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i’m making the bet right now - eddie, max, and murray don’t make it out alive
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𝐓𝐢𝐦𝐞 𝐀𝐟𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝐓𝐢𝐦𝐞
Paring: Eddie Munson x (female) Reader
Summary: reader has a nightmare about the time she nearly lost Eddie, she now finally confronts him about the events of that near fatal day. Eddie apologies and provides comfort in the best way possible…
Warnings: angst, nightmares, mention of injuries, character ‘death’ (in nightmare), smut, masturbation (f receiving), penetrative sex (m+f), cream pie, bit of cockwarming, minors DNI
A/N: title is of course from Time After Time by Cyndi Lauper! this came to me one night as I was falling asleep so I just had to turn it into a lil something, I hope you guys like it!! <33
also I didn’t proofread this at all bc I honestly couldn’t be bothered so sorry if there’s any mistakes lmao
Tumblr media
This is for people 18+ only. Minors do not read on. By clicking ‘keep reading’ you are hereby agreeing that you are 18 or older.
Tumblr media
You blink rapidly as you try to make sense of the scene in front you. The sky booms with thunder, lightening the colour of blood piercing through the sky. Above you the sky is alive with dark shapes, blood curdling screeches following the shapes as they dive through the air. It doesn’t take you long to realise where you were.
Back in the upside down.
Panic settles in your chest as you look around frantically, your eyes scanning your surroundings, seeking a way to escape. The demobats flying above you were on their way down, gaining ground quickly as they made their way towards you.
It’s then that you hear a yell cut through the storm.
“HEY!! COME ON!!!”
The demobats swerve course quickly, diverting straight towards the direction of the inviting yell. Your eyes dart in that direction and you feel your heart drop when you spy the man behind the voice.
You feel your breath stop in throat, your mouth opening in a silent scream. Your ears ring, the chaos suddenly melting into a loud high pitched whistle in your ears. The world goes dark around you expect for the scene right in front of you. It was as if someone had a filter over your vision, highlighting only the carnage that unfolded in front of you. You feel the scream burn your throat as tears sting your eyes, your entire body alive with pain as you watch on helplessly, your legs moving uselessly slow.
The demobats swoop down, knocking Eddie to the floor. The last thing you hear is his ear-splitting scream of pain just before the bats obscure him from your view completely.
The sound of Eddie’s screams, the ripping and tearing of his flesh: somehow it’s louder than the thunder booming above you. You desperately try to race over to him, but the distance seems to be distorted, like the ground was stretching underneath you, pulling you even further away from the man you loved.
Another scream lodges in your throat when you manage to look through a gap in the demobats. Eddie’s face, bloody and pale. His large dark eyes, always so alive with joy and happiness, now dull and lifeless. You feel as though your soul, the very fibre of your being, is ripped from you as you look on at your dead lover. Pain like you’d never experienced before flares you through as everything fades to black…
You sit up suddenly with a loud gasp, your chest rising and falling rapidly with your frantic breathing. Your hand clutches to your chest, feeling your heart as it races behind your rib cage, threatening to combust all together.
“Hey hey hey, what happened?” You hear someone grumble sleepily behind you.
You feel a warm hand rub at your back as the sleepy boy next to you sits up and pulls you into his chest. You can’t help it as you begin to sob against his body. He rubs his hands up and down your back, making gentle shushing noises as he kisses the top of your head.
“What happened?” Eddie mumbles against your temple after you’d finally started to calm down.
You shake your head lightly, taking a deep shuddering breath.
“It- it was just a nightmare” you sniff, suddenly feeling ridiculous.
Eddie gives you a light squeeze, placing another kiss to the top of your head.
“You wanna talk about it?” He yawns softly.
You shuffle back in his grip, looking up at his face. He blinks at you sleepily, flashing you a soft, gentle, and lazy smile. You feel a small smile tug at your own lips as you look at him.
Until the image from your nightmare flashes across your brain. Eddie’s face, covered in blood, his eyes dark and dull. Lifeless.
Your breath hitches as another sob lodges in your throat. You close your eyes as you try to force the image from your head. You feel one of Eddie’s hands cup your face.
“Hey hey” he whispers softly. “What is it? Baby, just talk to me, please” his thumb strokes your cheek, wiping away the tears that stained your skin.
You shake your head lightly as you take another trembling breath.
“I- just- just promise me something” you sigh through your rattled breathing
A small hint of confusion flashes across his face but he indulges you nonetheless.
“Anything, sweetheart” he whispers earnestly.
“Promise me you won’t ever leave me” you sniff.
He flashes you a small crooked smile, confusion veiled behind his eyes. He lets out half a chuckle before stopping short when he sees your entirely serious demeanour. His face falls to become as serious as yours and he nods at you.
“What’s brought this on?” He asks gently.
“Just promise me” you squeak, your voice cracking.
He nods lightly again, keeping his eyes on yours.
“I promise baby, I promise. I’m not going anywhere” he hums, stroking the back of your head with his other hand, pulling you back into his chest. “I’ll never leave you.”
For some reason you feel a sudden surge of anger bubble in your chest. Your hands ball into tight fists against his bare chest.
“Except you did” you seethe before you can stop yourself.
Eddie pulls back to look at you, a soft quizzical expression on his face.
“You did leave me. You left me and you damn near didn’t come back” you hit your fists down onto his chests in frustration, not enough to actually hurt him but definitely enough to emphasise your point.
“W- what are you talking about?” He asks gently, his eyebrows furrowing as his smile falters slightly.
“In the upside down” you bite back. “When you went after those demobats. When you fucking left me. And Dustin. When you damn near got yourself killed” you can barely get the words out between the cries that threatened to escape you.
“Baby I-“ Eddie stammers, unsure of what to say under your intense glare.
You just shake your head as more tears roll down your cheeks.
“You nearly got yourself killed just trying to serve your hero complex” you seethe.
You see hurt flash across Eddie’s face as he shakes his head again.
“That’s not what that was” he whispers. “I just wanted to help” he sounds close to tears himself.
“We’d already helped!” You snapped. “We’d done our part. All we needed to do was go back up the rope. Back to safety. But no. No, you decided to run right back into that shit fest” another sob racks through you. “And you damn near... died because of it” your voice breaks completely, your sentence jagged between your sobs. “You nearly left me all alone” you wheeze almost inaudibly.
“Baby...” he tries to tilt your head to look at him but you pull away, sniffing and keeping your eyes trained on the bed beneath you.
“It wasn’t like that” he tries desperately to explain. “It wasn’t about leaving you, I- I just felt like I needed to do more. Once I knew you were safe I just wanted to do everything I possibly could to help the others as well. I- I mean, isn’t that what you would’ve wanted? To give our friends a fighting chance?” He stammers.
You look at him earnestly, shaking your head lightly.
“Listen to me, Eddie. I love those people. So much. They are my best friends in the world. I love them more than I thought I could ever love friends” you tell him with a tiny smile before both your face and your voice take a serious edge. “But if it ever came to choosing between them and you, I would choose you. Time after time. You got that?”
He looks at you, a mixture of sadness and adoration painting his face.
“I’m sorry” is all he manages to say through his own tears. “I’m sorry” he reaches out for your face again, his palm caressing your cheek.
You lean into his touch, your eyes closing and focus on the feeling of his thumb once again stroking your skin.
“I just- I can’t lose you” you squeak.
“I know baby, I’m sorry” he leans forward to kiss between your eyebrows before leaning his forehead against your own. “I’m sorry” he breathes again.
The two of you stay like that for a moment, foreheads and noses pressed together, breathing slowing as you cling on to each other. After a short while Eddie tilts his head until his mouth brushes against yours gently. His lips press against yours softly, as if he was asking for permission. It reminded you of your first kiss with him, how soft and gentle he was, never wanting to push you too far. Your lips warm up to his slowly, the kiss gradually growing more and more intense.
You sigh into his mouth, your lips parting slightly. Eddie groans softly in response. His tongue swipes across your bottom lip, silently asking for permission to deepen the kiss even further. You moan quietly, pushing your chest closer to Eddie’s as you respond to his silent question, quietly begging him to deepen this kiss, to take things further.
He keeps things slow and soft, even as he does slide his tongue into your mouth, pulling at the back of your head to tilt your face, deepening the kiss as his lips mould against yours. He cups the back of your head as he slowly lowers you down onto the mattress, twisting his body until his chest is hovering above yours. The hand not cupping your head moves to your hip, pushing up the shirt of his you were wearing until his thumb swiped across your bare skin. You shiver lightly, goosebumps rising on your skin as his thumb rubs small circles into your hip.
You moan pathetically into his mouth when you feel his hand move from your hips to slowly dip under the waistband of the small panties you were wearing. Eddie swallows the gasp that parts your lips when two of his fingers dip between your folds. A light shudder rolls through your body when you feel his fingers swipe between your folds. He circles your entrance a few times, collecting your wetness, before dragging it back up towards you clit.
“Eddie” you mouth inaudibly as Eddie starts to circle your clit softly.
“Shhh, baby. Just let me take care of you. Let me be here for you” he whispers hotly against your mouth, another shiver going through your body. “Let me show you I’m not going anywhere.”
Eddie keeps his fingers moving, rubbing your clit slowly and gently, applying just the right amount of pressure. His lips leave yours as he moves to kiss and bite across your jaw, moving down to your pulse point. When he reaches the point just below your jaw he bites you gently, causing another moan to leave your throat.
You whimper as his fingers increase their speed. Your body arches, your hips bucking to meet his touch as your body comes alive with pleasure. His mouth leaves hot, wet kisses across your throat, his teeth occasionally pulling at your skin, leaving an artwork of bruises across your delicate neck. Your body ignites with pleasure, but you can feel your pussy clench over nothing. You’re overcome with the want, the need, to be full.
“Eddie, please” you mewl, nudging your nose against his cheek.
“It’s okay, I’ve got you baby” he whispers.
You shake your head, moving your hand to grip the hair at his nape. You pull on his hair, directing his face back to yours, your lips ghost over his as you pant lightly.
“No,” you whimper frantically. “I need you… need you inside me,” you rub your nose against his. “Please, please Eddie,” your voice cracks as you say his name.
“Oh fuck,” he groans under his breath before he leans forward to kiss you deeply again. “Don’t worry my love, I’m gonna take care of you. Gonna take such good care of you baby” he promises quickly.
You can feel him rutting against you, his hardened cock bumping against your hip as he practically humps your side. He keeps kissing you, his tongue tasting yours as he tugs your panties down your legs, your hips wiggling to help as he tosses your underwear aside. He only breaks the kiss for a second as he tugs the shirt of his you wearing over your head.
He places a quick kiss to your nose before he shifts to pull his own boxers off, throwing them to join your panties on the floor. His hard and leaking cock springs free, the tip red and swollen, aching with need. You moan at the sight of it, sitting up to grab Eddie’s neck with your hands again, pulling him back to your face, his lips crashing against yours. You fall back slowly, the kiss never breaking, as he positions himself on top of you, his hips slotting just above yours.
His hand slips between your bodies, grabbing his cock and lining it up with your waiting pussy. You whine into his mouth when he drags his tip through your folds, collecting the wetness that had pooled there whilst he’d touched you. A shiver rolls through Eddie’s body as he finally pushes the head of his cock inside you. You gasp, your body arching, your tits pushing up against his bare chest as he gently sinks inside you.
He lets out a grunt as he bottoms out, his hips bumping against yours as he sits deeply inside you.
“Eddie,” you plead with a whimper, biting and tugging on his bottom lip as you silently ask him to start moving.
“Fuck, you always feel so good baby” he groans under his breath as his hips begin to move. “So fucking tight.”
He sets a slow and languid pace, focusing on depth instead of speed with his strokes. Your back aches again, your hips pushing up to meet his. Your head pushes back into the mattress, head rolling to the side as your brain becomes foggy with all things Eddie. His smell. His taste. The feeling of his skin against yours, his chest against yours. His hair tickling your skin as his lips ghost over your throat. The sounds of your moans, his groans, and your shared heavy breathing. The wet sounds of him fucking in and out of you.
“Eddie” you whine, locking your legs behind him, pressing him harder into you.
You were overwhelmed with a desperate need for him to be closer. Closer. Impossibly close. Your hands paw at his shoulders, pulling him against you, your nails surely leaving crescent shaped dents in his skin.
“I’m here, sweetheart, I’m here” he murmurs against your jaw. He lifts his head to meet your eyes, his forehead resting on yours again.
“I’m not going anywhere” he whispers fervently, his lips meeting yours in a messy and desperate kiss again.
You nod lightly as another tear slips down your cheek. Your lips part from Eddie’s as another moan tears through you. Eddie was pushing deep inside you, rolling his hips against yours, the tip of his cock brushing that special spot inside you with each snap of his hips.
“You promise?” Your voice cracks, from pleasure or from tears you’re not sure.
“Mmm” he hums as he runs his nose up your throat. “I couldn’t ever leave you,” you feel him smirk against your skin. “Couldn’t ever give up this sweet ass," he chuckles softly, giving the side of your ass a light smack. “Or this perfectly tight pussy,” he adds with a wink, grunting between each word as he continues fucking into you.
“Eddie,” you groan, chastising him softly as you smack the back of his shoulder lightly.
Eddie smiles down at you before taking one of your arms and lifting it above your head. He pins it to the mattress, letting his fingers interlace with yours. He leans down to kiss the crook of your elbow as his arm holds yours down.
“I promise” he whispers seriously with a shaky breath.
You nudge his head with yours until he tilts his chin to connect his lips with yours once again. He kisses you sloppily and desperately, both of your lips trembling as he starts to increase the pace of his hips.
“I love you” you whimper against his lips.
“I know baby” he pants. “I love you too. I’m sorry” he apologises softly again.
You feel his eyebrows furrow as his forehead rests against yours, his face twisting in pleasure as his hips start to falter in their rhythm. His hand shakes, his fingers squeezing you hard where he still pinned your hand into the mattress. You can tell he’s close as he tries to slow down his pace, pulling his focus into bringing you closer to your own climax before he even thought about finishing himself.
Eddie puts all his weight into the hand holding yours, pushing your hand almost uncomfortably hard into the mattress. You feel his other hand slip between your bodies, his fingers searching until he finds your clit. Your arch up into him, another moan flying from your lips as he starts up his circling motion from before. The pleasure surges in your body, both from his fingers and from the head of his cock repeatedly hitting that sweet spot inside you. Eddie pants and grunts loudly, desperately holding back his own orgasm as he coaxed you towards your own. Your stomach tightens into a knot, a pressure building in your groin as your climax builds and builds, seconds away from breaking point.
“Ahh, fuck” he breathes shakily as your pussy involuntarily clenches around him. “Shit baby, you feel so fucking good” he croaks.
“Shit, I’m gonna cum” he practically cries, his voice weak and strained. “I’m gonna cum. Fuck, are you close baby? Want you to cum with me, need you to cum” he practically begs as he loses his face in your neck.
Eddie's hips stutter, his entire body tensing as you feel dick twitch inside you. His entire body shakes, his fingers trembling as he desperately keeps up his circles on your clit. His grunts and profanities are loud in your ear as he keeps fucking you through his own high, brining you closer to your own high just as he bottoms out inside you, pushing his cum as deep as possible inside you.
“Oh Eddie, fuck” you whine as your own climax finally crashes over you.
He groans deeply again as your cunt flutters around him, clenching as your body convulses with each wave of your orgasm. Eddie keeps fucking you slowly as you both ride out your highs, his fingers languidly playing with your clit. He only stops his circling movement when your body start to jerk involuntarily with the overstimulation. He thrusts his hips into you a few more times you moan when you feel his cum start to leak out of you; Eddie essentially slowly and gently fucks his own cum out of you.
When he finally stops his thrusts he looks down at you softly, a warm smile adorning his face. Behind his smile you can see the sadness that still lingers there; the worry that you were still upset with him. You didn’t need to hear him speak to see all the emotions he conveyed with his big, brown eyes. I’m sorry for what I did. For my stupid, heroic bullshit. I love you. I’ll never leave you again. I love you. I love you.
You smile back at him, letting your own silent dialogue flash in your eyes. I forgive you. I love you. Don’t ever pull that kind of shit again. I love you.
Eddie’s smile broadens as he understands your silent words. He leans down and kisses you again before he slowly flips the two of you over, placing you on top of him. He manoeuvres you gently with intent, careful to keep his cock sat inside you as he rolls to lie on his back. You’re about to climb off him, to get cleaned up, when his hands suddenly grab onto your waist.
“No no no wait” he rambles quickly, pulling you back down into his chest, his arms wrapping around you in a bear hug. “Stay here for a bit” he mumbles, kissing the top of your head. “Just wanna stay here, with you, like this” he whispers, his hands rubbing up and down your back gently.
You sigh and roll your eyes playfully, but you don’t fight it. You slump against his chest, your arms wrapping around his torso, placing a quick peck to his collarbone.
“Mmmm I’m definitely not going anywhere” he hums, nudging your cheek with his nose. “Gonna stay sat inside this perfect pussy forever” he mumbles, smirking and giving you a kiss on the forehead.
You giggle softly as Eddie lifts his head to pepper kisses across your neck, chuckling lightly with you.
The feeling of Eddie lying underneath you, chest to chest, bare skin against your own, his slowly softened cock still sheathed inside you. You have to admit, you think you probably really could spend the rest of all time just like this.
Tumblr media
A/N: lmao at this was supposed to be just a lil angst fic but I could not resist the urge to add smut and turn it into a full on smangst fest! I can’t help it, I’m just such a slut for smangst honestly! so yeah I hope you guys liked this <33
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Tumblr media
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We’re not saying goodbye, not today, okay?
Summary: You and Dustin get Eddie out of the upside down. Eddie x reader
Authors note: a lot of you asked for something where Eddie survives, so I figured to give you a little something. This was really quickly written, I promise to put more work into something even better along these lines soon! All of the works I’ve posted on here so far have been first drafts, so please don’t be too harsh🤧 
“Eddie!!” you scream, following Dustin out of the upside down trailer and racing towards your lover. God no, please, please no. When the demobats fall, you and Dustin run to Eddie. Placing his head in your lap, you inspect him to see the damage. “Oh god,” Dustin cries. “Bad, huh?” Eddie says, looking up at the two of you. “Hey, hey its gonna be okay. Stay with me Eddie, stay right here. Come on, you’re going to get up, and we are going to get you out of here,” you reassure him. He shakes his head, he can feel that he is really not okay. “It’s gonna be okay,” he tells you. “Please baby, were not saying goodbye. Not today, okay?” you plead with him. “Look, we just gotta get you to a hospital. Okay? Y/n help me get him up!” Dustin yells desperately.
