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tinkerbellidot · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Let Scratchansniff Be A Competent Psychiatrist 2K20
This is the first comic I’ve ever drawn! And it had to be of Yakko, my favourite troubled puppy child. I woke up with the idea for this comic in my head so I had to have a crack at drawing it! I’m loving the reboot and all the depth the characters are getting now, especially my fav boys voiced by King Rob.
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plaguedogs123 · 10 months ago
I made a stupid Animaniacs animatic lol  I had WAY too much fun with some of these expressions x’D sdkfjh Also on my YT
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thestarswhim · 11 months ago
Hot take:
Yakko likes to be carried because it strangely makes him feel safer (or like an actual kid). It doesn't happen often, and usually it's when he jumps into the person's arms as a way to make a joke.
He does it mostly to those he trusts when it's intentional, and may not realize that he does trust them enough to do that.
And, again, Scratchansniff notices this and starts to pick him up to try and stop his and his siblings' zaney antics. It works every once in awhile as it takes Yakko off guard, but Yakko covers it up by doing whatever Yakko does.
(How many essays am I going to write about Animaniacs-)
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Scratchansniff: Why did you give knives to Wakko and Dot?!
Yakko: they felt unsafe
Scratchansniff: Well now I feel unsafe!
Yakko: sorry
Yakko:...would you like a knife?
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I think Dr Scratchansniff is a dilf
Tumblr media
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abbalwt · 27 days ago
So, how was Scratchy in season 2 of the Animaniacs reboot? Better, worse, or the same as season 1?
I would say he’s a lot more chaotic in this season compared to season 1, it could also just be because he’s in more segments compared to season 1 when we just saw him for a bit in that one segment- I don’t blame him for scaring the warners the way he did and it was interesting to see him team up with Nora for it too lol
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therivertm · 6 months ago
Here’s some random quotes that my friend randomized and I drew.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
There is more of them but I have to sleep now so have this lol
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ciervo-robot · 7 months ago
so I think I made an au....
Tumblr media
It’s about Vampire warners
I’m juts gonna copy paste some ideas I had here
Tumblr media
in this AU Scratchy is some sort of scientist/ biologist. one day he's out in the woods collecting samples or whatever nerd shit when he starts hearing little chirping and squeaking sounds coming from under some bushes, he's curious so he goes to look and finds three little bats looking absolutely miserable, all weak and sickly, he takes then home and nurses them back to health, they're starting to get better when one day he wakes up to three little kids in his house asking him for bacon and talking to him like they've known him all their lives and he's like shit I guess I have children now
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
(when he found them they were lil bats because they were going through a rough time and hadn't eaten in a while )
he decides to keep them and he tells to himself it’s for “scientific research” but  he grows very fond of them and sees them as his own children
now some random ideas 
 - as little bats, scratchy would feed them a little of his own blood when they transform back to normal vamp warners he maybe starts buying farm animals for them to eat 
-they can turn into bats on command but it can also happen  involuntarily when they’re scared/sad/sick 
Tumblr media
 -they'll sometimes shirk/squeak like bats even in their normal form 
 -they mostly feed of animals, they try not to feed of humans unless they really need to 
-they don't have to kill a victim in order to feed off them but if the three of them feed off the same person then yeah that fucker's dying 
- they can still eat human food but it doesn't satisfy them and if they try to survive only on it they get sick 
-also Max Goof is in this au and he’s a ghost (yes, there is yax) 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
oh yeah, and there are ghosts in this au too!  
-after scratchy inevitably dies he decides to stay with them as a ghost because "even if they are hundreds of years old they're still children and if I'm not there to look out for them who will" 
-being a ghost in this au it's pretty cash money actually, none of that "you'll never find eternal peace" bullshit
 -ghost scratchy still lives with them in the house/tower? and still does his nerd stuff 
- -ghost can see and talk to each other, they have their own little community 
-Ghosts can interact with objects but it's an ability that takes a while to master, good thing they have eternity 
 - only fellow undead can see/interact with ghosts 
-a Ghost can physically interact with other undead normally (yes a ghost can fistfight a vampire and it looks hilarious to outside viewers) 
-a ghost can physically interact with a human only if the human knows they're there and that it's them specifically 
 - humans can't hear/see ghost unless they've got tThe gift™ or have gone through specific rituals 
 - ghost can only write in dead languages, even if they don't speak it (i just thought it would be funny jdjfjd)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I’m gonna end it here because it’s already too long but I have a lot more of ideas and lore ™  I might share later  👀 and if I don’t get bored of it in the next week I might even write a little something 
ok I love you byebye 
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Scratchansniff: Could you not stand so close? You’re making me claustrophobic.
Wakko: What’s claustrophobic mean?
Dot: It means he’s afraid of Santa Claus
Wakko: Ho ho ho!
Yakko: Stop it, Wakko, you’re scaring him!
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