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July 2020 Scrawlrbox @scrawlrbox

#scrawlrchallenge : Mother Nature

These supplies were definitely interesting. It took a bit to get the hang of but I was also having trouble varying the colors and shades. I found that the paper was nice but it doesn’t handle too much water very well. The paper started to lose its texture in places and even though the paper was taped down it still warped in a few places. When I tried to pick up or erase some of the liquid graphite, it only ruined the paper after. If you don’t plan to use too much water with your work, these are perfect. They are also not bad to keep handy for practice with technique, values or swatches. I’ve received the pencils in previous art subscriptions and like them. They aren’t anything extraordinary but they do the job. I like to keep them around for watercolor sketches.

Inside the Box:

•Derivan Liquid Pencil Tubes (Rewettable)

•Derwent Water Soluble Sketching Pencils

•ScrawlrBox Flat Synthetic Brush (Size 10)

•Koh-I-Noor Combined Eraser

•Etival A5 CP Water Colour Pad 300gsm (8 Sheets)

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Scrawlrbox #60 August 2020

So, this box was based around acrylic, specifically heavy body acrylics. Something that I’s not too using. True be told, I’m not really sure how to use them. I ended up working much like I would do with a normal acrylic painting. Meaning there wasn’t that much texture (something the box prompted).

The prompt that came with this box was “Facial Topography”, added with the fact that this box basically came with the pan flag colours. I ended up doing a ““realistic”” Jack Harkness portrait. However, since it has been years since I last needed to draw a realistic face. My normal style came out when I got to the eyes. I have no clue how to scale the parts of the face.

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