Eddie hooks one arm around Dustin’s neck and the other around yours, and together, you’re able to walk him all the way back to the trailer. “Son of a bitch… how are we going to get him up there?” you think out loud, tears streaming continually down your face as the love of your life nears death in your grasp. The sound of him struggling to breathe clouds your already racing mind. You cant lose him, not today, not here, not like this.
“Okay, okay Eddie stay calm, were gonna get you out of here,” Dustin scans the room, trying so hard not to let panic set in. “Okay, i think were gonna have to lift him. But from the ground… it’s too low.” He grabs the table sitting next to the front door, and slides it right under the gate. “I don’t think this can hold all of our weight,” you say, concerned. “Do you have a better idea? It’s worth a shot, and right now its the only one we have,” Dustin yells.
You nod, helping eddie stand up on the barely stable table, you getting up there with him. You bend down on one knee, and use your hands as a stepping stool. ”Okay Eds, just try to reach it, you can do this baby, please, just reach.” You can hear how much pain he is in as he reaches, blood still spilling from his wounds. It shatters your heart to listen to it but you just need to get him back. Then everything will be okay.
The next day-
Eddie has been really quiet since yesterday. You cant blame him, it was traumatic. Hell, this whole damn week has been traumatic for him, for all of you. He hadn’t been able to shower last night because of how weak he was after losing all of that blood, but you had made sure to clean and wrap all of his wounds before the two of you went to bed. You were just glad he was safe, alive. You were so close to losing him.
“Eddie, do you want to try to take a shower?” you ask him, brushing your thumb across his cheek. His eyes close, feeling safety and love from your touch. God, how he loved your touch. How he loved you. He wishes he could say something, anything. But he doesnt know what to say. Maybe he’s just still in shock, and a shower would help him feel a bit better. He nods, accepting your request. He stands up and follows you to the bathroom, shutting the door behind him. “It’s okay, you're okay now. Nothing can hurt you right now, okay?” you say softly as you move towards him, placing a soft, gentle kiss on his cheek. He closes his eyes as your lips make contact with his cheek. He wants so bad to be with you here, in this present moment. But every second of the last week is running through his mind on a loop. The events of last night, the pain, the fear, all of it.
You place another gentle kiss on his jawline, then his neck. After helping him take his shirt off, you begin to undress his wounds. They look really bad, but not half as bad as they did… Eddie lets out a wince when the bandages peel away from his skin, sending waves of pain through his whole body. “Im sorry..” you tell him. “It’s okay, its okay. Y/n i love you so much. So fucking much do you know that? God, thank you for everything,” he says all at once, tears now streaming down his cheeks. “Thank you for saving me.”
“Don’t thank me, i wasn’t going to let you martyr yourself. As beautiful a display of sacrifice and bravery as it would have been, i couldn’t lose you. And it wouldn’t have been worth it. I’m just glad your here, with me.” You take his face in your hands and kiss his lips carefully, missing the feeling of his lips on yours. Eddie smiles down at you as you remove the rest of his clothes, then yours. He has no idea how he got so lucky, but you are the best part of his life.
You find a nice warm but not too hot temperature for the water before getting in, eddie right behind you. He lets you under the water first, wetting your hair and your body. Your beautiful body. “You look like a fucking goddess you know that?” he says in an almost monotone voice as his eyes gaze upon every inch of you. Your cheeks heat up at his comment and you lean in, kissing his chest and leaving a trail of kisses all along his arms and chest, avoiding any wounded areas, before switching spots with him.
Eddie is under the water now, his hair quickly soaking. You watch as beads of water roll down his pale skin. He is such a beautiful man. A literal work of art. Moving closer, you are now both under the water to some extent. Your bodies so close, yet not quite touching to be careful not to hurt him. “I don’t know what I would have done, had we not been able to…” you start to say, quickly earning a ‘shh” from Eddie, and a finger held up to his lips.
“But you did. You and Dustin, you guys saved my life. I’m right here y/n, right here. Okay baby? You’re not going to lose me. I promise I’m going to be a pain in your ass for a really long time. You got that?” Eddie takes your face in his hands now, forcing you to make eye contact with him. “I love you. I’m not going anywhere, its all okay now. We don’t need to worry right now, okay? Let this moment just be us, together, no crazy monsters or nasty shit or dark wizards. Just you, and me.” 
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It Can’t Be
A/N: Writing will always be my coping mechanism. I don't care what anyone else says. Eddie Munson is alive and well. Period.
A/N: Oh crap, this has gotta be the fic that has reached more than 1k the fastest! Thank you, Eddie nation, for your love and support on this fix-it fic!
Summary: Nothing on earth will ever take Eddie Munson away from you, not even an army of bloodthirsty, flesh-eating demobats in the Upside Down.
Pairing: Eddie Munson × fem!reader
Warnings: mentions of blood and death, minor swearing
*GIF not mine. Reblogged from @dailyflicks
Tumblr media
"EDDIE!" You and Dustin screamed at the top of your lungs as both of you hurried towards the injured man lying on the wet and demobat-infested road. Dustin was limping next to you, so you took his arm over your shoulder and assisted him.
Eddie wasn't moving, so naturally, a wave of thoughts crashed inside your head.
He couldn't be dead.
He's a lot stronger than that.
When you finally reached his side, you immediately crouched down next to him and cradled him in your arms. His eyes were wide open, and his mouth was covered in blood. As soon as his gaze fell on you, his lips twitched upwards in a smile.
"Hey, Y/N." he breathed out, a tear falling down his cheek. You reciprocated his smile, stroking his cheek to wipe the tear and some blood off his face.
"Hey, Eds." you responded as your hand massaged his scalp, making him shut his eyes at the sensation. As he opened his eyes again, he saw Dustin next to him, raising his hand slightly to give him a fist bump.
"I didn't r-run away t-this time, right?" Eddie inquired, though his voice was still barely above a whisper. It broke your heart knowing he still doubted himself like that, despite how evident it was that he was indeed a hero. Both of you nodded your head, a downward smile gracing your lips as you continued to stare down at him.
"Yeah, you did great, Eddie." You said reassuringly, tears brimming your own eyes.
"D-did you like the so-song I played earlier?" he asked you, an expectant look on his face. You temporarily closed your eyes before meeting his gaze again. "
"Yeah, very metal. I loved it. Metallica, right?" Your response seemed to hit bullseye for Eddie because he leaned back down with a satisfied smile on his face, yet winced slightly when a stinging sensation shot through his torso. "The one and only." he replied breathlessly.
Dustin tried his best to smile, but aside from the pain from his sprained ankle, his eyes wandered across the huge gashes on Eddie's side due to the demobat attack. Fresh blood stained Eddie's Hellfire Club shirt, and some was oozing from his neck.
"Y/N, we've got to get him outta here." Dustin commented in a worrisome tone. Little did he know, you were also highly aware of the metalhead's injuries. You took off the flannel that you had on, ripped it into pieces, and tied it around his torso to stop the bleeding. Another piece of cloth was used to cover part of his neck as you applied a bit of pressure on the wound.
"I know. Is there any way you can signal Steve and the others?" You asked, and Dustin rummaged through his backpack as he sought anything they could use.
You and Dustin were interrupted by a hand grazing your cheek. You looked down only to see Eddie looking right at you, a small smile on his face and tears streaming down his cheeks.
"Don't worry, Eds. We're getting you outta here." You muttered as you gently lifted him up. Eddie was sputtering something you couldn't quite understand, so you leaned your head closer.
"J-just... give me a-a... second, Y/N." he whispered shakily, hissing in pain as you set him back down. Fighting the tears from falling, you bit your lip and sniffed back sobs.
"Okay, okay." you cooed as you stroked the top of his head. Eddie breathed in and out, struggling to regain his strength.
"Du-Dustin..." he called out, and you immediately tapped the young boy on his shoulders to stop him from whatever he was doing. Dustin eagerly urged him to continue. "Hey, I'm here."
The metalhead smiled again. "I... I ne-need you to l-look out for those lo-lost sheep, o-okay?"
An immense weight fell upon both you and Dustin at the mention of those words. You both looked at each other before looking back at Eddie. The poor boy looked like he was going to break down any second now. "No, Eddie. You do that yourself-"
"Promise me, Henderson." Eddie cut him off firmly, shutting his eyes. Dustin's lip quivered as he tried to come up with a response, but before he could say anything, you had beat him to it.
"He's not gonna promise you shit, Munson." You interjected, your serious tone the only thing that could be heard aside from the occasional thunderclaps in the Upside Down. Eddie's eyes shot open, his eyebrows furrowed together slightly before tensing up the moment he saw your crestfallen expression.
"No. You listen to me, Eddie." you started as Eddie simply stared back at you, his lips pursed together as he swallowed. "Steve, Nancy, and Robin are gonna come find us and they're gonna give you whatever immediate first-aid shit you need before we lift you up as a team and get you through the gate in your trailer. We're gonna clean your wounds, and patch them up before sending you to the nearest hospital right outside of Hawkins for your safety. Are we clear on that?"
Eddie opened his mouth to protest, but you gently shushed him with your index finger. "I don't wanna hear any 'buts', Munson. I want to hear a 'yes'."
The man stayed silent. He averted his gaze from you and stared into the distance, the red hue of the Upside Down sky shining on his face. He looked sad - tired even - and dare you to say even hopeless.
But you weren't having it.
You softly grabbed his chin in your fingers and turned his head to face you again, an indecipherable expression displayed by both of you.
"Eddie..." you trailed off, your voice betraying the calm yet stern demeanor you showed him. He seemed like he was fighting off sobs as well. Seeing him like this made your heart break - he was always the happiest and noisiest person in the room. It was way out of his character to be this... quiet and timid.
"Ye-yeah?" he responded, his eyebrows raised ever so slightly as he waited for you to finish your statement.
At the sound of his voice, you couldn't stop the tears from running down your face anymore. You buried your face in the crook of his neck, disregarding the blood that stained your cheeks and forehead in the process. You just wanted to feel him at this moment - you wanted him to feel you.
"You're gonna make it out of here, Munson. You know why?"
Eddie shut his eyes and he felt a teardrop trace his cheek. Still trembling, he held onto your hand as he breathed out, "Why is th-that?"
You pulled away and looked him right back in the eye, the tough exterior fully broken down and leaving nothing but a troubled, scared young woman before him. You managed to give him a small smile before continuing, "Because I never gave you permission to die on me."
Eddie smiled in return and let himself cry in your arms. Here you both were, a crying mess, while Dustin was hammering the end of his flashlight to get it to work. It was the second time you saw Eddie bawl his eyes out like this, the first being back at the boathouse.
"Shhh, it's okay. I'm here. I'm always here." You whispered, hugging him close to you. Eddie gripped onto your arm for dear life, allowing himself to expose his vulnerabilities around you. "I know. Even though you shouldn't be, you're always there. So, thank you, Y/N."
You smiled and kissed the top of his head. "You saved me, Eddie. I should be the one thanking you... so thank you."
After a few minutes of laying down on the ground just holding each other,  a thought crossed Eddie's mind. "I know this is... a bad t-time and everything..." Eddie began, breaking the painful silence. You wiped the tears from your eyes before he resumed. "...but I was thinking... um..."
You frowned. "If this is another one of your stupid goodbyes or shit, I don't wanna hear it, Eddie. Spare me."
The metalhead shook his head lightly before laughing. "N-no. It's not that."
"Okay, go on."
He seemed to think about it a bit before deciding to just spit it out. "I was thinking... Friday at my place?" You stared at him like he was the most precious thing in the world - which he was, at least in your eyes.
Eddie sheepishly avoided your stare as he rambled on. "We could rent a movie or something, or we could... I dunno... maybe play D&D-"
You cut him off by connecting your lips together in a much-anticipated kiss. You made sure to do it slowly because he was still in pain. As surprised as he was initially, he seemed to get into it, closing his eyes fully and kissing you back lovingly. His hand slowly reached up to cup your cheek and pull you closer to him.
Dustin was too ecstatic at what was unfolding that he didn't bother to tease the both of you as you kissed in front of him.
When you both pulled away to catch your breath, you shot him a smile. Eddie sighed in contentment as his lips tugged upwards again. "So, is that a yes or..."
"Yes, you dumbass." You replied, a soft chuckle escaping your lips. He grinned at this and balled his fist up to fist-bump the air, but he ended up wincing at the abrupt action.
"Bad idea." he commented, setting his arm back down. You couldn't help but laugh along with him. He was a handful, but he was your handful.
"Y/N, they're here! STEVE!" Dustin shrieked as he caught sight of the trio running their way. In a rush, Henderson stood up and limped towards the group despite your protests. "Dustin, your foot!"
"We need help!" Dustin cried out, pointing towards you and Eddie on the ground. The trio sped up and soon they were only a few feet away from you.
A feeling of relief flooded your bodies at this. There was still a chance to save him, a chance to get out of this hell hole and move on with your lives, a chance to go on that date with the man who so conveniently snatched your heart away.
"Hang in there, Eddie. It's gonna be alright." You cooed, not letting go of him in your arms. Eddie hummed in response.
"Damn straight, I'm gonna be alright. We have a date to get to."
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hoony-parker · a month ago
Steve x reader where reader gets hurt badly by the demobats instead of eddie and Steve is trying to keep her alive. Angst but fluffy end where reader ends up surviving
a/n: thank you anon!
warnings: near death experience, angst, some sort of happy ending tho!
pairing: steve harrington x fem!reader
w/c: 1.4k (got out of hand, i'm so so sorry)
read part two here!
you were in the eye of the storm. right in the middle, where danger swirled around you in the form of some demoniac, big and hungry bats.
they came out of nowhere. you swore you hadn't seen them coming, too blinded by the tense atmosphere there already was in the upside down. the air was thick, full of white, disgusting particules floating around like dust, and you didn't even know what the hell that actually was.
instead, you tried to focus on the demobats that continued to fly around you like vultures would fly in cirlces over a dead body.
you could only count on the protection you could get out of the wooden shield you held with one hand and the sharp, handmade spear you held with the other, hitting and pushing away the bats that flew in full speed directly at you.
they were coming one right after the other, and sometimes, they even came two at the time, attacking you from the front and the back. you weren't sure you could keep it up much longer.
"come on!" you yelled angrily at the creatures, challenging them to keep attacking you. you weren't sure why you felt you could take them all down. maybe it was the adrenaline, maybe the fear. maybe.
one of them came from behind you, wrapping its long tail around your throat, and you dropped your weapons in surprise. they took you down, pushing you to the floor until other four of them wrapped their tails to each of your limbs, holding you down until you couldn't defend yourself any longer.
you gasped for air, traying to escape out of their grasps. your senses were dialed up, and you could almost feel yourself giving up to fighting back. you could see the end coming, and it almost didn't scare you anymore.
the sky was red above you, the constant storm from the awful place you and your friends found yourselves in now hypnotizing to your hooded eyes. your heart hammered against your chest, ankles and wrists hurting from the strong grip the bats had on you.
it wasn't until you felt a sharp pain right on your stomach that your eyes widened, gasping loudly in both, fear and pain. more and more of them were coming to you, leaving the tornado of demobats around you to get their meal out of your flesh, teeths sharp and causing you excruciating pain that had you moaning and screaming.
you cried. cried, loud and clear, though nobody could hear you. you screamed, both in hopes of getting someone to hear you and come help you, and in agony. were you even sure you wanted someone to help you? you weren't that selfish. you couldn't expose one of your friends, or even your boyfriend, to this kind of danger. if this was your destiny, then so be it. you'd die knowing nobody had the same fate as you for trying to save you. and that was enough.
you weren't sure whan it stopped. you hadn't even realised the creatures around you were now laying motionless all around you, just like you. you had just the right amount of consciousness to feel lightheaded and realise you did.
you could smell the copper-like feeling all over you. it really overwhelmed you both, the smell and not knowing where it came from.
it probably was your blood, you thought. you were sure it was. but you didn't have enough strenght you look down to your body to check just how bad the wounds were.
but, god, you felt so tired. you could feel all the exhaustation from the last couple of days hit you like a brick, and you could almost feel relief when your lids started to feel heavy with sleep, finally getting some rest.
the noise was faint. maybe a figment of your imagination, you thought. it probably was your brain, with its last strenght, playing you tricks to make what was about to come easier for you.
it was louder now, but you didn't hold your head up to see. your eyes were still open, looking up to the reddish clouds and imagining they were the stars at home. the stars were pretty. maybe you'll be able to see one up close once you let yourself go.
you wanted to clear your throat, but felt yourself unable to. your lips were dry, almost as much as your throat. but you could still feel the copper-ish taste on your tongue, by now. it was disgusting, but you had gotten used to it, by now.
"oh, god. what did they do to you?" you heard the familiar voice whimper, voice cracking as the brown haired boy kneeled beside you, carefully taking you in hi arms. you smiled weakley.
"hey," you said. your throat burned, voice rough and broken, and steve's eyes glazed over, scanning your body, your wounds. "what did they do to you?" he asked again, this time his voice merely above a whisper. you chuckled, sound almost unexistent, some more blood falling from your lips and tainting the skin around them.
"they were rough on me," you chuckled again, coughing when the vibrations from your body made the injuries sting. steve shook his head, eyes wide and lips pulled in a frown. he cleared his throat. "we're getting you out of here. we're getting you help," his tone stern.
"okay," you whispered. your head fell back slowly, shutting your eyes just for a second. you wanted to get some rest. "no, no, no, sweetheart. stay awake from me," he rushed to say, shaking you slightly to get a quick reaction out of you.
your eyes opened almost dumbly, looking at him and giving him a small smile. "i'm just gonna..." you sighed. "rest my eyes a lil," you told him. you had to had more energy if you wanted to go get yourself some help.
"we're going to get you out of here first, baby. then you can rest as much as you want," he assured you. steve was crying by now, not even trying to hide the cracks in his voice for you. still, he kept the smile on his face to give you the feeling that everything was fine. you were going to be fine.
"c'mon, keep those eyes open for me, angel. let me see those beautiful eyes of yours," he begged.
"i'm tired, stevie," you whined, and he nodded rapidly, the smile disappearing from his face and more angry tears fell from his eyes. "i know. i know. but i need you to stay awake for me just for a little more, 'kay? can you do that for me?" he asked you, and gave you a teary smile when you bearly opened your eyes.
