverine?

Everyone: *raises hand*

Cyclops: Logan, put your damn hand down!

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well, here it is. the scogan piece that took me 2+ (two plus) months to finish  bc i got wayy too invested in it. so… yeah. i think im actually happy with it :,) fun fact!! i used a picture that i took myself to use as background :D

(please dont steal, this is my own work <3)

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Scott wrapped up the post-incident review quickly (“incident” here meaning “time traveling monkeys attacked Utopia and tried to wipe out humanity”) and dismissed everyone for some well-deserved rest.

Logan was hanging back as the war room emptied out. Emma shot Scott a look and he shook his head at her, indicating that she should go on without him. She rolled her eyes and left, used to the one-on-one “debriefings” Logan required these days after certain missions.

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possibly surprising fact: i ship alex/logan a fair bit more than scott/logan at this point. alex/logan is just more fun; any ship involving scott is just horrendously tragic for no good reason.

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