"that's it. good job, baby. you're doing so good. don't fall asleep on me, alright? gotta stay awake for just a few more minutes, angel. i promise."
but your eyes felt just so heavy. and the sounds around you were now deaf in your ears, all your senses focused on steve and steve only. if you could just sleep for a second—
"guys! fuck—, come on!" you heard him yell.
he looked back to you, shaking you a little more once he noticed your eyes had closed again. "hey, no. come on. just for a little while longer, sweets. please, please stay awake for me," he cried, hugging you closer to him.
the amount of blood that damped your shirt was making him dizzy just from the sight, panic getting his hands shaking and legs feeling wobbly under your weight on his lap. "did we win?" you asked quietly, and steve whipped his head to meet his gaze with yours. he nodded quickly. "yeah, angel. we won," he lied. he needed you awake, and if the excitment from winning helped in any way, he'd lie to you to get you to keep your eyes open just for a little longer.
"and you did so great out there, too, baby. so good."
he was rocking you back and forth, now, hoping the constant moving would keep you conscious. his face buried in your neck, silent tears spilling from his eyes. "so good," he repeated, and you smiled.
"steve!! come on! we're leaving!" robin yelled, waving him over to tell him they had found a way out. dustin rushed to his side, throwing a hand around your form, careful not to make contact with any of the wounds, and helped steve carry you.
he was going to get you help. you were going to be okay, and you were going to get your rest. he promised.
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thatonegirlwhowrites · 2 months ago
Follow her anywhere || Robin Buckley
Tumblr media
Summary: You find yourself following Robin and your other friends into the Upside Down which ends up with you hurt and allows for some long hidden feelings to finally be expressed
Pairing: Robin Buckley x Henderson!reader
Requested: no
Warnings: canon level violence, fluff, worries of homophobia, and crying
Notes: Requests are very much open so please send in stranger things requests! I’ll pretty much write for any character :)
The last place you expected to be during the spring break of your senior year was another dimension. You had heard your brother and his friends talk about the upside-down but you had never actually been in it…until now. You weren't exactly sure what was going on in your brain when you jumped in the water, all you knew is that you would follow her anywhere…her being Robin Buckley. You had met during the events of starcourt and had basically been inseparable ever since.
You were aware your feelings towards her were different than how you felt about the rest of your friends, but you were also aware that even though you knew Robin liked girls, she would never like you. Even if in some crazy scenario Robin liked you how you liked her, it could never happen. If your mom found out she would certainly ship you off to some conversion camp and you'd never see the light of day again. That was mostly why you had decided to keep it a secret about who you liked. Even your brother, who you had no doubt would accept you with love and open arms had no idea.
So here you were swinging harshly at some monster bats all to make sure a girl you could never be with was okay.
“Y/N watch out!” You weren’t exactly sure whose voice it was because before you could turn in their direction a demobat dragged its claws all the way up your abdomen as you fell to the ground.
“Shit.” You immediately groaned, hurrying back to your feet as you all got the last bat off Steve so he could get up as well. It was clear he had deep injuries of his own, and the concern on Nancy's face screamed louder than the screeching of the bats right above your heads.
You and Robin gave each other a knowing glance. One that clearly states you both recognized the love that was still very much present with Steve in Nancy. Though the semi-happy look Robin had on her face quickly melted into panic as she saw the crimson color peaking through your now half-torn t-shirts.
She had immediately run up to you, but before any words of concern could be uttered, Nancy was now ushering the group towards the tree line as the demobats had laid off for a brief moment.
It didn't go unnoticed with you that Robin had tightly gripped your hand in hers, making sure you were able to keep up so you wouldn't fall behind. You were feeling two very different things right now…pain and love, so much love.
You all were forced to stop when Steve started to get woozy as he fell against Skull rock and it wasn’t long after him that you too began to really feel the effects of the scratch on your abdomen. It wasn’t hard for Robin to pick up on the signs that you needed some help as you attempted to sit.
“Let me help.” Her voice was gentle as she grabbed your hands allowing you to use her as support so you could comfortably sit.
“Thank you.” Your voice was laced with so much admiration and you were sure she could see it in your eyes. Robin somehow always managed to do the right things. It was hard for you to ignore the pounding of your heart as your mind couldn't run away from the thought of her, especially you and her together.
Though in Robin-like fashion her panic set in, “God I really hope those bats didn't give you rabies. I-I really don't think the upside-down has doctors o-or rabies shots for that matter a-and – oh god, look at your stomach! Are you okay? Wait no that's a stupid question, of course you aren't okay!” Her eyes were wild and her voice had raised a couple octaves as she got further into her ramble.
Honestly, it was cute how she rambled so much, but the anxiety-ridden feature of her face sent a weird feeling to your stomach, “Robin, I’m okay. It's just a scratch. Honestly.” You tried your absolute best to reassure her, and maybe yourself a little too.
Clearly, Robin didn't believe a word you just said as she ran up to Nancy to get some extra fabric, “Nancy! I-I need some of that please, Y/N is basically bleeding out!” her voice was loud which caused everyone to then look at you with concern.
“I’m not bleeding out Robin.” You sighed almost wanting to let out a small chuckle.
Heat flooded Robin's cheeks as she walked slowly back over to you, not realizing the scene she made until she had already made it. Instead of digging herself further in the whole, she decided to quietly wrap your waist.
You noticed Robin's quiet demeanor almost immediately, but it was hard to say much as you were very much focused on the sensation of her soft fingers against the skin of your torso. She gently wrapped the fabric much like Nancy had done for Steve.
Yet you were still oblivious to the love in Robin's eyes directed right at you.
“All done.” She spoke quietly before scooting back and slipping off her jacket, “You should put this on, your shirt got pretty mangled.” You didn't argue with her as she helped you slip into the jacket, her scent immediately consuming you.
You weren't sure what had come over you but you pulled Robin into a deep hug. You couldn't contain the overwhelming feeling in your heart right now, and you weren't sure how much longer you could keep it inside.
Robin immediately melted into the hug, letting a long sigh leave her body almost in relief. Much like you were currently feeling, Robin was also overwhelmed with emotion and whether it was the life or death situation they currently were in or how long she had kept her feelings in, she couldn't stay silent…not any longer.
“I love you Y/N. I really really do and I might regret this later, but I can't just keep ignoring it. I've sat and I've waited and tried to find the best opportunity to tell you about how I've been feeling, but I'm tired of waiting and I just love you and I hate seeing you hurt a-and we have to make it out of this okay? I cannot survive without you.” You guys were still locked in a hug, foreheads now rested against each other.
Suddenly all the pain seemed to have left your body. This is what you had been dreaming of for months, hell maybe even since you guys had met. For once you didn't start to worry what everyone else's opinion would be about you and robin, you simply just thought about robin and how caring she was and how worth it this would be if they could be together, consequences be damned.
“I love you too. I-I've loved you for a while now. I was so scared to tell you or anyone for that matter, but I'm not anymore. I don't care what anyone thinks of me except for you because god dammit I am so hopelessly in love with you Robin Buckley.” A single tear fell down your cheek as the biggest weight you had ever felt was suddenly lifted off your shoulders.
Robin didn't waste even a second connecting her lips to yours. They were slightly cracked, but something had never felt so perfect. You had no doubt in your mind that this is who you belonged with as your lips moved in sync with hers.
“HA, I KNEW IT. YES!” The kiss was short-lived as both you and Robin pulled away in laughter at Steve's outburst. There wasn't a single person around you who wasn't smiling and it felt great.
“Dammit, I owe Dustin $20 bucks.” Steve shook his head, meanwhile sending you into shock.
“W-What?” You were very confused.
“Dustin called this like weeks ago. He said you guys would definitely get together by the end of the month and I said it would at least be a couple months down the road. The little shit was right.” Steve explained, still irritated that Dustin had bested him.
You and Robin both looked at each other with small laughs leaving both of you.
“Was it really that obvious?” She giggled while furrowing her eyebrows.
“Apparently to everyone except us.”
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mayfieldsqueen · a month ago
My Hero (eddie munson x reader)
Tumblr media
summary: fix-it fic for whatever the fuck vol 2 thought it was
word count: 1.2k
warning: vol 2 spoilers, swearing, not accurate dialogue for what happened i've only watched it the once so far
“What is taking them so long?” Dustin hissed, crouching at the back of the stolen caravan, awaiting your friends return from War Zone.
“I don’t know,” you replied. You moved to stretch your legs out after having them tucked underneath you. “But I hope they’re not much longer, I’m getting shaky.” 
“Have some water, there’s sure to be some in here.” Dustin raised his eyebrows and gestured towards the built-in kitchen, almost too harshly. You rolled your eyes as you pushed yourself up and carefully poured a glass of water. 
Eddie sniffed quietly beside you, his hands folded under his chin. Your heart twinged for the man as you raked your eyes across his hunched figure. Unkempt hair and sullen eyes that made you feel sick with worry. You poured another glass of water and handed it to him, sitting so close to him that your thighs touched. He smiled sweetly at you and whispered his thanks. 
The three of you, Max, and Lucas sat silently until the others burst through the door screaming about needing to leave. The ride was jolty and fast, and you fell onto Eddie more than once. He grabbed your waist and smiled brightly, showing his teeth. How he could still smile when his life was in his situation, you didn’t understand. 
Creating weapons with the whole gang felt somewhat peaceful amidst the chaos. You made shields with Dustin and Eddie, enjoying the slight therapy hammering nails gave you. You were tuned out, humming some silly tune, when Eddie suddenly tackled Dustin. Their interaction made you laugh loudly. Eddie heard so he turned around to give you a wink. Not wanting him to catch your embarrassment, you blew him a kiss causing an unexpected blush on his cheeks. 
Your teasing nature lasted throughout the whole set up before and into the Upside Down, all the flirting and winking – to which Dustin would gag every time. 
Once set up, you sat in silence, patiently awaiting instruction to begin bat distraction. Dustin let out a long sigh. 
“You okay there, Henderson?” You quizzed, one eyebrow raised. 
“Yeah, just, hate the waiting game.”
“Mmm, can’t argue with you there, Henderson,” Eddie chimed, fingers drumming against his knee in anticipation. 
“Okay she’s in. Initiate phase three,” came from the walkie in Dustin’s hand. Eddie immediately jumped up and into the alternate version of his room. He emerged with his guitar and helped you and Dustin up onto the roof.
You crouched with Dustin as Eddie started playing Master of Puppets. All you could do was stare as he threw his head around and expertly moved his fingers. The sound ricocheted through your body, lighting every nerve on fire. You barely even noticed how the demobats began to swarm the surrounding area. Dustin’s countdown broke your trance and you inhaled deeply to calm yourself down. 
In the trailer, the two boys jumped and screamed about how “metal” that was as you just stood there, mouth agape. Eddie turned to you and excitedly asked what you thought. For a moment you just stared, blinking slowly.
“Um, it was kinda, um, hot. Yeah, it was.” Eddie’s eyes widened comically, and you hastily walked away from him. “Very good playing well done.”
“Thank you,” he smirked, eyes following your movements. The chittering of the demobats died down and soft thudding started on the roof. “Oh shit.”
The three of you crept towards the noise, spears at the ready. 
“They can’t get in through there can they?” Dustin pointed at the vent with his spear. You and Eddie stepped in front of Dustin, shaking your heads. 
The bats burst through the vent and the two of you started jamming the bats with the spears. You were screaming profanities as you shoved the knife into these creatures, blood spurting everywhere. Eddie pulled you back, causing you to welp, to cover the vent with his shield. 
You high-fived and gave Dustin a head pat, breathing heavily. You swallowed as you followed them to check the other vents. A yell ripped out your throat as more bats erupted from another vent. You ran out of the door, hearing it slam behind you. Eddie rushed you and Dustin back through the gate then paused. 
“Eddie what are you doing?” Dustin screamed. “Hurry up!”
Eddie sliced the makeshift rope, moved the mattress and ran out of the trailer.
“Edward Munson!” You yelled. “Fuck! Dustin!”
“Shit! Help me get back!” You had already moved a chair and prepared to run and jump through. You landed on the ground with a bang, pain shooting through your side. “Wait there.”
You placed the mattress back to where it was before and helped ease Dustin through as he jumped. After grabbing your spears and shields, you left the trailer and looked around for your friend.
“EDDIE!” You heard from your left and saw Dustin running towards the cloud of bats, Eddie’s body barely visible through the creatures. Instantly, you followed him, speeding towards his figure.
Eddie let out a scream, and your legs somehow ran faster. Your arms moved before your mind as you swung your spear, beating down enough bats for you to join Eddie. He had been dragged to the floor, bats at his side. Tears threatened to spill at the sight of him. 
You beat these bats away, and could hear Dustin doing the same, for a few moments before they suddenly flew away. Eddie groaned, he was no longer being tormented. His face pale and blood painted his clothes. 
You dropped to his side. “Eddie, hey, no come on, get up. Jesus, fuck. Dustin help me get him up!” Dustin picked up one side of his body and you supported the other. Slowly, you made your way back to the trailer.
Once inside, you placed Eddie on a chair and removed your jacket, using it as a bandage for his wounds, trying to ignore the ways his eyes fixated on your face. You kissed his forehead before assisting Dustin back through to the proper world. 
“C’mon, big guy, we gotta go,” you smiled at him and began to set up your escape.
Safe on the other side, Eddie pulled you into a bone-crushing hug. He kissed the top of your head and repeatedly praised “thank you” into your hair. You pulled back and placed your hands on his cheeks.
“You think you’re going to die on my watch, Munson?” You stroked his cheeks with your thumbs, trailing down to trace his lips.
He smiled softly. “I didn’t want to run away this time.” He sniffed, voice cracking as he whispered, “I wanted to be the hero.”
“You are a hero, Eddie. My hero. You saved the world.” Your eyes locked into his, not knowing how long you just stared at each other. His eyes flicked down to your lips and back up. You smiled.
“Can I kiss you?” He breathed out softly. “’Cause I think a hero deserves a kiss, no?”
You nodded, laughing at his antics. The moment your lips met was bliss, all thoughts of the Upside Down and the end of the world pushed away from your minds. His cold lips warmed against your own as his hands moved around your back, pulling you closer. He kissed you firmly and full of passion. One hand trailed up to hold your neck and-
“Hey! Sorry to interrupt, happy for you, truly am, but we should probably get to a safer location!”
thank you for reading! i'm still devastated about what happened and this was entirely self-indulgent.
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harringtononly · a month ago
YOU DID GOOD, Eddie Munson.
WARNINGS: Major vol. 2 spoilers, character death, blood/gore & cursing.
SUMMARY: In which, Eddie's girlfriend was in the upside down with him and Dustin.
AUTHOR'S NOTE: I think we could all use something where our boy lives, but I simply cannot get this out of my head. I need to write something sad, maybe there's just something wrong with me. My ass was tearing up writing this like I haven't put myself through enough pain. Anyways, hope everyone enjoys. Feedback is appreciated! <3
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"Jesus Christ! Those things just don't know when to quit!" Y/N huffed, leaning over to catch her breath.
Eddie had just stepped onto a chair, leaving their 'shield' covering the vent. Earlier that day, when everyone was preparing for battle, Dustin, Eddie and Y/N made them. They took three garbage can lids, and hammered sharp nails into them. The makeshift shields covered the vent, and the sound of the Demobats hitting against it soon faded. The Demobats have got to be one of the most annoying creatures Y/N had ever encountered. First of all, they're so goddamn ugly—and the screeching, oh my God! Don't get her started in the screeching.
"Nice." Dustin complimented, earning a high five from the older boy. "Thanks." Eddie replied.
Dustin was leaning on the kitchen counter, trying to collect all the breath he'd lost as well. Y/N removed her hands from her knees, now standing up straight; there was more screeching, and it wasn't coming from the same spot it was a few moments prior. "You got any other vents?" Dustin asked, looking at a still very frazzled Eddie. He looked toward his girlfriend before responding, "Oh, shit!"
He jumped down from the chair, grabbing his spear that lay on the ground. Running towards the back of his trailer to his bedroom, that Y/N had been in, oh, so many times. All three of them cursed up a storm as they made a run to the back of the trailer, Eddie in front, Dustin in the middle, and Y/N in the back.
"Shit, shit, shit, shit!" Dustin cursed. Right as they entered Eddie's room, the Demobats burst through the other vent. Soon, Y/N's vision was clouded by wide wings and long tails. Her hands that were occupied with a shield and a spear, flew in the air, blocking her face just in case any of the creatures gravitated toward her precious face.
"Shit!" Eddie cursed, turning aprons and ushering the other two back out of the door. As soon as he shut the door, the Demobats immediately started beating on it. The wooden door quite literally, was cracking under the pressure. Eddie grabbed his shield and Y/N met him at his side, holding her's up as well, while Dustin stood behind them. Eddie looked over at his girlfriend with frightened eyes, she just nodded her head towards him.
"That's not gonna hold!" Dustin screamed, Y/N whipped her head around to look at him.
"Yeah, no shit, Henderson! Get the hell out of here!" She yelled, quickly turning back around to watch the door, that was almost ready to give in.
"Let's go! Let's go!" Eddie yelled, now backing up toward the rope back into the real world. Once he saw that Dustin was gone, he ushered his girlfriend up the rope after him. "Come on! Quickly!"
Y/N and Dustin both crashed onto the mattress on the ground in Eddie's actual trailer. Scrambling to their feet as quickly as they could, they both began to call out for him.
"Eddie, come on!" They both yelled. Y/N felt like her heart was beating through her chest. This was the most nerve racking thing she'd ever done. She watched Eddie throw his gear to the side, before jumping onto the rope and beginning to climb. The sound of the door cracking was only getting louder and louder, and Y/N's fear just rose higher inside of her. He was about halfway up the rope when he stopped, looking over toward the door.
"Eddie, come on! You're almost there!" She screamed, feeling her heart clench inside her chest. She swore she almost threw up when she saw Eddie slide back down the rope, feeling lightheaded as she looked up at the gate.
"What're you doing? Eddie, no!" Dustin pleaded, Y/N's eyes tearing up watching her boyfriend grabbed his spear. Once the rope was cut and fell into Dustin's arms, she felt time move in slow motion. She knew exactly what he was doing.
"Eddie, stop! Please, get up here!" She sobbed, tears now flowing down her face. "Don't do this, Eddie!"
"Eddie what're you doing?!" The younger boy shouted, Eddie flipped over his mattress and looked up at them. "I'm buying more time."
"No!" Both Y/N and Dustin yelled, Eddie completely ignored their cries. Running out of the trailer and out of their line of vision. "
"No, no, no, no." Y/N muttered, her hands on her jeans as she paced around the room in distress. She began looking around the room, nudging Dustin in the arm, telling him to look around too.
"We gotta get back in there." She wiped the tears from her eyes, sniffling loudly to stop any snot from running down her nose. "We have to. We have to."
Dustin nodded his head toward a chair, then pulling it under the gate. As Eddie pedaled his bike through the upside down, Y/N and Dustin struggled to make the jump to the upside down. Y/N went first, taking just two times to make it through the gate. She struggled to pull herself up, but once she did, she immediately held her hand out for Dustin. He jumped once, completely missing Y/N's hand and falling to the ground. Y/N winced hearing the sound of a bone crack, without a doubt, his ankle was broken.
"Come on, kid, you can do it." She said, reaching her hand further into the gate. She watched as Dustin got to his feet, limped backwards a little bit, before jumping onto the chair and grabbing onto Y/N's hand. She grunted as she used all the strength in her body to pull the boy up, "I've got you, buddy."
They both collapsed onto the floor, catching their breath for no more than a few seconds. She helped the younger boy up, and held him up as they walked out of the trailer. Stepping out of the door, they immediately began calling Eddie's name.
"Eddie!" Dustin yelled, looking in one direction while Y/N looked in the other. "Eddie, where are you?!" They kept going for what felt like forever, taking turns calling his name as loud as they could. Sometimes their voices colliding as they screamed, Eddie's name echoing for miles on top of miles. Y/N didn't lose hope, she was going to find her boy no matter what. Dustin left her side for a moment, grabbing a stick that was on the ground and using it as a cane. Letting Y/N walk ahead of him, she cupped her hands around her mouth.
"Eddie!" She called out, stopping in her tracks at the sight in front of her. Dustin stood at her side, looking up at the dark red sky. All of the Demobats' wings stop fluttering, and all of their bodies fell to the ground. A bunch of thuds filled the air. Y/N and Dustin watched the event unfold, breathing heavily as their eyes landed on the ground. Eddie.
"Oh my, God!" Y/N exclaimed, immediately making a run towards her boyfriend. She scooped her hands under his head, lifting it onto her lap in an attempt to make him more comfortable. Dustin soon joined her side, carefully taking a seat next to the older girl. "Eddie!"
"Hey, baby." She fretted, looking at her boyfriend's body. His white Hellfire shirt was ripped, and stained with blood on both sides of his stomach. He had blood and bite marks all over his face and neck, her eyes began to burn as she watched him struggle to breathe. "Hey, hey. It's all right."
Eddie forced a smile, showing his girlfriend his blood covered teeth. Seeing all of the pain he had endured these past few days has been so exhausting, but seeing him like this—this was the last straw. Her heart broke at each small movement he made. The creature around them that lay on the ground mewled as they all died, Eddie chocked on his own blood as Dustin began to cry beside Y/N. "Oh, God, Eddie." He mumbled, making Y/N's heart break all the more. This was someone that Dustin looked up to, loved, someone he loved was dying right in front of him.
"Bad, huh?" Eddie choked, not even able to move his eyes to find Dustin's face. Y/N never lifted her gaze from his, wiping the blood that decorated his cheeks. She couldn't even bring the words to her mouth, allowing Dustin to speak for her. "No. You're gonna be fine. We just gotta get you to a hospital, okay?"
Dustin rambled, and Eddie tiredly nodded his head. "Okay." Dustin began to lift his body up by himself, causing Y/N to turn to look at him. Eddie groaned in pain as he body ever so slightly moved off of the ground, "No, no. He can't."
Dustin looked at Y/N wearily, he thought that her out of all people, Eddie's girlfriend, would want to take him to a hospital. "I just n—need a minute, okay?" Y/N and Dustin both nodded their heads in response, letting his body down gently, his head still in his girlfriend's lap. They sat in silence for a few moments, just looking at each other.
"I didn't run away this time, right?" Eddie struggled, causing Y/N's eyebrows to furrow, her eyes burning with the tears that were forming in them. "No. No, you didn't." She sobbed, rubbing his cheek with her hand. Dustin choked up from beside her, agreeing with both of them.
"No, no, no. You didn't run." He stuttered, Y/N lifted his head slightly, allowing him to look at the curly headed boy. "You're gonna have to look after those little sheep for me, okay?"
That was it. That was when Y/N almost lost it. Right then and there. She just wanted to tell him to shut up, to tell him he was wrong. Dustin wasn't going to need to look after anything for him, because he would be alive to do it himself! But she knew that wasn't true, as much as she wanted to believe he would be going back to Hawkins with her and Dustin—she knew with the condition he was in, he wasn't moving from this spot. "No, you're gonna do that yourself." Dustin insisted, somewhat reading Y/N's mind.
"Nah, man." Eddie disagreed, laying his hand on top of Dustin's. "Say, 'I'm gonna look after then.'" He whimpered, watching as Dustin hiccuped. Tears now flowing from his eyes, he played with his fingers as he tried to avoid Eddie's eye contact. "Say it."
"I'm... Gonna look after them." Dustin sobbed, Eddie softly smiled. "Good. 'Cause I'm actually gonna graduate." Eddie struggled, his head wobbling as he glanced at Dustin then back to his girlfriend. Her eyes softened as she looked in his large brown eyes, he moved his hands from Dustin's to her's.
He chuckled weakly, looking back at Dustin. "I think it's my year, Henderson." Y/N forced a small chuckle, "I think it's finally my year." Eddie stuttered, "I love you, man." Y/N could hear the blood building up in his mouth, letting her know everything was about to take a turn for the worst. Dustin muttered an 'I love you, too.' Before carefully getting to his feet, needing to breathe for a moment. Y/N could feel this was weighing down on him hard already. She watched as he limped away, her heart aching as she looked between the two boys. She turned her head, looking down at the boy in her arms.
"You did good. You did really good." She soothed, moving some of the hairs on his face away. She felt him nod his head in response.
"I didn't run away, baby. I don't always run." He gurgled, "I was the hero, wasn't I?" A tear fell from his eye as he looked up at his girl, she nodded her head vigorously, feeling her throat become dry.
"Yeah, you were." She wiped his tear, "You were my hero. Always have been." She was now sobbing uncontrollably, and Eddie was struggling to breathe and keep his composure. Y/N forced a smile, examining the blood on his face once more.
"I'm proud of you, E." She sniffled, "I'm so fucking proud of you, all right?" Her voice raised slightly, "I need you to know that I—I'm proud of you, an—and I love you."
"You know that right?" She asked, wiping her eyes with the dirty sleeves of her jean jacket.
"Yeah, I kn—know." He choked, the blood inside his throat only inching him closer over the edge. "I'm gonna clear your name for you. I'm going to tell everyone, about how you saved us, okay?" He struggled to move his head up and down, nodding.
"I love you, S—Sweetheart." He slurred, "You know that right?" He chuckled tiredly, his facial expression dropping once he looked in her eyes. His head shaking uncontrollably, as more blood began to spill out of his mouth.
"Yeah, I know, baby." She kept looking for things to move out of his face, but she'd already done everything. She pulled her sleeve over her thumb, and wiped the rest of the blood off of his cheek. "It's okay, you can rest now." She placed a kiss on his forehead, adjusting the bandana on his head.
"Okay." He whispered, letting out an exhausted, shaky breath. Y/N could barely hear him speak, only seeing his lip slightly quiver. She leaned back, watching as his body stiffened, and his eyes glazed over. She let out a shaky breath, moving her hand over his eyes, closing them for him. One last time. Her whole body felt weak in that moment. She felt lost, like she didn't know what to do. She stayed by his side for a long time, she didn't know for how long though.
She slouched her shoulders, still holding her boy in her arms, she looked up at the dark red sky—and with all of the energy left in her body, she screamed as loud as she could. The most heartbreaking, gut wrenching sob came out of her mouth, causing Dustin to whip his head in her direction. Dustin joined her side when she screamed, once she was done, she fell into his side. She felt the smallest sense of relief wash over her as she did so.
Screaming at Vecna, the Demodogs and the Demobats—they were the reasons she would never get to listen to Eddie talk about his campaigns for hours again. They were the reasons she would never get to hear his band play ever again. They were the reasons she would never get to feel safe and secure inside his arms as they slept. They were the reasons she would never get to braid his hair, no matter how many times he told her not to. They were the reasons she would never feel a sense of relief, as she walked into his trailer after a long day and looked into his honey brown eyes.
They were the reasons why her boy was gone.
Tumblr media
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xcatnapsx · a month ago
Master of Puppets [Eddie Munson x Fem!Reader]
Tumblr media
(gif by @zen-coleman)
Summary: You follow Eddie into the Upside Down after he cuts the sheet rope in an attempt to save you and Dustin from the swarm of demobats.
TW/CW: Language, angst (resolved by the end!) descriptions of wounds, fluffy as fuck!
A/N: I sincerely hope this helps someone. Anyone. Writing it helped me immensely to cope with the ending of season 4 and I can't wait to write more. I'm not happy with the way Eddie's story ended in ST, so fix it fics it is! On that note, if you are struggling, please don't hesitate to reach out to me. We can rant, ramble, or cry together. Be kind to yourself during this time ♡
Tumblr media
"Eddie, please! Stop. Stop. Stop! Eddie!" Dustin screamed, clutching a knot from the recently cut sheet in his hands, his eyes glued to the roof of Eddie's trailer.
"Eddie! What the fuck are you doing?!" You yell, pushing Dustin out of the way as you gaze up into the ripped ceiling, watching your boyfriend grab for his make-shift shield and spear.
"I'm buying more time," he said with sad eyes, silently pleading with you to forgive him for what he was about to do.
"Eddie, no! I swear to God- Fuck!" You yell, frantically searching for something to hoist yourself up into the gate.
"Here!" Dustin cried, pulling over a chair as you help him drag the stained mattress on top of it.
Dustin went to run but you cut him off, taking several lunges across the open floor before throwing yourself into the air with help of the springy surface, clutching the sides of the gate as you struggled to pull yourself up.
You felt Dustin under you, pushing you up by your ankles until you were able to pull yourself through, flipping upside down so that you fell onto your back, knocking the wind out of you in the process. You weren't the most graceful person, but that didn't matter right now.
Dustin fell through soon after, just missing you by a few inches as he yelled out in pain, landing wrong on his ankle.
"You okay?" He panicked as he helped pull you to your feet, limping as he hurried with you through the abandoned trailer.
"I'm fine, just hurry!" You cried, grabbing a spear and flying out of the screen door. You saw a swarm of demobats swooping down into the road and hopped on your bike, Dustin following closely behind as you sped toward the group of rabid winged creatures that were flying after your boyfriend.
"Come and get me, you sonsa' bitches!"
You heard Eddie's war cry piercing the sky, the sound of demobat screeching amplified as your chest tightened, no doubt a result of your anxiety and the way you were pedaling your legs faster than they could go.
"NO!" You screamed as you watched one dive down, knocking Eddie off of his bike as he rolled across the gravel.
You slid your bike to a halt, throwing it down as you ran toward him, bracing yourself against your spiked trash can lid as you forced your way through the wall of vicious demons that was circling the fallen metal head.
You swung your spear and shield, slashing and knocking them away as much as you could, crying out as you took several nips and bites to your arms and legs. Eddie was littered with them as you watch a singular tentacle wrap around his throat.
"Dustin!" You yelled, alerting him to Eddie's compromised state as he slid through the bats to his knees, trying his best to free his best friend from the strangling grip.
Suddenly, the bats slowed, then stilled, falling to the ground like dead flies.
You had no time to wonder about the strange occurrence, throwing your weapons to the side as you flew over to Eddie, helping Dustin unravel the choking grasp of the dead bat that had him.
He gasped, sputtering blood as you lifted his head into your arms, Dustin helping you support him so he could breathe better.
"What's wrong with you, man?!" Dustin cried, tears falling down his dirty little face as he started to apply pressure to Eddie's bleeding wounds.
"I didn't run away this time, right?" Eddie managed to stutter around his labored breathing, clutching your arms as you held him.
"Why would you do this, Eddie? Steve told you not to be a hero," You asked, shaking your head as your eyes frantically searched his torn, bloody flesh, panic rising by the second.
"Since when do I listen to Harrington, princess?" He asked, managing a struggled laugh as you dropped your face to your chest, crying even harder.
"Don't do that. Don't you fucking be cute with me right now," you scolded as your tears rolled down your face and neck.
Dustin stood quickly, still nursing his hurt ankle as he started screaming and waving his arms.
You looked over your shoulder to see Steve, Nancy and Robin running toward you as Dustin cried out, "Help! Help us! Hurry!"
"Hey, hey, stay with me," you said sweetly as you looked back down to Eddie's tired face. "You're gonna be okay, baby, but you gotta stay awake," you said quickly, hands shaking as you wiped Eddie's sweaty forehead with your sleeve.
"I just need a minute," he said softly as his eyes started to flutter closed.
"No, no! Eddie, you have to stay with me. Wake up!" You said loudly, lightly tapping his cheek with your fingers to keep him focused.
"Eddie, ya gotta listen to her, man. Stay up, gotta help us help you, alright?" Steve said firmly as he rushed to your side, taking Eddie's torso from your lap as Robin and Nancy helped you lift his legs.
"Fuck Phase 3," Nancy said softly as she looked over Eddie's bloody clothes.
You quickly made your way back into the trailer, letting Dustin and Nancy into the gate first so they could help you and the others transfer Eddie as carefully as possible, given the threats that gravity posed against his already poor condition.
You worked fast, like a real team as you loaded him into the back of the caravan.
Steve turned around from the driver's seat, giving you a nod and one last once-over to Eddie before he pulled off, racing toward Hopper's cabin.
Eddie was slouched against your chest as you continually trickled water down his neck to keep him alert. Robin was trying to clean up his legs as Nancy supervised from the passenger seat, making sure his eyes stayed open.
"My necklace... M-my pick..." Eddie mumbled sleepily, as you craned your neck to look down at him.
"-Is in my pocket, baby," you said, rubbing soothing strokes through his matted hair. He sighed, squeezing his eyes closed with relief.
"You're the best," he whimpered.
"Hey! Eyes open, Munson," Nancy snapped, clapping her hands so that everyone flinched, even Steve.
"Yes, Captain Wheeler," Eddie said with a sleepy smirk as he lifted his heavy arm to salute her.
It was the kind of comedic relief you all needed as small chuckles and smiles filled the gloomy caravan, only the kind that Eddie himself could deliver at a time like this.
He moved a bit in your lap, causing you to tense as you tried to help him get comfortable again. "What's wrong, are you hurting?" You asked with panic in your voice as he groaned lightly, shifting his shoulders so he was looking up at you from your lap.
"Just need to see you," he said with a lazy smile, his eyes heavy and tired. "You know, you're really cute when you're mad."
You inhaled a long breath, shaking your head with a half-smile. He was right, because you were pissed. But you couldn't let yourself feel it, not when he was dancing with death in the back of a moving house. Not when he was practically bleeding out in your lap. Not when he was giving you the sweetest, sorriest puppy-dog eyes you'd ever seen.
You leaned down to place a soft kiss on his lips as he sighed against your mouth, grinning softly as you sat back up to observe him.
"I'm already feeling better, do it again," he smiled goofily, causing you to giggle for the first time in days.
"Alright, lovebirds, ya think you can separate long enough for me to try and fix this man up?" Murray asked sarcastically as he shooed you away with his hands, a hefty first aid kit tucked under his arm.
You gave Eddie a knowing glance as you rubbed your thumb across his cheek a final time, moving to supervise so that Murray could settle in next to him as he laid across Hopper's bed.
"Let's see here... Yowza, that looks like it hurts. They made quite the dinner out of you, didn't they, kid?" Murray asked as he focused his eyes over the brim of his glasses, cleaning Eddie's wounds with antiseptic of some sort.
Eddie hissed, clenching his jaw as his body began to jerk from the stinging pain.
You quickly made your way to the other side of the bed, ignoring Murray's annoyed glance that softened considerably when he watched Eddie relax instantly against your leg.
"Yeah, alright," Murray mumbled, knowing you were helping more than anything. "Almost done here - Manson, is it?" Murray asked as he looked down his nose at the stitches he was sticking through Eddie's forearm.
"Munson," you snapped with irritation, glancing down at Eddie who just chuckled with an amused grin. The man could literally be dying and still be the happiest nerd in the room.
"And... there. You really need to get the rest of yourself cleaned up, but those sutures oughta hold for a few days... Long enough to let the wounds begin to close," Murray said as he tucked his stuff away. "Joyce is gonna bring back some antibiotics, but try and get a shower and some rest in the mean time. Got it?" He asked.
"Thanks, man," Eddie said as he took Murray's outreached hand, sitting up gingerly as you helped support his back.
"Don't mention it," he said flatly, glancing over to you. "Help him in the tub, alright? But no funny business. Don't bust my stitches," Murray warned, giving you both a stern, wide-eyed look.
"What about head?" Eddie deadpanned, causing you to snort as Murray glared at him with a dropped jaw. "I'm kidding, doc. Jeez, lighten up," he laughed, holding his side as it was still sore from the movement.
Murray let out a rough exhale, leaving the room and letting you be alone with Eddie for the first time since you'd left to complete Phase 3.
You were quiet for a moment as you watched him take slow, calculated breaths as he seemed to be in a lot of pain. He sniffed, blinking away the look as he turned to you and tried to smile. You could tell he was trying his very best not to show you his pain.
"You don't have to hide from me," you said softly as his big eyes roamed your face. He sighed, letting his well-adjusted face falter momentarily as he winced.
"Hurts like a bitch," he admitted, shifting his weight to the side so he could lift his arm to stroke the side of your face. You leaned into his palm, feeling the tears prick at your eyes as the overwhelm began to set in.
"Why did you do that, Eddie?" You asked as you sniffled, not being able to hold back your questions, or tears, any longer.
"Same reason you came in after me, if I had to guess, princess..." he said with a small smirk, stroking your cheek.
You squeezed your eyes shut as you kissed his warm palm, reveling in the feeling. "You shouldn't have done that. You're an idiot for trying to sacrifice yourself like some... some..."
"Like some hero?" Eddie chuckled, quoting Steve as you glanced up at him with a worried expression. "And for you, well... I'd do it again."
You sighed, knowing he was just as stubborn and headstrong as you were. Maybe even more so at times.
"Come on, prince of darkness... Let's get you cleaned up," you said with a smile, nodding toward the bathroom as Eddie's eyes lit up playfully.
"You gonna give me a sponge bath, pretty nurse?" He asked with a bright smile, causing you to laugh and roll your eyes.
"Yes, but you heard Murray... Hands to yourself, Mr. Munson."
"This cabin is a frickin' prison!" Eddie joked dramatically as you shook your head, carefully helping him stand and make it into the bathroom.
End of Part 1.
If you'd like to be added/removed from my Eddie taglist, please send me a message.
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mourntheantagonist · 2 months ago
I’m just thinking about the fact that if Billy had suddenly woke up in the upside down after having his guts ripped out of him, he wouldn’t think he’s in the upside down, he’d fully believe he’s in Hell. Like the actual, biblical Hell.
So imagine his surprise when suddenly he hears Steve’s voice after being alone in Hell for months, being tormented by demobats and whatever creepy-crawlies live in the upside down. He hears Steve screaming for help and he’s confused on how Steve wound up in Hell with him. He wonders if maybe this is a part of his Hell, tormenting him with the idea of Steve being hurt.
Still he runs to Steve, following the voice for the sliver of heaven that would be seeing his face.
And suddenly he’s stumbling across a shirtless Steve with a bat’s tail wrapped around his neck, and despite no part of him believing what he’s looking at is real, he allows himself to play into the illusion. He fights the bats off of him and pulls Steve to his feet, feeling Steve’s skin against his and it all feels so real. It feels too real.
And Steve is looking at him like he’s staring at a ghost, and Billy wonders if this really is Steve. He wonders if Steve had died too and joined him in Hell. Part of him thinks it makes sense. Billy would be Steve’s Hell.
But then Steve is shaking him and squeezing his arms asking him if he’s real and exclaiming “You’re alive!?” and Billy just looks at him totally confused because for the longest time he’s assumed he was dead.
He just reminds himself it’s an illusion. It’s Hell’s way of tormenting him.
And then there’s more voices. Nancy he recognizes, Eddie too, and he questions what the hell his dealer is doing here. He recognizes Robin too, though he doesn’t know her by name. She’s just the girl from the grade below him that he clocked the first day he saw her with her sharpied converse and denim jacket covered in pins.
They’re all saying the same things Steve is saying. “You’re alive!”
They’re asking him how and saying it doesn’t make sense and that’s the first thing he agrees with them on. Nothing makes sense. Billy Hargrove is dead. He heard Max talking to him at his grave.
Billy doesn’t answer any of their questions, he just stands and stares, and suddenly he’s being dragged into the woods with the rest of the group, Nancy saying that they’re going to find a way out of there, and Billy can’t see how anything is possible.
And yet, he lets it happen, because there’s Heaven in not being alone for once.
There’s Heaven in seeing Steve again.
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quinnfender · a month ago
Could you write a Joseph one where you are part of Stranger Things cast but unlike Joseph, you are since season 2. Then, during the production of Season 4 you started dating and plays Eddie's love interest on the show, and durings the tapings of Eddie's fate you give an emotional performance that looks like it was real, Joseph needs to comforts you. But after the episode was released, you receive a lot of praises for your perfomance and during an interview with him,Maya Joe and Natalia, you reveal the behind that scene and everyone starts to realize that there is something going on between the two of you (the only people who know about you two are the ST cast), and during the red carpet you make it official that you are together and with that breaking the internet.
sorry if it got too long and kinda complex
pairing: joseph quinn x fem!reader
author’s note: this is an amazing one! thank you for that! i think i changed it a bit because my dyslexia started to block my mind and sight a bit so there’s little alteration to the request, i’m really sorry about it! if you want me to change it, please let me know as soon as possible! other than that, please enjoy and feedback is always welcomed in my inbox (please do send some, i would appreciate it a lot)!
word count: 3K (!!)
warnings: strong language, mention of blood, death, toxic relationship, lowercase letters
please do not translate, copy/paste or take credit/ownership of any of my stories! if you do so, under the copyright law, i’m allowed to take you to the court and prosecute you.
Tumblr media
your character on stranger things, victoria wheeler, lived through another season and visit to the upside down. you were excited that your character could play for the fourth season as well. you knew that the fans adored you and your role - some of them found her as a comfort character due to her characteristics and personality, and some believed that your character had a huge role to play in the upside down world.
the new season came with new air - characters, storylines, production, relationships, deaths and many other aspects. your wheeler role had been assigned with a love interest this season - eddie munson who was played by a british actor called joseph quinn. you had met joseph before already during your lamda school days and started dating literally before the production of season 4 as you both had met during the “make up” film production where you were one of the directors and both felt like you wanted to be more than friends. seeing him playing your love interest sounded very fun, interesting and totally something new to you because you had never had to kiss someone in front of the cameras, but it did not feel weird kissing your own boyfriend which you and joe thought was funny and adorable.
as time moved on, you, joseph and other stranger things cast started to roll on with the scenes where the bunch of you had to go to the upside down to burn down vecna’s body, your wheeler character had to stay with joe and gaten’s dustin and eddie roles. victoria wheeler was devoted to saving and never giving up for eddie munson. but unfortunately, the duffer brothers wanted to kill off one of the fan's favourite characters and just go with it, although they had an idea of sparing eddie’s life although the brothers thought it was just boring. when victoria had to go and save eddie from the demobats, they were already eating his pure flesh and clothes on him which made you scream even more. although the demobats were added with technology afterwards, you still had to play it out that they were actually real and eating eddie’s skin.
you “shoot” at the invisible bats to save eddie and dustin limps around with a shiv-like knife in his hand. as the demobats out of nowhere suddenly drop to the ground, you throw away your weapon and run to hold eddie’s body that had been absolutely distorted and bitten. you ripped off a piece of clothing and wrapped it around his damaged body to stop any more blood but eddie pushed your hand away.
you were absolutely devastated and crying your eyeballs out, this was real you.
“what are you doing?” you had to act out your emotional outburst.
“it’s not going to help, v-vic,” joe’s character coughed out more blood, a tear fell down on his cheek.
“please don’t do this, eddie! p-please don’t leave me,” you shouted, placing kisses on his lips and forehead which was covered in goo and blood-like liquid. dustin was still trying to tie the ripped cloth while you were begging eddie to keep holding on and looking at her.
this scene really broke you inside even though it was all fictional but you knew that every death hit you hard. your, joe and gaten’s emotional performance made the whole production team applaud but you were still kind of living through the scene as it took more time to come back down to earth. you thanked everyone while rushing back to your trailer. you wiped your tears away with a make-up remover wipe. joseph had followed you back to your trailer as well and he wrapped his hands around your shoulder to ease your sadness and wipe away the tears. you kissed his hands and placed your head on them. then joseph turned your chair with you, seeing the shattered emotion on your face, he cupped your face into the shape of his hands. he kissed you all over your face and stated:
“it’s just acting, my darling, i’m still here and you gave such a brilliant performance! there’s nothing to cry over,” joe’s soothing voice made your heightened emotions calm down and you finally were able to look at his beautiful, brown eyes. you gave a little chuckle to him, responding:
“i guess i took your character’s death literally into my heart!” you wanted to laugh it off because you felt quite embarrassed now but joseph chuckled as well and said:
“let’s get this makeup and costume off so we can go and get something to eat. we both deserve it,” joe removed his hands from your shoulders and quickly gave a peck on your lips.
the week after you, joe and all other stranger things cast had finished shooting the scenes for season four, volumes one and two, you and joe flew back to london where first initially went back to your flat but joe initiated that you moved into his apartment which you agreed with. you were excited for this point in your lifetime because the last time you thought of moving in was with your ex but this shite never happened. you trusted joe and he had to earn your trust.
one of the opening nights of the new season happened to be at leicester square in london where you and joe both were obviously invited to. you were shitting yourself because it has been a long time for you to walk on a red carpet and give interviews. your stylist had chosen out the most gorgeous floral dress and heels which you absolutely fucking hate wearing. your stylist, blake, gave you a worrying look and they knew that you hated this but they said that it will be only the red carpet and after the interviews and all kinds of shits, you could wear sneakers or something else under the dress. mr quinn could not take his eyes from you as he looked up and down at you, being in total awe. in joe’s mind and eyes, you were the star of the night. you pouted, giving him the puppy eye look and mouthing him “you’re being too cute”. you reached your arms to get joe to you but blake was quick to throw these hands away.
“aye, later! you two lovebirds can spend the time together in a moment but i want to get you done before you fly away from this room,” blake powdered the last spots on your face and added highlight on your cheeks, nose and upper lip. joe giggled, taking a seat next to you and silhouette the lines of flowers on your dress. you adored him admiring every curve and line of skin on your body, he made you feel comfortable, confident and safe. joseph could never put you through any pain or misery.
blake finally brushed their last brushes on you so they could finally look at you and take some shots for their instagram. you told them to capture some shots with joe as well. mr quinn stood up next to his breathtaking girlfriend aka you and placed his arm around your waist to hold it gently. you closed your eyes for a mere second whilst joe placed his lovely lips softly on your cheek so he wouldn’t ruin blake’s masterpiece. blake cackled, cheering “wowza”, “amazing”, “show-stopping”, “brilliant” - all the uplifting positive adjectives you can think of. when they were finally done, you and joe were ready to go downstairs. your hotel was basically next to the leicester square so you did not really have to run or rush there.
“you look absolutely heartstopping, my gorgeous lady,” joe took another glance at you, cherishing every feature of you.
“and you look doubtlessly handsome and elegant, my good-looking gentleman,” you took hold of his hand, intertwining your fingers with his, the golden minimalistic rings touching his skin.
the red carpet was full of so many individuals - fans behind the metal fence where you and joe had given quick shots; a number of photographers screaming and shouting the names of the cast, including you and joe. you knew that you and joseph weren’t really exclusive with your relationship yet but you played it off really well. multiple media sources were outpouring praise for your performance which made you a bit confused as they have not really seen everything yet, maybe bits and bobs from the trailers. anyways, you moved on. joe was motioning to you to join the interview with him, maya and natalia. the interviewer was all so smiley and cheeky which was lovely to see.
“here i am with maya hawke, natalia dyer, y/n y/l/n and our new star, joseph quinn! before we start with the interview, i just want to say how amazing and wonderful you all are and look!”
you looked at the ladies and nodded at joseph. you all answered with a unanimous thank you. the interviewer went on with her questions which seemed and sounded quite long to you. you shifted from one leg to another as your legs started to tire out from wearing the heels for way too long. furthermore, joe noticed that and looked at you, his facial expression asking if you are doing alright, you nodded affirmatively and took your glance back to the interviewer.
“we heard that victoria wheeler finally got a love interest this season which has been very prolonged by the fans,” the interviewer placed the microphone under your nose.
“oh yeah, i think the fans have been waiting for this a long time as they have been theorising for years and years but now they got a new love interest and a new character which i believe is a mega win,” you giggled, so did joe.
“and you, mister quinn, how did it feel playing the new character but then suddenly die at the end of the season?”
joe laughed, taking a quick glimpse at you:
“well, it’s been an absolute pleasure to play a character like eddie munson. unfortunately yeah, the duffer brothers made this decision and i’m not allowed to the writers’ room so i can’t do anything about it.”
“can we just talk about the absolute heartbreaking scene of y/n’s character and how she is strongly onto him not to lose him,”
“i mean, what is there to even talk about?” joe waves with his arms. “it’s an emmy award-worthy performance right there!”
you turned your head to joe again and were speechless because his praising took all your words out from you. maya took her phone out and show some exclusive behind-the-scenes shots from her phone.
“if you look closely, you can actually see how much energy, emotion and passion y/n put in there,” maya commented while holding her phone tightly so it wouldn’t fall on the carpet. you couldn’t really hear anything that was coming out from the speaker but you had memorised everything from that specific scene. as the clip ended, the interviewer could not stop clapping her hands. you bowed down gracefully and were blushing with all the praise and appreciation you were getting from joe and the other castmates. you really did not think it was any award-worthy because you were just doing your job and you can the best performance you could.
the interviewer added:
“i could see and feel some loving unity in this scene between you two and more than something else,” she was pointing at you and joe. you did not think this would be the realisation point to someone that you and joseph were together. maybe it was for the best. you didn’t really give a shit about the media outbursts or what fans would think even if their support meant a lot to you but it was your and joe’s personal space and it needed to be respected. you and joe both studied each other’s looks and came on terms that you both have to agree on doing this and be alright with it. joe’s physical touch on your back was his assurance and yours was holding his hand in the back.
“yes, we do have an actual undividedness between us and it has been going out for a while. we will appreciate all the support and respect but everything negative will be upheld and dealt with,” you maturely handled this successfully and joe’s dimples appeared out with his adorable smile.
“that’s very wonderful and i wish you both all the best,” she said nicely. maya and natalia were clapping like little children because they had been knowing this for ages as well but both of them were really grateful and happy for you. you thanked the interviewer by shaking her and said goodbye to her. you, joe, maya and natalia made your way inside the odeon building in the square. you quickly changed your shoes from the feet-crushing heels to slip-on vans your manager had taken out for you. you blew a kiss at her and skipped your way smoothly back to joe’s side.
“y/n, i love you dearly so much. you handed this absolutely perfect!” joe held onto your hand, french kissing it gently.
“joseph, you mean the world to me, even the stars, moon, sky, other planets and galaxies that are out there - my love for you is endless!” you were finally able to kiss him on the lips, not caring about what other people think around you. all other stranger things cast members were aware of your and joe’s relationship, it was not something new to them.
“i really don’t want to rip off this dress, but it is coming off later on when we are back,” joe smirked, giving you the idea of what was on his mind. you nudged with your finger on his upper arm, as your response to this.
“joseph quinn, you silly twat,” you laughed, quickly shushed by your manager as there were people on the stage already. “i will throw that suit of yours off from you when we get back.”
“it’s a deal, mi’lady.”
after the premiere and whatever happened in the hotel during the night, your phone was just buzzing with notification sounds. it was like mayhem was about to start. you looked at it and the majority of the text messages were from your manager, the cast members' group chat and your parents.
manager: “looks like someone is up for an emmy! also, way to go with your announcement!”
the cast members group chat: “you all looked amazing tonight!”, “oh my god, i’m so drunk”, “bitch better have my money”, “hallelujah, look at those headlines: stranger things cast y/n y/l/n is the ultimate star of this scene!”, “what the fuck is going on guys? where are you?”, “why is london so big”, “aye look the lovebirds came out in the news whey whey!!!”, “y/n and joe must be in the bed already doing some adult stuff or they just really already sleep idk”, “i’m telling you all, london is fucking brilliant! i wish i could live here! probably need to ask y/n or joe if i can move into their house!”, “jesus christ, my mum said that millie and his boyfriend looked lovely like everyone else”, “[a video of noah dancing]”
and you could imagine what else was in this chat. the cast members pretty much got shitfaced last night after the premiere. you and joe were honestly exhausted.
your parents’ text messages were pretty much the same but the different language gave other vibes:
“y/n, a lot of congratulations from me and [your stepdad’s name]! your brothers watched all of the interviews as well and i’m glad they had subtitles on because it helps them to learn english quicker and better! if you have time or wake up, give us a little video call! we love you very much!” your mum’s message was something you loved reading because you were terrified she will put off the relationship thing.
your dad’s message was a bit shorter:
“well done, y/n! Glad you’re doing well. Would love to talk with the guy, Joe was his name, right? Talk to you later.”
in some way, you dreaded the way what connotations and feelings your dad gave off because he never understood why you had to go to the uk and live there but you knew that he felt proudness at the same time.
and you didn’t even bother with the headlines because you received them from your manager if they started to appear in the news outlets. you had only one thing that your manager knew you hated and it was “the sun” newspaper. she had made a pact and given a promise she will never send, read and/or interact with that outlet. anything that was right-wing-related, it was completely off the charts.
your manager had messaged one headline already and it was from the guardian which was a review of the season:
“stranger things season 4 finale review - powerful, emotional, yet a bit rushed at the end by the writers. we would have wanted more.” and at the end, four stars. the manager had made a brief summary about it - it praised your and joe’s chemistry in the show, talking about the last scene and how it was emotionally connected between you two. in the end, they had hinted you both were indeed together as well and it was a very well-played scene by both of you and gaten. they were hoping to get more films and shows from you both.
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eddie-sweetheart · 28 days ago
I'm sorry I'm late, sweetheart
After the tragic death of your boyfriend Eddie Munson in the Upside Down, you embark on your grieving journey - but you have no idea what you'll find at the end.
Or, Eddie is alive, but only Dustin and Steve know.
Tropes: Eddie x female reader, fix-it fic, lost love, fluff, happy ending.
Warnings: Mention and/or depiction of violence and death. Themes of grief and loss. Slurs and very mean things being said about Eddie.
Word count: 6k
Author's notes: I started this fic as a fix-it blurb and it turned into a whole one-shot fic that I actually loved writing. I really hope you enjoy it as much as I did!
🌹 Masterlist 🌹
Tumblr media
Gif source
“Eddie, NO!”
You scream, your heart dropping to your stomach as you witness your boyfriend, Eddie Munson, cutting the rope of sheets that trails through the portal in his trailer’s ceiling with his makeshift spear. 
“Eddie what are you doing? Come back!” Your brother Dustin yells by your side, his hands frantically tearing at his own hair. 
You have managed to divert the attention of the demobats successfully, you have run back inside the trailer without a scratch and you are finally a step away from safety - there is no way you are letting him do something… stupid, at this point. 
As time stretches into painfully long seconds, a terrifying suspicion creeps up inside you when Eddie looks down (or up?) at you both, a resolute light in his eyes that you have noticed only once in the past. 
“I’m buying more time” he states, his gaze briefly turning towards the violently shaking door behind him just to come back to your shocked and pleading eyes one last time. “I love you, y/n. Please run”.
And as the horror of what is inevitably going to occur starts seeping into your every bone, freezing you still at the realization of what the consequences of Eddie’s heroic gesture will be, you finally wake up. 
--- • ---
One month has passed since that doomed journey in the Upside Down, when your plan to defeat Vecna miserably failed, Hawkins succumbed to the “earthquake” (as they naively defined it on tv) and your heart was irreparably shattered into a thousand pieces. 
And for exactly thirty nights in a row, the same devastating nightmare has been haunting your sleep, making you watch again and again the events that led to the worst moment of your life: Eddie’s death. A death that you tried to, but couldn’t stop - a death so useless to you as it was meaningful for him. Because it didn’t matter that you already knew he was brave and selfless and heroic, and not the mean and scary freak that everyone had unjustly branded him or the coward he believed he was - he needed to prove it to himself to truly find his own redemption. 
And so, he didn’t run this time. He didn’t run when the demobats swarmed around him, he didn’t run when they attacked him mercilessly and left him wounded and bleeding on the ground. And even if his courage was painfully clear to you when you and Dustin found him lying there, after you’d managed to climb back through the portal to go after him, even then he needed confirmation. And so he asked you, while warm blood trickled out of his mouth and into your hands, mixing with your tears as you repeatedly whispered “no, you didn’t” and peppered his face with trembling kisses that you stupidly thought would heal him. But, sadly, love doesn’t heal all wounds, especially bleeding ones. So, just like that, he was gone - and your whole world disappeared with him. 
The nightmare usually stopped at this point, because the rest of what had happened was a blur. You only remembered pieces of it - the screaming, and the tears, and calling his name as someone (Dustin?) held you tight. Then someone else had arrived, and they’d managed to untangle you from Eddie’s body, but you couldn’t stop looking at it, no matter how they tried to soothe you and tell you to go on, to walk back. You couldn’t really recall if it was Nancy or Robin that had helped you back through the portal, maybe it was both - but somehow you’d found yourself under the night sky in the trailer park, then into a car, and suddenly the ground was shaking and eventually it was all black. 
--- • ---
During the first week, you stayed in bed. Blinds shut, lights off, door locked, you spent your time crying and staring into the dark, replaying those horrible hours in your head and in your sleep, feeling pangs of guilt and helplessness alternating to maniacal moments of disbelief and denial. 
The excuse that Dustin had concocted to give some kind of explanation to your mother (whose tender nature, unexpectedly, had made her approve of your relationship with Eddie from the start and believe you when you’d pleaded his innocence in the whole Chrissy ordeal) was that he had died in the earthquake that had shaken Hawkins to its core - the same excuse he would later use with Eddie’s uncle, Wayne. 
You admired how well Dustin had seemed to take the loss of one of his best friends and, as you had clearly understood early on, one of his two father figures - but you knew he was grieving, too. Even if you blocked out anything that wasn’t your pain, the knot of tears in his voice never went unnoticed when he tried to talk to you through the door, knocking softly on the white-painted surface to see if you would let him in. But you just couldn’t, not yet. So you kept laying in your bed, sobbing in silence as you heard Dustin slide down along the doorframe, one pillow propped against it as he sat on the floor of the corridor, waiting for you and keeping watch. 
--- • ---
“Come on, kid” Steve urgently tells Dustin, holding his arms firmly around the crying teen’s shaking shoulders, his gaze frantically scanning their surroundings as he senses that something is wrong. Beyond his own suspicion and fear that the Upside Down might collapse and swallow them whole anytime now, he can still feel the weight in his chest that has not left him since the discovery of Eddie’s body. But he can’t allow himself to lose it, too - not right now. He needs to stay focused, for Dustin and for everyone else. 
“I know it’s hard, but we need to go” he repeats to his friend, too worn out to find a way to sugarcoat it. 
“We can’t leave him here” Dustin blurts out resolutely as he turns towards Steve, tears still welling up in his eyes, “I will not leave him here”. 
Steve sighs, eyebrows furrowed while he tries to find a quick solution. It’s the low rumbling in the distance that finds it for him. 
“Okay” he suddenly states, “you take his feet, I’ll drag him by his arms. We need to be fast”. 
A mix of adrenaline and desperation fills the two boys with renewed energy, as they lift Eddie’s mangled and bleeding body up and carry him towards the darker version of his trailer. Robin and Nancy are already back in your dimension - one anxiously waiting for Dustin and Steve at the edge of the portal, the other hugging you tight on the front lawn. 
“Guys, what-“ Robin begins, her words quickly dying as a lump forms in her throat at the sight of her friends’ cargo. 
“Help us carry him up” Steve asks her with a pleading look, and she doesn’t utter another word as the three of them struggle to make a lifeless Eddie go through the passage. Somehow, they make it - and they’re now panting and sweating in silence on the trailer’s carpeted floor, Dustin’s sobs occasionally piercing the warm air. 
As another, closer rumble vibrates underneath them, Steve snaps back to consciousness and starts rummaging through the pockets of his newly acquired leather jacket. 
“Get the car, it should still be in the parking lot” he tells Robin as he hands her the keys he’s just found, “Take the girls home. We’ll take care of him” he adds, nodding towards Dustin and Eddie. 
Robin nods, worry pervading her face as she heads towards the door. “Be safe” is all she manages to say before disappearing into the dark of the night. 
Steve and Dustin take one last breath before standing up and resuming their positions, struggling under Eddie’s weight as they make their way outside and through the trailer park. As soon as they cross the edge of the woods surrounding the area, now definitely safe from unwanted attention, they carefully place Eddie’s body down on the soft grass to take a break and decide on the next move. 
It’s Dustin who notices first. All it takes is one fortuitous glance downwards, and then he’s suddenly on his knees yelling at a confused Steve. 
“Steve, look” he exclaims, not giving a damn if someone hears him, “he’s breathing - he’s alive!”
--- • ---
It was on day seven that your bedroom door unlocked and you opened a way for others to reach you through your grief. Dustin knew it was day seven because he’d been counting, waiting for this moment and knowing that even if you were the older sister and you’d always taken care of him, it would soon be his turn to return the favor and be there for you. 
And god only knew how much you needed him to be there, after everything you'd gone through together. Once you tentatively took a step outside your room, you finally let yourself sink into his hug, the last tears still inside you dripping on his Camp Know Where t-shirt as he calmly whispered “It’s okay. It’s going to be okay”. 
After Dustin, it was Robin, Nancy and Steve. Taking turns, they came by to keep you company, get you something to eat, take you out on a walk or just be with you - much as Lucas was trying to do with an unconscious Max at the hospital. You were okay with most of their efforts and wholeheartedly appreciated their concern - but the walks, you loathed them. Because even if the city had been ripped apart, even if people were looking for lost family and friends among the ruins and wreckage, even if most of Hawkins citizens were moving away in long car queues, it was still late spring, the birds were still singing and the sun was still shining warm and bright above all the destruction and loss. 
And this powerful light in the blue sky felt like a personal offense to you, it insulted you to your core - because how could the world still go round and be unexpectedly beautiful if the person you loved was no longer in it? What use were the birds’ songs if you would never listen again to Eddie’s voice? Why did the grass bother to be so soft if it could not compete against Eddie’s tattooed skin and daring lips anymore? Why would you care to smile at your favorite flowers now that you couldn’t laugh at Eddie’s snarky remarks and dirty jokes? It made no sense, at all. It was disgusting. 
But you walked at your friends' side nonetheless, the more reasonable part of you knowing that fresh air was good for your tired body. And it went like this for a whole week, until the pain slowly turned into a new numbness, the perfect hiding spot for growing rage. 
--- • ---
“How are you feeling?” Dustin asks Eddie as he checks his temperature in the dim light of the living room in Hopper’s cabin. 
The abandoned wooden building in the middle of Hawkins’ woods has been their hiding spot for the past week. After a few emergency adjustments, Steve and Dustin have managed to make the place as livable as possible, turning the main room into a temporary hospital wing - the bed being an old mattress on the floor on which a slowly healing Eddie has been carefully placed. 
During the city-wise panic that followed the earthquake, they even managed to raid a local pharmacy, going unnoticed as they collected bandages and supplies that they later used to cure and treat the demobat wounds that were scattered on Eddie’s body. Their work surely isn’t the best, but since there is still no trace of fever or infections, they deduce that it is good enough. 
At Dustin’s question, Eddie sighs, his breath way less troubled than it was when they first brought him here. 
“Never been better, man” he replies ironically, taking a sip from a glass of water on the floor next to him. “How is she?” He then adds, repeating the question he’s been posing to his two rescuers every day for almost seven days. 
Dustin briefly gazes at Steve, who’s leaning against the wooden wall of the cabin. He attentively stares back at Dustin, thinking and then almost imperceptibly shaking his head at him after a few seconds. 
“Uhm” Dustin hesitates, his eyes now fixed on the thermometer in his hands as he blushes lightly, “she’s getting by”. 
Eddie immediately spots the lie. 
“I need to see her” he protests as he attempts to lift himself up on the mattress, immediately wincing in pain as Steve and Dustin help him lie down again. 
“It’s probably best if you don’t right now” Steve states once Eddie’s resting again, “the fewer people know, the less we risk the police finding out about you. You should lay low and take time to heal. We are taking care of her” he reassures his friend, placing a comforting hand on the bare skin of his only unwounded shoulder. 
“It’s for her own good, too” Dustin adds with a small smile, “we all know she’d be too stubborn to avoid coming here all the time”. 
Eddie unconvincingly nods, too weak to argue back. He’s still staring at the ceiling when Steve and Dustin finally leave, saying goodbye until the following day. 
--- • ---
The funeral - or whatever concealed and lesser version of a funeral that was - was at the beginning of week three. 
Eleven, Mike, Will and Jonathan had just come back from California. Joyce wasn’t with them, but she had been replaced by a weird but kind-looking dude with very long hair - Argyle, a friend of Jonathan’s. Seeing the rest of your best friends again and being reunited with the whole group brought you whatever little glimpse of ephemeral joy you could still feel, but it did little to placate the raging, pain-fueled fire that had started burning inside you. 
It burned when tears choked you and prevented you from speaking under the solitary tree that stood out in the fields outside Hawkins - the only place where everyone was almost completely sure that the small memorial cross you had created and decorated with Eddie’s guitar pick necklace wouldn’t be disturbed. It burned as you watched the thin chain slowly sway in the warm breeze of the approaching summer, reminding you how it used to hang on Eddie’s chest, barely visible under his Hellfire t-shirt. It burned when you caught a glimpse of the horns and slurs that some douchebag had sketched on the missing posters pinned by Eddie’s uncle to the announcement board in the high school gym, which had been set up as emergency accommodation for those who had lost their home. 
That same fire burned stronger while you took your first walk on your own, one early evening before dinner. It burned just like the sunset that was radiating in the sky, its dark reds and oranges perfectly matching the flashes of light coming from the otherworldly rips that had torn the city apart. It burned as you asked yourself - asked him, how could he? How could he go back, risk his life just to lose it without anything changing? How could he leave you in that maimed world, thinking it wouldn’t affect you? How could he be so selfless, so fucking brave, so… Eddie?
You kicked a stone across the road, the last hint of self-control left in you preventing you from punching the nearest tree. 
You’d only hurt yourself and it wouldn’t change anything. Be reasonable. 
Any pain would be better than this torture, anyways. That was your train of thought when you walked by two girls from your school. You barely recognized them as two friends of Chrissy’s from the cheer squad. You obviously didn’t bother saying hi, as you kept walking and staring at the dirty concrete.
However, as you turned sideways to let them pass on the sidewalk, you couldn’t ignore their poisonous glare and the slur that one of them whispered at you, loud just enough for you to hear. It was the final straw, the only excuse that your raging mood needed to overcome all your other feelings. You turned around, looking straight at them.
“What did you just say?”
The two girls stopped and turned around, one of them cautiously looking at the other, who had spoken - and who spoke again with a mean sneer.
“Just what everyone is thinking” she replied, holding her head high with a challenging nod, arms crossed on her chest.
“Say that again” you insisted, taking a step towards her, “and say it to my face”.
The girl snickered and seemed more than happy to comply. 
“I said, look at the Devil’s whore” she spelled out, slowly, “And that’s not even the full extent of it. Care to hear the rest?”
You froze still, the fire within you burning stronger and stronger. But you managed to stay calm a little longer as the girl took your stare as a silent consensus to keep going.
“Everyone in this town” she went ahead, matching your step, “is glad that your psychopathic, murderous boyfriend is gone. He deserved to die. He killed Chrissy and those other two guys in cold blood, probably had been dreaming about it for ages, wetting himself in his sleep at the thought. You know what? He probably got Jason too, who instead tried to protect us from the satanic killing spree of that disgusting cult Munson led. And you should have gone with him, wherever he is - probably rotting in the pits of hell” she concluded, smirking. “I hope he suffered like a dog”.
It happened very fast and very slow at the same time. You didn’t realize that you had closed the distance between your bodies until you saw your fist hovering towards her face in slow motion. You didn’t expect it to hurt when your knuckles hit her cheekbone, but it didn’t matter, really. All that mattered was that you were furious with her, with Hawkins, with the whole world - and you were tired of playing nice and holding back when all you (and Eddie) got in exchange were lies and insults and disrespect. What was the use in explaining that the “psychopathic, murderous leader of a satanic cult” had instead almost saved the whole town?
“You fucking bitch-“ you muttered, moving to have a go at her one more time, but your fist never reached her face again. You hadn’t noticed that her friend had come to her rescue, and she was now grabbing and pulling your hair to get you away from the bleeding victim of your rage. You gasped in surprise when she yanked harder and your breath was knocked out of you once you fell and hit the ground on your back.
The girl you’d hit charged back towards you, straddling your core and arms to hold you still. Droplets of blood trickled from her nose onto your face as she slapped you again and again with one hand, the other tight on your throat.
“Angela, I think that’s enough” her friend exclaimed at some point.
“One more for payback” Angela replied, hitting you with a final punch right under your eye. Stars exploded into your sight, bright and glittering and painful - then, you finally felt the release on your chest and your throat as the girl stood up and ran away with her friend.
--- • ---
“Who was it? Tell me right fucking now, Henderson” Eddie growls, anger filling him up as he suddenly stands and moves towards Dustin.
In the past few weeks, his health has improved drastically. The demobat wounds have turned out to be more superficial than they suspected at first, and once they healed almost completely, all that has been left for Eddie to do is to get his strength back - which he's doing amazingly. Not that the cabin offers much more entertainment than taking a few steps, laying around, reading and thinking about you.
So it’s more than understandable that all this bottled-up energy that Eddie has accumulated is on the verge of exploding now that Dustin has inadvertently mentioned your close encounter with Angela from yesterday.
“She didn’t tell me who did it” Dustin stutters, taking one step back from a raging Eddie. “Not that she needed to say anything at all, you know - I mean, the black eye and split lip were quite-“
“Jesus, Dustin” Steve interrupts his rambling with a glare. He really doesn’t think that Eddie needs to hear all the details that will inevitably rile him up even more and, in the worst-case scenario, make him do something stupid - like leave the cabin or punch a wall and open his wounds up again.
“But she’s okay, now! I swear” Dustin exclaims, and he means it. 
Eddie sits back down on the slumped sofa while rubbing his hands on his face nervously, ruffling his fringe with the motion as a million thoughts run through his mind. You, in a fist fight? To defend him? Even if the thought that you would go to such a length for him makes his heart flutter (god, a small part of him even knows that you surely looked so hot while punching some bitchy brat), the worry about you being okay is way greater than any other feeling. Except, maybe, guilt.
“It’s not fair. It’s not fucking fair” he mutters, “she doesn’t deserve to go through this because of me”. His round, dark eyes meet Steve’s, a silent plead glimmering in them as clear as daylight.
All he wants right now is to be there for you, hold you, get lost in your beautiful eyes and let his hands wander through your hair, never letting go of you again. He knows it’s risky, he knows that he could be caught if they weren’t all going to be careful - but he also knows that you need him right now, more than ever.
Steve sighs. “Look, man” he says, “Give us a few more days. We’ll see what we can do”.
“Maybe” Dustin chips in, “We could ask the others. They will help. They miss you too, you know” he tells Eddie with a smile. Eddie smiles back.
--- • ---
Week four has been the craziest yet. If you thought that going into literal hell, losing the love of your life to a swarm of winged monsters, getting into a fist fight and miserably losing was a lot, you weren’t prepared to the most surreal news you’ve ever heard.
Hopper is alive, and he’s back in Hawkins.
When Dustin rushed into your room to tell you a few days ago, finding you sitting in front of the mirror as you hopelessly looked at the dark blue ring under your left eye, you thought it was a joke. You even laughed, but you stopped as soon as you realized he was serious.
Hopper is alive, and that’s… good news. Now that the anger has finally calmed down and you’re back to feeling a little bit more like yourself, you can allow yourself to be happy about it. Sure, there’s a tiny part of you whose heart tightens a little at the thought that maybe, just maybe… but you don’t dare go further than that, so you push that wish in the back of your head as hard as you can.
--- • ---
“Hopper is alive!” Steve exclaims as he pushes the cabin door open and bursts into the room, Dustin excitedly trailing after him.
Eddie stares up at them in confusion above the bowl of milk and Honeycomb cereals he’s been aimlessly poking at for the past ten minutes. 
“The chief of police?” He asks gesturing with the spoon in his hand, not really knowing how that’s supposed to be interesting - until he remembers that, according to Dustin’s recounting of past events back in Reefer Rick’s shed, he was supposedly gone for good after Starcourt.
“Yes” Steve states, going up to him and placing both his hands on the chipped wooden table. “And he knows about the Upside Down, and now about Vecna. Do you know what that means?”
Eddie doesn’t reply, too afraid to burst the little bubble of hope that is starting to grow in his chest. Instead, he looks at Dustin - who clearly cannot contain his excitement anymore.
“He can clear your name, Eddie!” the kid finally bursts out, clapping his hands and doing little jumps on the spot where he’s standing, “He can clear your name and you can be free!”
--- • ---
If there is one thing that can be said, is that you’re really trying to do your best. One month has passed - and sure as hell, there will never be enough time in the world for you to get over Eddie Munson and the not-so-little hole that he has left in your heart. It’s still unbearably painful, life still sucks - but you’re learning to live with it one minute at a time, your new purpose being the constant search for ways to feel closer to him.
You have the guitar pick necklace always hanging close to your heart and never leaving your neck, for instance. You grabbed it with no hesitation after the small vigil in the fields was over and everyone was heading back to Steve’s and Nancy’s cars to give you some time alone. You really weren’t able to let go of that little piece of him. 
You also listen to metal music all the time, and you don’t care if it’s not your genre. You can now recognize the riffs and melodies that you casually listened to during Corroded Coffin’s practice sessions, and you go back to your memories of Eddie dancing wildly in his room, headbanging into a headache that you would have to help him treat the following day - the perfect excuse for endless forehead kisses.
You eat Honeycomb and drink Yoo-hoo every day at breakfast, remembering how sweet Eddie’s lips tasted after he had some as a late-night snack. He used to wake you up as he struggled to (quite unwillingly) disentangle himself from your hug just to have you follow him in the dark - and you always ended up dancing around the kitchen in the refrigerator light as he sipped on the chocolate drink, giggling under your breath to avoid waking his uncle up as well.
The memories feel good, but lately “good” often makes you cry. And since you don’t want to burden your family and friends with your grief anymore, as soon as you hear Dustin open the front door and call your name, you quickly turn around to dry your tears, pretending you’re just washing the cereal bowl in the sink.
“Y/n” he says, stepping into the kitchen with a small smile, “Hi”.
“Hi, Dusty Bun” you jokingly reply as you ruffle his curly hair, a matching smile appearing on your lips as you’re determined to put on a brave face for him.
“Are you busy right now?” He asks, fingers lightly tapping on the counter.
You actually don’t know. You’re not busy, but are you in the mood for anything?
“Why are you asking?” 
Dustin shrugs. “Steve’s here, we’re going on a short drive. Get some fresh air, you know?” He cautiously replies, “Will you join us? Please?”
He’s putting on that soft puppy face you can’t say no to, and he knows what he’s doing. You sigh, pondering on it one more time. But today you’ve opted for bravery, so after a while, you nod, although still a little unconvinced.
“Great! Amazing” Dustin exclaims, “We’ll wait in the car”.
You get dressed and try to fix your messy hair a little, giving up quickly. No need to impress anyone today, right?
--- • ---
The drive is actually shorter than you imagined. Steve stops at the edge of the woods and proposes to walk a bit - you’re there, so you can’t really refuse. You guess some exercise might do you good.
While you walk on the path that leads to Hopper’s cabin through the thick trees, Dustin and Steve occasionally making small talk, you wonder if that place is still standing after all that’s happened. And once it comes into sight you’re surprised to find out that it still does.
“Why are we here?” You ask out of pure curiosity, but as you notice the uncanny looks that Steve and Dustin exchange at your question, your heart starts beating a little faster.
“Guys, what is going on?” You repeat, completely clueless on what to expect from the meeting - which, clearly, has always had a purpose. Maybe this is some sort of intervention, and everyone else will appear from the woods to talk to you, console you, or suggest that you should be locked up in Pennhurst because, frankly, you’re losing your mind here-
“There’s something we need to tell you” Steve begins, placing a reassuring hand on your shoulder. “Good news, actually, so no need to worry”.
You take a deep breath and feel a little better.
“Hopper is at the police station right now” Steve continues, his eyes set on yours to check if you’re okay. “He’s talking to the authorities with some agents from Hawkins Lab - they are explaining everything. Well, most of it and in a watered-down version, anyway”.
You nod. That’s great, but there must be something else.
Dustin comes closer to you. “They’re clearing Eddie’s name” he says, holding your hand.
A tear falls slowly down your cheek and, finally, you feel the relief you’ve been looking for so much. It doesn’t heal half of your pain, but you’re incredibly grateful and… happy, you could say, that justice is being done. That Eddie can finally rest in peace.
“Really?” You ask, tearing up as you squeeze Dustin’s hand.
“Really” he replies, quickly exchanging another glance with Steve. And that’s what brings you back to your first question.
“But… why are we here, anyway?” You ask again, more relaxed this time. It’s suddenly gotten easier to breathe.
Steve nods to Dustin, who doesn’t reply but, instead, leaves your hand and goes towards the cabin. A wave of confusion hits you, but you manage to keep it at bay.
“There’s more” Steve slowly states while your eyes are still fixed on Dustin, who’s climbed up the few wooden steps that lead to the porch to disappear inside the cabin seconds later, the door carefully closing after him. “But I think it’s best if we show you”.
Steve’s hand doesn’t leave your shoulder as the door of the cabin slowly opens up once more. But it’s not Dustin coming out, not this time. 
It takes a little while for you to register what you’re seeing, because your brain seems to freeze at the sight of those dark brown, long and wavy hair and matching, perfectly round doe eyes. It’s not him, it can’t be him. You shake your head in disbelief as he slowly takes a few steps towards you, his hands finding support on the porch railing - no, it must be a joke, a horrible, cruel joke, but Steve and Dustin would never, so maybe you’ve fainted and you’re dreaming, because come on, he still has his rings on, and he looks alive, and how is his Hellfire shirt not shred into pieces? Why is there no blood? There was so much blood-
And then he steps closer, looking straight at you with tears in his eyes, and you suddenly cover your mouth, gasping, because you’ve started to notice everything else. The scars that trail down his arms and up his neck like red ink, messy companions to his tattoos; the weight of his necklace around your neck, a now obvious absence around his; the light blue denim of his jeans, so different from the black, ripped ones that he was wearing that night; the tiny, purple stain on his shirt, and you know it’s blueberry jam because you’ve tried so many times to wash it off with Dustin pleading beside you to get it ready before the next campaign-
Tears are now freely flowing down your face as you look back and forth between Steve and Dustin, who is now back outside and stands still on the porch. You don’t dare look at him, because it’s not possible, he can’t be there, he’s dead for heaven’s sake, you mourned him…
But Steve nods at you in silence, waiting. Dustin does the same. Even the birds and the trees and the breeze are watching, waiting.
“Y/n?” Eddie says, and it’s just a whisper, but it’s so loud and it’s music and it simply does the trick.
You burst out in a sob and run, closing the few meters that still separate your bodies, and they feel like a hundred miles and a few inches at the same time, but you’re in his arms and God, you could die right now and not give a damn.
You cry in Eddie’s arms, whispering his name, letting him hold you tight as he whispers yours back. You feel him with your hands, fingers exploring his body, checking for injuries; you sink your face in his neck, his scent filling you up with cigarette smoke, honey, and damp wood. You love it, you crave it, you just missed it so much. 
“How?” Is all you manage to ask once you lift your reddened eyes to his, getting lost in those pools of melted chocolate while his fingers gently graze your skin, your cheeks, your hair - you know it’s truly him because he has not lost his touch with you.
“It’s a long story, sweetheart” he replies, his lips tilted in a soft smile and just mere inches from yours, “But I’ll tell you everything. I’m sorry I was so late” he quickly adds, worry and guilt clouding his gaze for an instant, “will you forgive me?”
You kiss him right there and then. He tastes like all things sweet, and a little bit like weed. The feeling of your mouths crashing onto each other is like meeting him all over again, like finding the missing piece to a decades-old puzzle, like red fireworks on the Fourth of July. His lips perfectly match yours, both in hungry movements and in passionate desperation. When they leave your mouth to travel along the rest of your face, lightly hovering over the bruise under your eye just to flutter on your closed lids, it truly feels like everything is now back to its place.
You don’t leave his arms when Steve’s cough distracts your attention. 
“So, uhm, we’ll give you guys some space now” he says, a smile warming up his face. “We’ll keep you updated on the walkie, but it’s best if you stay inside for now-“
“You knew all along?” You interrupt him, holding tight to Eddie’s body as your gaze turns to Dustin as well.
“I’m sorry, y/n” your brother replies, “But we thought it would be easier and less risky if-“
“You kept him safe” you say, a grateful look making them both know that of course, it’s okay. “Thank you”.
“Always a pleasure” Steve chimes, his car keys jangling in his hand as he nods at Dustin. “Come on, Henderson, let’s leave the lovebirds to their nest”.
He starts walking away with Dustin, who looks at you and Eddie with the biggest grin ever. As they disappear into the woods, you turn back to Eddie, your mind still trying to wrap around the fact that he’s… alive. He notices and kisses you one more time, holding your hand as he leads you to the cabin.
The door closes behind you. The birds are singing again, while the soft breeze ruffles the green leaves of the trees.
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geekfanficwriter · 11 days ago
Creatures of the Night- Vampire!Eddie Munson x Reader
Tumblr media
Summary: After your boyfriend, Eddie, dies in the Upside Down, he returns to you, different Words: 3.3k Warnings: SMUT (18+, minors dni), canon divergent, Vampire!Eddie, Dom!Eddie, Sub!Reader, kinda dubcon but switches to full consent, blood/ blood kink, biting, p in v sex
‘Eddie, no!’ You screamed as he cut the rope. You and Dustin stood back in the normal world as you watched him run away. ‘What the fuck? What the fuck? Do not move, Dustin.’ You grabbed a chair, climbed up onto it and jumped up to grab the edge of the hole to the upside down. You pulled yourself up until the gravity of the Upside Down took hold and you fell to the mattress below you. You ran outside, following the swarm of demobats which were surrounding Eddie. He was attacking them but there were too many and they eventually overtook him. By the time you reached him, he was lying on the ground, his shirt ripped as blood dripped from his wounds. You fell to the ground next to him, pulling his head into your lap. ‘Eddie, you’ll be fine, we’ll get you through to the real world and a hospital.’ He was cold and clammy under your hands. You felt tears welling in your eyes. You couldn’t lose him. You wouldn’t let him die. ‘Y/N, Y/N, I love you.’ He choked out. Dustin ran over and joined the two of you. ‘Dustin, help me get him up. We need to get him back.’ You tried to lift him but he was too heavy for you to move. ‘Baby, you deserve the world and I know you’re going to get it. Henderson, you’re going to have to look after those little sheep for me.’ ‘No, you’re going to that yourself.’ Dustin cried and you kept trying to lift him while sobbing. ‘Nah man, say ‘I’m going to look after them.’’ ‘I’m going to look after them.’ He cried out. ‘Eddie, stop talking like you’re going to die.’ You sob out. ‘Tell me that you love me.’ He choked out. He was becoming heavier in your arms as he choked on the blood coming out of his mouth. ‘I love you, Eddie. You know I do and I’ll tell you 100 times when we get you back.’ You sobbed. ‘Dustin goddammit! Help me!’ You yelled at him. Eddie’s eyes went blank in his head as he stopped breathing. You let out a loud sob. He couldn’t be dead. ‘No! No! No!’ You screamed, shaking him but he wouldn’t wake up. ‘Eddie. Eddie, no.’ You couldn’t breathe. You cradled him in your arms, sobbing continuously. The other four ran over as you sobbed. ‘Y/N, we need to go.’ Steve said tugging on your arm. ‘No, I can’t leave him.’ You cried not letting go of Eddie’s body. ‘Y/N, he’s gone! We need to go now!’ He yelled, pulling you away as you screamed not wanting to leave Eddie behind. You couldn’t believe he was dead. He wasn’t dead.
You walked through the woods on the edge of town. You knew that it wasn’t safe to be wandering around in the woods late at night but it was the only time you were able to get alone. It had been two months since Eddie had died in your arms and everyone was smothering you. They wouldn’t leave you alone and as much as you appreciate that they cared about you, you just wanted to be left alone. Which is why you were wandering through the woods. You reached the bench that Eddie always did his deals at and knew you were close to the spot you were looking for. You continued further into the woods walking for around another five minutes until you reached the spot you were looking for. It was a small stone circle you had set up as a sort of grave for Eddie. It was ridiculous but you needed somewhere where you could go to remember him. You sat down on the ground in front of it and thought about Eddie. Part of you still didn’t believe Eddie was dead. The two of you were meant to graduate and then leave this shithole but instead, you didn’t know what you were going to do with your life. Without Eddie, your life was miserable and monotonous. You jumped as you heard a twig snap behind you. You flipped around looking behind you but you couldn’t see anything there. You sighed, it was probably some animal. You turned back to the stones in front of you, standing up. It was probably time for you to leave. You turned back around and let out a scream when you saw someone standing behind you. You took a step back, tripping over your feet as you fell to the ground, shuffling backwards until you hit a tree. The person in front of you walked forward, kneeling down in front of you so you could see their face. ‘Eddie.’ You couldn’t believe he was in front of you. Last you had seen him, he had been dead in your arms, yet now here he was, stood in front of you. But he looked different. He was deathly pale, and his beautiful brown eyes were now bright red and sunken. You reached your hand up and touched his face, flinching away in shock at how cold he was. ‘How are you here?’ You ask in shock. He didn’t respond, instead, he leaned in, pressing his nose against your neck, smelling you. You sighed as you felt Eddie’s teeth grazing your skin before he pushed away from you. ‘Run.’ He told you. The look on your face struck fear in your heart. As you scramble to your feet, turning and running as fast as you could. This wasn’t your Eddie. The look on his face was one of pure hunger and murder. Your Eddie was sweet and kind, this was a monster. What had happened to him? Why was he like this? You heard him following behind you as you kept running. You didn’t know where you were going, you just knew you needed to get away. You knew he was gaining on you as you slowed down, running out of breath. You felt yourself slam into a tree as Eddie pressed you up against it. You couldn’t move as he held you in place. You wanted to scream but you were frozen in fear. ‘Eddie.’ You whimpered in fear as he moved in closer to you, his lips pressing against your neck. ‘You smell so delicious.’ He pressed up against you. You felt his teeth brush against your neck. They felt sharp against your neck. You were terrified, who was this? ‘Eddie, I love you. Please stop.’ You whispered. You were definitely scared but you were trying to appeal to the part of him that knew you. That loved you. He pulled away for a second and you let out a sigh. You were about to speak again but then he pushed you to the ground, climbing over and hovering over you. ‘Y/N, I can’t stop. I need you.’ He spoke against your skin. You felt his teeth pierce into your skin. Pain erupted from your neck and you gripped onto him, letting out a yelp of pain. You felt yourself getting weak. ‘Baby, stop.’ You whimpered out as black spots appeared in your vision. He pulled away, licking the wound on your neck. ‘You taste delicious.’ He pressed up against you, kissing the wound on your neck as his hands gripped your hips. Although you were scared, you had to admit that you missed him touching you. His hand drifted up, sliding under your shirt. Goosebumps appeared on your skin at his cold touch, he pulled your shirt up and over your head exposing your body to the cold air. His hands moved over your skin, feeling you. ‘I missed you so much, my baby.’ He kissed down to your breasts, you moaned as he pressed his lips against you. The thought that at any moment he could bite you turned you on. You were completely at his mercy. Your hands gripped at his shirt, bunching it up. He lifted his head up looking you directly in the eyes. You stared back, you couldn’t believe how different his eyes were. His eyes had always been your favourite feature of his but they were so red and mesmerising now. He leaned down, pressing his lips against yours harshly. You couldn’t help it, you kissed back. As he kissed you his fangs nicked your lip causing it to bleed. He pulled away licking up the blood that dripped from your lip. ‘Eddie, are you- are you a-‘ You couldn’t get the words out. You were scared that if you said the words it would be true. ‘A vampire? You saw me die sweetheart. How else would I be here?’ You didn’t know what to think. Do vampire lose their souls when they turn? Or is he still himself? Was he going to kill you? Part of you wanted to fight him off and run. The other part wanted him to take you right here. ‘I’m not going to kill you. I’ve been searching for you since I found my way back here.’ He leaned down pressing kisses to your neck. The bite mark on your neck was still bleeding and he licked it up. ‘How did you know what I was thinking?’ You asked in shock. ‘Your thoughts are very loud.’ He moved his knee up as he spoke, grinding it against your core. You let out a moan, you always loved when did that. You were still scared but more so you wanted Eddie so badly. You had thought he was gone forever and now that he was back you just wanted him to fuck you. You moved your hands down to his jeans, unbuttoning them and pulling them down. He smiled down at you, kissing you again as you moved your hands into his underwear and started to jerk him with your hand. You kissed back as he moaned into your mouth. He suddenly moved, grabbing your hands and pulling them up above your head and pinning them against the forest floor. You let out a moan as he pressed kisses to the top of your breasts, his teeth grazing them, threatening to bite down. He moved your wrists so they were in one of his hands as the other one moved down your body, unbuttoning your trousers and pulling them down slightly. He slid his hand into your underwear, rubbing your clit with his fingers, the coldness of his skin making it feel even better than before. You let out a moan, your hands curling into fists as Eddie let out a chuckle. ‘I’ve missed that noise.’ He grinned at you showing his fangs. He continued to rub your clit as you let out moans, grinding against his hand. ‘Eddie, please I need you inside me.’ You moaned out, begging him to fuck you. You’d gone so long without him that you couldn’t cope with his teasing, you just wanted to feel him again. ‘Of course, baby. Don’t move your hands.’ He warned as he took his hand that was holding your wrists down. You obeyed keeping your hands in place even though you wanted to touch him so badly. He gripped your underwear in his hands pulling them down just enough so that your cunt was on display to him. He let out a groan at the sight, running his finger over your hole, smearing your wetness everywhere. He stuck his finger in his mouth, licking off your wetness. ‘Still taste delicious.’ He pulled his own underwear down, revealing his long, hard cock to you. He moved his hands back up to hold your wrists down. He rubbed his cock over your pussy, using your wetness as lube before lining himself up with your hole and slowly pushing his way in. You both let out a moan as he filled you up. He sat still inside you for a moment, just savouring the feeling as he leant down to kiss your lips sweetly. He slowly started to thrust into you, as you let out small moans at the feeling. Your hands curled into fists as your nails dug into your palms. He leant down, using his teeth to pull your bra down. He flicked your nipple with his tongue a few times before wrapping his mouth around your nipple, sucking it, careful to keep his fangs from breaking the skin. You let out a moan, pushing your wrists against his hands. You wanted nothing more than to run your fingers through his long hair as he pleasured you. You felt him grin against your nipple as he pushed harder against your wrists, leaving finger-shaped bruises. He sped up his thrusts, pressing kisses to your breast. You could tell how badly he wanted to bite down. You wanted to let him but you had already lost a lot of blood and you were scared if you let him he would accidentally kill you. He let go of one of your wrists, moving his hand down to rub your clit. You let out a loud moan at the feeling, your free hand immediately moving under his shirt as you dug your nails into his cold back. He let out a groan as he continued to thrust into you, hard and fast. ‘Fuck, Eddie.’ You cried out. It had been so long and you knew you were going to cum soon. It was quicker than normal but you couldn’t help it, you’d missed him. You moved your hand down to grab his ass, feeling it as he continued his thrusts, his hand rubbing your clit perfectly. He knew you so well. He knew every little thing about your body, what you liked, where to touch you. Nobody would ever compare. You felt yourself clench around him, as you got closer and closer to coming, causing him to let out a groan. ‘Baby, I’m so close.’ He groaned out as he sucked on your nipple again. You couldn’t respond, your brain was too fogged as your back arched off the forest ground beneath you. You let out a loud cry as you came, wrapping your legs around his waist as your cunt spasmed around Eddie’s cock. He thrust into you a few more times, and let out loud groans as he did so. He kissed at your breast, as he buried himself deep inside you, coming as he did. He lost control as he came, biting down on the top of your breast as he drained your blood. You felt your eyes roll into the back of your head as he kept drinking. You tried to struggle against him, sure he was about to kill you, but you were too weak to fight back. ‘Eddie, please.’ You whimpered, barely able to muster the strength to speak. You hoped it would remind him who you are and that he loved you but you were scared it was too late. He removed his fangs from your breast and lifted his head up. You tried to muster the strength to push him off you and run but you were too weak. Instead, you just lay there as the world spun around you. ‘Don’t worry baby, I’m just making sure we're together forever.’ He spoke but you could barely hear him as your pulse was beating in your ears. You weren’t sure what he was doing as your eyes closed but you felt his hand on the back of your head lifting it up. You felt something press against your lips before a metallic taste entered your mouth. You tried to pull away but he held your head tightly. ‘Just drink, baby.’ You had no choice but to obey as your mouth filled with what you assumed was blood, swallowing it down. You kept drinking, your head getting dizzier and dizzier until everything went black.
You shot awake, breathing heavily as you gripped your chest. It was just a dream, a very fucked up dream but a dream nonetheless. You had plenty of dreams about Eddie since he had died but that was the most vivid of them all. Your head was pounding as you looked around realising that you didn’t recognise the room you were in. It was dark, and the windows were completely boarded up. The room was completely bare aside from the bed you were in, a small table next to you and a bucket on the floor. Where the hell were you? You threw the covers off you and tried to get up but your legs felt like lead. You suddenly felt your stomach turn and you leaned over the side of the bed vomiting into the bucket. You flopped back over, lying down and groaning. Maybe it hadn’t been a dream, maybe Eddie really was back and a vampire. And maybe he had made you one too. You reached your hands up, feeling your teeth, jerking your hand back as you stabbed yourself with your fangs. You started to hyperventilate. You were dead. You were undead. You were a fucking vampire. The door to the room opened, revealing Eddie holding a cup in his hand. ‘Hey, you’re awake.’ He said smiling at you before realising how panicked you were. He walked over and sat down next to you on the bed and placed the glass on the table before rubbing your back. You swatted his hands away from you. ‘What the fuck have you done?’ You yelled as tears poured down your cheeks. You started to hit him, continuously until he grabbed your wrists, holding your hands still. ‘Hey, calm down.’ He shouted, as you struggled against his grip but you still had no strength. ‘You killed me.’ You sobbed, your arms going limp in his grasp. ‘No, sweetheart, I just wanted you to be like me.’ He let go of your arms and wrapped his arms around you. You didn’t fight back, just sobbed as he tried to comfort you. You couldn’t believe it. You’d never see your friends, your family, anyone again. You were happy Eddie was back but did he have to turn you? ‘You need to drink this. You’re still changing and it’ll help.’ He pulled away from you and handed you the glass, which was filled with a red liquid. ‘Is this blood?’ You asked looking at the glass. ‘Yeah, and you need it.’ He lifted your hand up, pressing the glass against your lips. You reluctantly opened your mouth, tilting the glass to take a drink. The second the liquid touched your tongue, it was the most delicious thing you’d ever tasted. You gulped the glass down, quickly finishing it. You wiped your mouth, placing the glass down on the table as you felt some of your strength returning. ‘I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have turned you without asking.’ Eddie spoke holding your hand and playing with your fingers. ‘You shouldn’t have.’ You agreed, not looking him in the eyes. ‘But you did and now we're here, together forever.’ You leaned forward, resting your forehead against his. You hadn’t completely forgiven him but honestly, you were just happy to have him back. You loved him. ‘Together forever.’ He agreed, leaning forward slightly so your lips met. He gave you a sweet kiss before pulling away, climbing under the covers and pulling you into his chest. You curled up against him, resting your head on his chest, noticing that you couldn’t hear anything. ‘I love you. I wish I’d told you that more.’ You spoke, fiddling with the ends of his hair. ‘I love you too and you’ll have a million more chances to tell me now.’ He pressed a small kiss to your hair as you closed your eyes, relaxing against him. You were happy to be back with him, no matter what the circumstances.
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I Still Love You
Words: 1193
Warnings: angst, references to sex (I think), mentions of a breakup, smoking
Requests are OPEN Request Guidelines STRANGER THINGS Masterlist Main Masterlist
Y'all should be fully aware that me writing anything with full fluff is rare, so yes, this has fucking angst in it. Try me bitch
Can be read as a Part 2 for You Don't Love Me Anymore? and 1,000 Yellow Daisies (this is technically a part 3)
This also was originally written for my OC Drew Henderson (Find info on her/original story on this account @imnotobsessedwfictionalchracters )
I also know that this isn't that well written, it was done on my phone when I was *lowkey* overheating in my moms car while driving to my friends DCI other competition and back home last Saturday and Sunday (the 16-17thth)
I also hadn’t expected people to really enjoy the last one…so I’m gonna make an alt. version of this where reader moves on. Plus a Part 3 that is just Robin, Nancy, and Dustin wanting to MURDER Steve
Steve and other characters are PROBABLY OOC (as I suck at not being able to keep them from being OOC)
Anywho, enjoy
12 hours had passed since they got back from the Upside Down. Since Eddie had died. Since Max had...well, Max was still a questionable subject. Dustin and Y/N had lied to their mom about their whereabouts. Said they were with Steve the whole time. Of course their mom wasn’t too happy that Dustin had left, but she felt better that she knew her children were together during the ‘earthquake’. 
Y/N still couldn’t believe that she had made it out with just a bruised left side. Let alone alive. So perhaps that was why she was where she was. Searching through her car for a box of cigarettes. Even though she and Steve had quit together, she still kept a box. Just in case. Of course she never thought that she would need them again after Christmas, but here she was. 
She let out a sound of happiness when she found it. She slipped back out of her car, ignoring the screaming pain from her left side, and took a cigarette from the box. She slotted it in her mouth and grabbed the lighter from her back pocket. She took a long drag after it lit and kicked her car door close. 
They were still at the Wheelers so she stayed at her car, not in the mood to hear anyone say something about the cigarette. She laughed to herself, she felt like a silly High Schooler again. Leaning against her car with a cigarette in front of Nancy’s house. At least she wasn’t waiting for Dustin to get done with his game of DnD today. 
She stared at the cigarette. She felt bad. She knew that Dustin had hated that she smoked. Mostly because it caused her clothes and car to smell afterwards. She laughed. The two times she had broken the promise, Steve was involved. First their breakup. Now this. 
At least he was helpful this time.
But this time also made her realize that her feelings for him never went away. It was easier during work, pretending she didn’t love him anymore. But then the two of them in the damn van and his talk about that stupid dream of his. Or before that when he got dragged back under by the fucking Demobats and she jumped in after without a second thought. Then the entire time they were separated she was praying that he was okay. She knew full well that this wasn’t going to end well. That she would never truly be over him.
She would always fucking love Steve Harrington and it was as simple as that.
She hadn’t realized how in her thoughts she was until she jumped as she heard someone say her name. She looked up and there he was. The man who she was just cursing that she would always love. She gave him a small smile. “You okay?”
She nodded “Yeah. Just processing everything that happened.”
He nodded and then motioned to the cigarette she was bringing up to her lips. “Thought you quit.”
She laughed as she blew the smoke out. “I did. But we nearly just died, Steve. Give me a break.” He laughed and took the cigarette from her hand and took a drag himself. She smiled at him teasingly. “Thought you quit.”
He smiled and said the same as her, “We just nearly died, Y/N. Give me a break.” After a second they both burst into laughter. 
Once they stopped, a comfortable silence settled between them. That was until Y/N sighed. She stared forward, towards the Wheeler home. “What happened between us Steve?”
She looked at him, “We were doing so good. What happened that made us break up? I refuse to believe that it was just because of that stupid fucking fight over Thanksgiving.”
She stopped him, “Don’t give the ‘now isn’t the time’ because it is. It is the time Steve.”
He looked away from her and whispered, “I got scared.” She froze for a moment. Wondering if she even heard him correctly. “I got scared over that fucking fight. Scared that you...that you would realize you deserve better than me. You, who got into fucking Northwestern and chose to wait a year, deserves better than me, the one who can’t get into fucking college.”
“Steve, I--”
He sighed and brought the cigarette back to his mouth. “I fucked up. Got into my own head again. I was petrified at the thought of losing you forever because you end up finding someone better for you. Someone who won’t hold you back. Then I realized that I fucked up by breaking up with you. That first week was torture. Robin to talk to me. Nancy wanted to kill me. I was even pretty sure that if Dustin had his license, he would’ve run me over.” She laughed lightly at the last part. He gave her a soft smile, “I’m sorry. Honestly, I am.”
She took his hand in hers. “I know you are Steve.”
“You know...I actually left something out earlier, with my dream.”
She tilted her head to the side, “Hm? What did you leave out?”
“That I dream about all of it with you. The woman in it always ends up being you. No matter how many times I think it’ll be someone else. I always see you.”
She wasn’t sure why she did it, but she took her hand out of his and placed it behind his head. She pulled him towards her and kissed him. Her other hand took the cigarette from him and dropped it on the ground, stepping on it to put it out. She felt him wrap his arm around her waist and pulled her closer. She moved to where she had him caged into between her and her car. Her legs between his own. She placed her hand onto her car to keep herself steady. 
And it felt all too soon when they pulled away from each other. “I always told myself that I was over you. That my feelings had gone away. But I was lying. I still love you Steve Harrington. I always have and I always will.”
He smiled, “Good. Because I still love you Y/N Henderson. Always have and always will.”
She smiled and kissed him again. This time they only pulled away when they heard Erica yelling. “If you guys are done sucking each other’s faces off, the adults want us all inside.”
She laughed as Steve shot Erica a glare. She turned back and smiled at the younger girl. “Give us a minute, Erica.”
“Whatever. We better not come back out to you two making out again.”
She laughed again as Steve’s face lit up red. She looked back at him and kissed his nose. “Let’s go back in before someone comes out to murder us.”
He looked at her softly, “Yeah, yeah we should.”
They pulled away, but not much and instantly grabbed the other's hand. And as they walked into the house, they chose to ignore the looks and sat down next to each other. Just happy that things may finally end up good between them again.
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guccisweatpants · a month ago
on the brink of death
Tumblr media
warnings: angst, swearing, y/n watches steve shower (nothing sexual happens)
steve harrington x reader (using she/her pronouns)
send requests pls
the group felt like they were hit by a truck... if the truck was a bunch of psycho bat creatures and a dude named Vecna was plotting to destroy the town of Hawkins, Indiana.
the car ride home was silent. steve was furious at her, his girlfriend, amongst his friends to put themselves in danger to save him, when he told them repeatedly that he was going to be okay.
it was still dark out, her watch read 10:38PM. Luckily, no one in the car should get in trouble since they aren't out past their curfew. She stared out the window, staring at the trees and other landscapes. As the minutes went by, the car had less people in it as they were all "safe" in their homes.
"Do you want to stay with me, tonight? Parents aren't home," Steve said softly.
She looked over at him and nodded.
He pulled slowly up his driveway and put the car in park. It was dark out now that the lights were out. She heard Steve get out of the car, she quickly followed him up to the front door, closing and locking it behind her. She watched as he walked up the stairs and took off the vest that Eddie gave him so he wasn't half-naked in the upside down. He chucked it in his laundry bag and went into the bathroom to turn the shower on. He stripped off the rest of his dirty closed and got in the shower. She could tell he was pissed off since he didn't ask if she wanted to join him.
She closed the toilet seat and sat down on top of it. Yes, she was also as dirty as he was, she could wait. She rested her chin on her knee and watched through the fogged-up glass as her boyfriend washed the dirt and grime off his body. She heard the water turn off as he looked at her and rid his body of water.
"are we going to talk about it?" she asked.
"Talk about what?"
"What you do mean 'talk about what?' what happened tonight."
"Look, I don't want to, okay? It was pretty fucking stressful, for me especially. So, just go shower and let's go to sleep."
"What? You don't think I was stressed? Watching the boy i love dive deep into the dark water of Lover's Lake? Not knowing if he was going to come back up? THEN watching you get sucked back down? You have no idea how worried I was for you, Steve Harrington. You can't do this to me."
"I TOLD YOU to stay on the boat... whatever you see or hear. I would have been fine."
"Clearly not, had to beat the fuck out of some demoboats in order for them to stop eating your insides," she screamed, tears coming out of her eyes as she had to say those words.
He hung his head, reminding himself of the large scar on his side.
She huffed, walking over to his side of the bed, and sat down next to him.
"I know you wanted to be the hero, Steve, but it's just not possible, not in this situation. You can't handle this on your own and we were there to help you."
"No, I don't want you there."
"Why not?"
"BECAUSE," raised his voice, causing her to jump, then he instantly regretted it, "Because, I've never met a girl quite like you before. You're very special to me and I really don't want to lose that."
"Hey, listen, you're scared, i'm scared, we're all fucking scared. However, it's up to us to fight Vecna, to fight the demobats, you can't do it alone Steve, hate to break it to you, but that's the way it is. I know you want to protect me and want what's best for me, but I care about you too steve."
The room was silent for a few moments, she knew that Steve knew she was right.
As she was getting up to get a shower when he stopped her. He got up with her and kissed her passionately. Both hands were pressed to her face as her hands rest on his chest. His forehead rested on her.
"Just... don't leave me, okay? I want to have a life without you outside this stupid town."
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mollysolo · a month ago
ive been crying for the past 2 hours because of y'know and can i just request an eddie ff where reader wakes up from a nightmare about eddie and eddie just comforts them. thank you🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️
Pairing: Eddie Munson X gn!Reader
Summary: Eddie comforts you after a particularly bad nightmare.
Warnings: Season 4 Volume 2 spoilers, mentions of blood, death and crying
Word Count: 1k
a/n: for the purpose of this one shot, the readers nightmare will be what happened to eddie in the finale but slightly different. also, feel free to continue to send requests for eddie and the italicized section is the readers nightmare.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
“Eddie! No!” you screamed from the doorway of his trailer as you watched him go towards the giant cluster of demobats just ahead, his weapons in hand.
And even though he had heard your desperate screams, he still didn’t stop walking towards the shrieking bats. They flew at him in a almost light speed like pattern once they had spotted him.
At first, he was able to fight them off. But after a few minutes, it became harder and you could tell that Vecna was going to kill Eddie with these bats.
You felt as though your feet were frozen in place as you had to watch the bats start to kill your sweet boyfriend. And once he had dropped to the ground below him, you were finally able to move and you sprinted over to him right away.
There were tears flowing down your cheeks and quick breaths exiting your lips as you reached him. His face was covered in blood and he was clearly in pain, but he was still smiling up at you.
Your knees crashed to the ground and you began to hold Eddie in your arms as he took his last breaths. And once he did, you sobbed and shrieked into the red stormy sky above you, your tears dripping down onto his pale face.
You weren’t able to save him, you were too late and that broke your heart.
“(y/n).” Eddie quietly repeated a few more times as he softly shook your shoulders in an attempt to wake you up.
He had woken up just a few minutes ago as he had felt your arms leave his body and he heard whimpers leave your mouth. He could tell right away by the look on your face that you were in the midst of a pretty bad nightmare.
You awoke just moments later with a gasp, quick breaths still escaping your lips. And the second you saw Eddie sitting next to you, you immediately took him into your arms and buried your face into his chest.
“It’s okay, sweetheart. We’re safe. Nothings gonna hurt you, I promise.” he murmured into your ear as he wrapped his own arms around your body.
Once your breathing had returned to its normal pace just a few minutes later, Eddie slowly pulled away from the tight grip you had on him and began to gently hold your face in his hands.
He looked directly into your eyes, his eyebrows a bit furrowed as he started to talk, “Do you wanna talk about it?” he gently asked you, his thumb lightly stroking your tear-stained cheek.
You nodded within his hands then let your eyes finally meet his, “We were in the upside down together and you had started to go towards a bunch of demobats instead of the portal,” you paused for a second and let out a quiet sob, it was so hard for you to relive what happened even though it wasn’t even real, “I screamed for you to come back, but you didn’t listen. You tried to fight off the bats yourself but they eventually began to choke you and rip away parts of your flesh.” you answered, taking another moment to let yourself cry.
He softly rubbed your back with his left hand and whispered words of reassurance to you whenever you stopped talking, “You’re okay, sweetheart.” he had said, now softly resting his forehead against yours.
You took a deep breath before you continued to tell Eddie what had happened, “I couldn’t move, I couldn’t save you, I had to watch them slowly kill you. And when I could finally move, it was already too late and you died in my arms.” you said, finishing up your story.
The moment you had finished talking, Eddie pressed a quick kiss to your lips then put you on his lap and took you back into his arms. He swayed the two of you together for a few minutes in an effort to get your tears to stop.
“Please, please, don’t leave me, Eddie. I can’t afford to loose you.” you mumbled through your tears and against his shoulder.
“You won’t loose me, my love. I’ll be by your side for as long you’ll let me and I promise that I won’t try to play hero.” he told you as he slowly stroked your hair.
You nodded into him, causing him to speak to you in such a comforting manner once more, still swaying your bodies together.
“I love you, more than anything else and I don’t plan on ever leaving your side until we’re really old, wrinkly and we both have grey hair.” he told you, earning a soft chuckle from you in return.
“I love you too, Eddie.” you told him, your voice still slightly muffed because of his shoulder, making him smile.
“We’ll be okay. You don’t have to worry anymore. Okay?” he told you while he began to pull away once more.
“Okay.” you replied as you gazed up into his warm and comforting eyes, a subtle frown still on your face.
His hands then started to hold your face again, “Let’s go back to sleep. I’ll be here the whole time if you ever need anything.” he made known to you.
You nodded and thought about his offer for a few seconds, “Can we actually just cuddle for a little while? I don’t want to go back to sleep yet.” you told him, a subtle smile now replacing the frown that was once there.
“Sure, baby.” he replied with a grin.
Eddie then got settled back into his side of the bed and opened his arms for you, you wasted no time and crawled over into his arms in a blink of an eye.
He wrapped his arms around your waist and tightly held you against his chest. You rested your ear on his chest, letting the sound of his heartbeat calm you down even more.
Once you had gotten comfortable, Eddie pressed a few kisses to the top of your head as well as your forehead. He then remained quiet as he had noticed that his heartbeat had started to peacefully lull you back to sleep.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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